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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [6.01][edit]

[Louie has brought up his signature dish]
Gordon: What is that?
Louie: Sausage gravy over biscuits.
Gordon: Sausage gravy?
Louie: Yes.
Gordon: Over biscuits?
Louie: Yes. I sell about five gallons of it a week.
Gordon: Gallons? What, you sell this to pigs?
Louie: No, actually, I own a diner.
Gordon: Uh-huh, okay. And how much do you charge for that?
Louie: $4.75.
Gordon: $4.75?
Louie: Yeah. With coffee.
[Gordon tastes some of the dish, and quickly spits it out in disgust]
Gordon: Fuck me.
Louie: What's wrong with it?
Gordon: What's wrong with it? It tastes like gunk.
Louie: [glares at Gordon] (interview) Hundreds of people eat that in my diner each week. I don't think it was worth spitting out!

Joseph: (interview) I feel like a dog that's been taken off his leash. I'm hungry, I'm hungry and I want this, and I'm going to get it. None of them will get in my fucking way.
Gordon: So, this is...?
Joseph: This right here's a roasted veal chop, with roasted root vegetables.
Gordon: Uh-huh. Lovely colour on there.
Joseph: Thank you.
Gordon: What a shame the Brussels sprouts are rock hard. Are they supposed to be that crunchy?
Joseph: No, they're not.
Gordon: (gives a sprout to Joseph) Will you have a little taste for me please?
Joseph: Absolutely. You got a fork? (interview) I ain't no animal. If there's a fork available, I like to fucking use it.
Gordon: You can bite that. You're a big boy.
Joseph: I'm not an animal. (interview) Do I look like a caveman? Do I eat with my fucking hands?
Gordon: Don't get defensive. Relax.
Tony: (interview) I was like "Damn! Throw it down, Chef Ramsay!"
Gordon: Are you mad?
Joseph: (interview) Me and him, we're gonna go head to head, without a fuckin' doubt. I will drag him out to the parking lot by his fuckin' jacket and stomp the shit outta him. That's bullshit! I nailed that fuckin' dish. He knew it and I knew it! No fuckin' way!

Gordon: (to Tony and Amanda) Let's go.
[Tony and Amanda went in front of Gordon to present their dishes]
Amanda: Two seconds chef. I need to grab one thing.
[Amanda returns to the pass to get two shots of tequila]
Gordon: What's that?
Amanda: Tequila.
Gordon: Tequila.
Amanda: (interview) I'm definitely asking Chef Ramsay to do a shot of tequila with me. It goes with the dish.
Gordon: And what's your dish?
Amanda: Margarita French toast with tequila lime butter.
Gordon: Show me? [looking at Amanda's dish] I thought you were joking. You're cooking a slice of fucking toast dipped in egg with...
Amanda: Tequila.
Gordon: ...to get me drunk.
Amanda: (interview) One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four... (cuts to Amanda took a shot of tequila) Give me a lot more! Keep on going!
[Gordon was shocked at Amanda]
Lovely: (interview) Are you kidding me? (laughs) Why would you do that?
Gordon: [raises a piece of toast with a knife] That's it? (brief pause) What the fuck were you doing for 42 minutes? Because that takes literally 3 minutes. SHOCKING!

Melinda: We have a poached lobster and savory portobello mushrooms. (interview) My dish is very rich and succulent and luscious and velvety. You just feel what's happening on your mouth and the satisfaction that comes. [laughs]
[Melinda lifts the lid off her dish, revealing that the mushrooms make up most of the dish, with just a few small chunks of lobster scattered around; Gordon is shocked]
Gordon: Where's the lobster tail? [portions her dish] Where's the fucking tail?
Melinda: During the cooking process, I had some challenges.
[Gordon raises the "tail"]
Gordon: Poached lobster tail, where's the fucking tail? [grabs Melinda's plate and throws it in the trash] Absolutely fucking pathetic!
Sabrina Gresset: (interview) Dang... That's another zero.

[Before dinner service]

Narrator: But moments from opening, his optimism...
Gordon: [sees some fondants at the pass] Oh, dear. Who cooked these?
Narrator: ...begins to fade.
Gordon: Who cooked the fondants?
Sabrina Gresset: Lovely.
Gordon: [calls out Lovely] Lovely!
Lovely: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Which they're not... come here! Why these are cooked? We put it in the oven when the order comes on.
Lovely: Yes, chef.
Gordon: We haven't even opened yet and you cooked them.
Tennille: (interview) That's all we have to work with. We're fucking screwed.
Gordon: [raises one fondant] Look at that! [scoops the fondant and drops it] Look. It's like a fucking hockey puck. Oh, my God! We're not even opened yet and you screwed it up! What a fucking disaster!
Sabrina Gresset: (interview) That's it. The end.
Gordon: 'Get fffucked!!
Suzanne: (interview) Obviously I was thrown in a kitchen with a bunch of circus clowns!

