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Deep Trouble, Part II [6.1][edit]

Inelegant Heart [6.2][edit]

Praesidium [6.3][edit]

(Talking about Afghanistan)
Kensi: I just want to forget what happened
Deeks: Shh, Shh, I know you do. I know you do, but you can't. And the harder you try, the harder it's just gonna fight back, trust me. You just gotta let it out. You have to make peace with it. But that takes time.

The 3rd Choir [6.4][edit]

Black Budget [6.5][edit]

SEAL Hunter [6.6][edit]

[Kensi notices Deeks attempting to open a durian.]
Kensi: What's that?
Deeks: Durian. King of fruit. So hot now.
Kensi: Since when is fruit "hot"?
Deeks: Since the Garden of Eden. Then it was an apple, but fruit has evolved.
Kensi: This one might be more evolved than you.

Eric: I'm sending you a still from Canter's parking security cams. Leyla was always there with a very formidable man.
Deeks: [looks at the picture on Kensi's phone] Wow. And that is a formidable toupee.
Kensi: [shows Edna a screenshot of the man] Come on. You can't forget a guy who lives with a cat on his head.

Eric: Hacking is like sex. You've got to get to know all the aspects of the server - her secrets, her fears.

Callen: Turner still not talking?
Deeks: He's a durian.
Kensi: And, by that, he means prickly, self-protective, and hard to crack.

[Sam and Callen trailed Turner to his boat. Sam's phone rings]
Sam: It's a video call from Turner. [he answers the call and the video feed shows him and Callen from behind]
[Callen and Sam turn around and see Turner pointing his phone camera at them.]
Turner: [laughs] I knew you were trailing me the whole time.
Callen: Well, you're a slippery SEAL, huh?
Sam: You could've walked around.
Turner: Where's the fun in that?
Callen: [teasing] That toupee act as a flotation device for you?
Turner: It's not a toupee. Why does everybody always say that? I just have thick hair.

Leipei [6.7][edit]

The Grey Man [6.8][edit]

Traitor [6.9][edit]

Reign Fall [6.10][edit]

Humbug [6.11][edit]

Nell: Unless, I don't know... wanna... come home with me

(Nell is ready to go home with Eric and they're talking about the cover story to tell to Nell parents)
Eric: Photojournalist by day superhero by night.
Nell: Okay, Clark. I think we're gonna have to come up with something a little more believable than that.
Eric: Okay, like what?
Nell: Well it has to make sense that you'd be coming home with me.
Eric: Right.
Nell: Like, a boyfriend.
Eric: Aah!

Kensi: That's you and me, Kensi and Deeks, Deeks and Kensi. Alone we are bold, we are brash, we can move mountains. But together we're...
Deeks: We're safe.
Kensi: Yeah. We're safe. I wanna be bold Deeks but I wanna be bold with you.
Deeks: So no more games then.
Kensi: No more games.
Deeks: Chips on the table.
Kensi: All in.
Deeks: All in.
Kensi: Tonight?
Deeks: Tomorrow.
Kensi: And...The day after .. (Deeks interrupts her with a kiss)

Spiral [6.12][edit]

In the Line of Duty [6.13][edit]

Black Wind [6.14][edit]

(Callen and Sam are working undercover in a fast food truck.)
Callen: What the hell's this?
Sam: I went to Costco, picked up some veggie burgers. A whole case. Some people enjoy a healthy alternative.
Callen: Really?
Sam: Absolutely.
Callen: You do realize you're in Tijuana, not Malibu, right? Good luck with that.
Sam: What the hell are you doing?
Callen: Cooks faster this way.
Sam: You're destroying the meat.
Callen: Hey, it says fast food on our truck, all right?
Sam: Yeah, but you're squeezing all the juice out. The juice equals the flavor. Move out of the way. I'll man the grill, G. Now it's gonna taste like leather.
Callen: Hey, be my guest, George Foreman, all right?
Sam: Come on! Keep it up, I'll deep fry your taquitos.

