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Jair Bolsonaro in 2018

Jair Messias Bolsonaro (born March 21, 1955) is a Brazilian politician and former military officer. He was elected President of Brazil in 2018 and took office on January 1, 2019. After the October 2022 elections, he was defeated by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (known as Lula) who became president-elect.




  • I want to show my revolt with the mainstream media, somewhat servile, which strongly criticized the Military School of Porto Alegre just because nine out of 84 students decided to choose between Count Dracula, Hercules, Nostradamus, Queen Catherine, Attila - only FHC was missing -, Hitler as the most admired historical personality. If they had elected FHC, they would logically be electing the father of the most corrupt government in the history of Brazil, because he does not admit that any denunciation of corruption is cleared by this House. He is not an example for youth. A serious school, with the Military School of Porto Alegre, in order to have quality, must have freedom of expression. It should be reiterated that the students - most of them are minors - pay for this magazine, so they are free to write whatever they want. We must respect this youth that begins, from these debates and this matter in the press, to prepare to be, in the future. At the same time, I would like to criticize the Army's Social Communication Center, which announced that it will be aware of the magazine. These boys, among many others, are the children of the military and are really lacking in order and discipline in this country. While our President of the Republic does not give an example of this, they have to elect those who knew, in one way or another, to impose order and discipline, although, as the young student of the Military School who has not been to the Preparatory School of Army Cadets, named Roberto Dias Torres Júnior, we also disagree with the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler.
  • Through the vote, you'll change nothing in this country. Nothing, absolutely nothing. We'll only get change, unfortunately, when we go into a civil war here someday and do a work the military regime didn't do, killing as much as thirty thousand people, starting with FHC. It's all right if some innocent people die. Innocent people die in many wars.
  • There is no doubt. I would launch a coup on the same day. [Congress] doesn't work and I'm sure that at least 90% of the population would applaud. Congress nowadays does nothing; it votes only for what the president wants. If he's who rules, who decides and who gloats above the Congress, then let the coup be launched, let it be a dictatorship.


  • I never hit my ex-wife. But many times I wanted to shoot her.
Simulation of torture by pau-de-arara.
  • I defend torture. A drug dealer who acts on the streets against our children must to be immediately put on a pau-de-arara. There would be no human rights in this case. There would be pau-de-arara, beating. The same thing for kidnappers. The guy must be broken to open his mouth.
  • I would never rape you, because you don't deserve it.




  • Preta, I’m not going to discuss promiscuity with anyone. I don't run that risk because my children are well educated and they don't live in a promiscuous environment such as is, unfortunately, yours.


  • This case is all about creating a public sob story. There is no homophobic behaviour in Brazil. Those who die, 90% of homosexual deaths, they die in drug related situations, in prostitution, or even killed by their own partners. I went into battle with the gays because the government proposed anti-homophobia classes for the junior grades, but that would actively stimulate homosexuality in children from 6 years old. This is not normal.
  • Your culture is different to ours. We're not ready for all this in Brazil because no father would ever take pride in having a gay son. Pride? Happiness? Celebrating if his son turns out gay? No way. Look, you have to have some sort of moral compass bearing in your life. They want to reach our children in order to turn the children into gay adults to satisfy their sexuality in the future. So these are the fundamentalist homosexual groups that are trying to take over society.


  • It saddens me to see the entrepreneurial world in Brazil, because it's a misfortune to be a boss in our country, with so many labor laws. [...] Between a man and a young woman, what will the entrepreneur think? 'Damn, this woman's got a ring on her finger, she'll be pregnant soon, she'll be on maternity leave for six months...' [...] Who's going to pay the bill? The employer. In the end it's deducted from social security but he says "the work rhythm is broken. And when she returns, she'll take a month-long vacation. In the end, she works five months in one year." [...] I'm a liberal. If I want to hire you at my company paying you R$ 2,000.00 a month and Ms. Mary paying her R$ 1,500.00, and if Ms. Mary doesn't want to earn that amount, she must look for another job! If you think you also are not earning so much, look for another job. It is I who am paying you; I am the boss.




