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Turtles Forever is a 2009 animated television film by 4Kids Entertainment. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, the film features a team-up between the Ninja Turtles of 3 different eras: The original '84 Mirage Comics, the '87 cartoon show and the 2003 animated series.



1984 Leonardo[edit]

  • We are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We strike hard and fade away into the night.

1987 Leonardo[edit]

  • You bet… right after lunch.

2003 Leonardo[edit]

  • [to 1987 Splinter] Thank you... Master. My brother and I have found your dimension to be... Well... disorienting. But, being here, seeing you, feels right.
  • Come on, time to call in reinforcements.
  • Today, we are more than allies. We're brothers.
  • I know. I'm worried about him too.


1984 Donatello[edit]

  • What's with the multi-colored headbands?

1987 Donatello[edit]

  • Looks like we just found something he's vulnerable to!

2003 Donatello[edit]

  • The Technodrome!


1984 Michelangelo[edit]

  • So, you're supposed to be us... from other worlds. I don't see it.

1987 Michelangelo[edit]

  • All I know is we wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for your stupid Shredder.

2003 Michelangelo[edit]

  • Hun?


1984 Raphael[edit]

  • Hmph, sellouts.

1987 Raphael[edit]

  • Yeah, but your Shredder's like totally psycho evil.

2003 Raphael[edit]

  • Grr! Annoying power.
  • Our Shredder?! YOUR Shredder started this whole stupid mess with his stupid Technodrome IN THE STUPID FIRST PLACE!
  • Doesn't seem to be stoppin' them.
  • You idiot. There ain't gonna be anybody anywhere soon. Look!


1984 Shredder[edit]

1987 Shredder[edit]

  • BLASTED MACHINE!!! [throws his blades into a digital clock, destroying it] How does a minor battle with those annoying Turtles cause the engines too...? [something appears on all of the screens] WHAT THE DEVIL?! A temporal anomaly? It seems the Trans-Dimensional Portal has thrown the Technodrome into an entirely different dimension. [yells in agony and pouts in his command chair] I hate those Turtles.
  • [to Rocksteady & Bebop] You traitors, you nincompoops, Ding-Dongs, CHUCKLEPUFFS, DIP SKULLS!!

2003 Shredder[edit]

  • What fools are these? So weary of life.
  • You speak my name, but you do not know me. I am Ch'rell, Oroku Saki, Duke Accureds-- the one true Shredder. I am a destroyer of worlds and I fear no one!


1987 Splinter[edit]

  • Please, take this moment to nourish your body as you prepare for the challenge that lies ahead of you.

2003 Splinter[edit]

  • You.. know me?

April O'Neil[edit]

1987 April[edit]

  • I'm a reporter: April O'Neil. [pulls out her camera] And you four are my ticket to a peabody.

2003 April[edit]

Casey Jones[edit]

  • Guys, April, She she's dissapeared!


  • Now I look in the mirror and all I see is you! And I hate you even more!


  • Father, what is it? What's wrong? What did you see in there?


  • Then may he also find you as useful as we always have [croaks]


  • Come on. No hard feelings? Our new master finds us... [snorts] amusin' is all.


  • Oh, we said we was sorry, boss.


[Deep down in the ground, underneath the sewer system is the Technodrome. Inside, someone is trying start the engines. Scene changes to the inside where the Shredder from the '87 TMNT universe is trying to start it.]
Computer: Primary engines offline.
1987 Shredder: BLASTED MACHINE!!! [throws his blades into a digital clock, destroying it] How does a minor battle with those annoying Turtles cause the engines too...? [something appears on all of the screens] WHAT THE DEVIL?! A temporal anomaly? It seems the Trans-Dimensional Portal has thrown the Technodrome into an entirely different dimension. [yells in agony and pouts in his command chair] I hate those Turtles. [turns away to sulk]