(Kensi and Deeks are about to go interrogate a plumber.)
Deeks: Maybe he can get us a discount on low-flow shower heads.
Kensi: (chuckles)
Deeks: You know showers account for 1.2 trillion gallons of water a year?
Kensi: Maybe he can get us a low-flow fixture for your mouth.
Deeks: Maybe he can get us a water softener for your attitude.
Kensi (laughing): Oh, touché!

(Deeks is handcuffing the suspect.)
Deeks: I gotta be honest, I'm not happy with you, Alejandro. I think I pulled a hamstring, I definitely stained my jeans, and what? Over a few simple questions?
Kensi: Were you driving Perez's truck? Who was in the front seat?
Deeks: You know what? Why don't we start off with an easy one, huh? So my toilet's running. Yeah? Even after I exchanged that little flapper thing at the bottom of the tank. So what the heck am I supposed to do now?

(Kensi and Deeks are walking through a drug tunnel between the US and Mexico.)
Kensi: Got a ladder.
Deeks: Ah! Bienvenidos a México.
Kensi: Uh huh! Who’s going up?
Deeks: We should probably rock-paper-scissors for it, West coast rules?
Kensi: Let’s do it.
Deeks: On three. One, two, three!
(Kensi chooses scissors and Deeks chooses rock.)
Kensi: Rock beats scissors. You’re going up.
Deeks: Wha, what, what? No, no, the winner stays, the loser goes.
Kensi: Who came up with that rule?
Deeks: I think it’s pretty obvious ‘cause the winner lives and the loser faces certain death.
Kensi: Fine, I go up. You’re such a gentleman!
Deeks: No! All right, I got it, I got it! (Deeks stops Kensi while she’s going up.)
Kensi: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Deeks (while climbing up the ladder.): This is why you should never fall in love!
Kensi: Aww! Don’t worry, they probably fled when they heard the gunshots.
Deeks: Or maybe they’re waiting right there with a bunch of AKs pointing at my head.

Forest for the Trees [6.15][edit]

Expiration Date [6.16][edit]

Kensi: I think we're moving too fast.
Deeks: And it's awesome.
Kensi: We are around each other every day.
Deeks: Totally awesome.
Kensi: We see each other every night.
Deeks: Totally and completely awesome.
Kensi: Deeks, this isn't normal.
Deeks: We're not normal. Our fondest memories include Taliban bullet holes and Hetty Lange. You're no Bridget Jones and I am no....whatever the male equivalent to Bridget Jones is.

Deeks: Listen, you got any Gurkha wisdom for me? Because Kay-Kay's been fighting me ever since we woke up.
Thapa: Fighting since you woke up? Hold on. Last time I was here, you were still trying to figure out your feelings. How long since?
Deeks: Christmas.
Thapa: You've already moved in together?
Deeks: No. Well I mean, we spend pretty much every night together, and, obviously, every day together.
Thapa: Are you crazy?
Deeks: Maybe.
Thapa: Who moves that fast? Last time I was here, I advised you, be patient.
Deeks: You think we're moving too fast?
Thapa: Most new couples do. Spending every moment together, staging photos to display their happiness, introducing them to friends and family. It feels real before it becomes real.
Deeks: Wow. You know a lot about women.
Thapa: I'm a Gurkha, not a monk.

Hetty: The spy game has more in common with selling used cars than any of us would like to admit.

[In Sam's hospital room]
Sam: What's the situation?
Callen: It's bad.
Sam: When you say bad––
Callen: Very bad.
Sam: Getting shot is very bad. Your cooking is very bad. Granger after two drinks is very bad. I need you to be more specific, G.
Callen: You remember the time we fought Thapa?
Sam: Oh, angry Gurkha rates very, very bad on the Hanna scale of bad people, places and things.
Callen: We got six of them coming our way.

Savoir Faire [6.17][edit]

Callen: We both love beer. Can we agree that we both love beer?
Sam: We can agree that if you offer me a beer, I'll drink it. But, I'm more of a champagne guy.
Callen: Champagne over beer?
Sam: Dom Perignon Rose? Best bubbles in the world, baby.
Callen: What about basketball?
Sam: You know I'm more of a football man.
Callen: Pancakes.
Sam: Waffles.
Callen: JFK.
Sam: The movie or the airport?

