Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus is a video game of the top-down beat 'em up genre released in 2004 by Konami.


  • COWABUNGA!! Oops, I'm supposed to say that any more!
  • You know not to play with fire?
  • I'm falling!
  • Boxing me out?! How uncool!
  • Man, am I thirsty!
  • Now I'm back to 100%!
  • Oh, come on!You know I can't work on a empty stomach!
  • You thought I couldn't throw a throwing Star?! You Wish!
  • I've got a thousand!
  • I'll take them all!
  • I'm Sleeeeeepppyyyy....
  • I'm the best! whooawhono what Moves!
  • Stress Relief!


  • I battle with justice and honor, and to protect my family!


Nina Williams: I'm the BRAVE one, right?
Bass Armstrong: I'm not BOLD enough to disagree.
Kingpin: (as the Society gets to their feet) The saboteurs of Slaughter Swamp, I presume. Hmph! (to Muggshot and Anna Williams) Handle this. (walks away as the two villains approach)
Anna Williams: (cracking her whip) I call first dibs.

(Bass Armstrong is chosen)

Bass Armstrong: (to Nina Williams) Go pin the dog.

(As Nina goes to fight Muggshot, Bass fires a point-blank arrow which Anna dodges. He swings his crossbow at her twice and she flips out of the way.)

Anna Williams: You have no idea what you're doing!
Bass Armstrong: Sure I do. I'm in Gorilla City, fighting my future sister in law in a cat-suit. This is one for the bucket list.

(They fight. Bass Armstrong wins.)

Bass Armstrong: There. I can die happy.
Nina Williams: ARMSTRONG! (screams as she's thrown backwards and above Bass)
Bass Armstrong: (helping her up) So...everything's under control?

(Nina looks at him sarcastically...then the two straighten up as Muggshot approaches.)

(Muggshot stomps towards the duo. As he gets within a certain distance, he hits buttons on his forearms. The Venom toxin pours into his head, bulking the bulldog up even more.)

Nina Williams: One of us needs to distract him while the other snips his tubes.
Bass Armstrong: (wincing a bit) Ouch.
Nina Williams: His VENOM tubes, Darling. (Bass "ah"s and nods.)
Muggshot: (scoffs and laughs) How kind of Phil, sending his underlings. I will enjoy returning you to him...in body bags!

(Nina Williams is chosen)

Nina Williams: Go. I'll keep Muggshot busy.

(With a nod, Bass runs to the side. Muggshot pays him little mind.)

BANE: Little birdy, you will sing a song of pain!
Nina Williams: Oh, I'll sing a song...but YOU'LL feel the pain!

(They fight. Nina Williams.)

Nina Williams: Bass, now!

(As Muggshot gets back to his feet, Bass fires from behind Nina and slices Muggshots Venom tubes, immediately weakening him.)

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