[At Purple Dragon headquarters, Hun and two members are walking down a hall.]
Purple Dragon 1: It was a sweet score, boss. We grabbed all kinds of high tech goodies.
[Hun gets distracted by a fly and tries to swat him away.]
Purple Dragon 1: But the real prize is right in here. [types the passcode in the keypad and the door opens as the 3 step inside a room with all the Purple Dragons] We got 'em, boss. We finally got 'em. Say hello... [lights switch on to reveal the Turtles from the 80's] ...To the ninja turtles.
Hun: [confused] Huh?
1987 Michelangelo: You were expecting maybe somebody else?
Hun: Uh… I don't know who these... freaks are, but they're not the turtles.
1987 Raphael: Chumly, if we're not the turtles, I don't know who is.
[The 1987 Turtles laugh]
1987 Donatello: Good one, Raphael.
Purple Dragon 1: [holding 1987 Michelangelo's nunchucks and 1987 Raphael's Sais] We uh... found this on 'em.
Purple Dragon 2: [holding 1987 Leonardo's swords and 1987 Donatello's Bo Staff] Ninja type stuff. Right, Boss?
[The Purple Dragon with an eyepatch also shows Hun some small purple capsules on '80's Michelangelo's nunchucks. Hun picks one up and examines it.]
Hun: Hmm.
1987 Donatello: Hey, don't you think you owe us one phone call?
1987 Michelangelo: Like I totally know who I'm calling.
1987 Turtles: [In Unison] PIZZA DELIVERY!
[The 1987 Turtles laugh as Hun and the Purple Dragon with an eyepatch look at each other in confusion. He then grabs '87 Michelangelo's head and pulls him towards his face.]
Hun: What... is... this?
1987 Michelangelo: That's just ooze. We fight Ol' Bucket Breath over that stuff all the time.
Hun: "Old Bucket Breath"?
1987 Leonardo: You know. Old Frying Pan face.
1987 Michelangelo: Chrome Dome.
1987 Donatello: Metal Mouth.
1987 Raphael: Tin-teeth.
Hun: What are you freaks talking about?
Dog: [barking]
1987 Raphael: [breaking the fourth wall] A mind like a steel trap this one. Know what I'm sayin'?
[Hun gives a confused look at the fourth wall.]
1987 Leonardo: Hello! We're talking about Shredder!
1987 Donatello: Like Michelangelo said, it's just some Mutagen we stopped Shred-head from getting his claws on.
Hun: [shakes the capsule] Mutagen? Hmm. [opens the capsule and the same fly from earlier takes a sip of the liquid.]
1987 Leonardo: I'd be careful with that if I were you.
[Hun flicks the fly away and it lands on the floor suddenly growing large and screeching.]
Purple Dragon: What the…?
Hun: [punches the fly hard and it hits a wall and lands on the floor knocked out] Hmm. This could really come in handy. Especially if the Shredder is back.
[A Purple Dragon hands Hun the rest of the Mutagen capsules.]
Purple Dragon 2: Uh, what do you wanna do with these guys, boss?
Hun: I've already got 4 turtles to worry about. These are... superfluous.
[The Purple Dragons aim their guns at the 1987 Turtles.]
Purple Dragon 2: Nice knowing you, superfluous. [laughs evilly]
[The 1987 Turtles' eyes widened in fear, as they are about to be shot.]
Hun: What the…? [thrown back into the room, making all of the Purple Dragons drop to the ground, along with the mutagen.] No!
[The Mutagen hits a Purple Dragon with a dog.]
Purple Dragon 3: Ahhh! Get it off me! [screams]
2003 Raph: Hope you don't mind, but we let ourselves in.
2003 Mikey: Actually, it kinda looks like we're already here.
1987 Donatello: Hey, those dudes look just like us.
2003 Raph: Don't flatter yourselves.

[At the 2003 Turtles' lair.]
2003 Donnie: I don't understand it. The tracking system was closing in and then suddenly, poof, static. It's like the Technodrome disappeared.
2003 Leo: Any idea what we should do next?
[The 80s Turtles raise their hands at the same time]
1987 Donatello: I know, I know!
2003 Leo: [crosses his arms] Other than going out for a slice?
[The '87 Turtles put their hands down and look at each other awkwardly.]
2003: Ugh! I told you you can't brainstorm with these goofballs! They ain't got no brains.
1987: Hey! We resemble that remark.
1987 Turtles: [laughing]
1987 Michelangelo: Good one, Dude!
[2003 Leo and Raph look at them and each other and then face palm in annoyance.]

[The '87 Turtles have saved '80s April from Mutants.]
'87 Turtles: Cowabunga! [hi five each other]
1987 April O'Neil: Boy, when you guys are out of town, the threats on my life sure do pile up. [notices the 2003 Turtles] There are eight of you now. Holy Scoop.
2003 Donatello: Wait, you're April? Um, what's with the yellow jumpsuit, do you work at a carwash in this dimension?
1987 April: I'm a reporter: April O'Neil. [pulls out her camera] And you four are my ticket to a peabody.
1987 Leoo: '[cuts in]' Sorry, April. No time for an exclusive. '[puts the camera down]' We've gotta get these guys to the lair.
[The eight Turtles rush off. April looks on, before another mutant Banana grabs her and drags her away]
1987 April: [screaming]
[The Turtles arrive at a phone booth]
1987 Leonardo: Follow Me!
[The eight Turtles rush inside]
2003 Raph: Watch it!
1987 Leonardo: My eye!
2003 Michaelangelo: Quit pushing!
[The phone booth takes all eight Turtles down to the '80s Turtles' lair.]
1987 Turtles: [laughing]
1987 Splinter [appears] Welcome home, My Turtles. [the '87 Turtles smile at him, whlie the 2003 counterparts stare at him in surprise]
2003 Donnie: [gasps]
1987 Splinter: [blinks] And... My Turtles? [1987 Michelangelo waves.]