  • Over time, due to liberal habit, drugs, women also working, the number of homosexuals has really increased. I also tend to say if your son starts hanging out with certain people with a certain behavior, he'll adopt that sort of behavior. He'll think it's normal.
  • I think you're, pardon me, escaping normality. We have to have a north here. You're close to, with all due respect, the absurd theory. Even you with your partner, right?, won't make children. If you'll have one it will depend on something donated by us, heteros, us, men.




  • Paul says: "Sell your cloak and buy a sword". This is in the Bible. The Bible is our tool box. When she [Marina Silva] says I was wrong while talking about armament, there is this passage in the Bible. That's because in that time there was no firearms, otherwise it certainly would be a .50 machine gun or a rifle.
  • The Statute of the Child and Adolescent must to be ripped and thrown into a latrine. It is a stimulus to child vagabondage and rascality.
  • We will merge the [Ministry of] Agriculture and the [Ministry of] Environment so that no international NGO will continue to do activism with the Ministry of Environment.
  • If it doesn’t change, we quit. Why do we have to stay? It’s possibly dangerous for our sovereignty. Many are out, they didn’t sign it. Why would Brazil have to stay? To be politically correct? [...] We won’t be able to reforest an area the size of Rio de Janeiro.
  • We’re all migrants in Brazil, but we can’t fling our doors open wide for [everybody] to just come. [...] To come here and marry 11-year-old children... […] We can’t tolerate certain types of people coming to Brazil and disrespecting our culture and our religion,
  • We have a problem with a former adviser, who used to work for Flávio, atypical activities. [The adviser] will be heard next week. […] If there is something wrong with me or my son, let us pay the bill, but we’re not under investigation. It hurts our feelings, because we advocate the fiercest fight against corruption. And we’ll turn to COAF itself to fight it.


