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The following is a list of quotes from the third season of the 2012 series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Episodes 53–78[edit]

Within the Woods[edit]

April: I'll never forget the night we left New York City. The Kraang defeated us, Leo got badly hurt, Master Splinter is...gone. We lost. We had nowhere left to go, so we came to old farmhouse I grew up in, miles away from the city; a place we could all be safe in. The first thing we did was take care of poor Leonardo. Raphael keeps a constant visual over Leo, waiting for him to wake up. Michelangelo goofs around a lot, but he does a ton of chores around the house. But mostly he goofs around a lot. Donatello built a lab in the barn, trying to create a mutagentic medicine to heal Leo. And then there's me, April O'Neil. I spend most of my time training with the Turtles, and writing in my ever-expanding journal. I miss New York, my sensei, my dad. Hopefully Leo will recover and we can all go home soon, if there's even a home to go back to. But life, as Master Splinter would say, must continue on.

Mikey: But, what Master Splinter would say, "We must accept the hand that the universe has dealt us."
Casey: Wow. That is deep, yo.
Raph: Master Splinter's gone, Mikey. And Leo may never wake up. The universe dealt us a terrible hand.

Mikey:”You turned my brother into a plant? You turned him into a plant!!! Let me go Creep,I’ll bash the mutagen straight out of you!

Raph:[in bathroom]"Guys, guys get in here!"

[The brothers enters the bathroom]

Leo:(has awoken)"heh...hey guys."
Mikey:"Leo it's you!
Leo:(grunts and weak voice) "That hurts."

A Foot Too Big[edit]

Raph: Make waste
(opens the door to see the toilet clean and it sparkles but turns head and sees the tub all stinky and cover with flies)
Raph: (close the door fast) AHHHH! (leans on the door and pants hard and got pissed) BIGFOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April: You're not just a mutant, Donnie. You're my mutant.
(Warmly kisses him on the lips)
Donnie: I understand ... nothing.

Buried Secrets[edit]

April: Here, Mom. (Gives her a cup of hot tea)
Mrs. O'Neil: Thank you, April. I'm still a little shaky. I know this is hard to believe, but, the Kraang ship has been here for years. It was your great-grandfather who discovered it. He made the mistake of awakening the Kraang. They paid him back by experimenting on him, and his entire bloodline. They knew we were the key to unlocking their precious mutagen. We were their Guinea pigs.
Michelangelo: Aw. Guinea pigs are so cute.
Raphael: I told you not to be stupid, you moron!
Mrs. O'Neil: After you were born, it was clear you were very special. We knew it was only a matter of time before the Kraang came for you. We escaped. Kirby fled with you to the city, but I was recaptured and put into stasis.
April: All these years. I never knew what happened to you. I didn't know what to think. Dad would never tell me.
Mrs. O'Neil: Now you know. And now we never have to be apart again. Where is Kirby anyway?
Casey: Oh, he got turned into a freaky Kraang-headed mu-
Raphael: You had to pull a Mikey didn't ya?
Leonardo: He's just kidding, Mrs. O'Neil. Kirby's on a...safari in Puerto Rico. He won't be back for a while.
Mrs. O'Neil: I'm just so glad to have my April back.

Casey: April, you okay?
April: Yeah. It just feels like I lost my family all over again, even it really wasn't my mom. Maybe...maybe she is gone forever. But maybe she's still out there...somewhere.
Leonardo: You can't give up hope. Trust me on that.
Michelangelo: And you haven't lost your family 'cause we are your family.

The Croaking[edit]

In Dreams[edit]

Casey: Are they sick?
April: No, but I sense they're getting weaker, like something is draining the life out of them.
Casey: That Bernie guy asked if we'd been feeling tired.
April: And that book he had. Somnioruim- it's Latin for "dreams" or "of the dreams."
Casey: I'm gonna see what's in that book. You do what you can here.

Donatello: Wait. Did April kiss me back there?
Casey: Dream on, Donnie. Dream on.