[Gordon checks on scallops brought up by Jim]

Gordon: Jim!
Jim: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Look at me. Three scallops cut in half means what?
Jim: Six pieces.
Gordon: I've got four! Are you doing this on purpose to get me going?
Jim: No.
Dave: (interview) Don't insult Chef Ramsay's intelligence.
Gordon: So look at me. Count to six for me.
Jim: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Gordon: Louder!
Jim: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!
Gordon: THEN WAKE UP!!
Jim: Yes, chef. (interview) I just wasn't paying attention. Ones and twos, and threes and twos, and I thought I had yahtzee at one point.
Gordon: Jim, one minute out, drop six pieces of scallop.
Jim: Yes, chef.

[Gordon checks the scallops on Tek's station]

Gordon: Look at this. I swear to God, [gets some scallops] it's the kind of shit you'd expect Tiger Woods to tee off with. Look at it. Rubber, rubber, RUBBER! [throws the scallops away]
Narrator: But, they have to start over.
Gordon: (on Melinda's cappelini) It's limp and shit!
Narrator: And over.
Gordon: (on Tek's scallops) It's fucking raw!! [throws the scallops away]

[Gordon notices Louie putting an unseasoned lamb in the oven]

Gordon: Louie? Did you just put the lamb in the oven?
Louie: Yes, sir.
Gordon: OH, MY GOD! [calls out the entire team] Hey guys come here quick! At least you know, Louie's on entrées and the fucking lamb goes in the oven like that. No salt, no pepper, no seasoning, not even seared! [slams the lamb on the plate] (to Louie) Louie, why do we sear meat?
Louie: To lock in the juices, sir.
Gordon: To give it colour, to improve the flavour!
Louie: Sorry, sir.
Jim: (interview) You're a man. There's a primary instinct inside you that knows how to cook meat. You need to find it.
Gordon: Fucking hell!

[Gordon returns to the Red kitchen for the Red team's appetizers]

Gordon: For the eighth time, can I have one fucking scallops and a fucking beautifully cooked capellini?!

Gordon: (on Melinda's capellini) Is that cooked? It looks undercooked.
Melinda: Is it cooked?
Gordon: (tastes the capellini) Not cooked.
Melinda: Not cooked?
Gordon: Nah, that's not cooked. Not cooked. (Melinda throws the undercooked capellini away) Oh, my God! Why did you throw that away, Melinda? Just put it back on the stove, put the lid on the top and, 30 seconds cooking it! What do you do, you just... trash it straight away!
Sabrina Gresset: (interview) Melinda... she had that deer-in-the-headlights look and that'll kill you.
Gordon: (Discovers a capellini thrown in the bin) Look at all this fucking... who's putting all this in the bin?! How many portions are you putting in there? How much is in the bin?! LOOK! LOOK! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!
Narrator: An hour into dinner service and the red team has cooked ten appetizers. But unfortunately, none of them have made it to the dining room.
Gordon: (to Melinda) Hey, madam, how much capellini are you throwing away? (Melinda doesn't reply) Look at it! What are you doing, Melinda?! What are you doing?!
[Melinda begins attempted interview and doesn't speak]
Gordon: You're making me mad!
Melinda: Yes, Chef.
Gordon: Fucking mad!
Melinda: Yes, chef.

Gordon: Salmon, lamb please, how long?
Tennille: Seven minutes, chef.
Gordon: Hey, what's that piece of shit there?
Suzanne: It's supposed to be the salmon.
Gordon: Holy fuck! Look at that. It's like a... bison's penis - what is that shit? [opens up the salmon wrap, revealing the interior to be totally frozen] Look at that! Stone-cold, frozen salmon. Who put the salmon in the freezer?
Amanda: Me. I fucked it up. (interview) The salmon was my fault because I stuck it in the freezer instead of the fridge, and it was frozen.
Gordon: Yeah, you fucked up, big time!
Tek: All the salmon's the same, I think we should try and fix it.
Gordon: Yeah, 'cos she's wrapped it frozen.
Heather: And we have five on order.
Gordon: We've got five on order?
Heather: Five on order.
Gordon: (to Amanda) Hey, ditzy! Great job!
Amanda: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Oh, fuck off.

[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Louie]
Gordon: Louie! [raises a chewed up piece of lamb] Wh... what is that?! What is that?! Did you bite that? Look! That's one, that's the other! It's on the same fucking table!!
Joseph: (interview) Louie's lost. He's out of his league.
[Gordon discovers that Louie has wasted a huge amount of lamb]
Gordon: What's all that lamb here? Look at this! Hey, Van! You, hey, Joseph! Stop! Look... at... this! Look! LOOK! LOOK! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! LOUIE!
Louie: Yes, sir?
Gordon: Fuck off back there! GET OUT! Yes! Get FUCKED, pile of SHIT! Hey, get upstairs, get your bags packed...
Louie: Can I help? Can I help in the kitchen?
Gordon: Yeah, you can help me: GET OUT!!
Louie: (interview) You want me out? You want me to pack my fuckin' bags? I'm out. My bags are packed. YOU CAN KISS - MY - FUCKING - ASS!!
Narrator: With the kitchen at a complete standstill, Chef Ramsay is left with no choice.
Gordon: (to Joseph) Switch it OFF!
Joseph: Yes, chef.
Gordon: (to the red team) Fuck off!

