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Total DramaRama is an animated television spin-off and the series re-introduces some of the original "Total Drama" characters who are entered into an alternate universe where they are aged down from teenagers to toddlers.

Season 1[edit]


Owen: [first lines] Guys! Guys! Guys? Guess what?! [gets hit a wall]
Courtney: [comes out of the playhouse] What?
Owen: I finally won at "Toy Crane Prize Surprise!"
[the kids gasp]
Lady: [singing] Toy Crane Prize Surprise!

Duck Duck Juice[edit]

[Duncan and Courtney are on a train going back to the daycare]
Courtney: Our stop's next. Then it's back to the daycare, And-
Duncan: Sorry Courtney, I've gotten a taste of freedom now, and I'm not going back to the dayca- [Courtney handcuffs Duncan] Seriously? Oh come on!
Courtney: If you escape from daycare on your own, I am fine with that, but I'm not letting you do it on my watch.
Duncan: What if I refuse to move? Then how would- [Courtney drags him out of the train]

Courtney: [unhandcuffs Duncan] And now that your safely back inside, You're free to try to escape.
Duncan: Yeah, thanks.

Germ Factory[edit]

[Jude, Bridgette, and Duncan call up Leshawna]
Leshawna: Hey, guys, what's up?
Jude: Brah, you're missing Giggle Dough Day. Owen ate his. It was awesome.
Bridgette: How are you doing? Are you okay?
Leshawna: Girl, I've been staying up late, rocking my PJs all day, and I just binge watched Power Kitten Ninja Dance Force.
Jude: Dude, she just described my perfect day. Being sick kinda rocks.
Duncan: No kidding!
Leshawna: And, my mom stayed home from work to take care of me. Watch this. Hey, mama! Where's my ice cream! [claps]
Duncan: You get to eat ice cream too?!
Leshawna: All you can eat, baby! That is, after you get through all the--
Duncan: Great! Talk soon! Bye bye! Guys, I have the best plan ever. Emergency meeting in the castle, stat!

[the next day, every kid, with the exception of Leshawna, stayed at home]
Chef: Yep. You're the only one here today.
Leshawna: I tried to tell the other kids, you don't get the ice cream until after you get through two days of violent vomiting and diarrhea, but they hung up on me. Whatcha got there?
Chef: Uh, the new Child Educators' Calendar just came out. I think I overdid it a little.
Courtney: [pounding on the door] Made it. I have perfect attendance. Let me in! I'm not sick. See? I'm totally fine. [pukes and coughs] Just put a little tick on the sheet?
Duncan: [at home being sick] Worst... [pukes] plan... [pukes] ever! [pukes]

Not Without My Fudgy Lumps[edit]

Duncan: Amateurs!

Owen: There goes my last chance! I'll never taste the sweet waxy yumminess of a fudgy lump again!

Noah: Now she knows what other left means?

Solider: Freeze!

MacArthur: But they're not taking me down without a fight!

Noah: I should have seen that coming.

A Licking Time Bomb[edit]

Businessman: These are really tasty cookies. And I'm trying to put my finger on that secret ingredient. Secret, secret, secret, secret. Why do I keep saying the word secret? Secret, secret, secret, secret.
Owen: [screams] The secret ingredient is my spit!
[a business gets shocked and the kids get grossed out by Noah and Owen's cookies except Jude who eats it straight]
Businessman: Oh! That's really gross! [leaves]
Noah: No-no-no, no, no, no! Mr. Bankman, wait! [sighs, defeated]
Owen: I'm sorry, Noah. That was our dream and I blew it.
Noah: Aw, that's okay, buddy. I shouldn't have tried to make you keep a secret like that anyway.
Owen: And I shouldn't sold other cookies to other people that I already licked. Oh well, no real harm dome.
Beth: [angrily] Ahem! You two are gonna pay for making us eat spit!
Noah: C-c-c can I just say one thing in our defense?
Leshawna: What?
Noah: RUN!
Beth: Get 'em!

Season 2[edit]

Stingin' in the Rain[edit]

Courtney: Save it for your own Show & Tell, Cody!

Cody: I'm a blunt object!

Courtney: Hey, if the robber didn't wanna be maimed in a convoluted trap built by preschoolers, then maybe she shouldn't be stealing coins.

Cody: You're gonna get it!

Courtney: Good job General, Did you find my coin in her pocket!
The General: Nope! Just this card MacArthur plumbing!
Chef Hatchet: That's the plumber I called!
The General: Uh whoops!
MacArthur: Get your own pants of the toilet Chief, Unbelievable!
Courtney: Wait, but then what happened to my coin! Mom! What are you doing here?
Courtney's Mom: Courtney! I hope I'm not too late, you forgot you coin for your presentation!
Courtney: My Coin! Was at home?
Courtney's Mom: You didn't want to leave it here in chase of robbers, remember?
Courtney: Right! (laugh) I, I feel like this is partially my fault.
The General: Oh, I'd say more than partially!
Courtney: Hey hey, wait come on it was just a misunderstanding! Please! Mom!
Courtney's Mom: Oh, sorry dear! Don't worry! Welcome visit!
The General: Well, I hope you kids learned a lesson.
Izzy: Yep and sorry General, I promise we will never call you for anything this silly, ever again.

Season 3[edit]

A Bridgette Too Far[edit]

Cody: Shouldn't we be taller?

Bridgette: It's not like I rely on starring in episodes for my sense of self-worth. I mean, have you seen my hair?

Bridgette: MAIN CAST?!

Bridgette: No! This is gonna be my story! One way or another!

Bridgette: This episode is MINE!

Chef Hatchet: CANCELLED?

Duncan: [last lines] That looks like, amazing, good for Bridgette!
Owen: [last lines] Hey, what do you mean good for Bridgette, that sounds like an Owen line! Fine, then I'm gonna go find some fireworks.
Beth: [last lines] Well, If Owen gets to play with fireworks then, I'm gonna eat all his chili cheese chips!
Harold: [last lines] Wait, Beth loves chili cheese chips! Oh, but I guess I can finally start working on this booger! That's been driving me nuts all year!
Izzy: [last lines] Guys stop it! You know the rules about keeping our characters distinct!
Courtney: Oh, so now Izzy is the rule police, This show is off the rails, Where's Chef, Somebody had to put a stop to this!
Chef Hatchet: [last lines] I JUST BLEW UP MY OWN CAR! [laughing]
Courtney: [last lines] Worst ending ever!


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