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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [12.1]

[Signature Dishes. Mike presents his signature dish to Gordon]
Gordon: Tortellini, what's inside the filling?
Mike: It's just a cheese. It's a packaged tortellini. Fresh tortellini.
Gordon: Packaged fresh tortellini?
Mike: That's how it's sold chef.
Gordon: Please tell me you used fresh tomatoes.
Mike: Uh, they were canned tomatoes. [audience groans; Gordon throws the dish in the trash without tasting]
Gordon: Come on! That was a joke!
Gabriel: (interview) His whole meal came out of a box. Who does that? You know, you're cooking for Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: (to Kashia) Congratulations that was delicious, well done ladies. Next two dishes. Let's go.
[Melanie and Richard come up with their dishes]
Mike: (interview) I'm a little insulted. It's not like it's packaged dog food. [under his breath] Fuck it, that's bullshit, bro.
Gordon: (to Mike) Come here you. What did you just say?
Narrator: It's the signature dish challenge and Mike from New Jersey has cost the men their first point and now his mouth may have cost him something else.
Gordon: [Mike stands in silence] Yeah, okay. You got anything to say to me, say it to my face, not my back.
Mike: Got it, chef.
Gordon: Now, fuck off!

Narrator: As the bad news continues to pour into the Red kitchen...
Joy: I'm pulling the scallops now.
Narrator: ...Chef Ramsay shifts his attention back to the Blue kitchen.
Gordon: How long for the risotto?
Gaurav: Risotto's two more minutes chef.
Narrator: Desperate to witness something...
Gordon: There's nothing coming out!
Narrator: ...anything positive.
Gordon: There's nine of you fucking standing there playing with yourselves. [Gaurav sticks his finger into the risotto and tastes it] Oh, no! Hey you. Hey, come here you. We do not stick our fingers in the fucking food, lick it and go back inside! What is this?!
Gaurav: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Does anyone have any respect for the customers standing behind me?
Gaurav: I'll get a grip chef.
Gordon: Don't worry about getting a grip. Next time, YOU'RE OUT!

[Gordon checks on lobster brought up by DeMarco]
Gordon: Hey DeMarco, it's overcooked! It's like a fucking bullet! Come here you!
Anton: (interview) Oh, fuck. This can't be happening. Not again, man.
Gordon: Just touch it.
DeMarco: Yes, chef. I'm getting another one right now.
Gordon: (points to Gaurav) So he gets the risotto ready, and give a big ball of elastic band. Supposedly a lobster! Fuck off, DeMarco!
DeMarco: (interview) Gabriel, like come on dude. If you just let me do it, they'd be fucking perfect!
Gordon: Hey, wake up you! Wake up!
DeMarco: Yes, chef!

[Sandra brings her risotto to the pass]
Sandra: Walking with the risotto.
Gordon: Where's the lobster?
Nicole: Coming right now chef. Lobster, drop the lobster, Joy.
Gordon: (points to Nicole) Stop right there! Did you just say drop the lobster?
Nicole: Yes, I did chef.
Gordon: (to Nicole and Joy) Come here you two. (points to Sandra) You, come here. (to Nicole) The lobster is not even in. How long is it going to take for you to cook that lobster tail?
Joy: 45 seconds chef.
Gordon: Really?
Joy: Yes.
Gordon: Do you know, what? Get me a lobster cooked in 45 seconds. Your time starts now.
Sandra: (interview) Good luck, best wishes.
[Joy is now cooking the lobster tail]
Gordon: Fifteen seconds gone.
Jessica Vogel: (interview) The pressure's on. On!
Gordon: 30 seconds gone.
Rochelle: (interview) I was like, "Oh, my gosh! Cook faster!"
Gordon: Forty seconds gone. Time! [Joy brings her lobster tail to the workstation]
Sandra: (interview) Here we go!
Gordon: (slicing the lobster) Cold! Touch it in the middle. Cold and raw.
Sandra: (interview) Oops.
Joy: Chef, I did not hear from risotto.
Gordon: You didn't hear?
Nicole: The communication is fucked up.
Gordon: Yeah, the communication is really fucked up! Now, let me communicate something really clear to you. (points to Joy, Nicole and Sandra) You, you, you fuck off upstairs! I'M DONE! GET OUT!! Hope you heard that one!

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Gabriel]

Jason Zepaltas: Ugh!
Gordon: (to Gabriel) Big boy, come here you! All of you, just touch the scallops! They're bullets, they're rubber bullets! Look at the colour of them. It's overcooked, rubber shit! (to DeMarco and Gabriel) What are you two doing?! [angrily smashes the scallops and a scream is heard faintly; to the Blue team] Fuck off out of here! GET OUT!! All of you, GET OUT! I'm done!
Jason Zepaltas: (interview) Dude, we got kicked out of the kitchen. It's really fucking frustrating!
Scott Commings: Chef, can I stay?
Gordon: GET OUT!!