Gordon: Melinda was completely lost in space. So I sent her back to whatever planet she came from.

Episode Two [6.02][edit]

[During the Blue Team's reward where they are having Shrimp Cocktails with Gordon]
Gordon: Enjoy it.
Dave: It's a treat to be sitting here by Chef and not being screamed at.
Gordon: Trust me, each and every service, you're going to get stronger. Have you any idea how much shit I've taken in the kitchen? And the more I took, the better I became.
Joseph: (interview) What am I learning by shooting shit? Nothing. What gets accomplished by running your mouth? Not a thing.
Joseph: I didn't come here for lunches you know. That's not what I'm here for. I'm not going to lose my eye on the prize.
Dave: Well, we're fired up too, man. I'm not relaxing because I get to have a good nice lunch with the chef.
Joseph: It's good to get out but I don't really care.
Dave: (interview) Joseph, he's a complete dick. He's a little hotheaded, and he's being a little too intense in the way he disrespects Chef Ramsay.

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass after seeing Van serving tableside to a Red diner]
Jean-Philippe: Chef, he's going to the wrong table.
Gordon: Oh, no. VAN, COME HERE!!
Van: (to a Red diner) I'm going to get yelled at right now, but I'll be right back. [returns to the pass] (to Gordon) Yes, chef!
Gordon: That's the Red table. You're running the Blue. Hey Bozo, give me one scampi special on the right table.
Van: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Thank you! (to Jean-Philippe) Hey, what's the matter between you two?
Jean-Philippe: There's a language barrier there.
Gordon: What do you mean a language barrier? He's speaking English, you dick!
Jean-Philippe: I know, but he's from Texas. [Gordon rolls his tongue around]

Jean-Philippe: (to Van) Don't run in the restaurant, please?
Van: (interview) Jean-Philippe better stop trying to tell me what to do. I know that.
Jean-Philippe: I'm going to explode. I'm going to explode, my friend! Listen to me!
Tony: (interview) WHOA, WHOA! JP! He's about to like pound him down. DAMN!
Jean-Philippe: (to Van and even turns red) Listen! Listen! LISTEN TO ME!!
Andy: (interview) I cannot believe I'm seeing this.
Jean-Philippe: Listen to me!
Kevin: (interview) He's going to fucking hit him.
Jean-Philippe: (to Van) We have a problem here!
Jim: (interview) Hit him!
Van: (to Jean-Philippe) Don't touch me, bro! You better get out of my face! (JP pushes Van)
[Gordon saw JP and Van fighting; becomes furious]
Gordon: OI!! Hey, stop! Hey both of you, come here! (referring Van) Bozo, both of you, come here! NOW!
Van: I'm going to fuck you up, bro. (interview) We're going to get it down and it's going to be a first round knockout.
Gordon: What's is going on?
Jean-Philippe: (referring Van) He's got no respect, Chef.
Van: I'm sorry, Chef.
Jean-Philippe: He's not respecting his dining room, Chef.
Van: (interview) Bitch, shut the fuck up. He thinks he's some kind of boss man around here and he ain't nothing.
Gordon: (to Van) Calm down, listen to him. (to Jean-Philippe) And you, pay a little bit to respect. [points to Van] And if you do your job, [points to Jean-Philippe] And if you do your job, we'll come together. 'Cause right now, you're turning the whole place upside down, are you going to do it?
Jean-Philippe: (referring Van) If he listens to me.
Gordon: (to Jean-Philippe) ARE YOU GOING TO DO IT?
Jean-Philippe: Yes, I will if he listens to me.
Gordon: (to Van) ARE YOU GOING TO DO IT?
Van: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Last chance.
Jean-Philippe: [Letting Van out of the pantry first] Ladies first.