[The Technodrome has now settled in another tunnel. Inside, 1987 Shredder has found zero results for Krang in the 2003 universe]
1987 Shredder: Hmm. Nothing comes up for Krang in this dimension.
Krang: What?!
1987 Shredder: Shredder, on the other hand... [footage of the Utrom Shredder appears on screen] There he is. And he is magnificent. [footage shows Utrom Shredder crossing his arms, the next footage shows him punching 2003 Raphael and Michelangelo to the ground in April's shop] What strength! What power! [the last footage shows Utrom Shredder firing a powerful blast at the 2003 turtles from the Sword of Tengu and raising his steel claws in the air] Oh, how I've longed for an ally such as this. So, unlike the sniveling idiots that I've been forced to suffer.
Krang: [deadpan] I'm right here. [yells] I CAN HEAR YOU!!! [croaks]
1987 Shredder: Now to find him. [uses the computer to search for his 2003 counterpart and searches the United States, Earth, the solar system and the galaxy, but finds nothing, until... the computer scans an ice asteroid called Mor Gal Tal where the Utrom Shredder is banished] Hmm. Strange, he's off world. No matter [types in the keyboard] I will program the matter to beam him to us directly. [the computer lights up and zaps a chunk of ice and a beam forms behind them] This is a turning point, Krang. The world will tremble before the combined power of Mighty Shredder and his... Huh?! [gasps at the true form of the Utrom Shredder: Ch'rell who is in a frozen slumber] ...Pink slug? [taps the ice lightly] Ooooh! I wanted a super sinister ally.
Krang: [walks up to him] Oh I don't know. He looks alright to me. [croaks]
[sometime later, 80s Shredder and Krang have gotten Ch'rell out of the ice and onto a machine]
1987 Shredder: [typing on the computer] Could that puny creature actually be this dimension's Shredder?
Krang: [croaks]
1987 Shredder: Quiet.
Computer: Commencing cyro-regeneration.
[the machine turns on, zapping Ch'rell]
Krang/1987 Shredder: Aaah!
[the two Technodrome commanders watch as the computer overheats and explodes. '87 Shredder turns around to turn it off]
1987 Shredder: No! [hits the button repeatedly]
Krang: FOOL! YOU OVERCOOKED HIM DIDN'T YOU?! [walks over to Ch'rell]
1987 Shredder: I did everything exactly right. [rushes over to the lifeless alien] It should have worked. It should be alive.
Krang: You botched it. YOU BOTCHED IT!!
['87 Shredder growls in anger, chases after Krang and tackles him to ground to strangle him, breaking his glass helmet]
Krang: Oh!
1987 Shredder: You forget who you talk to you whimpering-Oh! [Krang hits him with his tentacle]...Worm! [Krang hits him again] Aah! I AM THE SHREDDER!!!
[Ch'rell suddenly awakens]
Krang: I know who you are. [hits 1987 Shredder again] Let go! [hits him again]
Ch'rell (2003 Shredder): What fools are these? So weary of life.
['87 Shredder and Krang stop fighting and turn around]
Krang/1987 Shredder: Wha?
Ch'rell: That they take the name of the Shredder. [speeds over to them from the table he was on and appears in front of them in a flash] My name in vain!
[Krang and '87 Shredder look at each other confused. They turn back to Ch'rell who snarls in anger and violently headbutts them into a monitor, breaking it. The two lay on the ground as Ch'rell stands up on the machine he was on. '87 Shredder and Krang look at each other in surprise as the Utrom growls at them, further enraged]

[The Turtles have arrived outside of the Technodrome and exit the Party Wagon]
1987: Hey, they rolled out the welcome mat.
2003: Then how come I ain't feelin' welcome?
[The 1987 Turtles laugh]
2003 Leo: You don't understand. The Utrom Shredder isn't like your Shredder. He's vicious.
2003 Donnie: Lethal.
2003 Mikey: Competent!
2003 Raph: We go in, there's no saying we come out.
[The '87 Turtles look at each other]
1987: Let's do this! [puts in one hand followed by the other 7 turtles]
2003: Today, we are more than allies. We're brothers.
1987 Turtles: GO, GREEN MACHINE!
2003 Turtles: IT'S NINJA TIME!
1987 Turtles: TURTLE POWER!
2003 Raph: Grr! Annoying power. [pushes the 1987 turtles]
1987 Turtles: Hey!
2003 Raph: Move it, half shell!
1987 Michaelangelo: Quit shovin'!