[Kashia brings her scallops to the pass, Gordon checks it]

Gordon: They're rubber. Way, way overcooked.
Kashia: My scallops are up there.
Gordon: Who cooked them?
Kashia: I finished it. Bev started it, I finished it.
Gordon: Just touch them! They're rubber! They're bouncy! [throws the scallops like a ball on the workstation] They bounce! This is the worst opening night in the history of Hell's Kitchen! GET OUT!
Kashia: Yes, chef!
Gordon: (to JP) Jean-Philippe!
Jean-Philippe: Oui chef?
Gordon: I cannot stand the embarrassment any longer. Shut it down.
Jean-Philippe: Yes.

Gordon: There's so many things about India that I love. It's a shame Gaurav isn't one of them.

Episode Two [12.2]


[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Simone]

Gordon: All of you, come here! Grab a spoon, come on! [knocks his hand on the workstation] Hurry up and taste that! What does that need?
Kashia: Mascarpone.
Bev: Where's the butter?
Gordon: There's no butter, there's no richness and it's just bland. (to Nicole and Simone) Can you make risotto now?
Nicole: Yes, chef.
Gordon: (to Simone) You, yeah? Fuck off!
Simone: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come on, Nicole. Two more risotto, let's go.
Nicole: Walking with the risotto, behind. (brings her risotto to the pass)
Melanie: (interview) I'm a little concerned about Nicole stepping up because of her attitude and her unwillingness to be a team player.
Nicole: I hope that shit is okay.
Gordon: [checks Nicole's risotto; finds that there's no lobster in it] Where's the lobster? Nicole!
Nicole: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come over! Two lobster risotto, where's the lobster?
Nicole: It's my fault chef. I didn't put enough for two, I put enough for one.
Gordon: Get some energy, or both of you, get out of here. Okay?
Nicole & Simone: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Get involved or fuck off home!

[Gordon notices DeMarco cooking tuna in a cold pan]

Gordon: DEMARCO!! What are you doing?! The pan's fucking cold!
DeMarco: Yes, chef.
Gordon: The pan's cold! (goes to DeMarco's station) What's a sear mean? [makes a hissing sound]
DeMarco: Hot. Real hot pan.
Anton: (interview) DeMarco is pathetic. Literally searing tuna, a three-year old could do it.
Gordon: Okay?! It's not hot the pan!
DeMarco: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [knocks his hand on the workstation] If you can't sear this tuna, (points to DeMarco's chef's jacket and apron) take that off, get that off and fuck off home, okay?
DeMarco: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks on lobster brought up by Beth]

Gordon: They're raw.
Andi: They're fucking cold.
Gordon: And they're fucking cold. All of you, COME HERE!
Nicole: Oh, God.
Gordon: Look, a raw lobster tail. No, no, no, NO! [throws the lobster tail away on the workstation] I don't know where to go! (to Nicole and Simone) Both of you have given up (to Bev and Beth) and you two are shit! Where do I go?! WHERE DO I GO?!! Can I have two risotto and two lobster?!
Red team: Yes, chef!

Narrator: Back in the Blue kitchen, DeMarco is trying to prove he can complete the simple task of searing a tuna.
Gordon: Let's go.
DeMarco: Chef, tuna. (interview) I do know how to sear tuna. There's an incredible amount of pressure in this fucking place.
Gordon: (checks DeMarco's tuna) DeMarco! Did the pan make a hissing noise?
DeMarco: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Congratulations, that's seared tuna!
DeMarco: Yes, chef. (interview; claps) Yes! [smiles]

[Kashia and Beth bring their entrées to the pass, Gordon checks them]

Gordon: (on Kashia's wellingtons) Wellington's cooked beautifully.
Kashia: Thank you chef!
Gordon: Hey, don't dare start celebrating. Let's get that right.
Kashia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Half the table's missing, Beth and Bev!
Beth & Bev: Yes, chef?
Gordon: The two B's! (gets a piece of halibut) Just touch how firm that is. Just a dry, just flaky mess. Dry fucking mess. [throws the halibut on the tray]
Kashia: (interview) Beth's got to pull it together, she want to be here.
Gordon: (disgusted) Oh, fuck off.
Beth: (interview) I'm not stupid, I know how to cook fish.
Gordon: (to Beth) Re-fire two halibut!
Melanie: Heard that.
Beth: Shit!

[Gordon checks on halibut and chicken brought up by Scott and Gabriel]

Gordon: (on Gabriel's chicken; finds that it's raw) Oh, my God. ALL OF YOU!!
Blue team: Yes, chef?
Gordon: [angrily knocks his hand on the workstation] COME HERE!! Pink chicken! PINK FUCKING CHICKEN! [angrily throws the chicken away; on Scott's halibut] Raw halibut! And it's cold in the middle!
Scott Commings: Fucking halibut! FUCK! [throws his spoon away; Gordon angrily smashes the halibut]
Richard: (interview) Scott rushed Gabriel to the pass with raw chicken, but the fish wasn't done. Come on, dude.
Gordon: (to Gabriel) Do you want to eat that?!
Gabriel: No, chef.
Gordon: Why?
Gabriel: It's raw chef.
Gordon: Oh, (points to the customers) so they deserve to eat that?
Gabriel: No, chef.
Chris Eversole: We're going to come back right now chef.
Gordon: GET A GRIP!!!
Blue team: Yes, chef!

