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Hi, Anthere. Could you please let us know more closely why you block User:JarlaxleArtemis on our WQ:VP? Including you banned him in which qualification (Board member, Steward etc...)?

We have no policy to ban users because he or she has been banned from the other community. And it is not very accountable to put a line in Block log in my opinion. The user in question occured no trouble on this project, so I would like to have a public explanation. It doesn't mean I complain you about blocking. I just would like you to give a comment to the community. --Aphaia 09:04, 18 September 2005 (UTC)

Hi. I did not have time to fix all points this morning about this user this morning. But here is generally my stance on the issue. This user has have a generally totally unacceptable behavior on at least one project. His case is currently pending for banning for a year on the english wikipedia. It would be for a whole bunch of reasons, such as in particular for use of profanities and personal attacks against editors. The arbcom is taking months to fix the issue. My edits on his talk page have been reverted by him three times. He is currently blocked. I have received mails from him, one calling me a "fucking bitch".

My opinion is that it is just plain unacceptable behavior from anyone working on our projects. Some time ago, an editor threatened to sue the Foundation for the reason another editor was displaying private information about him/her on the projects. If this is not acceptable from anyone to display private information, I also consider it is unacceptable from ANY editor to insult and humiliate any editors without a reaction of some sort. And such behavior imho should grant at least a temporary block on the projects he is participating to, in particular when the issue is mentionned by some editors.

This is a personal position, but, my position is definitly that such a behavior is NOT acceptable. It is my position that a minimum of wikilove and respect of others should be showed between participants. My qualification was not the one of a steward who is not allowed to take such a decision, but the one of a board member.

Now, if your community decide to revert the block and welcome warmly such an editor, please suit yourself. Revert the block. And hold the responsability of the editor good behavior. Anthere

Thanks Ant, I am sad to hear you blamed so. You are not so, definitely. But you seems not to be yourself now with a heavy frustration.

  • You missed one of my points, if it is a decision by the Board, I am les interest in further argument. And following your statement on the above, you state it is your decision as a Board member. Do I understand you correctly? If not, please let me know.
    • I am not allowed to make such a decision as a steward. It is not a decision of the board, I have not been able to discuss online with jimbo and angela for ages... However, it is a decision as a board member. If you feel it is not suitable, then revert or ask Jimbo, who will probably be a better reference than I.
  • I would like you to notice you that you could ask (demand, or another word more suitable) the community to block him on that reason. The information on the above deserves to consinder and it could affect the community decision. Or I would like you to consider you had been better not to make an action by yourself, but find a delegate.
    • The english arbcom is taking months to make a decision, which outcome seems quite obvious to me. I would find sad that you yourself take 6 months to block someone who is clearly, amongst other things, having a very unclear behavior with regards to copyright respect. One editor could also be less tolerant than LinuxBeak and also threaten to sue us for the insult he would receive. I would find most sad that 6 months are also necessary here to come to the decision the editor is problematic after it took so many months for a first project to do so. So, I prefer to do a preemptive block (not a infinite one), which can 1) make your community aware the guy might be a problem and 2° find the time to make a decision if needed here. In case you go to his user talk page on en, you'll notice he reverts all "bad comments" about him there, so it makes little sense I leave a warning here, which he will revert on the spot. Still, in case of cp infringment or insults left to people, the Foundation will be liable.
  • As the matter you mentioned here and there, I don't think it is suitable to argue here, but I would like you to notice your words suggest you judge things from the viewpoint of 'friend or foe'. And on my part, I know you esteem justice and far from favoritism, so I don't care your current tone.
    • I mostly mean to protect the community and the good editors from the community as much as I can, and to remove or do what I can for those who are not suitable to leave. But I can only help if there is a general feeling that what I do is meant to help. If what I try to do to help is heavily criticized, I will not dare do it again. Board members can only do so if the community trust they do not act with bad faith.
  • Have a nice day, Salut. Aphaia
    • Have a good sunday Aphaia and hope you are well.