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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

All-Stars Arrive [17.1]

Gordon: Can't wait to see you!
Benjamin: Excellent, Chef!
Gordon: Goodbye!
Benjamin: Thank you so much. I exciting for an opportunity.

(Hangs up with his phone)

Gordon: Haven't got time for bullshit, Benjamin. Move your arse.

Gordon: Battle of the lamb. Now, Giovanni...
Giovanni: How you doing, Chef?
Gordon: I remember being really pissed with you.
Giovanni: So did I.
Gordon: Remember that?
Giovanni: Yeah, Yeah, I still have-- I still have the nickname. (shows a flashback when Giovanni ruins the special dish and talks back to Chef Ramsay)

Gordon: Van, quick question, what do you have against maitre d's?
Van: (laughing) (shows a flashback when Van is about to fight against Jean-Phillippe) Where is whistle britches at?
Gordon: I've got an Italian one.
Van: Oh yeah, Italian one.
Gordon: Don't hit him.
Van: All right, All right.
Gordon: Okay?
Van: I'm gonna be good.

Robyn: This is tiger's eye. It help me get grounded. If you have any questions you want to ask, you take this, you put it in the palm of your hand, and I just ask it questions.
Barbie: (interview) (confused) Her stone talks to her?
Robyn: It's telling me what yes and no, and so I ask it yes and no questions.
Barbie: (interview) It's a talking stone? (camera zooms to her face)
Robyn: I ask--
Elise: You ask it questions?
Robyn: Yeah.
Elise: You didn't ask about the salmon though.
Barbie: Ohh, ohh, the shade.

Raising the Bar [17.2]

Gordon: Ben and Jared... Come here!
Giovanni: (Interview) Oh, what's gonna happen?
Jared: Yes, Chef.
Gordon: The salmon, it's ice cold. It's not even fucking -- It's just ice cold. How does that happen? It's just ice (pounds his fist to the salmon) fucking cold. WHO COOKED THAT SALMON?
Ben: I did, chef!
Gordon: How thick is that salmon? Pretty thick, yeah. (while Ben points his head) So what does that tell you? COME ON!
Ben: Needs a little more time, Chef. Heard.

Gordon: (looks at the salmon in the middle) Holy shit. Who cooked the salmon?
Manda: Chef, I did.
Gordon: It's raw. How does that happen?
Manda: I'm not sure, Chef!

(throws a raw salmon to the bin)

Gordon: You're not sure?
Manda: I fucked up.
Barbie: (interview) Oh My God, Amanda. Salmon, it is, the most ordered, piece of fish, in the world.
Gordon: How long for the refire? Manda
Manda: Right now, Chef.
Ashley: That skin looks buuurnt. He is not going be happy.
Manda: I'm GETTING FUCKING PISSED! (Interview) You just give me a few minutes and back up off of me, I can get this done.
Gordon: Where is the salmon?
Manda: I'm working on it, Chef!
Gordon: That's raw. Where's the salmon?
Manda: Burnt, Chef.
Gordon: Burnt.
Ashley: Skin is burnt.
Manda: Yes, the skin is burnt.
Gordon: Bring it here.
Robyn: Hot.
Gordon: Fuck. Come here. (To Red Team) Hey.
Jordin Sparks: Oh, no. Oh, no!
Gordon: Hey. Look at where we are. All Stars? Let's get one thing right. No stars! All of you, get out! (Kicks the red team out)
Robyn: Fuck!

Tower of Terror [17.3]


(Gordon watches Ashley drink water during service)

Gordon: Earth to Ashley. What are you doing?