[The two Turtle teams stop on a rooftop on a building]
2003 Raph: Alright, time for some answers. Who the shell are you guys?!
1987 Donatello: I was about to ask you the same question.
2003 Raph: [points at finger] Don't get cute.
1987 Michelangelo: We can't help it, we were born that way. [winks innocently as 2003 Raphael glares at him]
2003 Leo: Look, we just risked our shells rescuing you from Hun and the Purple Dragons, so I think we're entitled to some answers.
1987 Raphael: He's right.
1987 Michelangelo: They've earned it.
1987 Donatello: Absolutley.
2003 Raph: So? Spill!
1987: You bet… right after lunch. [he and the other 80's turtles run off]
2003: What? No!
[the 1987 Turtles jump off the rooftop. The 2003 Turtles look down and watch as they jump down a street, scaring a couple of pedestrians along the way who runaway from them screaming]
2003 Donnie: Uh, what are they doing?
Pedestrians: [screaming]
2003 Raph: That's it. THEY'RE TOAST! [gets ready to go after them, but 2003 Donatello stops him]
2003 Donnie: We can't go running around in broad daylight!
2003 Raphael: Doesn't seem to be stoppin' them.
[the '87 turtles walk past some humans who just stare at them]
1987 Michelangelo: Hey there.
Woman: [gasps]
1987 Michelangelo: How's it goin'?
1987 Raphael: Hello.
1987 Leonardo: Hi.
2003 Donatello: If they get spotted by the wrong...
2003 Leonardo: Come on, time to call in reinforcements.
[2003 Turtles walk away. The '80s Turtles have arrived at a Pizza Parlor]
1987 Leonardo: I'm starving.
1987 Donatello: I want Tuna Fish on mine.
1987 Raphael: I could eat a whole pie myself. [The '80s Turtles run inside the Parlor, laughing happily]
Customers: [turn around and gasp]
1987 Turtles: [sighing happily]
[the customers in line, run away from them, screaming]
1987 Michelangelo: Score! No line. [to Pizza Chef] We'll take 4 large pizzas with Sauerkraut, Tuna Fish, Pretzels and Jellybeans.
[the Chef just stares at them and runs away screaming, throwing a pizza into the air. '87 Michelangelo jumps onto the counter and catches it]
1987 Michelangelo: Maybe they're out of Jellybeans?
[police cars pull up outside. The '87 Turtles continue eating pizza, just as they notice two cops outside the window pointing at them]
1987 Leonardo: Uh oh, the boys in blue. Let's slip out the back.
[the '80s turtles flee the table. They head to the back door, carrying pizza boxes. As soon as they get outside, they are caught in a net, dropping the pizza boxes]
1987 Raphael: Hey, hey!
1987 Donatello: Let us outta here!
1987 Raphael: Come on!
1987 Leonardo: What's goin' on?!
1987 Raphael: Let us go!
[the '80s Turtles are thrown onto a glass pathway connecting two skyscrapers and break free]
1987 Raphael: Hey! What's the big idea?
1987 Leonardo: You totally picked the wrong...
1987 Turtles: Huh?
[2003 Splinter stares at them]
1987 Leonardo: Master Splinter?
2003 Splinter: You.. know me?
1987 Donatello: Well, yeah, but...
1987 Raphael: [touches '03 Splinter's face] Did you get a perm job or somethin'? You look uh... different.
1987 Donatello: Come to think of it, everything's been looking a little different lately.
1987 Leonardo: Yeah. Ever since that big explosion, New York just hasn't been the same.
2003 Donatello: Explosion?
1987 Raphael: Yeah, during our uh, battle with Shredder.
2003 Leonardo: The Shredder?
2003 Splinter: Perhaps it would best if you started from the beginning.
1987 Leonardo: Well... [a flashback begins, starting with the Technodrome terrorizing the 1987 TMNT universe] We were mixing it up inside the Shredder's ultimate weapon - The Technodrome. [Inside the Technodrome, the '87 Shredder is holding the same vials of Mutagen from before] Trying to keep him from getting his claws onto some vials of Mutagen. [The '87 Turtles run up to him] We were looking for a way to end the fight once and for all.
1987 Shredder: [gets hit by 1987 Donatello's Bo-staff] Ooh!
1987 Leonardo: When Don had a rockin' idea. [The '80s Turtles throw '80s Shredder into the air and catch the Mutagen vials] Use the Technodrome's own Trans-Dimensional Portal to send it back from whence it came. ['87 Donatello smashes his fist into the control panel and starts tying two cable together] Don started working his Techno magic, but... [an army of Foot Soldiers enter the room and start shooting lasers. 80s Donatello leaps away from the lasers which hit the control panel, causing it a light blue glow. The '87 Turtles gasp and the glow begins to grow bigger, engulfing everything in white. End of flashback] The next thing we knew, we were back in the city.
1987 Raphael: And we got back to doing we do best – taking down scuzz-buckets
2003 Leonardo: Hun and the Purple Dragons.
1987 Donatello: But maybe we're not in Kansas anymore. Not our Kansas anyway.
1987 Michelangelo: Dude, are you saying...?
1987 Donatello: I'm saying, the Technodrome's Trans-Dimensional Portal might have zapped us all to a different world.
2003 Leonardo: This Shredder of yours, he's here too?
[the '80s Turtles shrug sheepishly]
2003 Splinter: [groans] Our path is clear - together we must find this Technodrome. It may be the only way to get these 4 home. [he and the '03 Turtles gasp in surprise to find 2003 Michelangelo playing around with their '87 counterparts]
1987 Michelangelo: Noogie!
2003 Raphael: The sooner, the better!

