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Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie is a 2022 American animated superhero comedy film based on the animated television series Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It premiered on Netflix on August 5, 2022.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles[edit]


  • Relax, Raph. We've got this hero thing wired. I mean, our ninjocity is off the charts. We've got some kicking mystic weapons. And do I need to remind you who has 4 shells and defeated the Shredder?
  • [repeated line] You've been portal-chopped!
  • Fat chance! We're not like everyone else on this planet, we are… [Mikey: …the Teenage…] [Donnie: …Mutant…] [Raph: …Ninja…] …Turtles!
  • If this isn't the poster shot, someone's getting fired.

Future Leo[edit]

  • [last words] Casey, when you're done saving the world, do me a favor. Grab a slice!


  • Go ahead, my non-lingual friend, count your unhatched fowl. My record stands until you reach the top, which according to my calculations of wind speed, barometric pressure, and dew point is highly unlikely.
  • Cowabunga!
  • I never get to use my algorithm.


  • There you are. I've been looking all over for you guys.
  • Welcome to Earth. I hope you don't enjoy your stay!


  • According to my calculations, as long as you believe in yourself, you can do anything!
  • Donnie, your soft shell! You're exposed!
  • [repeated line] Whip-O-Rama!

Future Mikey[edit]

  • Bad doggies!


  • Boys! Stop this arguing!
  • No more. You're a team, brothers, and most importantly, TOO LOUD! I can't hear my TV show! Tristan finally proposed to Annabelle but did she say yes?! I don't know, because of you! Be the ninjas I taught you to be, respectful and quiet!
  • [as he eats popcorn] None taken. We're delicious.
  • Hot soup!
  • [as April hits Krang Sister with a wrecking ball] That's payback!

Casey Jones[edit]

  • [repeated line as ordered by Master Leonardo] Find the key, stop the Krang.
  • My name is Casey Jones, and the reason I have the photo and your tech is because you gave it to me. But not yet, because I'm from… the future!
  • [as April shows photos of Cassandra Jones on her phone] That's my mom!

April O'Neil[edit]

  • [repeated line] April O'Neil!

Krang Leader[edit]

  • [first words] I'm finally free! The people of this planet will pay for what they've done to me!
  • Enough of that!


[A photo shows Raphael, or "Raph" for short, Leonardo, or "Leo" for short, Michelangelo, or "Mikey" for nickname, Donatello, or "Donnie" for nickname, April O'Neil and Hamato Yoshi, a.k.a. Master Splinter, grinning together. A bulky green hand holds the photo as a person runs while panting. From the person's point of view, we see chaos all around the landscape. A man wearing a hockey mask holds the person]
Man: [first lines] I got you, Sensei. Stay with me.
[The person is actually a future version of Leo]
Future Leo: You're a lifesaver, Casey Jones.
Casey Jones: I learned from the best. Come on, we're almost there.
[As Casey and Leo run, fiery beams shoot out. Dog-like creatures with sharp teeth run past the camera. We see the Statue of Liberty destroyed as text appears, "New York 2044". As the creatures leap toward Casey and Leo, an orange ball of fire hits them]
Male voice: Bad doggies!
Future Leo: Impeccable timing, little brother. Very dramatic.
[Surrounded by a circle of orange chains and hovering with legs crossed, a future version of Mikey with white hair, wearing only a cloak and not his mask flips his hands back, causing the chains to get pulled in. The chains all shoot out, impaling the creatures. As Casey sets Leo down, Mikey floats over to them]
Casey: Help him, Michelangelo. He's hurt bad.
[Blood stains Leo's hand. From Leo's point of view, we see dozens of cyclops-like monsters shooting lasers from their eyes, then to an orb above the city]
Future Leo: That's it. The resistance failed. The Krang won. But this isn't over. We've still got a ninja's greatest weapon. Hope. That and a badass mystic warrior. Mikey, we need a time gateway.
Future Mikey: It'll take everything I have.
Future Leo: I know, but this is our last chance. It's our only chance.
[As he nods, Mikey floats away]
Casey: Wait, what's going on? Where's he going?
Future Leo: Casey, listen.
[Mikey's feet drop to the ground. He makes an orange circle, then holds his hands out]
Future Leo: The Krang first came to our planet through a mystic doorway. The key that opened the doorway looked like this.
[Leo draws a picture of the mystic key on the back of the photo with a rock like a pencil and hands it over to Casey]
Casey: Why are you telling me this?
Future Leo: Because Mikey is about to send you back in time to the day the key was stolen.
Casey: Wait. He's gonna what?!
[As a portal forms, Mikey's hands begin to crack as he grits his teeth]
Future Leo: The people who stole the key opened the doorway for the Krang. You have to find it before that happens. Find the key, stop the Krang.
Casey: But, Sensei--
Future Leo: Say it!
Casey: Find the key, stop the Krang.
[Smiling, Leo pats Casey's shoulder as if to say, "That's the spirit."]
Casey: I don't wanna lose you.
Future Leo: Casey, it's not about me.
[A pinkish-red light shines on them. It's a huge cyclops-like monster!]
Casey: They found us!
[Another monster looks at them as Leo holds his sword and Casey wields in a chainsaw attached to a hockey stick]
Future Leo: Mikey!
[As the portal forms more, Mikey looks at himself seeing that he is breaking apart. He shuts his eyes then reopens while continuing to grit his teeth. He yells]
Casey: Master Michelangelo, no! You're gonna--!
[Looking back at Casey, Mikey winks. The portal forms completely as Mikey explodes. Leo drops his gaze then grins at the completed portal. The giant monster aims its eye]
Future Leo: [last words] Casey, when you're done saving the world, do me a favor. Grab a slice!
[Leo throws Casey to the portal. He attacks the creatures as a beam of light hits him. Casey screams tearfully as he disappears in the portal. In the presence of New York, Casey looks around himself]
Casey: Where…? I made it? Alright, Casey, here we go. Find the key, stop the Krang.
[He runs off]

