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Possession may refer to:


Supernatural possession[edit]

  • Demonic possession, psychokinetic control of a person by the Devil or other malevolent spirit
  • Spirit possession, psychokinetic control of the behavior of a living thing or natural object by a spiritual being


Arts and entertainment[edit]


  • Possession (Byatt novel), a 1990 novel by A. S. Byatt
  • Possession (trilogy), a young adult dystopian novel trilogy written by Elana Johnson
  • Possession (play), a play by Lyle Kessler

Film and television[edit]


  • Possession (God album), a 1992 album by God
  • Possession (Lily Afshar album), a 2002 album by Lily Afshar
  • "Possession", a 1968 song by Iron Butterfly on the album Heavy
  • "Possession", a 1985 song by The Sisters of Mercy on the album First and Last and Always
  • "Possession", a 1988 song by Danzig on the album Danzig
  • "Possession", a 1989 song by Bad English on the album Bad English
  • "Possession", a 1993 song by Sarah McLachlan song on the album Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
  • "Possession", a 2005 song by Mandaryna on the album Mandarynkowy sen

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