  • There’s an awareness in Brazil that the reforms are vital for the federal entities to continue operating. Brazil has to work out. If not, the Left will return and we won’t know Brazil’s destiny, maybe it’ll become more like the regime that we have in Venezuela.
  • If by chance he erred and it were proven, I regret it as a father, but he’ll have to pay the price for those actions we can’t accept.
  • I don't feel comfortable showing it, but we have to expose the truth so the population can be aware and always set their priorities. This is what many street carnival groups have become in Brazil. Comment and draw your conclusions.
  • For the first time in a while, a pro-America Brazilian president arrives in DC. It’s the beginning of a partnership focused on liberty and prosperity, something that all of us Brazilians have long wished for. You have a president who is a friend of the United States who admires this beautiful country.
  • We do agree with President Trump’s decision or proposal on the wall. The vast majority of potential immigrants do not have good intentions. They do not intend to do the best or do good to the US people. I would very much like the US to uphold the current immigration policy, because to a large extent we owe our democracy in the southern hemisphere to the United States."
  • [Brazil will no longer vote with] Venezuela, Iran, and Cuba, countries that have no appreciation for freedom.
  • Let’s talk about Renca. Renca is ours. Let’s use the riches that God gave us for the wellbeing of our population. You won’t get any trouble from the Environment Ministry, nor the Mines and Energy Ministry nor any other.
  • With such a CV I should not have even been elected as a municipal councilor. The people understood that an innocent was being shot at.
  • Racism is rare in Brazil. I'm fed up with this mania of always pitting blacks against whites, gays against heterosexuals. People say I'm homophobic, racist, fascist, xenophobic, but I won the election. [...] If I was racist, what would I have done on seeing a black fall into the water? I'd have folded my arms.
  • I promised this to him because he abandoned a 22-year career as a judge. I said: ‘The first opening on the Supreme Court is yours’. I promised to nominate Moro to the first opening seat of the Supreme Court, and if God wants, we will fulfill this agreement. I think that the entire country will be happy to have a man of this caliber on the Supreme Court. Obviously he will have to go before the Senate. I know that he does not lack the competence to be approved there, but a hearing is a technical part of the political process.
  • Brazil can be an example for Germany even in the environment. Their industry continues to be fossil, largely coal, and ours no, so they have a lot to learn from us. We don't accept being treated like in the past.
  • Look, working nine, ten years old at the farm, I was not harmed at all. When a nine-year-old, ten-year-old goes to work somewhere, it's full of people there. Now, when I'm smoking a crack pipe, nobody says anything. [...] But I want to say that I, my older brother, a sister of mine, a little younger, at that age, eight, nine, ten, twelve years, worked on the farm."
  • How many attempt to leave us aside saying the state should be secular. The state is secular but we are Christians. Or, in the words of my dear Damares [minister of Family and Human Rights], we are terribly Christians. You know how families have suffered in previous administrations. You were decisive in the search for the tireless restoration of family values. [...] Of the two seats I can appoint a justice for, one will be terribly evangelical.
  • [Such a nomination] is something on my radar. [...] My son Eduardo speaks English, he speaks Spanish. He’s travelled all over the world. He’s friends with Donald Trump’s children. My understanding is that he could be a qualified person and would be the perfect message to Washington.
  • Some people say that it is nepotism, but that’s for the Supreme Court to decide. It is not nepotism, I would never do that. It’s not up to me, it’s up to my son to accept and then he will be subject to Senate approval. Who do you want me to put in? Celso Amorim?
  • To say that hunger happens in Brazil is a big lie. People don't eat well and get sick. That I agree. Now go hungry, no. You do not see poor people on the streets with a skeletal physique, as we see in some other countries around the world. To say that there is hunger in Brazil is a populist discourse to try to win popular sympathy, nothing more than that.
  • I was informed by the Federal Police and the Justice Ministry that my cell phones were invaded by the gang arrested on Tuesday, 23. A serious attempt against Brazil and its institutions. May they be harshly punished! Brazil is no longer land without law.
  • Trickster, trickster, to avoid such a problem, he marries another trickster and adopts a child in Brazil. That is the problem we have. He will not leave [...]. Maybe he will do jail time in Brazil, but he won't be kicked out.
    • On 27 July 2019, about journalist Glenn Greenwald, co-founder of The Intercept investigative website which has published leaked chats showing Justice Minister Sérgio Moro conspired to keep former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva out of the 2018 presidential election. Brazil's Bolsonaro says Greenwald could 'do jail time'. France 24 (27 July 2019).
