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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [13.1]

[Gordon has found out that Janai has brought up 8 scallops instead of 10]
Gordon: Hey Janai!
Janai: Yes, chef?
Gordon: Two times five?
Sade: (interview) Uhh... (laughs)
Janai: Ten.
Gordon: Are you okay?! I'm missing two scallops! (Janai laughs) Not funny!
Sade: (interview; laughs)

[Gordon checks on lobster and scallops brought up by JP and JR]
Gordon: Hey, HEY! All of you, come here! Look at that! Touch that! Look at what you're giving me!
Bryant: They're raw.
Gordon: It's still fucking moving! [smashes the scallops]
JR: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Raw lobster!
JP: That was my fault chef.
JP: I'm dropping three more.
Gordon: JP!
JP: Yes, chef?
JR: Yes, chef?
Santos: You’re sabotaging us! Thank you for the fucking snowball! ASSHOLES!!! [Double flips]

[Gordon checks on halibut brought up by Fernando]
Gordon: Holy fuck! ALL OF YOU, COME HERE!
Blue team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Fucking halibut's raw and cold!
Fernando: That was my fault chef.
Gordon: Yeah, FUCK off!! [angrily throws the halibut away; points to every member of the Blue team] You, you, you, you, you, you and you FUCK OFF! GET OUT! GET OUT!!

Episode Two [13.2]

Gordon: STOP! [throws spoon] STOP! Time-out! Time-out! Marino!
Marino: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get in here. You're Italian, taste that fucking shit risotto. [Marino takes a bite of the risotto]
Marino: Mushy.
Gordon: Overcooked lobster tail, overcooked scallops, and mush risotto.
Denine: (Interview) My hands are shaking right now.
Ashley Sherman: (Interview) Holy shit!
Gordon: All of you, come here, yeah all of you. All of you, all of you. Get the fuck out. [sends the red team to the storage room]. Get in there! Get in there! [slams the storage room door]. Have a fucking meeting, and sort it out. When you walk back in that kitchen, if anyone hasn’t gotten their shit together, GAME OVER!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: [After eliminating Janai from Hell's Kitchen] Right now, I have something to communicate to all of you. FUCK OFF!

Episode Three [13.3]


[Kalen constantly opens the oven door]

Jennifer Salhoff: (Interview) Kalen, just keep the oven shut. You keep letting out the heat.
Andi: Stop opening the oven! Stop!

Gordon: WHAT IN THE FUCK IS GOING ON? The salmon is raw, and the chicken is as dry as a fucking camel’s asshole in the fucking desert storm! Look how stringy that is. (throws chicken)
La Tasha: Heard, chef.
Gordon: Hey no, no, no, not heard (throws spoon). No, stop! That’s food leaving the kitchen expected to be served. No! No! No! No! (Slamming the raw wellingtons and overcooked chicken).
La Tasha: (interview) It feels like, I just took 1, 2, like 3 uppercuts straight to the gut.
Gordon: Let me communicate something to you all: GET OUT! GET OUT!
Wendy Williams: (shocked) He’s kicking them out.
Gordon: And so much for Wendy Williams being a source of inspiration. V.I.P.’s? You certainly didn’t treat them like V.I.P.’s. Pathetic! Absolutely pathetic.

Episode Four [13.4]

Sterling: Coming up next! Listen to me, please! Coming up next: four florentines, one French toast from this side, one crepe! That's the next order, okay?
Gordon: Finally, someone fucking organizing them [the blue team]!
Sterling: (interview) Felt like I was doing orchestra. (singing) French toast, crepes, florentine. How long? French toast, crepes, florentine. How long? French toast, crepes, florentine. How long? (talking) It felt good, man.

Episode Five [13.5]

Gordon: In Kalen's mind, her performance was flawless and every dish she cooked was perfect. Unfortunately for her, I live in reality. Dream on, Kalen.

