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The Angry Video Game Nerd is an Internet series based on a fictional character, the "Nerd", created and portrayed by James D. Rolfe. In each episode, the Nerd reviews a terrible video game and rants about it using profane language. Mike Matei helps Rolfe by playing guest characters in certain episodes (Bugs Bunny, The Joker, etc.). Kyle Justin sings and plays the theme song written by Rolfe.

The first two episodes were made in 2004 by Rolfe as a joke to his friends but in 2006, Matei suggested to Rolfe that it should become a regular series.



Castlevania II: Simon's Quest[edit]

[First line of the series]
AVGN: This game sucks. Castlevania I and III are great classic Nintendo games, but for Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, the game designers obviously were not thinking straight.

AVGN: (Complaining about how the game regularly interrupts itself with long, unskippable day-to-night transitions with a text box saying "WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE A CURSE.") Why does this need to happen so often, like every five minutes? Why does it take so long? Nobody feels like sitting through this every time. How would you like it if you were playin' a game and then every five minutes I came over and paused it, then counted ten tedious seconds and then let you continue to play the game? Now, I mean, why did they think that that would be a good idea and interrupt the gameplay? Did they think it would be more realistic? I mean in real life, I don't have to stop in my tracks when the sun sets, and a fuckin' box doesn't pop up in the air. I mean, this is one of the most annoying features in any game ever. What's the point? Yeah, the—I mean, the monsters are stronger at night and the stores are closed, but why is that necessary and why does the game have to stop? It's fuckin' retarded. And why do you have to die when you fall in the water? That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. This guy can go all over fighting hordes of evil monsters, but he can't even fuckin' swim?

AVGN: Oh look, I finally got enough hearts to go and buy a plant that I need to cross the swamp. Now let me get to the store. (Nighttime falls) Oh shit. It's fucking nighttime. Now the stores are all closed and I have to wait for it to turn day again. Oh well, I might as well kill some zombies in the meantime and stock up on some more hearts. (Falls into water and dies) Oh shit! Now I gotta start all over again.

AVGN: Here in the dungeons, there's books that you may find, which actually give you clues about things in the game that you may need to know about, but when I find these books, half the time it's by accident, so I may hit the button and cancel it out, which means that I don't even get to read it and I don't have a second chance. Why can't I do that when it changes from day to night? That would actually be helpful. So what the game designers figured is this: It isn't absolutely necessary for me to read about how to find Dracula's castle, or what I'm supposed to do with an oak stake, but what I do need to read, again and again constantly, is: "THE MORNING SUN HAS VANQUISHED THE HORRIBLE NIGHT." How about vanquish this horrible game?

AVGN: (Using the password feature to skip to the end of the game having to input 16 characters) The only sure way to get through this awful game is to enter a code. But even that is way more tedious than it should be. While most of the Castlevania games have symbols you enter for a code, this one just has a whole bunch of numbers. I mean like, one of those [four-character] little parts would be enough for a password but why four? Like, why so many? In general, I hate games that have passwords like this because sometimes they have uppercase and lowercase letters. Like the L's, you know, look like I's. The zeros look like O's. The eights look like fives. So, you know, why does there have to be so many digits? You know, like, why can't it just be numbers or somethin'? I mean, just numbers and not letters? It takes me, like, five minutes to enter this code when it should only take like five seconds. It's friggin' stupid. Okay, so, say we enter the code and we go to Dracula's castle. You'll be pretty disappointed how anti-climactic this game is. It isn't even worth putting in a code, let alone playing the whole game all the way through, which if you did, I feel bad for you.

AVGN: What a piece of shit...I mean, I feel horrible that I had to play this game in order to make this video. But I did it to demonstrate its dreadfulness and I forced myself to play it just so that you don't have to. So you should thank me for telling you to stay away from this horrible, steaming pile of goat shit.

AVGN: Thank you for listening, good night... The ending sucks too.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde[edit]

AVGN: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest may be a pretty bad game...but it is God compared to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. That game is just the epitome of bad. I mean, I know you've played a lot of bad games before,, lemme tell ya...that game is bad. (drinks Rolling Rock)

AVGN: With Simon's Quest, you heard the sincerity in my voice. But now, see the sincerity in my eyes. This game is FUCKIN' HORRIBLE!! It's fuckin' horrible! (drinks Rolling Rock) I mean...I-it's, Pong is better. Pong is only, like, three lines and a ball. Those little Tiger, like, electronic wrist games, those are better than Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It makes no fucking sense! It's like, what were they thinking? Like, I seriously can't believe how BAD that fuckin' game is! It's so bad, that I'm not even gonna show it to you, because, it's just... (sighs and drinks Rolling Rock)

AVGN: (looking at the cartridge) Here it is, here's the piece of shit game. (looks at the price tag, which reads 89 cents) Who the hell spent this much fuckin' money on this game?

