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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [9.01][edit]

[The eighteen chefs arrived at Orpheum Theatre to dream to become a "stardom"]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Orpheum Theatre. Please put your hands together for the Hell's Kitchen chefs. (Unveils the curtain; gives the chefs to raise their arms up. The chefs then see that there is no audience and Chef Ramsay at the top, clapping his hand loudly and slowly)
Gordon: Seriously, what on earth did you expect? A packed house? Standing ovation? Screaming fans? Really? want to be stars? MY ARSE! Right now, none of you are stars. Résumés mean nothing, got it?
Chefs: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Got it?
Chefs: (louder voice) Yes, chef.
Gordon: Un-(bleep)real.

Gordon: Right? First name and what in the hell is that on there?
Krupa: My name is Krupa. This is a traditional Gujarati dish called Stuffed Naan.
[Chef Ramsay sees the stuffed naan into a mess]
Gordon: First off, doesn't this exactly look appetized?
Krupa: No.
Gordon: It's like a bit four bits (bleep) on a plate that is bland.
Krupa: Correct.
Gordon: (eats a naan into a bad taste) Spices are raw, bland. My dear Krupa, THAT IS CRAP-A!

[Gordon checks on cod brought on Chino]

Gordon: What's he done to this? [returns the cod to the workstation] BLUE TEAM!
Paul: Yes, chef?
Gordon: No garnish anywhere, still fragmented and look! (referring to a piece of burnt cod) It's burnt!

[Gordon holds the tray of cod, shows it the blue team and slams it on the workstation]

Gordon: (calling out Chino) Chino, come here you! Get out my sight.
Scott Leibfried: Sit down.
Grodon: Scott, get him peeling onions and garlic, but away from the stove!
Scott Leibfried: There you go. At least you won't be burning any of that (bleep).
Chino: (interview) Ugh.
Gordon: Absolutely (bleep) useless!

Elise: (letting Carrie to cook a fish) I'll cook the fish, I'll cook it.
Narrator: But Elise has other plans.
Carrie: I got it babe. No, I got it.
Elise: Don't push me!
Carrie: Thank you.
Elise: (interview) Clearly, Carrie is the weaker cook than I am. So I felt like I want to take charge to impress Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: Why is she (Elise) cooking fish?
Carrie: I don't know the way she's doing. She just came here and grabbed it, Chef. (interview) I mean, are you (bleep) kidding me? That bitch is crazy.
Gordon: (to Carrie) What in the (bleep) is she doing?
Carrie: I didn't let her cook and she just came here and grabbed it, Chef.
Elise: So I was going to cooking for you because we're on the team, right?
Gordon: Ugh.
Carrie: She trying to prove a point.
Gordon: Elise!
Elise: Yes, chef?
Gordon: (holds a ticket) I got six top dying on the appetizers! And you're cooking fish!
Elise: I'll put the spaghetti up.
Gordon: (to Elise) You, (bleep) off! Sit on the Chef's Table!
Krupa: (interview; laughs loudly) HA!!!

Gordon: That's twice in a row. Cooked to perfection, but we can't even send the table together! Because nobody's together! SMOOTH SERVICE? MY ARSE!!
Jonathon: I've never in my whole career ever been stopped by (bleep) side items. Never.

[The customers have begun walking out]

James Lukanik: Chef...
Gordon: James?
James Lukanik: Tables are walking out.
Gordon: Blue team, they're walking out! You Muppet, get up your fat arse! Let me show you something: Not one entrée has left this (bleep) kitchen! NOT ONE!
Steven: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And look at the pans back there! Any bright ideas?
Steven: Want me to jump in? I'll clean.
Steven: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Any ideas?
Steven: No.
Gordon: Hey, what are you going to do now? They are walking out! (Bleep) OFF!
Brendan Heavey: (interview) From that point, it was a train wreck on ice. There's nothing we can do about it.
Gordon: Stop! You're out of your misery!

[Chef Ramsay throws his spoon away then crosses over to the red kitchen]

Carrie: (to Red team) Let's do this ladies, come on. Let's not disappoint the customers.
Gordon: Carrie! They've gone! (brief pause) SHUT IT DOWN!
Carrie: (Bleep)!

Gordon: I realised early on that Steven had as much of a chance of being the head chef of BLT Steak as I do of winning a gold medal in figure skating.

Episode Two [9.02][edit]

Chino: Risotto, chef.
[Sous-chef Scott checks the risotto brought up by Chino; finds out that it's burned on the bottom again]
Scott Leibfried: I can't believe it, he did it again.
Gordon: [comes back to the workstation and scrapes the risotto] I've got another burned risotto, it's burnt. (Throws spoon and risotto in the bin) It's (bleep) BURNT!!!
[Chino was disgusted in an interview]
Gordon: Chino, what the (bleep) is going on? How long for the risotto?
Chino: Eight minutes chef.
Gordon: Eight minutes? (to James) Excuse me, I apologize for the risotto, it's falling behind, yes? (to Chino) Come on, Chino!
Chino: (interview) I can't have another bad service tonight. Right now, I have to take this one seriously like nobody else. I have to prove to Chef Ramsay that I belong here.
Gordon: (gives Chino a warning) If you burned me that risotto one more time. Look at me...
Chino: No, chef.
Gordon: Hey, look at me... I'll drag you out of here.
Chino: No, chef. No, chef.