  • These people are buying Brazil in installments. This purchase in the past was also done by demarcating land. Brazil would only make deals overseas in exchange for forgoing its sovereignty, demarcating indigenous territories, expanding parks. It can’t go on like this. You can’t do anything in 61 percent of Brazil. In some places, if you want to produce, you can’t, because you can’t go on a straight line to export, or sell, you have to go on a huge curve to go around a quilombola community, an indigenous territory, an environmental reserve. They’re ruining the country. As long as I am president, no indigenous land will be demarcated. They own 14 percent of the national territory. Imagine the Southeast—an area larger than that is indigenous. Isn’t that enough? Yesterday, I was once again with a group of indigenous people, and they want freedom to work in their area; they don’t want to live in confinement, like prehistoric beings.
  • Maybe -- I am not affirming it -- these (NGO people) are carrying out some criminal actions to draw attention against me, against the government of Brazil. There is a war going on in the world against Brazil, an information war.
  • It could be ranchers. Everyone is suspicious, but the biggest suspicion comes from NGOs. [I have] ho proof. NGOs have lost money... they are unemployed. What are they trying to do? Bring me down.
  • The Indians, do you want me to blame the Indians? Do you want me to blame the Martians?... Everyone is a suspect, but the biggest suspects are NGOs. Did I accuse NGOs directly? I just said I suspect them.
  • W e cannot accept that a President, Macron, issues inappropriate and gratuitous attacks against the Amazon, nor that he disguises his intentions behind an ‘alliance’ of the G-7 countries to ‘save’ the Amazon, as if it were a colony or no man’s land.
  • In 2013, an agreement between the Workers Party government and the Cuban dictatorship brought to Brazil 10 thousand physicians with no professional registration. They were prevented from bringing their spouses and children, had 75% of their wages confiscated by the regime and were denied basic freedoms, such as that of coming and going. True slave work, believe it... With the support of human rights agencies from both Brazil and the UN! Even before I took over, almost 90% of these physicians left Brazil due to unilateral action by the Cuban regime. Those that stayed on will undergo medical qualification in order to able to practice their profession. This is how our country stopped supporting the Cuban dictatorship, no longer sending Havana 300 million dollars every year. History shows that as early as the 1960s, Cuban agents were sent to several countries to help establish dictatorships.
  • These agents from the Cuban regime were also taken to Venezuela by Hugo Chávez. Today around 60 thousand of them control and interfere with every area of local society, especially in intelligence and defense. Venezuela, once a thriving and democratic country, undergoes today the cruelty of socialism. Socialism is working in Venezuela! Everyone is poor and has no freedom! Brazil also feels the impact from the Venezuelan dictatorship. A part of the 4 million people that escaped the country, fleeing hunger and violence, migrated to Brazil. We have done our part to help them through Operation Welcome, an operation conducted by the Brazilian Army that has gained world-wide acclaim. We have been working with other countries, including the United States, with a view to reestablishing democracy in Venezuela. We are also making a serious effort to ensure that no other South American country has to experience this nefarious regime. The Forum of São Paulo, a criminal organization established in 1990 by Fidel Castro, Lula and Hugo Chávez in order to spread and implement socialism in Latin America, remains alive and must be fought.
  • Our Amazon rainforest is larger than Western Europe and it remains virtually untouched. This shows that we are one of the countries that protects the most its environment. This time of the year, dry weather and winds favor both spontaneous and criminal fires. It is also important to mention that indigenous and local populations also use fire as part of their culture and means of survival. All countries have their issues. However, the sensationalist attacks we have suffered from much of the international media due to the Amazon fires have aroused our patriotic sentiment. It is a misconception to state that the Amazon is a world heritage; and it is a misconception, as scientists attest, to say that our forest is the lung of the world. Resorting to these fallacies, some countries, instead of helping, have followed the lies of the media and behaved disrespectfully, with a colonialist spirit. They have questioned what is most sacred to us: our sovereignty! One of them, at the last G7 meeting, dared to suggest imposing sanctions against Brazil without even listening to us.
  • Today, 14% of the Brazilian territory is demarcated as indigenous land, but we must understand that our natives are human beings, just like any of us. They want and deserve to enjoy the same rights as all of us. I want to make it clear: Brazil will not increase its already demarcated indigenous lands to 20%, as some Heads of State would like it to happen.
  • Unfortunately, some people, both inside and outside Brazil, with the support of NGOs, insist on treating and keeping our natives as cavemen. Brazil now has a President who cares about those who were there before the Portuguese arrived. Indigenous people do not want to be poor landowners on richlands – especially on the richest lands in the world. This is the case of the Ianomâmi and Raposa Serra do Sol reserves. In these reserves, there is plenty of gold, diamond, uranium, niobium and rare earths, among others. And these territories are huge! The Ianomâmi Reserve alone has approximately 95,000 km², the size of Portugal or Hungary, although only 15,000 indigenous live in the area.