Gordon: Where's the chicken?
Andy: Just a second. I'll cook it a little bit more.
Gordon: [sees what Andy is doing] Oh, no. Oh, dear. We're cutting up a piece of chicken and frying it off. What do you think it is, a chicken nugget? OI!! Come here you! Now you've cut them up like bits of chicken nugget, and fryin' them off?
Andy: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You fuckin' donkey!!
Joseph: (interview) Andy, if you're sitting there all night long with a meat thermometer on your arm, why are you not checking the chickens? What the fuck is it doing on your arm? It don't look good on you.
Gordon: [grabs Andy's pan] Is that how you cook in Whistler?
Andy: No, chef.
Gordon: So why are you cooking it like it now?!
Andy: I made a mistake chef.
[Gordon throws the pan into the sink]

[Gordon asks for chicken in the Red kitchen]

Gordon: One roasted crown chicken!
Sabrina Gresset: Yes, chef. I'm ready for it.
Gordon: [sees that the chicken is burnt] It's burnt, the chicken!
Sabrina Gresset: Is it?
Gordon: It's crispy and burnt! Oh, my God!
Sabrina Gresset: Damn!
Gordon: [calls the Blue team] Hey, come here you! All of you! Both kitchens are down and they're waiting. So we're standing here and we got fuck all going out! Nothing! That's where I draw the line. I'm about to do something I've never done before in Hell's Kitchen!
Dave: (interview) It's a desperate time. I don't know what's going to happen. For all I know, we're all going home.
Gordon: I have no option now! There's one fucking thing that you can do here, it's a fucking shrimp cocktail. Do you know why? Cause it's not cooked! Give me a fucking shrimp cocktail!
Suzanne: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Give me some shrimp cocktails now. Jean-Philippe! I'm serving shrimp cocktail. At least they're going to get something to eat! Hey you, nothing cooked! Nothing seasoned! Crushed ice in a glass with ketchup!
Sabrina Gresset: (interview) When Chef Ramsay says "You know what, stop cooking and just send out cold stuff!" That's embarrassing.
Gordon: Let's go. Shrimp cocktail. Let's go.
Narrator: With no cooking required...
Van: GO! GO!! GO!!!
Narrator: ...both kitchens...
Sabrina Gresset: Five more right here.
Narrator: ...manage to get shrimp cocktail to the dining room.
Jean-Philippe: With the compliments of Chef Ramsay.
Lady: A shrimp kind of night. Isn't it?
Gordon: Hey ladies, come here. Hey, come here! Come here!
Tony: (interview) Everybody's like freaking out! Like Chef Ramsay's going to walk over with a fricking machine gun and like [imitates a machine gun] blow us all away!
Gordon: The entire fucking dining room has shrimp cocktail. That's a first for me! You just turned my restaurant into a shrimp stand! And what's the point of going on? Shut it down!

[After a disastrous dinner service in which both teams lost, the Red team has already nominated Lovely and Tennille for elimination, and the Blue team is about to nominate two of its chefs]
Gordon: Blue team. Joseph: let's be honest, that's a pretty sorry battalion you got there, isn't it.
Joseph: Right now it is.
Gordon: Who's the first nominee for the men?
Joseph: They can speak for themselves but they know who they are.
Gordon: Hey smartass, I asked you to tell me. Who's the first nominee, and why?
Joseph: No problem: Tony, and Andy.
Gordon: Listen... I know you may be slightly stupid. First nominee and why?
Joseph: First nominee and why? Tony. He knows why. We sat down as a group and they wouldn't pick each other. You know. No peer pressure! We're men!
Gordon: Just, just just - what do you want, a fucking medal?
Joseph: What do you want me to fuckin' say? What do you want me to say? They know who they fuckin' are. We chose as a group and they stand out and they said they belong there. Stand up, they know who they are.
Gordon: [approaches Joseph] Listen, you chippy idiot. I asked for one nominee and why, plain English. And you're mouthing off, and you couldn't answer me. Now can you just tell me, in fucking plain English, the first nominee, and why he's nominated. Is that fucking clear?!
Joseph: That's clear!
Gordon: Thank you! [walks back] Unbelievable! One simple request, who and why, and you make a big fucking song and dance about it!
Joseph: I ain't no fuckin' bitch, chef! I don't give a fuck. I ain't no bitch!
Gordon: ...what???
Joseph: I'm not no bitch!
Robert: He's trying to bring the best out of you. You got to look past it.
Joseph: He's not bringing the best out of me.
Ariel: Yeah, show some respect.
Joseph: Shut your fuckin' mouth is what you should do right now.
Suzanne: Come on, man!
Joseph: I'm talkin' here. I don't give a fuck about you. I didn't come here for you.
Suzanne: You want to be an executive chef, Joe?
Joseph: Shut your fuckin' mouth!
Gordon: Oh, my God!
Tek: You signed up to fucking learn and grow, and...
Joseph: Yeah, shut your fuckin' mouth.
Tek: ...you do this, dude!
Gordon: Okay! Answer the fucking question!
Joseph: You keep talkin' like this, I'll have you out in the fuckin' parking lot! I don't give a fuck. What do you want me to say?
Gordon: I ask the fucking questions, YOU give the fucking answers!
Joseph: [takes off his jacket and walks out of the line] Fuck that shit, dawg. I ain't here for that! [approaches Gordon and tosses his jacket at him] You want a fuckin' jacket? You want talk some shit? Let's go step outside, mo'fucker! [gets in Gordon's face] I ain't here for that, dawg!

