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NCIS: New Orleans is an American police procedural television series, which premiered on CBS on September 23, 2014 and will conclude on May 23, 2021. The series aired in the 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays timeslot following NCIS during Seasons One and Two. Since Season Three the series airs in the 10:00 p.m. timeslot on Tuesdays. Since Season Six the series now airs in the 10:00 p.m. timeslot on Sundays.

See You Soon [5.1][edit]

Gregorio: We need to maintain the media blackout.
Sebastian: That's easy because we don't know anything.

Rita: What are his chances?
Wade: Slim.
Rita: I hope that's not your version of sugarcoating.

Rita: [to Pride] If this was an excuse to get me to down here, I didn't need a grand gesture. All you had to do was call.

LaSalle: That plan's audacious with a limited margin for error.
Gregorio: Yep.
LaSalle: Dwayne would approve.

LaSalle: (cell phone chimes) HQ. They need me in SCIF.
Gregorio: Well, get to it, boss. (sighs)
Gibbs: Christopher
LaSalle: Gibbs
Gibbs: How's he doing?
LaSalle: Honestly? Not good.
Gibbs: Yep. I know both sides of that. His and yours. You stay strong.
LaSalle: I'm trying to. Director Vance doing all right?
Gibbs: Yeah, he's on the mend. Your suspect, Amelia Parsons.
LaSalle: The best we can tell, she was tying up loose ends for her former employer. Probably fleeing now.
Gibbs: It's not about loose ends.
LaSalle: You got a lead?
Gibbs: Yeah, we sent you a classified file on your shooter.
LaSalle: We've already been read in on Amelia's file.
Gibbs: No, you haven't. Not on this one.
LaSalle: She's CIA?
Gibbs: She contracted for them. Off the books, wet work.
LaSalle: Part of a hit team.
Gibbs: Yeah, with someone you might recognize. Her husband, John Stone.
LaSalle: Mr. Stone and Pride tangled about a year ago. He went over the side of a roof. Means this wasn't about business.
Gibbs: Means she's making it about revenge.
LaSalle: Helps a lot. Thanks, Gibbs.
Gibbs: Christopher? We know what Dwayne means to you.
LaSalle: All of us.
Gibbs: You take it personal.
LaSalle: Know what you're going to say. Keep my feelings out of it and work the case.
Gibbs: No. Just the opposite. You use those feelings. You make it personal. You do what you have to do to get Amelia.

Inside Out [5.2][edit]

Pride: [to Gregorio] I'm taking a break from taking a break.

Gregorio: [to Khoury] Who the hell are you?
Pride: She's your new boss.

Pride: I know I'm blessed.
Wade: Do you, Dwayne?

Patton: If I get killed, I'm going to be pissed.

Pride: [to Walker] I guess you're right. Today is my lucky day.

Pride: Good seeing you.
Man: We'll see you later on today, all right?
Pride: Thank you. Hey.
Laurel: Okay, Mr. Rogers.
Pride: What?
Laurel: Now that you've literally said hello to every person in your neighborhood, can we please keep it moving?
Pride: What's the rush?
Man: Glad to see you, Dwayne.
Pride: Thank you. The sun is out, there's not a cloud in the sky; it's a perfect day for a walk.
Laurel: A short walk is what we agreed to.
Pride: People want to chat. How you doing?
Man: Hey, Dwayne.
Pride: It'd be rude to ignore them.
Laurel: You are loving it, Dad.
Pride: Ah, maybe a little.

Diplomatic Immunity [5.3][edit]

Gregorio: Are they having a bulk sale at Suits R Us?
Sebastian: As a matter of fact, yeah. Pretty snazzy, right?
Gregorio: Yeah, if it's your First Communion.
Sebastian: Or if you're picking up the keys to the sweet new house you just bought.
Gregorio: Are you serious?
Sebastian: Yeah.

[cell phone rings]
Pride: Carry on. [scoffs] Loretta.
Wade: Well, I guess old habits do die hard. I meant to call Hannah.
Pride: You're not the only one struggling with transitions.
Pride: First day frustration. No one will let me do anything.
Wade: Oh, perhaps you're trying to do too much. You took the job for a reason. Just slow down, focus on health. You should give it more than an hour and a half. Doctor's orders.
Pride: Yeah. Before you go, what do ya got?
Wade: Don't you think that should be Hannah's concern?
Pride: Uh maybe, but I'm invoking SAC's privilege. Spill.

Sebastian: Okay. What-Whatever that was was not Klingon.
Carmen: You're quite the detective, aren't you?
Sebastian: Yeah, kind of. Well, I'm sort of like, um, Bill Nye the Science Guy. You know? But armed.
Carmen: Bow tie would really bring that look home.
Sebastian: Yes. Yeah. Sebastian - Hmm? - is my name. My name is Sebastian. That's me. Hi.
Carmen: I'm your saving grace, Carmen Delahoy, diplomatic translator, United Nations Trade Association.
Sebastian: That is an incredibly long title. [Carmen laughs] Very impressive.

