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TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) is a 2007 film about the continued adventures of the four adolescent mutated turtles gifted in the art of the ninja, as they attempt to stop a mysterious evil that threatens to end the world.

Directed and written by Kevin Munroe.
Raising Shell In 2007

Raphael / Nightwatcher[edit]

  • Hey, Leo's back. Better go say "Hello" before he leaves again.
  • Y'know, the thing about you immortal stone guys, is you're immortal... And made of stone. I sound like Mikey!
  • [last lines of the film, narrating] We live together, we train together, we fight together, we stand for good together. We are ninjas. We strike hard, defend, protect, and fade into the night. And there ain't no bad guy or monster ever gonna change that, that's what's important, and that's why we'll always be... brothers. Oh, I love bein' a turtle!
  • [to Leo] Okay, Jungle Boy, grab a vine.
  • (to criminal) I'm not gonna hurt ya... much.

Michelangelo / Cowabunga Carl[edit]

  • Hey, I've been training - Since you left, my video game scores have, like, doubled.
  • Why skate a half pipe, when you can skate a sewer pipe?!
  • [Big entrance into Lair] HERE'S MIKEY! [Pause]...Guys? Anyone? Hello? Aw, this place used to be fun...
  • So it's like Halley's Comet only... monsters come out.
  • [fighting Bigfoot, gets backed up next to a pit full of spikes] This is why we need jetpacks...
  • [While skateboarding] Hehe, I'm smart. [Crashes] I'm Okay.
  • Okay... did we win now?
  • Happy birthday from Cowabunga Carl!
  • The turtles are back, dudes. I give us a 10 for style, an 8 for skill and- ah... a 2 for stealth. (Which is... a total of 20…?)[Looking at a destroyed construction site that the turtles fought on]
  • 'Jungle Boy' he-he, good one!


  • Come to Daddy. [After strapping the entirety of a display of ancient swords to his back]
  • [Arguing with Raphael] Look, Raph, if there's something you wanna get off your shell, now's the time but I'm not gonna stand here and debate Splinter's direct orders with you!
  • I mean, come on! What were you thinking?!

Casey Jones[edit]

  • And I thought girl scouts were pushy! [Holding a door closed while one of the Generals tries to push through on the other side.]
  • Two minutes for high sticking!
  • Warn me next time! I got allergies! [After inhaling smoke pellets.]


  • Max Winters: I must've hit my head pretty hard. I'm seeing giant turtles.
  • Splinter: [After kicking a monster back into the portal] I still got it!
  • Splinter: If anyone needs me, I'll be watching my stories. Cody is going to break up with Donna. I just know it.


April O'Neil: Casey, I'm standing on the docks with a priceless statue and no delivery truck. So my question is... "Where are you?".
Casey Jones: April! Hey, babe! I'm so sorry, I set the alarm, but... [Casey quickly looks around, and picks up the alarm clock and starts bashing it on the coffee table.] It-it's broken.

Raphael: Spoken like a true has-been.
Donatello: Well, look who woke up. I suppose you think Nightwatcher is some kind of hero.
Raph: Beats sitting around doing nothing while dirtbags run free.

Casey: You think you own these rooftops? I happen to think you could use my help. And I could use a sidekick. You may have everyone else fooled, but you haven't fooled me, Raph.
Raphael / Nightwatcher: Yeah, well, guess what, pal. Now– Hey, wait a minute. [groans and removes his helmet] How'd you know it was me?
Casey: It wasn't that hard, man. You look like a big, metal turtle.
Raph: It's that obvious, huh?

Michelangelo: Yeah. It looked like your mom, dude! (referring to the monster)
Donnie: Yeah. That would make her your mom too, doofus.

Mikey: Leo! Is that really you? I'm dreaming, aren't I? [Gives him a big hug.]
Leonardo: No, Mikey. You're not dreaming.
Mikey: Good. I had nightmares about birthday parties.

