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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022–present) is a science fiction television series based on Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek.

Season One


Strange New Worlds [1.01]


Children of the Comet [1.02]


Ghosts of Illyria [1.03]

Commander Una Chin-Riley: I told Captain Pike the truth about myself, and he defended me. Told me I was exemplary, that he would fight for me. So why do I feel terrible? What if I hadn't saved all those lives? Would the captain feel the same? What would he do if I wasn't a hero? One of the 'good ones'? When will it be enough to just ... be an Illyrian?

Memento Mori [1.04]

Christopher Pike: Attention. This is the captain speaking. Many of us have known those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Officers, scientists, civilians who gave their lives in the hope for galactic peace. Today we remember the friends and comrades we lost. Exploration can exact a heavy toll. As captain, there is no loss more devastating than that of a crew member. Remembrance Day is about them. Those of us left behind wear the insignia of past ships on which we served together. As we honor the lives that have been given, let us also be grateful to be still on the journey.

Cadet Uhura: Stay awake! Okay? Let's get you talking. Uh... so, an Aenar in Starfleet. How's that even work? Thought you guys were all pacifists.
Hemmer: I actually wanted to be a botanist. I love flora. I will not fight for Starfleet, but I will defend its ideals. Pacifism is not passivity. It is the active protection of all living things in the natural university.

Lt. Erica Ortegas: Space really wants us dead.

Hemmer: Humans waste so much life worrying about death. The Aenar believe the end only comes once you have fulfilled your purpose. It provides meaning.
Cadet Uhura: [scared] I-I like that. So, what was your purpose?
Hemmer: To fix what is broken.

Spock Amok [1.05]

Dr. M'Benga: [to Una and La'an] What do you two have planned for shore leave?
Lt. Erica Ortegas: Are you kidding? They don't shore leave. They shore stay.
Dr. M'Benga: [laughing] Oh, right. The nickname.
[Nurse Chapel discreetly clears her throat and shakes her head.]
Dr. M'Benga: [now backpedaling] I don't know what I'm saying. I should probably go. Chief Kyle?
Una: What nickname?
Dr. M'Benga: I can't remember. It's, uh...
Lt. Erica Ortegas: "Where fun goes to die." It's stupid. The yeomen don't know what they're talking about. If they did, they wouldn't be yeomen.

Spock: Thank you for your advice. If I can ever return the favor, please do not hesitate to ask.
Nurse Christine Chapel: What are friends for?
Spock: [whispers] "What are friends for..."
Nurse Christine Chapel: That was a rhetorical, Spock.
Spock: [a beat] Oh, I know. Humans are almost as easy to tease as Vulcans.

Spock: [in T'Pring's body] You must answer (the door). These are my quarters. Anyone who comes here will expect me to answer the door.
T'Pring: [in Spock's body] I know how a door works. [door chimes] If they go away, that may give us enough time to fix this situation.
Spock: [in T'Pring's body] Logic suggests the easiest way to get them to go away is for you to answer while pretending to be me.
T'Pring: [in Spock's body] Spock, I do not like hijinks.
Spock: [in T'Pring's body] In that, we are in agreement. But it appears that hijinks are the most logical course of action.

Rongovian Ambassador: So, Captain. Tell us... why should we ally ourselves with your Federation?
Christopher Pike: Easy: you shouldn't.... Why would you turn our enemies into your enemies? We're just a few years clear of the Klingon war. The Romulans are out there biding their time. And who knows what species we'll piss off next. It's not like we're coming to you with any great respect for your culture. We barely know anything about it. And what would you get in return? The hypothetical benefits of new trade markets? Scientific advancement? Our promise of support in the event of a crisis, which will probably only come about because you've thrown in your lot with us? No. The Federation has lots to offer, sure, but it always exacts a price. You have good reason to suspect that price is too high for you to pay.

Admiral Robert April: Chris, what the hell was that?
Christopher Pike: Playing a hunch.
Admiral Robert April: You're risking an alliance that could be the key to the Federation's security on a hunch?!
Christopher Pike: [shrugs] It's a good hunch.

Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach [1.06]


The Serene Squall [1.07]


The Elysian Kingdom [1.08]

Christopher Pike: I could get used to this.
Spock: Sir?
Christopher Pike: This. No battles, no chaos. Just scanning a nebula and focusing on the science. Nice change of pace, wouldn't you agree?
Spock: Captain, you have repeatedly told me that humans have a superstition against calling attention to good things by saying them out loud.
Christopher Pike: [slightly bemused] Why, Mr. Spock, I never took you for the superstitious type.
[later, when the ship has stalled]
Spock: Scans indicate a minor synchrotron flux emanating from inside the nebula. Perhaps that has affected our warp capabilities. Or,...
Christopher Pike: Or?
Spock: [slyly] Perhaps you did, indeed, jinx it.

Dr. M'Benga: Hemmer, do you think you can make contact with this entity again?
Hemmer: Contact with it is... unpleasant. That's why I blocked it. It felt as if my brain were being squeezed through my nose.
Lt. Erica Ortegas/Sir Adya: I did that to a man once.

Dr. M'Benga: So one day, out of nothing, an all-powerful being just... appears? And this consciousness has somehow trapped our ship in the nebula? And turned the crew into characters from a book I've read?
Hemmer: At least it made you the hero.

Hemmer: [to Queen Neve (Cadet Uhura)] Turn away now, or I'll unleash the full power of my powerful wizard... powers. I'll... I'll... I'll... send you to the Event Horizon. A dark realm full of chaos and monsters and... [struggles for words]
Spock/Pollux the Wizard: [aside to Queen Neve] There is no such place, my Queen. He's bluffing.
[Hemmer starts breathing heavily and gesturing, as if he were trying to conjure a spell. Suddenly, he brandishes a communicator in his hand.]
Hemmer: ABRA... KADABRA!! [presses a communicator button; Queen Neve and her minions are transported away]
Dr. M'Benga: Nice wizard powers.
Hemmer: I found this in Sickbay. I set it to trigger the transporter. They're in Cargo Bay 12. [speaking dramatically] Once again, the magic of SCIENCE prevails!! [normally, to M'benga] Too much? I know.

Una: Joseph? Rukiya?
Dr. M'Benga: She's fine. She's alive. She's safe. But Una, I have been through something... extraordinary. And no one on the ship remembers.
Una: You know what happened in the missing five hours. [M'Benga nods] Sounds like a hell of a story.
Dr. M'Benga: It is. It begins -- like all good stories -- "Once upon a time..."

All Those Who Wander [1.09]

Christopher Pike: Still haven't decided to stay? I-I know better than to beat a dead horse, but you've made an impact here. There will always be a place on Enterprise for Nyota Uhura.

Lt. Duke: The anomalies, is that what's killing our comms?
Spock: Negative, Ensign. It is the ionic interference that prevents long-range communications.
Sam Kirk: [pleased] Drink. You owe him a drink, Spock.
Nurse Christine Chapel: Duke's a lieutenant now. Call him an ensign, you gotta buy him a drink. Starfleet tradition.
Spock: Another human drinking game. Does their number have no limit?
Sam Kirk: Nope.

[Spock remembers Lt. Duke's death as he prepares to attack a Gorn youngling.]
Spock: The rage that is in my thoughts, I let into my heart. [lets out a primal scream, then charges]

Hemmer: Uhura. I want to leave you with one last piece of advice. Open yourself. Make a home for yourself amongst others, and you will find joy more often than sadness.

Ensign Uhura: [eulogizing Hemmer] I never told Hemmer, but he reminded me a lot of my dad. Always pushing me to see things from a new perspective. Do better, be better. Losing Hemmer... hurts. The people you love the most can cause you the most pain. But it's the people you love that can mend your heart when you feel broken. That's what Hemmer's purpose was. To fix what is broken. [emotional] And he did.

A Quality of Mercy [1.10]

Christopher Pike: Is this some kind of--
Admiral Pike: Joke? No.
Christopher Pike: How am I supposed to believe--
Admiral Pike: That I'm really you?
Christopher Pike: You ever gonna let me get a word in edgewise?
Admiral Pike: I knew you were gonna say that. Does that help?
Christopher Pike: I've been doing this long enough that I'm not gonna take the word of somebody who shows up in my cabin and says he's future me.
Admiral Pike: Mm. Your first pony was named Sir Neighs-a-Lot. He broke his leg in a rainstorm. Your parents had to put him down, and you cried for a week. Ever tell anybody that?
Christopher Pike: It's hard when your tragic backstory starts with--
Admiral Pike: A silly name. Sorry.

