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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [7.01]


[Signature dishes. The sixteen chefs meet in front of Chef Ramsay. Among them is Tana Ramsay in disguise.]

Gordon: Okay, so there are few out there who are executive chefs, right? [Jay and Siobhan raises their hands] Okay, good. There was one I seem to remember, you (points to Tana) with the glasses.
Tana: Yes, chef.
Gordon: What do you do for a living?
Tana: I'm a mom, but I'm a cookbook author.
Gordon: Never worked in a restaurant?
Tana: No, chef.
Gordon: Okay, let's start from the bottom. Bring your dish.
Fran: (whispering) Oh, geez.
Gordon: Apart from looking like a baby vomit, what is that?
Tana: It's a veal scallopini.
Gordon: (tastes the dish) Oh, God. (to the lady) Listen to me. That dish... was delicious.
Tana: (smiles) Thank you, chef.
Gordon: I mean, I'm shocked. It may looked slightly dull and boring, a little bit like you. But well done! (the chefs laugh) Don't look so nervous.
Tana: You're scary.
Gordon: I'll give you a hug, yeah? Right. Relax, relax, relax.
Maria: (interview) That is not his side. He doesn't just hug people. He's not that type of person. He's not personable at all.
Gordon: What a great start! If this is the sight of things to come, well done! Thank you! (kisses her on her cheeks) God, it was good! [kisses her on her lips; the chefs were shocked and started laughing]
Holli: I wanted to be first! (the others laugh)
Jamie Bisoulis: (interview) Chef Ramsay, you're a little slutty.
Siobhan: (interview) I was just so stunned, Chef Ramsay really did like that dish.
Gordon: That was fucking amazing. [chefs laugh again] (to the chefs) Listen to me, before we go any further: this person is not who you think she is. (the lady removes her glasses) This person is... my wife. (Tana removes her disguise) Tana. (to Tana) Take that off. [chefs gave her an applause]
Jay: (interview) Thank God it's his wife, he just like, licked her teeth.
Gordon: (to Tana) A job well done. [kisses her again]
Jay: (interview) What a filthy bastard!
Gordon: (to the chefs) The point I'm trying to make is that, I don't give two fucks about how much experience you've got. What I do care about, whoever has the magic, who has it? She definitely has it. (to Tana) Good night, my darling. Thank you for making my point.
Tana: Thank you. (to the chefs) Good luck to you all.

Gordon: [looking at Holli's signature dish] Now what the fuck is that thing there?
Holli: Halibut wrapped in a banana leaf.
Gordon: And that's is your signature dish? [throws away the leaf]
Holli: It's a... like a classic Indian dish.
Gordon: I've been to India, I haven't seen food like that.
Holli: It's Northern Indian.
Gordon: Northern Indian?
Holli: I believe... Yeah, I believe Northern Indian. I believe it has...
Gordon: [tastes and spits it out] Ugh!
Holli: I messed it up a bit.
Gordon: You messed it up a bit?
Holli: Yes, I did.
Gordon: You're being polite! [dumps the dish in the trash] Holli, that was a disaster.

Gordon: (Looking at Andrew's dish.) Now, what is that?
Andrew Forster: Steak Tartare. (licks his lips) I guess the inspiration from that came from the fact that I've raised and butchered my own animals and I like to eat them raw. (the other chefs are shocked by this fact) (interview) When I win this competition, I'm going to buy two walk in coolers. That's all I want is two walk in coolers.
Gordon: Do you do some form of Hell's Kitchen Hannibal Lecter?
Andrew Forster: Maybe. (interview) Then I can start butchering animals which is what I like to do.
Gordon: (tastes the tartare) Bland. What a shame. (to Nilka) Okay, Nilka, why did you become a chef?
Nilka: I love cooking. That is my passion. (interview) I'm a single mom with three kids. I want to teach my kids that in order to get something in life, you have to go for it. I know I'm going to win Hell's Kitchen. I will not settle for less.
Gordon: And this is your...
Nilka: My sweet and spicy wings.
Gordon: So, chicken wings?
Nilka: Uh-huh. This is an old family favorite.
Gordon: (bites into a wing) Fucking hell, they're hot. My lips are fucking burning!
Nilka: I apologize, chef.
Gordon: How much Tabasco did you put in there?
Nilka: Uhm, half a bottle.
Gordon: Half a bottle of Tabasco?!
Fran: (whispering) We're screwed.
Nilka: I apologize.
Gordon: (drinks water and spits it out) Jesus shit!
Siobhan: Holy shit!
Gordon: That's going to blow your fucking asshole out! Burned my mouth. Nobody gets a point. But the men win. Congratulations, well done.

Narrator: While the red team gets a pep talk from Autumn, over in the blue kitchen, Chef Ramsay looks for Benjamin to maintain Hell's Kitchen's standards.
Gordon: Hey, guys, get a grip. And you start tasting stuff huh?
Benjamin: Yes, chef. (tastes the risotto and puts the spoon back in it.)
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. Hey, Benjamin!
Benjamin: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here! There's customers standing right over there.
Benjamin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're tasting the food and putting the spoon back in it!
Benjamin: Yes, chef. (interview) I stirred it. I tasted it. I stirred it again instead of dropping my spoons in the water.
Gordon: You can't stand there and eat the food and dip it with your fucking saliva in there and then serve it! I'm not serving that!
Benjamin: Throw it away, let's start again.
Narrator: Benjamin's performance has left a bad taste in Chef Ramsay's mouth.

[6:48 PM]
Narrator: It's 45 minutes into dinner service and Chef Ramsay's guarantee to serve every customer is in danger.
Nilka: (serving tableside) Just be patient and he'll get the entrées out.
Narrator: He's hopeful that Jamie's first entrée will get things rolling in the right direction.
Gordon: What in the fuck is that?
Jamie Bisoulis: More in the oven chef, right?
Gordon: Oh, leave me alone. Leave me fucking alone! (slams the beef on the stove) Just touch that there. Just all of you put your fingers on there!
Maria: Cold, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, there you go.
Maria: Yes, this is very cold.
Gordon: Come here you, touch it! It's like cold cream on a fucking hot steak! (Maria laughs. Gordon stares at her) Maria, madam. Let me tell you something, there's nothing right now to laugh about. I can't get sautéed potatoes. And there, you (Stacey), she's on her third time cooking scallops, and you think it's funny?
Maria: But...alright. Alright (laughs again)
Gordon: Now she's laughing again. What's funny then? Maria.
Maria: Chef, nothing's funny.
Gordon: You're not laughing no? You're seeing things. Come here a minute! Jamie - hey, Fran, come here. You come here. Hey: you, you, you, fuck off out of here! We'll finish the service. GET OUT! You (Siobhan) on meat!
Fran: Chef, I'm not leaving my team, chef!
Gordon: I'm telling you, if you don't get out, I'll drag you out! Get upstairs to the dorm! Videos, recipes, demos, it's a fucking joke!