AVGN: Like, no matter how curious you are, just do yourself a favor and never play it because you will be wishing for the rest of your life that you can invent a time machine and go back to the day you played that game and just fuckin' kill yourself. I mean, if you ever find the game, if you ever see it, smash it. Smash it with a hammer. Smash it 'til every tiny fragment is, like, is so small it's invisible. I'd rather superglue your asshole shut than play that game. You'd rather drown in gasoline. You'd rather... you know, th-the thing is... you think I'm joking, like I'm trying to be funny or something. No, the fact that that game exists is a horrible abomination of mankind. That game is so fucking horrible, and I am not kidding. I am dead fuckin' serious. (close-up of the Nerd)DEAD. FUCKIN'. SERIOUS. (fade-out as the Nerd nervously laughs)

Season One[edit]

The Karate Kid[edit]

AVGN: Well, let me be honest with you about this one. Hoo boy. I hate this game. I mean, it makes me want to kill myself. Now, the only comforting thing to know is that everybody seems to share my frustration. Karate Kid is a game that has haunted many of our childhoods. I mean, everybody has the same story. "I love the movie, so I got the Nintendo game, and I couldn't stand it. Yet I had to keep on playing it because I had to beat it." So, what is it about this game that's drawn so many unfortunate kids to turn into bitter adults, reminiscing on their angry childhood, screamin' at the TV, throwin' the controllers? I mean, anybody who has beaten this incredibly hard piece of shit will not have any sense of satisfaction, but rather regrets, because it is a complete waste of fuckin' time. I mean, it's like coming out of a brutal fight, being the winner, but achieving nothing for all your troubles but some bloody bruises and broken bones. It's just not worth it.

AVGN: (dies in a pit) I hate this game. But why am I playing it? Well, that's the question everyone has asked themselves, and they all have the same reason: Because you're angry, and you wanna win. You wanna beat the Nintendo. But the cold fact is that nobody cares but you.

AVGN: (just after beating the game)I mean, I guess they decided because the game's only four levels long, it better be the hardest four levels ever. Well, how about this? How about if I made a game, where, there's just this one cliff you have to jump over and it's, like, nearly impossible. But if you do it, you win the game and that's it. I mean, what the hell were they thinkin' with this piece of shit? ...What the hell? Now, if you're a serious Nintendo collector, do yourself a favor: Don't get this game because it's not worth it. I mean, it's made many lives miserable and, you know, if you see it on sale for a dollar, just stay away. Don't even touch it. (spits on the game and then flushes it down the toilet)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit[edit]

AVGN: All right, I haven't played this one in a while so let's give it a chance. All right, well this is really an inconvenience having to search for Stuff. Look at this, you go around and you search for things. "Searching"..."It's Empty" It's so slow. (punches Roger) Now this is kinda fun though, you get to punch people. We're going to beat up Roger Rabbit now. (Super punches him) Yeah! The only thing that's really annoying is that it takes so long to charge that punch. (tries again and misses) Ugh! You know what? It isn't fun. You know, it just isn't at all. It's just a pain in the fucking ass!

AVGN: (talking to a lady after punching her) "CAN YOU HELP ME", "GO AWAY YOU HORRID MAN" How about "Go away you horrid game"?

AVGN: And how is this cat going to kill you? (gets game over and sees a 20 character password) And look at this, this is the longest password ever, would it have killed them to make this any shorter? It takes forever like, why should any game take like 10 minutes to type in the fucking password?

AVGN: (calling Jessica Rabbit on the phone) This is Jessica Rabbit? Well I got your number and I'm calling just to say "Fuck you!"
Jessica Rabbit: I hope you're proud of yourself!
AVGN: Yeah, well I hope you're proud of yourself, and you know what I mean, you fucking whore!
Jessica Rabbit: I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.
AVGN: Yeah, well, wait until I draw your suicide note in your own blood, you bunny fucking bitch. I'm coming over and I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna kill your whole motherfucking family! (returns to playing the game) ...All right, well now that I got that out of my system, let's continue with the game.

AVGN: Now, there's only one item for sale at a time so you have to leave the store and you come back in and then there's something different there. So if you're looking for something in particular, you have to keep leaving the store and coming back in. Like, imagine if in real life, like if I walked into a liquor store and I wanted Rolling Rock, and all they had was Budweiser just sitting on a box next to the counter. So then I have to leave and have to come back in again and then there's something else, and I have to keep walking in and out the door 'til I get what I want. It's just, like, what were they thinking?

AVGN: (at the finale of the game) So, then you get to Judge Doom, and he's, like, impossible. And most of the things you have are just useless... You have a gun which really doesn't do anything... You know what? I'm not even gonna punish myself anymore with this piece of shit. All right, the game sucks, end of story. I wanna nail Roger Rabbit to the fucking cross.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles[edit]

AVGN: You may even think I'm trying to compare it to the sequels, which are far superior. Two-player, arcade action, beat up a bunch of foot soldiers, good stuff. But this first one is garbage. And you may be like, y'know, "C'mon, it's the first of its kind, be easy on it." But, no. It sucks. It sucks ass from a straw. And you wanna know why? Well... where do I begin?

AVGN: April O'Neill says, "You have my support." Okay, what the hell did she ever do for you? Stupid banana raincoat-wearing bitch!

AVGN: So here's a pop quiz. Who were the target audience for this game? Kids. Kids who were fans of Ninja Turtles. Now you think they would've actually put more Ninja Turtle characters in the game, like uh... Baxter Stockman, The Rat King, Krang? I mean, it's not like Krang was like a minor character that came the fifth season of the show. Krang was right there from the beginning. So, like, there's no excuse! There was no excuse not to have them there. I mean, instead, make way for, uh, the missle balloons, flying robot head, those little butterfly things, Mr. Fireman. (drinks Rolling Rock) And, why don't you hear the Ninja Turtles theme song anywhere in the game? What a piece of shit!

AVGN: [in the sewers level, as an enemy causes the on-screen turtle to fall in rushing water] Oh, you son of a fuck! And you know what pisses me off? They're turtles, for fuck's sakes! They can't even swim!?

AVGN: Cowabunga? Cowa-fucking-piece-of-dog-shit! This game is diarrhea coming out of my dick! This game is as appealing as a fucking ooze-infested dirty fucking sewer rat shit! I've had more fun playing with dog turds! Shredder's my ass and Splinter's my balls! This game is an inside-out asshole regurgitating putrid anal fecal matter! I'd rather fucking yank all the hairs out of my scrotum! I'd rather drink diarrhea vomited out of a buffalo's anus! It sucking fucks, it fucking sucks, it fucking blows, it's a piece of shit... and I don't like it.

