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Total Drama World Tour is the third season of the Total Drama franchise that began with Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. The series extension was commissioned by Teletoon from the producers, Fresh TV, Inc. In this series, fifteen returning contestants and two new contestants are taken on a trip around the world, and compete in cultural themed challenges of countries they visit.


Walk Like an Egyptian, Part 1[edit]

Chris: Season Three of Total Drama, folks! The world is gonna be mine, sea to shining sea! Sadly, I'm forced to share my world with a three-ring traveling teen freak show. [a white and blue bus arrives] They'll be competing all around the globe for another million dollars! So, let's meet our players! Courtney! Duncan! Heather! Gwen! Leshawna!
Gwen: Are there reserved seats? I mean, can I have one not behind Heather's pony hair ponytail?
Heather: Um, my extensions are human hair!
Duncan: You learn something new every day.

Chris: And now to mix things up and keep it all fresh, we're adding two new competitors! He's an honor-roll student with a diplomat for a dad and an amazing ability to charm the pants off most species. Alejandro! [Spanish music plays as Alejandro steps out of the bus and removes his sunglasses]
Alejandro: Perhaps I could assist. [helps Bridgette and Izzy up]
Izzy: Wow-ie!
Bridgette: I-I have a boyfriend!
Alejandro: And amigos, please, allow me. [offers to help up Tyler and Ezekiel]
Ezekiel: Wow, eh.
Tyler: I like girls!
Chris: And she's a sugar addicted super fan with sixteen Total Drama blogs! Sierra! [Sierra comes running out of the bus]
Sierra: Oh my gosh, I love you guys! This is the greatest day of my life! [starts hyperventilating] Anyone got a paper bag I can breathe into? Oh my gosh, Cody! I've always dreamt of this moment, only you weren't wearing a shirt.
Courtney: Excuse me, but I'd like to express some concern about the safety of our plane.
Chris: Relax, it's perfectly safe! [a part of the jet falls, and a raccoon runs out of it] Now boarding!
Owen: No! I can't ride in that! Call the United Nations, call a cab, call my mom! [Chris walks over to Owen with a frying pan in his hand] I'm not doing this, I'm out! This is unethical! [WHONG!] Mommy.
Chris: Anyone else got a problem with it?
Cody: No.
Lindsay: Love it!
Bridgette: Dibs on the window seat!

Noah: Come fly with us, come die with us!

Izzy: Guys, guys, guys, how about another musical number? A pyramid's just a triangle with room inside, I would be awesome as Frankenstein's bride...

Walk Like an Egyptian, Part 2[edit]

Heather: Does anyone know where we are?
Izzy: [Laughs] Planet Earth, silly!

Alejandro: [Confessional] Losing Sierra to Heather? Eh, tragic. But I still have the upper hand. The president of Cody's fan club doesn't know a thing about me. No one does. And I have plans to keep it that way. Because compared to me, Heather's a saint!
[Zoom out to Chris and Chef in the cockpit]
Chris: Oh, finally, a real competitor! Where will our next destination take us? And [Owen screaming in the background] will Owen get over his fear of flying? find out Next Monday on an all New episode of Total! Drama! World Tour!

Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan[edit]

Alejandro: [after rescuing Leshawna from flying out of the plane] Such beauty will not fall through giant airplane holes on my watch!
Harold: I could have done that. I just prefer to leave the ladies wanting more.
DJ: She wants more, all right. More Alejandro!
Harold: DJ, you know nothing about women.
Leshawna: You can put me down now. I mean, if you want to. Or not. Your choice, because this is nice.

Harold: I went to Sensei Steve's Feudal Japanese Summer Camp!
Alejandro: Oh yeah? I speak Japanese too. Leshawna, hana no yo ni utsukushīdesu.
Leshawna: Howzat?
Alejandro: I said "You are as beautiful as a flower".

