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Seasons: 1: Island 2: Action 3: World Tour 4: Revenge of the Island 5: All-Stars and Pahkitew Island

Total Drama Island is the first season of Total Drama.


Not so Happy Campers - Part 1 [1.01][edit]

Not so Happy Campers - Part 2 [1.02][edit]

Courtney: [to the cameraman] Are you recording this? [camera zooms in on her] Good. They can enjoy their little party all they want. But I'm gonna win this competition! And no one is gonna stop me.

The Big Sleep [1.03][edit]

Gwen: Don't walk beside me.
Heather: Do you mind?

Owen: Can't....catch....breathe....must....have....condition.
Heather: Yeah, It's called "overeating". Look into it.
LeShawna: What's your excuse, you skinny, annoying...oh, I'm too tired for insults.
Chris McLean: Pick it up, people! If you're not back by dinnertime, you don't eat!
Heather: Ugh, I hate him so much.

Eva: [growls] Where is my MP3 player!? One of you must have stolen it I need my music! No one is going anywhere until I get my MP3 player back.
Courtney: OK, whoever took it better give it up now before she destroys the whole camp.
Heather: Hey, guys. Wow, this place is a real mess.
Courtney: Someone stole Eva's MP3 player.
Heather: You don't mean this, do you? I was wondering who it belong to. I found it by the campfire pit, you must have dropped it.
Eva: Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you!
Heather: Sure thing.

Courtney: To the Killer Bass. And to NOT end up here again next week.

Dodgebrawl [1.04][edit]

Tyler: Oh, you're going down! We're gonna bring the dinner to the table, and then we're gonna eat it!

Heather: Why don't you dodge this?! [she throws a canoe to hit Tyler]
Tyler: Ow!

Chris: Gophers, what happened?
Noah: What can I say? Weak effort. [the other gophers glare angrily at him]
Gwen: [annoyed] Oh shut it, Noah. [walks off]
Heather: You know, for once, I agree with her. [walks off]

Not Quite Famous [1.05][edit]

Lindsay: (obviously playing diversion) Gwen! It's you! Hi! What are you doing here, outside the cabin, Gwen?
Gwen: Trying to get into the cabin.
Lindsay: Oh, you're trying to get into the cabin! That's very interesting! Wait, stay here! We can get tans together, and you could totally use one!

The Scary Outdoors [1.06][edit]

Phobia Factor [1.07][edit]

Bridgette: Katie would want you to keep going. (Sadie crying) Come on, let's go back and join the others!

Up The Creek [1.08][edit]

Izzy: Come on, the race isn't over yet! We still have to burn stuff.

Paintball Deer Hunter [1.09][edit]

Duncan: *Sniffs* Beans... *Looks up and grins* Owen!

Owen: *Farts while hidden behind leaves*

Duncan: Nice try, Farticus! You almost had me! *Runs away*

If You Can't Take The Heat... [1.10][edit]

Heather: This is how you flambé! Step 1, Pour the flambé which you did manage. Step 2, Off to. Light! (Gwen laughs)
Heather: Aaah! My eyebrows! Owen!
Owen: This is finally lunch time?
Heather: No! Go get my makeup bag from the cabin!
Owen: But, the bees!
Heather: NOW!

Lindsay: It's Heather's recipe. (Gasps) Oh my gosh, she's still in the fridge! [runs into the kitchen]
Leshawna: What? Girl was making everyone trip.
Chris: Oh, I hear that.
Owen: (gasps horrifyingly) Oh, the horror!
[Heather is out of the fridge with her whole body skin completely light blue]
Heather: (angrily freezing) You guys are... so dead!

Courtney: I'm like the most easy going person I know!
Duncan: Oh yeah, you're totally laid back.

Who Can You Trust [1.11][edit]

Chris McLean: Muy caliente!

Duncan: This bites.

DJ: Big time.

Chris: Is anyone going to help this guy?

Geoff: Last one in is a rotten blowfish!

Geoff: Oh, come ON!

Chris McLean: Ahhh...Nuts!

Courtney: You're...going...down...

Gwen: Sometimes the universe just gives you a freebie.

Basic Straining [1.12][edit]

Chef Hatchet: Twenty-five of us went into the jungle that night. Only five came back out.

Courtney: I do not concede! I do not concede!

X-Treme Torture [1.13][edit]

Gwen: Did you ever think that maybe Trent's doing this as a form of self expression... like haiku?

Heather: [Confessional] I couldn't let that little dork-wad win, so I decided to cut him loose.
[Heather turns toward Harold and takes out a knife]
Heather: Game over, Gumby!

Chris: Another note from your secret admirer Leshawna?
Gwen and Bridgette: Leshawna's the crush girl?
Leshawna: You two know someone else here with a booty as luscious as an apple?
Gwenn: But who wrote it?

Duncan: (grabs Chris' shirt by the collar; angrily through gritted teeth) The chick was determined!