Race with the Demon![edit]

Eyes of the Chimera[edit]

Michelangelo: Is that a tiara? I love tiaras.
Donatello: It's not a tiara. It's a psychic neural transmitter.
Michelangelo: Whoa, that was gonna be my second guess.
April: Donnie salvaged it from the Kraang ship. He's gonna use it to test my psychic powers.
Michelangelo: Cool.

Leonardo: April, you’re-...you're blind?
April: Not exactly. Somehow I got a psychic connection to the monster. Maybe from Donnie's neurotransmitter? I'm seeing through its eyes. I know where it's taking them. And-.

[April’s stomach grumbles.]

April: Uh oh. I know why it took them too. I feel really hungry. Like Mikey hungry.

Vision Quest[edit]

Donnie: Remember, it's not just physical strength that breaks the wood. It's also inner strength.
April: I got this.

Michelangelo: Are you...a ghost?
Splinter: My spirit has become detached from my body but that body still lives.
Leonardo: You're alive? Where are you, sensei? Let us help you.
Splinter: You cannot yet. There are things you must overcome. If you cannot find your inner spiritual strength, you will not stand a chance against the Shredder.
Leonardo: But, Master Splinter, my leg injury- it's physical. Until I heal...
Splinter: We choose what holds us back and what moves us forward. You will all learn this. Each of you must journey out alone to face your spiritual adversary. Raphael, your temper is like a fire that you must learn to focus for power. Michelangelo, your mind is overrun with distractions. Learn to be strong and calm like the forest. Donatello, you rely too much on your mind and not on your body. Be strong like the mountain. Leonardo, you must be the leader in body and spirit. Be like the wind. Let nothing weigh you down. Sleep now, my sons. For your greatest trial awaits on the spiritual plane. For the challenges you face there will be just as dangerous as you face in the real world. Be warned.

Return to New York[edit]

(About Splinter's troubled state of mind)
April: There's got to be a way to reach him.
Casey: Red, remember the time when you reached the guys through their dreams? Maybe you could the same for Splinter. You know, like mind meld and stuff.
Donatello: Based on my research on telepathy, it might be possible.

Raphael: Father?
Leonardo: Sensei.
Splinter: My sons.
Michelangelo: You're back.
Donatello: I can't believe it.
Splinter: How I have missed you, my sons. And the rest of my family.
Casey: Just don't try and eat my face anymore.

Serpent Hunt[edit]

(Glances at his black-and-white picture of his former human self, Tang Shen and little Miwa)
Splinter: Home for me will never be complete without my daughter.
Leo: The longer she's out there alone, the more she risks losing her humanity.
Mikey: We can help her. We just have to keep looking.
Raph: For all we know, Shredder or the Kraang have her.
Splinter: No. I saw her only a few days ago, roaming the streets at night, but I was not in my right mind. I could not help her.

Michelangelo: It's okay, Karai. It's me, Mikey- your brother.
Leonardo: Karai, remember us. We're your friends. Remember who you are.
Donatello: She's becoming more snake-like by the hour. She doesn't understand, Leo.
Leonardo: She understands, Donnie. You're changing, Karai. We want to help you.
Snake Karai: Leo.
(Manages to revert between her human and snake forms)
Michelangelo: Whoa.
Karai: Help me. Pleassse.
Leonardo: Come back with us. Karai.
Snake Karai: No. Too dangerousss.

The Pig and the Rhino[edit]

Leo: Karai's still out there. The last thing she said to me was the word "comet."
Casey: So what's that mean? A giant comet's coming? The Earth's doomed?
April: Seems like it could be a location. Maybe where she's hiding out.

Leo: Karai. I know you're here, come out. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.
(Karai comes out of hiding)
Leo: We can help you- with this.
(Sprays the retro-mutagen on Karai, but nothing happens)
Leo: It doesn’t work. Donnie?!
Donnie: I told you, Leo. Karai is special. She's not a normal mutant.
Raph: It was all for nothing?
Leo: It doesn’t matter. You can come home with us, Karai. We'll take care of you, I promise.
Snake Karai: No. Too dangerous. My mind is going...
Leo: Then...then why did you want us to find you?
Snake Karai: Wanted...to say...goodbye to all of you.
(Disappears into the water)
Leo: No! Karai! We’ll figure out a way to help you, Karai. I promise.