[Mikey brings halibut up to the pass after being rushed by Scott Hawley]
Gordon: Fuck off! Mikey, come here! COME HERE!!! (kicks the bins) There you go, raw fucking halibut! (smashes it) Shit!
Mikey: (interview) Chef Ramsay dynamites the thing right in front of us. There was like halibut shrapnel all over us.
Mikey: (interview) Scott was making me look bad.
Mikey: Yes, chef.
Gordon: RAW!!!

Gordon: Capellini, risotto, two scallops. How long?
Benjamin: Five minutes chef.
Gordon: Five minutes? Get your rice in there!
Benjamin: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're cooking a risotto with no fucking rice in there! How's that possible?
Benjamin: It's not possible, chef.
Gordon: The fucking rice has to go in before the stock!
Benjamin: Yes, chef.
Salvatore: (interview) Benjamin, is a shit chef. He can't even cook a fucking risotto. He's a chef.
Gordon: What's Salvatore doing? Put it down. It's a cold pan. You got to get the pan hot first. This is basic now!
Salvatore: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You can't put fucking cold food into a cold pan. It absorbs the olive oil. So at the centre of the potato, it's like eating a mouthful of grease!
Salvatore: Yes, chef. Sorry chef.
Gordon: There's two of you on there. How long?....You're not even listening! (calls out Salvatore and Benjamin) Hey, do me a fa - come here you! Hey, you as well. (Calling out to blue haired Jay) Hey, where's fucking... Smurf? SMURF!! Come here, you. You and you, fuck off will you? Get out! Piss off!! I'm not going to stand here and struggle time after time!
Salvatore: (interview) I don't know what happened. I got lost with the freaking appetizers.
Gordon: Fuck off up to the dorm! GET OUTTA HERE!!
Salvatore: (interview) Maybe he don't likes the way I talk. I don't know. He don't likes me, who knows? Maybe he don't likes Italian people!

[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Mikey; after finding out that it's still raw, he has had it]
Gordon: Halibut's raw. Unbelievable. Mikey!
Mikey: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here! Again, raw fucking halibut! Take that, yeah? Do me a favour: FUCK OFF! GET OUT! Up to the FUCKING dorms, And get your fucking hair done! GET IT OUT OF MY KITCHEN! What is going on?!

[Gordon calls both teams to the pass]
Gordon: You guys are fucking USELESS! But I am NOT going to shut this fucking place down! (to the red team) You, you, you, over there (the blue kitchen), work together! DOUBLE UP!
Red team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Move your arse!
Holli: What do you guys need?
Gordon: Fucking hell. What do we need? Yeah, I need sixteen cooks.

Gordon: It's a good thing Stacey's a private chef, her food wasn't good enough for the public.

Episode Two [7.02]

[During the eggs four way challenge. Siobhan who was to have cooked all four eggs by herself is next.]
Gordon: Siobhan by herself. Soft boiled egg, how long did you boil it for?
Siobhan: Um I....I just cook them every day chef so I have a very good grasp of how long they are cooked for.
Gordon: Just answer me the question. How long did you cook it for?
Siobhan: My teammates helped me, chef.
Gordon: Your teammates helped you?
Siobhan: Yes chef.
Gordon: I asked you to work on your own. Because I put you out, singled you out thinking that you could cook fucking eggs four ways.
Siobhan: I could and I wanted to.
Gordon: You were working by yourself. So if you wanted to, why didn't you?
Siobhan: Because there was pressure from my team.
Nilka: Are you serious?
Siobhan: Not from my team, from Autumn.
Gordon: Oh, Christ almighty.
Autumn: I just said, "Let me give you a hand." I can help you make one of the eggs.
Gordon: Which one of these four eggs did you do?
Siobhan: I did the poached egg, chef.
Gordon: So you only poached one egg in five minutes?
Siobhan: I did two poached eggs.
Gordon: One simple instruction, how can I make it any more fucking clearer than that?!
Siobhan: I should've pushed her out of the way and I'm so mad at myself that I didn't. [starts crying] I'm so mad. (interview) I should have not listened to my teammates that were forcing me to do something that I should've known it was wrong to do. And I'm just so mad at myself.
Gordon: Listen please! You do as I say! Holy Moses!
Narrator: Siobhan failed to follow his instructions and did not work on her own.
Gordon: Is that what you're capable of doing?
Siobhan: No, I'm so mad that I didn't step up and push her out of the way.
Autumn: (interview) Siobhan got flustered and pointed fingers at me. She doesn't have a lot of backbone and under the pressure, she just doesn't know when to shut her mouth.
Gordon: So you're only going to get credited for the ones you did yourself. So you did the poached egg yes? [tastes] That's delicious, one point.
Siobhan: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Fuck off, yes?

Gordon: Next pair, Fran and Autumn. Let's go. Soft boiled egg, [slices off the top] Hold on a minute. Who cooked this?
Autumn: I did, chef.
Gordon: [tastes] Delicious.
Autumn: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: [to Fran] Which one did you cook?
Fran: Scrambled, chef.
Gordon: [cuts into scrambled egg, which turns out to be overcooked] Well that's chopped omelet. Ooh. Sunny side up. [tastes] Not an ounce of salt anywhere. Fucking lazy cooking. [checks the poached egg which is stuck to the plate] Who poached this egg?
Siobhan: I poached that egg, chef.
Gordon: Oh, Jesus! One point. Fuck off, will you, yeah? Sorry, plain fucking English.

Gordon: Uh... Blue Jay?
Jay: Yes, chef?
Gordon: [referring to Salvatore] Run upstairs and get Bozo for me, please.
Jay: Oui, chef.