Episode Three [6.03][edit]

[continuing the confrontation from the episode before. A couple of guards step in to separate Joseph from Gordon.]

Joseph: Want to talk about fuckin' fighting?
Gordon: Oh wow.
Joseph: Want to get fuckin' rough?
Gordon: You think I'm scared? Ah? Look at you.
Joseph: Yeah, keep talking for the fuckin' cameras.
Gordon: You've just blown your - Yeah, fuck the cameras.
Joseph: Yeah?
Gordon: Yeah.
Joseph: Let's go step outside!
Gordon: Out in front here? I asked you one simple question, and you couldn't fucking answer me. And then you want to get all tough and up close and personal.
Joseph: Fuck you.
Gordon: There you go.
Joseph: You ain't none but a bitch.
Gordon: You've got no respect.
Joseph: No respect?
Gordon: Now get out.
Joseph: Fuck you. You fuckin' bitch! [Double flips off the chefs] Fuck all y'all! Right? [the guards lead him out, he trips over the step]
Gordon: Watch the step.
Joseph: Yeah, watch the step, bitch.
Gordon: What an idiot. Total, total shame. [kicks Joseph's jacket up to the table]
Joseph: (outside the restaurant) I don't need this and that. I don't need some limey - fuckin' - prick - talking to me like that. Without skippin' a beat, I'll go back home, I'll work! Anybody who fuckin' hires me to work in their kitchen, they'll be proud to have me there! FUCK HIM! FUCK HIM!

Gordon: (after sparing Lovely and Tennille from elimination) Now listen up: Because Joseph took himself out of the competition, tonight you get a gift--and I'm not sending anybody home. Last chance.
Chefs: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Understand?
Chefs: Yes, chef!
Gordon: And I've got one more thing to say to you - in fact, to you all: (in Joseph's tone) I'm nobody's bitch. (everyone laughs)

Gordon: Amanda!
Amanda: Yes, Chef!
Gordon: Twelve threes?
Amanda: Nine! (that was the correct answer when she incorrectly made eight lamb chops [three portions of three, but she incorrectly said the answer to that question four times])
[Everyone laughs]
Gordon: Oh, my God!
Amanda: Thirty-six chef. Thirty-six, I'm sorry, Chef.

Episode Four [6.04][edit]

[The blue team has to clean up the dorms as punishment]
Robert: Right now, I just want to win a challenge. I want to win. All through my life I hear bullshit. People thinking shit I'm too fat, too slow, too this, too that. I ain't about to be a loser, I hate it.
Scott Leibfried: Good, Robert. That's how you should feel. It just kinda sucks that the intensity is coming out during being punished and not neccessarily during...
Robert: You know, chef I...Fuck!
Scott Leibfried: Well Robert, what do you want me to tell you? You could've won, you didn't. But you know, the competitive parts should come out during that time and not afterwards.
Robert: (throws his broom down) I fucking almost died last time for this shit! Don't tell me I ain't giving my fucking 110%! Dancing around like fucking Fred Astaire all fucking day!! LAST SEASON, I ALMOST FUCKING DIED FOR THIS SHIT!! AND I'M HERE AGAIN AND I FUCKING DON'T WANT TO LOSE IT!! (Breaks his broom)

[both teams are coming down to the wire during service]
Gordon: Where's the chicken?!
Robert: Come on! Come on!
Andy: (rushing with the chicken) Coming right behind you. Go now!
Scott Leibfried: Hey, fucking nitwit, that is fucking raw.
Robert: Oh man! (interview) Here we go again!
Scott Leibfried: (gets in Andy's face) You get that ready by the time the rest of the fucking table is ready to go! You got it?!
Andy: Yes, chef.
Scott Leibfried: GO!

[After a solid good dinner service for the second time in a row]
Gordon: Right, no close. Ladies, you've beaten by the sides.
Suzanne: (raises her right hand) Chef, can I get play-by-play on that?
Gordon: Yeah first of all, okay? I'm telling you, straight to your face, you lost. And you, one more thing, you do have one more member than the men, they did it with eleven arms. No play-by-play, take it on the fucking chin, with a little bit of respect. End of fucking story.

Gordon: If people were named for their cooking, her name wouldn't be Lovely. It would be Useless.

