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NCIS: New Orleans is an American police procedural television series, which premiered on CBS on September 23, 2014 and will conclude on May 23, 2021. The series aired in the 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays timeslot following NCIS during Seasons One and Two. Since Season Three the series airs in the 10:00 p.m. timeslot on Tuesdays. Since Season Six the series now airs in the 10:00 p.m. timeslot on Sundays.

Aftershocks [3.1][edit]

Suspicious Minds [3.2][edit]

LaSalle: You good, King?
Pride: Dandy.

Man on Fire [3.3][edit]

Pride: The fastest way to get Gregorio and the FBI back to DC is to root out the cartel, and the fastest way to do that is to work together.

Gregorio: When you guys finish a case, doesn't it get reviewed?
Percy: Pride reviews it.
Gregorio: Right. But who reviews him?
Percy: Girl, I give you a week.

Pride: [to Gregorio] Just a different way of doing things. We're a one-stop shop. Get you a hat if you like.

Gregorio: I know better than to let my emotions dictate how I do my job, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do my job.
LaSalle: That's not how we do things down here.

Gregorio: It's bad policy. Emotions cloud judgment, get in the way. Look at me. I'm a wreck.
Pride: it just means you care is all. How is that bad? if you can't connect with the victim, you can't connect with yourself and that's worse.

Escape Plan [3.4][edit]

Sebastian: Mom, I work at a crime lab, not a coffee shop.

Pride: Suit at the cleaners?
Gregorio: Casual Tuesdays.

Gregorio: There's a reason we don't have permanent partners at the FBI. It helps with objectivity, especially in situations like this.
Pride: Well, I like having skin in the game. It means you'll do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Gregorio: He could have just thrown the tablet in the pickup truck and saved himself. I'm just sayin'.

Patton: Oh, Lord! We done created a monster!

Course Correction [3.5][edit]

Gregorio: I've been in NOLA longer than I expected. I'm starting to succumb to its charms, I'll admit. It's time for me to go home, you know.

Percy: Why can't they just let us find someone like Gregorio then leave us alone?
LaSalle: You're not telling me she's actually growing on you, are you?

Gregorio: [about Sebastian] These tangents, are these common?
Percy: It's a lovable quirk.
Sebastian: Thanks, Percy.

Gregorio: [about Loretta] She's tough.
Pride: Trust me, you don't want to mess with Miss Loretta.

Percy: One more agent to replace Brody, and that's it. Because we're fine the way we are.

One Good Man [3.6][edit]

LaSalle: It's just an old friend.
Gregorio: By old friend, you mean former hookup.

Sebastian: I did some rough calculations, and he's got to be 45% muscle mass. I'm maybe 25, if you count sinew, which most people don't.

Gregorio: Is everything in this town dirty?
LaSalle: In D.C., it's so squeaky clean?

Pride: He doesn't see the Navy as a hardship. He sees it as an opportunity to serve, and he asked me to tell you.
Wade: Why can't he tell me?
Pride: I guess he takes after his mother in that way.

Hamilton: You think I knew he was sexually abusing players on the team. Is that what you're telling me?
Pride: I think you didn't want to, and made sure you didn't have to.
Hamilton: And how did I do that?
Pride: You made allegations disappear.

Outlaws [3.7][edit]

Percy: This wasn't us bonding, right?
Gregorio: God forbid, no.

Patton: But isn't that illegal, Agent Gregorio?
Gregorio: Don't ask, don't tell, right?

Patton: If you brought an FBI surveillance van to this part of town, you'd stand out like a sore thumb.
Gregorio: And the A-Team was the only alternative? I'm sorry.
Patton: Crafty pop-culture reference, Mrs. T.

Gregorio: [to LaSalle] You know what? You oughta talk to Pride about this. That man's got more homespun advice than Dr. Phil.

