Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles in Time

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is the third feature film in the popular franchise and was released in 1993. The movie follows the adventure of the titular heroes after their discovery of a magic scepter sends them back in time to Feudal-era Japan.


Donatello: (explaining the Magic Scepter's function) It's equal-mass displacement! See, guys, for every one of us that goes back, someone from the past will come here. But, the problem is, that switch will only work under one condition. You know what that is?
Leonardo: Tuesdays?
Raphael: Uhhh, Groundhog's Day? (Donatello moans)
Kenshin: It will only work if the magic travellers each have the same weight.
Donny: Bingo! Gee, you guys do have a good educational system, huh?

Casey Jones: Enough of this camaraderie. When do we get to bust some skulls?
Leo: Hang on, Casey, you're not gonna be doing any head breaking this time. Sorry, guy.
Casey: What was that? You wanna run that by me again? How come?
Raph: 'Cos we need somebody to stay here with Splinter in case the time bandit decides to flip out again, if that isn't too much of an inconvenience.
Splinter: [nods in recognition, which Casey returns]
Casey: It'd be a serious honor.

Leo: (sees Mikey hula-ing in boxer shorts) Why are you wearing shorts?
Mikey: Kenshin switched with April and got her clothes.
Leo: Yeah. So...?
Mikey: So, this is for whoever arrives in my place, so they don't arrive bare-butt naked. (holds up more shorts) I've got 3 more pairs!
Splinter: No. We have no time for this scientific debate.
Leo: Yes, Master.
Mikey: (dejectedly) Yeah, yeah...
Splinter: (sighs) Kids...

Niles: (grumbling to himself over being Walker's minion) "Bring me the woman, Niles." "Lick my boots, Niles." "Feed my birds, Niles." What's next? Roll over and play dead? (bumps into the disguised Raphael) What are you lookin' at, ya ugly lump of dung? (Raphael angrily growls, but lets them pass mostly unharmed)
Raph: I'm gonna get that guy! Did you hear what he called me, Leo?
Leo: Yeah, an ugly lump of dung. (walks away casually)
Raph: That was an insult, Leo!
Donnie: Not necessarily, Raph. Did you know that in some countries dung is used as a fuel source?

(After noticing that they are being watched by a few Japanese guards)
Donnie: Uh, o-hi-o, wasabi.
Raph: (confused) "Hello mustard?"
Donnie: Okay, so my Japanese is a little rusty. (to the guards) Uh, Suzuki, Kawasaki- (Raph knocks them out cold)
Raph: How 'bout, uh, "Sayonara"?
Donnie: That'll work!

April O'Neil: (after being rescued from Norinaga's dungeon) Would somebody please tell me what the heck is going on around here?
Donnie: Well relax, April. It's just your, uh, ordinary time travel equal-mass-displacement kind of thing.

April: (sees Donnie's blueprints for a crude replica of the Magic Scepter) You don't mean... you're not seriously suggesting that Donatello is going to make an incredibly arcane time travel machine, are you?
Turtles: No, of course not!
Mikey: That'd be totally bogus!
Raph: Really stupid!
April: Well, that's a relief.
Donnie: No, that guy's gonna make it. (points to a nearby blacksmith) He's good with his hands. (April shoves the blueprint aside and walks away)
Mikey: Where're you goin', dudette?
April: To find an apartment. I have a feeling we're gonna be here for a long, long time.

Lord Norinaga: You may have disgraced my ancestors, but you will not disgrace me. Tonight, you will die.
Mitsu: (paraphrasing Splinter's line to Shredder from the first film) No. We will both die... but only one of us with honor.
(strong silence from everybody)
Leo: Are we in a loop here or what?

Walker: (cornered by the Turtles at the docks) What kind of demons are you?
Leo: We're turtles, friend!
Donnie: Of the Teenage Mutant Ninja variety, sleazeball.
Walker: (slowly pulls the Scepter out of his bag) This, I believe, is what you've been searching for. Go fetch! (throws the Scepter into the air, getting the Turtles to panic in catching it) You really think I would make it that easy, you nasty little reptiles?!

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