Gordon: Salvatore! [pause] That's the wellington cooked perfectly.
Salvatore: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Where is the fucking chicken?
Salvatore: [to Jason] The chicken?
Jason: [slices chicken breast and sees that it's raw] Fuck! Should be ready. Damn!
Ed: Hold it, you got to get that chicken to the window!
Jason: I got it.
Salvatore: (interview) He's always, "I got it. I got it. I got it." You ain't got shit out.
Gordon: Where's the fucking chicken? Jason, can you talk to me please?!
Jason: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Where's the fucking CHICKEN?!
Jason: Two minutes, chef.
Gordon: [throws a spoon] Oh fuck off. [sees what Jason is doing] Is that - oh, fuck off! I'm not cooking like that.
Benjamin: (interview) He was rushing his chicken. The chicken wasn't even ready. Jason's not taking care of business. He totally fucked us.
Gordon: Come here you. So the fucking chicken's raw, yeah, and you're frying it like a fucking first class - look at that. That's your best?!
Jason: No, chef! (interview) Yes, chef, I fucked the chicken up! He got in my face. I took it like a man. Started over with a brand new chicken.
Gordon: Fine dining?!
Jason: No, chef!
Gordon: A fine fucking MESS! [kicks the bin]

Narrator: There's a clear lack of communication in the red kitchen. But over on the blue side, Andrew is having a pleasant conversation...
Andrew: Shit. Stay right there. Stay hot.
Narrator: ...with the garnishes?
Andrew: Stay cool. Stay there. Don't shit you. [pushes Mikey aside] Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away!
Ed: (interview) Andrew was doing great on garnishes and then all of a sudden, he flipped his lid and started talking like a maniac.
Mikey: What do you need?
Andrew: What do I need? I need to get out of the fucking weeds! That's what I need! What the hell do you think I need?!
Ed: (interview) I don't know what that was.
Andrew: Tell me how the salmon is. Please talk to me.
Benjamin: Two and a half minutes.
Scott Leibfried: I don't care if I get the salmon last. I want to make sure that the garnish is ready.
Andrew Forster: Holy shit!!
Scott Leibfried: Send the fucking plates.
Andrew: Holy shit! Yes chef! Coming over. Coming over. Blue Jay! Come here for a second. Please start bringing these garnishes up or he will fucking kill me.
Gordon: Mash please! Where is it? [Jay brings the mashed potatoes] Why is Jay on the fucking garnish?
Andrew: Holy shit!! Grrrrrrrr!!
[Gordon checks on mash potatoes brought up by Andrew; finds out that it's extremely thin and runny]
Gordon: What's he done?
Scott Leibfried: Potato soup.
Andrew: [to himself] Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!
Gordon: Blue team, come here all of you, a minute. That's you as well, Salvatore! There you go, there's our mashed potato! There you fucking go!
[Andrew takes back the mashed potato, then puts some fresh mashed potato into the same batch]
Gordon: Don't add it—Oh, no!
Andrew: What?!
Gordon: Come here, you idiot! Let me fucking explain why!
Andrew: Yes, please do.
Gordon: You've put the thick stuff in, and you add the runny to it.
Andrew: That was a brilliant idea, chef.
Gordon: "That's a brilliant idea, chef!" You think this is funny, don't you?
Andrew: No, I don't think this is funny.
Gordon: So we're serving liquid fucking mashed potato, so I expect you to put that fucking fresh stuff in a pan, and you add the liquid to it! That's not going to make any ounce of difference there, it's gone!
Andrew: That's not true.
Jason: (interview) Man, this guy, damn! He's just crazy!
Andrew: And now you're going to tell me I can't cook in the sauté pan?
Jason: (interview) Chef Ramsay, he's like the Jay-Z of fucking restaurants! You don't talk back to a man like that!
Gordon: Come here! I'm fucking losing my temper with you. Say that again?
Andrew: So now I've got to take it out of the sauté pan?
Gordon: Yeah, come here you. Get out!
[Chef Ramsay ushers Andrew out of the kitchen, into the dining area]
Gordon: Yeah, get out.
Andrew: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, fuck off.
[Chef Ramsay and Andrew are standing in the dining area]
Gordon: You don't care, you've got no respect, and do you know what? You're a fucking joke to the industry.
Andrew: Am I?
Gordon: Yeah, that's what you are! Fuck off! [walks back into the kitchen] That guy's fucking useless.
[Andrew walks through the dining room towards the front exit; Jean-Phillipe catches up to him]
Jean-Phillipe: What's wrong?
Andrew: Nothing's wrong with me, JP.
Jean-Phillipe: What are you doing here?
Andrew: I'm walking out the damn door! What does it look like I'm doing? That man asked me to leave, and you expect me to stay here?!
Jean-Phillipe: He's just testing you.
Andrew: Right, and if I go back in there, I don't want to hear him yell at me again.
Jean-Phillipe: There are, I don't know how many people which would be willing to be in your shoes now.
Andrew: [kicks his shoes off] You know what, they can take my shoes, JP.
Jean-Phillipe: But...
Andrew: I don't need this. I'm walking out these doors. (interview) Chef Ramsay got pissed at me. I'm sure he looks at me as a little prick. Whatever, I don't really care what Chef Ramsay thinks of me. I'm done. Have a nice day!

Jason: (interview) Andrew? I don't know what happened to that cat. Chef Ramsay hit his ass with some fairy dust and made his ass disappear.

Gordon: The person leaving Hell's Kitchen, all for the right reasons... Mikey. Get your fucking arse up here! [Mikey walks up to Ramsay] You backed your team up. But not just one service, two shit services...
[Flashback of Mikey's two miserable dinner services]
Gordon: ...and I can't work with that.
Mikey: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Take your jacket off! [Mikey gives his jacket to Chef Ramsay and leaves]
Mikey: (interview) Chef Ramsay really didn't like my performance. I know I did crappy, but I still got my tattoo of Hell's Kitchen, and I wear it with pride. I don't regret a thing coming here, and I accept my fate.

Gordon: Mikey was all about appearances. Unfortunately for him, it didn't appear he could cook.

Episode Three [7.03]

[Salvatore is an assistant maître d' for tonight's service and brings tickets to the pass.]
Gordon: Salvatore, show me. Oh my God! What is that? What is that?
Scott Leibfried: Ah, I can't read that.
Gordon: Are you writing in Japanese? Fuck off will you, yes?

[Salvatore returns a wellington to the pass]
Gordon: What's wrong with that?
Salvatore: It's that she requested medium well.
Gordon: Yeah, and it's not wrote on the ticket!
Salvatore: Yes chef.
Gordon: It's not on the fucking ticket! What do you want me to do now? Do you want to fuck your team? Go in there, take it to them, there you go.
Salvatore: Now he's going to lose his shit. [walks into the blue kitchen] Guys, please, may I please have a wellington medium well? Please on the fly? Thank you very much.
Gordon: Yeah, basically, it's not even written out on the ticket. So we sent it out perfectly, and it's not your fault, okay? [to Salvatore] Don't you dare! Hey, hello! Get rid of that plate! Take the fucking plate and fuck off!
Salvatore: (interview) I take and take it, only so many I can take. How much can I take?
Salvatore: (walking past JP) Fuck this.
Jean-Philippe: Where are you going?
Salvatore: I'm leaving. (interview) Sooner or later, you start breaking apart.
Jean-Philippe: Salvatore... Salvatore...
Salvatore: (interview) That's it.
Jean-Philippe: Salvatore.
Salvatore: I'm done.
Jean-Philippe: Salvatore, hey do me a favour, don't - don't do that! Salvatore, fight back, young man!

