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Stop the Bleeding (13.1)[edit]

Tony: [answering his phone] Director.
Leon Vance: Tell me he's alive.
Tony: He is, sir, but it's bad. They're working on him now, I'm gonna stay here 'til he's out of surgery.
Leon Vance: No, you're not. The best thing you can do for Gibbs right now is your job.
Tony: Director-
Leon Vance: If The Calling's still operating in Iraq, you need to get back there while the trail is hot.
Tony: Look sir, no one wants Daniel Budd stopped more than I do-
Leon Vance: Then we don't stop, DiNozzo. Until The Calling's dismantled and this psychopath is captured or dead. We owe Gibbs that much. Are-we-clear?
Tony: We're clear.

Dr. Cyril Taft: [before operating on Gibbs] Time to dance, Agent Gibbs. Mind if I lead?

[after successfully completing Gibbs's surgery, the surgical staff applaud Dr. Taft.]
Dr. Cyril Taft: Oh no, no, no, no, thank you! Thank you! Now let's close. I'm here all week, tip your waitresses!

Tony: You're not a Bond villain, Daniel. You're a fraud, and frauds don't get to speechify like Bond villains. They do get to die like them.

Personal Day (13.2)[edit]

Incognito (13.3)[edit]

Double Trouble (13.4)[edit]

Lockdown (13.5)[edit]

Viral (13.6)[edit]

[Tony and Bishop observe McGee and Delilah argue in binary numbers code.]
Tony: [to Bishop] He can't even argue like a cool Cyborg.

[McGee and Bishop stumble on poison oak]
McGee: When we're done here, we gotta bag all of our clothes, ok? Everything. There's this stuff called urushiol. It's in the sap, it's spreads by contact.
Bishop: That what??
McGee: Uru–– [exasperated] Just trust me, ok?
Bishop: Bad poison oak experience?
McGee: Yeah. Two of them. Thanks to Tony. Forget the trifecta. I'll never hear the end of it.

Abby: Can we just acknowledge the brain power in this room right now? We have a forensic cyber specialist, a cyber terrorist hunter and a cyber spy
Bishop: For the last time, I wasn't a spy.
Abby: We're the cyber dream team.
Bishop: Sounds official. Do we get jerseys?
Delilah: Oooh! Or secret matching decoder rings!

[Tony is lying on one of Ducky's autopsy tables]
Tony: So on a scale of one to ten, how bad is it?
Ducky: Let's just say the scale needs recalibrating. I'm afraid it is Toxicodendron pubescens, otherwise known as Eastern Poison Oak. The symptoms are itching, inflammation, blistering...
Tony: My skin feels like the surface of ten thousand suns!
Ducky: Yes, and a propensity for the dramatic.

Tony: [in interrogation] I can't speak for Tim, but I'm itchy, I'm irritated and I have a gun!

16 Years (13.7)[edit]

Judith McKnight: You have a very commanding voice, Agent Gibbs... and big hands.
Bishop: (sotto) Oh, boy.

Gibbs: How'd you find my house?
Walter Osorio: Former detective, remember? I could find a flea on a rat's anus.
Judith McKnight: [calls] What's in the basement?
Gibbs: Hey! None of your business, come back here!
Judith McKnight: Is it your naughty room? Want to know my safe word? "Kielbasa."

Michael Hayes: (after being released from prison after 16 years) Thank you. Thank you both.
Abby Sciuto: I'm Abby Sciuto.
Michael Hayes: I know who you are.
Abby Sciuto: (fighting tears) I'm the one who put you in here...
Michael Hayes: No. You're the one who got me out.

Saviors (13.8)[edit]

[repeated passim]
McGee / Gibbs / Ducky / Abby: Jeanne Benoit? Really?

Tony: Hey. You okay?
Jeanne: After I found out the truth about my father... and about you, all I could do was look for something that made me feel good. And I found that in work, and in David.
Tony: I know there's nothing I could ever say or do to make you forgive me... I won't rest until we find him. You have my word.

Tony: We're ready to move on. We just don't know where to move to.
Gibbs: There's a town called Pehtok about 35 klicks northwest.
Jeanne: It's barely a town.
Tony: Are you sure the Shilluk are there?
Gibbs: I got a feeling. I'll explain later.
Jeanne: He's got a "feeling"?
Tony: [whispers] Never doubt the Gibbs gut.

[after rescuing Dr. Woods and Lt. Ryan]
Jeanne: It's all been such a blur, I haven't had a chance to say thank you.
McGee: Yes, you have. And you're welcome.
[He gets up and moves to another corner of the plane, leaving Tony and Jeanne alone.]
Jeanne: Thank you, Tony. I owe you.
Tony: No, you don't. We're good.

Day In Court (13.9)[edit]

Blood Brothers (13.10)[edit]

Spinning Wheel (13.11)[edit]

Sister City, Part 1 (13.12)[edit]

(NCIS: New Orleans crossover) Part 2[edit]

Déjà Vu (13.13)[edit]

Decompressed (13.14)[edit]

React (13.15)[edit]

Loose Cannons (13.16)[edit]

After Hours (13.17)[edit]

Scope (13.18)[edit]

Reasonable Doubts (13.19)[edit]

Charade (13.20)[edit]

Return to Sender (13.21)[edit]

Homefront (13.22)[edit]

Dead Letter (13.23)[edit]

Family First (13.24)[edit]

Mossad Director Orli Elbaz: Every effort is being made to hunt him down, Agent Gibbs, believe me.
Tony: I'd believe you if you were still back in Israel, searching, instead of standing here telling us how sorry you are.
Orli Elbaz: Actually, I am here for a much more important reason, something far more personal. [to one of her agents] Bring in Tali.
NCIS Director Leon Vance: Wasn't that Ziva's sister?
Orli Elbaz: Her namesake, yes.
Tony: Whose namesake?
Orli Elbaz: You may have heard there was one survivor pulled from the farmhouse. Her room was in a corridor not destroyed by the fire.
[A female Mossad agent enters the room, leading a young girl by the hand.]
Orli Elbaz: Tali is Ziva's daughter... and your daughter, Tony.

Tony: I still think you could have gotten away with pretend tea, Dad. I don't think she would know the difference.
Anthony DiNozzo, Sr.: But I would know, Junior. [to Tali] What does Daddy know about making tea, anyway?
Tony: Please don't... please don't call me that.
Anthony DiNozzo, Sr.: Why not? Embrace it, son! This kid is a DiNozzo all the way!

[in Tali's bag, Tony finds an old picture of him and Ziva in Paris (in "Jet Lag").
Tali: [points to Ziva in the picture] Ima.
Tony: Yeah, that's right, Tali.
Tali: Ima!
Anthony DiNozzo, Sr.: What does that mean, "Ima"?
Tony: It's Hebrew. It means "mother", "mom".
Anthony DiNozzo, Sr.: Oh.
Tali: [points to Tony in the picture] Abba.
Tony: ...Tali, what did you say?
Tali: [pointing] Ima, Abba.
Tony: Abba?
[Tali nods.]
Anthony DiNozzo, Sr.: [smiles] "Daddy."

Trent Kort: [looking around] Old friends and new... But not the one I expected.
Tony: I'm here.
Trent Kort: [looks to his right] DiNozzo... I had no idea she'd be in the farmhouse. You know that.
Tony: Do I?
Trent Kort: It was nothing personal, strictly business.
McGee: It is personal. It's Ziva!
[Tense silence.]
Tony: She was my family.
[Kort goes for the gun in his belt. Tony fires the first shot, and the entire team opens fire, gunning Kort down.]

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