Narrator: Brendan on the fish station is now ready to move onto entrées.
Brendan Heavey: Sea Bass is ready. Are we ready to go?
Paul: Coming out now.
Gordon: Brendan, I haven't called it. Who called the entrées?
Narrator: Even if Chef Ramsay hasn't.
Gordon: Who fired? I didn't fire.
Brendan Heavey: Yes, chef. Sea bass is fired and it is ready.
Gordon: What is going on? You cooked the bass. Is your meat ready?
Tommy: No, chef.
Gordon: And the garnish all ready?
Paul: No, chef.
Gordon: You've got to work as a team! Please!
Jonathon: (interview) Brendan, man he jumped the gun. You know, he's too busy trying not to (bleep) up and he forgets. It's about communication.
Gordon: Okay, let's go for the first entrée together!
Brendan Heavey: Yes chef.
Gordon: Timing!
Brendan Heavey: Yes chef.
Gordon: Away now: One seabass, one wellington, one New York strip, one prime rib.
Blue team: Yes chef!
Gordon: Get it on the passing!
Gordon: Brendan?
Brendan Heavey: Yes chef?
Gordon: Is that the same bass?
Brendan Heavey: No, chef.
Gordon: You didn't start a fresh one?
Brendan Heavey: Yes I did chef.
Gordon: So where's the old one then?
Brendan Heavey: I threw it away.
Gordon: Show me.
Brendan Heavey: Yeah. [looks through the garbage] Chef, I can't find it.
Gordon: Are you lying to me? Because I'm going to stop this whole (bleep) kitchen. I'm going to ask you one more time to tell you the truth. Is that the bass from ten minutes ago or is that a fresh one you cooked? Because I'm going to turn this (bleep) kitchen upside down. Is that old?
Brendan Heavey: (interview) [wiping his face] Oh, my God.
Brendan Heavey: Chef, yes.
Gordon: [tosses the bass down] Why?
Paul: Start a new bass. Start a new bass. Stop everyone with the garnish.
Chino: (interview) Brendan is an idiot for lying to Chef Ramsay. It's like seriously, you're making a fool of yourself.
Gordon: And how dare you go to the garbage can, search it and turn me out like that. Period!
Brendan Heavey: Yes chef. Firing again. Firing again.
Gordon: You do that to me one more time, trust me, (bleep) the elimination, I'll send you out there and then. Let me tell you that.
Brendan Heavey: Yes chef. Won't happen again. (interview) Chef Ramsay's not a stupid person. I was blowing smoke up his ass and he called me out on it.
Gordon: Start again!
Brendan Heavey: Firing a new bass now chef.

[Gordon checks on duck brought up by Tommy]

Gordon: Oh, come on. Hey, Tommy! The duck is overcooked!
Will: (Bleep)! It's ridiculous, man!
Paul: Tommy, start a new chicken. It's overcooked! You have one ready.
Gordon: That's a duck! [throws his spoon away]
Paul: Duck. Sorry, chef.
Gordon: (calls the entire team) All of you, come here! Not one entrée has left this (bleep) kitchen! GET IT TOGETHER!
Blue team: Yes, chef!

[Krupa accidentally dropped her prime rib while serving tableside; returns to the pass with James]

Krupa: Chef Ramsay, I just fell with the whole rib in my hands so--.
Gordon: Oh, (bleep) sake. The whole (bleep) thing?
Krupa: The whole (bleep) thing. I'm sorry.
Gordon: Oh, you're kidding me. Oh, come on. One simple task. (calls Monterray) Monterray!
Monterray: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Once you've finished the rib, serve the ribs to Krupa. (to Krupa) Hey, Butterfingers. When you finish serving the ribs from the Blue team, take the trolley. Do not drop it!
Krupa: Yes, chef.

[After failed to serve a single entrée after three attempts; Chef Ramsay has finally had enough with the blue team]

Gordon: Aw, come on. (After discovered a sea bass was raw) Brendan, it's raw.
Paul: (to Brendan) Come on, bro! Really?!
Will: (interview) Brendan, you suck! You suck!
Gordon: Blue team, blue team!
Paul: Yes chef?
Gordon: Stop! It's just got worse. Not one entrée has left together yet. NOT ONE! (Chino) You (bleep) me on the risotto! (Tommy) You screwed me on the duck and now I got a raw bass! What are you going to do now?! Any suggestions?

[No one replied from the blue team]

Gordon: I got one big suggestion: You, you, you, you, you, you! (Bleep) off out of here! GET UPSTAIRS!
Jonathon: (interview) What the (bleep) man?! It is so frustrated, dude. I made us a look like a bunch of little sissy ass bitches, man.
Gordon: (calls to the red team) Ladies?
Red team: Yes chef?
Gordon: Any four of you in here to finish the blue team. Any of you.
Carrie: Yes, chef.

[The blue team lost the dinner service second time in a row]

Gordon: Men, I'm disappointed. Will?
Will: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Who should leave Hell's Kitchen tonight?
Will: A hundred per cent, Brendan and Chino.
Gordon: Paul, who should go?
Paul: Brendan and Chino.
Gordon: Jonathon?
Jonathon: I have vote for Brendan and Chino.
Gordon: If you have to pick one?
Jonathon: I choose Chino.

Episode Three [9.03][edit]

[During the Mommy and Me team challenge]
[Gordon checks on quesadilla brought up by Jamie]
Gordon: It's burnt. It's children. Ladies. LADIES! COME HERE, ALL OF YOU! Would you serve that to your baby?
Red team: No, chef.
Gordon: Unbelievable! (to Jamie) Jamie, stop sulking like a (bleep) baby! The babies are out there! Not in here! [slams the tray on the workstation] Start again!
Jamie Gregorich: (Bleep, bleep)!

[Gordon checks on panini brought up by Jonathon]
Gordon: All of you, just stop! Look at me! LOOK AT ME!! There's no chicken in here, and you think I'm going to push that out. You've got a small lead, but it's shrinking away! Start the table again!
Blue team: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on chicken fingers brought up by Tommy]
Gordon: They're overcooked and they're (bleep) dry. Tell me. [returns to the workstation] Come here, come here. Another children, right? I've got four of my own. [gets a piece of chicken] Would you serve them that (bleep)?
Blue team: No, chef.
Gordon: What is that? It's-it's like a (bleep) baby's flip flop! [throws the chicken away] Oh, piss off will you?
Natalie: Come on, quality product Tommy!
Gordon: Piss off.

