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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003–2010) is an American animated television series set in New York City that continues the adventures of the turtle quartet, based on the comic book series.


Season 1[edit]

Things Change [1.1][edit]

[Opening lines]
Leonardo: [Narrating] My name is Leonardo. And right now, my brothers and I are in a mess of trouble. Our backs are up against the wall in some trash thrown alley. Cornered by the toughest street gang on the east side.
Johnny - Purple Dragon Gang Leader: Look at the freaks!
Two Ton: What's with the dweeby costumes?
Purple Dragon Member: This ain't Halloween!
Johnny - Purple Dragon Gang Leader: You're going down, freaks! Nobody messes with the Purple Dragons! Especially wearing stupid turtle costumes!
Leonardo: [Narrating] He's wrong. We're not wearing costumes.

Splinter: Remember, to be a true ninja you must become one with the shadows. Darkness gives the ninja power, while light reveals the ninja's presence.

Splinter: Well done, Leonardo.
Raphael: [to Leo] Teacher's pet.
Leonardo: [to Raph] Ninja dropout.
Splinter: My sons! *sigh* My sons, If you are to become true ninja you must work harder. Your path in life will not be an easy one. The outside world will not be a friendly place for you. You four are different in ways the surface dwellers would never understand. To survive, you must master these skills I teach you. Ninjitsu powers of stealth and secrecy. You must become kage; shadow warriors. And you must never be discovered by the outside world.

A Better Mousetrap [1.2][edit]

[After the turtles have saved April from Mouser robots.]
Michelangelo: Hey. How ya doin'?
[Michelangelo leans forward, and April faints from shock. He picks her up into his arms and turns to the others.]
Michelangelo: Hey,so... Can I keep her?

Attack of the Mousers [1.3][edit]

Meet Casey Jones [1.4][edit]

Michelangelo: [Whispering] Donatelloo, Donatelloo, if you build it, we will ride....in turtle style!

[After Raphael has just apologized for his actions]
Leonardo: Alright, who are you, and what did you do with our brother Raphael?

Casey Jones: Friends of yours?
Raphael: Brothers, actually.
Casey Jones: Yes, I can see the family resemblance.
Michelangeo: I'm the pretty one.

Nano [1.5][edit]

Darkness on the Edge of Town [1.6][edit]

The Way of Invisibility [1.7][edit]

Casey Jones: Come on! Eject! Eject! You useless piece!
Michelangelo: Aaaaaah!
Casey Jones: I think your player's broken.
Donatello: Uhh, no problem. I'll fix it..in the morning.
Casey Jones: Whatcha working on?
Donatello: Uh, boring stuff.
[Raphael and Casey Jones are fighting a group of Foot ninjas, who have just vanished.]
Raphael: These guys must have some sort of cloaking devices!
Casey Jones: Cloaking devices!? What are they? Klingons?!

[Casey is finding excuses to stay at the lair and the turtles hastily persuade him to leave]
Michelangelo: We'll pour you drinks, we'll do your bed...and we will tell you story.

[Casey has finally left the lair after continuously finding new reasons to stay.]
Michelangelo: And so they defeated..the thing that wouldn't leave!

Fallen Angel [1.8][edit]

Garbageman [1.9][edit]

The Shredder Strikes Part One [1.10][edit]

Michelangelo: And I thought Master Splinter said never to take swords from strangers.

Donatello: I thought we already had a master. Master Splinter.
Michelangelo: Yeah, real hairy guy, 'bout this tall?

Master Yoshi: He who lives without honor, will end without honor.

[While finishing his story about the Shredder.]
Splinter: He serves no great purpose. He fights no great evil. He is great evil.

The Shredder Strikes Part Two [1.11][edit]

The Unconvincing Turtle Titan [1.12][edit]

[ Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael scrutinize Michelangelo's Super Turtle costume sketches, mocking]
Raphael: What's this? The "Nin-Justice League"?
Don: More like the "Shell-Tastic Four"!
Leo: "The Legion of Sewer Heroes"!

