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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

18 Chefs Compete [15.01]

[After Gordon examined Alan's scallops and Mark's pizza]
Gordon: They're cooked to (bleep), those things. Who cooked the scallops?
Alan: Here, chef.
Gordon: They're (bleep) rubber! The first portion was perfect and that was (bleep) perfect fluke 'cause that is (bleep). [returns the pizza to the workstation after found out it was burned] (Mark) Hey, by the way, in England, we have a saying, "When it's brown, it's cooked. When it's black, it's (bleep)!" [drops a plate of pizza to a workstation onto an empty plate at the bottom shattering into pieces] Disgusting, and you bringing me that (bleep)? WHAT'S GOING ON?!
Narrator: Alan's rubber scallops and Mark's burned pizza have brought the kitchen into the standstill.
Gordon: No one's communicating, no one's stepping up and no one's taking charge.

Gordon: [Holds the tickets] Come on guys, they are about to walk out. (to Hassan) Risotto, where is it?
Hassan: Yeah. I've got my two lobsters and a risotto. Ready?
Alan: [Checking cooked shrimps] Yeah sure, they're hot.
Hassan: Go, go, go!
Kevin: Two lobster, chef.
[After Gordon checks Kevin's lobster to be served for their first entrée; Gordon has had enough]
Gordon: Unreal. [returns the lobster at the workstation] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, come here, all of you! ALL OF YOU!!!
Joe: (interview) Fish station, Alan and Kevin (imitates whistling) they were kind of like a fart in a fan factory [sic]. Man, they were fucking lost.
Gordon: Just touch that, please put your hand on there! [sees a cold raw lobster on a plate] Touch! Touch! Fucking (smashes the shrimp) cold! WHAT'S GOING ON?! 'CAUSE I'M GETTING SERIOUSLY PISS OFF!
Lady: I'm done, let's get out of here.
Gordon: I do not fucking get it!
Marino: Chef, table 40 is leaving two top and they haven't got anything yet.
Gordon: Now the tables have walking out, just literally giving up! A bit like you. FUCK OFF OUT OF HERE! GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!!
Joe: (interview) What a fucking shit show! I've never been in part of anything so hellacious in my life.
[Blue team approaches out of the kitchen, Gordon follows them]
Gordon: Hey! Hey, hey, bozo! Do me one favor tonight, get upstairs and think of two individuals that don't belong in the blue team. GET OUT!
Jared: Yes chef.
Frank Cala: That was brutal.

Gordon: Mark was a disaster from the start. The best thing I saw from him was his back as he walked out the door.

17 Chefs Compete [15.02]


16 Chefs Compete [15.03]

Gordon: [holds the ticket] On order, four covers of table 32. Don't wait for me. Appetizers fire one special table, two side scallops, two risotto. Entrée two Arctic char, two wellington.
Ashley Nickell: Yes chef.
Vanessa Soltero: Two wellington?
Gordon: Hey hey, ladies! That was flat.
Red team: Yes chef.
Gordon: Vanessa, call back the order!
Vanessa Soltero: We have special table side, we have two [looks clueless] (bleep). [rings a buzzer]
Gordon: I called this out ten seconds ago. Entrées what were they, Vanessa?
Vanessa Soltero: They were one, well-- (bleep) [looks confused and clueless once again] (begins attempted interview and looks still confused)
Vanessa Soltero: I am so sorry did not hear that.
Gordon: Listen, concentrate, get your head down.
Ashley and Jackie: Yes chef.

Christina Wilson: I need one lobster for double risotto I told them two by two, two by two and two by two.

Gordon: On order, table 30, two snapper, two tuna and a wellington!
Red team: Yes chef.
Gordon: Kristin, call back the order!
Kristin: Two special?
Gordon: Call back that six order! QUIET, EVERYBODY!
Kristin: Two special table side.
Gordon: Kristin, call back the order!
Kristin: Yes, chef? Two special, two table sides risotto (looks terribly confused) two... two wellington.
Gordon: Funny right?
Kristin: Its not funny. I just focusing on a hundred things right now.
Gordon: (to Kristin) This is not funny, I'VE HAD ENOUGH!
Kristin: Sorry chef.
Gordon: (calls the entire team) Come over, you! I'm done with you. Kristin, stop standing there! (to Sous-chef Christina) Christina, write that ticket on her (bleep) back.
Christina Wilson: Kristin!
Kristin: Behind You.
Christina Wilson: Get up here!
Kristin: Yes, chef.
Christina Wilson: Turn around. [writes the orders on Kristin's back]
Kristin: (interview) Oh, my God, what is happening right now? Why are you writing on my chef coat?
Christina Wilson: Do not let her forget what's on the table.
Red team: Yes, chef.