[Now, we see a close-up of the present day Leo's eye, hand and feet as he balances on the Brooklyn Bridge]
Leo: Easy does it, Leo. You've got this. Concentrate. The whole world is counting on you… to break the pizza box stack record! [has a stack of 125 boxes of pizza on his head. On the top of the last box, a pigeon eats pizza]
Leo: 125 boxes! You know, they say it couldn't be done, but look who's doing it, moi. You know, that's Spanish for Leo.
[With a drone on his shoulders, Donnie hovers down to his brother]
Donnie: Go ahead, my non-lingual friend. Count your unhatched fowl. My record stands until you reach the top, which according to my calculations of wind speed, barometric pressure, and dew point is highly unlikely. What?
[The present day Mikey reels himself to the bridge with the chain from his nunchucks]
Mikey: According to my calculations, as long as you believe in yourself, you can do anything!
Leo: Thanks, little brother, but no one believes in himself more than me.
[Leo chants his name, followed by Mikey as he reaches the top of the bridge then does a backflip]
Leo: Yeah! I am Leo!
Mikey: Yes!
[The pizza boxes fall to the bridge below as one of them lands on the top. The pigeon, now fat, tries to fly, but fails. Suddenly, a voice was heard from someone]
Male voice: There you are.
[The voice was heard from Raph]
Raph: I've been looking all over for you guys.
[Leo and Mikey dance]
Leo: Oh, hey, Raph, guess who just broke the record?
Raph: What?! You did? How many did you--? Stop distracting me! We were supposed to be training--
[Leo puts his finger on Raph's mouth]
Leo: Ah, tuh, tuh, tuh. Hold that thought. Donnie?
Mikey: Donnie?
Donnie: [sighs] You, sir, have bested me. Mazel.
[Leo holds his hand to his ear as he clears his throat. Below him, Mikey does the same. Donnie sighs and chants Leo's name, followed by Leo himself and Mikey, who holds him up]
Raph: Stop it! Leo, we have work to do, and you dragged them out here for this?
Leo: Training, record breaking. The choice was clear.
Raph: Ugh! Dang it, Leo. Everything's not about you. I mean, when are you we gonna grow up and start acting like a hero?
Leo: And there it is. Gentlemen.
[Leo, Mikey and Donnie eat pizza. Raph looks confused]
Raph: Hey, what was that? What are you guys doing?
Leo: It's a little game I've invented. Every time you say the word "heroes", we take a bite of pizza.
Raph: I don't say "heroes" that often.
[The trio eat their pieces of pizza again. Raph glares at them as he holds his hand in a fist]
Raph: Leo!! So what if I say--? That word a lot. It's a good word. We need to be that word.
Leo: Relax, Raph. We've got this hero thing wired. I mean, our ninjo-city is off the charts. We've got some kicking mystic weapons. And do I need to remind you who has 4 shells and defeated the Shredder?
[Growling angrily, Raph swats Leo's pizza away]
Leo: Hey!
Raph: Leo! You just don't get it.
[A bleep is heard]
Donnie: Huh? What's all that rackus? Oh, that's me. Looks like we have a 317-39.4 in progress.
[As Donnie brings up his calculations, Mikey, Leo and Raph look up at it]
Donnie: Oh, come on! Has nobody read Donnie's Big Book of Bad Guy Codes? NOBODY?!
Raph: Nope.
Leo: Never gonna happen.