Alejandro: I'm seeing a tiny Tokyo village...a giant radioactive monster...
Izzy: Yes! [Hugs Owen] Big O can be the monster! Big O, please!
Owen: Al, you're a genius!
Tyler: Super Japanese idea, Al! Nice!
Alejandro: Noah, what say you?
Noah: [Shrugs] I guess.

Owen: (playing a monster) Roar! Monster noises!

Harold: It was I who brought dishonor to our team. Only one thing can restore the balance(He stabs himself with a light up sword and he spoke in Japanese and struggles to get the light up sword off)LeShawna, I think I will miss you most of all(He fell to the ground).
LeShawna: Harold, that’s a toy lightsaber.

(Harold falls off the plane without a parachute. Then Chris tosses one.)

Chris: You might need this. Good luck, Harold.
Harold: (Screaming).
Chris: He's yelling something back at me. Oh no, he's just screaming for his life.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better[edit]

Bridgette: I kind of have a boyfriend.
Alejandro: You have a boyfriend or you, ehh, "kind of" have a boyfriend?
Bridgette: I kind of...I have a kind of...a boyfriend...kind of. [In the confessional] I got flustered. But I am NOT falling for him! Mark my words.

Izzy: Oh, look, a speaker! Ours must play music!
Tyler: Is that box radioactive?
Chris: Eh, what isn't radioactive these days?
Izzy: (Now glowing green from the radioaction) I can't find the radio anywhere! I think someone stole it.

Tyler: If you see anyone, call out!
Izzy: Ooh ooh ooh! There's Tyler!
Tyler: OTHER than me!

(Noah jumps on the sled)

Izzy: Ooh, there's Noah! Noah! Someone stole our radio!

Tyler: [Confessional] Well, I totally rocked it today. I saved everyone's lives with my bare fingers. Everyone's gonna know who Tyler is now! Mission accomplished! [Door opens]
Lindsay: Oh, sorry, Noah.
Chris: Will Noah ever make Lindsay remember him?
Tyler: It's TYLER!

Broadway Baby[edit]

Heather: Stupid economy section! What is that horrible smell?!
Gwen: Defeat?
Courtney: I could of pulled the sled faster if someone wasn't whipping me!
Heather: We both know that's not true.
Courtney: Ugh!
Gwen: First chance we get, I'll totally help you vote her off.
Courtney: Gladly. Can we whip her off?
Heather: Whip me off? Ha! Not if I can prove my worth to the team. Or manipulate Sierra and Cody into slavishly obeying me. Whatever works!

Lindsay: I love it when people call me baby.
Noah: [Nudges Tyler] Make a mental note of that, bro.
Tyler: I don't have a pen.

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Waters[edit]

Eva: So, you gotta tell me what you saw!
Scottish Man: (Speaking in a Scottish accent)

Harold: I'm no surfer, unless you count the Net. Plus I've never kissed any dudes.

Bridgette: Ale-heinous was playing every girl out there! We all fell for it!
Geoff: Some harder than others. Imagine if the tables were turned!
Bridgette: You probably would've kissed him too! He's that good!

Eva: I don't know why you would, but they want me to tell you to tune in next time, got it? There's gonna be more crazy action, on Total! Drama! World Touuuur! Aw, forget this!

Slap Slap Revolution[edit]

Cody: (To Sierra) Those lederhosen would look really... (gulps) hot on you.
Sierra: Pick me! Meee! Me!
Chris: Funny. I was gonna make you wear them, but now that you want to... Cody, congratulations!

Noah: [to Cody] How are the hosen treatin' ya?
Cody: It feels like my wedgie has a wedgie!

Sierra: [Confessional] I'm like a tenth generation slap dancer! It's what kept me alive on the school playground, and probably why I didn't make any friends. But who needs friends when you have a Cody?

Leshawna: (Confessional) Anyone who Heather can't stand must be good!