Narrator: Back in the Blue kitchen...
Gordon: Buzz Aldrin, two tuna, four wellington.
Blue team: Yes, chef.
Narrator: Chef Ramsay looks to Hassan on meat to pilot this VIP ticket.
Gordon: Hassan, focus on your table.
Hassan: Yes, chef. Put the wellingtons in for me, Kevin.
Kevin Ridlon: Heard. Wellingtons going in the oven. [holds a plate of perfectly cooked wellingtons to mistakenly send in the oven]
Gordon: (to Kevin) Where is he going?! WHERE'S THAT IDIOT GOING?!
Eddie Jaskowiak: (called Kevin over) Hey, whoa, whoa! They're done. (captions on a screen)
Hassan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, bring those back, please. Get them over here! (interview) Kevin, they're already cooked, man. We're cooking the ones that aren't cooked. Back up before you get slapped up, bro.
Gordon: Man! (gives Kevin a warning; throws a fork to a cleaning rack) (Points his finger to Kevin) Hey, you, I'll kick you to the (bleep) moon. (to Kevin) Come here.
Kevin Ridlon: (interview) Oh, damn! Not good.
Gordon: He maybe an astronaut, but you're a space cadet. (to Kevin) Are you okay?
Kevin Ridlon: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You sure?
Kevin Ridlon: Yes, chef.
Gordon: (Bleep) HELL!

Gordon: Arctic char, Arctic char! [holds a pan of perfectly cooked risotto]
Narrator: And finally complete the second order of entrées.
Jackie: (Arctic) char. (sends to the pass)
Gordon: (returns the char and sauce to workstation) Hey! Hey, all of you, come here! Just touch that! Dannie, just touch that! COME ON! COME ON! QUICK! JUST TOUCH THAT!
Jackie: Yeah. It's cold.
Gordon: Touch! Touch it! [heavily smashes the char] (Bleep)! Stone-cold! Jackie, we're stuck in neutral.
Jackie: (interview) (Bleep) my life! Chef Ramsay is going to eliminate me right here.
Gordon: Jackie, come here! (Bleep) useless!
Male diner: Oh no!
Lady: Oh no!
Gordon: For the last time, get it together!
Jackie: Yes, chef. I got to refire the (bleep, bleep)!
Gordon: (talking to the waiter) Go. Come back for the Arctic char, yes?
Kristin: How long on this char, Jackie?
Gordon: How long for the char?
Jackie: Three minutes, chef.
Gordon: The rest of the table are eating their entrées.
Jackie: I know, chef.
Male diner: You guys can start.
Gordon: Start before it gets cold. (Bleep) half the table's eating.
Jackie: (interview) So I got Chef Ramsay screaming, "Where's the char?" Don't worry, I'm with it. I'm 'bout to 'bout it.
Gordon: Arctic char? I can't wait it, it's not good enough!
[Gordon holds the char and sauce returns to workstation for the second time and he has had it]
Gordon: Hey, all of you! All of you, come here!
Meese: Ugh! I'm--
Gordon: Come here! It's cold and raw! Uh, I'm done! [slams the char to a plate] I'm (bleep) done! I AM DONE! GET OUT! GET OUT!!! I TOLD YOU I WON'T TO PUT UP WITH ANOTHER SERVICE THIS BAD, GET OUT, VANESSA! GET TO THE DOOR! [throws Vanessa's apron on a table when she is on her anger]
Ariel Malone: Damn it.
Jackie: (throws her apron off the table) THIS SUCKS.
Ashley Nickell: (interview) Somebody needs to go home tonight. It's just completely unacceptable. It's like we're hitting walls instead of jumping hurdles.

