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Star Trek: Picard (2020–2023) is a science fiction television series based on Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek and set two decades after Star Trek: Nemesis.

Season One[edit]

Remembrance [1.1][edit]

Data: Why are you stalling, Captain?
Jean-Luc Picard: I don't want the game to end.

Laris: Bad dreams?
Jean-Luc Picard: The dreams are lovely. It's the waking up that I'm beginning to resent.

Interviewer: What was it that you lost faith in, Admiral? You've never spoken about your departure from Starfleet. Didn't you, in fact, resign your commission in protest? Tell us, Admiral. Why did you really quit Starfleet?
Jean-Luc Picard: Because it was no longer Starfleet.
Interviewer: I'm sorry?
Jean-Luc Picard: Because it was no longer Starfleet! We withdrew. The galaxy was mourning, burying its dead, and Starfleet had slunk from its duties. The decision to call off the rescue and to abandon those people we had sworn to save was not just dishonorable. It was downright criminal! And I was not prepared to stand by and be a spectator. And you, my dear, you have no idea what Dunkirk is, right? You're a stranger to history. You're a stranger to war. You just wave your hand and it all goes away. Well, it's not so easy for those who died. And it was not so easy for those who were left behind. We're done here.

Dahj Asha: Have you ever... been a stranger to yourself?
Jean-Luc Picard: Many, many times.

Jean-Luc Picard: I haven't been living. I've been waiting to die.

Maps and Legends [1.2][edit]

Jean-Luc Picard: The daughter of the man whose death I have been mourning for two decades comes to me for help and assistance. And then she is assassinated in front of my eyes by a Romulan death squad who will then go and try and find and destroy her twin sister. And you want me to sit here worrying what to do about the spittlebugs on the pinots?
Laris: I want you not to die. No one but the Tal Shiar could ever protect you against the Tal Shiar.
Zhaban: She's not wrong. You can't go without us.
Laris: Idiot! He cannot go at all. He's only safe here.

Kirsten Clancy: The sheer fucking hubris. You think you can just waltz back in here and be entrusted with taking men and women into space?

Kirsten Clancy: The Romulans were our enemies, and we tried to help them for as long as we could, but even before the synthetics attacked Mars, fourteen species within the Federation said 'Cut the Romulans loose, or we'll pull out.' It was a choice between allowing the Federation to implode, or letting the Romulans go.
Jean-Luc Picard: The Federation does not get to decide if a species lives or dies.
Kirsten Clancy: Yes we do. We absolutely do. Thousands of other species depend upon us for unity, for cohesion. We didn't have enough ships left. We had to make choices, but the great Captain Picard didn't like his orders.
Jean-Luc Picard: I was standing up for the Federation for what it represents! For what it should STILL represent!
Kirsten Clancy: How dare you lecture me!

Zhaban: You need a crew. Riker. Worf. La Forge.
Jean-Luc Picard: No. I thought about it. And they would do it in a heartbeat, and that's precisely why I cannot ask them. They would put themselves at risk out of loyalty to me, and I do not want to have to go through that again.

Raffi Musiker: There isn't anything you could say that I'd want to hear.
Jean-Luc Picard: Secret Romulan assassins are operating on Earth.
[Musiker looks at the bottle of wine Picard is carrying.]
Raffi Musiker: Is that the '86? Goddammit.

The End is the Beginning [1.3][edit]

Raffi Musiker: There has to be something. Some last, desperate, wild solution, J.L.? That's what you do!
Jean-Luc Picard: My resignation was the last, desperate, wild solution. I never believed that they would accept it.

Ramdha: Which sister are you? The one who dies or the one who lives?

EMH: So are we excited? Intimidated? Maybe a teensy bit starstruck? Jean-Luc Picard! Chief contact with the Q Continuum. Arbiter of succession for the Klingon Empire. Savior of Earth from Borg invasion. Captain of the Enterprises D and E. The man even worked alongside the great Spock.
Cristóbal Rios: You are an emergency hologram. We no longer have a navigational emergency. Why are you still here?
EMH: Well, someone is experiencing an acute moodiness overload. Picard is a good man, Captain Rios. He's on the side of the angels.

Absolute Candor [1.4][edit]

Agnes Jurati: What's your book about?
Cristóbal Rios: The existential pain of living with the consciousness of death, and how it defines us as human beings.
Agnes Jurati: Well, that's not a conversation killer at all.

Raffi Musiker: Man can't even take a guilt trip without using a starship.

Raffi Musiker: But you remember what we used to say back then?
Jean-Luc Picard: One impossible thing at a time.

Zani: Because you could not save everyone, you chose to save no one.

Elnor: Please, my friend, choose to live… I regret your choice.

Stardust City Rag [1.5][edit]

Raffi Musiker: Try to stay away from the lizard. Beta Anari can smell when you're not telling the truth.
Agnes Jurati: Seriously?
Raffi Musiker: Also, what you had for dinner. And the last person you had sex with.
Cristóbal Rios: If they're not the same thing.
Agnes Jurati: Cause that's not disturbing.

Agnes Jurati: It's okay. It will be okay. You can do this. You have to do this.
[The ship's EMH activates automatically, startling Dr Jurati.]
EMH: What is the nature of your psychiatric emergency? Your pulse and blood pressure are significantly elevated.
Agnes Jurati: Because you scared the hell out of me!

Jean-Luc Picard: What the hell is going on here?
Seven of Nine: I was not entirely candid with you.
Jean-Luc Picard: [Sarcastically] Really?
Elnor: Are we still pretending?
Jean-Luc Picard: No, Elnor. I think everyone has finally stopped.

Jean-Luc Picard: But murder is not justice. There is no solace in revenge. You have had your humanity restored to you. Don't squander it now.

Seven of Nine: After they brought you back from your time in the you honestly feel that you regained your humanity?
Jean-Luc Picard: Yes.
Seven of Nine: All of it?
Jean-Luc Picard: No. But we're both working on it, aren't we?
Seven of Nine: Every damned day of my life.