Episode Six [13.6]


Episode Seven [13.7]


[Marino returns to the pass with calamari from the Italian Consulate table]

Marino: The Italian Consule, they told me the calamari are raw and got no flavor.
Gordon: Raw calamari, fucking hell. Unbelievable, ALL OF YOU, STOP! ALL OF YOU! Have I got news for you, raw fucking calamari. Touch them, raw. Yeah, raw calamari.
La Tasha: (interview) Ashley, what is happening? Undercooked? Seriously?
Gordon: That's from the Italian Consulate table. WHAT IS GOING ON? WHAT IN THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! (to Sterling) Any ideas now? All of you, get out! Just leave me alone! Get out! GET FUCKING OUT!
Sade: (interview) Again? Fuck me!
Sterling: (interview) From what I've seen so far, the Red team is kind of a let down for me, it's just ridiculous.
Jennifer Salhoff: Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Gordon: Last ticket! Come on guys, MOVE!
Fernando: Alright, garnish is walking!
Frank Bilotti: Okay.
Fernando: Going up with steaks?
Frank Bilotti: Behind you. [brings his steaks to the pass]
Gordon: Here we go, story of the night. Tagliatelle? (to Aaron) Give me a fucking time, you.
Aaron Lhamon: Thirty seconds chef.
Gordon: Thirty seconds.
Santos: (interview) I don't here any more yelling over there in the Red team which means the girls just got kicked out so we have to close this service down.
Aaron Lhamon: Behind, two tag. [brings his tagliatelle to the pass]
Gordon: Oh, my God man. That is extraordinary. Happy now?
Steve: Yes, chef!
Gordon: (to Steve) Yeah, fuck it. You start slow, he (Frank) sends raw food, clear down.
Fernando: Yes, chef.

Episode Eight [13.8]

Gordon: On order, and obviously not away, two risotto, two scallops.
Blue team: Heard chef!
Fernando: Scallops are not going to be a problem today.
Narrator: Fernando on the fish station...
Gordon: Why are you seasoning the scallops?
Fernando: I'm sorry, chef?
Narrator: ...has jumped the gun.
Gordon: You fucking heard me! Why are you seasoning scallops? [Fernando doesn't answer] What a fucking idiot!
Narrator: And Chef Ramsay has something to say about that.
Gordon: All of you, come here.
Fernando: (interview) Oh, fuck! Here we go.
Gordon: I'm going to call out the orders and after the first show, we're going to start cooking. You're seasoning the scallops. Why?
Fernando: I forgot about that.
Gordon: You forgot? We haven't even started and you just forgot, just like that. Hey Blue team, fucking wake up will you?
Fernando: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Listen!
Fernando: I will chef. Fuck!
Gordon: I just, I don't fucking get it!
Narrator: While Fernando...
Gordon: Fucking muppet!
Narrator: Begins dinner service already in the doghouse...

Episode Nine [13.9]

Andi: [to Frank] You owe me a salmon because you fucking suck at fish station tonight!
Frank Bilotti: I know, sorry chef.

Gordon: Frank wrote me a letter with gratitude and then, with his performance tonight, he wrote his ticket out of here. Ciao, Frank.

Episode Ten [13.10]

Gordon: I found it quite strange that Aaron didn't even have the will to succeed. He clearly didn't belong in Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Eleven [13.11]

Gordon: Fernando's cooking was adequate, but his leadership was lacking. Being my next head chef requires both.

Episode Twelve [13.12]

Gordon: Sterling went further in this competition than I thought he would. And even though he was always at 100, it wasn't enough to earn him a black jacket.

Episode Thirteen [13.13]

Gordon: Santos dodged a bullet in the last two nominations, but tonight, there was nowhere to hide.

Episode Fourteen [13.14]

Gordon: Roe thought she would row, row, row herself into the final four, but her performance tonight in the kitchen put her up a creek with no paddles.

Episode Fifteen [13.15]


Episode Sixteen [13.16]

Gordon: [during the winner's celebration] La Tasha has all the right ingredients to be a great chef. She's creative, a strong leader, has great attention to detail and has an outstanding palate. But the thing I love most about La Tasha, is her determination. I know that she's ready for the challenge of being my head chef in Atlantic City and I couldn't be happier.