  • This shows that those who attack us are not concerned with the indigenous human being, but with the mineral wealth and biodiversity in these areas. The United Nations has played a key role in overcoming colonialism and cannot accept this mentality to return to these halls and corridors under any pretext.
  • We must not forget that the world needs to be fed. France and Germany, for example, use more than 50% of their territories for agriculture, while Brazil only uses 8% of its land for food production. 61% of our territory is preserved! Our policy is zero tolerance for crime, including environmental crimes. I reiterate that any initiative to help or support the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, or other biomes, must be treated in full respect of Brazilian sovereignty. We also reject attempts to instrumentalize environmental issues or indigenous policy in favor of foreign political and economic interests, especially those disguised as good intentions. We are ready to harness our full potential sustainably through partnerships and added value.
  • Recently, socialist presidents that came before me embezzled hundreds of billions of dollars, corrupting part of our media and our Parliament, all for a project to attain absolute power. They were judged and punished thanks to the patriotism, perseverance and bravery of a judge who is an icon in my country: Dr. Sérgio Moro, our current Minister ofJustice and Public Security. These presidents also transferred a considerable amount of resources to other countries, aiming at promoting and implementing similar projects throughout our region. This funding source has dried up. The same authorities came here every year and made uncommitted statements about issues that never addressed the real interests of Brazil nor contributed to world stability. Despite that, they were praised.
  • In my country, we had to do something about the nearly 70 thousand killings and countless violent crimes that annually tore apart the Brazilian population. Life is the most basic human right. Our policemen were the preferred target of crime. Only in 2017, around 400 policemen were brutally murdered. This is changing. Measures were implemented and we managed to cut murder rates in more than 20% in the first six months of my government. The seizure of cocaine and other drugs has reached a record high.
  • Brazil is safer and more welcoming today. We have just extended visa exemptions to countries such as the United States, Japan, Australia and Canada, and we are currently considering the adoption of similar measures for China and India, among others. With more safety and convenience, we want everyone to be able to visit Brazil, and particularly our Amazon rainforest, with all its vastness and natural beauty. The Amazon is not being destroyed nor consumed by fire, as the media is falsely portraying. Each one of you may check what I am saying. Do not hesitate to visit Brazil. It is way different than the country portrayed in many newspapers and television shows.
  • We also visited one of our great partners in the Southern Cone: Argentina. With President Mauricio Macri and our partners from Uruguay and Paraguay, we pushed ideology away from Mercosur. We also have been able to achieve important victories in terms of international trade, by successfully finalizing negotiations that had been going on for decades without a conclusion.
  • Over the past few decades, we let ourselves be seduced by ideologies that sought not the truth, but absolute power. Ideology has settled in the domains of culture, education and communications, dominating the media, universities and schools. Ideology has invaded our homes and tried to dismantle what is the celula mater of any healthy society: the family. It has also tried to destroy the innocence of our children in an attempt to corrupt even their most basic and elementary identity: the biological one. “Political correctness” came to dominate the public debate, expelling rationality and replacing it with manipulation, recurring clichés and slogans. Ideology has invaded the human soul itself to reap it apart from God and from the dignity He has bestowed upon us. And with these methods, ideology has always left a trail of death, ignorance, and misery wherever it went. I am a living proof of this. I was cowardly knife-stabbed by a leftist militant and only survived by a miracle. Once again I thank God for my life. The United Nations can help us fight the materialistic and ideological environment that undermines some basic principles of human dignity. This Organization was created to promote peace between sovereign nations, as well as social progress with freedom, in accordance with the preamble of the UN Charter.
  • When it comes to matters related to climate, democracy, human rights, to the equality of rights and duties between men and women, and many others, all we need to do is contemplate the truth, following John 8:32: - "An ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
  • You teacher is a leftist? Tell her to read the book The Suffocated Truth. Just read it. There are facts, not the blah blah blah of the left.
  • The interest in the Amazon isn't in the Indian or the fucking tree, it's in the mining. Raoni speaks for his village, speaks as a citizen, [but] doesn't speak for all the Indians, no. He's another one who lives drinking champagne in other countries out there. The world often criticizes the prospector. The cowardice that they do with the environment, as companies from various countries of the world do here in Brazil, no one touches the subject because the bribe, it seems, runs wild.