Mikey: I heard his [Nightwatcher's] bike, turns into a plane, or like, a jet pack. Don, you're so smart, how come we don't have jet packs?
Donnie: Yeah, that's good, Mikey. Except I don't even trust you with a driver's license. Have you seen the way this guy behaves? [interrupted by a roar coming from a construction site]

Leo: Alright, but remember, we're up here for training.
Mikey: Y'know what I always say, "Train by doing, dude."
Donnie: Mikey, when have you "ever" said that?

Mikey: This is why we need jetpacks.
Donnie: [panicking] Okay, any more bright ideas?
Mikey: How 'bout this? [Look at each other. Pause. Both scream in terror while Mikey jumps into Donnie's arms, Scooby-Doo style]

Donnie: [Examining the dart] Hmmm... If you ask me, you guys, this has Winters' name written all over it.
Leo: How do you figure that, Donny?
Casey and Mikey: Yeah.
Donnie: Because this has Winters' name written all over it.
Raph: Now I know who to thank for the shot in the arm. [Sits down] So, where do we find this guy and his stone jokers?
Leo: We're not going anywhere until we get Splinter's blessing.
Raph: [Angrily stands up] You're gonna stand here and quote a rule book to me that you ain't been following a year?!
Leo: Look, Raph, if you got something you want to get off you're shell, now's the time. But I'm not gonna stand here and debate Splinter's direct orders with you!
Raph: [Pause; softly yet stern] Fine, then. I quit.

Raph: You are so smug, you know that? You think that the world revolves around you, don't you? That we couldn't possibly survive without the mighty and powerful Leonardo to guide us through our problems, huh?! Well, I've got a news flash for you: We got along just fine without you!
Leo: Oh, and this qualifies as "just fine"? Dressing up like it's Halloween every night, risking the safety of our family? I mean, come on, what were you thinking?!
Raph: Don't push it, Leo. You can't leave home and come back expecting us to fall in line again like your little soldiers.
Leo: Hey, I was training. Training to be a better leader... for you! Why do you hate me for that?!
Raph: And whoever said I wanted to be led?! I'm better off calling my own shots, now get used to it.
Leo: You aren't ready! You're impatient, and hot tempered, and more importantly… [angrily] ...I'm better than you.
Raph: [laughs coldly] Oh, you know something, big brother? [serious tone] I'd have to disagree with you on that one. [he makes a "bring it on" motion with his sai.]
Leon: [warningly] Don't do this, Raph.
Raph: [disobediently] I'm done taking orders.

Donnie: That would be the swirling vortex to another world, I assume.
Mikey: Cool. I want one.

Raph: [hands Leo new katana blades to replace the broken ones] You're going to need these if you're going to lead us out of here.
Leo: I'm going to need you, too.
[The stone Generals have just thrown Winters across the lobby of the Winterscorp building.]
April: Winters.
Mikey: Looks more like fall, get it?
Donnie: Mikey, remember our talk.

General Aguila: You fight well. You should join us.
Raph: No thanks. I'm good.

Leo: They better hurry up with the last monster!
Raph: You know my man Casey's got it all under control!
Leo: That's what I'm afraid of.

[while April is driving]
Casey: Can't this piece of junk go any faster?!
April: You wanna drive?!
Casey: I would as a matter of fact!
Karai: You would think they would be more concerned about the 13th monster. [Foot Ninja silently nods in agreement.]

[Winters has just vaporised, due to the curse being broken. Golden particles fall to the floor.]
Mikey: Okay, just a little bit creepy. ACHOO! Oh, gross! I think he's in my no- my no-CHOO! Aw, gross. Somebody give me a hankie! [makes gagging noises] Now he's in my mouth. [more gagging noises] Tastes awful!

Village Boy: [quietly] The Ghost of the Jungle. [to April O'Neil, pointing at a tree] There. That's where I saw him.
April: Thank you. You'd better go home now.
Village Boy: Do you know the Ghost?
April: [looks back smiling] He wasn't always a ghost.

About TMNT (film)[edit]

  • It looked amazing and was a fun thrill ride. But I think the story was too complicated in the final product. A number of things led to that, from the type of story that Pete [Laird] wanted told, to my way of constructing a film, and to the studios trying to recut it at the last minute and make it a more, I guess, ‘straightforward’ kid film.


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