Battle for New York[edit]

Part 1 [3.12][edit]

Don: Are you kidding!? You do one awesome thing and you can't even remember how you did it!!?
Splinter: Donatello, be glad that Michelangelo's tomfoolery yielded the gift that it did. You must find all the humans and turn them back.
Raphael: We don't even know where they are.
April: I think I do. They were taken to Dimension X by the Kraang. I see them in my dreams. Millions of people, trapped there.

Mikey: Leatherhead!
Raph: Pigeon Pete?
Donnie: Dr. Rockwell?
Dr. Rockwell: Yes. The Kraang experimented on me, giving me psychic powers, and accidentally returning my vast intellect in the process. So...
(blows raspberry at Donnie, saying how he's smarter)
Slash: Rockwell's the brains of team.

Part 2 [3.13][edit]

Kraang Sub-Prime: Going to my home turf!? Forget about it!

Sub-Prime: Here's Kraang-y!

Casey Jones vs. the Underworld[edit]

Hun: Everything is here, Shredder. From mixing vats, chemicals- You name it.
Shredder: You have done well to bring this factory to my attention, Hun. It will be adequate for my plans.
Hun: I have one request. Since this factory is on Dragon territory, perhaps I should be in charge.
Shredder: So be it. Success is to be rewarded as failure is to be punished.

Donatello: Oh my gosh. Guys, this is even worse then I thought. Shredder's mixture- it's not an explosive.
Raphael: So what is it?
Donatello: I think he's working on a mind-control serum. If it works, he could use it on Karai or us or every single person in New York City.

The Noxious Avenger[edit]

Rocksteady: Is not grocery list! Is chemicals to make ultimate mind-control serum for snake-girl Karai.

Splinter: How could you all be so careless!? Secrecy is the most important rule of the ninja, and you have broken it! You four are forbidden from leaving the lair!
Raphael: What!? You can't hold that sloppy escape against us! We got slimed with toxic puke!
Splinter: Silence!
Donatello: But, Sensei, if that pile of muck took us down, you know he's dangerous.
Leonardo: Which means we need to be out there looking for him.
Splinter: No! Until I decide I can trust you to watch yourselves, you will remain here, grounded!

[The Turtles groan at this.]

Michelangelo: Oh, yeah. Crognard marathon.
Splinter: [Throws his staff at the television set] And no TV!

Clash of the Mutanimals[edit]

Stockman-Fly: All is in readiness, my master. This is the last of the component I needed that will give you complete control over her.
Shredder: Before you give it to Karai, test it on the Mighty Mutanimals.
Stockman-Fly: Yes, master. In case there are any unexpected side effects.

Leonardo: Raph, do it! End this!
Donatello: What's he waiting for?
Shredder: Raphael is mine now to control, as are your other mutant friends.

Meet Mondo Gecko[edit]

Casey: Dude, there's something about Mondo I don't trust, for real.

Casey: I don't wanna say "I told you so" about Mondo! Oh, wait! I totally wanna say "I told you so!"

The Deadly Venom[edit]

Mikey: Oh no! Oh no! I think he's been bit! You're gonna have to suck the poison out, Brah!
Raph: I'm not sucking the poison out! I'm driving! You suck it!
Mikey: But I think the bite's on his butt! That's gross, dude!
Raph: Just do it, already!!

Splinter: You should be enjoying your victory. You did a great thing today, Leonardo. You saved everyone.
Leo: Not everyone. I tried to get Karai out of Shredder's control. I failed, sensei.
Splinter: We saved her once, Leonardo. Perhaps we can save her again. And now you show great gifts as a healer. Being at the edge of your life, led you to unleash a power that few martial artists can tap. I am proud of you, my son.

Turtles in Time[edit]

Raph: Give it up, Leo. It's been weeks since we last saw her. When she poisoned us!
Donnie: Yeah, Leo. If I can't find an antidote, we might have to let Karai go.
Leo: It's not that easy, Donnie. You should know.
Mikey: You're still hung up on April. Just a guess.
Leo: Sometimes you don't have a choice. You think about someone...a lot.
Mikey: Dudes, I'm never gonna have a crush on a girl! This Turtle is dedicated to one thing only: Ninja-ING!