Narrator: In the Red kitchen...
Nicole: Yes, chef!
Narrator: Chef Ramsay is still waiting for Nicole and Simone to deliver an acceptable lobster risotto.
Gordon: (to Joy) How does that make you feel?
Joy: Disappointed chef.
Nicole: Oh, fuck.
Joy: (interview) It's one thing to be frustrated, but I think Nicole is feeling a little bit defeated.
Nicole: Walking with the risotto. [brings her risotto to the pass]
Joy: (interview) You know, Nicole? If you feel like you have no more to give, then maybe you should go home.
Gordon: [returns and slams the risotto on the workstation] All of you, stop! That is so fucking peppery, it's actually started discolouring! (to Simone and Nicole) You two, get out! (to Rochelle) Rochelle, get on the appetisers. (to Joy) Joy, get on the fucking appetisers.
Rochelle & Joy: Yes, chef.

[Richard brings Gabriel's chicken to the pass, Gordon checks it]

Gordon: Oh, my good God. [returns and angrily throws a piece of chicken on the workstation] Again, chicken that is fucking PINK... [violently slams all the chicken onto the workstation] FUCK!!!
Gabriel: (interview) Fuck, man.
Jason Zepaltas: (interview) I can't believe this happened. Some people are just idiots. If you cannot work under the pressure on the demands of Chef Ramsay, then go home.

[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Beth]

Gordon: Hey ladies, come here! Beth, that's you!
Beth: (interview) Oh, no...
Gordon: The halibut is still raw. Just touch the skin, Beth! Move, it doesn't mind. It's dead! Soggy and cooked to fuck!
Melanie: (interview) I don't understand why Beth and Bev couldn't pull it together for the life of them.
Gordon: [angrily throws his towel in the workstation] SHIT!! BYE-BYE! GET OUT!!
Rochelle: (interview; sighs, then pretends to faint)

[Gordon throws away the halibut against the wall which the fish smashes into pieces]

[Beth, Simone, DeMarco and Gabriel have been nominated for elimination]

Gordon: Okay. When I think of the choices that I have tonight, standing in front of me, I think there's one person who has shown me no passion, no fightback, and no leadership. The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is... [points behind the nominated chefs] Nicole! You've got to get out, immediately. [Nicole hands her jacket over to Chef Ramsay] Good night. [Nicole walks toward the exit without saying anything] Good night!
Nicole: (under her breath) Yeah, good night, you fuckin' asshole. (voiceover, as she flips the camera off on the way out) I'm not going to cry like a little bitch. I don't give two flying fucks what he thinks, or what he says. He can kiss my big, fat ass. (blows a kiss) Goodbye Chef Ramsay.

Gordon: I'm not looking for a line cook. But if I were, I still wouldn't have hired Nicole. She was useless.

Episode Three [12.3]

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Simone]
Gordon: Oh, man. Raw salmon.
Jessica Vogel: Oh, God.
Gordon: Look, raw. Not pink, but raw. Congratulations for being the worst two cooks ever to graze the fish station. [Simone laughs; Gordon throws his spoon away] (to Simone) It's funny now, right?
Simone: No.
Gordon: All of you, come here. We're just destroying ourselves! (to Simone and Jessica) You two, fuck off! Get out!

[Scott brings his lamb to the pass]
Gordon: I've got the lamb. Where's the halibut?
Blue team: The halibut! Where's the halibut?
Chris Eversole: The halibut is two and a half minutes away chef.
Gordon: Hey, stop. [drops his spoon] Stop. So the halibut's two and a half, (to Chris) come here you. (to Scott) Hey you, come here you and why you can't talk to him?
Scott Commings: Fuck!
Gordon: (to Chris) I WANT TO KNOW, CHRIS!!
Chris Eversole: He (Scott) never told me he was slicing the lamb.
Scott Commings: No--!
Gordon: (to Scott) COME HERE YOU!! WHAT IS THIS?!!
Scott Commings: No, chef.
Gordon: We're just shooting ourselves in the foot! Hey, hey, hey, all of you! Fuck off out of here! GET OUT!! GET OUT!!
Scott Commings: Fuck!
Gabriel: (interview) We didn't finish a service, not once, not twice, but the THIRD FUCKING TIME. I mean, it's just fucking embarrassing.

[Bev and Sandra bring their entrées to the pass]
Rochelle: Please be right.
Gordon: (on Sandra's wellingtons) Wellington cooked perfectly!
Sandra: Thank you chef.
Gordon: (on Bev's halibut) It's just gets worse. All of you, come here. Yeah, just touch that one first.
Bev: It's overcooked.
Gordon: That's overcooked, now touch that one.
Beth: Undercooked.
Gordon: What are we fucking doing to each other? To the Red team? What are we doing? All of you, GET OUT!!
Beth: Yes, chef!
Sandra: Fucking nuts I get thrown out. (interview) Tonight, all my dishes come out perfect! This sucks! It's just flat-out sucks!

[Gordon has called both teams downstairs after kicking them out of service]
Gordon: Stay there! That was the most embarrassing service I've ever seen! I have to cut the dead weight, and cut it fast. I want THREE nominees from each team up for elimination! HURRY UP!