Donnie: Ooh, you've portal-chopped him!
Leo: "Portal-chopped?" I like it. Maybe a new catchphrase? OK, let's see how it fits. "You've been portal-chopped."
[Leo sings ditty as Donnie annoyingly pushes him down]

[In the new lair]
Raph: I clearly said, "I got it." Everyone heard me say it.
Leo: Yeah, but I got it with style.
Raph: But you didn't get it! You lost it, and now we've a Foot Clan situation, Leo. [grunts angrily]
[In his room, Leo drops his swords and takes off his knee-high socks. He lays in bed and reads a magazine as Raph appears]
Raph: What's it gonna take for you to be serious, Leo?
Leo: And end up with a worry line between my eyes like you? No, no, no. I don't want any Raph chasm.
Raph: "Chasm"?
Leo: You know, valley, gorge, and crevasse.
Raph: The only reason I have a chasm if I have to worry about you bozos 24/7. You just don't get it, Leo. I'm the oldest here. I'm responsible for keeping us safe and making sure we can handle anything that comes our way. (Why?) Because if I don't, you could all end up dead.
Leo: Sorry, I missed that. Can you repeat everything from… well, everything?
[Raph's phantom hand punches Leo through the wall]
Leo: No wonder you always wanna train. You really need to practice.
[Mikey holds Leo back as Donnie does the same to Raph]
Raph: Let him go, Mikey.
Donnie: No, no!
[As Leo and Raph go to charge toward each other, they stop as they see Splinter standing at the top of some stairs]
Splinter: Boys! Stop this arguing!
Raph: But, Dad, Leo keeps--
[Splinter puts his tail on Raph's mouth]
Splinter: Ah, buh, buh, buh, buh, buh. No more. You're a team, brothers, and most importantly, TOO LOUD!!! I can't hear my TV show! Tristan finally proposed to Annabelle, but did she say yes?! I don't know, because of you! Be the ninja I taught you to be, respectful and quiet!
[Splinter leaves. Above ground, Casey walks through townspeople]
Casey: Sorry. Excuse me. Hey, how am I supposed to find this thing? [swings up to the roof of a building with a grappling hook] So many people. [looks at the photo of the Turtles, April and Splinter] How am I gonna save them all, Sensei? I really wish you were here. Wait, you are! I just need to find you. [looks closely to April in the photo] April. She'll know.