15 Chefs Compete [15.04]

[During the Red Team's punishment task]
Christina Wilson: Get your top kit set and make a list of everything you need.
Dannie: Okay. Got it.
Kristin: (interview) Every kitchen has the prep list. Normally we don’t title the list... we just know it’s the list.
Jackie: Okay, this is the list, I'm gonna put "the (bleep) list".
Dannie: (interview) Jackie wrote "the (bleep) list". Like... why would you write that?
[Sees Jackie's handwritten list at the workstation]
Christina Wilson: (to Kristin) "The (bleep) list?"
Kristin: The (bleep) I didn't write that. So respectful, right? (interview) What are you thinking, Jackie? Disrespect like that does not fly anywhere.
Christina Wilson: (to Jackie) Is this you? It's disrespectful, is what it is. NEVER AGAIN I SWEAR TO GOD!!! If any of th--(Jackie starts to say something) SHUT UP!!!
Jackie: (interview) She did not think that was very funny.
Christina Wilson: [holds Jackie's list] If any of this happens in this kitchen again, the (bleep) list, whoever writes it will be finishing the (bleep) list!
Jackie: It wasn't disrespecting you.
Christina Wilson: You just interrupted me. Take a seat! (letting Jackie to sit on a chef's table) Have a seat, sit down! Never again! It’s a professional (bleep) kitchen, you would be FIRED if you worked for me. You wanna have a (notices Jackie shrugging)—what, you don't care?
Jackie: No.
Christina Wilson: YOU DON'T CARE?
Jackie: No.
Christina Wilson: (pointing her finger to Jackie again) This is your teammate. Find the cancer on your team and work around it.
Ashley Nickell: (interview) Jackie brought our whole morale down, she has to go. I'm done with her.
Christina Wilson: [letting the red team out of the kitchen] Go have lunch.
Jackie: (interview) I'm the type of person where I can joke, joke, joke, and then boom, jump on a desert and get the (bleep) done. But these morons don't see that.

Gordon: Where's the garnish?
Meese: I don't know, chef.
Gordon: What is she doing?
Meese: The wellington garnish is up and--
Ashley Nickell: (interview; regarding Meese) Bitch, get control of your station. (to Meese) What are you doing? (putting spinach on Messe's pan) What are you doing? What are you doing?
Meese: Sorry.
Ashley Nickell: God, I'm trying to help you.
Meese: (disintegrates) Ugh!
Gordon: Meese!
Meese: Yes, chef?
Gordon: I don't want my guests eating on an installment plan?
[Screenshot of Kris Jenner and her friends laughing when they are waited for food]
Kris Jenner: Did he say "an installment plan"? He did not just say that.
Gordon: (to Meese) Where's the mash (potatoes)?
Meese: They're right here chef.
Christina Wilson: You can leave them in the pot. We talked about this. Leave them in the pot.
Meese: Oh, I'm sorry.
Gordon: Who put that on a tray like that?
Christina Wilson: Meese.
Gordon: Hey, hey, hey, hey! (to Kris Jenner) Kris, I'm so sorry. Hey! All of you come here! COME HERE! GET IN! [summons the entire team into the pantry] I'M DONE!
Kris Jenner: Oh, are they grounded?
Gordon: We have a chef table in there tonight. Sat a meter away and look how I got the mash. It dumped on the (bleep) tray! I've been INSIDE PRISON and they give food better than this (bleep)! [smashes the plate onto a floor with an amidst of anger]

Gordon: After being nominated three times in a row due to the lack of communication, Meese may want to consider changing her name to Mouse.

14 Chefs Compete [15.05]

Gordon: Get the (bleep) out of the way! GET OUT OF THE WAY! SEASON FROM UP (bleep) HIGH! LET'S GO! [showing Kevin how to cook scallops] Watch me! Twelve o'clock, one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock, yes?
Kevin Ridlon: Yes chef.
Gordon: Bang, that is it. You just leave them here.
Kevin Ridlon: Yes chef.
Gordon: Then you check in with your garnish.
[Joe began to spill the sauce into Kevin's pan that started fire]
Joe: Aaahhh!!!
Gordon: What the (bleep) are you doing?
Jared: (Bleep, bleep)! It's hot! It's hot! (groans)
Joe: I grabbed it with my hand. [stove starts catching fire]
Gordon: Oh, my God! Oh, (bleep) hell!
Kid diner: Look! [captions on the screen]
Joe: That's my mistake, my mistake.
Gordon: Get out! (Bleep) GET OUT! Now you are making history you're gonna burn down the the restaurant! Refire scallop! [tosses the barely undercooked scallops through the sink]