[DeMarco, Mike and Simone have stated their pleas; Gordon makes his decision]
Gordon: My decision is...
Simone: (stops him) It's okay chef. I can go. [Rochelle and Gordon give a shocked face]
Gordon: Simone, good night. [calls Mike and tosses his chef's jacket to him] Mike, here's your jacket. Back in line. (to DeMarco and also tosses his chef's jacket to him) DeMarco, back in line. [brief pause] Get out, guys.

Gordon: Hell's Kitchen is about making someone's wish come true. Simone wished to leave Hell's Kitchen. That was an easy one. Wish granted.

Episode Four [12.4]

[The red team has just finished dinner service while the blue team continues to struggle with theirs. Gordon calls the ladies over after serving their last table.]
Gordon: I want all of you now to go into the blue team, and get on every section and help them get out nine tables. Let's go!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Melanie: (interview) That was a gangster service. I mean, we even had to go over and help the guys 'cause they didn't even know what the fuck they were doing.
Mike: [sees the red team enter the blue kitchen] Aw, here we go. This is fucking bullshit!
Gordon: Alright, blue team! The ladies are finished! They're in here now to wake you up, and finish.
Richard: No, I'm good. I got a...
Gordon: Hey, shut up! YOU FUCKING DO NEED HELP! Anyone that gives me a stone-cold crab cake twice, trust me, you need help!
Joy: (interview) Take the help! Run with it! The more help you take, the faster you can get out the kitchen!

Episode Five [12.5]

Narrator: And now, the continuation of Hell's Kitchen.
Gordon: Blue team, get out of here.
Jason Zepaltas: (interview) It's just a weird relief to have Mike gone. Chef Ramsay, you have made the wisest decision ever, thank you so much for eliminating this scourge on the blue team.

Episode Six [12.6]


[Gordon checks on lobster brought up by Beth]

Gordon: All of you, come here. All of you. COME HERE! [leads the Red team to the back counter]
Kashia: (interview) Oh, no. Oh, no.
Gordon: (raises the lobster) Look at it. Rubbery, chewy, overcooked for the Chef's Table. [angrily throws the lobster away]

[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Melanie]

Gordon: Oh, my God. All of you, come here!
Kashia: Oh, no!
Gordon: This is brought by your captain! It's just raw, solid, pink halibut. You can't even rip it apart.
Sandra: (interview) How stupid you look when the captain of our team brings us raw fish. She's just way over her head.
Gordon: Melanie, are you done? Have you given up?! ANSWER ME!
Melanie: I'm trying chef.
Gordon: I'm not going to tell you one more time, cut the bullshit! Or go home! Good night!

Episode Seven [12.7]


Episode Eight [12.8]

Jason: Yes, Chef.
Gordon: No, NO! (Slams the table again)
Woman: Oh, my God.
Gordon: I'm done. NO! No!

Episode Nine [12.9]


Episode Ten [12.10]


(Gordon eliminates Jessica, but she begs to stay)

Jessica Vogel: No, please let me go back in line chef, please. Please chef. Please.
Gordon: You did...
Jessica Vogel: No please, chef. (starts crying)
Gordon: ...exceptionally well.
Jessica: Oh no, please. (cries) Please let me go back in line... please!
Gordon: You were a great competitor.
Jessica Vogel: No chef, I need to go back in line.
Gordon: The lobster...
Jessica Vogel: Please chef.
Gordon: ...was way undercooked.....
Jessica Vogel: Please. Let me go back in line.
Gordon: ....and the halibut was way overcooked.
Jessica Vogel: Please chef. Let me go back in line.
Gordon: I'm sorry. You should be very proud of what you've done. (Jessica continues crying, as well as Sandra)
Sandra: Feel so bad for her.
Gordon: You were a great competitor and you must continue with that kind of attitude, the passion, and the love you have for food....
Jessica Vogel: Please stop it.
Gordon: ...outside of this competition. (Jessica continues begging) You're just not ready to be a head chef, ok? Please give me your jacket.

[Gordon checks on the fish by Ralph]
Gordon: Hey, Blue Team, all of you! Come here!
Anton: Yes, chef.
Gordon: ALL OF YOU!!! Just touch that. Yeah, just touch how wet it is. It's not overcooked, it's like mush. It's like SOAKING WET DIAPER SHIT FISH AND CHIPS! All of you, come here. This is way too painful. You, you, you, you, you, and you, fuck off upstairs and have a rapid meeting. And come up with two individuals for elimination to get the fuck out of here. Now GET OUT!
[The Blue Team leave the kitchen]
Gordon: [to Melanie] Two fresh fish and chips urgently!
Melanie: Dropping right now, chef!

Episode Eleven [12.11]


[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Anton]

Gordon: It's overcooked. (calls Anton) Anton, come here! I just want you at your fucking best!
Anton: Honestly, chef, Scott is causing a lot of confusion in the corner for me. [Scott gives a shocked face] And that threw me right off from the beginning.
Jason Zepaltas: You can't just always blame it on us, man.
Richard: (interview) Scott got you all fucked up? How did Scott get you all fucked up?
Anton: I'm not blaming it to anybody.
Gordon: Hey, all of you! ALL OF YOU, FUCKING COME HERE!! SHIT!! [kicks a bin; leads the Blue team to the pantry] GET IN HERE!! I suggest you fuckers have a meeting and sort your shit out! [slams the door; returns to the pass]

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Anton]

Gordon: It's overcooked. All of you, come here! ALL OF YOU!!! What is the one thing I asked, Anton?
Anton: Don't let it overcook, chef.
Gordon: So look at that! Touch it! It's overcooked and fucking dry, Anton!
Anton: Sorry, chef.

