Total Drama Island

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Shadrach-Hey Jafar! Jafar-Yo sup Shadrach Haven't seen you in a while how you been buddy Shadrach-It's good Jafar Jafar-Ha! You know I can't wait to be in the Boys Cabin Shadrach-I know Maleficent-Uh! It's him! Shadrach-Ha ha hey Maleficent Maleficent-I'm in love with you Jafar laughs-You r in love with him? Maleficent-Jafar sh! Meshach-Hey y'all Jafar-Sup M! Maleficent-Hey bo! M-Hey sweet girl Jafar-You two know each other? Iago-Ha! I thought you didn't know each other Maleficent-Off course we know each other