[Carrie and Jennifer bring their meat entrées to the pass]
Andi: Why do we have a kid's burger?
Gordon: [mistakenly what he believed to be bass, New York strip, lamb and cod] It's not even on the ticket.
Andi: Neither is the wellington.
Gordon: [returns the entrées to the workstation] All of you, come here! It's the first (bleep) ticket of the night. Two bass, two New York strip, one lamb, one cod.
Jennifer Normant: (Bleep)!
Gordon: No burger, no wellington.
Jennifer Normant: (interview) Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Gordon: Your first ticket. Jennifer, THIS IS EMBARRASSING! Half the dining room is filled with children! PATHETIC!!
Jennifer Normant: (interview) I'm mortified that I was even a part of this. I will not go down for Carrie. I should have just pushed her away and had her do something else.
Red team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: (to Amanda) What's going, Amanda?
Amanda Colello: I'm sorry, chef?
Amanda Colello: I have two bass on this ticket with the lamb.
Carrie: And a cod.
Gordon: And a cod?
Amanda Colello: And a cod.
Gordon: The cod is not on?
Amanda Colello: The cod is not on chef.
Jennifer Normant: What?
Amanda Colello: I forgot about it.
Gordon: OH, MY GOD!!
Elise: (interview) Amanda, is there anyone home?!
Gordon: You haven't got the cod on?!
Amanda Colello: I forgot about it. (interview; laughs nervously) Ugh.
Gordon: Family night?! DISASTER NIGHT!!
Amanda Colello: I'm sorry, chef.
[Gordon throws his spoon away on the workstation out of disappointment]

Jennifer Normant: How much start now? I'm waiting on the lamb?
Elise: Are you saying there it's on the hips where you on this ticket out?
Carrie: No, I'm not.
Elise: I'll better see you cooking something.
Carrie: (interview) Elise is always yelling at me. I'm not letting her to me, I know I can do good. I'm know I'm good.
Elise: See what I mean? How long through on the window?
Carrie: One more minute.
Elise: Please let's get it up.
Gordon: Garnish, let's go! Here we go! Thirty seconds to the window!
Andi: Yes chef.
Gordon: Where's the bass?
Amanda Colello: It's coming up right now.
Gordon: Service! Where's the lamb?
Carrie: Right here Chef.
Gordon: Let's go! Garnish please. Look at this? [sees a lamb and discovered that is raw] Aw, (bleep) me! It's raw! [returns the lamb on the workstation]
Carrie: Is it still raw?
Amanda Colello: Come on, it's walking. No, it's right there.
Carrie: [touches the raw lamb] Know that, that is okay.
Gordon: STOP! [letting Carrie out of his way] LEAVE ME ALONE! ALL OF YOU, COME HERE! Look at the (bleep) state of this?
Carrie: I thought it looked good.
Elise: (interview) I always think that Carrie has all of her marbles.
Gordon: (to Carrie) Why are you doing this to me?
Carrie: I saw this I thought it was okay.
Gordon: I saw this! IT'S NOT EVEN HOT! IT'S RAW! RAW!!! [smashes the lamb at the counter] (Bleep)! (brief pause to call Gina) Gina, please? (points his hand to Gina)
Gina Melcher: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Take this useless brigade around every (bleep) table and I want a sincere apology on the back of your crap performance, piss off!

[Red team walk out of the kitchen to apologize with the hungry customers]

Gordon: Every one of them.
James Lukanik: Why have you spend on this table? Did you look all of these children? They're all famished.
Elise: We sincerely apologize about your entrées. (interview) It was humiliating when I apologized to tables when I felt like it wasn't my fault.
Carrie: We're very sorry.
Elise: We apologize.
Carrie: We're sorry, we don't have your entrées right now.
Elise: (interview) Yes, we're team but you can do all so much when you have a broken leg.
Carrie: Ladies, our promise it will not happen again, okay.
Gordon: Ladies.
Red team: Yes chef?
Gordon: That was the first useful thing you have done tonight. It's also the last. Get out of here! All of you!
Carrie: (Bleep)!
Gordon: And hang your heads in shame, because you absolutely suck! Piss off! Embarrassing! And on family night! You certainly don't care about the children!
Carrie: Oh, my God.
Young male diner: Shut it down!

[Red team returned to dorms after their disappointing performance]
Amanda Colello: Chef is going to call me out, I'm telling you.
Elise: (to Amanda Colello) He's going to call you out, but it's there too late to go to going up. (interview) This could be the great opportunity for the Red team we can rid of Carrie to turn a something negative to a positive.

[Carrie goes to Elise to fight her]

Carrie: First time all the food was mess.
Elise: (interrupting Carrie) Don't talk to me right now!
Carrie: No, Elise.
Elise: I don't want to hear to talk about the say. Get out of my face!
Carrie: Just wait, you can talk to me later.
Elise: She can talked about the chopping block that should be (bleep) talk. Don't say it in a word.
Carrie: No, I'm not going to have you--.
Elise: Nobody said here--. Let me ask you to a serious question right now - "Do you take medication?", because I think they you are in another world you are nothing but a distraction on me? You didn't call anything? You (bleep) up in the whole kitchen but I knew this it wasn't happen?
Carrie: I did not. You stop it!
Elise: Yes, you did?

Carrie: (interview) I do deserve to be here, I'm not ready to leave Hell's Kitchen. I'm ready to fight.

