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NCIS: Los Angeles is an American police procedural television series, which premiered on CBS on September 22, 2009. The series aired in the 9:00 p.m. timeslot following NCIS which airs at 8pm on Tuesdays for Seasons One-Five then the show moved to Mondays at 10e/9c for seasons 6 and 7 then moved to Sundays at 8pm for Season 8 NCIS LA now airs at Sundays at 9e/8c. On January 14, 2010 the show was renewed for a second season. The show is currently going into its eleventh season.

Endgame [4.1][edit]

Recruit [4.2][edit]

Kensi: You didn't give me a chance to miss you, Deeks.
Deeks: Is that why you turned your cell phone off?
Kensi: I turned my cell phone off because I was at a yoga retreat, and I needed to relax.
Deeks:: Uh, wait a minute. You don't do yoga. I do yoga, and you mock me for it.
Kensi:: That's because I do it for spiritual centering. You, on the other hand, do it to pick up chicks.

Hetty: When I'm gone, I'm gone. No ceremony, no memorials, and absolutely no bringing of flowers to my grave.
Callen: Don't worry. There will be none of that.
Hetty: Good.
Callen: From what I hear, Granger is going to have you stuffed in a lifelike pose for his office.
Hetty: Don't be cheeky.

Callen: Thank you. Oh, that's so good. You sure you're not hungry?
Sam: Not now. What the hell is that?
Callen: Fish tacos.
Sam: What kind of fish?
Callen: The kind that swims in the ocean. Mmm.
Sam: How could you eat something without even knowing what it is? That could have been last week's bait, for all you know. Even looks like chum.
Callen: Carlos is the Iron Chef of the food trucks.
Kensi: Smells good over here. What's for lunch?
Sam: Mystery fish.
Deeks: Oh, Deep Sea Surprise is back?
Callen: Help yourself.
Deeks: Seriously? Mm-hmm. Nice. Sharesies?
Kensi: No, thank you. And don't say "sharesies."
Sam: All right. How'd you two make out?
Kensi: Parents are in denial. Their son worked at L. A. County Beach and Harbor and has a girlfriend, Mary Clark, who we are on our way to go see now.
Deeks: [eating a fish taco] This is delicious.
Sam: Too bad you don't know what it is.
Deeks: Sure I do. It's a Lake Superior white fish. I'd say caught in a gill net. Probably two or three days ago.
Sam: [groans]
Deeks: What? I'm a surfer I know my fish.
Kensi: Yeah, he's kind of like a trained seal, only without the "trained" part.
Sam: Or the "SEAL" part.

The Fifth Man [4.3][edit]

Dead Body Politic [4.4][edit]

Nell: Our friend Chaucer has led a big life. He's descended from a long line of award-winning poodles.
Kensi: Chaucer was flown to Paris twice, to breed.
Deeks: He was paid to have sex in Paris? I should have been born a dog. (Kensi stares at him) I walked into that one, didn't I?

Deeks: Hmm... think I'm gonna have to go spend some time with him, alone.
Kensi: Why? What's going on?
Deeks: Nothing. I just got a way with animals.
Kensi: Okay, when you say it like that, it sounds really creepy.

Granger: I left DC to escape politics.
Hetty: Owen, you can't escape politics. You either play or get played.

Hetty: (to Kensi) I once ruled Nicaragua for 72 hours. Don't ask.

Out of the Past [4.5][edit]

Rude Awakenings [4.6][edit]

Skin Deep [4.7][edit]

Deeks: (about his love for Donny and Marie) Is that so wrong? Does that make me a bad person?
Kensi: Not at all. Just a little bit creepy.
Deeks: Oh, good, then that doesn't change anything between us.

Collateral [4.8][edit]

Granger: So, would you do it again?
Hetty: Without hesitation, Owen. Two lives saved hundreds of others.
Granger: Well, Potter planted the bomb, but it was your finger on the detonator.
Hetty: Not everyone can do what we do. The secrets we live with, the personal sacrifices we make. I just pray the world's a better place for them. I didn't choose this life, Owen. It chose me. All you can do is keep your head down, your gun up and your conscience clear.

Nell: Somebody is out there trying to kill her.
Eric: I know, we've got to stay cool. This is Hetty, right? She's always three steps ahead of everyone. She's tactically brilliant, ridiculously courageous, experienced, resourceful. I mean, if Mata Hari and Genghis Khan had a daughter, it'd be Hetty.
Nell: Or General Patton and Joan of Arc.
Eric: Exactly. Her kung fu is strong, and her magic is powerful. Say it.
Nell: Her kung fu is strong, and her magic is powerful.
Eric: Don't underestimate Hetty. She never underestimates us.

Callen: She blew me off.
Sam: I ignore you all the time; it never bothered you before.
Callen: Something's up.
Sam: Something's always up with Hetty.

The Gold Standard [4.9][edit]

Callen: The man who can keep a secret may be wise, but he is not half as wise as the man who has no secrets to keep.
Hetty: Edgar Watson Howe. And yet it's a necessary evil in our business, I'm afraid.

Free Ride [4.10][edit]

Callen: I know that look.
Sam: You're starting to sound like my wife. You know what they say when your partner starts sounding like your wife?
Callen: Get a new wife?
Sam: I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that.

Drive [4.11][edit]

Kensi: She might feel more comfortable with a sympathetic female.
Deeks: I don't know, I'm pretty in touch with my feminine side.
Kensi: Yeah, see, that's the problem. If you did have a feminine side, you'd be touching it all the time.
Deeks: Wow. And yet, so true.