Back to the Future[edit]

AVGN: This game is so bad, I really don't want to play it. ...But Darth Vader came from the planet Vulcan and said that he'd melt my brains if I don't, so, I don't have a choice.

AVGN: (on the repetitive music) I'd rather have a fucking buffalo take a diarrhea dump in my ear than subject them to this horrendous garbage.

AVGN: (on the nonsensical in-game representation of Hill Valley and all the obstacles Marty McFly must deal with) What happened here? Is this Hill Valley, or is it Hell?
Doc Brown: No, it's Hill Valley, although I can't imagine Hell being much worse!
AVGN: I never knew a hula hoop girl could be so deadly. Why does she want to kill Marty, anyway?
Marty: He's an asshole!
AVGN: Not to mention, it doesn't even look like Marty. Look at that black helmet-head! Also, when did he ever wear that sleeveless black shirt? Oh look, I got a bowling ball. Remember that in the movie? Remember when Marty goes around throwing bowling balls at people? Whose idea was this?
Old Biff: Buttheads.
AVGN: What were they thinking?!

AVGN: And what the fuck is Marty doing when he gets killed? It looks like he's having some kind of seizure. I mean, I guess I'd have a seizure too if there were bees and hula hoop girls and all this weird shit coming at me. I mean, just leave me alone! I'm trying to collect clocks!

AVGN: Like if I just shit into a bag and wrote "Back to the Future" on it, that would be the same as this awful piece of shit. It brings my piss to a boil. What a piece of shit! ...I'll never play it again either. It's my last time. I'd rather eat out the rotten asshole of a roadkill skunk than play this game, ever again. And I'm dead serious too. And you know what's worse? You know what's really worse? Guess what? ...There's a SEQUEL!
AVGN: [playing Back to the Future II & III] Yes, it's true. Back to the Future II & III. Two shitty games for the price of one. Let's check it out. (The DeLorean appears onscreen) Holy shit, look, the DeLorean! Now I remember THAT from the movie! Not so much the piranhas, the snails, the weird face, the running frog, the bouncy thing, the thing in the sewer that comes out and kills Marty, the little dinosaurs, the cloud that drops pellets, and whatever the fucking goddamn hell that is. And look at those! What are they? Goombas? And the spikey thing ripped right off of Super Mario Bros? Fucking slackers!!

AVGN: So... let's end on a positive note. There's gotta be one good thing about this game, and I know what it is. ...It fits in a toaster. (puts the game in a toaster and burns it)

M.C. Kids[edit]

AVGN: So there's Ronald with his magic bag. A bag of hallucinogenic drugs. I always thought that clown was one scary motherfucker.

AVGN: So, then you go to Grimace's board. There's Grimace, the big purple fuck. Look at his house, it looks like Barney the Dinosaur's testicle!

AVGN: (Explaining a 1-Up gathering trick) So, if you have an hour to waste, then, there you go. Heh, have fun. You're completely wasting your time anyway if you're playing this game, as I am. Let alone make a fucking video about it. And some people like to call 1-Ups "Extra Guys" or "Free Mans". I like to call them "Life Insurance".

AVGN: Fuckfarts! It never ends with this game. It's just like an infinite turd coming out of my ass, just like an endless rope. I mean, when the fuck's it going to be over? I can't stand this shit!

AVGN: (At the end of the review) TOASTY!!

Wally Bear and the NO! Gang[edit]

AVGN: Now the first thing that baffles me about this game is the actual cartridge. I mean look at this. It doesn't look like any other NES game. And what's this button for? "Press here"? Seriously? "Press here"? What for? I mean is it supposed to be telling you how to push the game down? Well like how to put the game into the system? Well, I can't really push on it when it's inside the Nintendo. You know, do they really think kids are that stupid? I mean, it should just say, "Press Here, You Dumb Fuck!" Like, some kid's gonna be like "Ehh, duhh, how do I put the game in?" (imitates trying to put the game into the NES vertically)

AVGN: The music in this game just fucking sucks. I mean, no bad game is complete without some auditory shit that makes you want to puke. You'd rather listen to your only infant child choking to death. So, just turn down the volume, and while you're at it, just turn off the fucking game.

AVGN: Back in the 80's, it seemed like there were all these characters trying to keep kids off of drugs. Whether it was Mcgruff, or Pee-wee, or the combined efforts of Alf, Michaelangelo, Bugs Bunny and Miss Piggy. And this game I'm sure didn't help kids stay off drugs at all. In fact, I'm sure the people who made it were on something. So avoid it at all costs unless you are fucked up on drugs. So in that case, let's say no to drugs (drinks beer) and let's say no to this fucking game!

Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu[edit]

AVGN: It's a weird game, and you can tell just by the cartridge. Now it's one of those weird baby blue cartridges, so you can tell right off the bat that it's a big piece of fucking shit.
Shit Pickle: Pickle.

AVGN: There's really only one reason to buy this game, and that's to be able to say, "I own Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu" so people can awkwardly stare at...
Shit Pickle: Shit-pickle-shit-pickle-shit-pickle-shit-pickle.

AVGN: (Shit Pickle plays the game.) So what do you think?
Shit Pickle: Shit!
AVGN: Exactly.

Top Gun[edit]

AVGN: (Top Gun Anthem is heard in the background) Top Gun sort of marks the beginning of a genre. It was one of the first flight simulation games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, or at least one of the most commonly referred-to. We obviously know that it ain't got shit compared to games today and for that reason you might think it's not worth complainin' about. But no. It sucks ass now, and it sucked ass back then.