Gordon: Where's the halibut?
Siobhan: Right here, chef. (brings her halibut to the pass)
Nilka: Let's push!
[Gordon checks the halibut; finds that it's raw]
Gordon: Dear, oh dear. Siobhan! (returns to the workstation) There you go, come here. Just touch in there, all of you and you as well Jamie.
Siobhan: That's my fault.
Gordon: Yeah, touch FUCKING THAT!! [violently smashes the halibut] So you're wasting all this time wiping her [Jamie] ass, and making yourself look stupid. Now I've got a raw halibut!
Siobhan: Yes, chef!

Episode Four [7.04]

Narrator: Siobhan is ready with her second attempt at the crab capellini.
Siobhan: Hot pan. (brings her capellini to the pass; Gordon checks it; finds that it contains lobster again instead of crab)
Gordon: It's the lobster again. (returns to the workstation) I've got lobster in the fucking capellini!
Siobhan: Chef, I pulled the one right here that says crab.
Holli: No, it's not.
Siobhan: It says crab.
Gordon: Look! Look! Come here! (gets some lobster) What are they? Wha-wha-wha-
Siobhan: Oh, yeah. That is lobster.
Gordon: Oh, come on. [shot of Kevin Frazier and his wife at the Chef's Table] Even though it says crab, look at it. What is it?
Siobhan: That looks like lobster, chef.
Gordon: That's the second time.
Siobhan: (interview) Crab was not crab. It was lobster.
Gordon: Where's the crab?
Siobhan: (interview) It was lobster.
Gordon: Oh.
Siobhan: Here it is chef. I got it.
Gordon: How can we not spot it twice, Siobhan?
Siobhan: My fault, chef. (interview; sighs)

[Gordon checks on beef brought up by Scott Hawley]

Gordon: Oh, dear. Scott! (returns to the workstation)
Scott Hawley: Yes, chef?
Gordon: All of you, come here!! Just touch that beef. Just touch it, hurry up. (points to Jason) How's that temperature?
Jason: Rare.
Gordon: Yeah? How's that temperature?
Blue team: Rare.
Gordon: (to Scott Hawley) That's fucking rare. I requested it medium!
Scott Hawley: It was medium-rare for me, chef.
Gordon: You're fucking miles off! And each and every one in your fucking team said it's undercooked! Just get it in the oven!!
Scott Hawley: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Scott Hawley]

Gordon: It's fucking raw.
Scott Leibfried: Yeah, that's no good.
Gordon: Everybody, come here a minute! Just touch that! I requested it rare!
Blue team: Raw.
Gordon: There's a big fucking difference between rare and raw! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SCOTT?! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON?
Scott Hawley: Nothing chef.
Jason: (interview) Scott fucked up twice; he destroyed us tonight. He should be gone.
Jay: (interview) Scott tries to be the leader, the best, bla-bla-bla, but that was still mooing.
Gordon: It's bright white fat! It's fucking raw!
Ed: How long, Scott?
Scott Hawley: I need 3 minutes, okay?
Gordon: Fuck off, okay?!

Episode Five [7.05]


[During the pork challenge]

Gordon: What's your dish?
Nilka: (sighs) We have blood sausage with a prune purée.
Gordon: Already you look negative.
Nilka: I'm not pleased with the plate, that's why I don't look happy. I'm really, really not.
[Gordon tastes the dish, then spits it out in disgust]
Gordon: Ugh, that's shit. Who in the fuck chose prunes with blood sausage? Talk to me, red team!
[flashback to Scott Hawley telling Nilka and Fran to cook the prunes with blood sausage. In the present, Maria and Fran point at Scott]
Fran: (interview) It was his decision to put those items together on the plate, and Scott's trying not to own up to it.
Nilka: It went completely wrong.
Gordon: Understatement of the year!
Nilka: (interview) I knew it. I'd rather have just gone up there with an empty plate, like "voilà, chef!"
Gordon: That's a fucking disaster. (throws the plate away)
Maria: D'oh!
Gordon: Right, Benjamin. What is that?
Benjamin: We have a pan-roasted pork loin, drizzled with thyme, star anise and baby bok choi. (interview) The dish that we did was a beautiful dish. The pork was fucking gorgeous.
Gordon: That was delicious. Just... phenomenal.
Benjamin: (interview) I mean, I would have made love to it right there.

[The final round of the pork challenge, with the teams tied 1-1]
Gordon: Maria, what is that?
Maria: You know, when we had sweet potato, I was like, "sweet potato soup," and then ham-hock, and then we do a honey-infused oil. We put another pan over it and let it pressure cook, and like, one sprig again, of thyme, we just let it marinade. Not, like, a lot. At all.
Gordon: Breathe.
Maria: (interview) I don't know, maybe I talk a little too much. I don't know if it's just flat-out a lack of self-control. It's just outrageous. Look at me now, I can't even stop myself.
Gordon: Nice soup. The winning dish? (looks at Maria) Congratulations... (Maria smiles) ...you've just screwed your team! (Maria looks upset) Listen to me. I asked for the hamhock as the main ingredient. And you're serving me a sweet potato soup garnished with a spoonful of ham-hock? Blue team, congratulations. Back in line!
Maria: (interview) Wonderful. Idiot, I'm an idiot.

[Gordon checks on fried chicken brought up by Scott Hawley]
Gordon: How long's he been cooking this for? Scott: this chicken is like something from outer space. Just feel it a little bit. It's cooked to fuck! It's like something from a leftover fast food joint, Scott! Pathetic.
Siobhan: (interview) Scott's got the most experience, but he still screwed up the whole chicken section. I mean, just a complete disaster.
Gordon: [Scott opens the oven door] Blackened bullshit chicken. [sees Maria next to the open oven] Oh my God. Close the fucking oven door! [goes over to Scott's station and closes the oven door] I don't want a conversation going on with the oven door open. She's (Maria) going to come pass with a fucking pan, walking back and BANG! One fuckin' arm in the fryer, one in the fuckin' stove! Now STOP IT!!
Scott Hawley: Yes chef.
Fran: (interview) He was working so dangerous, Scott. He should've known better.
Gordon: We never cook with the door open! Health and fucking safety!
Scott Hawley: This is the worst fucking night of my life right now. (interview) I feel miserable right now. Thank god nobody got hurt.
Gordon: We're now the most dangerous kitchen in the fucking country!