Paper Soldiers [4.12][edit]

Kensi: Well, if you must know, I've killed another house plant. That is fourteen since July.
Deeks: Wait. That's it? That's the source of your sourness?
Kensi: It was a cactus.
Callen: You killed something that thrives in Death Valley?

The Chosen One [4.13][edit]

Kill House [4.14][edit]

Nell: Can I ask you guys a question?
Callen: Go ahead.
Nell: Um, when do you stop being afraid of you know, busting into places, guns blazing?
Callen: When you trust your training.
Nell: That's easier said than done.

Deeks: Do we get a safety word?
Sam: What do you think?
Deeks: I was hoping for a yes.
Kensi: This isn't one of your bondage sessions, Deeks.
Deeks: She's kidding, but if you hear me yell noodles that means I'm in trouble.
Callen: If I hear you yell noodles, I'm gonna shoot you myself.

History [4.15][edit]

Deeks: I cannot wait to retire.
Sam: You know, you actually got to do some work before you can retire from something, Deeks.
Deeks: Just gonna sit on that beach with my dog, Monty Junior, Junior. You know, just checking out the lady birds in their bikinis.
Kensi: See, you're only young once, but you can be immature forever.
Deeks: Preach it Sister!

Wanted [4.17][edit]

Kensi: Promise me you'll never do that.
Deeks: What's that?
Kensi: Get yourself killed.
Deeks: Well the good news for you is I have a natural aversion at death so...
Kensi: I'm not kidding.
Deeks: Ok.

Deeks: (to Kensi) You smell like sunshine and gunpowder...two of my favorite things.
Kensi: Eww. You're like wet dog.

Snyder: He also likes blondes.
Kensi: All right, I will wear a wig, but I will not dye my hair for this man.
Sabatino: Wouldn't help. You're not his type.
Kensi: [Long pause] What's his type?
[Snyder and Sabatino smirk and look at Deeks]
Deeks: No. Really?... Come on!

Red [4.18][edit]

Part 2 [4.19][edit]

Deeks: Wonder what it would be like-- you, me, Red Team...
Kensi: Unbearable.
Deeks: ...working together.
Kensi: We're supposed to be working an unsolved murder case in which the victim was shot in the back of the head with a low-velocity round, Deeks.
Deeks: Living together. Me walking in on you in the shower. Or the bunk room. You walking in on me in the shower. Or the bunk room.
Kensi: You walking in on Sam or Hetty.
Deeks: Who invited them?
Kensi: We're a team, aren't we?
Deeks: Yeah. No, two people can be a team.
Kensi: Mm. How many case files have you reviewed?
Deeks: Seven.
Kensi: Mm?
Deeks: Almost.
Kensi: 33.
Deeks: 33?!
(phone ringing)
Kensi: Get on it!
Deeks: (clearing his throat) Detective Marty Deeks, Cold Case Division. (laughs) Oh. Yes. Hi... Hetty. Yes. No, we're... Right now? Ops on the double.

Purity [4.20][edit]

Kensi: We'll take the bikini bar.
Deeks: What? We will?
Kensi: I don't like to see him beg. And plus, he would mope all the way to Point Mugu if we didn't.
Deeks: This is fantastic news, but I don't beg.
Kensi: Oh, you beg.
Deeks: I definitely don't mope. 'Cause you're the moper. You're, like, Mopey Dick

Resurrection [4.21][edit]

Kensi: Look, I am taking a leap here with this babysitting thing. It would be really nice to have my partner there to back me up. That is, if he takes me up on it.
Deeks: You want to play house?
Callen: They want to play house, Sam. At your house, when you're not there.
Sam: Oh, yeah? I have nanny cams. Everywhere.
Deeks: That's okay, 'cause I do some of my best work on camera.
Kensi: Oh, thank you for an image I will never be able to get out of my head.

Raven & The Swans [4.22][edit]

Callen: Our boy got a briefcase.
Sam: Lap top probably inside.
Callen: What are the chances of getting that away from him long enough to access the computer?
Sam: Creating a distraction and grabbing the case 10 seconds, breaking the combination if it's locked another 20, copying the files 2 minutes.
Callen: Outsmarting the bad guys?
Sam: Priceless!

Sam: (referring to Callen and Hetty) Yeah, you two are cut from the same cloth.
Callen: Hardly. Hetty is, uh, hand-painted silk. I'm more of a--
Sam: Itchy polyester?
Callen: I was gonna say denim.
Sam: Well-worn denim.
Callen: What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Parley [4.23][edit]

(phone rings)
Monica: Yeah? Hello? Hello?
Kensi: I think they hung up. [flashing her badge] NCIS.
Monica: What?
Kensi: Too many letters? Federal agent.
Monica: [tries to run but gets into a fist fight with Kensi] Back off, bitch. I mean it. [fight continues]
Deeks: Freeze!
Monica: Max, what are you doing? Shoot her!
Kensi: Sorry, honey, he's with me. And his real name is Marty Deeks, and he's a cop, and he's my partner. Who's the bitch now?
Monica: He is.
Kensi: Can't argue with that.

G. Callen: That whole motherland thing's overrated. I mean, look at me. I come from a line of blood-feuding gypsies who keep trying to kill me. How's that justice?

Deeks: I was just going to see if you were good.
Kensi: Yeah. You?
Deeks: I mean, I'm good if you are good.
Kensi: I'm good.
Deeks: Okay, good. We're good. Which is, you know... great.
Kensi: Glad we cleared that up.

Descent [4.24][edit]

(Deeks is looking at Kensi after he kissed her)
Deeks: How's that for communication?

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