[In the sewers, Casey slowly opens his eyes]
April: And then I saw that picture and brought him here.
[From Casey's point of view, April shows the photo to the Turtles and Splinter. Casey notices Leo]
Casey: Sensei?
[Leo yelps as he holds one of his katana swords. Raph, Donnie, Mikey, Splinter and April look at him]
Casey: It's you! All of you, together! I never thought I'd see you again! I'm so happy, I could hug you!
[Casey, tied to a chair, falls over. As Raph picks him up, a projector falls from the ceiling and shines a light at Casey]
Raph: Who are you? Why do you have a picture of us?
Leo: Yeah, who took this? Because I look great.
Mikey: What's your favorite pizza? Because I'm ordering right now.
Donnie: And why are you wearing genius build apparel?! That's trademarked!
[A grappling hook activates, causing Casey to hang upside down]
Mikey: He's trying to escape!
April: Do you want me to knock him out again?
Raph: Let me.
Mikey: Donnie?! Donnie!
[Splinter eats a bowl of popcorn. Leo tries to take some, but Splinter swats his hand with his tail]
Casey: Wait, stop! I'm a friend! Lemme explain! [Everyone stops as they look at him] Let's start over. My name is Casey Jones, and the reason I have the photo and your tech is because you gave it to me. But not yet, because I'm from… the future. [The Turtles, Splinter and April laugh as he glares at them] This isn't a joke.
[Using a gadget arm from his shell, Donnie cuts the rope down like scissors as he scoffs]
Donnie: Oh, please. If time travel is possible, Future Donnie would've come back and already given me all of the lottery numbers like we planned.
Casey: It's true! I need you to believe me. Humanity depends on it. In the future, an alien race decimated the planet. We were hunted, lived in caves, and ate leaves and rats. No offense.
Splinter: None taken. We're delicious. [eats more popcorn]
Casey: I know how this sounds, but Master Leonardo gave me a mission.
Leo: I do like how he calls me Master.
[Raph sighs]
Casey: Of course, I do. You're the greatest ninja the world has ever seen. You told me to find the key and stop the Krang.
April: Aliens. Pfft. Sure, this story keeps getting better. [With his hand only seen, Splinter turns off the projector] Splints?
Splinter: [looking wide-eyed] The Krang?! I've heard of that name. Powerful and barbaric creatures worshiped by the Foot Clan. [A pencil-drawn flashback shows a story of the Krang; narrating] The legend says they came from the stars. Ruthless, unmerciful with one desire, to enslave the world like so many before us. All seemed lost, until great mystic warriors forged a mighty weapon, a key that was used to lock them in a prison dimension beyond this realm. Over the centuries, the mystic key remained hidden to protect humankind and prevent the return of the Krang.
[In the present]
Leo: So…
April: Future boy is really from the future?
Mikey: Mind… [imitates explosion]
Casey: Someone finds the key! Today. They steal it and use it to open a doorway and free the Krang. That's why I came back to find it first. Master Leonardo drew a picture on the back of the photo. So, to stop the Krang, all we have to do is find the key before it's stolen.
[Raph turns the photo to see the drawing of the key. He, Mikey and Donnie glare at Leo, who sweats]
Casey: What?
[Leo taps his fingers together as April and Splinter also glare at him]
Leo: Yeah, um, did future handsome amazing me told you what to do in case that already happened? Because that already happened.
[Splinter flicks popcorn at his son]
Casey: Oh, no! We're too late.
[Casey hangs his head. Raph furrows his brow]
Raph: No, we're not. Because we know who has the key. The Foot Clan. OK, team, we gotta find it before that happens, and this time, we do it together.
[As Raph jabs at Leo's chest, Leo mimics him and follows them]
Casey: Uh, can someone untie me now?
[Casey falls over again]

Leo: Man, I'm so glad you guys aren't dead.
Mikey: Ditto.
[Leo hugs Mikey and Donnie]
Leo: OK, before this gets too mushy, we need to locate Raph. Donnie, can you tell me if he's still in the building?
Donnie: Bet your mama's subatomic particles, I am. I got him! He's close. He's almost on top of us. Wait, he is on top of us.
[Pink slime drips onto Donnie's tracking device. Everyone looks up at a pinkish-red cocoon containing Raph]
All: Raph!
Splinter: Raphael!
Leo: Quick, cut him down! Get him outta here!
[Using his saw, Casey cuts the vines and the cocoon drops to the floor. Everyone tries to claw it open, but the shell is too thick. Leo slices it open with one of his swords and pulls Raph out as pink water gushes out]
Leo: Hang on, big-brother, we got you. Almost there. [sadly looks down at his brother] Raph?

Leo: Mikey, Donnie, we can fight this! Raph's doing it for us, so we do it for him! That alien jerkface thinks we're weak because he hasn't seen what we can do when we fight together!
[The mystic powers return to the turtles]
Krang Leader: It's pointless to resist Krang! Give up! You'll be consumed like everyone else on this pathetic planet!
Leo: Fat chance! We're not like everyone on this planet. We are…
Mikey: …the Teenage…
Donnie: …Mutant…
Raph: …Ninja…
Leo: …Turtles!

Raph: Speaking of which, you know what challenge I'm gonna rise to? Beating that record!
[As Raph pushes Leo down, the others cheer]
Leo: No way! No. OK, fine.
[Raph stacks the pizza boxes on his head]
Leo: Alright, Big Raphie, let's do this!
[As Leo, Donnie, Mikey, Splinter, April and Casey chant his name, Raph starts to balance on the bridge]


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