[Red team declared losers after dinner service, Chef Ramsay became the only nominator for the episode]

Gordon: Jennifer, step forward please!
Jennifer Normant: (Bleep)!
Gordon: My next choice is... Carrie, step forward! (thinks on a third nominator) You know what, Amanda, join them.
Gordon: Carrie, tell me why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Carrie: I love cooking, but is in my passion and it is in my heart. I'm not ready to go yet, Chef. I am going to prove you I am good enough.
Gordon: Why is your team is so desperate to see you out of here?
Carrie: I don't know what Elise has against me. She have nothing to do with me since day one I'm not quite sure what she wants.
Amanda Colello: It's not just Elise, Carrie.
Gordon: Amanda, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Amanda Colello: Well Chef unlike Carrie, I'm not in denial that I had a (bleep) crap performance tonight. Not in denial at all, I want this Chef, I'm not going to (bleep) around and lie to you and say like "OH YOU KNOW SAVE ME AND FEEL BAD FOR ME, I'M GOOD." I can work my ass off for you Chef; you've seen me do better.
Gordon: You didn't fight back!
Amanda Colello: Yes, Chef.
Gordon: You threw the towel in!
Amanda Colello: I know, Chef.

Gordon: Okay. The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is... Amanda! (Elise and Natalie both shrugged) Sorry, your time is done. Give me your jacket and leave Hell's Kitchen. [Amanda removes her jacket over to Chef Ramsay] Thank you.
Amanda Colello: Yes chef.
Gordon: Thank you. Good night and good luck.
Elise: Love you, Amanda.
Amanda Colello: (after being eliminated) I'm so completely and utterly embarrassed and disappointed with myself. My dream coming in to Hell's Kitchen was to win, and to have one of my idols tell me you're not worth it, that (bleep) sucks.

Gordon: Amanda lost the will to cook on the line tonight. I lost the will to keep her here.

Episode Four [9.04][edit]

Gordon: Cod, bass!
Monterray: Oh, (Bleep)! Sea bass is (bleep) falling apart.
Gordon: Sea bass is what?
Monterray: Sea bass fell apart.
Gordon: Oh, boy. Scott.
Scott Leibfried: (Gives Monterray on a lesson) When you take the fish out on a pan, you leave it on a spatula.
Monterray: It's fell apart, it's fell apart. Nothing like I can do, it's fell apart.
Scott Leibfried: You leave it on a (bleep) spatula! Is that what you did? No you did. So it's the fish's fault?
Monterray: No, it's not, it's fell apart. There's nothing I can do and it's fell apart.
[Screenshot of Janet Evans and Mark Spitz (two Olympic gold medalists on swimming) on Chef's Table]
Monterray: (interview) Understand, you can tell me and I am listening to between you can't (bleep) keep on a constant me, I don't know who the (bleep) you are! Chef Ramsay, Chef Scott, Chef Andi, we don't keep talking like that.
Monterray: Now, put the (bleep) it on!
Scott Leibfried: GET OVER (bleep) IT! SHUT UP!
Narrator: And Monterray goes toe-to-toe with Sous Chef Scott.
Monterray: I understand.
Scott Leibfried: DO YOU?! THEN (bleep) YOU! THEN DO IT?!
Monterray: It is done then.
Scott Leibfried: (Bleep) YOU!
Monterray: Well (bleep) you too then!

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Chino]
Gordon: What is that?
Scott Leibfried: Cold too. Ice-cold.
Gordon: CHINO!!
Natalie: (interview; sighs)
Gordon: All of you, come here! Just touch that. Touch the meat. It's raw! RAW!!

[Gordon checks on sea bass brought up by Elise]
Gordon: What's she done to that? Elise!
Elise: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here. Come here! That's right! Come here! I've got one bass dry, and one bass raw. Raw! RAW!! Get the bass back in the pan!
Elise: (Bleep)!

[Gordon checks the lamb and wellington brought up by Chino]

Gordon: Look at that [wellington]. Chewed up to (bleep) and that [lamb]? That's raw.
Scott Leibfried: Yep.
Gordon: It's pink. (comes back to the workstation and throws his spoon away) Blue team, STOP!! Come here you, look at that. That [lamb] is raw. That is white fat, and what have you done to this [wellington]? Wha-wha-what is that? For now, you just (bleep)! (knocks his hand on the workstation)
Chino: (interview) I feel like a dumb-ass moron, idiot because I can cook better than that. It's just... It's embarrassing.
Gordon: There you go. (tosses the tray of wellingtons and lamb on the floor) ALL OF YOU, (bleep) OFF OUT OF HERE! GET UPSTAIRS!
Will: I'm so (bleep) pissed, it's not even funny. We suck.

Gordon: Raw bass, overcooked bass. Raw lamb, what an embarrassment.
Gina Melcher: Sorry, Chef.
[Screenshot of Misty May Treanor and Jen Kessy (two volleyball players) on Chef's Table]
Gordon: Why are you doing this to me? It's like being in a volleyball match and I'm the ball getting pounded.
Gina Melcher : (interview) I was just like, Oh, my God. It was bad.
Gordon: Let me tell you something really important: SHUT IT DOWN! GET OUT!!

[After a disastrous service, both teams lost; the blue team nominated Chino and Monterray while the red team nominated Carrie and Elise]

Gordon: Elizabeth, if you have to drop Elise or Carrie, who would you drop?
Elizabeth: Carrie, chef.
Gordon: Jamie?
Jamie Gregorich: Elise, chef.
Gordon: Krupa, who would you drop?
Krupa: Elise as well.
Gordon: Jennifer, who would you drop?
Jennifer Normant: Elise.
Gordon: Gina?
Gina: Elise, chef.
Gordon: Natalie (transferred to blue team since previous episode), you were in the red team. Who would you send home? Elise or Carrie?
Natalie: Elise, chef.

[Elise Gets Shocked]

Gordon: No hesitation there. Elise I didn't ask you and I take a vote.
Gordon: Here's the sad news for you, your team wants you out of there so badly you may be better off.
Elise: (begins the testimony) I can guarantee one thing I never make same mistake twice. This is my first time on a carpet, (Carrie) this is her second, (Monterray) his second and (Chino) his third. It is not my time to go yet chef. I'm not here to throw anybody on a bus I'm keeping 100 per cent with you chef. I can work on my attitude, but you can give somebody common sense and talent. I'm not here to throw anybody on a bus, I'm keeping 100 per cent with you chef.