AVGN: Notice the absence of music. I know the developers were trying to make something new, to make it realistic. But what we get, is a game that makes you feel like you're in this blank, mindless void. Like, if Purgatory exists, this is what it is: Top Gun for the NES. I'd rather fly a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong. (The Landing Sequence of the game begins) Uh oh. I'm really fucked now. I gotta land on an aircraft carrier - a feat that's impossible. Your radar monitor gives you instructions on how to land, but no matter what you do, you still crash.
AVGN: Ya know, it's like, every time I get to this part, I think I might have a chance. This is going to be it. I'm finally gonna land the plane. (reading the on screen instructions) "Speed Down. Left! Left! Speed Up. Right! Right! Speed Up. Speed Down. Left! Left! Speed Up. Speed Down. Up!! Up!! ...Up!! Up!!" I'm hitting up! [looks closely and starts sweating as the plane approaches the carrier, and then the plane crashes into the ocean] AAAAASS!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!

AVGN: This game chews turds. This game sucks your balls off and spits 'em up your ass.

AVGN: (Danger Zone is heard in the background) Now because I've never passed that refueling plane, I've never seen the last two levels. So what I've decided to do here is create my own version of what I think the last two levels may be like.
"Mission 3: Blow shit up!" (The enemy planes in the game have been replaced with the Top Gun game cartridge and movie poster.)
"Mission 4: Vent your anger and destroy the TV."
AVGN: DIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!! (Punches a hole through the TV screen) HA-DO-KEN!!!!! (Performs a Hadoken) SONIC BOOM!!!!!! (Throws a Sonic Boom at the TV, making it explode.)

Double Dragon III[edit]

AVGN: Ooh, I know what you're thinking. "How dare you pick on Double Dragon?" But I'm not. Double Dragon's awesome! So is Double Dragon II: The Revenge. But Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones is just a fucking waste.

AVGN: (Playing the two-player game, on the introductory cutscene) Now, just like the one-player game, it starts off with the story sequence, but this time it shows both the Double Dragons, Billy and Jimmy Lee. Oh, wait... Bimmy and Jimmy? How'd they make a mistake like this!? Bimmy isn't even a real name! How did this happen!? They didn't even proofread this shitty game before they released it? Bimmy and Jimmy? I'm sorry, I just can't get over that. Bimmy and Jimmy. There's a typo in a Nintendo game, let alone a fucking Double Dragon game, and it's the first screen!

Friday the 13th[edit]

AVGN: Oh, and every great game has a map screen, and being that the game is mostly side scrolling, you can't tell which direction you're supposed to be going. But, but that's cool. It's cool. It makes it more challenging. I like that. Like when you're walking left but really heading to the right on the map? I love figurin' that shit out. ...I love it. ...It's just great. (looks around the room then gets angry) LIKE PUKE UP A DONKEY'S ASS! WHAT A SHITLOAD OF MOTHERFUCKING BULLFUCK! I mean I'd rather eat snot and diarrhea vomited out of a buffalo's dick, and if you thought I was serious about this game— (Jason Voorhees comes out and grabs AVGN by the throat and threatens him with a machete) —you're absolutely right because I was just kidding! I was just kidding! I swear! I swear to God, I was just kidding! I was just kidding! It's not a shitload of fuck! It's NOT a shitload of fuck! (Jason lets AVGN go and leaves)

AVGN: (After hearing the Jason alarm and trying to get to the blinking house on the map) So, which way do I walk? I guess left because it's left on the map. Sounds self-explanatory. So, here I am just followin' the yellow brick road. (scene from The Wizard of Oz plays) Because that's what it looks like right, the scarecrow scene? But that's okay, because, this game kicks ass. Oh, fffuck! Look at the map, I've just been walking in the wrong fuckin' direction. What a wonderful game. The bare basics of left and right do not apply. And that's why this game is so great because it's free from all logic. Logic is for pussies.

AVGN: (trying to open the door and escape from Jason Voorhees) Dammit! Goddamn it! Open up you piece of shit! Son of a fuck... (Jason approaches) Shit.
AVGN: (to Jason) Don't kill me! (Jason produces the game) ...Kill me.

AVGN: Knowing that Jason couldn't have been the only enemy in the game, it's interesting to see the use of zombies, birds, and even wolves to add to the mix. Even Jason's mom makes an appearance. And you know what she reminds me of? Those annoying fuckin' Medusas from Simon's Quest. Or wait...I'm talking about Castlevania III. What, I hate that game too?

AVGN: (Commenting on the game over screen) That's ingenious. That's...the best game over screen I ever saw. For real! I'm actually being dead serious. Dead fuckin' serious. That's brilliant, right? "You and your friends are dead. Game over". It's priceless. Like, I can't believe it! Isn't that a mean thing to say to kids? Nobody ever dies in Nintendo. They're either "defeated" or they turn into an item and, like, float away. But here comes a game like Friday the 13th that just cuts the bullshit, shows some balls, comes flat out and says, (close-up of the Nerd's face) "You're fuckin' dead. And your friends, too." Beautiful. (Jason nods in agreement) And what if there was a sequel? It would have to say something even worse. Like, I got it. I got a good idea what it should say. It should say:
You're Dead.
Your Friends Are Dead.
Your Family's Dead.
Your Fucking Pets Are Being Skinned Alive.
Your Mom's A Fucking Whore.
You Suck At Life.
The Whole World Hates You.
You're Going To Hell.
Live With It.
Game Over.