Gregorio: Is this a witness interview or a date?
Sebastian: An interview. Definitely an interview.

Sebastian: [to LaSalle and Gregorio] Listen, guys, don't shoot. Carmen is British Intelligence. She's on our side.

Legacy [5.4][edit]

LaSalle: I can handle this.
Pride: You can, but you don't have to do it alone.

Gregorio: [to Pride] I just hope [LaSalle] can live with what he finds.

LaSalle: They weren't just employees. They were family.

Hannah: [to Amy] If you're looking for justice for your family, this is not the way.

Gregorio: Maybe I just missed your face.
Pride: I've missed you too.

In The Blood [5.5][edit]

Jimmy: Don't move.
Pride: Or what? You gonna shoot your own brother?
Jimmy: (chuckles) Been imagining this moment my whole life, actually meeting my half brother face to face.
Pride: Always pointing a gun at me when you imagined it?
Jimmy: No, that part's a little bit of a surprise. (chuckles)
Pride: Gonna need the weapon, Jimmy.
Jimmy: Yeah, of course. Sorry. I mean, guns aren't really my style.
Pride: Yeah, I can tell. Safety's on.

[Pride enters the office with Jimmy Boyd in handcuffs]
Pride: Got your text. You found something.
Gregorio: Uh, looks like you did.
Jimmy: Well, technically, I found him. Jimmy Boyd. Dwayne's brother.
Gregorio: What?
Patton: Excuse me?
Pride: Half brother, actually. Another byproduct of Cassius' colorful personality.

Pound of Flesh [5.6][edit]

Calvin: Hey.
Pride: Calvin. What?
Calvin: Sorry to let myself in, but nobody was out front.
Pride: Yeah, no, no, my assistant's not here. It's not like her to be late.
Calvin: Yeah, well, Monday mornings are rough for everyone, right?
Pride: Yeah. What are you doing here, Cal?
Calvin: What do you mean?
Pride: Our appointment's not until tomorrow.
Calvin: I couldn't wait that long to see Dwayne Pride in a suit and tie.
Pride: It almost makes me look respectable.
Calvin: Almost.

(car alarm chirps)
LaSalle: I checked the perimeter. No sign of movement.
Sebastian: Entergy says the power's been cut off to the whole building.
Gregorio: Hmm? Wait, you're telling me I have to go into Dracula's castle in the dark?
Sebastian: You want me to hold your little hand?
Gregorio: You touch me, Sebastian, I'll shoot you.

(phone ringing)
Pride: Hannah, please tell me you found Ginny.
Hannah: No, not yet, but a neighbor did see Marquez loading her into a black Toyota. We got three agencies assisting with the manhunt.
Pride: Well, he came after Ginny twice. She must have the liver that he needs.
Hannah: Yeah, and whoever he needs it for probably can't wait much longer.
Pride: We need to track down every doctor in this area who has the training required to perform the transplant.
Hannah: Well, I would ask Dr. Welles for a list, but after our last conversation, I doubt he'd cooperate.
Pride: Well, I'm not gonna give him a choice.
Wade: I'll drive.
Pride: I'm fine, Loretta. I'm fine, I'm fi
Wade: Dwayne. Give me your keys, Dwayne. If you're nice, maybe I'll let you pick the music.

Sebastian: Hannah, will you tell her that she's got to put the ears on, please?
Hannah: (laughs) Wow. I thought you hated Halloween.
Sebastian: She's had a bit of a change of heart.
Gregorio: I did not. I still hate it.
Sebastian: Well, why are you going out with me, then?
Gregorio: Because I owe you, for scaring the living crap out of me at that abandoned lab, and because payback's a bitch, right? - I got a plan to get him back.
Sebastian: Okay, all right. That's fine. This is gonna be the worst Halloween of my life.
Gregorio: You're welcome to join.
Hannah: Maybe next time.
Sebastian: I'm actually, I think I'm gonna chill out here. I was gonna watch a-- maybe a movie.
Gregorio: Oh, Sebastian, put the damn ears back on and move your tail.
Sebastian: (sighs)
Gregorio: Night, Hannah.
Sebastian: Meow.
Hannah: Meow.

Sheepdogs [5.7][edit]

LaSalle: Sure you know what you're doing?
Sebastian: Sure you want to know the answer?

Hannah: [to Yasmin] You are a truly troubled young lady, and I feel sorry for you. I told you I'd show you what I'm capable of.

Wade: I'd say good morning, but 7 a.m. is too early to deal with this kind of tragedy.

Pride: [to Hannah] You should come to the Tru Tone. The team drinks for free tonight.
Gregorio: The team always drinks for free.