Anton: (interview) Tonight's service was a nightmare for me. It was pathetic. (back in the kitchen) [he slips] Ohhh! Fuuuuuck... Fuckin' Scott, dropping oil.
Scott: Of course it was my fault! I've seen it all now in Hell's Kitchen. I think I might have seen it all.

[Both teams lost the night's service; the Blue team have nominated Scott and Anton while the Red team have nominated Rochelle and Sandra for elimination; Gordon makes his decision]

Gordon: My decision is...... Anton. Take off your jacket and stay there. (points to Sandra) Sandra, take your jacket off. (to Scott and Rochelle) Scott, Rochelle. Take your jackets off. All four of you, listen carefully. Since your teams felt that you were the reasons that they could not coordinate I'm changing it up. Anton and Scott, both of you are going to the Red team.
Melanie: Fuck!
Gordon: Rochelle and Sandra, both of you are going to the Blue team. [Jason gives a shocked look] Give me your jackets. Join your new teams. Everyone of you, right now has a chance of winning this competition. Stand out, shine. Get out of here.

Episode Twelve [12.12]


Episode Thirteen [12.13]


Episode Fourteen [12.14]

[Only few minutes before dinner service started]
Narrator: In the Blue kitchen, Gabriel is unusually quiet.
Gordon: Let's go, guys.
Melanie: Gabriel, I miss your happy humor.
Narrator: Maybe, a little too quiet.
Melanie: I don't like this whole quiet thing.
Gabriel: I'm focused.
Melanie: (interview) Gabriel is just like moping around like, I don't know. I don't know what he's dealing with, but he better snap out of it before dinner service starts.
Jason Zepaltas: You seem depressed. You don't seem focused. I don't like it.
Rochelle: What's on your mind, Gabriel?
Jason Zepaltas: Do you want me to kiss you?
Gabriel: I don't know.
Gordon: (standing near the pantry) Gabriel, two seconds please.
Gabriel: (interview) Man, the service hasn't started yet, I'm about to get my ass chewed.
Gordon: One big concern I have with you is that there's no fightback.
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: When you get in the weeds tonight, honestly you bounce back. You're still in the game. I have not given up on you.
Gabriel: I haven't given up chef.
Gordon: Nothing would make me happier to see you rise and absolutely nail the service tonight, okay?
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let's go.

[Kashia brings her scallops to the pass]
Andi: [finds that there's only 14 scallops] I'm short one.
Gordon: You're short of one. Yeah, fuck me. Kashia!
Kashia: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Three times five?
Kashia: (interview) Uhm, I'm having a brain freeze.
Gordon: Three five's?
Kashia: Three times five 15, chef.
Gordon: I've got 14 scallops!
Kashia: I'm sorry about that chef.
Gordon: (to Scott) Scott, get me a scallop on!
Scott Commings: Yes, chef! Right now! Give me a minute and a half, chef!
Gordon: Hurry up!

Narrator: In the Blue kitchen, Rochelle is ready with her first entrées.
[Rochelle brings her chicken to the pass, Gordon checks it]
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell. That is pink.
Narrator: Well, almost ready.
Gordon: Rochelle?
Rochelle: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Pink chicken. Come on, get it back in the oven or a pan! Braise it, let's go! Pink!
Gabriel: (interview) You just do not fucking serve raw chicken. That's just 101.
Jason Zepaltas: (to Rochelle) How long on your chicken refire?
Rochelle: I need thirty seconds. Sorry guys, that will not happen again.

[Scott brings Anton's chicken to the pass]
Scott Commings: Chicken, chef.
Gordon: (checks Anton's chicken) That is pink, right?
Andi: Yeah.
Gordon: Hey Scott! You sliced the chicken, yes?
Scott Commings: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Look, pink there. I'm showing you there.
Scott Commings: Yes, chef.
Gordon: That's two minutes under!
Scott Commings: (interview) I wasn't really responsible for that. I was just trying to help and do whatever I could for the team. I sliced the chicken, that's it.
Gordon: You sliced it, right?
Scott Commings: Yes, I did chef. Yes and I didn't see that part right there. Give me twenty seconds chef!
Gordon: Oh, fuck off. Chicken, Scott?
Scott Commings: Yes, chef! Twenty seconds!