AVGN: Every goddamn screen looks the same. I can't tell where I am, or where I'm goin' with this shit. And the cabins?! Just fuckin' horrible! (Jason's eyes narrow from behind his mask) I can't find the fuckin' fireplaces, I get lost once I'm inside, I can't even just simply turn around and see the door...the control's so fuckin' awkward! I'd rather play Doom on Atari. I'd rather play Halo on a Tiger electronic wrist game. I'd rather drown in diarrhea. I'd rather fuckin' eat my fuckin' balls off and puke 'em up my fuckin' ass. (close-up of the Nerd's mouth) I'd rather piss a cactus out of my dick. (Jason slowly raises his machete) The music is fuckin' worse than life itself! (By this point, Jason's machete is fully raised) And I'd turn the volume down, except for the fact that I have to hear the Jason alarm! It's all just a test of patience, and it, can kiss, my FUCKIN' ASSHOLE!!! (The Nerd throws his controller and it hits Jason across the face, knocking him out cold. The Nerd continues beating him with the controller.) You're easier to beat in real life then you are in that fucking game, you no-good piece o— (blows Jason's head off with the zapper) This game is FUCKIN' HORRIBLE!!! (chucks the cartridge at the door, tries chugging two bottles of Rolling Rock at once, with it spilling down his chin)

A Nightmare on Elm Street[edit]

Freddy Krueger: Ya like Nintendo?
AVGN: (nods) Uh-huh...
Freddy Krueger: Ya like to play shitty games?
Freddy Krueger: Ha ha, ya fuckin' nerd. Ya wanna play some Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? (moves his clawed hand towards the Nerd's chest)
AVGN: No! No! No!
Freddy Krueger: (Holds up Nightmare on Elm Street cartridge) Or ya wanna play my game, bitch?

AVGN: Damn, Freddy's got a lot of fucking bones, and they all look exactly the same: the classic cartoon dog bones. You know, come to think of it, the plot's kinda like Simon's Quest. Why would Simon want to go around collecting pieces of Dracula? He was killed the first time. Just leave him alone! Imagine if Batman killed the Joker and then he scattered his pieces all over the fucking city and went around collecting them all. What a bunch of fucking shit!

AVGN: (commenting on the stock Halloween enemies) Like, why don't they just add some witches, black cats, and flying jack-o'-lanterns? They should've just called the game "Boo! Haunted House!" Which is probably what they originally had in mind, until they thought, "No, wait! Make it about Freddy! We already ruined Friday the 13th, now let's do the same thing to Nightmare on Elm Street." And that's right: It's by the same company. We're not gonna say who it is, but it stands for "Laughing, Joking Numbnuts". Also, listen to the music. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? It almost sounds like it's recycled from Who the Fuck Framed Roger Rabbit, another piece of garbage they made. What were they thinking?

AVGN: You know what's really weird? That this game was actually capable of a 4-player mode using an accessory that allows four controllers to be connected to your Nintendo Entertainment System? Now, I can't imagine having four people playing this game. Who's gonna want to play this piece of shit? I'm lucky if I can get one other person! I have a better chance of cloning myself. (four Angry Video Game Nerds play and curse at the same time)
AVGN 1: Hey, wait. Wait, wait, wait. I just cloned myself. I'm in a dream, I can do whatever I want, so why don't we all just stop playing this fucking game? So, to hell with that shit!
AVGN 2: Yeah! To hell with that... damn shit!
AVGN 3: To hell with that damn... fucking shit!
AVGN 3: Relax.
AVGN 2: (Takes the game out of the NES) Hey what should we do with the cartridge?
AVGN 1: How about smash it with a hammer?
AVGN 2: Nah, that's not good enough.
AVGN 3: I know, let's drop it out the window.
AVGN 2: No, come on, be creative!
AVGN 4: I say we take a shit on it!
AVGN 2: Good, do it! Empty your ass all over it.
AVGN 4: I don't gotta take a shit though! You take a shit!
AVGN 2: You gotta take a shit? Who's gotta take a shit?
AVGN 1: I gotta take a shit!
AVGN 2: Then take that shit!
AVGN 1: (places the game on the floor) Bombs away! (poops on the game and the floor)
AVGN 2: Oh, God!
AVGN 4: You diarrhea fiend!
AVGNs 2,3, and 4: (seeing Freddy Krueger approach) Whoa, whoa, whoa!
AVGN 1: (farts, oblivious to Freddy) Oh, come on! It's not that bad!

Freddy Krueger: (revealing himself to look like the Nerd) Whoa, look at me! I'm the fuckin' Nerd! What a piece of shit! Buffalo diarrhea fuckfarts! You see, Nerd? Nobody makes you play these games but yourself, so you're your own damn nightmare. Now, you're gonna die!
AVGN: Go yank your cock through your ass, you fucking butt-mongrel! I got the Power Glove!

Power Glove[edit]

AVGN: I love the Power Glove. It's so bad....And I mean baaad. This thing is bad. Why need a glove to play a game? What's wrong with this? (grabs the regular NES controller) Huh? I dunno. I thought this was okay, playing it, you know, with a controller? So if anything, the Power Glove, it's an interesting experiment in gaming technology. But too bad they were just fuckin' jerkin' off! Like, why does it suck so bad? Well, I have one complaint - one fucking complaint about this glove: It doesn't work. Now what's the most important aspect about any game? Well, being able to fuckin' play it!

AVGN: It's easier to do a handstand while taking a shit.

AVGN: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. There's only one way to do this game with the Power Glove. (punches the game with the glove)

AVGN: [Plays Jackal and reads the opening screen's text] "This battle will make your blood boil. Good luck!" "Good luck" is right. I'm using the fuckin' Power Glove.