Episode Five [9.05][edit]

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Krupa]

Gordon: Who made this? Who made that risotto? The risotto's like soup! [returns to the workstation and pours the risotto into another pan] Krupa, risotto is like soup. Soup, soup, soup, (bleep) soup!
Krupa: (interview) Soupy risotto, what the (bleep) was wrong with me?
Gordon: Come on, Krupa! I know you don't know the difference between veal and beef, but you must know the difference between soup and risotto!

[Gordon checks on first attempt of lobster spaghetti brought up by Krupa]

Gordon: Undercooked. (Bleep) me. [returns to the workstation and throws his tongs away] Krupa, taste that. Hurry up! RAW!
Krupa: I'll give you another one chef.

[Gordon checks on another attempt of lobster spaghetti brought up by Krupa]
Gordon: Oh, my god! So pissed off, I can't take it anymore! (comes back to the workstation and throws tongs away) ALL OF YOU, COME HERE! AT MY (bleep) SIDE! [knocks his hand on the workstation] (to Elise) What's wrong with that?
Elise: It looks like (bleep).
Gordon: There's no pasta! It looks like baby food out of the (bleep) tin! (to Krupa) IT'S DISGUSTING!! (slams the pan on the workstation)
Krupa: Sorry chef.
Gordon: From the soupy risotto to (bleep) spaghetti drowned in sauce!
Elise: (interview) Right now, appetizers is sinking the whole ship.
Gordon: (to Krupa) Hey, you! (Bleep) off upstairs! Get out! I can't bear to look at you anymore! GET OUT!

[Gordon checks on sea bass brought up by Gina]
Gordon: Aaaahhhh. [returns to the workstation] All of you! Come here! Raw bass! Raw (bleep) bass!
Gina Melcher: (interview) Oh, my God. Like here it comes.
Gordon: Anything to say now?!
Elise: No, chef.
Gordon: Nothing at all? Anything to say?! Anybody, (Bleep) OFF!! [smashes the bass] (to Gina and Elise) Both of you, (bleep) off upstairs!

Episode Six [9.06][edit]

[Before the start of the dinner service, Chef Ramsay presents a cake for the high school reunion special event]

Gordon: Where's the cake? Please? (to Scott) Scott, we are all order the special cake, right?
Scott Leibfried: Yes.
Gordon: Very good. Excellent. What on earth? (sees a cake when Chef Ramsay shocked on the Red team's punishment task) Holy crap? Someone vomit on it? What's on this bits of brown? What a mess?
Carrie: We thought it looked like sand.
Jennifer Normant: (laughs) Yeah chef.
Gordon: Look at it! It looked like a big mess of a sombrero gone wrong someone (bleep) on it. (to Blue team) Blue team, have you sick to this disaster?
Paul: (raises his right arm) Olé!
Gordon: Yeah. We have tell you something, we are definitely not serving that thing. Would you mind, Scott? Would you mind putting it over there? Thank you.

[Gordon notices Carrie adding an old rice into a fresh risotto that she is cooking]

Gordon: Carrie, look at me. LOOK AT ME!!
Carrie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're adding the old rice into the fresh rice, just reheating it. I'm watching whatever you're doing.
Carrie: I'll start over right now.
Elise: (to Carrie) Drop that pan and start over!
Gordon: She wants to cut corners! (to Elise) And you wonder why I'm pissed off?
Elise: No, chef.
Gordon: (to Carrie) I know the name of your restaurant: "Chez Leftovers".
Carrie: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks on snapper brought up by Paul]

Gordon: Paul? It's cold in the center and it's (bleep) raw.
Paul: Yes, chef. I'll re-fire chef.
Gordon: I'm struggling, Paul! I don't expect that from you! It's our first table! [smashes the snapper] I'm struggling, Paul! I don't expect that from you! NOT TONIGHT!!
Paul: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on another snapper brought up by Paul]

Gordon: It's (bleep) raw. (returns to the workstation) All of you! [angrily throws his spoon away] I'm struggling! The fish is (bleep) RAW!! [knocks the workstation] IT'S THE SECOND TIME!! That is the committee's table! You can't do that to me!
Paul: Yes, chef.
Jonathon: (interview) Paul's crashing and burning on the fish station like a Titanic, you know? It's (bleep) going down.
Gordon: (to Paul) YOU, OFF FISH!!
Paul: [angrily slams his towel] (Bleep)!!
Gordon: Jonathon, Monterray! On the fish!
Monterray: (interview) I'm like, "okay." (to Jonathon) Come on. Let's go, let's go.
Gordon: Get a grip, guys!
Monterray: Four to five minutes.
Gordon: Jesus Christ.

Gordon: Jonathon! Monterray! Committee table, we've got to put it together!
Monterray: Two minutes.
Jonathon: Two minutes chef.
Monterray: Not bad.
Jonathon: Don't yell. You did do what you got.
Monterray: No, no, no, no.
Jonathon: Just what you got to do.
Monterray: (interview) Chef Ramsay told us on the fish station to sudden what I can. If Jonathon send back. Watching dude what the hell are you doing? Start (bleep) cooking for your team please. What is wrong with you?
Gordon: What the (bleep) is Jonathon doing?
Jonathon: I'm trying to help chef. Trying to help.
Monterray: (interview) Jonathon is sick on the corner like a street dog hell between this lady.
Jonathon: Anybody need anything just call to me, okay?
Monterray: (interview) So I get up done by myself, I have to step up and more capable than his job.
Gordon: Where is the snapper?
Monterray: Right here, chef.
[The snapper has to be served and failed; Chef Ramsay has had it with the blue team]
Gordon: It's raw. All of you, come here! All of YOU!! (throws his spoon away)
Monterray: What the (bleep) happened?
Narrator: The blue team's third attempt to feed the reunion committee has failed. And this time, it's Monterray who is responsible.
Gordon: Just touch that! (grabs snapper to his finger) Put your hand on top over there. Touch it! Touch it! (Tommy touches the snapper while Monterray walks away) Don't you dare walk, I've had-I'VE HAD ENOUGH! I'M SO PISSED OFF! (Paul) He screws me! (Monterray) You walked away! Where's your respect? [knocks his hand on the workstation] GET OUT! (Bleep) off!
Natalie: Ugh.
Jonathon: Can we stay over chef? We gotta do something?
Gordon: Piss off!
Jonathon: (Bleep)!