Episode Five [6.05][edit]

[Gordon checks on lobster brought by Amanda]

Gordon: Oh, come on. This is not possible! (returns to the workstation) Come here! All of you, come here!
Amanda Davenport: (interview) Whatever it is, it's not my fault.
Gordon: This is not fucking possible! This cannot be true! [gets a piece of lobster] What is that there? What is that there?! WHAT IS THAT?!
Suzanne: This is---.
Gordon: Yeah, its fucking raw! RAW!! [kicks the bins]
Tennille: (interview) Come on, Amanda! All you have to do is put the lobster on the grill, make sure it didn't char, baste it and send it up. That's all you had to do!
Gordon: It's a fucking restaurant, not a sushi bar! How can you get confused on a raw fucking grilled lobster?! I don't know where to go! I can't even turn and look at the dining room, I'm so fucking embarrassed! This is still your first table... (points to the Blue kitchen) that's their last! FUCK OFF!! WE HAVEN'T SENT AN ENTRÉE OUT!! STUPID COWS!!! [crosses over to the Blue kitchen, where the men are starting to clear down] Oh, fucking hell... Hey, have you all finished?
Andy: Desserts chef.
Gordon: Desserts? Kevin, stay on desserts. All of you, come in here! Hey guys, get on a section will you, please, yes?
[The Blue team goes over to the Red kitchen and started working]
Tennille: (interview) AWWW! Add insult to injury, rub salt in the wound, what... just... happened?
Gordon: Away now: Two penne, three New York Strip, two chicken, one catfish!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Robert: (interview) AAAAAAAAGH! YEEAAAAH BOOOOOYS! (cups his ear) That's right. I can hear it. It's them bitches crying!
Tennille: Do you need anything?
Jim: No, I'm cool. (interview) It was just scraps of meat, everywhere. It was a kitchen-pocalypse. Like a hand grenade went off in a cow's ass.

Episode Six [6.06][edit]

[In the final round of the health food challenge]
Gordon: Gentlemen, I can't wait for a fantastic dessert. I hope it's substantial. You've probably saved the best until last.
[Dave carries the platter with the blue team's dessert over to Ramsay]
Amanda Davenport: (interview) Man, that had better be a giant piece of chocolate something, to beat us!
Kevin: (interview) I was worried, the girls had some really nice stuff. This has got to kick some ass.
Andy: (interview) I make an apple fruit compote every day of my life. No problem.
[Dave lifts the lid on his platter, and Ramsay instantly starts laughing]
Gordon: Oh, come on! What is that?
Dave: (interview) When Chef Ramsay laughed, it definitely like, stung. I felt like a loser. (Ramsay samples the dessert) Chef, we have an egg white crepe filled with a fruit compote, and we have a blackberry and vanilla yoghurt cream.
Gordon: It tastes... foul! That's the kind of crap they serve when you have a heart bypass or an ulcer operation, that is a joke! Back in line, Dave.

[Tennille brings her mashed potatoes to the pass]
Gordon: [finds that the mashed potato was under-portioned] Oh, no. (returns to the workstation) Tennille! That's my two portions of mash, look at that. That's the way I get treated. (shows the mashed potatoes) What the fuck is that! [throws the pan down] Fuck off will you, yeah?
Tennille: (interview) I take something up to the pass, it's too much - take something else, it's not enough - he's just got to find something to bitch about!
Gordon: And what'd you want me to do, scoop round inside?
Tennille: I thought I was over-portioning again, chef.
Gordon: You're so bizarre - whether this is a joke or an act for you, let me just tell you something: you act pathetically. Why did you send me that pan with no mashed potato in there?
Tennille: Chef, the other orders you said I over-portioned chef, so I put up--
Gordon: So now you've gone back the other way with fuck-all in there! Is that clear?!
Tennille: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Good! You're upset now?
Tennille: Yeah, I'm fuckin' pissed off!
Gordon: I'm fucking glad you are! 'cause you're crap!
Tennille: You're crap. (interview) I'm sick, I'm sick of his shit, man! You're not going to keep talking to me like that!
Gordon: Hey, madam, madam. Get out.
Tennillle: Yes, no problem, chef.
Gordon: Get fucking out.
Tennille: Oh, I'm out!
Sabrina Gresset: Oh, no!
Gordon: Get the fuck out of here!
Tennille: Fuck you... fuck you! (interview) Right now, I'm pissed off and I'm trying to maintain my cool for slapping him in his jaw.
Sabrina Gresset: Thanks a lot, Tennille. (interview) Now we have to work her station. Thanks a lot!
[Gordon follows Tennille to the back area, following her walk-out]
Gordon: Hey!
Tennille: Busting my ass for you!
Gordon: That's right. That's right.
Tennille: Busting my ass for you!
Gordon: You're not, you're lying.
Gordon: You're lying.
Gordon: Get off your back? Who the fuck-- You're lying.
Gordon: Don't you dare turn around and tell me that I'm fucking crap--
Tennille: You know off my ass!
Gordon: --or you FUCK OFF through those doors! That's right!
Tennille: You can dish it, but you can't take it?! [pushes over a rack of trays]
Gordon: Hey, madam, what are you doing?
Gordon: Listen to me, you're not-
Tennille: It's not good enough for you, man!
Gordon: You're not listening to me! Shut your fat fucking mouth and listen to me! The potatoes are--
Tennille: I'm trying to learn from you!
Gordon: You're not learning, you're only opening your fat mouth!
Tennille: I am! I am! You're the one who's trying to--
Gordon: Shut up, then! Shut up! Are you going to keep it shut? (Tennille doesn't reply) Are you going to keep it shut?
Tennille: Shut.
Gordon: Good! If you can't hack it, fuck off. If you can, get back in there! [Tennille returns to the kitchen] Hey madam!
Tennille: Yes, Chef!
Gordon: Come here! I want an answer!
Tennille: I'm on my way back into the kitchen, CHEF!
Gordon: Good! Let's go.
[Tennille returns to the kitchen, where Amanda and Suzanne have taken over the garnishes]
Tennille: GET OFF MY STATION, PLEASE!! What's working?