Narrator: Back in the Blue Kitchen, Chef Ramsay finds nothing that is amusing.
Gordon: (to Kevin) Where are the scallops?
Kevin Ridlon: Right here chef! Right here chef!
[Gordon checks the scallops brought up by Kevin and they are raw]
Gordon: Hey, all of you! Fuckin' hell. Just touch them, come on! Just touch them! Just touch that! Touch it! Look at it! Look!
[Gordon punches the raw scallops]
Gordon: I've just done them with you and they are all fucking overcooked, raw, this is not normal! All of you, come here! Get in there!
Joe: Yes, chef.

[Gordon summons the blue team into the pantry room to regroup]

Gordon: Move, Joe!
Joe: (interview) Oh, Jesus Chris. Not tonight of all fuckin' nights, not tonight!
Gordon: Get over there! Get over there! [approaches the entire team to the pantry room] What in the fuck is going on here? What is going on?(points at Kevin) You!
Kevin: I fucked up, chef.
Gordon: Yeah do me a big favour.
Kevin Ridlon : Yes, chef?
Gordon: Yeah?! Get your apron off, get packed, fuck off out! [opens the pantry room door for Kevin] GET OUT! GET OUT!
Kevin Ridlon: Yes, chef. [leaves the pantry room to pack his things]
Gordon: Who's next? Get your shit together, and salvage what's left for all of you. FUCKING WAKE UP! NOW!
Jared: Yes, chef. (interview) Kevin just went down, I don't know what the fuck happened for no more mistakes that we can't have any service.
Gordon: Joe! On the fish, now!
Joe: Yes, chef.

Narrator: The blue team is hoping Alan's new risotto hits the mark.
Alan: Thirty seconds on the riso(tto)s. Walking my risottos! [sending to the pass]
Gordon: Is the fish and chips gone yet?
Joe: Fish and chips is one minute out, chef. (interview) We still have a shot in spite of everything that has (bleep) up so far.
Gordon: Fish and chips?
Joe: Walking! [holds the fish on a pot and sending over to the pass] Right here to the right.
Gordon: It's (bleep) raw fish. [returns the fish and chips to the workstation] ALL OF YOU, STOP! LOOK AT THIS (bleep) MESS! Its... its... ITS JUST DISGUSTING!!! [Jared and Joe touch the fish] WE'VE HAD EVERY POSSIBLE (bleep) MISTAKE TONIGHT, AND IT'S NOW BEYOND A JOKE! [smashes the fish on a plate] RAW FISH!!! All of you, get the (bleep) out of here!
Blue team: Yes, chef.
Eddie Jaskowiak: (interview) Argghhh... It was embarrassing tonight.
Gordon: GET OUT!

Narrator: Over in the red kitchen...
Gordon: Tuna and New York Strip?
Hassan: Coming to the pass in 15 seconds, chef.
Narrator: Hassan and Dannie hope the the third time's charm with their refired New York Strip and Tuna.
Hassan: Coming out the pass, one New York (Strip).
Dannie: One tuna.
Ashley Nickell: (interview) There's no option to fail we can not (bleep) this up. If we do, another one of us is going home.
Gordon: (Bleep)! Steak's raw. Hey, hey, Red Team! RED TEAM!!!
Hassan and Jackie: Yes, chef?
Gordon: It is contagious there's just mistake, after mistake, after mistake! DO ME A BIG FAVOR, ALL TOGETHER, (Bleep) OFF!!! GET OUT! GET OUT!!!
Kid diner: What happened?
Jackie: What the (bleep) man?!

Gordon: On a night when the dining room was filled with children, it was Alan who needed a babysitter. He and Kevin should both understand I'm not running a daycare.