The Impossible Box [1.6][edit]

Agnes Jurati: Maybe [the Borg have] changed.
Jean-Luc Picard: Changed? The Borg? They coolly assimilate entire civilizations, entire systems, in a matter of hours. They don't change! They metastasize.

Soji Asha: Romulans love secrets. You think everyone is hiding something.
Narek: Everyone is hiding something. Whether they know it or not.

Raffi Musiker: I don't want to end up on the wrong side of a disruptor cannon, Emmy. I'm still planning on drinking myself to death.

Hugh: I take it she's in serious danger.
Jean-Luc Picard: What? Why would you ask that?
Hugh: A hunch. Something about her. Something about you coming this far to this place. And something about the dashing, young Romulan spy who showed up two weeks ago pretending not to be asking questions about her.

Elnor: Please, my friends. Choose to live.

Nepenthe [1.7][edit]

William Riker: That time you were flying off to Romulus, to plan the Great Supernova Rescue. Do you remember what I said?
Jean-Luc Picard: 'So you want to be ass-deep in Romulans for the rest of your life?'
William Riker: I believe I also reminded you of Newton's Fourth Law of Thermodynamics.
Jean-Luc Picard: No good deed goes unpunished.

Kestra Troi-Riker: Can you play the violin?
Soji Asha: No.
Kestra Troi-Riker: Do you like Sherlock Holmes?
Soji Asha: I guess so.
Kestra Troi-Riker: Can you run super fast, jump really high, and bend steel with your hands?
Soji Asha: Turns out, yes, I can.
Kestra Troi-Riker: Weird!
Soji Asha: Tell me about it.

Kestra Troi-Riker: [Data] could do all these amazing things but all he ever really wanted to do was have dreams and tell jokes and learn how to ballroom dance.

Raffi Musiker: And now, you come along for a ride with Auntie Raffi. She's going to hook you up with whatever you need.
Agnes Jurati: Is it cake?
Raffi Musiker: You bet it's cake.

William Riker: Classic Picard arrogance. You get to make the decisions about who gets to take the chances and who doesn't, and who's in the loop and who's out of the loop, and, naturally, it always ends up with you. And that's fine on the bridge of your starship, captain, but now you're dealing with a teenager, more or less. That can be an extremely humbling experience. Frankly, not sure you're up to it.
Jean-Luc Picard: Perhaps I'm not.
William Riker: There you go. Baby steps.
Jean-Luc Picard: Baby steps.

Broken Pieces [1.8][edit]

Narissa: The Collective picked the wrong Tal Shiar ship to assimilate that day. They ought to have picked mine. I'd have made a much better Borg than you.

Kirsten Clancy: That's a hell of a report.
Jean-Luc Picard: And you thought I was a desperate old man. Quixotic, paranoid, possibly senile…
Kirsten Clancy: Let's just leave it at quixotic.
Jean-Luc Picard: And now the windmills have turned out to be giants.

Kirsten Clancy: Admiral Picard, with all due respect, and at long last, shut the fuck up!

Jean-Luc Picard: They may be right about what happened two hundred thousand years ago. The past is written. But the future is left for us to write and we have powerful tools, Rios. Openness, optimism, and the spirit of curiosity. All they have is secrecy and fear. And fear is the Great Destroyer, Rios.

Jean-Luc Picard: Data's capacity for expressing and processing emotion was limited. I suppose we had that in common.

Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 1 [1.9][edit]

Raffi Musiker: Nice work, honey. You got us here really damn fast. And I am never going to do that ever again.

Jean-Luc Picard: There's a difference between killing an attacking enemy and watching a wounded one die.

Raffi Musiker: Oh man.
Cristóbal Rios: How many?
Raffi Musiker: Uh, 218 warbirds.
Cristóbal Rios: Ah. 218. That's not so bad.
Raffi Musiker: True. You really only have to worry about the first 109.

Seven of Nine: Keep saving the galaxy, Picard.
Jean-Luc Picard: That's all on you now.

Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 2 [1.10][edit]

William Riker: Acting Captain Will Riker, in command of the U.S.S. Zheng He.
Oh: And...?
William Riker: And it is my duty to inform you that the United Federation of Planets has designated planet Ghulion IV in the Vayt sector under the protection of Starfleet, according to the terms of the Treaty of Algeron.
Oh: Too late. Our claim to this world takes precedence. Move aside.
William Riker: Afraid not.
Jean-Luc Picard: [recorded message] I have a priority request to open diplomatic negotiations and protection for the inhabitants of Ghulion IV.
William Riker: General, or Commodore, or whatever you're calling yourself, right now, I'm on the bridge of the toughest, fastest, most powerful ship Starfleet has ever put into service, and I've got a fleet of them at my back. We've got our phasers locked on your warp cores. And nothing would make me happier than you giving me an excuse to kick your treacherous Tal Shiar ass. But instead, I'm going to ask you one time -- to stand down.

Jean-Luc Picard: It says a great deal about the mind of Commander Data that, looking at the human race with all its violence and corruption, willful ignorance, he could still see kindness, the immense curiosity, and greatness of spirit. And he wanted, more than anything else, to be part of that, to be part of the human family.

Season Two[edit]

The Star Gazer [2.1][edit]

Jean-Luc Picard: Seize today for we know nothing of tomorrow.
Laris: Today is glorious. And none of our tomorrows are guaranteed.

Laris: When I first came to work here, I saw you as a man who chose the stars. And after all this time, I've come to wonder, have you been seeking or running? Am I being too personal?
Jean-Luc Picard: No. Please, go on.
Laris: Why have you chosen to be alone?
Jean-Luc Picard: I'm hardly alone.
Laris: You know what I mean.
Jean-Luc Picard: As you say, I've spent my life in the stars.
Laris: And is that what you really want? All you really want?
Jean-Luc Picard: The part of me that really wants is the part that has to wait in line.
Laris: Behind what?
Jean-Luc Picard: Duty, I suppose. The need to keep on moving.