[The Turtles are at the Purple Dragons' lair picking up some equipment when they confront a mutated Hun.]
Hun: [fighting 1987 Michelangelo] Now I look in the mirror and all I see is you! [punches '87 Michelangelo away]
1987 Michelangelo: Oh!
Hun: And I hate you even more!
2003: Hun, you don't understand. [Hun smacks '87 Donatello away]
1987: Aah!
2003: The Shredder, he– [his 80's counterpart hits him, throwing the bag in the air]
Hun: [picks up the purple bag] Forget the Shredder. YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!
1987 Raphael: [to the camera/viewer(s); breaking the 4th wall] Some people just can't handle change.
Hun: [looks at the camera in confusion and picks up '87 Raphael and violently shakes him] WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THAT?! WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? THERE'S NO ONE THERE!
2003 Raphael: You idiot.
Hun: Aah!
2003 Raphael: There ain't gonna be anybody anywhere soon. Look!

Krang: [banging on the door to the Utrom Shredder] You're not the only one who needs to use the Trans-Dimensional Portal you know. Open up! What are you doing in there anyway? [a shadow looms over Krang and the figure, revealing to be Karai yanks him out of his vessel which falls onto the floor] My body! [whimpers]
Karai: Insolent slug, the shredder's business is his and HIS alone! [drops Krang to the ground]
Krang: Aah!
Karai: Do not seek to interrupt him again.
[Utrom Shredder exits the room looking disoriented]
Utrom Shredder: [groans]
Karai: Father, what is it? What's wrong? What did you see in there?
Utrom: Turtles, Karai. Ninja Turtles! I must have them. Both teams, at once.
1987: [appears] Yes, revenge, AT LAST!! I knew you'd come through. Together we can crush the tur... Aaah! [his Utrom counterpart smacks him away and crashes in poles and steel barrels]
Utrom: HUN!! [Hun marches towards him] Tonight, you hunt. Find those who did this to you and bring them to me.
Hun: It will be down, master.

[At the 1987 Turtles' lair, 2003 Leonardo and Raphael sit in the kitchen where the 1987 Splinter serves them bowls of rice.]
1987 Splinter: Please, take this moment to nourish your body as you prepare for the challenge that lies ahead of you.
2003 Leonardo: Thank you... Master. My brother and I have found your dimension to be... Well... disorienting. But, being here, seeing you, feels right.
1987 Splinter: To me also, Leonardo. You four are welcomed here always.
2003 Raphael: That's kinda what our Master Splinter said... to us. About them [sighs sadly]
2003 Leonardo: I know. I'm worried about him too.

[green smoke appears from the air vents of the engine room and the doors slam shut. Ch'rell growls, knowing this is a trick. The Foot Soldier carrying him tries to make a run towards the other open door, but it slams shut too.]
Ch'rell: [turns to 1987 Shredder] You!
['87 Shredder backs away in fear from the Utrom as he growls and breaks free from the Foot Soldier and tackles '80s Shredder to ground, strangling him.]
Ch'rell: Little man, you have made a grave! A grave. [begins foaming at the mouth, grunts] Grave... [the Utrom finally falls unconscious on '87 Shredder's head.]
1987 Shredder: [grunts as he picks up the knocked out utrom and throws him on the floor, panting.]
[scene changes to 80s Shredder with the unconscious utrom in a container of liquid in the Technodrome's main room with Krang, Rocksteady and Bebop.]
1987 Shredder: I thought he could help us defeat the turtles. But he-he's insane!
Krang: [using his robot arms to open a box] Perhaps we may still learn something useful by... [burps, opens the box revealing a knife inside] dissecting it. Mmm?
[an alarm goes off, alerting the '87 TMNT villains.]
Computer: Intruder alert, Intruder alert.
1987 Shredder: Not those blasted turtles again!
[an explosion occurs at the door in front of them and several Foot Soldier pieces are flung into the room. A yell is heard, coming from Karai who flips into the main room, glaring at everyone. Everyone gasps at her as she sees her father in the liquid jar he is in.]
Karai: [yells as she flips again and breaks Ch'rell free] I am called Karai.
Krang: [as he and 80s Shredder flinch at the sight of her swords] Aah!
Karai: I am his daughter.
1987 Shredder: [to Krang] Not much of a family resemblance. [Karai kicks him in the gut away.] Aah! [groans]
Krang: [gasps]