Gregorio: I take it family life is just peachy.
LaSalle: A week ago, it was just me. Now I've got a cryin' toddler keeping me up at night and a momma I barely know.

Gregorio: Yeah, she screwed him.

LaSalle: [to Gregorio] Don’t scratch it Yankee.

Music to My Ears [3.8][edit]

LaSalle: You got questions.
Percy: So many.

Percy: Just like it's none of my business that you told everyone else on the team about your love child except me. It doesn't mean a thing. We're good.
LaSalle: So, wait, you are mad.

Gregorio: FBI's my day job. You guys are more of a hobby.

Gregorio: [to Pride] I'm flattered, really, but as fun as it's been, this was always going to be temporary.

Sebastian: Is that all there is for me?
Wade: I have stomach contents.

Percy: [to LaSalle] How long you been doing this, for like a minute? Give yourself a chance for your kid's sake.

Sebastian: It's good to get out in the field, away from the lab, and breathe in the fresh air, even if it's filled with deadly fumes.

Pride: [to LaSalle] You take care of them the best you can, teach them how to take care of themselves, it takes work, sleepless nights, a lot of faith.

Sebastian: [to Pride] I don't know if I'm ready for it, but I want to give it a shot.

LaSalle: I thought you weren't supposed to play with us.
Gregorio: What can I say? I just can't quit you.

Overdrive [3.9][edit]

Gregorio: They don't call it NOLA down here. They prefer New Orleans.
Pride: Glad to see we made an impression on you, Gregorio.
Gregorio: Oh, absolutely.

Percy: Are you sure about making this guy an agent?
Sebastian: I find that hurtful. [points to his heart] You know, right here.

Wade: I think you need to worry more about Sebastian driving you crazy in the field if I were you.
Pride: There's a big possibility of that.

Pride: [to LaSalle] This isn't you, Christopher. Maybe who you used to be, but not who you've become. It's an emotional situation, I get it. But you can't just go running off hotheaded to solve problems anymore.

Hannah: You really have changed since you've been down here.
Gregorio: How so?
Hannah: You seem happier, which is a good thing. Not for us, maybe, but for you. Maybe you finally have stopped running.
Gregorio: I think so.

Follow the Money [3.10][edit]

Swanson: Looking a little green there.
Sebastian: I just need to get my sea legs.
Swanson: You know that we're docked, right?
Sebastian: I do.

Swanson: Triple tat to the chest. That's on me.
LaSalle: Remind me not to piss you off.

Gregorio: It's what we do, sir.
Isler: No, it's what he does. [pointing to Pride] What we do is protocol and procedure, or we did, until you came south.

Wade: You can't fix what's broken standing around feeling sorry for yourself.
Gregorio: Is that the kind of tough love you give Pride?
Wade: All the time.

Sebastian: Good idea. Weapon, in case I need to defend myself.
Gregorio: Flashlight, in case you need to see.

Let it Ride [3.11][edit]

Sebastian: It wasn't just lack of training that made me freeze up. It was also lack of confidence.
Wade: Don't be too hard on yourself.
Sebastian: It's one thing to want to expand your horizons, but a lot of people's lives depend on it. I want to help the team, not hurt them. I'm just not sure how I can.

LaSalle: [to Percy] Tease me about being a country mouse all you want, but it's about to pay off.

Pride: Garcia's made a lot of high-level inroads in New Orleans, quickly. We both know that can't happen without your help. The kind that probably wouldn't stand up to FBI scrutiny.
Hamilton: I'm the mayor. I attract businesses, just like every other mayor before me.
Pride: Most of whom are still in jail. Exactly my point.

Garcia: Listen to me very carefully. I am betting more than just money on this race. I'm betting my life. That makes you my insurance policy. Which means if it doesn't work out exactly the way you say it will, you'll be betting your life too. We understand each other?
Sebastian: Yeah. Yeah.