[Only one minute remaining on the Red team's half of service on Barbecue night.]
[Gordon checks on burgers brought up by Siobhan]
Gordon: Oh dear. All of you come here! ALL OF YOU!! [Shows Siobhan that the burger is raw]
Siobhan: That's my fault. Completely my fault. It was the last one I did.
Gordon: [smashes the burger 4 times] IT'S FUCKING RAW!!
Siobhan: I should've asked - I needed more time.
Gordon: STOP! Time's up! Enough is enough! Fucking shut it down!

[Maria returns to the pass with dates]
Gordon: What's the matter?
Maria: Doesn't want the dates.
Gordon: Why?
Maria: Because I sold the - I wrote down dates and they wanted shrimp.
Gordon: So you're lying to me. You fucked up the order.
Maria: Not intentionally.
Gordon: Not intent - Come in here you! Come in! Come in! COME IN!!
Maria: (interview) Surprise! I screwed up, again. [enters the blue kitchen] I wrote down shrimp and they wanted dates. Er, I wrote down dates and they wanted shrimp.
Jay: Okay.
Gordon: Basically, she fucked up the order! Yeah, she fucked up the order. [Throws the dates in the bin] Fucking bullshit!

Narrator: With the clock running out on their two hours...
Gordon: Come on guys, you got 25 minutes to go yes?
Narrator: ...the blue team is moving quickly but not carefully.
Gordon: [finds fried chicken along with fries in the fryer] All of you, come here! [gets the fryer and slams it on the stove] So who's the fucking smart-arse? Who's the fucking smart-arse?
Jason: I put the chicken in there chef.
Gordon: What, with the fries?
Jason: I just dropped the chicken in the fries chef.
Benjamin: Let's go! Go with the chicken! Come on!
Gordon: Jason! Jason, look at me!
Jason: Yes, chef! I'm looking.
Gordon: It's not fucking good enough!
Jason: Yes, chef!
Gordon: It's a fucking fine dining restaurant, yeah? Not a fucking fast food pick up joint! Get the fries out of there first, then put your fucking chicken in there!
Jason: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Thank you!
Jason: The fries weren't done, chef.
Gordon: The fries are a fucking side! Get your chicken going and get the fucking - Listen to me Jason!
Gordon: THEN DO IT THEN!! DO IT!!!
Jason: I'M DOING IT CHEF!! I don't want to put up with this fucked-up ass bullshit. It's fuckin' crazy. I don't give a fuck. Fuck it.

Episode Six [7.06]

Gordon: [tonight is family night] Now, there's going to be a lot of children. Don't make me fucking swear tonight!

Gordon: Where's the spaghetti? Who's cooking the spaghetti?
Scott Hawley: I don't know. Is the spaghetti coming out?
Gordon: What do you mean, "I don't know"? Why aren't you discussing it together? Fucking hell, first ticket. Who's cooking the spaghetti?
Siobhan: [points at Scott] They are.
Gordon: [to Scott and Siobhan] Ah - come here, you and you, come here, both of you - fuck off will you. [walks into the blue kitchen] Who's cooking the spaghetti?
Benjamin: I am, chef.
Gordon: Thank you, why?
Benjamin: Because the garnish does sides.
Gordon: Tell those fucking muppets!
Benjamin: Garnish is cooking the spaghetti.
Siobhan: Got it. I need to cook the spaghetti. (interview) Pasta? No one told me I was cooking pasta on my side!
Siobhan: I got the spaghetti down right now.
Gordon: Siobhan, step one, pasta doesn't cook unless the fucking water's boiling. Pasta does not cook unless the water is...
Siobhan:...boiling. My fault.
Fran: (interview) Come on! Hello? Is this brain surgery? It's pasta.
Gordon: Hey red team, what are we doing? We're going to hold up the whole fucking dining room because we're waiting on fucking spaghetti! Get a grip. You need to wake up!
Siobhan: Yes.
Gordon: Oh fuck me. Not tonight.

Narrator: But Salvatore has a question.
Salvatore: Chef, did you say one risotto? One risotto, one capellini?
Scott Leibfried: Two risottos, one capellini, one truffle salad.
Salvatore: Yes, chef.
Scott Leibfried: Let's go. How long?
Salvatore: One minute chef.
Scott Leibfried: Let's go!
Salvatore: Yes, chef.
Autumn: Have you got enough in there for two?
Salvatore: I got it. [puts more rice in the pan]
Gordon: Why are you putting more rice in there? Is that because you just found out there's two risotto?
Salvatore: No, no, no.
Gordon: Oh, my God! Hey, blue team, come here, all of you! The risotto's one minute away from being cooked. He realises we're one portion short. Then they start dumping fresh rice in there. Who's smart idea was that?
Salvatore: It was my idea chef.
Gordon: Why didn't you tell me then?
Salvatore: I apologize, chef.
Gordon: Salvatore, working with a cook who tells lies is 10,000 times worse than dealing with a chef who can't cook! You just lost my trust! How dare you!? PATHETIC!! Benjamin, watch him; the guy's a fucking liability.
Benjamin: Yes, chef. (interview) You don't lie to your chefs and you don't lie to your fellow cooks. That's like a fucking no-no.
Gordon: Salvatore, now we should start the whole fucking lot again!
Salvatore: Yes, chef.

Gordon: Nilka, where's the risotto?
Nilka: Right here chef.
Gordon: Nilka, no lobster!
Nilka: Oh shit! I thought I put lobster in there chef.
Gordon: Hey madam, you're cursing in front of the children. Hey look at me, I need you to wake up rapidly. Just cook!
Nilka: Say no more.
Narrator: With Nilka's risotto stalling the red kitchen, Jean-Philippe distracts the customers.
Jean-Philippe: [goes over to where a little girl is coloring a picture of Gordon on her menu and adding the quote "YOU DONKEY!"] Let me have a look at it. What's on there?
Girl: "You donkey."
Jean-Philippe: Yeah but it's not my picture, who's picture is that? Chef Ramsay and you call him donkey.
Girl: No, he says it.
Jean-Philippe: Well, whatever Chef Ramsay says now and then, don't use it.
Girl: I won't.
Jean-Philippe: When he's out of the kitchen, I keep reminding him, "Chef, you can't do that."

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Fran]

Gordon: Fran! Fuck! They're overcooked, Fran! Come here! They're rubber, just touch! That's rubber! That's burned to fuck!
Siobhan: (interview) Can't cook freaking scallops? You know, I don't understand.
Gordon: This is shambolic! It's a disaster! I swear to god, I'll throw every one of you out of here and Andi and I will do the fucking service because this is bullshit!
Nilka: This shit is just fucked up!
Gordon: So much for no fucking swearing.