DJ: Stay on the platform, Leshawna!
Leshawna: I'm not going anywhere!
Alejandro: That's it! Seize the day!
Heather: Ugh! She's not even on your team! [slaps Leshawna]
Leshawna: Ow! [slaps Heather and throws her off of the platform] I'M GONNA SEIZE THE YOU! YOU'VE HAD THIS COMING FOR 3 SEASONS! [She proceeds to jump off the platform and slap Heather repeatedly, knocking out one of her teeth in the process, as Courtney, DJ, and Lindsay cheer her on]

The Am-AH-Zon Race[edit]

Owen: [After accidentally punching Alejandro in the eye] Al, what happened?
Alejandro: Nothing a little ice and revenge won't fix.
Owen: Cool...Did you say revenge?
Alejandro: Of course not. Off-topic, do you have any serious allergies?

Owen: [Confessional] Sometimes I get the feeling that Al might slightly not totally like me. Punching him in the face probably didn't help...unless he likes that kind of thing. Fingers crossed!

Can't Help Falling In Louvre[edit]

Lindsay: There's only one guy I want to share this with, the guy I've been dreaming about since we've been apart! Where's my Tyler?
Tyler: Hey, Linds.
Lindsay: Are you sure that's you? Cause you look slightly different in my head.
Alejandro: Everything looks slightly different in her head.

Heather: [Judging DJ's model and fashion design] Dry, dull, uninspiring, not a hint of effort with the presentation. But enough about Gwen, the shirt was a 10!
Chris: I agree. Model sucked, shirt good. I'd wear it.

Newf Kids On The Block[edit]

Courtney: I am a CIT!
Heather: More like a B-I-T-C-
Gwen: Guys, let's get going!

Heather: (Confessional) Oh, he is good. (Sighs dreamily, static) I want the tape. Give me the tape! How do you open this thing?

Gwen: (Confessional) You know, Heather shouldn't let her obvious crush on Alejandro get in the way of the game. Having a relationship with Duncan really screwed things up for me last season...Trent! I meant Trent! Just a slip of the tongue. (Static) I want that tape back! Give me the tape! How do you open this thing?

Courtney: [Confessional] Okay, fine. So I did let a guy get in the way of how I played the game. I just can't stop thinking about how Duncan could just abandon me like this, and I...I messed up. Did I just say that on air? [Static] I want that tape back! Give me the tape! Oh! How do you open this thing?

Jamaica Me Sweat[edit]

Owen: No biggie, just a concussion. Could you parents my phone and worry them not to tell...Santa?

Alejandro: You have beautiful form.

Heather: What!(Screaming).

(Heather falls off the cliff and lands in the water.)

Alejandro: Nothing personal.

Chris: Will the plane be fixed so we can leave here while I'm still young?
Noah: I don't know. Did we land in the Seventies?

(Chris pushed Noah off the cliff. Then Chris waited and it sounds like Noah splashed in the water at the bottom of the cliff.)

Aftermath 2: Revenge Of The Telethon[edit]

Lindsay: Has anyone seen Tyler? Tyler, they're stealing my lip gloss!

Leshawna: Taking out Heather was fun, don't get me wrong. But she's still in the game and I'm here! I wish I'd smacked Alejandro!
Bridgette: I know, he's the worst! With that evil mind and[realizes what she's saying] Ugh! Evil!
Geoff: I've gotta admit, I'm kind of relieved that I'm not the only dude whose chick went soft for that Ale-jerk-dro.

Blaineley: [showing footage of Alejandro] Check it out, Bridgette. Audience surveys showed that people loved it when you drooled over Fabulandro.
Bridgette: I'm sorry, but I have a boyfriend. [puts a bag over her head] I'm not even looking.
Blaineley: Keep those donations coming, and I'll keep the drama coming! Oh, Bridgette, you have got to see this!

I See London...[edit]

Owen: Why don't you like Al? He's great.
Noah: I don't trust the guy. He's like an eel dipped in grease, swimming in motor oil.
Owen: Dirty?
Noah: Slippery. Think about it. He's like Heather, only with social skills.