[Kashia brings her salmon to the pass]

Kashia: One salmon, you have to walk with that welli.
Narrator: And while Kashia hustles her salmon to the pass,
Gordon: Wellingtons, where are they?
Anton: Ten minutes left on those two wellingtons.
Gordon: Ten minutes?
Anton: Yes, chef.
Narrator: Anton appears to be in no particular hurry.
Gordon: Is there any way you guys can talk to each other? She's [Kashia] running over the salmon, (to Kashia; points to Anton) he's fucking ten minutes away!
Joy: (interview) What do you do when there's no protein? You're standing there and waiting to get cursed out some more because that's all you can do. These two men, they suck!
Gordon: (goes to Kashia's station and returns her salmon) Hey, here's your salmon. You cooked them properly this time, unfortunately, you're miles away.
Narrator: Thanks to Anton, Kashia must sacrifice her perfectly cooked salmon and cook another one. Meanwhile, back in the Blue kitchen...
Rochelle: [while cutting her wellingtons] Oh, I think I need a bread knife.
Gordon: (goes to Rochelle's station) Wait, Rochelle.
Narrator: Rochelle's wellingtons have caught Chef Ramsay's eye.
Rochelle: (interview) Oh, crap! Please, please be perfectly cooked. Please be cooked at all. Do not be blue or purple inside.
Gordon: (slicing the wellingtons) Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Rochelle: Okay.
Gordon: Sauce, please.
Rochelle: Okay.
Gordon: You've never worked in a professional kitchen on the line before you come here?
Rochelle: Never ever.
Gordon: You cook like you've been working in a kitchen for five years.
Rochelle: Oh, thank you chef. (interview) To be complimented by Chef Ramsay, I mean for him to take me seriously as a potential candidate for a head chef, [brings her sauce to the pass] Walking with my wellington sauce. (interview) that blows my mind. It really does.
Gordon: Rochelle, that's beautifully cooked.
Jason Zepaltas: Yes!
Rochelle: Thank you chef.

Narrator: Back in the Red kitchen, Kashia is ready once again with her salmon.
Kashia: [brings her salmon to the pass] Two salmon.
Gordon: Two salmon, two fucking wellington!
Narrator: But is Anton ready with his beef wellingtons?
Anton: I need two wellingtons cut.
Scott Commings: Wellingtons, are they ready to go?
Anton: They're sitting right there, cut them off for me, please.
Scott Commings: (slicing the wellingtons) Shit.
Anton: These are overcooked.
Scott Commings: Yeah, fuck.
Gordon: Wellington, let's go!
Scott Commings: (slicing another wellington) That's overcooked too, man. Those are all over.
Anton: Oh, god-damn it!
Gordon: Hello?!
Anton': Those are my two newest. I've got a replacement.
Gordon: Hey, hey, hey anything?!
Scott Commings: I'm checking! There are some of them that are over chef! I'm working on it right now!
Joy: (interview) It was like a little wellington cemetery tonight for sure. Like, you know how expensive those things are?
Gordon: (goes to Anton's station) Stop! All of you, stop! Anton, these are not a little over.
Anton: That's way over, yes. Obviously, I screwed it up with the oven. Next door's oven, I got it down bad, this one I screwed it up.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me.
Scott Commings: (interview) I just don't understand making an excuse for an oven, or whatever. I mean, it doesn't matter.
Andi: What is your process?
Anton: Normally next door, it's 18 minutes, five minutes on the side. I let it rest for another five minutes--.
Andi: Stop yelling at me! I've told them it's 14 minutes. Done, that's it.
Anton: I understand that chef. (interview) Don't think I'm going to let some little girl get into my face and start ripping a new ass, because you got issues on being a woman in the kitchen. (to Sous-chef Andi) I was just saying that this is way overcooked.
Andi: Stop talking back!
Anton: (interview) You will not break me and I'm going to just going to piss you off more on purpose.
Andi: Anton, fucking pull it together!
Anton: I have it together, chef!
Andi: [angrily gets into Anton's face] DON'T YOU FUCKING TALK BACK TO ME!! DON'T YOU EVER TALK BACK TO ME!
Anton: I'm not talking back to you!
Andi: YES, YOU ARE! Pull it together! You're fucking doing this on purpose!
Joy: Anton, cut it yo!
Kashia: (interview) He crossed the line. She's in charge. Unh-unh, you don't do that. You don't even rock like that.
Andi: Shut up and say "Yes, chef!"
Anton: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Anton, come here! [throws his spoon away; leads Anton to the pantry]
Scott Commings: (interview) Anton's out of control, he's going down in flames.
Gordon: Get in here!
Scott Commings: (interview) I don't see it getting any better for him here.
Gordon: [angrily slams the door] What the fuck are you doing?! You've got to keep it together!
Anton: I do have it together, I have a clear head on it.
Gordon: But the wellingtons are way out of control! You're not communicating, your head's in the fucking sand, and at this moment now I need you to rise and get it back together!
Anton: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Let's go!
Anton: Yes, chef!

[The Blue team is about to send their last table of entrées]
Narrator: Back in the Blue kitchen, communication and teamwork are at an all-time high.
Gabriel: Walking wellington garnish in twenty seconds.
Gordon: Last table, guys. Salmon, wellington yes?
Blue team: Yes, chef!
Rochelle: Wellington. (brings her wellingtons to the pass)
Jason Zepaltas: Salmon walking behind. (brings his salmon to the pass)
Gabriel: (brings his garnishes to the pass) Walking with garnish.
Gordon: Two wellington?
Rochelle: Two wellington.
Gordon: Blue team!
Gabriel: Yes, chef?
Gordon: All of you, come here!
Gabriel: Hey you guys, come up here.
Jason Zepaltas: (interview) Oh, fuck! What went wrong?
[The Blue team gathers around the pass]
Gordon: Just look at the standard. Seriously, I had some good services in my time in Hell's Kitchen, but nothing quite as good as tonight. That is immaculate. Great job. Well done.
Blue team: Thank you chef.
Melanie: Great job, team. (interview) WHOOOO! Best service so far. Holy shit, I called it, too! I mean, I can jump into the Red team tomorrow and have a great service. I can jump back into the Blue team mid-service and have a great service. (to Rochelle) Told you I'd make a difference on your team!
Rochelle: You did!