Renet: Whoa! The leader, Leonardo, the inventor Donatello, the warrior Raphael, and the cute one Michelangelo. I finally found you- the Turtle warriors of legend. This is groggin' cold!
Raph: Us? Legends? What are you talking abut? No one even knows we exist.
Renet: Nobody knows...yet. But I come from the future, and you're like...wow. you guy are like so famous.
Donnie: Wait a second. You say you're from the future and we're important enough to be in history books?
Renet: Yes. You saved the world many times.
Donnie: Awesome! High three!

Tale of the Yokai[edit]

Tang Shen: I was raised in Fukuoka but my grandfather is Chinese. I moved here to be closer to Yoshi. I've heard yokai are always hungry. That's why I made a meal all kapas love.
Leo: Kapa? What's a kapa?
Tang Shen: Turtle yokai. And your favorite food is cucumber. At least that's what the legend says.
Mikey: Cucumber? Little know fact: Our favorite food is pizza. Hook a turtle up.
Tang Shen: My grandmother told a story about a kapa who appeared as a young girl was fetching water. The kapa terrified her, but the girl always brought cucumbers with her to ward off yokai. The kapa was so thankful, it told of a great hurricane that would devastate her village. It saved her people.
Raph: That's right! And we wanna save you, Tang Shen.
Donnie: Which is why we kapa have come to talk. We also bring you dire news.
Leo: You can't leave Hamato Yoshi. He's a good man. Oroku Saki is evil.
Tang Shen: No. Saki is a good man.
Donnie: If you choose Oroku Saki, the world itself could be at risk. Take it from us, the kapa brothers.
Tang Shen: Yoshi is too dedicated to ninjtisu to raise a family.
Michelangelo: That's not true. Splinter loves little Miwa. She's so cute.
Tang Shen: I don't who I will choose. I must do what's right for my daughter.
Raphael: Follow your heart, Shen. You know who the better man is.
Tang Shen: Please. Let me get you some more cucumbers.

Oroku Saki: Pathetic. I will not abide by this dishonor.
Tang Shen: Saki.
Oroku Saki: Shen, I ask you one last time: Make the right choice.
Tang Shen: I have already made it.
Oroku Saki: Hmm.
Hamato Yoshi: Take Miwa and go, Shen.
Tang Shen: But, Yoshi, Saki. Please- you are brothers.
Oroku Saki: No. We were never blood!

Attack of the Mega Shredder![edit]

(Watches as several mind-controlling worms are injected into Karai's brain)
Shredder: Karai, forgive me. I never should have allowed it to go this far. I will destroy Splinter and the Turtles for causing you such suffering. Sleep now, my daughter. Your revenge is soon at hand.
Bebop: Master Shredder
Shredder: What is it!?
Bebop: You called for us, sir.
Shredder: I sense that the Turtles are about to make another move. Double security. Watch Karai at all times.
Bebop: We are on it!
Rocksteady: Da! Freaky turtle ninjas never get past the Bebop and Rocksteady.

Leonardo: Sensei, we need to get one of those brain-worms. It's the only way Donnie can create a cure for Karai.
Splinter: I appreciate the effort, but you need to know your lives are just as important to me, my sons. And because of that, no missions until Raphael's leg heals!

The Creeping Doom[edit]

Splinter: April, what's wrong?
April: I don't know, Sensei. I sense something's wrong with Donnie. Maybe...maybe's he distracted.

Leonardo: This is bad! We need Donnie for something like this!
Raphael: Unfortunately, someone made him dumber than himself!

Donatello: You know, I gotta admit, sometimes I can be hard on you and act like you're not as smart as me.
Michelangelo: No worries, brah.
Donatello: But now I finally understand how you feel all the time.
Michelangelo: Thanks, Donnie. [realizes he's been insulted] Wait a sec. DONNIE!