AVGN: [Playing R.C. Pro-Am, enlightened to see it functioning as desired] Alright! Here we go! We got this, man! We got this by the ass!

AVGN: I'm playing Rad Racer with the Power Glove and 3D glasses. You can't get any more rad than that.

AVGN: Wow. Playing Top Gun with the Power Glove. It's like puking on a pile of shit! (in-game, "TO LANDING SEQUENCE") Oh my God, what the fuck am I doing? I'm trying to land the plane in Top Gun with the Power Glove? I can't even land it with the regular controller! (manages to successfully land the plane; surprised, he takes a quick glance at the Power Glove, and looks back at the screen)

AVGN: If you want to bring a totally new element of challenge to your Nintendo games, try the Power Glove, 'cause it sure makes everything a lot harder. It's just a barely functional contraption designed to rip off little kids. It's the biggest scam since the Atari 5200 controller. The only kids who own this were usually the richer ones who thought they were cool. Well, they're not cool. I'm not cool either. Look at me, you think I'm cool? I've got a fucking glove on my hand. I'm trying to play a fucking game with it. I look like an idiot with a fist full of shit.

AVGN: Now you're playing with you're playing with fuckin' shit! You're better off fuckin' shit than fucking with this fucked-up shit! Fuck this shit! You don't know shit about how fuckin' shitty this fuckin' shit is! It's so bad it sucks. It's so fuckin' suck it fucks! And I...can't take it anymore.

Chronologically Confused[edit]

AVGN: (talking about the Mega Man series) What's this? Mega Man Battle network series? Mega Man 64? Did they really make it that far? No, that was just the Nintendo 64's stupid gimmick of putting 64 at the end of every fucking title.

AVGN: So when Final Fantasy VII came out, they just called it Final Fantasy VII and that's when the confusion began. I wondered what the fuck happened to IV V and VI?! But what I really should've been wondering, little did I know, what the fuck happened to II III and V? And once I figured that out, I was like,"So there were other Final Fantasy games we didn't know about?" I was playing VI all along and not III? What a bunch of motherfucking bullfuck!

AVGN: The Star Trek series did the same thing. Right now, there's ten of them. Star Trek I-VI were all numbered. But when they stopped using the original cast from the show and started using the cast from Star Trek: The Next Generation, they dropped the numbers from the films and called them: Star Trek Generations, Star Trek First Contact, Star Trek Insurrection and Star Trek Nemesis. Okay, well that's real fine. But where did the fucking numbers go? If they couldn't call Star Trek Generations, Star Trek VII then why didn't they call it Star Trek The Next Generation off the show and then call the next one Star Trek The Next Generation II and just start a new line of sequels? But hey, some of the original cast was in Star Trek Generations so instead they should've called it Star Trek VII/The Next Generation part I.
Mr. Spock: Most illogical.
AVGN: Actually never mind, just fuck it.

AVGN: (about the movie Rocky Balboa) But what a shitload of fuck. What kind of a stupid excuse for a title is this? Reveal more of the character's name. It's like making a prequel of Forrest Gump and just calling it Forrest.

AVGN: (About the Alien series) But then uh-oh! They make a third one. Oh gee, what are we going to call it? Can't be "Aliens's." That won't work.

AVGN: The title of Bruce Lee's first film was called The Big Boss, but when they released it in the U.S., the American distributors or whoever was responsible decided to change the title to Fists of Fury. Well okay, that's just fine, but the next one happened to be called Fist Of Fury. So, uh oh we fucked up! What are we going to call it here in the U.S.? We can't call it Fist of Fury because we changed the last one to Fists of Fury. Call it The Chinese Connection and from now on, just call the movies whatever the fuck they're originally called.

AVGN: Well, I gotta calm down now. So that's enough of my gripes. Thanks for listening to my rants and good fucking night!
[the credits roll]
AVGN: (After the credits) By the way, I'm just fucking around.


AVGN: (Regarding the training sequences) Cock-a-fuckin'-doodle-ass-shit-sucking-ball-fuck! This is fucking boring!!

AVGN: (On the convoluted controls as described in the game manual) So did you get that? Well, let me sum it up. It stinks!
Rocky: That's right, it stinks!
AVGN: It's a bunch of putrid anal shit coming out of a rhinoceros' asshole. It fucks up the ass, shits out the mouth, piss out the nose, dookie out the ear, diarrhea out the dick, shits for the birds! The control in this game... is poo poo.

AVGN: This game is ass. I'd rather take a bath in elephant feces. I'd rather eat raw eggs.

Bible Games[edit]

Kyle Justin: (to the tune of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town)
He's playing some games, the worst he recalls
He's gonna find out which ones suck the most balls
The Angry Video Game Nerd is here
Oh, he's making a list and checking it twice
He's going to go home and eat chicken and rice
The Angry Video Game Nerd is here
He hates the games that stink
He knows which games to break
He just might even hate them all
Cause he's mad for fucking sake
You better watch out, don't give these games a try
You better not play 'em, he's telling you why
The Angry Video Game Nerd is here

AVGN: (Playing Bible Adventures, reviewing "Noah's Ark"; regarding the character Noah, who literally picks up animals and puts them in the ark in the game) I just can't get over that. He's an old man, and not only does he pick the animals up, he lifts them over his head! It doesn't even slow him down. How could such an old man be so strong? Have you ever tried to lift a horse? Not that easy. What the shit!? Let alone a horse and an ox!? Or fuck! A horse, a cow, and two oxen!? What the fuckin' shit!? Noah's so goddamn strong, he puts The Hulk to shame. And the poor creatures, they're so scared shitless, they don't even try to get away. Noah, man. Nobody fucks with him. Not even Chuck Norris!