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Scott Hawley]
Gordon: Ohh, fucking hell. Oh, I just... I don't know where to fucking go! (throws his spoon away) I can't take it much more. I can't take it. It's not even pink, it's not even cooked... (Scott tries to retrieve the wellingtons) Just PUT IT DOWN! AND TOUCH IT! Are you colorblind?!
Scott Hawley: No, chef.
Gordon: GET THEM IN THE OVEN! Come here, you! (leads Scott to the pantry and slams the door) WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!
Scott Hawley: Nothing chef.
Scott Hawley: Okay chef. No problem. It won't happen again. I promise. I promise.

[Gordon goes to Red kitchen for the Red team's entrées]
Gordon: All of you! ALL OF YOU! (Gordon interrupts Holli) That's you ditsy!
Narrator: For one simple question.
Gordon: Is that the best roast chicken and is that the best fucking beef requested mid-rare? (grabs Siobhan's hand) I want you to touch it. I want you to touch it! Touch it! Touch it! Touch fucking IT! (throws spoon away)
Holli: No.
Fran: No, no it's not. The chicken's dry.
Siobhan: Where's the gratin on top?
Scott Hawley: It got pulled off. It was on there before.
Nilka: No, it wasn't.
Gordon: Look at me! Is that the best?!
Red Team: No, chef!
Gordon: Is that the best?!
Red Team: No, chef!
Gordon: Is that the best?!
Red team: No, chef!
Gordon: Do me a favour: FUCK OFF, ALL OF YOU! GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!! And don't you dare switch it off, I'll finish it! Fuck off!
Nilka: I would love to stay an-
Gordon: GET OUT!!! OUT! GET OUT! (throws the chicken into one of the units) GET OUT!
Nilka: (to herself) I'm sick of this shit.
Gordon: [follows the red team] GET OUT!
Holli: That's really embarrassing. What happened?
Gordon: [goes into the blue kitchen] Scott, come in here with me and I'll finish this one, please, yeah?
Scott Leibfried: Okay.
Narrator: Now, Chef Ramsay and his trusted sous chefs, Scott and Andi, will complete the red kitchen's dinner service.
Gordon: Three spaghetti, one tagliatelle, yes?
Scott Leibfried: Three spaghetti, one t- (sees the mess that the Red team left) Oh, my god! What the fuck did they do to this place?
Gordon: Yeah, I know.
Scott Leibfried: Wow, they're really bad, huh?
Andi: Yep.
[Later after Scott and Andi complete the red team's service]
Narrator: While the blue team gets out all the desserts, Chef Ramsay calls the red team back to the kitchen.
Gordon: All your entrées are served, everything's done. Now come back and do something you're good at, fucking cleaning! At least you'll do something as a team!

Narrator: The Red Team lost, but there seems to be some confusion as who the nominees should be.
Gordon: Who is the best chef on the Red Team?
Scott Hawley: Chef, I feel like I'm the best.
Nilka: Absolutely not! You just take over and say "Oh well, I did this, I did that!" You want to gloat and rub it in our faces. It's bullshit!
Scott Hawley: It's not gloating or rubbing it in your face, it's just letting you know the truth.
Nilka: We don't need to hear it! We've been doing it before you.
Scott Hawley: None of you guys work in fine dining restaurants.
Fran: You could have surprised us, the way you've produced over the last two days.
Scott Hawley: Oh, thank you Fran. You as well, you've had a pretty easy ride the whole way through.
Fran: Yeah?
Scott Hawley: Injure your hand a little bit, and you get treated like a little fucking princess.
Fran: Oh, yeah, okay.
Gordon: (rolls eyes) Wow. Great team-work there!

Gordon: Siobhan, why do you think you should you stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Siobhan: I take pride in my work, and I put my best effort forward. I use that little bit of knowledge I have, I have passion, and I ask a lot of questions...
Scott Hawley: (interrupting Siobhan) You shouldn't be asking simple fucking questions! It should take care of itself. This isn't culinary school, the common-sense things are driving the red team down, big time.
Gordon: Scott, why are you back here?
Scott Hawley: I was voted up, Chef. I don't agree with it. I've had a tough couple of services, but I'm a hard worker. Obviously, you know that. I just bust ass every day, I have a calmness about me every day, no matter what the stresses bring. By no means, I'm not the worst cook in this team by far, I'm the best cook in this team, the best leader in this team, I can accomplish...
Gordon: (interrupting Scott) I can't take it any more! Fran, Siobhan, fuck off back in line.
Scott Hawley: This team will fucking die if I'm not here.
Gordon: Scott, give me your jacket! I can't take it any more! I cannot take it. (shakes Scott's hand as Scott leaves) I kept waiting and I waited and waited, but it didn't happen. Good night.
Scott Hawley: Good night, Chef.

Gordon: If Scott could cook as well as he talks, he'd be the winner of Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately, he can't.

Episode Seven [7.07]

Gordon: When it's brown, it's cooked; when it's black, it's fucked!

Gordon: (checking Fran's broccolini) It's not all over cooked in there, is it?
Fran: No, I just dropped it Chef.
Gordon: Well, why are you draining it in one bit and not the other bit in the same fucking time?
Fran: I just did another piece.
Gordon: So, if you left that in there, it's going to overcook. Get the fucking hell out! It's a piece of broccolini, show a little bit of respect.
Fran: I will Chef. Ready?
Gordon: Now, Benjamin's on the garnish. Fucking hell. (Fran comes to the pass with piping hot undrained potatoes.) Cut the bullshit! Let go! Let go! Lazy. (drains the potatoes in the sink) Madam,
Fran: Yes, Chef.
Gordon: You fucking drain the potatoes, or next time, fuck off! Okay? Yeah? You're just running over here with a hot pan and say, "There you go! You bunch of fucking idiots!"
Fran: I'm sorry, Chef.
Gordon: Show a little bit of respect not to give me a baking hot pan!
Fran: I won't do it again, Chef.
Gordon: Before all the fat doesn't spread all over the fucking stupid fucking place!
Benjamin: (interview) I think Fran is definitely over her head and you can't just disregard safety just because you're busy.
Gordon: Engage your brain!
Fran: Yes, Chef. What are we working on next?
Gordon: Yeah, I like that. "What are we working on?" One trout, one spaghetti, two steak. We're bound to fuck that one up.