Laris: [To Picard] There you are. I've been looking everywhere for you with a cup of what is now, definitely, Earl Grey, cold.

Jean-Luc Picard (giving an address at Starfleet Academy): We often refer to space as the final frontier. But the older I get, the more I come to believe that the true final frontier is time. In command, as in life, what we do in crisis often weighs upon us less heavily than what we wish we had done, what could have been. Time offers many opportunities, but it rarely offers second chances. And as steps forward go I would like to acknowledge your classmate the first fully Romulan cadet at Starfleet Academy: Elnor. May you all go boldly into a future freed from the shackles of the past. I stand before you the last Picard. My ancestor captained the second ship, behind Jacques Cartier. A great-great cousin Renee Picard was instrumental in early exploration of this solar system. Yet I choose to leave you with the words of my mother, who was no explorer at all. When I was a boy she would point to the night sky and say, "Look up, Jean-Luc, and let's see what's out there".

Jean-Luc Picard: What is happening here?
Q: An excellent question, Jean-Luc. Mon Capitaine, how I've missed you...
Jean-Luc Picard: No. No, no, no, no, no...
[Picard turns to face Q]
Q: Oh, dear. You're a bit older than I imagined. Let me catch up. [Q snaps his fingers and he becomes older in appearance] There. Now, we're even.
Jean-Luc Picard: Q... God-damn Q!
Q: Do you recall what I said to you when we last parted ways? "The trial never ends."
Jean-Luc Picard: What the Hell are you doing here?
Q You've been talking a lot about second chances. Well, my friend, welcome to the very end... of the road not taken.

Penance [2.2][edit]

Jean-Luc Picard: What is this?
Q: This? This is home.
Jean-Luc Picard: And where are the crew of the Stargazer?
Q: Oh, how quaint. How provincial. How Yesterday's Enterprise of you. There is no Stargazer.
Jean-Luc Picard: What do you mean? What have you done?
Q: Show them a world of their own making and they ask you what you've done. So human of you.
Jean-Luc Picard: Q, have you had enough of playing games with other people's lives? I am no longer your pawn!
Q: Oh, you undersell yourself, Jean-Luc. You are more than just a piece. You're the very board upon which this game is played.
Jean-Luc Picard: I am too old for your bullshit!
Q: [angrily] Old, yes! How unfair time is. So many wrinkles. So many disappointments.
Jean-Luc Picard: What do you want, Q? Will you come to the point?
Q: You want me to cut to the chase?
Jean-Luc Picard: Yes!
Q: Well, the chase is cut, Picard! The chase is bleeding! The chase is dying in your arms, and I am but a suture in the wound. [Q backs away from Picard, appearing confused as to what he had just said]
Jean-Luc Picard: Are you...? Q, you are not well.

Q: "Through A Mirror, Darkly". And here, the man who holds the glass is darker still. Let me show you!

Jean-Luc Picard: You...
Borg Queen: You. Are Locutus. And you are not.
Jean-Luc Picard: I know you can see the divergence in time. What did Q do in the past, when he turned our world into a polluted, totalitarian nightmare?
Borg Queen: Friend and foe, and now.
Jean-Luc Picard: Answer the question! What did Q do?
Borg Queen: A temporal precision. A single change.
Jean-Luc Picard: What was it? When was it?
Borg Queen: Calculating... 2024. That is the when. Where is the where? Calculating... Earth. The change in the timeline originates there. In Los Angeles. Calculating... There is someone there to help. A watcher. Seek the watcher.

Assimilated [2.3][edit]

Borg Queen: Calculating temporal trajectory. Initiating tachyon radiation splinter bursts. Neutralising threats.
Rios: [Noticing his controls going haywire] Whoa... [The La Sirena fires torpedoes at two Confederation ships, destroying them] What the... [Rois looks again at the controls] Admiral? [Picard looks at Rios] I'm no longer in command of this ship.

Borg Queen: Move backward to go forward. Shatter to mend. The past is now.

Elnor: Now is the only moment.

Agnes Jurati: What exactly is the information you hold?
Borg Queen: The location of the Watcher, and when the temporal divergence occurs.
Agnes Jurati: Hmm... Are you sure about that?
Borg Queen: [checks her memory banks, realises the information is missing] What did you do? Where is it? You...
Agnes Jurati: Stole it. Computer, dictate the file log "shit I stole from the Borg Queen".
[The computer recites co-ordinates]
Borg Queen: No-one takes from me, my dear!
Jean-Luc Picard: Co-ordinates!
Agnes Jurati: To find the Watcher.
Jean-Luc Picard: Well done!
Agnes Jurati: I suppose even higher cybernetic life forms can get sloppy with where they leave secrets lying around. But there's more, isn't there? "When" it happened. I can alm... I can almost feel it. [The Borg Queen glares at Agnes] It'll come to me.
Borg Queen: What you have just done here is more difficult, and vastly more dangerous than you realise.
Agnes Jurati: And what is that?
Borg Queen: You've impressed me.

Watcher [2.4][edit]

Jean-Luc Picard: Guinan! Don't leave the Earth just yet. I know you're done with listening, but you're not done with humanity. Change always comes later than we think it should.

Jean-Luc Picard: Excuse me, are you a friend of Guinan's?
Watcher: Absolutely not. [Watcher turns around, revealing that she greatly resembles Laris]
Jean-Luc Picard: Laris!

Q: You can't do it. And you know it. Oh, sure, you played the game for a while. But nothing was at stake, and the only challenge was fooling everybody into thinking you had the nerve. But now, it's real, and the fear's choking you. Oh, here's the truth: you can't do it. People are gonna die, and now your fear, your doubt, is the loudest voice in your head. [Q snaps his fingers, nothing happens] That's unexpected. And most unfortunate.