Notes from the Underground, Part 1 [1.13][edit]

Notes from the Underground, Part 2 [1.14][edit]

Notes from the Underground, Part 3 [1.15][edit]

The King [1.16][edit]

The Shredder Strikes Back Part One [1.17][edit]

[Donny and Raph are watching a football game.]
Raphael: Panthers, rams, bears--they've even got dolphins! You'd think they'd have room for something more... reptilian.
Donatello: The Turtles? My friend, unfortunately the lowly turtle has been saddled by society with the stereotype of being "velocity challenged."
Raphael: Say what?

The Shredder Strikes Back Part Two [1.18][edit]

Splinter: In the hands of a true ninja master, anything is a weapon.

Shredder: You freaks have been a thorn in my side long enough. No one opposes the Shredder. And now I will have my revenge for our last encounter. Say farewell to each other -- while you still can.
Michelangelo: Oh yeah, Mr. Spikey-Pants? Well, you’re the one who should be saying....uh...farewell to, um... to yourself!
Raphael: (Being sarcastic) Oh yeah, Mikey. That got 'im.

Casey Jones: Now that's what I call crashing a party!
Raphael: Casey!
Casey: (hits Foot elite with bat) Although I've never seen a lamer party in my LIFE! Where's the band?

Tales of Leo [1.19][edit]

The Monster Hunter [1.20][edit]

Return to New York, Part One [1.21][edit]

Return to New York Part Two [1.22][edit]

Michelangelo: Did Shredder just wake up one day and say 'I'm going to make some clones of myself! Really ugly ones!'
Shredder: Ah, the power, I have almost forgotten! The Sword of Tengu! The sword in which I'd laid villages to waste, brought castles to ground, vanquish armies! The sword that I used to conquer Japan and give power to the Tokugawa clan! It is mine once more!!

Return to New York, Part Three [1.23][edit]

Lone Raph and Cub [1.24][edit]

Raphael (after catching up with Tyler after he ran off; twirling one of his sais): You can't sneak away from a ninja, kid.
Tyler: Leave me alone!

The Search for Splinter Part One [1.25][edit]

[Donatello has just distracted a security camera at TCRI with a pigeon finger puppet.]
Michelangelo: I don't know what's scarier: the fact that that worked, or that Don carries around a pigeon puppet.

The Search for Splinter Part Two [1.26][edit]

Season 2[edit]

Turtles in Space, Part 1: The Fugitoid [2.1][edit]

Turtles in Space, Part 2: The Trouble with Triceratons [2.2][edit]

Turtles in Space, Part 3: The Big House [2.3][edit]

Turtles in Space, Part 4: The Arena [2.4][edit]

Turtles in Space, Part 5: Triceraton Wars [2.5][edit]

Secret Origins, Part One [2.6][edit]

Secret Origins, Part Two [2.7][edit]

Secret Origins, Part Three [2.8][edit]

[The Utroms have been forced to leave Earth, as Shredder has discovered their whereabouts and spread a virus through their base, shutting down all electronics, including their exo-skeletons.]
First Utrom: I hate walking on my tentacles!
Second Utrom: Oh shut up, Kraang!

Return to the Underground [2.13][edit]

[Mike, Leo, and Raph are surrounded by monsters in the underground city, after Don had a dream and found a cure for the monsters.]
Michelangelo: Him and his big ideas! C'mon guys! Let's go to the underground city! We'll have some laughs! We'll get eaten!

Season 3[edit]

Tempus Fugit [3.2][edit]

Michelangelo: Yeehaw! Haha, here's your treat, giddyap! Now that's how you kick but old school style. Real old school!

Karate Schooled [3.2][edit]

Leonardo: I've never known Casey to be punctual.
Raphael: I didn't even know he owned a watch
Michelangelo: Or that he even can tell time
Leonardo: I guess this new sensei has made a man out of him.