Wade: First of all, you didn't ask for our help. In fact, it was the opposite. We chose to help.
Gregorio: We knew all the risks going in, even Sebastian.
Wade: Patton too. He may be struggling, but he's still at OTB, still game. If you want to blame yourself for anything, blame yourself for surrounding yourself with people who are just as stubborn and bullheaded as you.
Gregorio: You're not the only one who wants to see Garcia pay. We all do, because it's the right thing to do. That's how you taught us to roll.

Hell on the High Water [3.12][edit]

LaSalle: Ladies first.
Gregorio: No, you're senior ranking agent. So, by all means ...
LaSalle: That's true. But I'm also a gentleman, so after you.
Percy: Hey, you're both pretty. Let's go.

Gregorio: Of course Pride spent summers working on his uncle's oil rig. What hasn't the guy done?
LaSalle: Certifiable Renaissance man. That's why he's the boss.

Sebastian: Yeah, I disobeyed a direct order, but I don't give a damn. If becoming an agent means abandoning my team when they need me the most, then you can take that badge and shove it ...
Perkins: Lund, you did good.

Gregorio: Hey, look, LaSalle. I know we've been butting heads. But today was ...
LaSalle: A huge success. It was. After all, we took down the bad guys and at the end of the day, that's all that really matters.
Gregorio: Still we were at each other's throats.
LaSalle: It's growing pains. Ancient history.
Gregorio: History tends to repeat itself.
LaSalle: As far as I'm concerned, we were arguing because we both care. And that's a good thing.
Gregorio: All right, I'm down with that.

Percy: We're like a well-oiled if extremely loud machine.
Pride: Do I want to know what that means?
LaSalle: It means we're glad to have you back.

Return of the King [3.13][edit]

Gregorio: This guy's in the middle of a crusade, exposing people left and right, then he just offs himself. Does that seem right to you?
Pride: Nothing about this seems right.

Pride: I'm surprise at how little it took to throw us off our game.
Wade: No one's off their game. We're a family and families bicker.

Pride: No matter what any emails say, we're a team first. We've got each other's back, right?
Gregorio: Yeah.
Percy: Totally.
LaSalle: We're good, King.
Pride: Gotta work on that enthusiasm.

Pride: Leaving without a goodbye drink?
Elvis: I raided your cabinet while I was planning my exit.

Pandora's Box, Part 2 [3.14][edit]

Torres: Think you could take these handcuffs off me yet?
Pride: Haven't decided yet.
Torres: Pride, my second impression is so much better than my first.
Pride: One can only hope.

Gregorio: I may not be fluent in Arabic, but I am fluent in body language. And it's killing you to ride the bench.
Torres: It's killing me to ride the bench. I'm not a bench guy. I'm an out-in-the-field kind of guy.
Gregorio: Not much of a team player, huh?
Torres: This team thing has been recent. It's been an adjustment.
Gregorio: I get it. It's not easy being the new guy in a group that has worked so long together.

Sebastian: Hi. Uh... I'm a federal agent... [fights with man] Stop-stop resisting. Stop resisting. It's gonna be okay. [Man groans] Just... [man grunts] We're all gonna be fine.
[McGee outta nowhere takes down man with a move that Ziva taught him]
Sebastian: [groans] What was that, like, a... like, a Vulcan nerve pinch?
McGee: Mossad technique an old friend of mine taught me. All right, we got to get him up here, get him in the car.
Sebastian: Yeah. No problem. Okay. God i wish we didn't park so far away.

LaSalle: You really like McGee, don't you?
Percy: Yeah, a bit of a man crush.
Sebastian: A total man crush. Also it's like looking to a crystal ball, to see what I could become. McGee is basically future Sebastian.

Pride: Fifty ways this goes south.
Gregorio: That's optimistic. I can think of a hundred.

End of the Line [3.15][edit]

Sebastian: You're like the mother I never had.
Wade: You have a mother. I've met her.
Sebastian: Exactly.