Future Sam Kirk: [referring to his brother] Look, I'm not gonna say that Jim isn't a pain in the ass. He is, he's a huge pain in the ass. But the truth is, he's as fine a captain as Starfleet has.

Christopher Pike: Captain's personal log, stardate 1709.2. Per Captain Kirk's plan, we are mounting a pincer move. Our two ships will slowly drift closer as the Romulans remain unaware. When they pass through the comet's tail giving us their exact location, we will be in weapons range. Kirk, however, has agreed to my plan to neutralize, not destroy, the Bird-of-Prey, leaving open the possibility of dialogue. And yet I remain concerned this brash, young Starfleet captain follows his own rules. I can't help but wonder, is Kirk the reason I was sent here? If I wasn't here to stop him, would we be led into a war?

Jim Kirk: You flinched! You deliberated and we lost.
Christopher Pike: We fired, Captain. And we were fired upon. That's why you're still here.
Jim Kirk: From the start, you wanted to cripple them, not take them out.
Christopher Pike: [serious] We make have different points of view, but do not question my combat readiness, Captain.
Jim Kirk: I'm saying "caution" means you're not going to put everything you have into the punch. And that's a good way to lose, because your enemy will see that and act accordingly.

Jim Kirk: Did it ever occur to you that sometimes you can't avoid a fight? If you had just chased that Romulan ship from the get-go and taken it out, maybe none of this would've happened.
Christopher Pike: [regards Kirk] You're a good captain, Jim Kirk. Enterprise would be lucky to have you.
Jim Kirk: You thinking of retiring?
Christopher Pike: [chuckles] No. Oh, no. No, not yet.

Season Two


The Broken Circle [2.01]

Spock: [assuming command of the commandeered Enterprise] The Cajitar system. Warp factor five.
Lt. Erica Ortegas: You gonna say it? Your thing?
Spock: My what?
Lt. Erica Ortegas: Your thing. You know. Everyone in the (command) chair has their thing.
Ensign Uhura: Captain Pike always says "Hit it."
Lt. Mitchell: My last captain like to say "Zoom".
Spock: Must I have a thing? [to Ortegas] Do you have a thing?
Lt. Erica Ortegas: Well, I've been workshopping vámonos. But, it's supposed to be about you. What kind of commander are you? All that. So, no presh (pressure).
[Spock adjusts himself in the captain's chair.]
Spock: [with some drama] I would like to go. [a beat] Now.

As Astra per Aspera [2.02]

Admiral Robert April: I think highly of Una. Promoted her faster than any other officer on my ship. Recommended her for the Medal of Gallantry after the Marcel disaster in 2248.
Christopher Pike: Yeah, I know.
April: It's a shame the rest of the court didn't get to hear that today.

Spock: The loss of Una would be destructive to Starfleet as an organization. She is an extraordinary officer .
Counsel: Please describe the nature of your relationshop with the defendant.
La'an Noonien Singh: She is a mentor.
Spock: I have learned a great deal about leadership by serving under her.
Dr. M'Benga: She puts the lives of her crew above her own. Always.
Spock: She is a friend.
La'an: Family. Una is family.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow [2.03]

[The Alternate Kirk is drawn to a sunset and is both fascinated and moved by it.]
La'an: What?
Alternate Jim Kirk: Uh, nothing.
La'an: You don't have sunsets in your time?
Alternate Jim Kirk: From the videos I've seen, we mostly have clouds of ash that won't clear for a thousand years and underground lunar habitats with no view of the sun at all. [pulls himself together, smiles and turns to La'an] My advice? [offers her one of his hot dogs] Don't skip good hot dogs when you can get them.

La'an: I've seen your timeline. You're at war. Your Earth is a ruin.
Alternate Jim Kirk: We've made the stars our home. The moon, Mars, Venus, Europa.
La'an: In my timeline, humanity has spread across dozens of worlds. We're part of a federation of species.
Alternate Jim Kirk: We don't need anyone else's help to survive.
La'an: And just surviving is good enough for you?
Alternate Jim Kirk: Oh, and I suppose you come from some sort of a eutopia.
La'an: My Earth still has sunsets.