Utrom Shredder: How go the repairs, Karai?
Karai: Very well, father. The technology of Dimension X is ridiculous. [a cyber foot ninja removes an old computer monitor while another places a flat screen in its place.] But once revived with Utrom science it will prove... devastating.
Utrom Shredder: Yes, the two merged well together. This new body is proof of that.
Karai: And more proof: their robotic foot soldiers. Clumsy, weak, almost... [a cyber foot rips one's head off] Cartoonish. [the ninja then tosses the head away into a pile of discarded Foot Soldier parts.] But now... [a new and upgraded Foot Soldier fires lasers] with the proper modifications, [an old Foot Soldier tries to attack the new one, but the new one kicks his head off.] lethal. [Karai and Utrom Shredder enter a room with a large container of Mutagen and several soldiers have been lined up to mutated.] Our human troops have also been upgraded. By analyzing the Mutagen that infected Hun, we have successfully engineered out own mutant army.
[a cyber foot ninja squirts mutagen onto one of the troop's arm, which makes him groan in agony until he grows teeth and turns into a mutant beast.]
Utrom: Soon, I will bring THIS WORLD IT'S KNEES!! And then...
1987: [chases after some cyber foots who are taking his command chair away] Wait! Stop! Come back here with my command chair! That's an order!!
Utrom: And then perhaps the world of my.. worthless counterpart. [he and Karai walk through the surveillance room.] Infinite possibilities have been open to me. Thanks to this... Technodrome. [enters the room with the Trans-Dimensional Portal] I shall rule a multiverse, Karai.

Mirage Michelangelo: So, you're supposed to be us... from other worlds. I don't see it.
Mirage Donatello: What's with the multi-colored headbands?
Mirage Raphael: Hmph, sellouts.
2003 Raphael: Uh... [grabs '87 Leonardo by the shell] Well, check out the initialized belt buckles on these yahoos.
1987 Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo: Hey!
2003 Raphael: How lame can a turtle get, am I right? [his Mirage counterpart grabs and shoves him forward] Hey, ow!
1987 Turtles: [laugh]
1987 Raphael: Geez, what a hardcase! [sees the '87 Turtles smile at him] What?
1987 Turtles: Nothing.

[The two Turtle teams run down a hall in the Technodrome and encounter the Utrom Shredder]
Utrom Shredder: Turtles. [steps out of a room] Thank you for accepting my... humble invitation.
[The Turtles rush over to attack Utrom Shredder. 2003 Donatello leaps in and kicks him away. 2003 Leonardo and Donatello try to attack him, but Utrom Shredder throws his blades down to them. 2003 Michelangelo kicks him away into the room. The teams chase after him.]
1987 Michaelangelo: [to his 2003 counterpart] Thought you said he was tough.
[The teams enter the main room where 2003 Splinter is held captive]
2003 Splinter: My sons, it is a trap!
[The teams turn around and the doors behind them close as they face Utrom Shredder in a control room.]
Utrom Shredder: If there is one constant in the multi-verse, it is the predictability of you Turtles. [gestures to 2003 Splinter] Threaten something you hold dear, and you will ignore your better instincts. You should have stayed away.
[Utrom Shredder presses a button in the room he is in and the whole room turns blue, the wall changes into a dome and the floor beneath the turtles and Splinter cracks underneath. Utrom Shredder is lowered into the room and placed onto a platform as the room has changed into a silver sphere with 8 posts.] Now, shall we begin?
[Electricity from the posts grab the Turtle teams and place them inside.]
2003 Splinter: [gasps]
[The room begins to spin as the 1987 and 2003 Turtles scream.]
2003 Raphael: You plan on doin' us in. There's gotta be an easier way!
Utrom Shredder: Oh, you shall perish, but not yet. You see, like you, I recently learned that our's is but a single dimension in a multiverse of dimensions. Intrigued, I used this very portal to survey them all. Which is when I made a startling, horrible discovery: there are not simple 8 of you, but score of you! Behold: A multiverse of accursed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
[Images of various TMNT dimensions appear]
1987 Turtles: AWESOME!
Utrom Shredder: Destroying the 8 of you would accomplish nothing, so long as Ninja Turtles exist somewhere in the multiverse, they will interfere in the plans of the Shredder! Our epic battle is never going to end, unless I put an end to Turtles FOREVER!!
2003 Splinter: Even a creature as power mad as you cannot believe he has the ability to subvert the entire multiverse.
Utrom Shredder: Let us put that to a test, vermin. It seems that like branches hanging off a single tree, [holographic globes appear] each of these dimensions sprang from a common source. Destroy the source and you would set off a chain reaction that would destroy Ninja Turtles everywhere [the globes explode to bits] FOREVER MORE!
2003 Splinter: [gasps]
Utrom Shredder: And so, you are being scanned, broken down for the sole purpose of discovering your source DNA. Two Turtles teams from two Turtle worlds. Different in so many ways. But deep down, there are similarities.
2003 Raphael: [screaming]
Utrom Shredder: And those similarities shall point the path to the source dimension.
2003 Donatello: [screaming]
Utrom Shredder: Turtle Prime!
1987 Michelangelo: [screaming as he begins to fade away]
Utrom Shredder: I only regret you will not survive to witness the end of your...
Karai: Father, we are receiving alarming and unstable energy readings. What is going...[Utrom Shredder ends her call]
[Utrom Shredder turns back to the Turtles screaming as they begin to fade.]
2003 Splinter: No!
1987 Michelangelo: Things like this never happened back home!
Computer: Turtle Prime: located.
Utrom Shredder: It works! The Trans-Dimensional Portal is receiving the coordinates now. Farewell, Turtles!
[Karai, watching everything from the control room gasps. She narrows her eyes and begins to type away on the computer]
Utrom Shredder: [laughing maniacally]
[The 2003 and 1987 Turtles continue screaming as they are fading away until they're screams fade away and disappear and the whole room stops spinning.]
2003 Splinter: NOOOOO!
Utrom Shredder: Their demise is only the beginning. [presses a button and the Technodrome disappears into thin air.]