LaSalle: I never knew you were a romantic, Gregorio.
Gregorio: Profiling isn't just for criminals. It comes in handy, trust me.

Sebastian: Please tell me that getting my ass kicked all the time is part of the whole newbie thing. Because, if not, I'm going back to the lab. Or buying a bunch of life insurance.
Gregorio: You did great, baby, and you're doing great. Just hang in there.

Gregorio: I think I've identified his type. Tough, loyal, whip-smart, sassy. Can hang with the boys and give as good as she gets.
Patton & Sebastian: Percy?
Gregorio: Like I said, I'm not sure how to break it to him.

Wade: [to CJ] I'm not going to let the past weigh me down any longer. I'm moving on.

The Last Stand [3.16][edit]

Rita: You seem a little tense. You might want to lighten up on the keys.
Pride: Music critic, huh? Do you play?
Rita: No. I used to sing a little, though
Pride: Why'd you stop?
Rita: Lost my piano player.

Pride: Look, i know that Noah was your friend.
Rita: That's got nothing to do with this.
Pride: It does when you're not thinking straight, 'cause you're loaded for bear.
Rita: [sighs].
Pride: Probably the first argument I ever won with you.

Wade: Sounds like a field trip to me.
Sebastian: Yeah. Wait, do you mean me? You want me to go back out there to deadly gator world by myself?
Wade: Tick tick croc.
Sebastian: All right. See you never.

Rita: [to Pride] I know how you want to give everyone, especially the underdogs, the benefit of the doubt. But sometimes they don't deserve it.

Gregorio: I'm just sayin' we usually start things off with an actual crime, a phone call, a body. But here you're basing a lot of this Rita friend of yours. You must have good reason to trust her instincts.
Pride: I do.
Gregorio: Huh.
Pride: Keep fishing, New York.

Swift, Silent, Deadly [3.17][edit]

Rita: The end doesn't always justify the means, especially if it ends up getting you killed.
Pride: That's not going to happen.

Pride: You think I'm gonna let him drown?
LaSalle: The thought did cross my mind.
Pride: Good. Then it's crossed his mind too.

LaSalle: You do know there's sharks in the Gulf.
Pride: Fully aware.

Gregorio: I feel humiliated. I don't want anyone knowing one guy kicked all our asses.

Pride: Everybody all right?
Sebastian: Define all right.

Slay the Dragon [3.18][edit]

Gregorio: Clever. Frightening, but clever.
Patton: Don't worry. Big Brother Patton only uses his power for good.

Gregorio: Picked the lock? Is that a new skill?
McKinley: A man's got to grow. Food just arrived. I have been dreaming about this spread.
Gregorio: You know how pissed off I am right now?
McKinley: Have a glass of Brèzè. Make you feel better. Same one from our fifth anniversary.
Gregorio: Alex Aufiero was murdered. But you know that since you fled the crime scene in his car.
McKinley: I was gonna tell you right before your friend interrupted us.
Gregorio: My friend, the NCIS agent, who was coming to take me to investigate the homicide you're involved in!
McKinley: Alex was a good kid. I didn't kill him.
Gregorio: Every cop in the city is after you right now. No more lies, Ethan.
McKinley: I haven't lied. Call the FBI. They'll tell you I was in WITSEC, and that someone tried to attack me.
Gregorio: I called, and they confirmed it.
McKinley: So, see? I'm in danger.
Gregorio: Okay, and you thought it was a good idea to escape my hotel room and come here and have dinner in the middle of a restaurant?
McKinley: Nobody's gonna shoot me here. And I was hungry. Oh Besides, I left a note. It's not like I'm a flight risk.
Gregorio: You are the definition of a flight risk, and maybe a murderer.
McKinley: Come on, baby, let me explain.
Gregorio: Do not baby me. You have 30 seconds. You better start talking.
McKinley: I've never explained anything in 30 seconds.
Gregorio: 25 seconds.
McKinley: T, relax. We've got plenty of time to sort this out.
Gregorio: Don't tell me to relax.
LaSalle: Ethan McKinley. NCIS. Get your hands up.
Percy: Gregorio?
McKinley: Oh, this just got awkward.