Fly Me To The Moon [2.5][edit]

Borg Queen: Alone... but not lonely. Silence so loud. Voices... carried everywhere on invisible strings. [Lights on La Sirena flicker and the Borg Queen opens her eyes] Computer, intercept local cellular towar frequencies.
Computer: Voice pattern not authorized.
Borg Queen: Hmm. [imitates Jurati's voice] Computer, intercept local cellular tower frequencies.
Computer: Voice pattern not authorized.
Borg Queen: [imitates Picard's voice] Computer, intercept local cellular tower frequencies.
Computer: Voice pattern not authorized.
Borg Queen: [imitates Rios's voice] Computer, intercept local cellular tower frequencies.
Computer: Channel open.

Tallinn: Tell me about the others. Can they be trusted?
Jean-Luc Picard: Oh, no question. We've been through thick and thin together. There is no better bunch of...
[Raffi and Rios carry an unconscious policeman off the ship]
Raffi Musiker: Rios, you're twisting his back.
Cristóbal Rios: It's okay.
Tallinn: Is that your crew? The people carrying a dead cop out the door?
Jean-Luc Picard: Oh, I... I'm sure he's not dead. [Nervous laugh]

Two of One [2.6][edit]

Adam Soong: Picard! [Picard stops, and stares at Adam Soong] Adam Soong. [pause, Adam Soong shakes his head] I believe we have a friend in common. A Mr. Q.
Jean-Luc Picard: He's not a friend.
Adam Soong: That's what he said about you.
Jean-Luc Picard: Listen to me: have nothing to do with him!
Adam Soong: I have no interest in being part of some... whatever this is. So do yourself a favor: walk away. I can't allow Renee to complete this mission. Stay away from her.
Jean-Luc Picard: I could say the same to you.
Adam Soong: I don't have a choice.
Jean-Luc Picard: You really don't understand who you're dealing with.
Adam Soong: [signals to a Europa Mission board memeber] Neither do you.
Europa Mission board member: Dr. Soong! Thank you for the generous donation to the Europa Mission. I'm in shock! Welcome to the board! Anything we can do for you? Our VIP tour?
Adam Soong: Actually, there is something. That gentleman... [Soong turns away from Picard]

Jean-Luc Picard: Sometimes those who shine the brightest feel the sting of fear and melancholy in ways that others can never understand.

Renée Picard: Sometimes, fear is a friendly reminder you're not ready for something.
Jean-Luc Picard: No! Fear is fear. It doesn't speak in riddles. Fear means you're smart. You understand the risks.

Monsters [2.7][edit]

Seven of Nine: I thought Agnes had purged all the Borg programs from the ship after the crash.
Raffi: Landing.
Seven of Nine: I wanted to understand how she broke into the system, so I call up the last occurence of Borg code being introduced into the computer.
Raffi: You haven't touched your coffee. You never don't touch your coffee.
Seven of Nine: This is what came up. [Seven shows Raffi security footage of Agnes implanting Borg code] That is definitely Borg code she's implanting. We have to find her, now.

Mercy [2.8][edit]

Q: You? You summoned me?
Guinan: You must be Q. Took your damn time.
Q: You are that multi-celled, sanctimonious, droning shrew known as Guinan. Right... It's the 21st century. Our paths have yet to cross.
Guinan: I thought the Summoning didn't work.
Q: "Summoning"? The Summoning is a sacred ritual. Not a chat, by which you bipeds exchange the nauseating minutia of your pathetic lives!
Guinan: When the Ritual stalled, I sensed something. Emptiness and fear. I thought it was me, but it wasn't! I feel it on you! [Q steps back, and Guinan realises] You're dying!
Q: Another quality I sincerely loathe about your species: empathy.
Guinan: I knew you could kill each other, but otherwise, aren't you-?
Q: Immortal? So I believed. But now, for the first time as I look across the temporal horizon, the darkness... You think I'm dying! I prefer to believe that I am on the threshold of the unknowable. When I first felt it, I thought to myself: this is good! This is new! Infinite life, after all, has its drawbacks. And so, I prepared myself to be enveloped in the warm glow of meaning. Oh, that... moment has yet to come. Not even a glimmer. Dying stars burn brighter as they spin towards extinction. I, on the other hand, seem to be simply disappearing... into nothing. Why do you think it took me so long to get here?
Guinan: That's why you walked in here today? Why you're using humans as your game pieces?
Q: [snaps his fingers, nothing happens] You see that? I'm honestly trying to vaporise you at this moment.
Guinan: This 'thing' you're doing to Picard... it's how you're hoping to find... meaning in your life?
Q: I now have a lifetime. Can a single act redeem a lifetime?
Guinan: Why bring him to the past?
Q: I did not bring him to the past. He did that on his own. There are many forms of time travel.
Guinan: But he's trapped here!
Q: [angrily] The trap is immaterial! It's the escape that counts! [Q and Guinan stare at each other] I'll see you when I see you. Unfortunately. [Q goes to leave.] Humans... they're all trapped in the past.

Hide and Seek [2.9][edit]

Agnes Jurati: I won't let you take this ship.
Borg Queen: There you are. I could still sense you in there. Still feel you chattering about.
Agnes Jurati: Do you know what it feels like to put my hands on my friend's throat, and not be able to do a God-damn thing about it?
Borg Queen: A bit like hanging limbless. Powerless.
Agnes Jurati: I've been poking around in that trash-dump of a mind - wow, by the way - because I had to know why. Billions of species... planets... and, still, you always needed more.
Borg Queen: Perfection takes time, dear.
Agnes Jurati: This was never about perfection, or evolution, or any of that bullshit. It was never enough because you're just like me: lonely.
Borg Queen: To share your own crude colloquialism: bullshit.
Agnes Jurati: Then why haven't you killed me? Stop. Stop! You take this ship, you let Soong win, in 400 years, the Confederation wipes out your entire collective.
Borg Queen: So myopically linear. You see the branch but not the tree. We know of the Confederation's threat now, and we will prepare. Time... is on our side.