Chris: And that's why Team Amazon wins today's competish.
Team Amazon: YES!!
Noah and Owen: WHAT?! Uh-oh!

Greece's Pieces[edit]

Gwen : [Confessional] What am I doing? The moment I finally became friend-ish with Courtney, I kissed her boyfriend! I’m a horrible person! If it happens again, i’ll tell her.

Courtney: As the strongest Amazon, I volunteer.
Cody: I'm pretty sure I'm the strongest.
Courtney: (Laughs) Anyway...
Sierra: That's it! I volunteer to fight Courtney!

Courtney: You sounded really concerned there.
Gwen: Well, I...I know how you feel.
Courtney: You know how I feel? Like you get it, or like you feel the same way?

The EX-Files[edit]

Courtney: (Cries)You, stupid jerkface.
Duncan: Look, I'm sorry.

(Courtney hits Duncan in the groin.)

Heather: Cody, get your clammy hands off my leg.
Cody: I'm not touching your leg.

(A lizard chased Team Amazon until it got blasted into the atmosphere.)

Heather: Since when did lizards fly?
Gwen: Everyone, freeze. We're on a minefield.
Sierra: Way to lead, New Heather.
Gwen: [Confessional] New Heather?!

Gwen: What are we gonna do?
Courtney: Why don't you make out with the minefield's boyfriend?

Tyler: I don't think they stole your memory, Owen.
Owen: Oh, but they did, Tyler! I can't even remember your name, or Duncan's name or Al's name or Chris or the Total Drama plane or Mom's cheese cellar back home, or any of us! Oh, wait a minute...I think I'm good. Oh, how you doing, Al?

Alejandro: Revenge, go!
Owen: [Pulls underwear over his head] singing Take me out to the baaaallgame, take me out to the crooowwwd, buy me some peanuts and Crack-ers Jacks, I do not care if I never come baaaaack!

Picnic At Hanging Dork[edit]

Owen: Act like you're crushing on Heather, and she'll go home, same as Bridgette and Leshawna!
Duncan: Bridgette and Leshawna? I thought I was the only guy who snagged double gold in the Babe Olympics.
Alejandro: Uh...yes. I was truly fond of both. Sadly, the fates were against us. I suppose I could attempt a false seduction, but it goes against the gentleman's code.
Duncan: There's a code for that crud?
Alejandro: And if I seduce Heather, Courtney will remain unaffected. If only we could weaken both at once.
Duncan: Easy. Heather's kind of into you, right? So, seduce Courtney.

Alejandro: I've been thinking about the future.
Courtney: You have?
Alejandro: Yes. Tomorrow, and the day after, and even the day after that.
Courtney: I'm aware of what the future means.
Alejandro: Not when it comes to me.

Sweden Sour[edit]

Courtney: (Giggling) I bet you say that to every pretty competitor.
Alejandro: Ah, but you are the only pretty competitor here.

Courtney: Okay, let's hear it.
Duncan: Hear what?
Courtney: Your apology.
Duncan: For...
Courtney: For what?! For Gwen!

(Cody sighs)

Duncan: For who?
Courtney: For Gwen!

(Cody sighs again. Courtney huffs, and Cody sighs again.)

Courtney: (To Cody) Stop breathing so loud!

Owen: I wish I had some barbecue sauce, cause this looks like a whale rib!
Alejandro: Owen, you incredibly stupid genius!

Duncan: (Confessional) I don't trust Alejandro. I don't like Alejandro. But letting him know that doesn't get me anything. So I'll keep it buddy-buddy, and while he works on Courtney, I'll work on Owen.