12 Chefs Compete [15.06]

[When Joe was struggled to find an exact table; Marino helps him]
Marino: Joe, what is going on?
Joe: Twenty-three. twenty-three.
Marino: What are you doing? What do you need?
Joe: I just need to know where the (bleep) it is.
Gordon: What's he doing there?! What's the (bleep, bleep) little donkey doing out there?
Marino: [letting Joe back to the kitchen] Hey, twenty-three! Its this way, I'll show you, watch your language.
Joe: (interview) Regardless of what's going on in my head or in the kitchen, I'm a people person. I'm always good with the people. Like all the girls on a charm (smiles).
Joe: [attracts with diners when serving tableside] How is doing today?
Lady: I'm hungry.
Joe: Oh, okay. Well, we'll fix that in a hurry. Mascarpone sauce, potatoes.
Gordon: Joe!
Joe: Yeah?
Gordon: Move your arse.
Joe: [brings the plate to the hungry female diner] Here you go, enjoy. My mom never yelled at me this much.
Gordon: Joe, get your (bleep) arse in here, NOW! Hey you, come here?
Joe: Yes, chef?
Gordon: [notices on Joe's chef jacket] What's all this on here? It is a brand new jacket? You look like a sack of (bleep) on a hot day. YOU ARE DIRTY, YOU'RE SLOW, GET THE (bleep) OUT OF HERE, GET OUT!!! GET CHANGE, HURRY UP!!!
Joe: I don't have another clean, chef--
Gordon:(bleep) Find one ! I don't care!

Gordon: You guys are really waiting for that chicken, huh? I'm waiting for that chicken.
Chad: (interview) I've worked in Michelin star restaurants, so, you know, the guys are looking at me as the go-to guy in the kitchen. I'm gonna help lead us to victory.
Chad: Slicing chicken.
Eddie Jaskowiak: [holds a pot and a pan] Garnish walking right now.
Chad: Chicken in the pass. [in which it was found out raw and undercooked; Gordon returns the chicken onto a workstation]
Gordon: All of you, come here? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT?!
Joe: A little undercooked, chef.
Manda: It's pink.
Jared: (interview) You (bleep) worked at a 3-star Michelin restaurant cook chicken right.
Gordon: [let the team sit on a chef's table] All of you, take a seat. (Bleep) get in there! YEAH GET IN THERE! (Bleep) GET IN THERE!
Omar Benson Miller: We'll have some more bread! Starch out!
Man: Don't move the chicken.
Eddie Jaskowiak: (interview) CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigator not your CHICKEN SUCKS, IDIOT!
Gordon: So who wants to eat raw chicken?
Manda: (interview; imitates explosion) Aahh! My God!
Joe and Jared: Nobody, chef.
Gordon: WHO WANTS TO EAT RAW CHICKEN? So why are you expecting them (Miller and crew) to do it? GET A GRIP!
Blue team: Yes chef.

11 Chefs Compete [15.07]


10 Chefs Compete [15.08]


10 Chefs Again [15.09]


9 Chefs Compete [15.10]

Jackie: (to Kristin) Kristin, give me your lighter?
Kristin: No.
Jackie: Give me your (bleep) lighter?
Kristin: Talk like you (bleep) touch my lighter, I'll punch you in your face.
Jackie: Punch me in the face.
Kristin: Give me my (bleep) lighter!
Jackie: Punch me in the face.
Kristin: Jackie, give me my (bleep) lighter!
Jackie: Punch me in the face.
Kristin: Either light your cigarette or give me my (bleep) lighter!
[Jackie throws Kristin's lighter on a ground that became mad and frustrated]
Manda: (looks distressed) Ooohhh...
Ariel Malone: (enters the living room) What the (bleep) is going on here?
Manda: I'd stay far, far away if I were you.
Kristin: You are disgusting ass bitch.
Jackie: Don't (bleep) disrespect me! (throws the wine cap on Kristin's shoulder)
Kristin (gets mad) STOP (bleep) DISRESPECTING ME! ARE YOU (bleep) SERIOUS?!
Jackie: What are you gonna do about it?
Kristin: What are you-- Get the (bleep) out of my face!
Jackie: What are you gonna--?
Kristin: GET THE (bleep) OUT OF MY FACE!
Jackie: What are you going to do about it?
Manda: (to Kristin) Kristin, sit down.
Jackie: Yeah, I'm dead.
Kristin: GET THE (bleep) OUT OF HERE WITH (bleep)! (leaves Jackie's cigarette to throw out of Kristin's left arm)

Manda: Jackie!
Kristin: YOU ARE A PIECE OF (bleep)! GET THE (bleep) OUT OF MY FACE! (Jackie throws out of cigarette ash to Kristin's shoulder) (gasps) Go ahead.
Kristin: (BLEEP) DONE! (BLEEP) DONE!!!
Kristin: GET THE (bleep) OUTTA MY FACE!
Manda: Kristin!
Jackie: (to Kristin) Go ahead! (Kristin ignores) PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME, BITCH!
Kristin: Are you (bleep) serious?! (leaves the dorms)
Jackie: (mocks) You (bleep) serious!
Kristin: (interview) No! No, bitch! Sit the (bleep) down! Like I'm so over her causing a big scene like I don't know who the (bleep) you are with garbage can that you dragged out of but what the (bleep) is wrong with you?