Yvette Picard: Stars. Yes, yes. Did you know that space is so vast, so infinite, it takes billions of years for that tiny pinprick of light to make that lonely journey from its star to our eyes? The brilliance you see in the night sky, Jean-Luc, that exquisite light, it's just an echo, really, of a star that has long since faded. Like me. When you remember me, Jean-Luc, promise... promise me you will ignore the coldness of a dying star, and remember instead her light and the infinite love she so very much had for you.

Agnes Jurati (as Borg Queen): I have absorbed millions of languages, and there are a few common words among them. Love, certainly. Hope and fear. And one more common still. Futility. [grunts] Species thrive without love. Kingdoms conquer without fear. But it is the imperfect nature of all organic things to fight an unwinnable battle against an undefeatable foe. Death.

Adam Soong: I'm no stranger to lost lab rats. To catch one, you don't follow it through the maze. You force it to the surface.

Borg Queen: What is this?
Agnes Jurati: The history of the Borg. Well, the only history that matters ... the ending. How it always ends for you. A lone Borgslayer, a united Federation, they come for you-- for your top-shelf, overreaching, Icarus-worthy arrogance.
Borg Queen: If prattling on is your choice of weapon, I can wait. You can't be sad forever.
Agnes Jurati: Do the math. In this or any other universe, you always lose. That's why you fight so hard. You live with the death knell of your species across infinite timelines. You fear loss, just like we do. You long for what we all long for. Connection... longevity, discovery. Only you offer it without choice. I'm saying... what if we ask for it? You and I.
Borg Queen: Finally, the semblance of a point.
Agnes Jurati: The galaxy is filled with lives that need saving. One of them is lying at your feet right now.
Borg Queen: You'd have a cohort pulled from the dying? Recruit from derelict ships? Flotsam of space? You'd have us collect scraps?
Agnes Jurati: And offer second chances. What if we take this ship and build a better Borg? A real collective based not on assimilation but salvation. Think about it: a Borg collective that embraces the uniqueness of its members.
Borg Queen: You ask us to embrace weakness.
Agnes Jurati: I'm positing that what you've written off as weakness is actually strength. Cooperation.
Borg Queen:Your proposal is absurd. But not entirely un-intriguing.
Agnes Jurati: Imagine, members who would fight harder for what they chose. Who would lose no battles because they made no enemies. Who would not be discarded and replaced. Attachments could grow and deepen. Like Seven. Didn't you love her once, too? And wasn't she the best of what we could be? Somebody who used her Borg half to serve the best of her humanity. Let's build a universe of Sevens. Let's start with this one.

Adam Soong: We have to create our own destiny. Captains of ships and captains of industry, to men like us, love and fear... the same thing. A means to an end.

Jean-Luc Picard: There are moments in time we wish we could travel back to. Memories. Pieces of life better lived in reverse. In those moments, tragic endings might rewind into joyful beginnings. Moments of loss into those of gains. I remember now, in a cloudy moment of extreme melancholy, my mother hung herself here in this place. And for all I've lived, all I've seen and done, I suppose this is the moment I've kept myself from remembering, this moment I am so powerless to reverse. My mother was ill, I'm told, but I only ever thought she was inspired. That night, my father had locked her into her room for her own safety. Perhaps for mine, as well. But she begged me to help her, told me how much she needed me, how much she needed my help. And this is the part I've spent my whole life trying not to remember. I thought I was saving her. So, after he fell asleep, I let her out, you see. If only I had left that door closed, she might have become an old woman. I used to imagine seeing her older, offering me a cup of tea and asking for a chat. This skeleton key migrated all over the house. I wish, that day, it hadn't ended up in my hand. I loved her. Desperately.
Tallinn: Love can be a source of great grief and immense pain. Of tremendous guilt. A reason to run from ourselves or away from each other. Love can be a curse. But always and completely it's a gift.

Farewell [2.10][edit]

Tallinn: I understand. I've seen the heart of this in you, but other people's lives aren't up to you. And their deaths aren't your fault. Not mine if it comes. Not your mother's. That's a fantasy, Jean-Luc. Can't control who we lose, and we can't spare ourselves the pain of it. Other people's choices are their own to make, and this one is mine. I don't need saving. I never have.

Tallinn (dying): I know something now. The secrets we keep. All the reasons we never tell someone we love them. They're worthless.
Jean-Luc Picard: Tallinn. I'm so sorry.
Tallinn (refering first to Jean-Luc Picards mother Yvette Picard and then to Renee Picard in her last words): Sweet Picard. Your guilt must have saved planets by now. Countless lives in trade for the one you couldn't. I got to tell her. Maybe she'll remember me... and know that she was worth all of it. You helped me give that to her. Absolve yourself, or the only life left unsaved will be your own. Her eyes... they were so beautiful.

Renee Picard: We are away. On the wings of those who came before us.

Kore Soong: I swear to God, if this is another one of your games, Q...
Wesley Crusher: No. No, no. I assure you, we are very different. Hello, Kore.
Kore Soong: ... and you are?
Wesley Crusher: That's a... very long and... very complicated story.
Kore Soong: Honestly, I've got nothing pressing.
Wesley Crusher: Okay... A long time ago, I was known as Wesley Crusher. But now, I am a Traveler of all of space and time.
Kore Soong: [pauses, then laughs] You're kidding, right?
Wesley Crusher: The last time I told a joke, I inadvertently changed a century's worth of history, so I work really hard to not be misunderstood.
Kore Soong: That's... a lot.
Wesley Crusher: You have no idea. My colleagues and I... we dispatch those we call 'Supervisors', to help ensure the proper flow of time. See, the universe is... essentially a grand tapestry. It is flawless. It is fraglie, it is exquisite. Yet it is somehow always a thread's pull away from total annihilation. A star is born, but a ship is lost. A new species thrives, but a civilization collapses. Knowing when to step in... that's the tricky part. And so, my colleagues and I... we watch. We protect everything.
Kore Soong: Big job.
Wesley Crusher: Tell me about it. Two paths are before you. The first one leads to a perfectly normal life.
Kore Soong: Wait, is this... a recruitment speech?
Wesley Crusher: I'm not done. The second... that path leads to everything else. And it offers a chance to give your life purpose and meaning. But I cannot guarantee your safety. [Kore considers] Okay, that's it. That was the recruitment speech.
Kore Soong: I've never been safe.
Wesley Crusher: [offers Kore his hand] Welcome to the Travelers. [Kore takes Wesley's hand and the two teleport away]