McKinley: Where are you taking me?
Gregorio: Safe house.
McKinley: Safe house in the Ninth? Kind of a contradiction, isn't it? Look at this place, they haven't even rebuilt.
Gregorio: Someone stole their money.
McKinley: Look, T, I know I did wrong. I had a lot of time to think, all those lonely, winter nights in Iowa. I learned humility. And if I could fix it all
Gregorio: Maybe you can. What if you helped return the $80 million? Took the Aufieros down, got your life back.
McKinley: My life means nothing to me. But our life, what we had, I'd do it in a nanosecond.
Gregorio: Ethan.
McKinley: Remember that first trip we made? Anguilla. Just you, me and umbrella drinks. [sighs] No lies, no resentment, not a care in the world. You know I've always loved you, T. [sighs]
Gregorio: I'm gay.
McKinley: Not the response I was expecting.
Gregorio: Yeah, well, there's a lot about me you don't know.
McKinley: [sighs] Gay, huh? So, in a way, my betrayal kind of gave you a chance to find yourself.
Gregorio: Wow. How does my personal revelation become your victory?
McKinley: I'm just saying. I've always been good for you.
Gregorio: You do know what gay means, right? Can we just focus on the case? Excuse me.
McKinley: I-I wish I knew where the money was.
Gregorio: It's in an offshore account under Alex's name. That's why his brothers killed him. Probably why they tried to kill you.
McKinley: Yeah, they thought I knew about the account. Yeah, I wish I did, but it's too late now. They got the money.
Gregorio: They haven't accessed it yet. They tried to get Alex's body. I'm figuring they needed a fingerprint or eye scan. Hey, listen. We got a chance, with your help, to stop them. Please.
McKinley: [sighs] I want to help you, T. I-I want to spend the rest of my life making up for what I did, but I have no idea how to get that money.
Gregorio: [scoffs] Let me sweep the house. Stay here.
[McKinley tries to steal Gregorio's car but Gregorio remotely shuts it off]
Gregorio: Some people never change. You hotwire cars now, too?
McKinley: Not very well, apparently.
Gregorio: That was all me. See, I have an app on my phone that remotely shuts my car off because I knew you'd try to escape.
McKinley: Come on, what did you expect? $80 million is a lot of money, T. Can't blame me for trying.
Gregorio: Oh, I blame you for a lot of things. And I know you have some kind of devious plan to get that money.
McKinley: Doesn't matter now, because I am going to jail. Sure your little team is waiting in the bushes ready to arrest me.
Gregorio: No, you're not going anywhere, Ethan. You're gonna help the Aufieros steal that money or I will throw your sorry ass in jail.

Gregorio: He's lying.
Pride: How can you tell?
Gregorio: His lips are moving.

Percy: You're going to have to stop hiding sometime.
Gregorio: Ok, Dr. Phil. Relent.

Quid Pro Quo [3.19][edit]

Wade: [to Sebastian] You faced your fears, risked your life to save others. I heard you even went rogue.

Pride: You were really going to inject him?
Sebastian: To save Loretta, yeah?
Pride: Good job.