AVGN: (reviewing "Baby Moses) Speaking of carrying things, look at how many things she can stack. What kind of picture is this? Moses' mom carrying Baby Moses carrying a block of cheese carrying a guy carrying a spear? I never thought I'd see that.

AVGN: (Reviewing "David and Goliath") And you know what? All three games use the same music. You'd rather listen to your own infant son puking to death. That is, choking on his own puke-chunks. (Long pause) That's disgusting. I apologize.

AVGN: (reviewing Bible Buffet on NES, responding to its in-game voice clips) That voice is just crazy! I-I dunno what it is, but it just sounds out of place. Not that anything is in place, but I dunno. It's so rare to hear such a clear voice in a Nintendo game. But I suppose it's also rare for Nintendo to have a Bible game with no references to the Bible, resembling Atari, that's all about food trying to kill you, yet it's also a board game rip-off with quizzes that you can't answer, and, if it's a Bible game, why do you blow a snowman's head off? Whatever happened to "Thou shall not kill"? Please, somebody tell me! What the hell am I playing? I kinda like it. But, I gotta turn it off before I go insane.

AVGN: [ Invisible Touch is heard in the background] So let's play another bible game. It's the Book of Genesis on Sega Genesis. And the soundtrack is Genesis. ...I'm just making this up.

AVGN: [Playing Super Noah's Ark 3D] Listen to how cheerful the music is. (Theme from Super 3D Noah's ark plays) Wow, that's great. It's just what you need is some really upbeat music to go along with Noah getting murdered by a bunch of fucking goats!

AVGN: (Playing The King of Kings, trying out "Jesus And The Temple") There's really nothing else worth mentioning with this game. It just sucks, and I can't even stand to play it anymore. I'd rather fuck a porcupine and shove a cactus up my ass. I'd rather slurp crap oozing out of a Warthog's anus hole. It's just a bunch of poopy, diarrhea, doo-doo ass shit.

AVGN: That's it. [Puts the NES controller on top of the TV] So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy birthday, Jesus, whatever. Happy holidays. See ya in 2007.

Season Two[edit]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Part One[edit]

AVGN: (sighs) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III... sucks shit! Not even regular shit. Putrid, barfed out, roadkill, diarrhea shit. Now you might be saying, "Well that's your opinion." Well yeah it is. It's my opinion that it's a motherfucking fact that this pile of dog shit called Ninja Turtles III is the most god-awful disgrace in human existence. Now, I know you've seen a lot of bad movies. But no, let me tell you. This movie is bad. Like how bad? Like is it the worst of the Turtles trilogy? Oh undeniably. But that's not the point. My point is that this is the worst fucking movie I've ever seen in my life! Now, I can tell you from the perspective of a 12-year-old and a 26-year-old that it needs to rot in hell, in Satan's asshole. Now what I mean by that is that I was 12 the first time I saw the movie in the theaters in 1993. And I was such a big Turtles fan, I just accepted it. I just held the truth inside, and, you know it's just been tearing away at me all these years. And now, looking back at it, I just gotta come clean and honest, man. I just gotta let it all out. This movie... is FUCKING TERRIBLE!!! (punches the tape)

AVGN: Why was there no subtitle in the movie? They subtitled the last movie. Well, I have an answer. Look under that title. You see that black empty space? Let that be an indication of the blank, empty imagination employed within, and the void it left in our hearts.

AVGN: (talking about how none of the classic series villains are present in the movie) Wouldn't you have liked to see Super Shredder come back in Turtles III? Well, that's what I was hoping for. But, too bad. Make way for this samurai and this guy on a horse. ...Yeah, these are our villains of Turtles III. Noranaga and Walker. I've never heard of them before. Now, you have this huge stockpile of memorable villains from the comics, the TV series, the video games, the action figures, all that, and they just go ahead and bring in two uninspired, stereotyped, mediocre villains! I mean, come on! This is the best they could come up with? Are you shitting me up the ass? And you might say, "Well, Shredder can't be in it because it takes place in ancient Japan." Well, you know what? That's my fucking point! The movie shouldn't have taken place in ancient Japan! Like, wow, that's original, isn't it? That's never been done a million times already!

AVGN: (criticizing the inferior animatronics) Is this movie made for little kids? ...Well, I guess it is, so, the joke's on me. The worst of all is Splinter. He looks like fucking roadkill! And I guess they never finished him because you only see his upper body. He's like a puppet that should be used on Sesame street. Even worse is his voice!
Splinter: Have patience, My son.
AVGN: What an assload of fuck! Well, everything sucks.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Part Two[edit]