[The teams are building boats]
Duncan: [groaning] Why am I the only one pushing?
[Owen's stomach gurgles violently, as it cuts to him in the bathroom confessional]
Owen: How long can you hold in a fart before it becomes dangerous? One time, I held it in the entire day during school, and when I farted in last hour it ripped my pants.
[cuts back to Sweden, where Owen's stomach gurgles violently again]
Duncan: Dude, are you about to fart?
Duncan: Oh, man, I think he's gonna blow!
[Owen slides around on the ice until falling and releasing a giant fart that melts the ice]
Chris: THE ICE IS MELTING! Will Owen's poor digestion finally kill us all? And will Cody finally get over Gwen? Find out after the break. EVERY HOST FOR HIMSELF!

Heather: Okay, what is your problem?
Alejandro: Surely I do not have to explain it to you. We are in a competition.
Heather: Oh, sure. So picking off my teammates while you totally blank me is strategy now?
Alejandro: Indeed it is. When dealing with jealousy-
Heather: I am not jealous, you arrogant-
'Alejandro: Of course I refer to Courtney. I must make her believe no one else exists for me. If she is focused on us, you can blind-side her. Believe me, Heather, the only woman I want to look at is you.

Aftermath 3: Aftermayhem[edit]

Blaineley: It's time for another installment of...say it with me...That's Gonna Leave A Mark!
[Awkward silence]
Blaineley: Would it kill you to play along?

Leshawna: A Chris-In-The-Box? That's an insult to boxes!

[Beth is given the challenge of making up a haiku about Heather that highlights a positive attribute]
Beth: Um...Heather has ten toes...
Blaineley: True, but not very positive.
Beth: Webbed feet for summer swimming...she's fast in water!

Niagara Brawls[edit]

Courtney: If you let us live, I'll tutor any brain-dead person that requires it, even Duncan!
Duncan: If we live, I'll forget she ever said that!
Cody: If we live, I'll let Sierra kiss me. [Everyone stares at him] What? Like we're gonna make it.
Sierra: [Gasps]!

Sierra: Don't worry, Cody. I will restore your breathing and save your life.
Cody: My breathing is just- [Sierra pins him down, kissing him] Okay, now I can't breathe!

Courtney: (Confessional) Okay, so eliminating Heather is now number 1, 2, 3 and 5 of my top 5 goals. Ripping out Duncan's eyebrow ring is number 4.

Chris: Two votes for Heather...
Heather: What? Did Courtney vote twice?
Chris: Two votes for Sierra...
Sierra: I'm sorry. My name is Sierra-Cody now. It's hyphenated.
Chris: And four votes for...Owen.
Owen: What! Me?

Chinese Fake-Out[edit]

Alejandro: Courtney is in need of some aid!
Duncan: Oh, you wanna watch her squirm for awhile? Cool!

Duncan: [while Chris is on the phone] If it's Courtney, tell her she's a loser.
Courtney: Ahem!
Alejandro: Courtney! I am filled with relief.
Courtney: Oh yeah? Well, I am filled with rage. Do you know where I landed? In a pigpen. Do you know how thoroughly I got snouted. It's a good thing I have a very strong stomach.
Alejandro: Ah. Good to hear.

Blaineley: Heather and Alejandro, just give it up and make out already!
Heather: Can you get her out of here?

African Lying Safari[edit]

Duncan: Speaking of failed romance, you want me to hit the common area so you two lovebirds can start building your nest?
Heather and Alejandro: Yeah, right! As if! [realizing they're speaking in unison] Stop it!
Duncan: Blaineley was right! You two are so lame for each other.

Alejandro: We simply continue to act awkward around each other in front of the others, while we secretly combine-
Alejandro and Heather: -our powers and knock everyone else out of the ring.
Heather: [in reference to speaking in unison] That has to stop. But I am in on the alliance.


Cody: Sierra left me alone all night!
Alejandro: She did try to sneak in. Seven times. But I sleep with one eye open for a reason.
Cody: (hugs Alejando) Oh, thank you!
Alejandro: Please, my friend. It was nothing. (Attempts unsuccessfully to get Cody to let go of him) Could we get up before someone sees us?