[The giant-sized Utrom Shredder just got clipped by his own destructor beam]
1987 Donatello: Looks like we just found something he's vulnerable to!
[The Mirage Turtles jump off the Utrom Shredder]
Mirage Raphael: Yeah, turtles!
2003 Donatello: The Technodrome!
Krang: Hmm... Go figure.

[The Utrom Shredder watches from the upgraded Technodrome as the Party Wagon drives closer to it]
Utrom Shredder: Yes, come to me Turtles.
[his 80s counterpart and Krang jump up from the coach they were on and approach him from behind]
1987 Shredder: What the devil are you waiting for? They're right in your crosshairs!
Krang: Destroy them already.
[Utrom Shredder glares down at them]
1987 Shredder: [gasps]
Krang: [gasps]
[Utrom Shredder then violently swats them both to the ground]
1987 Shredder/Krang: [land on the floor] Oh!
Utrom Shredder: Restrain these buffoons!
[80s Shredder and Krang lay on the floor groaning as Rocksteady and Bebop approach them]
1987 Shredder: [looks up] Huh?
Rocksteady: Sorry, boss.
[Rocksteady and Bebop grab their boss and Krang and carry them away]
1987 Shredder: Unhand me!
Krang: You'll hear from Trans-Dimensional attorneys! [Krang and 80s Shredder are left hanging in mid air with their hands in energy handcuffs]

Mirage Donatello: I'm gonna miss those wannabes.
Mirage Michelangelo: Yeah, I kinda dug the initials on the belt buckles.
Mirage Raphael: Hmph, you would. I could go for a slice, though.
Mirage Leonardo: There's that place on Bleecker. [The Mirage Turtles jump off the building and run] We are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We strike hard and fade away into the night. [Scene ends with the Turtles in their signature jumping pose, which becomes a promotional poster of the original comics]
Peter Laird: I think this first issue is coming along rather well, don't you, Kev?
Kevin Eastman: Yeah, sure do, Pete. Hey, let's get back to this after lunch, huh?
Peter: Hmmm, sounds good. Pizza?
Kevin: Yeah, pizza.
Pete: Oh, I hope this thing sells.
Kevin: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. [chuckles] [As Kevin and Peter leaves for lunch, the camera pans to the cover of the comics' first issue.]

Rated PG[edit]

Irma: [sings "Chocolate Chip Pizza" while playing the Acoustic guitar] Yummy. Chocolate Chip Pizza.
1987 Turtles: (shocked) Chocolate chip pizza!
April O'Neil: [chuckles] Are you chocolate chip pizza? Irma? What is this?!
Irma: Chocolate chip pizza.
April O'Neil: A chocolate chip pizza?!
2003 Leo: What's wrong with chocolate chip pizza.

Extended version[edit]

Karai: [points her swords to Krang] Will you be a nuisance as well?
Krang: [burps] Never, charming lady.
Karai: I have gone from great lengths to keep visual over my father. But today he vanished from my monitoring systems. When I was able to relocate him... [behind Karai, Bebop & Rocksteady attempt to attack her from behind. But Karai, sensing a sneak attack, quickly turns around and kicks Rocksteady and Bebop in the stomach to the ground with two simple kicks.] He was here. How is this so? [points her swords to '87 Shredder]
1987 Shredder: [flenches from the swords] Aah! The M-Ma-Matter Transporter. We beamed him here!
Karai: [turns her attention to the console and walks up to it] This technology is now property of the Foot! With it, I will restore my father, the one true Shredder TO GLORY!!
1987 Shredder: One True? Now wait just...
[Karai kicks him away in the gut once again and falls on Krang and they both fall on top of Rocksteady and Bebop. Karai places her swords into her shealth and walks up to the console.]
Krang: Another fine mess you've gotten us into.
1987 Shredder: [annoyed] Oh, shut up.