Episode Seven [9.07][edit]

Gordon: Blue team, I've got an amazing day. Do you like Speed?
Tommy: Meth or Coke?

Jonathon: How long on the bass?
Natalie: Three and a half minutes. (interview) I've never cooked sea bass here before, but it just like in a piece of fish and you know you've messed up once and I don't know to pay to do it again.
Natalie: (to Jonathon) How long do you need?
Jonathon: Go ahead. I'm fixing two wellingtons.
Natalie: (brings the sea bass to the pass) Behind.
Jonathon: This wellington's over done. (Bleep)! Here it is, baby. (interview) I'm over on the point path. Tommy prepped my wellington and slice dig bowls of (bleep). What am I suppose to do?
Jonathon: This is going to be (bleep) right there. Trying to get my ass now and two piece on done. (brings the wellington to pass) This.
Gordon: Oh (bleep) me. (returns the sea bass and wellington to the workstation) All of you, come here!
Jonathon: (interview) Chef Ramsay's about to (bleep) kill my ass.
Gordon: What I don't know what the (bleep) that is? [grabs a wellington on his finger]
Jonathon: That's a little one and that's my fault, Chef. It won't happen again. It's (bleep) definitely overcooked because on the sides. I realize it won't happen again, I promise.
Gordon: Just like that?... (throws a spoon on a workstation) (brief pause) (Natalie) And you? It's raw in the center! RAW! You're a talented cook? (Natalie goes silent to give her response)
Jonathon: Chef, I got some more wellingtons.
Gordon: (calling Jonathon and Natalie out of the kitchen) You and you, (bleep) off! GET OUT!
Jonathon: For crying out loud, I'm so sick of this (bleep), man.
Gordon: Hey, hold on! Take that (bleep) with you.
Jonathon: I'm done. I'm quit.
Jonathon: You can kiss my ass.
Natalie: It won't happen again.
Gordon: DON'T (bleep) DARE BRING ME THAT (bleep)!
Natalie: Yes chef. Won't happen again.
Gordon: (Bleep) off!

Episode Eight [9.08][edit]

Episode Nine [9.09][edit]

[Gordon notices Tommy firing a seabass]

Gordon: Hey! Hey, hey, look at me! Hey, hello? (calls the attention of the blue team by pounding the workstation twice) He's (Tommy) cooking the seabass, what the (bleep) is he doing?! Come here you! Hey, come here! He's cooking the (bleep) entrée (knocks his hand on the workstation) before we get to the (bleep) appetizers!
Tommy: (interview) I got ahead of myself, I was like Speed Racer, you know? Started to get a little racy in the brain, I do everything together early.
Gordon: So he's cooking the seabass now for the third table, we haven't even sent an appetizer.
Tommy: Okay, I'm rushing it.
Gordon: Rushing it? Do me a favor. (Bleep) off outside, get a big, deep breath of fresh air. Piss off! Go outside. Outside! Hey, look at me, (bleep) off! What a (bleep) muppet!

[Gordon checks on sea bass brought up by Carrie]
Gordon: Now, look at this. [returns to the workstation] All of you, come here. Yeah, that's you (Carrie).
Carrie: What? [sees her sea bass] Oh, God. I didn't even see that. Oh, (bleep)!
Gordon: (to Carrie) Hey, come here. You didn't see that?
Jamie Gregorich: (interview) Burning stuff to crisp and trying to pass it off like you didn't see it? That's some kind of joke.
Gordon: Get out!
Carrie: I didn't even see that. I have another one in the oven. Don't kick me out, chef. Please. I'm not ready to quit, chef--
Gordon: Yeah, look at- get out!
Carrie: No!
Gordon: Get out.
Carrie: No, I have another one in the oven!
Gordon: Get out of here.
Carrie: [tries to return] Goddammi-- I have another one--
Gordon: Get out!
Carrie: (Bleep)! [tries to return again] Chef, please, no! I have another one in the oven! I can do this!
Gordon: [knocks his hand on the workstation] (Bleep) move! You thick (bleep) idiot! [calls Carrie and gives her the burnt sea bass] Hey madam! Madam! Take your (bleep) with you. Yeah. Enjoy your romantic dinner on your (bleep) own!

Narrator: Meanwhile, in the blue kitchen...
Gordon: How long two bass, one chicken, one cod?
Paul: Walking now, chef.
Narrator: Paul is ready with the blue team's first entrées.
Gordon: What's he done? It's raw! (brief pause) Paul!
Paul: Is it raw chef?
Gordon: Stop! All of you, come here! More disaster, isn't it raw. (Paul) Will you tell me, just touch that! TOUCH THAT! (Natalie grabs her finger to touch chicken) ROMANTIC DINNER?! (throws his spoon away on the workstation)
Will: (interview) It pisses me off cause Paul knows better that. I mean... you just can't serve raw chicken.
Gordon: (to Paul) Hey, chef! Let me ask you, is that raw?
Paul: Chef, its under. I got another one. Giving some--
Gordon: Hey, come here you! Answer my (bleep) question.
Paul: Yes, chef. It's raw.
Gordon: GET OUT!
Paul: (loses his temper and throws his towel on the floor) (Bleep)!
Gordon: Pink carnations, maybe. Pink chicken, no chance!
Paul: (knocks on the wall having throw tantrums) (interview) I (bleep) up on a chicken! I mean, I'm (bleep) furious at myself! (kicks his door to the dorms) Chef Ramsay let me back in! Let me finish what I started.
Gordon: Tommy, give that to Paul for his (bleep) romantic dinner. Upstairs, hurry up!
Gordon: Shut up!