[After the service in which the Blue team had clearly won]
Gordon: (to the Blue team) You guys, great job!
Blue team: Thank you chef.
Gordon: And Gabriel, welcome back!
Gabriel: Thank you chef. Thank you. (interview) Ohh, I'm so excited, man! I've killed it tonight!
Gordon: (to the Red team) Red team, I'm disappointed! Kashia, I never taught you to braise salmon ever! Scott, I'm done with raw chicken! Anton, you sunk your team!
Anton: This oven here chef is 14 minutes, the other side is 18 minutes chef. [Rochelle shakes her head]
Gordon: That oven there is the exact same as that oven.
Anton: I'm just saying that I should have went there and checked it out myself.
Melanie: Okay, we can't blame the ovens right now.
Anton: I'm blaming the ovens, chef. [Gordon gives a shocked face]
Gordon: Okay! I don't want to hear any more bullshit about the oven! I want each and every one of you to come to a consensus of two nominees up for elimination. I'm done! Hurry up!
Kashia: Yes, chef.

Episode Fifteen [12.15]


Episode Sixteen [12.16]


[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Gabriel]

Gordon: Oh, fucking hell, man. All of you, STOP!! Hey, HEY!!! Come here! QUICK!! The one table I begged for absolute perfection, touch that! Look at these here! How can I serve that?! Secondly, it's overcooked! Touch them! COME ON!! [knocks his hand on the workstation] Gabriel! Of all the tables!
Rochelle: (under her breath) Ohh, gosh.
Gabriel: Fuck me, man!
Rochelle: You got it, Gabriel. Don't worry. (interview) Gabriel, this is like Minnie Driver's table. Get it together! (to Gabriel) Let us know Gabriel if you need help.
Gordon: (to the servers) Go with that please, guys.

[Gordon asks for scallops in the Blue kitchen]

Gordon: Scallops, please!
Gabriel: 45 seconds!
Gordon: Yeah, hurry up you! Eight guests from the Oxfam table have been served, I'm begging you for the scallops!
Gabriel: Yes, chef! Ten seconds! [brings his scallops to the pass] (interview) Please, God. Let me get them alright!
Gordon: Service, please!

[Gordon has found out that Scott has put three halibut instead of two in the oven]

Gordon: Scott! Why did you put three in when there's two away?
Scott Commings: (starts stuttering) Becau-- I-- I wa-- I was-- I apologize, chef.
Gordon: Oh, he didn't even answer me! [throws his spoon away]
Scott Commings: No, chef! There was two away! There's one following right behind it.
Scott Commings: I apologize.
Scott Commings: I got it chef.

[Gordon notices Gabriel cooking halibut and salmon in one pan]

Gordon: Oh, my God. Gabriel!
Gabriel: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Why have you got a salmon and a halibut in the same pan? TALK TO ME, PLEASE!
Gabriel: I'm just searing it so I don't--
Gordon: Come here you! One's braised, one's--
Gabriel: I'm just doing the sear first right now.
Gordon: I don't want them! One's an oily fish, one's a white fish!
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: They need to be separate!
Melanie: (interview) Oh, my God. That is like a fucking NO-NO!
Gordon: Twelve services, we've never done it like that. You are not going to start.
Gabriel: I'm not chef.
Gordon: One day, if you're lucky enough to open up your own business, then you teach that bad practice!
Gabriel: Fuck, man!

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Scott]

Gordon: Oh, man! That's burned.
Andi: Yeah, that's for Minnie, too.
Gordon: Scott! Come here you. That's burned. For Minnie Driver. Burned! The charity table!
Scott Commings: Chef, I apologize.
Gordon: Young man, you're making mistake after mistake, what you're doing is pissing me off!
Scott Commings: I'm sorry, chef.

[Gordon checks on salmon borught up by Gabriel]

Gordon: What is he doing? It's just a soft shit. [returns to the workstation] Hey, just touch that. Just touch the skin! You can't give me crispy salmon!
Jason Zepaltas: (interview) Oh, my God! What a freaking idiot! Crispy skin, it's simple! It's simple as a physics!
Gordon: (to Scott in the Red kitchen) Hey, Scott!
Scott Commings: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here you! (to Gabriel) And you as well. This is painful! Seriously painful!
Gabriel: (interview) Oh, fuck man! Chef Ramsay's pissed. This is not good!
Gordon: [leads Scott and Gabriel to the pantry and slams the door] What the fuck are you two doing?! You're out of fucking control!
Scott Commings: No, chef!
Gordon: (to Scott) You knew you went over, and you still bring it to me!
Scott Commings: No, chef! I didn't think I held it that far!
Gordon: [throws the tray away] You still brought it to me!
Scott Commings: I apologize, chef. I didn't mean to do that.
Gordon: (to Gabriel) And your skin is soft!
Gabriel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You two, ready to go?
Scott Commings & Gabriel: No, chef!
Gordon: WAKE UP!
Scott Commings: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Gabriel]