[at the 2003 Turtles' lair, they watch their '87 counterparts having chicken fights.]
2003 Michelangelo: Come on, Raph. Lighten' up. Our cowabunga cousins aren't so bad. Right guys?
[the 80s Turtles tackle him to the ground.]
1987 Turtles: WET WILLY!
2003 Michelangelo: Hey you got me! Cut it out!
2003 Raphael: Not bad? They're clowns. Not ninjas.
[the 80s Turtles pop up, offended.]
1987 Leonardo/Michelangelo: Oh yeah?!
2003 Raph: Yeah.
1987 Leonardo: [growls]
[2003 Splinter throws his walking stick and it flies past 2003 Raphael and 80s Leonardo and hits the computer.]
2003 Splinter: ENOUGH! Stop this bickering! You only do your enemy's work for him! You are ninja. All of you and all are welcome here. [removal his walks stick from the computer] Do not embarrass your sensei. [walks away]
1987 Donatello: He may not look exactly like our Splinter, but he sure sounds like him.
2003 Raph: Yeah, uh, sorry about the clown crack.

[Inside the Technodrome, '87 Shredder is giving Ch'rell a tour around the fortress.]
1987 Shredder: [to Ch'rell] And this is our engine room. [Ch'rell (being carried by Foot Soldier) looks around with a snarl on his face, showing he's not pleased.] Currently under repair unfortunately. [1987 Shredder gets a call on his com link.] Oh, please excuse me, most honored guest. [turns around to answer the com link.]
Ch'rell: [growls]
1987 Shredder: [to Krang] Krang, what's taking so long? I can't keep this alien entertained forever.
Krang: You should've thought of that... [burps] ...before you brought it here. This is all your fault.
[behind '87 Shredder, Ch'rell begins to growl impatiently.]
Ch'rell: [growling]
1987 Shredder: My fault?! What are you talking about?!
Ch'rell: I wish to see the Trans-Dimensional Portal device you spoke of. NOW!
1987 Shredder: [turns around] A moment... uh, sir. [turns back to Krang] Krang?!
Krang: Oh it's ready, [chuckles smugly] Mighty Shredder. Just give the word.
1987 Shredder: [put a gas mask over his mask] The word you smug slug is given.
Krang: [chuckles, hangs up]

Casey Jones: So, I still don't get it. Which Shredder is back? Doin' what? To who?
1987 Michelangelo: All I know is we wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for your stupid Shredder.
2003: Our Shredder?! YOUR Shredder started this whole stupid mess with his stupid Technodrome IN THE STUPID FIRST PLACE!
1987: Yeah, but your Shredder's like totally psycho evil.
1987 Donatello: Our's is just decaf.
1987 Leonardo: Yeah. He won't keep you up at night.
1987 Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael: [laughing]
[2003 April and Casey look in confusion.]
Casey Jones: Your doubles ain't exactly playin' with the full deck are they?
2003 Michelangelo: [gets punched under the chin by his '87 counterpart] Aah! And they're really annoying.
Casey Jones: Gotcha. Up to speed now.

[In a different location underground, the Technodrome is being redesigned by the 2003 Foot Clan.]
Krang: What in the name of Dimension X do you think you're doing?! [a Cyber Foot rips open a console with a crowbar] I paid a fortune for that console! [burps; to another Cyber Foot Ninja] AND YOU'RE RUINING THE PAIND JOB!
1987 Shredder: Silence your insensate wining, Krang. My counterpart is simply giving this tub a much needed refit very generous of him if you ask me. [gets up from his command chair and walks up to Krang] No doubt he wishes to repay me for rescuing him.
Krang: [smiles slyly, points] Oh?
1987 Shredder: Aah! [two Cyber Foot Ninjas remove his command chair out of its original place] My command chair! [a banner falls on him] Oh! A-aah!
Krang: Face it, fool. We're under new management.

1987 Shredder: [to Rocksteady & Bebop] You traitors, you nincompoops, Ding-Dongs, CHUCKLEPUFFS, DIP SKULLS!!
Rocksteady: Oh, we said we was sorry, boss.
1987 Shredder: Bah.
Bebop: Come on. No hard feelings? Our new master finds us... [snorts] amusin' is all.
Krang: Then may he also find you as useful as we always have [croaks]

[Utrom Shredder approaches the computer in the Technodrome's main room.]
Utrom Shredder: Computer, this is The Shredder.
Computer: Identity confirmed. Recognize: Shredder, Ch'Rell, Oroku Saki, Duke Acureds, Destroyer of...
Utrom Shredder: Computer, I am most intrigued by the implications of this portal. I wish to learn about alternate dimensions! Show me EVERYTHING!! [The computer then powers up]
Utrom Shredder: [laughing evilly]

Voice cast[edit]

Characters '84 Mirage comics 87's cartoon 2003 animated show
Jason Griffith Dan Green Michael Sinterniklaas
Sean Schemmel Sebastian Arcelus Greg Abbey
Bradford Cameron Johnny Castro Wayne Grayson
Clay Adams Tony Salerno Sam Riegel
The Shredder David Wills Load Williams Scottie Ray
Splinter David Wills Darren Dunstan
April O'Neil Rebecca Soler Veronica Taylor
Irma Langenstein Jennifer Darling

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