Harold: Give daddy some sugar.

Brunch of Disgustingness [1.14][edit]

Bridgette: But, dolphins are our friends!

No Pain, No Game [1.15][edit]

Lindsay: Can't we talk this out over low-cal snacks?
Eva: Whatever. I'm still gonna win!

Search and Do Not Destroy [1.16][edit]

Chris McLean: Duncan's tough exterior seems to help him with the challenge he received.

Izzy: Aww, well you sure are cute. And feisty too!

Chris McLean: DJ seems a little out of his league

Chris McLean: Back in the communal washrooms, things are starting to pile up.

Chris McLean: You know the routine. Whoever doesn't get a marshmallow, it's curtains for you.

Hide and Be Sneaky [1.17][edit]

Lindsay: The entire viewing world who?

Hook, Line & Screamer [1.19][edit]

Gwen: Here comes the blood fest!

Heather: DJ! It's me! Heather.

Owen: If this was a stunt, would Chris leave behind, his hair gel?!

Owen: It was a joke. Too funny. I was all, "AHHHH", and you were all, "EEEEE".

Owen: Owen isn't getting to second base, is he?
Izzy: (Shakes head)
Owen: First base?
Izzy: (Shakes head again)
Owen: he getting up to ba- (Izzy punches Owen in the face)

Wawanakwa Gone Wild! [1.20][edit]

Chris: Your challenge is to trap an animal.
Duncan: (grabs Owen's arm) Got one!
Chris: A wild animal.

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon [1.21][edit]

Geoff: You've never been to a party?
Gwen: No, okay? Sometimes I wish I had been. That for just one day I could be one of those happy, vapid girls who gets along with everyone, and who is all excited to eat massive amounts of sugar, and do karaoke, and cheerleading and ponytails. I just don't think it's in my DNA.

Haute Camp-Ture [1.22][edit]

Ezekial: Dude, why are you helping him? He's a traitor, eh.

Noah: Did I get anything out of this experience? No. It was completely and totally uneventful.
Izzy: He kissed a guy!
Noah: No, I didn't!
Izzy: Yes, you did.
Noah: Didn't.
Izzy: Did!
Noah: Did! Not!
Izzy: Did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did!
Trent: Ahem. I can break this tie. He totally did.

Izzy: C'mon, guys! NO ONE SAY "LESHAWNA"!

Parrot: Awk! LeShawna!
Everyone: NO!!

Camp Castaways [1.23][edit]

Are We There, Yeti? [1.24][edit]

Owen: It's all good except one thing's missing... foooooood!

Gwen: (Confessional) I've got to admit, I didn't think I'd make it this far; but now that I have, I might as well win.

I Triple Dog Dare You [1.25][edit]

Chris McLean: Ooh, you're not gonna like this one. Have your head-shaved by Chef!
Heather: WHAT!?
Gwen: Lindsay rules!

The Very Last Episode, Really! [1.26][edit]

Chris McLean: Owen, No! Not in the confession can.

Leshawna: (Angrily) That's it! I had about enough of that girl!

Alternate Ending

[Gwen eventually passes Owen, crossing the finish line, winning the race]
Gwen: I won? I won!
Trent: I knew you can do it! (Trent and Gwen smiles)
Owen: So there won't be a party?
[Lindsay starts to cry]

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island[edit]

Heather: (Confessional) Okay, I know it may look like I'm desperate for a partner. But that's only because...okay, I'm desperate for a partner. But Harold? That is even worse than the mathletes! That's like...ugh...spending the afternoon with the Physics Club!

Noah: Sorry, I forgot my ROIDS at the gym!

Eva: Watch it! It's a trap!
Noah: Justin. The anti-me. So we meet again.
Izzy: Whatever you guys do, don't look him in the eyes! He has powers.
Justin: Give me the case.
Izzy: Back off, really hot guy!
Justin: I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. (Takes off his shirt)

Cody: Courtney, save us! Pull us up!
Courtney: Give me the case, and I will!
Tyler: No way!
Courtney: Okay then! (Goes higher)
DJ: You wouldn't let us fall to our deaths!
Courtney: Oh yes, I would! I don't even like you very much!

Voice Cast[edit]

Christian Potenza - Chris McLean
Clé Bennett - Chef Hatchet and DJ
Sarah Gadon - Beth
Kristin Fairlie - Bridgette
Peter Oldring - Cody, Tyler, and Ezekial
Emillie-Claire Barlow - Courtney
Drew Nelson - Duncan
Julia Chantrey - Eva
Dan Petronijevic - Geoff
Megan Fahlenbock - Gwen
Brian Froud - Harold
Rachel Wilson - Heather
Katie Crown - Izzy
Adam Reid - Justin
Stephanie Ann Mills - Lindsay and Katie
Novie Edwards - LeShawna
Carter Hayden - Noah
Lauren Lipson - Sadie
Scott McCord - Trent and Owen

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