Gordon: (After eliminating Jim from Hell's Kitchen) Big man, let me tell you something. I can teach a chef how to cook but I can't give you a heart. You're not the Tin Man and I'm not the fucking Wizard of Oz.

Episode Seven [6.07][edit]

Gordon: All of you, come here! Come here! Come here! Come here! (to Kevin) Hey, Kevin, you're starting to piss me off! PUT IT DOWN! When I ask you to stop with you're doing, you better fucking stop it! Come here! Cocky! OUT OF THE WAY! (holds a cooked rabbit) Fucking raw! (throws the cooked rabbit on the floor) (Kevin) Happy now? You're standing there tossing your tagliatelle to make yourself look good, I'm serving raw rabbit, Chef?
Kevin: Understood, chef.
Gordon: (to Robert) You? Fuck off!
Robert: Yeah. Yes, chef.
Dave: Fuck!

Robert: (interview) (after blue team lost the dinner service) Yes, I have bad service. But I do not deserve to go home. Because people here, but Andy has better than me.

Gordon: Robert, tell me why do think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen on the back of that performance?
Robert: My history here in Hell's Kitchen never been on the block once. And I'm disgusted that I even share the same fucking stage this guy (Andy) right here. Been here three times not bad for the team always fucking around.

Episode Eight [6.08][edit]

[Jean-Philippe returns to the pass with lamb]
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell... What's the matter?
Jean-Philippe: Raw, chef.
Gordon: What?
Jean-Philippe: It's not cooked.
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell. Sabrina!
Sabrina Gresset: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Look, raw! Like you're still running around in the fucking field! Is that on purpose?!
Sabrina Greset: No, chef.
Gordon: So WHY?!!
Sabrina Gresset: (interview) I should have stuck to my grounds when I said it wasn't ready. I said we can't go and Suzanne forced me to go. Suzy fucked me.
Gordon: Hey madam! Madam, come here! (gives her the lamb) Take that.
Sabrina Gresset: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Inconsistent, dry lamb on the outside, raw in the centre! Fuck off and eat it! (leads Sabrina to the dining room) There you go! Taste your own medicine! PISS OFF!!
Sabrina Gresset: Thank you, chef.

Episode Nine [6.09][edit]

Andy: Ah! (hurts his finger when slicing a potato) Fuck me!
Scott Leibfried: Medic! I need a medic!
Dave: Are you serious?
Andy: Aahhh! It's just a cut, second on the middle thumb, middle finger. It's getting in the fingers too.
Dave: (interview) Andy liked the tipped off his fingers more literally taken off. It was so deep and so horrible.
Medical crew: (Dispatching to the paramedics) I have Andy. He needs to go to the clinic and needs stitches on its all three fingers.

Andy: I'll finish two crepes.
Kevin: (interview) Andy was just fucking up all night long. He's just turn into a disaster. (to Andy) Bring one crepe up, and I'll follow with another.
Gordon: Andy, what aren't you doing anything?
Andy: He's (Kevin) assisting me, chef.
Gordon: You're not assisting him, you're doing it! And he's standing there watching you. (to Andy) Hey, you! Hey, come here! Do me a favour: FUCK OFF! UPSTAIRS! GET OUT! PISS OFF! (to the remaining members of the Blue team) Anyone who acts like a fucking idiot can piss off! (to Van) Hello! Are you listening?
Van: I'm listening chef.
Gordon: Next fucking person out! Concentrate!
Blue team: Yes, chef!

[Gordon checks on lamb brought up by Suzanne]

Gordon: Fuck me. (returns to the workstation) Come here, both (Sabrina Gresset and Suzanne) of you! It's requested med-rare! All of you, come here! Touch that! Yeah, touch that! Touch that - YOU (Sabrina) TOUCH IT AS WELL!! What is that?!
Suzanne: Medium-well, chef.
Gordon: Medium-well?
Suzanne: Well-done, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, hey! Overcooked!
Suzanne: (interview) I overcooked liked an entire pan of lamb. Oh, it's terrible!
Gordon: (slams the plates down) Medium-well? And... that's well done? (to Suzanne and Sabrina) Well-done to you! And well-done to you! I can't believe just how inconsistent you are!! Do me a favour: You and you FUCK OFF UPSTAIRS! GET OUT!! Both of you!
Tennille: (interview) Holy shit! He's going to shut us down!
Gordon: Get out! Get out!!