Q: Bravo. Destiny left for the little boy you will be in the future to find.
[Jean-Luc enters the observatory to find Q, sitting in a chair; he joins Q]
Q: You considered destroying it, didn't you? Well, let me ask: if that key is not there for the boy to find, does he grow up with his mother? Does the shame instantly lift? But you accepted your fate. You accepted you. You chose the Jean-Luc you are. You absolved yourself. And because you choose him, perhaps now he will be worthy enough for someone else to choose. And maybe this time, he will even give him the chance to be loved. I told you this was about forgiveness, Jean-Luc. Yours.
Jean-Luc Picard: Why?
Q: Well, isn't that the eternal question? Know thyself.
Jean-Luc Picard: There's been so much loss. So much death.
Q: But you fixed all that.
Jean-Luc Picard: Elnor! Tallinn!
Q: Well, maybe not all of it. But Tallinn always dies in every timeline. This is the only one in which she meets Renée.
Jean-Luc Picard: I ask you once again: why?
Q: Finish the sentence.
Jean-Luc Picard: ... me? From the very beginning, for over thirty years, why me?
Q: I am moving on. In your parlance, I am dying.
Jean-Luc Picard: Yes, I know.
Q: Alone. I am dying alone. I do not want that for you. Humans, your griefs, your pains fix you to moments in the past long gone. You're like butterflies with your wings pinned. My old friend, forever the boy, who with the errant turn of a skeleton key, broke the universe, and his own heart. No more. You are now unshackled from the past. As I leave, I leave you free.
Jean-Luc Picard: But... why does all this matter? Is something going to happen, for which I will be required?
Q: Must it always have galactic import? Universal stakes? Celestial upheaval? Isn't one life enough? You ask me why it matters. It matters to me. [Q gets out of his chair and approaches Jean-Luc] You matter to me. Even Gods have favorites, Jean-Luc, and you've always been one of mine.
Jean-Luc Picard: Q...
Q: Time's almost up. I have one last surprise in store.

[Rios has decided to remain in 2024]
Q: Most unexpected. Perhaps now, there will be some... surplus energy? Call it a surprise. A gift. Farewell, Mon Capitaine. It's time for me to go.
Jean-Luc Picard: But not alone. Isn't that the point of all this? [Jean-Luc hugs Q]
Q: See you out there. [Jean-Luc lets Q go, Q snaps his fingers to send them back]

Jean-Luc Picard (to Laris): There are moments in our lives we fear to relive and others we long to repeat. While time cannot give us second chances, maybe people can.

Season Three[edit]

The Next Generation [3.1][edit]

Beverly Crusher: Admiral Picard, I'm encoding this transmission with coordinates.
Jean-Luc Picard: Beverly...
Beverly Crusher: Listen to me very carefully. Hellbird. Repeat: Hellbird.
Jean-Luc Picard: "Hellbird"?
Beverly Crusher: And Jean-Luc, no Starfleet. Trust no one.

William Riker: Guinan's hawking souvenirs now?
Bartender: Ugh, it's for Frontier Day.
William Riker: How come you have so many Enterprise-Ds?
Bartender: Oh, the fat ones? No one wants those.
William Riker: You better leave the bottle. [Jean-Luc Picard joins Riker at the bar] You hear that, Jean-Luc? "No one wants the fat ones." That's "Galaxy-class" to you, young lady.

William Riker: [Upon seeing the Titan] Hello, beautiful!

Disengage [3.2][edit]

[The Shrike has just hailed the Titan]
Vadic: Good afternoon! I believe it is afternoon in the Sol System. [chuckles] I am Captain Vadic, and you are... Captain Liam Shaw.
Liam Shaw: That's me. Is it important for you to know that I was having a nice morning before all of this?
Vadic: [joyfully] Ooh, that's lovely to hear! Given your official psychological profile with Starfleet, I'm so glad that you remained... er... functional?
Jean-Luc Picard: You have been causing us some concern, Captain. State your business!
Vadic: [gleeful] Oh, my. Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, in the synthetic flesh. You're harboring one Jack Crusher. He's broken a number of laws, both inside and outside Federation space. There is a sizeable bounty on his head. And we are taking him.
Liam Shaw: [looks at Jack, and then back to Vadic] I hate to inform you, but Starfleet does not negotiate with bounty hunters.
Vadic: [laugh] I see you're having difficulty understanding the situation! May I remind you that you are outside your jurisdiction? But, so you may have clarification, I'll lower my shields so that you can scan my ship.
Matthew Mura: Their shields are lowering.
William Riker: Weapons?
Matthew Mura: Forty isolytic burst warheads. Eighty-eight plasma torpedoes. Two hundred and thirty-six photon torpedoes. Eighteen antimatter missiles. Twenty pulse wave. Thirty series five-
Liam Shaw: I get it.
Matthew Mura: And something... loaded in primary position in the bay, sir. Technology unknown.
Vadic: You have one hour to hand over Jack Crusher. Turn your back to run, and the only way you'll see the shot that kills you will be through the hole in your proverbial chest. Until then: enjoy this parting demonstration of my intentions. [Vadic cuts the transmission]

Liam Shaw: So, we have 500 guns pointed at our head. We try to run, we are vapour the second our nacelles light up. Help is days away, and this nebula is wreaking hell on our long-range comms. We are essentially cornered. In space. Which has no corners.

William Riker: Since when does Starfleet give in to hostile demands? That man is wanted for trial, not execution. And we damn well know that's not a ship, it's a guillotine.