La'an: You know, if I was in your position, I don't know that I would have gone along with this. I don't think I could have gotten this far without you.
Alternate Jim Kirk: [in good humor] You'd definitely would have frozen to death on the first night. Or starved. That hot dog saved your life.
La'an: [laughs] Well, how many people can say that?
Alternate Jim Kirk: I might be the only one. Uh, truth is, if we can only save one timeline, I'd... I'd rather live in yours. I mean, I know that's not how it works. Like I mentioned, I missed a few lectures in temporal mechanics, but--
La'an: What if you could? Come to my time.
Alternate Jim Kirk: I'm not sure one timeline is big enough for two of me.

La'an: I-I've been carrying something around for a long time. Something in my heritage.
Alternate Jim Kirk: You come from a long line of axe murderers?
La'an: Oh, no, we never use axes. [Kirk grins at that]

La'an: [to Sera] My real name is La'an Noonien-Singh. My ancestor is Khan Noonien Singh. And his legacy is genocide, torture... and me.

Among the Lotus Eaters [2.04]


Charades [2.05]


Lost in Translation [2.06]

Christopher Pike: Well, it's not just a gas station, Lieutenant. It's right at the edge of the frontier. It unlocks half the quadrant. It'll be the jumping-off point for the next great age of exploration.
Una Chin-Riley: [good-naturedly] Oh, good, I was afraid I'd miss the speech.
Christopher Pike: [equal good humor] Well, I started earlier, but Uhura fell asleep.

Hemmer: [on video, having just pranked Uhura] Important lesson: be less gullible.

[James Kirk beams aboard the Enterprise.]
Jim Kirk: Sam!
Sam Kirk: Jimmy. Welcome to the Enterprise.
Jim Kirk: [looks around] Hell of a ship. And they let you work here?
Sam Kirk: What can I say? Captain Pike asked for the more handsome Kirk brother. [The brothers embrace.]

Jim Kirk: [to Uhura] Look, I could tell you some comforting fairy tale, but we both know the truth. Our job puts us up against death more than is fair. And we might not like it, but we do have to face it. And right now, death is winning. It claimed your family, it claimed your friend. It convinced you to forget them, because it's less painful than holding on to their memories. Now you can let death win, or you can fight back. Hold on to them.

Christopher Pike: [to Uhura] Starfleet can build a new gas station someplace else. One where there isn't anything living in the deuterium. And if there's any blowback, it's on me. End of the day, that was my call. Okay? [looks at Kirk] Or we can tell 'em someone's brash influence rubbed off on you.
Jim Kirk: [smiling] Always happy to be of service.

Those Old Scientists [2.07]

Una Chin-Riley: [showing Pike Boimler's Starfleet badge] Mr. Spock ran an analysis of his delta. It's not just a badge. It's also a communicator. You just press right here. [Communicator chirps]
Christopher Pike: But flipping it open's the best part.
Una Chin-Riley: I like ours better, too.

Brad Boimler: This? Right now? This... this is the golden age of exploration. And you guys get to actually live it. I mean,... I'm jealous.

Lt. Erica Ortegas: [to Beckett Mariner, having sampled her Orion hurricane] I like you. You're a good bad influence.

Brad Boimler: When I first arrived, i brought expectations of each of you from the future. And not only was that dangerous, it denied the reality of who you are right now. So I'd like to apologize to you all with a limerick
Una Chin-Riley: OR you can just get to the point!
Brad Boimler: [pleased] I don't have to do the limerick.

Lt. Erica Ortegas: I can't believe all this time, we have been walking over a piece of history. I'm a huge fan of Travis Mayweather. First pilot of the NX-01. My middle school gym was named after him.
Lt. Uhura: Hoshi Sato was on that ship, too. You know she spoke 86 languages? I wrote three papers on her at the Academy.
Lt. Erica Ortegas: [realizing] Are we sounding like...?
Lt. Uhura: [referring to Boimler and Mariner] Them?
Spock: Indeed. It is exhausting.

Under the Cloak of War [2.08]

Dr. "Buck" Martinez: Whatever you need, we probably don't have it. But ask anyway. I'll run it up the flagpole and see if it quacks.

Dr. M'Benga: So let's pretend the war doesn't bother us, at least for tonight.
Lt. Erica Ortegas: Put on the Starfleet face?
Dr. M'Benga: It's a good face. [Ortegas smiles at that] Plus, Pike made jambalaya.
Lt. Erica Ortegas: Ooo, jambalaya.
Dr. M'Benga: With Deltan parsley.