Hamilton: You got stones, Dwayne, I'll give you that much. Last thing we both need is for the media to get ahold of this. They've already contacted my office, more than once.
Pride: Media hysteria is not gonna help me find out who's responsible. In fact, it'll hurt the cause. I got a lead, just need a day or two, maybe less.
Hamilton: Still, I couldn't very well lie to the people. I wouldn't be a very good mayor if I did, now would I? Apparently the Office of Public Health is getting calls, too. They're asking for an official statement. And by the way, how's Loretta doing? Real shame, isn't it?
Pride: So, what? You're gonna make this personal, is that it? This is about trying to stop an outbreak, saving innocent people; this isn't about us, Hamilton.
Hamilton: Everything's about us since Garcia. You may not see this, Dwayne, but the truth is we both want the same thing: what's good for this city. The only problem is that you think that bringing me down is the best way to do that, and I can't allow that to happen.
Pride: So what do you want?
Hamilton: I want whatever you got on me. Whatever you think you got. Vis-a-vis Garcia
Pride: Sounds like an admission to me.
Hamilton: Not admitting anything. I just want you off my back once and for all.
Pride: So you're threatening to impede my investigation, risk causing widespread fear just to cover your own ass?
Hamilton: You're the one doing the threatening, and I'm not gonna stand for it, not anymore, even if it means getting you and your whole damn team kicked out of New Orleans.
Pride: NCIS is federal. You don't have the power or the jurisdiction
Hamilton: Oh, man, jurisdiction doesn't mean anything if you got connections. And me and SECDEF go way back, believe me. Apparently, there's something called a mobility agreement. Says that if Navy brass thinks NCIS and the city aren't getting along, well, they can re-assign you to God knows where. Gloves are off, Dwayne. You want my help, hmm? Cooperation? That only happens you get me everything you got on Garcia by this time tomorrow. Understand?

Pride: How much time do we have?
Wade: You mean how much time do I have?

Wade: Sebastian's a hypochondriac.
Sebastian: Some might call it extra careful.

NOLA Confidential [3.20][edit]

Sebastian: [to Gregorio] What you're saying is I'm kind of awesome.

Sebastian: [to Pride] I don't know what came over me. It was like I had superpowers.

Sebastian: That was unexpected.
Gregorio: You did great, baby. You did great.

Pride: You know who did it?
LaSalle: I do, and I sure as hell wish I didn't.

Sebastian: [to Gregorio] I love boats. It's just the water that makes me want to hurl.

Krewe [3.21][edit]

LaSalle: Honestly, I don't know what I felt. Maybe I could have been a little jealous.
Percy: Maybe I could have let Nadine go.

Percy: You mean we're going to trick Nadine?
Pride: We're going to trick her, to save her life and to keep Boko Haram from getting those guns. And that's going to have to be enough for you.

Gregorio: Maybe we should walk a little slower, so we could catch the show.

Sebastian: Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.

Percy: Are you jealous?
LaSalle: You're tripping, girl.

Knockout [3.22][edit]

Wade: [to Pride] When you carry the weight of the city on your shoulders, it's OK to stumble every now and then.

Pride: I'm tired of being a step behind Hamilton. We need a win.

Pride: [to Rudd] An eye for an eye, is that what Chaplain Morgan taught you?

LaSalle: [to Pride] What would you say to me? You'd say work the case. See where it leads.

LaSalle: [to Percy] Orange just may be your color.

Down the Rabbit Hole [3.23][edit]

Pride: Bug's in Hamilton's pocket.
Patton: Reading him loud and clear. And he is pissed.
Pride: So am I.

Pride: If any of us want to bow out ...
LaSalle: You know us better than that.
Gregorio: In for a penny, in for a pound.

Wade: [to Pride] Use your team. They'll follow you down any rabbit hole, and you know it.

Pride: Good work getting us those names, Patton.
Patton: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Gregorio: It's not your fault, Pride.
Pride: No, it's Hamilton's.

Poetic Justice [3.24][edit]

LaSalle: [to Pride] Don't say anything, King. You did everything for this city. It's time to let them do something for you.

Hamilton: [to Pride] No matter what you think of me, we both love New Orleans!

Hamilton: I'm going to be under nine feet of water.
Pride: Then you'd better hope I save the day.

Pride: [to Hamilton] You're not going to push these people out. You're going to wash them out.

Percy: I hate it, but it kind of makes sense.
Isler: Thanks for your generosity of spirit.

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