Seventeen Seconds [3.3][edit]

Sydney LaForge: My father is one of the greatest Starfleet engineers that ever lived. People were fine with me following in his footsteps, but the moment I decided to be a pilot ... (scoffs) Oh, boy.
Seven of Nine: This sounds rehearsed.
Sydney LaForge: Uh ... People didn't think I belonged, either. "She's here 'cause Starfleet couldn't say no to Geordi La Forge's daughter." One of the few ways my dad and I are alike ... We have a hard time making friends. But when we do, we know their value. Shaw may call you insubordinate for helping yours, but my dad wouldn't.
Seven of Nine: Thank you. Go rest, ensign.
Sydney LaForge: Yes, Commander Seven.

Worf: I am Worf, son of Mogh, House of Martok, son of Sergei, House of Rozhenko, Bane to the Duras Family, slayer of Gowron. I have made some chamomile tea. Do you take sugar?

William Riker: [To Jean-Luc Picard] Remove yourself from the bridge. You've just killed us all.

No Win Scenario [3.4][edit]

Vadic: Chase fast enough, hunt well enough. Open your jaw wide enough and eventually the prey runs right into the mouth of the beast.

Beverly Crusher: [after Vadic's ship The Shrike is hit by an asteroid] Will, did you just throw an asteroid?
William Riker: Goddamn right I did.

Jean-Luc Picard: Y’know, there will be a time when you will need to remember that no matter how bleak or unwinnable a situation, as long as you and your crew remain steadfast in your dedication, one to another, you are never ever without hope.

Jean-Luc Picard: You’re only ever really as good as those around you. Your crew become a part of you. Complete you. They lift you up to accomplish the things you never could do alone. Well, thank you. And now, if you don't mind, I think my haddock's getting cold.
Jack Crusher: Excuse me, Admiral. You went on and on about your crew. Your life in Starfleet. Did you have a life outside of that? What about a real family?
Jean-Luc Picard: Young man, Starfleet has been the only family I have ever needed.

The Bounty [3.6][edit]

Beverly Crusher: [speaking to Jean-Luc Picard about their son Jack Crusher] Please don't spend time burdening yourself when you can unburden him.

Jean-Luc Picard: Fate has a way of surprising us.

[Geordi has activated Daystrom Android M-5-10]
Daystrom Android M-5-10: [turns to Geordi] Geordi? [to Jean-Luc Picard] Captain?
Jean-Luc Picard: Yes. Data, is that you?
Daystrom Android M-5-10: Yes, sir! No, sir! I... I am not certain.
Beverly Crusher: He's like you, Jean-Luc.
Daystrom Android M-5-10: I am Data.
Geordi La Forge: Synthetic, but...
Daystrom Android M-5-10: No, I was Data.
Geordi La Forge: Human.
Daystrom Android M-5-10: There are many of myself inside Daystrom Android M-5-10, but... currently, one voice speaks to you more... more fondly.
Jean-Luc Picard: The evening of the robbery, something was taken. Something more... deadly than a portal weapon. We believe that you witnessed that event. Can you confirm?
Daystrom Android M-5-10: Can I confirm? [malfunctioning] Can I?
Worf: Is he malfunctioning?
Geordi La Forge: I don't know!
Daystrom Android M-5-10: Memory records indicate what appears to be the Changelings' main objective.
Geordi La Forge: Go on.
Daystrom Android M-5-10: The project manifest lists the missing item.
Jean-Luc Picard: Data, can you tell us what was stolen?
Daystrom Android M-5-10: Jean-Luc Picard.
Jean-Luc Picard: Yes, Data, I'm here. I repeat: can you tell us what was stolen?
Daystrom Android M-5-10: Jean-Luc Picard. Jean-Luc Picard... Manifest inquiry: Jean-Luc Picard.
Worf: Is there a reset switch?
Daystrom Android M-5-10: [Lore personality manifests, chuckling] I'm Lore. [personality changes] I am B-4... [personality changes] I am Soong. No... I am more.
Jean-Luc Picard: Data, it is vital that you tell us what was taken from the lab.
[Daystrom Android M-5-10 transmits a hologram from his eyes, of a figure in a stasis container]
Geordi La Forge: What is this?
Worf: It is what the Changelings stole from Daystrom.
Beverly Crusher: Human remains...
Daystrom Android M-5-10: Jean-Luc Picard.
[The hologram reveals the remains to be those of Jean-Luc Picard's original body]

Dominion [3.7][edit]

Daystrom Android M-5-10: [as Data]: Captain. Geordi. I am no longer on the Enterprise. The Scimitar...
Jean-Luc Picard: That was many, many years ago.
Daystrom Android M-5-10: Hmm. That would explain why... [switches to Lore] you're so old! Time has been very cruel to you.
Geordi La Forge: And here's the problem, Admiral. You remember Lore?
Jean-Luc Picard: Data's brother. But, surely, he was deactivated.
Geordi La Forge: Archived, is more like it. Simply put, this unit is currently home to both Data and Lore simultaneously.
Daystrom Android M-5-10: [switches to Data] I apologize for the outburst, Captain. I am not in complete control of this body, [switches to Lore] nor I am in complete control of my utter revulsion at your ancient face.
Alandra La Forge: So, has Lore always been this arch?
Daystrom Android M-5-10: Did the tree move? Or did the apple just fall far from it? When you're constantly subjected to these... self-righteous, self-proclaimed heroes, spewing their moralities in vomit, or somehow virtuous, then sometimes, dear, a little bend, a little arch, a little antagonising flair is required.
Geordi La Forge: Lore has a perverted sense of what it means to be human.

Geordi La Forge: What do you want, Lore?
Daystrom Android M-5-10: [as Lore] No more than you want for your children. Nothing more than these Changelings want. Survival. It's human nature, pal.

Surrender [3.8][edit]

Data: This is Spot. This simple creature managed something quite miraculous. Something of which I did not know I was capable. In a way, he taught me to love. He is the best of me. The last of me.