[M'Benga is pouring himself a glass of whiskey.]
Nurse Christine Chapel: Better make that two.
Dr. M'Benga: Mine's a double.
Nurse Christine Chapel: Even better.

Dr. M'Benga: [forlornly, to Dak'Rah] Why did you have to come? Why couldn't you leave me alone?

Christopher Pike: The Federation believes everyone deserves a second chance.
Dr. M'Benga: What about justice? What about the victims? Doesn't everyone deserve to pay for their actions?
Christopher Pike: So who decides, hmm? Who pays and who gets redemption? Where's the line?
Dr. M'Benga: [chuckles] You're right, Chris. We've known each other for a very long time, see eye to eye on most things. But you haven't lived my life. You have the privilege of believing in what's best in people. Me? I happen to know there are some things in this world that don't deserve forgiveness.

Subspace Rhapsody [2.09]

[Una and La'an wait for Jim Kirk to transport over. Una notices La'an fidgeting nervously.]
Una Chin-Riley: [somewhat teasingly] You have... an energy.
La'an: [nervous, stammering] What?! I'm just waiting for our visitor to arrive so I can run a security clearance on him.
Una Chin-Riley: [still teasing] I'm aware. But you came in here hot. On fire. It's making me sweat.

Spock: Imagine an area of space where quantum uncertainties collapse so rapidly and randomly that new realities are created. In one such reality, people sing uncontrollably.
Pelia: A musical reality.
Spock: Indeed.
La'an: So, what's next -- more improbability? Or will we just suddenly poof into bunnies?
Dr. M'Benga: I would prefer not to be a bunny, either.

Jim Kirk: Mr. Spock, you explained that very well. I almost understood it.

Spock: I'm the ex.
* Spock's statement after singing about losing Christine.

La'an: [incredibly nervous] Okay, I-I need to just say this before it comes out in the form of a 17th-century sea shanty. I, um... I know you. I mean not you you. We-Well, I know you now, but I mean before. In a different... time, I met another you.
Jim Kirk: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I-I don't love rules, but I'm pretty sure you're about to break a big one.
La'an: The other you, he, um,... He saw the real me. Beyond my name, beyond all that name stands for. He'd never even heard it before. And I-I liked it. I liked the way he looked at me. Because through his eyes, I could finally see the person I had the potential to be. And it was someone who wasn't burdened by... tragedy and darkness. Someone who could find hope and live in that hope. Someone free-free to feel and-and... take chances and, um... And make connections. But then, uh... he was gone, and with him, that version of myself was gone, too. And... that's... that was what I wanted to say.
Jim Kirk: [moves closer to La'an, speaks softly] Am I anything like the other me?
La'an: No. And-and yes. I like how you look at me, too.
Jim Kirk: In what way?
La'an: [somewhat relaxed] Like you really see me.

Hegemony [2.10]

Spock: [The Gorn] do not appear to notice the shuttle.
Ensign Uhura: Because they look like space garbage. Old zombie movie trick.
Spock: "Zombie" movie?
Una Chin-Riley: Yeah. Dress up like you're dead so the zombies don't notice you. You never seen one?
Spock: A zombie, no. A movie, yes. But I will add some to my research.

[Ortegas has just successfully pulled the landing party's shuttle out of a freefall meant to elude Gorn sensors.]
Christopher Pike: [more than impressed] You were born for this, Erica.

Una Chin-Riley: I would never tell you not to hope. I want Chapel to be alive, too.
Spock: [strained] Things... did not end well between us. We were in a fight. All things that seem trivial in the face of death. I wish to apologize to her.

Christopher Pike: Maybe instead of finding a way to fight them (the Gorn), we-we... [sighs] find some way to... reach them, or...
La'an: Ever the optimist.
Christopher Pike: Sometimes... hope is a choice.
La'an: Yeah, you've told me that one before.
Christopher Pike: Maybe I'm saying it 'cause I need to hear it.

Montgomery Scott: Montgomery Scott, at your service. Lieutenant, junior grade.
Christopher Pike: Captain Pike of the U.S.S. Enterprise. This is Lieutenant Noonien-Singh, Dr. M'Benga, Lieutenant Ortegas and Lieutenant Kirk.
Montgomery Scott: That's a lot of lieutenants.
Lt. Erica Ortegas: [sardonically] There'll be a quiz.
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