Kevin Cottle: (interview) (after escape elimination) We don't want Suzanne (moved to blue team), we don't want her all. But it doesn't matter what jacket Suzanne has all on me. She's going to go home just like anybody else. I will be the last man standing.

Episode Ten [6.10][edit]

[Gordon has found out that Van has brought up 7 scallops instead of 6]
Gordon: Van, come here! Straight away! Two three's are what?
Van: Two three's?
Gordon: Two times three?
Van: Two three's?
Gordon: Two three's are what? Two times three?
Van: (interview) I'm kind of confused on that right now. (to Gordon) What?
Gordon: Van!
Van: I don't understand chef.
Gordon: You don't understand two times three?
Van: (interview) I can count, yes. (to Gordon) Yeah, it's six.
Gordon: So you gave me seven--
Van: I gave you an extra. I'm sorry, it won't happen again.
Gordon: Dumbo!

[Gordon sees the halibut was raw]
Gordon: Come here, all of us! Just come here! Come here, all of you! Look, it's not... it's just... no, it's not about "oh"! (angrily smashes the halibut on the plate after someone says "oh" in disappointment) it's not about that!
Dave: (interview) Oh... damn! Halibut splurged all over my face and like I have little tiny like bits of halibut in my eyes.

Episode Eleven [6.11][edit]

Gordon: Van, so you started to sear on the sea bass. Come here! Quick and you leave it there! You're searing a sea bass!
Van: It's big.
Gordon: LISTEN TO ME!!!
Van: Yes, chef.
Gordon: We haven't sent the appetisers!
Gordon: (to Van) Hey! I'm watching you like a horn fucking eagle! Poissonier! Let's go.
[Van begins to cook scallops]
Van: Coming up, chef.
Gordon: Scallops!
Van: Coming right now, chef. [beads of sweat fell on his scallops]
Gordon: Van! VAN! NO, NO, STOP! Come here, you're sweating in the food!
Van: It's hot, chef.
Gordon: I know it's fucking hot!! (throws his spoon down) YOU'RE SWEATING IN THE FOOD!
Van: (interview) Man, I was sweating my ass off. (flashback of sweat fell on his scallops) I own there to win the food.
Gordon: (to Van) What's wrong with you? Serve them? By the way, you can touch on there that one. Look at me, help me out of here!
Van: (interview) I'm not going to bust my ass, bro. I'm sweating my ass off! (to Gordon) I'm working that I can do for you chef.
Gordon: You're sweating in the food, Van.
Van: (interview) He makes me look like a bitch constantly.

[Gordon finds a lettuce burning on Ariel's station]

Gordon: (gets Ariel's garnish pan) Just stop! Come here, come here. ALL OF YOU, COME HERE!!
Dave: Yes, chef!
Gordon: (points to Ariel) You!
Ariel: I'm sorry, chef. I turned around for a minute.
Gordon: Look!
Ariel: (interview) That lettuce, I didn't even know the fucking burner was on. (to Gordon) Sorry, chef.
Gordon: What the fuck are you doing?! In front of your fucking eyes!! (throws the pan in the bin) This is not possible! NOT GOOD ENOUGH ARIEL!!
Ariel: Yes, chef.
Gordon: (holds up a piece of burnt lettuce) WHO THE FUCK'S GOING TO EAT THAT?!! (throws it in the bin)

[after Ariel burned the lettuce, Gordon has reached his breaking point]

Gordon: Scott, clear out, come here. Fuck off. Fuck me. [he and Sous-Chef Scott exits the kitchen and restaurant]
Van: Is that it? Or what?
Gordon: Fuck that. Absolutely fuck that.
Sous-Chef Scott: Not worth it.
Gordon: Fuck them.
Dave: What the hell is going on here?
Gordon: Can't take it any more. I cannot take it any more. Un-fucking real. Oh, fuck me. That's a first.
Jean-Philippe: They're gone. So, are they coming back?
Gordon: I can't take it anymore. Oh, dear.

[Gordon and Sous-Chef Scott return to the kitchen; Gordon calls Van, Ariel and Suzanne to the pass]

Gordon: (to Kevin in the dining room) Kevin, now.
Kevin: (interview) Oh, shit. Here we go.
Gordon: Urgently, Kevin. Let's go. (Kevin enters the kitchen) I've never done that. No-one's ever pushed me that far to fucking just disappear in my own fucking restaurant. Nobody! (to Van, Ariel and Suzanne) You, you, you. Fuck off, will you, yeah?! Get out of here! Just get out! All of you!

Gordon: Van may have been a poissonier, but his performance on fish was anything but Vantastic.

Episode Twelve [6.12][edit]

Gordon: Suzanne had a red jacket, she had a blue jacket, she had a black jacket. Now she has no jacket.