The Fourfold Trap[edit]

Leonardo: Donnie, you know how much this means to Sensei.
Donatello: Leo, I'm trying as hard as I can.
Leonardo: Well try harder.
Donatello: Try harder!? I always have to find the solution! You're leader, Leo! You find the answer! Or what about Raph!?
Raphael: I got the answer for you- Karai's a lost cause!
Michelangelo: Don't say that, dude!

Karai: Hello, Leonardo.
Leo: Karai?
Karai: Welcome to "the Courage Slayer." To save your brothers you'll have to face ninja blades as skilled as your own. Which isn't all that formidable, so I cranked up the speed to a hundred.

Dinosaur Seen in Sewers[edit]

Donnie: What's wrong with him? Is he sick?
Raph: I'm starting to understand his backwards talk. His people, the Triceratons, need nitrogen to breathe.
Leo: And the part where he calls you Commander Zorg and does everything you say?
Raph: Well, we bonded over a mutual love of destruction.

Zog: You fool!
Raph: I'm sorry I lied to you, Zog! But I can't let you invade our world!
Zog: I'll squash you!
(Raph jumps up making Zog hang onto the bars of the tower)
Raph: Zog! Zog, take my hand!
(Raph reaches out his hand)
Zog: (last words) Long live the Triceraton Empire. (Lets go and falls to his demise)
Raph: No! NOOOO!

Annihilation: Earth![edit]

Part 1 [2.25][edit]

Donnie: I hate to interrupt, but someone's been following us for the last half hour or so.
April: Weird. I don't sense anyone at all.
Donnie: See for yourself.

April: Bishop, why do the Triceratons hate the Kraang?
Bishop: For millennia, the two species have fought over Dimension X. The Kraang use intelligence to battle their foe while the Triceratons rely on brute strength and cunning. It seemed the Triceratons would win, but the Kraang used the most powerful weapon in the universe, a black-hole generator that wiped out the Triceratons entire planet. Only a single Triceraton fleet survived. They vowed vengeance. The battle may have won, but the war has not. It still rages across Dimension X. Now shall we begin?

Part 2 [2.26][edit]

(After their beloved sensei and father figure is ruthlessly murdered by Shredder)
The Turtles: NOOOO!!!
April (clutches her head and groans): AGHHH!!!
(Unleashes a pale yellow wave of pure psionic energy that knocks Shredder back, out of sheer rage and grief)
Tiger Claw: Shredder, what have you done!?
Shredder: Hamato Yoshi is finished! The Earth can be destroyed for all I care! I have finally won!

April: Did that just happen?
Leo: The Earth, Splinter, everyone- everything.
Donnie: Gone. Lost in an endless gravitational pull of singularity.
Mikey: Holy pepperoni.
The Fugitoid: Watching your world fall into the singularity of a back hole is rather distressing. Can I offer you some coco?
Mikey: Dude, who are you?
The Fugitoid: My name is Professor Zayton Honeycutt and you, my friends, are about to embark on a wondrous adventure.
Casey: This is so METAL!!!



  • Leonardo/Leo
  • Raphael/Raph
  • Donatello/Donnie
  • Michelangelo/Mikey
  • April O'Neil
  • Casey Jones


  • Hamato Yoshi/Splinter (17 Episodes)
  • Hamato Miwa/Karai (10 Episodes)
  • Kirby O'Neil (6 Episodes)
  • Takeshi/Tiger Claw
  • Xever/Fishface
  • Chris Bradford/Rahzar
  • Anton Zeck/Bebop
  • Ivan Steranko/Rocksteady
  • Baxter Stockman/Stockman Fly


  • Mrs. O'Neil ("Buried Secrets")
  • Kirby O'Neil (6 Episodes)
  • Tang Shen (pictures in 3 Episodes; "Tale of the Yokai")
  • The Mighty Mutanimals
    • Slash (4 Episodes)
    • Leatherhead (4 Episodes)
    • Dr. Rockwell (4 Episodes)
    • Pigeon Pete (4 Episodes)
    • Muckman (2 Episodes)
    • Mondo Gecko (3 Episodes)

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