Gordon: Hey, all of you, come here! Time-out! Come here, come here ALL OF YOU! Let's go (Manda) little lady. Come on! [calls the entire blue team into the pantry] The (bleep) chicken is raw!
Walter the Puppet: I heard the F-bomb, chef said the F-bomb.
Gordon: (Bleep)! Look at that! Just look at the (bleep). I swear to God! [throws a chicken into a trashcan] I... I... I'd rather you just all (bleep) off out of here.
Dannie: Chef, we can all pick it up.
Gordon: [interrupts Dannie] You can pick it up? You need to untuck to pay that, your (bleep) head out your arse!
Jared: Yes, chef.

[After Jared sent the chicken to the pass for the special guest; Gordon has had enough]
Gordon: Hey! Hey!
Manda: Oh! Not again!
Gordon: Hey! (knocks his hand on the workstation)
Walter the Puppet: Have you noticed his hair is much taller in person?
Gordon: The chicken is raw, who cooked that?
Jared: I put in the oven again, chef.
Walter the Puppet: "Good luck".
Gordon: We may have a (bleep) dummy on the chef's table!
Walter the Puppet: Yeah, whatever.
Gordon: I can't accept this anymore longer! I CANNOT ACCEPT THAT! JARED, GET OUT! GET OUT!!!

[After Chad undercooked the French toast; Gordon has also had enough]
Gordon: Hey, Red team! Red team! Look! Just it's not even, just as--
Kristin: It's not cooked, chef.
Gordon: It's cooked one side. (to Chad; holding his French toast) (Bleep) off upstairs! GET OUT! Hey, bon appetit! Now, (bleep) off!
Chad: Yes, chef.
Male diner: You just need to wait.
Kid: I'm gonna eat this.
Male diner: Yeah, eat that.
Chad: (interview; groans) Oh, my god.

Narrator: While Chad and Jared commiserate, back in the blue kitchen, the rest of the chefs attempt to coordinate.
Gordon: Here we go, Blue Team, one French toast, one chicken and waffles, two New York steak and eggs.
Manda: Yes, chef.
Dannie: I'll drop the French toast. (interview) With Jared kicked out of the kitchen, its definitely added pressure, but I don't want to stand here, and I don't want to talk about it. I just want to get food and done out.
Dannie: We gonna put these tables out. (to Manda) Manda, I need you to watch those French toast.
Manda: Yeah.
Dannie: I need to know what it is. We're cooking for chefs, everything should be spot on. (to Frank) Frank, please keep an eye on my French toast for me, please? I just want to check this chicken.
Frank Cala: I'm already turned them, I'm already turned them.
Dannie: Okay, cool, cool. If you can run over (French toast) here, drop the waffle.
Frank Cala: Alright. Manda, could you watch the French toast?
Manda: I got, I got that.
Gordon: Two New York steak, one French toast urgently, yes?
Manda: I got two New Yorks ready to go.
Gordon: Oh, man!
Manda: (Bleep)!
Gordon: Manda, is that burnt?
Manda: (sees the French toast) Yep.
Gordon: Who's cooking the French toast?
Manda: Frank. Frank was, Dannie was and then I was supposed to watch it.
[hurls the toast to a workstation and looks burned]
Frank Cala: No, no, Amanda said she was gonna take over it. Man up to it.
Frank Cala: Yeah. (interview) She is (bleep) useless. Useless! Don't throw me under the bus for something I didn't do. I'll pack this (bleep) girl's bags myself.
Gordon: (Manda) Young lady, you are standing in right a front of it.
Manda: Yes, chef.
Manda: ARE YOU (bleep) KIDDING ME!

8 Chefs Compete [15.11]


7 Chefs Compete [15.12]


6 Chefs Compete [15.13]


5 Chefs Compete [15.14]


3 Chefs Compete [15.15]


Winner Chosen [15.16]


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