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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

18 Chefs Compete [14.01]

Gordon: [to Monique when he is tasting her signature dish] Tell me about the marinara sauce. I want to know how you made it.
Monique: It's just from a jar.
[Gordon spits out the pasta onto his fork]
Gordon: So you didn't even make the marinara sauce?
Monique: No! (interview) I don't think there's anything wrong with canned sauce. Unless you're from fucking Italy, and you're like born as an Italian, you're not gonna be making your sauce from scratch all the time. [to Gordon] No, if you wanted it, you should've just told me! I would've did it!
Gordon: Oh, I've got to tell you what I want?
Monique: Yes!
T: (interview) Who the fuck uses jarred tomato sauce for Chef Ramsay? Who does that?!
Gordon: Mo's pasta, one out of five.
Monique: Okay, got it.

Gordon: [as Chrissa describes her signature dish] What in the fuck is that?
Chrissa: That is ginger-crusted chicken. I was in the cookie aisle, and I was trying to get ideas, and the ginger cookies...
Gordon: Ginger cookie-crusted chicken breast?
Chrissa: Yep, that's what's in there.
Gordon: [laughs along with the audience] I'm glad you were inspired in the cookie aisle and not the fucking pet food aisle! [takes a bite of the chicken] Aw...
Chrissa: Oh, really? [as she sees Gordon spitting out the chicken] Oh, no. Oh my God, really?
Gordon: That is hideous.
Chrissa: Sorry!
Gordon: One out of five.
Chrissa: (interview) I'm not really used to people spitting out my food, so it was very embarrassing.

[After Michael brought the scallops to the pass]
Gordon: The fuck is that? [brings the scallops back to the kitchen] Hey, all of you, come here. Hurry up!
Nick: (interview) This isn't going to be good.
Gordon: Just touch them. Just touch the top of them. Look at them. Look, look. Look. So, we've got fucking colour on one side, and boiled the next.
Michael: Yes, chef.
Adam: (interview) Stupid mistakes, Michael. We're on our first ticket. We've got Chef Ramsay up our ass. This is not a good sign!
Gordon: The sad thing is he [smashes the scallops with his hand] FUCKS two portions as well! Young man, you need to know, you are not at the fucking senior home!
Michael: Yes, chef.
Gordon: One more like that, and you can fuck off back there!
Michael: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Tonight!
Michael: Yes, chef.
Bret: (interview) I don't understand it. We've been in this business our whole lives. They're fucking scallops. It ain't rocket science.