Deeks: [In the boathouse, watching Callen interview a suspect] Wow, well played, Callen. Well played. You got 'im wrapped around your pinky. Not that it isn't something I haven't done a thousand times. Except for, of course, I did it in a courtroom with a ton of people. The judge [Holds up his hands as if he's staring through the scope on rifle] staring me down. The jury, sizing me up, sayin' what you got, public defender? What. You. Got?
Eric: [On the monitor] Uh... Deeks?
Deeks: Huh?
Eric: You, you know that I can hear you... right?
Deeks: Yeah. No, no. Yeah, I know- definitely know that you can- I mean I knew that you were there... if that's what you're asking.
Nell: [Moves on screen] Good, because I'm here, too.
Deeks: Oh. Nell. [laughing self-consciously] Hi.
Nell: 'S up?
Granger: [Moves on screen] Detective.
Deeks: Oohph. Granger. Of course, Granger is there. It's like the whole Opsapalooze. What's going on, guys? What can I do you for?
Granger: Question. Do you crumble graham crackers into your S'mores-cakes?

Fighting Shadows [6.18][edit]

Deeks: So... Joelle’s good?
Callen: She’s good. (pause) She’s great
Deeks: Great. Great. great, great.
Callen: How’s Kensi?
Deeks: Uh? Kensi? She ... you know, she’s good. I don't know why you’re asking me, I mean you work with her, you know she’s ... she’s good right? Because, I don’t know ... why would I ...?
Callen: (chuckles)
Deeks: What? (pause) You know, don’t you?
Callen: Of course I know.
Deeks: Who else knows?
Callen: Well, let’s see. Sam, Nell, Hetty, of course, Eric, took a little while but he finally got there, the guys at the motor pool... Pretty much everyone at this point.
Deeks: What about Granger?
Callen: Granger I’m not so sure about. He’s definitely mellowed since his poisoning but he could just be buying his time, waiting for the right moment to crush you both.
Deeks: Wow, that is ... awesome.
Callen: Uh huh! Don’t pretend like you didn’t know the risks.
Deeks: I’m just wondering if this partner shuffle has something to do with us.
Callen: That is a question only Hetty can answer.

Sam: Am I ok with my co-workers dating? No. Does that mean I want you off the team? Hell, no! And that goes for Deeks too.
Kensi: Oh?!
Sam: Don’t tell him I said that!
Kensi: I will not.
Sam: Just, you know, eventually you guys are gonna have to figure out where this thing is going, if you wanna continue putting your lives on the line.
Kensi: Meaning what?
Sam: Meaning that, when Michelle and I had Kam, that was a whole ‘nother mission.
Kensi: Kids? Yeah, no. No, no, no, no, no! We’re not, we’re not ... we’re not thinking about kids, we’re not even thinking about dinner!
Sam: That’s fine. But things don’t always go as they’re planned. Things happen. Kids happen. That’s what happened with Aiden, he kinda popped up out of the blue. I thought I was ready for anything, active duty, whatever, but ... not for that. I wasn’t a perfect Dad either. I made a lot of mistakes those first years.
Kensi: I think Aiden was a lucky kid.
Sam: I was the lucky one. Still am.

Naveed: You’re a detective?
Deeks: Yeah.
Naveed: You don’t look like they do on tv.
Deeks: What do they look like on tv?
Naveed: Like suits, you know, professional?
Deeks: Yeah, well I learned a long time ago that wearing a suit doesn’t make you professional.

Blaze of Glory [6.19][edit]

Rage [6.20][edit]

Beacon [6.21][edit]

Field of Fire [6.22][edit]

Sam: Lots of people are in love with the idea of having kids, but most have no idea what they're getting into.
Callen: Did you and Michelle?
Sam: I mean, we thought we did. Read books, we took classes
Callen: That help?
Sam: Hell, no.

Deeks: Why'd you run?
Takahama: I like to keep in shape.
Deeks: Every federal prison has a running track. I'm sure you'll utilize that.

Kolcheck, A. [6.23][edit]

Chernoff, K. [6.24][edit]

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