Close to Home [5.8][edit]

Steven: What should I tell them?
Pride: Tell them I'm bringing a couple boxes of the best pastries in New Orleans.
Steven: They'd better be good.

Gregorio: Wouldn't have one of those yearbook photos lying around?
Hannah: Burned 'em all.

LaSalle: We're not the enemies here.
Jimmy: Every time I hear a cop say that, my life got worse.

Pride: I'm pretty sure Mateo's one of the reasons I came back from the dead.
Steven: Next time lie to me.

Jimmy: Dwyane happens to be bulletproof.
Pride: A bit of an exaggeration.

Mateo: Looks like the house with the chainsaw killer living in the basement.
Jimmy: You're in luck. No basements in New Orleans.

Mateo:: Hold up. You two are brothers?
Pride and Jimmy: Half!

Risk Assessment [5.9][edit]

Pride: Think that will make your problems go away?
Jimmy: It will keep you from being caught up in them.

Patton: It's a reminder of how bad drivers are around here.
Hannah: You've never been to Istanbul.

Charlie: You make it seem so easy.
Hannah: It's not, Charlie, and I think you know that.

Tick Tock [5.10][edit]

Parsons: Just so I'm clear, are you killing me or you breaking me out?
Pride: Breaking you out.

Parsons: Who are you talking to?
Pride: Your friends.
Parsons: I don't have any friends.

Pride: Let me make one thing clear: I don't trust you.
Parsons: I don't trust you either.

Pride: [to Parsons] You aren't behind this. They want something from you too.

Parsons: [to Pride] We both looked death in the face, and you know what I saw? I saw myself. What about you?

Vindicta [5.11][edit]

Wade: I'll spare you my two cents on coping.
Pride: Thank you.

Sebastian: What if we can't find Apollyon?
LaSalle: That's not an option.

Pride: Walker.
Walker: What took you so long?

Jimmy: Here I'm a grown-ass man, and I'm still the bastard.
Pride: Not to me.

Pride: Your ex, huh? Kind of buried the lead.
Hannah: Kind of a sore topic.

Pride: You have been taking in easy?
Wade: I'm stubborn like a mule, just like you, but I'm trying.
Pride: That's all I can ask.

Desperate Navy Wives [5.12][edit]

Sebastian: Hannah usually says please when she gives us orders.
Pride: Get the hell out of here, please.

Gregorio: What is Pride thinking? I don't fit in with this social set.
Sebastian: I don't know. I think you're rocking that sweater set.

Pride: I'm OK.
LaSalle: That's what I said too. Then my father's death hit me like a ton of bricks.

X [5.13][edit]

Sebastian: I want you to know that if anything goes wrong, I appreciate you.
Gregorio: Same here babe.

Nero: [to Loretta] You are one of a kind. Hand to God.

Hannah: You'd be surprised at what's in my bag.

Nero: [to Gregorio] What's in here makes Ebola look like the hiccups.

Pride: Drop that container!
Nero: If I do that, we all die.

Conspiracy Theories [5.14][edit]

Hannah: Isn't this NOPD's jurisdiction?
Pride: I spoke to the chief, explained our history with Crane. NOPD'll run point but welcome any help we can offer.

Sebastian: You want to go finish that game of Risk we started?
Oliver: I thought you'd never ask.
Gregorio: Nerds.

Oliver: Even compliments from you come off as snarky.
Gregorio: It's a gift.

LaSalle: I thought this was an open forum.
Ferrington: Well, it's closed now.

Oliver: Man, I hate when I'm wrong.
Wade: I think you'd be used to it by now.

Oliver: This is exciting! We got the band back together. What can I do?
Gregorio: Roll over and play dead.

Crab Mentality [5.15][edit]

Pride: This is legal?
Patton: Not in the strictest definition.
Sebastian: Not in any definition.

Sebastian: Where's DHS taking Hannah.
Gregorio: To the gallows.

Gregorio: You OK?
Hannah: I just need a minute.

Jax: Why did you do that?
Pride: Because I really want to believe you.

Pride: Liam doesn't want to be found.
Hannah: Would that stop you?
Pride: Probably not.

Survivor [5.16][edit]

Pride: Naomi's a fighter, just like her momma.
Hannah: Can I get that in writing?

Sebastian: I can't believe I hit him from here.
Gregorio: You didn't.
Sebastian: That makes more sense.

LaSalle: We've all got skeletons in our closets.
Gregorio: But Hannah's are up and walking around.

Reckoning [5.17][edit]

Isler: They need you. I get it.
Pride: Actually, I need them. I've been through a lot in the last few months.

Conroy: They don't need no protection. I'm their protection.
Gregorio: You're doing a crap job.

Pride: Hannah, be careful out there.
Hannah: You too, Pride.

Isler: This is different.
Pride: How?
Isler: We're the good guys.