  • In the Pfizer contract it's very clear: 'we're not responsible for any side effects.' If you turn into a crocodile, it's your problem.
  • If you become superhuman, if a woman starts to grow a beard or if a man starts to speak with an effeminate voice, they will not have anything to do with it.


  • It is a new virus, nobody knows if it was born in the laboratory or by some human being [who] ingested an inappropriate animal. But it is there. The military knows that it is chemical, bacteriological, and radiological warfare. Are we not facing a new war? Which country has grown its GDP the most? I will not tell you.
    • On 6 May 2021, suggesting that China benefited economically from the pandemic and that Covid might have been created in a laboratory. Folha (6 May 2021).

About Jair Bolsonaro

  • That must rank amongst the strangest and most chilling encounters I've ever experienced. Bolsonaro is typical of homophobes I've met all over the world with their mantras that gays are out to take over society, recruit children or abuse them. Even in a progressive country like Brazil their lies create hysteria amongst the uneducated from which violence can grow that can end in brutal attacks like the one that killed Alexandre Ivo.
  • Lula defeated the racist, far right-wing incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro, an autocrat who made unrestrained Amazon deforestation and the elimination of protected indigenous zones a central pillar of his single-term in office...Bolsonaro has been called the “Tropical Trump,” and, like Donald Trump, refused to concede his election loss, claiming that “only God” could remove him from office.
  • these children are ready to deliver their moral verdict on the people and institutions who knew all about the dangerous, depleted world they would inherit and yet chose not to act. They know what they think of Donald Trump in the United States and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and Scott Morrison in Australia and all the other leaders who torch the planet with defiant glee while denying science so basic that these kids could grasp it easily at age eight...
    • Naomi Klein On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal (2019)
  • The mass suicide at Jonestown was the final episode of this tragic story — the end result of a personality cult around Jones, a paranoid narcissist. Jim Jones was enthralling, persuasive and power-hungry. He thrived on attention, adoration and adulation. He was equal parts bully and charmer. Such a description could be equally applicable to Jair Bolsonaro, who maintains the devotion of his base by engaging in inflammatory rhetoric, reactionary policies, and racist dog-whistles — a behavior that echoes a cult mentality.
  • The similarities between Jones and Bolsonaro reside in their use of outlets to belittle, mock and bully their opponents. Bolsonaro constantly points new enemies to his fervent followers as a way to keep them united and motivated to fight for him. Anyone that criticizes or disagrees with Bolsonaro is considered an enemy, and every effort to shut them down is justified.
  • Just before Jones decreed mass suicide, he told his followers to "stop these hysterics," using the same terminology that Bolsonaro invokes to assail preventive coronavirus measures. But instead of drinking cyanide-laced Flavor-Aid to stop the hysteria, Bolsonaro has been urging people to take hydroxychloroquine, a drug that hasn't been fully tested in treating COVID-19, and giving people a false impression of being contagion-safe so they can go back to work. As Brazil's COVID-19 death toll surpasses 600, Bolsonaro is doubling down on his manipulation tactics and motivates his followers to go out in the streets to protest against isolation measures. This brings his own "necropolitics" to a whole new level — in which his political actions are also centralized on the large scale production of the death of his own base — thus setting the stage for a tragedy greater than Jonestown.
  • It was in many ways a political marriage between the most radical evangelical and the most controversial militarist, who together hope to conceive a new generation of ultra-right governments. Bolsonaro brings backing from a wealthy Catholic elite to Feliciano’s grassroots campaign network of evangelical churches.
  • Such venomous statements might signal the end of a politician’s career in some places. But not in Brazil, where Mr. Bolsonaro’s rising national prominence reflects a veering to the right and growing vitriol as disillusionment with the political establishment grows.
  • His racist, misogynist and anti-gay statements have been so violently over-the-top that the comparison to Trump – whom Bolsonaro sees as a role model – is almost unfair to Trump. [...] Like Trump, his rise has had help from much of the Brazilian media; and like Trump, this is paradoxical because most of the big media outlets that have helped him don't like him at all.
  • President Donald Trump has led a worldwide phenomenon that has emboldened other countries to elect bold populists as their national leaders. The most hardcore of them all may be Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, nicknamed “Trump of the Tropics,” renowned for his tough stances against cultural Marxism and societal degeneracy.
    • Meeting of Titans: Trump and Bolsonaro to Hold Summit at White House, Big League Politics, March 9 2019
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