Episode Eight [7.08]

[Gordon asks for scallops in the red kitchen]
Gordon: Where is the scallops?!
Fran: How's the scallops?
Siobhan: I had to re-fire one order of scallops.
Gordon: (goes to Siobhan's station; gets her pan of scallops) Look at this! What are you doing there?
Siobhan: I thought they look golden brown, chef.
Gordon: Stop, fuck off will you?
Siobhan: I thought they look fine, chef.
Gordon: You thought they look golden brown.
Holli: (interview) They were fucking black.
[Gordon pours the scallops on a plate]
Gordon: Take that, yeah?
Siobhan: There are some on here that were fine, chef.
Gordon: So, where's the fine ones then?
Siobhan: They're right over here.
Nilka: (interview) Shut the fuck up and cook. 'Yes Chef' and cook. Don't talk, cause he's only going to shove his foot deeper in your ass!
Gordon: Where are they? Where are they? You've got the nerve to tell me that some of it were fine. (points out some scallops) Wishy-washy, not even seasoned and you know what? More importantly, they're boiled. You DONKEY! Fuck off out! Get out, get out. Get out, there you go. Get out! Fuck off to the bar and eat it!
Narrator: And Chef Ramsay has sent her to the dining room to eat her mistakes.

Narrator: In the dining room, one customer...
Female diner: Is it cooked?
Male diner: It's rare at best.
Female diner: (talks to waiter) I asked for medium and that's rare completely.
Male diner: Shit!
Narrator: Decides to take manners into his own hands.
Male diner: [at the pass] Oh no! This is rare.
Gordon: (who stands at the Red kitchen) Service, please!
Male diner: Fuck!
Gordon: What's the matter? Oh, talk to me?
Male diner: [pointing at the beef] Medium?
Gordon: Excuse me? Hey, you don't call me you acting like on it's funny. (to male diner) Yeah, do me a favour: That's his [JP] job, you fuck off, yes?
Male diner: Are you trying to poison me?
Gordon: Poison you? What a fucking dick. It's beef, you fucking idiot, tartare! (to male diner again) You never heard of that?
Male diner: It's low-grade beef, at best.
Gordon: Go get a shave, you fucking knob-end!
Male diner: It's low-grade dog food, at best.
Gordon: (goes to Blue kitchen) Let's go. Standing on ice on a fucking jerk. Stand strong, buddy! Stand nice and strong. Push your arms up and you're like a fucking quail!

[Gordon checks on chicken brought up by Nilka]
Gordon: All of you, come here! Pink chicken. Not just pink but fucking raw! And you what? Not even cooked. Raw, raw, RAW!! (smashes the chicken on the plate)
Holli: (interview) It's sliced! You could obviously see that's fucking raw. You can't send up raw chicken no matter what.
Gordon: (to Nilka) I would expect you 10x more when you tell me the chicken's raw!
Nilka: (interview) Aaarrrggghhh! Why? I tried so hard, I don't want to fuck up tonight!
Gordon: It's not fair! You can't just do that! The chicken's raw!!
Nilka: You're right.

[After failing to serve a single entrée, Gordon has finally had enough with the blue team; returns to the workstation with duck brought up by Ed]
Gordon: Just all of you, come here! In a minute. No, Jay, it's not good enough! That has come in sliced, but - yes it's FUCKING RAW! IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH GUYS!! (throws his spoon on the floor)
Ed: Let's go, guys!
Gordon: (returns to the workstation and gives a tray of entrées to Ed) Hey, Ed, come here! Hold your hands up! Yeah, look at me! You, you, you and you fuck off out! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! GET OUT!!! Fuck off!

[Gordon checks on risotto brought up by Fran; after finding out that it's undercooked, he has also finally had enough with the Red team]
Gordon: It's raw, every fucking bit. (to Fran) Your risotto! Madam, madam! Taste the risotto, taste the rice! Up and down, up and down, up and fucking down!! (kicks the bin) Do me a favour. Look at me! You, you, you, you and you, GET OUT!! Get out! Get out of my sight! Get out!
Holli: (to Fran) Just get out. Just get out.
Gordon: Useless bits o' crap!

Episode Nine [7.09]

[The chefs walk into the kitchen where Gordon has prepared for them a frozen dinner.]
Gordon: Morning guys.
Benjamin: Morning chef.
Gordon: Chicken gorgonzola yes? One of the dishes that's featured on the brunch menu at Claridge's. Now have a little taste.
[the chefs taste the dish]
Gordon: Nilka, what's it taste like?
Nilka: It melts in your mouth.
Fran: The chicken is delicious.
Benjamin: I can see the tomatoes lighten up the sauce.
Jay: Big bold spices.
Gordon: You like it?
Holli: Yeah, I love it.
Jay: Delicious.
Gordon: Good.....The dish that all of you enjoyed was in fact....frozen fucking food.
Holli: Wow. (interview) Oh, I feel like a complete ass right now. Oh, completely.
Gordon: The chicken was cooked about... [slams the chicken on the counter] three and a half months ago. Freshness? Vibrant? Excitement? All I did was put it in a microwave!
Jay: In retrospect, the only thing that I would question was the chicken.
Gordon: Oh.
Jay: I thought the chicken tasted a little watery.
Gordon: OH, COME ON!!! (throws his towel on the floor)
Jay: (interview) Ok, fine. I fell for it. Hook, line and sinker.

Episode Ten [7.10]


[Gordon checks the lobster brought up by Nilka]

Gordon: (to Sous-chef Andi) Look at this, Look. It's raw. Nilka?
Nilka: Yes, chef?
Gordon: The lobster is raw. [Nilka groans] Come here, madam, come here! Just touch it will you?
Nilka: I just took it out of the pan.
[Nilka goes to take the lobster back to her station]
Gordon: Look at me! Look at me, put it down! Put it down! Look at me, LOOK AT ME! [Nilka puts the lobster down] OUT! GET OUT! Benjamin!
Benjamin: Oui, chef?
Gordon: One lobster. Nilka!
Nilka: Fuck!
Gordon: GET OUT!
Nilka: I'M GOING!
Autumn: (interview) He was annnnngry!
Gordon: Madam! Hey, madam! (cuts to Autumn while she slaps her cheek in an interview) MADAM!
Nilka: (sulkily) Yes, chef?
Jason Ellis: (interview) Nilka just kept getting hit like a ship by torpedo after torpedo after torpedo, and it finally just - she just sunk to the bottom of the ocean. And Chef said just - she needed to go.
Nilka: CHEF! PLEASE! Chef, please don't say that! Oh my fucking GOD! [picks up a "wet floor" sign and slams it on the corridor]