Heather: I do NOT need to be insulted. Or to kiss Alejandro!

Heather: Your boyfriend is a loser to let Alejandro cozy up to him.
Sierra: Husband. And if falling for Alejandro makes somebody a loser...
Heather: I recommend you stop there.

Awwww, Drumheller[edit]

Sierra: At least dinosaurs only killed people for food! You kill people for fun!
Heather: People weren't even around when there were dinosaurs.
Sierra: I don't mean actual people, okay? I mean relationships, and souls!
Heather: I don't even know what we're talking about here.
Sierra: We're talking about the fact that you're pure evil!

[Sierra has accidentally blown up the plane with the sparklers on a cake she made for Cody's birthday]
Cody: Are you okay?
Sierra: It was chocolate, your favorite!
Alejandro: Are you okay?
Sierra: Do I LOOK okay? [Her hair falls off]
Chris: [angrily] Oh, she's fine! Although what with the BLOWING UP MY PLANE incident, she's out of the game!

Aftermath 4: Hawaiian Style[edit]

Geoff: Look at Heather! She's like a Total Drama cockroach!
Duncan: I thought that was Ezekiel.

Geoff: You know this is a half-hour show, right?
Harold: Technically, it's twenty-two minutes, and that includes opening and closing credits.

Bridgette: Courtney, have you got a choice for Alejandro?
Courtney: I'm gonna go jaguar, Bridgette.
Geoff: Jaguar? Are you sure?
Courtney: Of course I am! They're smart, they're lean, they're fast...
Geoff: They're spotty, you shouldn't leave them alone with your kitten...Okay then!

Harold: Prepare to lose to my mad skills!
Courtney: Prepare to lose to my...sane ones!

Planes, Trains, and Codymobiles[edit]

Chris: As usual, you two are thinking of nothing but yourselves. What about the bigger humanitarian crisis - how am I supposed to keep this face fresh without my hyperbolic chamber?

Alejandro: [Confessional] Heather has a way of making my focus slip, like a too-small Speedo. This race is my redemption. As long as I travel alone, she can't distract me with her clever words, or her distrustful eyes, or the way she tucks her hair behind those cute little earlobes...argh! Focus!

[Sierra offers Cody her wheelchair to use in his hot air balloon]
Sierra: So what if I perish here, my bones bleaching along with the dinosaur carcasses? It's worth it to help my Cody-bunny-candy-kins! I won't take no for an answer!
Cody: Seriously. Wow. You're amazing. You know, when I first met you, I thought you were just my number one fan. But now, you're a true friend.
Sierra: Aren't we just a little more than friends? Just a teensy bit?
Cody: Uh, sure. We' friends!

Fireworks seller: Cody from Total Drama? He's up against Heather? Right now?
Sierra: You're a fan? Me too!

Hawaiian Punch[edit]

Cody: Al hates being called Al? Gosh, Al! Owen must've called Al Al, like, a thousand times! Huh, Al? Poor Al!

Cody: Don't give up, or the bad guy wins!
Heather: You mean...I'm the good guy?

[After Alejandro kisses Heather then she kick him on the groin]
Heather: A little something called "Victory"! So long, sucker! [Pushes Alejandro on the ice out the edge of volcano]

Voice Cast[edit]

Christian Potenza - Chris McLean
Clé Bennett - Chef Hatchet and DJ
Carla Collins - Blaineley
Marco Grazzini - Alejandro
Kristin Fairlie - Bridgette
Peter Oldring - Cody, Tyler, and Ezekial
Emillie-Claire Barlow - Courtney
Drew Nelson - Duncan
Megan Fahlenbock - Gwen
Brian Froud - Harold
Rachel Wilson - Heather
Katie Crown - Izzy
Novie Edwards - LeShawna
Carter Hayden - Noah
Stephanie Ann Mills - Lindsay
Annick Obonsawin - Sierra
Scott McCord - Owen

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