Elise: Vegetarian cap(ellini)?
Narrator: Elise is ready with the vegetarian capellini.
Gordon: Oh, (bleep bleep)! That's not vegetarian. Elise! It's the (bleep) table! Shut your (bleep) mouth! One capellini no lobster.
Elise: I'm sorry.
Gordon: Yeah. (Bleep) off! I'm sorry you're here. You are like her. (Jamie) Just can't be positive anymore!
Elise: No, chef.
Jennifer Normant: (interview) Elise is one of those people thinks that she makes the strongest but last night.
Gordon: Entrées! (knocks his arm to the workstation; reads the ticket) One (bleep) vegetarian capellini, no lobster, just plain tomato sauce! Call out, chef?
Elise: (begins to read the ticket) Entrées! One vegetarian lobster capellini.
Gordon: One more time!
Elise: Entrées! One vegetarian lobster capellini!
Gordon: One more time! One more time!
Elise: One lobster capellini vegetarian!
Gordon: Is it in?
Elise: Yes chef.
Gordon: WAKE UP!!!
Elise: Yes chef. (interview) I know Chef Ramsay is pissed off at me because I know respect so much more to me. I expect toward myself and I'm pissed off at myself.

Narrator: While Tommy finishes what Chef Ramsay stared, over in the red kitchen...
Elise: Vegetarian cap(ellini). (brings to the pass)
Narrator: Elise is ready to impress with her next oyster dish.
Gordon: Let's go! (Elise presents the dish) Aw, come on! (Brief pause) In fact, you tell me chef, Are they overcooked?
Elise: (after touching oyster dish) Yes they are chef.
Gordon: Come here you, GET OUT! Hey! Do you know what you don't care?
Elise: I do care!
Gordon: Look! Come here, look! Look! Look at what are... Look at... What are you going to say? You're telling that fresh and delicious?
Elise: No, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, take that, take that and (bleep) off outta here! Eat them! Enjoy your dinner! Nice romantic pair of oysters for a little superstar.
Elise: (interview) Waagghh...!!!
Gordon: (to Elise) Bon appetit, princess!
Elise: (interview) I'm pissed, I'm embarrassed. The only way is my chance to redeem myself cause I know I can (bleep) do it.

Episode Ten [9.10][edit]

Tommy: Grape Jokes! So many grape jokes!

[Natalie laughs]

Will (to Tommy): Are you serious right now bro? Natalie is going to (bleep) snap if you tell one grape joke.
Paul (interview): (with a deep funny voice) Hey Guys This Is Grape! Hello! (laughs then groans in frustration)
Tommy (to Natalie): If you hold on a second, uh..you know I think my brain will work if i have "grape" expectations.
Natalie: I'm so tired.

[Paul, Will, and Tommy laughed]

Natalie (interview): Please say one more damn grape joke. Please do it. because, I'm going to (bleep) choke you!
Tommy: Natalie, I feel like after my jokes, I've lost all appealed to you.

[Everyone except Natalie laughs}

Natalie (interview) (softly) : Oh my god! [Natalie has enough]
Natalie: I am tired of these stupid (bleep) grapes. [throws the grapes away]
Paul (to Natalie): Calm down, Natalie.
Natalie: You know why? because I'm not peeling anymore grapes, this is as stupid as (bleep), and I'm not doing it.......[starts to be furious, throws the grapes, and smashley steps on them like throwing a tantrum] I'M NOT PEELING THEM ANYMORE! NO MORE! NO MORE (bleep) GRAPES! I'M NOT PEELING ANYMORE GRAPES EVER AGAIN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! THIS IS STUPID!

[Tommy, Will, and Paul all laughed]

Natalie (interview): [says nothing]

[Natalie calms down]

Paul and Will: Do you feel better?
Natalie (calmed): I feel better.
Tommy: Oh, that was grape.
Natalie (throwing grapes at Tommy): Tommy I'm....I'm gonna kill you.

[Tommy starts laughing]

[Tommy is a waiter during tonight's steakhouse service]
Gordon: Let's go bozo.
Tommy: All right, table one.
Gordon: Stay here, don't go anywhere. Let me double check. [reads the ticket]
Tommy: All right?
Gordon: (Bleep)! [pounds his head on the counter ten times]
Tommy: Did I forget something?
Gordon: James! [James comes up to the pass] How old are you?
Tommy: 31.
Gordon: You're 31? You write like a nine year old! "Two ways one shrimp, One New York Strip, One New York Strip." Why? Why? [Tears up the ticket] I'm not going to start! (Bleep) stop! [throws the ticket at Tommy.]
James: Pick it up!

[Gordon checks on mashed potatoes brought up by Carrie]

Gordon: What the (bleep)? [returns to the workstation] All of you, just stop! Come here.
Elise: Uh-oh.
Gordon: [sees Carrie still doing her garnishes] Oh, my God. Look, she's so (bleep) rude.
Carrie: I'm not rude chef.
Gordon: Put your (bleep) pan down. [gets a spoonful] That's burnt! [angrily slams the pan upside down]
Carrie: I got more potatoes coming right now chef.
Jennifer Normant: Come on, Carrie!
Elise: (interview) Garnish was slow as hell today. That was not coming off.
Gordon: [throws the spoonful on the workstation] (Bleep)!!
Carrie: I got more potatoes coming right now.
Gordon: It's like a (bleep) bullet!