Gordon: Fucking hell. (to the chefs) Now pick it up!
Jason: Yes, chef.
Narrator: With Nilka gone, the kitchen jumps into action.
Gordon: Two minutes to the window.
Benjamin: Two minutes, chef!
Narrator: But Nilka isn't ready to leave just yet.
[Nilka walks back into the kitchen]
Gordon: Let's go, Scott please?... [sees Nilka] Nilka!
Nilka: Chef...
Gordon: No, no, no. I'm in the middle of service. Take your jacket off and get out of Hell's Kitchen. I've had enough. I-I can't do it, okay?
Nilka: Please!
Gordon: Nilka, don't do this to me. They're under pressure, we're under pressure. Take your jacket off and get out!
Nilka: I want to still cook and prove myself, chef. (interview) And I won't stop, no, 'cos this is my dream, this is my fucking destiny, and this is what I want.
Gordon: [reading off a ticket] Turbot, wellington...
Nilka: I want to cook!
Gordon: Lobster, turbot, wellington, beef. Let's go.
Nilka: I don't want to leave like this, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. Fucking hell.
Nilka: Let me go to my station.
Ed: (interview) Nilka wouldn't leave. She was asked to leave one time, then leave. Get the hell out of here.
[Nilka tries to push Benjamin off the fish station and get back on it herself]
Nilka: Please? I can do this shit!
Gordon: Turbot, lobster, wellington, beef. Nilka!
Nilka: I want to cook!
Gordon: GET OUT!
Nilka: I want to cook! I can do this! Please!
Gordon: Hey, guys, I'm telling you now, do something for me. Get her OUT OF HERE!
Benjamin: Nilka, you got to go.
Gordon: Benjamin!
Benjamin: Oui chef.
Gordon: Get her out!
[Benjamin starts to usher Nilka out of the kitchen]
Benjamin: You got to go! When chef tells you to go, you got to go.
Jay: Go, go, go! (interview) Hurricane Nilka just had an absolute category five meltdown.
Nilka: Oh my fucking God. I don't want to leave.
Benjamin: Nilka, get out!
Nilka: This is so fucked up. I gave my whole life for this shit. (interview) It hurts to get kicked out of here like this, it really really does. I don't want to take my jacket off. (walking out) Fucking bullshit. (interview) It it - oh, it's just... it pisses me off that it went down like this, it really really did. It really really did.

Narrator: Dinner service has been completed with time to spare and the diners are off to the theater. (cuts to Nilka packing her bags) But they aren't the only ones exiting Hell's Kitchen in a hurry.
Nilka: (interview) You know it hurts to get kicked out of here like this, it really really does. I don't want to go home. I don't want to go home. I don't... I came here for a reason. [sheds a tear]

[Nilka walks out the back exit and sees Gordon standing alongside a waiting taxicab]

Nilka: I was hoping I'd get to see you again.
Gordon: Listen, I just want to say that you walk out of here with your head up high. Sadly, you're not ready to take that head chef's job. But what you are ready to continue doing is following your dream. Don't stop that.
Nilka: I'm not, I'm just so mad at myself because I think I was ready. But tonight proved otherwise.
Gordon: Listen, you have done phenomenally well. I've never come out here to say goodbye, but I wanted to make the effort to say goodbye and to say thank you.
Nilka: (tearfully) Thank you.
Gordon: Come here. [they both hug each other] Thank you. Yes. [opens the passenger side door of the taxi] Now, one more thing.
Nilka: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Your jacket.
Nilka: No, you don't have to.
Gordon: [laughing] Your jacket.
Nilka: [laughing] I don't want to. [hands over her chef's jacket] Thank you, chef.
Gordon: Good night, my love.
Nilka: Good night.
Gordon: Well done. (as the taxi starts up) Head up high.
Nilka: I will. Always.

[The final six after receiving black jackets and Chef Ramsay speaks on Nilka's elimination]
Gordon: Tonight was the best service we've had in Hell's Kitchen, and that's why I rewarded the final six. Now, only the best chefs remain. Nilka was clearly out of her depth.

Episode Eleven [7.11]

Narrator: Ben finally has entrées ready for Chef Ramsay.
Gordon: Three halibut, one wellington. (finds that the brought up entrées are for the other table) One tagliatelle, one chicken it's for the next table.
Narrator: Unfortunately, they're not the entrées he's looking for.
Gordon: I've really fucking had enough, Benjamin. Because no-one's fucking concentrating. So easy for you to ruin things. Well, let me tell you something, you fucking ruined my night!
Autumn: (interview) It was crazy over there, I think it was just off. And people need to, like, take a step back from everything that's going on and just cook.
Gordon: You all DONE it before, and you can do TEN TIMES better, BUT NO ONE GIVES A FUCK!! (kicks the bins) THAT'S WHAT FUCKS ME OFF! WHAT ARE WE DOING, JAY, ED, AND BENJAMIN?!!

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Ed; they're badly overcooked]

Gordon: Oh, fucking hell.
Jason Ellis: (brings his appetizers to the pass) Oh, fuck!
Gordon: (returns to the workstation) Benjamin!
Benjamin: Oui chef?
Gordon: Come here. Ed!
Ed: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Come here, Ed! So he (points to Benjamin) brings the next table to me, He's (Jay) fucking say nothing and then that comes up to me! Do me a favour. (to Benjamin and Ed) You and you, GET OUT!! ENOUGH!!
Man: (overhears Gordon) Don't think I'm going to get my lamb.
Gordon: Fuck off up to the dorm! Get out! Get out, Benjamin! Get out! (to Jason) Jason, on the fish.
Jason Ellis: Yes, chef.
Gordon: (to Autumn) Autumn, on the meat.
Autumn: Yes, chef.
Gordon: (to Holli) Holli, on the appetisers.
Holli: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Fucking unbelievable.

Episode Twelve [7.12]

Narrator: As Chef Ramsay leaves the kitchen for a quick moment...
Scott: Tuna!
Jason: Yes, chef.
Narrator: Sous Chef Scott steps in to keep the momentum going.
Jason: Pasta's up, chef.
Scott: Sure wish I had the garnish for the tuna.
Benjamin: Garnish for the tuna, chef.
Narrator: And Benjamin unwisely decides this would be a good time to become a leader.
Benjamin: (reading off the next ticket) Next pick-up, two chicken, one -
Scott: Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Narrator: Unfortunately for him, Chef Scott is not impressed.
Scott: You think for one minute you're going to start fucking running this pass? You may be a fucking good cook, but you suck as a leader. If you think you're going to do my fucking job, I'll leave right now. You think you can do it?
Benjamin: No, chef.
Scott: (turning red) You think you can put up with all this BULLSHIT?
Benjamin: No, chef.
Autumn: (interview) Holy crap! I don't think Ben had a good night.
Scott: YOU GOT IT?!!
Benjamin: Yes, chef!
Benjamin: (interview) Chef Scott ripped my fucking asshole. You know, ripped my asshole this big. That totally sucked.

Episode Fifteen [7.15]

Jay: (interview) Hopefully, I can take (Holli's) pants off tonight.