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Not So Happy Campers Part 1[edit]

Not So Happy Campers Part 2[edit]

The Big Sleep[edit]


Not Quite Famous[edit]

The Sucky Outdoors[edit]

Phobia Factor[edit]

Up The Creek[edit]

Paintball Deer Hunter[edit]

If You Can't Take The Heat...[edit]

Who Can You Trust[edit]

Basic Straining[edit]

X-Treme Torture[edit]

The Brunch Of Disgustingness[edit]

Heather: Confessional) Okay. I probably could have played that better. But Leshawna seriously creases me.

No Pain, No Game[edit]

Search and Do Not Destroy[edit]

Hide and Be Sneaky[edit]

That's Off The Chain![edit]

Hook, Line and Screamer[edit]

Gwen: Okay, rule number one, do not go off on your own. Number two, if you do go off on your own, never go in the woods. Number three, if you do go into the woods, never ever make out in the woods, otherwise you will die in the woods. (Pause) Where's Izzy and Owen?
Duncan: Breaking rules one through three.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild[edit]

After The Dock Of Shame[edit]

Camp Castaways[edit]

Are We There, Yeti?[edit]

I Triple Dog Dare You[edit]

The Very Last Episode, Really![edit]

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island[edit]

Audition Tapes[edit]

Courtney: Oh bleep. I just mixed up the two speeches. Can we start over?

Lindsay: I'm bilanguagal. I speak fluent English and American.