Gordon: Elise, you have a bright career in this industry... as a customer! Your biggest problem is you can't work with a team?
Elise: That's not true, I have been trying to work with my team since I got here--

[Carrie shakes her head]

Gordon: How many people on The Red Team think Elise is a unique dynamic team player then?
Jennifer Normant: I think she's an individual, I'll say.
Gordon: More concerned about her in her little world?
Elise: [over Gordon speaking] Was I an individual when I went up and read the tickets for everybody? [Carrie sighs in disbelief] Was I an individual then? [bangs the work surface] When no one else would step up and I did? Was I an individual then?
Carrie: One time Elise?
Elise: Oh I take constructive criticism!
Jennifer Normant: Shut up, one (bleep) time. [Will shakes his head] That's your problem, no one (bleep) listens! [Paul gives off a shocked look]

Episode Eleven [9.11][edit]

[Elise brings her meat to the pass, Gordon checks it]

Gordon: Unbelievable. (comes back to the workstation) All of you, stop! This is ridiculous!
Jennifer Normant: Oh, my god. We're so going to get thrown out again.
Gordon: (to Elise) Is this the one you sliced?
Elise: Yes chef. (touches the meat)
Gordon: It's dry. What are you doing? You've been to New York, you've had your hands on the prize. This like night one in here.
Elise: No, chef.
Gordon: And you, Elizabeth. You can't time and you can't talk to anybody. You've given up over there.
Elizabeth: No, chef. No, chef.
Gordon: (calling Elise and Elizabeth out of the kitchen) You and you, (bleep) off out of here. Get out! Take that with you, just leave me alone. Get out of here, both of you! (Bleep) off up to the dorm... [Elise kicks the bin out of anger] (to Elise) Hey, you! Pick that (bleep) thing up! You want to serve (bleep), overcooked meat, now start kicking the bin! Wow! UN-(bleep)-BELIEVABLE! GET OUT! (Bleep) OFF! Pathetic! Embarrassing!

Episode Twelve [9.12][edit]

[Gordon checks on the Red team's capellini]
Jennifer Normant: (to Elise) Elise, give your opinion.
Elise: It looks good.
Gordon: [finds that two of the plates have different amount of lobster] "It looks good"? "It's looks good"! [gets two plates from the pass] Look at this one with four little bits of lobster on. Twelve on there, five on that! LOOK AT THAT TO THAT!!! DAMN!! [pounds the counter; throws his spoon away] I'M SO EMBARRASSED!! COME ON!!
Elise: Jennifer, what do you want me to do?
Jennifer Normant: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?! Are you trying to sabotage me?!

[Gordon checks the apples and he has had enough with the red team]

Gordon: (slicing the apples) The apples are raw. Just touch that inside. (Elise touches the apples) (Bleep) off will you! CAN WE GET THE APPLES BACK IN THE PAN?!!
Jennifer Normant: (interview) I had Elise cook one (bleep) pan of apples, and it's raw. This (bleep) bitch will do anything to get rid of (bleep) me. Anything!
Gordon: You put them on, you put them on, not one of you can tell her they're undercooked. You don't care for each other!
Jennifer Normant: (tearfully) I worked (bleep) hard with them for them, I make sure you guys are (bleep) great!
Elise: I did exactly what you told me to do.
Jennifer Normant: Elise!
Elise: Are you serious?
Jennifer Normant: Yeah, this is for the whole mashed potato thing. You know what, Elise? You're petty as you can be. You know what, I kept my mouth shut for a long time, I'm not keeping it shut anymore. War's on!
Elise: WHAT?!
Jennifer Normant: (brings her apples to the pass; to Elise) I don't need your help. Thank you.
Elise: I'm going to help anyway.
Jennifer Normant: I really don't want it.
Elise: (interview) Is that how it's going to be? Jen's blaming me trying to make me look bad. She's going to regret not making a friend in me.
Gordon: (to the servers) Go, please! [throws his apron on the counter out of disappointment] Anything to say?
Jennifer Normant: We suck, yes.

Gordon: [To the red team after service which they lost] The only thing I can say to all three of you is get ready to plead for your life, because tonight, all three of you can be leaving this competition. Now, (Bleep) OFF!

Episode Thirteen [9.13][edit]

Elise: Hope you all brought sunglasses, 'cause we're going to shine.
Tenille: No, I just brought body bags.

Episode Fourteen [9.14][edit]

[Gordon checks on salmon brought up by Elise; after finding out that it's raw, he has finally had it with the final five]

Gordon: [returns to the workstation] All of you, stop. [throws his spoon away] Just (bleep) stop, all of you! (to Elise) Come here you. Put your finger in there. [Elise puts her finger inside the salmon] Not pink, raw! I'm done! (to the other chefs) Leave me alone. All of you, (bleep) off out of here! All of you! Get out, please! Just (bleep) off! Enough is enough!

[Soon after the final five already kicked out, Gordon changed his mind to put Paul and Will for their another chance to cook with him and Sous chefs Scott and Andi]

Gordon: (to Sous chef Scott) Hey Scott, can you get Andi get Paul and Will back, okay?
Scott Leibfried: Yes.
Gordon: We have (bleep) completely vigils be!
Andi: (enters the dorms) Will, Paul, come with me!
Paul: (interview) The greatest kicked me off that you can ever have in my life that have Chef Gordon Ramsay. Saying you're know what it wasn't you, go finish what you started.

[After the end of service, in which Elise, Jennifer and Tommy were sent out of the kitchen]

Tommy: Chef? I gotta ask you something. Why did you send me out of the kitchen? I wanted to be back in there with my team. I should not have had to (bleep) leave tonight, and I could have (bleep) held it down and fixed it! I'm so (bleep) mad!
Gordon: (Bleep) off, Tommy! Or I'll stick your (bleep) head in that oven and talk to you through the (bleep) gas burner.
Tommy: Do it!

Episode Fifteen/Sixteen [9.15/16] (Two Hour Finale)[edit]

[After Paul wins the competiton, everyone celebrates.]

Gordon: (To Elise during the celebration) Get out there and continue, all right? Take this and continue with it and really go with it. And seriously, just stop being such a bitch!