Michelangelo: And I thought you were Captain McGrumpy Greenshorts

[turtles van driving scene]
Michelangelo: Why do you always get to drive?
Michelangelo: You're so slow! It's like you're pushing a baby carriage or something.
Raphael: Oh yeah? Well let me show you some of the special features this baby's got!
Michelangelo: Whatever!

Something Wicked [3.3][edit]

Raph: Uh Donnie, explain to me like as if I was Mikey.
Mickey: Hey! *nudges Raph*

Serling: At last, peace and quiet. Not that I can enjoy it in this dreadful time.

[in cyberspace]
Michelangelo: Whoa, my fellow cybernauts. We are bravely going where no turtles have gone before. The digital world! Cyberspace!
Raphael: No turtles have ever done any of the things we do.
Michelangelo: Touche!

Nobody's Fool [3.10][edit]

Felon: Who-who are you? Who are you, man?!
Nobody: Who am I? I might just be a glimmer of hope for a lost city. I'm the guy the cops would thank if they knew I existed - but they don't. - Who am I? I'm Nobody.

Christmas Aliens [3.11][edit]

Casey (while setting the table with April and looks up): Yo, what do you know? Mistletoe. Ain't we supposed to kiss or something?
April: That's enough mistletoe to make me kiss you. I'm afraid you'll need a whole tree. (They move to another part of the table and Casey looks up again)
Casey: Hey, hey, check it out. More mistletoe! (he puckers his lips and April walks away) April, wait up! (the mistletoe moves over to April) More mistletoe. There's no way out. You gotta kiss me. (April backs up; Casey and the mistletoe move forward; April goes around Casey, the mistletoe follows her) Look, it's following us. It's a sign. A sign from above.
April (taking down the mistletoe): Exactly. (April and Casey look at a pole with Raph and Angel sitting on top of it with ropes that extend over to April and Casey; Raph grins)
Raph (waving): Hiya, April. Whatcha got there? Mistletoe? (he chuckles)
April: Jones, did you put them up to this?
Casey: No! Never! Uh, maybe.
April (after a moment): Okay then. Pucker up. (Casey leans forward and April hits him with the mistletoe)
Angel: Ooh. That's gotta hurt.
Raph: Oh. Right in the kisser.

Season 4[edit]

Grudge Match [4.06][edit]

Splinter: Yes, pizza sounds very appetizing right now. With pepperoni. And karma.

Season 5: The Lost Episodes[edit]

Season 6: Fast Forward[edit]

Future Shellshock [6.1][edit]

Obsolete [6.2][edit]

Home Invasion [6.3][edit]

Headlock Prime [6.4][edit]

Playtime's Over [6.5][edit]

Bishop to Knight [6.6][edit]

[The Turtles storm into the passenger compartment of the moon shuttle.]
Leonardo: Er, ladies and gentlemen, we have an emergency situation. Everyone needs to get to the escape pods NOW!
[general blankness]
Raphael: How do you say "bomb" in Futurese?
[general panic]

Night of Sh'Okanabo [6.7][edit]

Clash of the Turtle Titans [6.8][edit]

Fly Me to the Moon [6.9][edit]

Invasion of the Bodyjacker! [6.10][edit]

The Freaks Come Out at Night [6.11][edit]

Bad Blood [6.12][edit]

The Journal [6.13][edit]

The Gaminator [6.14][edit]

Graduation Day: Class of 2105 [6.15][edit]

Timing Is Everything [6.16][edit]

Enter the Jammerhead [6.17][edit]

Milk Run [6.18][edit]

The Fall of Darius Dunn [6.19][edit]

Turtle X-Tinction [6.20][edit]

Race For Glory [6.21][edit]

Head of State [6.22][edit]

DNA is Thicker than Water [6.23][edit]

The Cosmic Completist [6.24][edit]

The Day of Awakening [6.25][edit]

Zixxth Sense [6.26][edit]

Season 7: Back to the Sewer[edit]


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