Gordon: All of you, COME HERE! [throws his spoon away] Yeah! Oh, really?! What next?! What possibly could be wrong?! The salmon is fucking raw! It's raw and it's stone-fucking-cold! [throws the salmon on the tray; to Gabriel] STOP! YOU ARE DONE! The competition for you is over! GET OUT!
Gabriel: Yes, chef. [tries to return to the dorms]
Gordon: Hey, young man! [points to the front entrance] FRONT DOOR! GET OUT!
Rochelle: (interview) Crap, that's a bad way to leave.
Gabriel: (to the Blue team) Sorry, team.
Gordon: GET OUT!
Minnie Driver: (sees Gabriel going through the dining room) Ohh!
Gabriel: That fucked me, man.
Jason: (interview) You can just be thrown out of that kitchen. It's that late in the game and it's that serious.
Jean-Philippe: (follows Gabriel outside the restaurant) Uh, Gabriel.
Gabriel: Yep?
Jean-Philippe: Sorry, man.
Gabriel: It was a pleasure. (shakes JP's hand)
Jean-Philippe: Listen, pleasure was ours. However, I need your jacket. [Gabriel removes his chef's jacket]
Gabriel: It just didn't go my way tonight. It's just one bad service too many. Instead of getting a black jacket, they took my blue jacket. My fucking heart hurts right now because it was this fucking close.

Gordon: With Gabriel causing such a disaster in the kitchen tonight, it was hard to tell who else I should send home. So, I gave everybody the thrill of getting a black jacket. But somebody will definitely be going home after the next dinner service.

Episode Seventeen [12.17]


Episode Eighteen [12.18]

Gordon: Garnish for the halibut, please? I'll take, I'll take!
Jason Zepaltas: Garnish needs about 90 seconds to finish the shrimp off.
Joy: Walking with the halibut. [brings her halibut to the pass]
Gordon: [throws his spoon away] I need the garnish for the halibut before the halibut! Fuck!
Jason Zepaltas: I know that, chef.
Gordon: Well if you know, why doesn't Joy know?
Joy: What?! What am I...? I don't understand what you're saying!
Gordon: Come here! Come here. I would like the garnish... look at me. Look at me!
Joy: Chef, I--
Gordon: Let me finish my sentence! Plain English: I would like the garnish for the halibut, before the halibut.
Joy: Chef, I just... I... I...
Gordon: Yes or no! You want to pick an argument? I'm ready!
Joy: (walking away) Can I finish cooking chef?
Gordon: Hey, young lady! If you're in a mood, don't take it out on my food.
Joy: (throws her cooking cloth away) I'm done.
Gordon: You're "done"?!
Joy: Leave me alone, leave me alone.
Melanie: Joy, stop!
Joy: Fuck you. I'm done with this shit. [removes her apron, throws it aside and leaves the kitchen]
Melanie: Joy, no! Come back!
Rochelle: Oh my God.
[In the corridor behind the kitchen, Joy removes her jacket and throws it on the ground]
Woman: She left. She left, she walked off.
Stan Lee: And he went chasing after her. I've never seen anything like this.
[Gordon follows Joy into the corridor]
Gordon: What a selfish attitude! One thing wrong, and you run away. Absolutely phenomenal.
Joy: I'm trying to tell you--
Gordon: No, you're not telling me!
Joy: You're not even listening to me! I'm--
Gordon: You're arguing, you're shouting...
Joy: I'm done!
Gordon: Yeah, I know you're done. It shows in your cooking.
Joy: Okay, fine. Fuck you. (returns to the dorms)
Gordon: Get out! Unbelievable. Fucking unbelievable.
[In the kitchen, the remaining four are still working]
Jason: Soooo... did that really happen?
Melanie: I guess.
Stan Lee: (laughs) I think we wrecked this place by ordering halibut!
Jason: (interview) I can't believe what was just happening. She just blew it. Over a fish. (shrugs) Chicks, man.
Melanie: She'd better not quit.
Rochelle: Yeah, she'd better not. (interview) I'm just like "Please, walk back in with Chef!" [Gordon returns to the kitchen alone; Melanie and Rochelle look dismayed] (interview) But... no! No!
Gordon: Melanie! On the fish station, please.
Melanie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And, excuse me! Everybody!
Scott Commings: Yes, chef?
Gordon: That is not the attitude I expect at this stage of the game, let me tell you!

[After service, Gordon addresses the final four.]

Gordon: What a night. To be a great head chef, you need to have composure, discipline, and maturity. What Joy did tonight proved to me that she is NOT ready to be my next head chef.
Jason: (interview) Joy was MY competition; me and her in the final two. So for her to just flush all her hard work down the shitter, it really blows my mind.

Gordon: Joy's quitting was one of the most shocking things I've ever experienced in Hell's Kitchen. But her lack of maturity tonight proved that she is not ready to be a head chef because leaders never quit.

Episode Nineteen [12.19]


Episode Twenty [12.20]