[Lore has just erased Data, but Data has reappeared as Lore glitches out]
Lore: What is happening?
Data: I merely discovered the error in your deception. That my memories were not without value to you. I knew that, because they belong to me, you would see them as trophies, and be unable to resist them. [Lore collapses against Data] You took the things that were me, and in doing so, you have become me. We are one now. We... are me. [Data and Lore embrace each other as Lore fades away] Goodbye, brother.
Lore: Goodbye, brother.

Data: Greetings, USS Titan. This is your friendly, positronic, pissed off security system, back online. Unwanted guests and monologuing protoplasms, I am initiating an immediate shift change.

Jean-Luc Picard: Bridge, open the evacuation hatch now!
Seven of Nine: Get off my bridge!
Vadic: Oh, fucking solids.

Geordi La Forge: Admiral. Ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to introduce you to the newest version of a very old friend.
William Riker: With an upgrade, I'm told.
Data: Oh, I am mostly myself, I assure you, albeit with a dash of computational joie de vivre.
Jean-Luc Picard: The last time we spoke, you wished to experience death. As happy as I am that you're here, I hope that we haven't betrayed that wish.
Data: No, sir. I know that me is resting peacefully. But this me... this me would rather be no place else in the universe.

Võx [3.9][edit]

Borg Queen: My child, my flesh, blood. For all my darkness, you are light. For all my suffering, you... are life.
Jack Crusher: I don't know what I am. But I know I'm not yours.
Borg Queen: Oh, but you are. I have thought of so many names for you. Regenerati. Puer Dei.
Jack Crusher: A fondness for Latin, I see. But I am neither your rebirth, nor the child of God.
Borg Queen: That is why you are Võx. Not Locutus, the one who speaks. You are the voice itself. I know you have felt it too, Jack. Believe it.
Jack Crusher: What I believe in is mercy! And that is what this is! [Jack points his phaser at the Borg Queen]
Borg Queen: What I see in you, what Vadic saw... an end. The vindication of both our species! To take everything back from those who live like shattered glass! [chuckes] If it were possible for you to kill me, you would have already.
[Jack screams, drops the phaser]
Borg Queen: End your struggle, my child. Resistance... is... futile. [laughs]

[Geordi and Data board the bridge of the maintenance shuttle.]
Geordi La Forge: Hopefully we have enough juice to get us there.
Data: What makes you think "there" hasn't already been destroyed?
Geordi La Forge: Data, could you try to be a little more positive?
Data: [with a strained grin] I hope we die quickly.

[Geordi has brought the crew to the Fleet Museum's Hangar Bay 12 to reveal what's inside.]
Jean-Luc Picard: The Enterprise-D... but... how?
Geordi La Forge: Thank the good old Prime Directive. The saucer was retrieved from Veridian III, so as not to influence the system. I've been restoring it bit by bit over the past twenty years. Engines and nacelles come from the USS Syracuse.
Data: Strange... Seeing it makes me feel...
Deanna Troi: You're not the only one, Data.
Geordi La Forge: And, obviously, we can't use the Enterprise-E.
[The crew look at Worf]
Worf: That was not my fault.

Jean-Luc Picard: Mr. La Forge, may I?
Geordi La Forge: Absolutely, Admiral.
Jean-Luc Picard: Computer: initiate system reactivation procedures.
Computer: Authorization acknowledged. USS Enterprise now under command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
Jean-Luc Picard: Well, I hereby accept the field demotion.

[The Enterprise has left the Fleet Museum]
Jean-Luc Picard: Mr. Data, set a direct course for Earth, maximum warp.
Data: Aye, Captain. Course laid in, sir. She's ready.
Jean-Luc Picard: Engage!

The Last Generation [3.10][edit]

Anton Chekov: [voiceover] This is President Anton Chekov of the United Federation of Planets, broadcasting on all emergency channels. Do not approach Earth. A signal of unknown origin has turned our young against us. They have been assimilated by the Borg. Our fleet has been compromised, and as we speak, our planetary defenses are falling. Sol Station is defending Earth as best it can, but we're almost out of time. We have not been able to find a way to stop this Borg signal, and unassimilate our young. But I know, if my father were here, he'd remind us all that "hope is never lost. There are always possibilities." Until then, I implore you: save yourselves. Farewell.

William Riker: You're not going alone.
Worf: And I will make it a threesome.
William Riker: Do you even hear yourself?

[Jean-Luc Picard has found the Borg Queen and Jack, who is now Võx]
Jean-Luc Picard: What have you done to him?
Borg Queen: What could I do? I have only my words, and the soft assurances of a mother's love.
Jean-Luc Picard: You are not his mother!
[Jean-Luc Picard shoots at the Borg Queen, but the shots are blocked by a shield]
Borg Queen: [laughs] Until recently there was no Collective left. There was only I. It was an unimaginable loneliness. One which Jack and I share.
Jean-Luc Picard: You're a liar, a deceiver! You wormed your way into his head!
Borg Queen: He found me! At the very edge of space where you left us... poisoned. No worlds to consume, no roads by which to return! Just cruelty to die by starvation and age! And then... as the cries of my children faded, another voice rose. Louder, clearer. Jack's voice.
Jean-Luc Picard: Let him go. Take me! I'm the one you want! Your equal!
Borg Queen: [cackles derisively] No, I don't want you, Locutus. The future of the Borg does not lie in assimilation... but evolution.

Raffaela Musiker [to Captain Seven of Nine]: On your command, Captain. "Engage"? "Make it so"? "Take her out"?
Jack Crusher: There's a long history of this. Your first official act of command. Writing the opening line to your legacy. So then. What'll it be?

Q: Well, look at you.
[Jack turns to face Q, phaser in hand]
Q: A chip off the old block.
Jack Crusher: Q, is that right?
Q: Simple name for a complicated being.
Jack Crusher: My father told me all about you. I thought you were dead.
Q: Oh... and here I was hoping the next generation wouldn't think so linearly. Young mortal, you have much ahead of you.
Jack Crusher: You told my father that humanity's trial was over.
Q: It is, for him. But I'm here today because of you. You see, yours, Jack, has just begun.


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