Pride: How'd you get this information?
Kirby: Don't ask.

In Plain Sight [5.18][edit]

Patton: Ain't no one gonna die today?
Reed: And how can you be so sure?
Patton: Cause I was stalling, jackass.

Patton: No need for weapons. I'm just a computer specialist.
Simms: I'm not.

Patton: Pride, I'm a grown man. I watched him die. I want to see my friend.
Pride: I know what you're facing. I've been through it. You have to face it before it gets away from you.

LaSalle: Nick Taylor was a wounded warrior. Who would have wanted to target him?
Pride: Let's find out.

A House Divided [5.19][edit]

LaSalle: According to the guests, there was an argument that broke out right before the lieutenant came tumbling.
Pride: Any details?
Hannah: Tammy and Sebastian are questioning the guests now.
Pride: And the Prescott family?
Hannah: We're looking for 'em.
Pride: What do mean "looking"?
Hannah: Well, it is a big house, as Loretta said. The mother disappeared as soon as NOPD arrived. Hasn't been seen since.
Pride: Well, let's get on that.

Hannah: Are we going to let the Prescotts get away with this?
Pride: Not by a long shot.

Hannah: There was an argument. Did someone want to hurt Wyatt?
Bryce: Only those who have met him.

Pride: What can you tell me, Loretta?
Wade: My entire house can fit in this room.
Pride: About Lieutenant Prescott.
Wade: Broken neck as far as I can tell. There's 21 steps in the staircase. It's quite a fall.
Hannah: Did he fall? Or was he pushed?
Wade: I cannot tell yet.
LaSalle: [approaching with an evidence baggie in hand] If it was an accident, I may have the cause. These were hidden in Lieutenant Prescott's room.
Pride: That's a lot of pills.
LaSalle: [showing more evidence baggies] Yeah, and that's not all. May have been having a private party.
Hannah: Ooh, well, depending on what's in those pills, combined with alcohol, that could send anyone tumbling down those stairs.
Wade: Yeah, well, we'll know more once I've run a full tox screen.

Jackpot [5.20][edit]

Elvis: [to Wendy] I was 30 before I got my first felony.
Pride: That's not a good thing, Elvis.

Pride: Any way to figure out where they're buying [tickets]?
Wendy: Yeah, but I may need to break a few more laws to do it.

Elvis: My therapist says hacking is my love language.
Pride: Some people just pick up the phone.

Sebastian: How is Wendy Cotts your daughter?
Elvis: Well, Sebastian, when a man and a woman ...

Trust Me [5.21][edit]

Gregorio: Having someone who cares about you helps.
LaSalle: You're talking about me, aren't you?

Pride: You were a little harsh on the phone.
Gregorio: I had to sell it, didn't I?

Pride: I heard you talked to Ryan.
Hannah: It wasn't a talk. More of a skirmish.

Hannah: You can't make unilateral decisions that affect our family.
Ryan: Of course I can. I learned from the best.

Hannah: I'm not hiding anything from you. I promised I wouldn't.
Ryan: Oh, you're keeping your promises now.

Pride: Natalie's mom is married to the victim's ex.
Gregorio: You'd think that was something he'd have mentioned, huh?

Chaos Theory [5.22][edit]

Pride: You want to go first?
LaSalle: After you, King.

Pride: If you ever try anything like this again ...
Sebastian: I knew. Gregorio's going to kill me.
Pride: She's going to have to wait in line.

Sebastian: [to Neela] You can't stop chaos. But a friend of mine told me you need to find some order.

Lana: [to Sebastian] Hey, Sebastian. You really are an inspiration for geeks everywhere.

Sebastian: When I was climbing the ladder, I was hit by something ...
Pride: Dizziness.

The River Styx[edit]

Part 1 [5.23][edit]

Hannah: I know where Pride's heading and I'm going to help him.
Sebastian: Do you want to share with the class?

Pride: You'd do the same thing for me.
Isler: I kind of have to say that under the circumstances.

Isler: Dwayne, what are you doing here?
Pride: I had a bunch of vacation days saved up.

Pride: What is this place?
Luka: My office.

Pride: We paid them $5,000.
Luka: You were robbed.

LaSalle: Are you sure we can trust this guy Luka?
Pride: I'm sure we don't have a choice.

Pride: What'd you say?
LaSalle': I meant to say we mean them no harm. But it's possible I insulted their mamas.

Part 2 [5.24][edit]

Rita: What is that place, Patton?
Patton: Walker's personal Alamo.

[Pride is hallucinating]
Walker: [to Pride] There's nothing more important than family.
Jimmy [to Pride]: What are you going to do to preserve yours?

Pride: And I'm just supposed to trust you.
Angel of Death: Trust your instincts, Dwayne.

Sebastian: When this is over, we've got to invest in a lock.
Patton: Yeah, if we still have jobs.

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