The Nerd: [about the Wet Willie running gag] Pretty bad. But without ranting on forever about this crap, I'm going to round up my personal top ten worst lines from Ninja Turtles III. Number 10:
Donnie: I think I swallowed a frog. I hope it wasn't an ancestor.
The Nerd: He swallowed a frog and he hopes it's not an ancestor. Guess that's why they're turtles. Number 9:
Raphael: There they are: The Three Stooges.
Donnie: Yeah, Larry,
Leo: Curly,
Raphael: And Moe.
Donnie: Nyuk, nyuk.
The Nerd: So just in case we don't know the names of the Three Stooges, be sure to say 'em all. Number 8:
Donnie: [April shows off her leg] Wow! A leg-o-rama!
Donnie and Leo: SCHWING! [they laugh]
The Nerd: No comment there. Number 7:
Donnie: Yeah.
April: WHOA! It's Star Trek time, guys!
The Nerd: It's Star Trek time. Number 6:
Mikey: What if we make like a cosmic U-turn and end up back in Godzilla-land?
The Nerd: Funny, get it? Japan? Godzilla-land? Number 5:
Donnie: [while fighting] It's Hammer Time!
The Nerd: Ohh, God. Number 4:
Raph: Did you hear what he called me, Leo?
Leo: Yeah, an ugly lump of dung.
Raph: Well, that was an insult, Leo!
Donnie: Not necessarily, Raph. Did you know that in some countries, dung is used as a fuel source?
The Nerd: Oh, so that makes it a whole lot better. He called Raph a fuel source. I'm sure that's what he meant too, right? Number 3:
Leo: We're Turtles, friend!
Donnie: Of the Teenage Mutant Ninja variety, sleazeball! [Mike and Raph laugh]
The Nerd: Okay, the line was bad enough but look at how the turtles react to it, like "Yeah, he really told him off!" All right, number 2, and I'm warning you, it's about to get really bad now. Listen to this one.
Donnie: [to enemies entering the room and seeing the turtles] Hey, you were expecting maybe, eh, The Addams Family? [the turtles chuckle]
The Nerd: [as "The Addams Family" theme song plays in the background] I remember seeing that line in the commercial and I couldn't even believe he said it. It's not really even a joke that makes any kind of satirical sense. Was I expecting The Addams Family? No, I wasn't actually. The Addams Family is probably the last fucking thing that'd ever come to my mind whenever I think of Ninja Turtles. [music stops] What I especially love about this line is the way Donatello nods his head as he says it. And look at how Raph nudges Mike as if saying "Yeah, that was a good one." It's like the actors were actually making fun of it because it was so ridiculous. So, are you ready for number 1? Because, I don't think I am. Nothing can prepare you for this. Are you sure? Are you ready? All right. Behold, the #1, worst, most God-awful movie quote of all time.
Donnie: Help! I'm a turtle and I can't get up!
The Nerd: Ugh. I still can't believe it. Did he really say that?
Donnie: Help! I'm a Turtle, and I can't get up!
The Nerd: Ugh! I'm-I'm sorry for playing that again, that's really terrible. Not only is this the worst line of the movie, it's probably the worst line ever spoken in a motion picture. And believe it or not, this line was in the commercials, too. And even worse, I distinctly remember in the theater, everyone laughed. I mean, come on; It's not funny! [begins to laugh anyway.]
Donnie: Help! I'm a Turtle and I can't get up!
The Nerd: [laughs] Oh, God. Alright, alright, I'm back. So, what's the best way to end a shitty movie? With a shitty ending. An ending that sucks so hard, it scarred me for life. This guy, Walker's running away from the Turtles, but, oops, he forgot his bird. Yeah, that's right. I forgot to mention that part. Not only does this character belong in totally different genre, but he has this bird in a cage that he always carries around. I'm serious, this movie's totally whacked. So, what happens to him? He gets fired at and then he falls off the roof and into the water.
The Nerd: Now, I gotta pause this because I gotta ask, how many times have you seen this shot in a movie? Way too fucking much. It was one of the biggest clichés of the time. What happened at the end of Batman? The Joker falls, same shot. What happens at the end of Dick Tracy? Big Boy falls, same thing. But Turtles III takes this cliché to a whole new level. I mean, a whole new level. Watch what happens when Walker hits the water.
Walker: [screams while he falls to his death, and the water splashes]
The Nerd: Did you see that? Here it goes again.
Walker: [screams while he falls to his death, and the water splashes]
The Nerd: There's no splash. Instead, he disappears. But he doesn't disappear. He like, implodes into himself. I'm really stunned, like why'd they do this? They couldn't do a special effect for a splash? But, what they could do is make him implode. Now, if you couldn't make a splash, why couldn't you just cut away, and then, just leave the sound of the splash? That would've actually been more effective. I can re-edit it right now. Watch.
Walker: [screams while he falls to his death]
[scene cuts to the Turtles with the sound of the splash intact]
The Nerd: See? That's all they had to do, so why make the weird imploding effect? What were they thinking? Now, to top off the whole thing and carry on in the tradition of Splinter telling a joke at the end, what did they do? The worst fucking joke ever to close the worst fucking movie ever. But, right before we hear what Splinter says, let's go back to Turtles I again. The joke in the first movie is "Cowabunga."
Splinter: Cowabunga.
The Nerd: All right, acceptable.
Mikey: Alright!
Splinter: I made a funny! [laughing]
The Nerd: Now, let's go to Turtles II.
Splinter: Go, Ninja, go, Ninja, go!
Turtles: Yah!
Splinter: I made another funny! [chuckles]
The Nerd: Can it be any worse than that? Yes, it can. Behold, Splinter's last joke in the Turtles trilogy.
Splinter: Yo, dude!
Mikey: Huh?
Splinter: [puts on a flowered lampshade and snickers]
Mikey: Yo, dude! [guffaws]
Splinter: Just like Elvis in Blue Hawaii!
The Nerd: What a way to end the series. Would there be a follow up? Would there be a Turtles IV? Fuck, no. Not after that. It's amazing how it went downhill. The first movie, watching it today, it's still a satisfying experience. It's a good movie. I mean, it's no masterpiece, but it's entertaining, and it leaves you with a happy feeling after watching it. The second one's funny. I mean, it's so bad it's great, but Turtles III is just so bad, it's bad. Yeah, Turtles II had its share of stupidity, like when they crash through a wall, and they find out that Vanilla Ice happens to be performing at a club, right next door to the bad guy's hideout, and he's able to just bust out a Ninja rap all of a sudden? It's retarded, yes, but it's hysterical. It's a guilty pleasure. Now, Turtles III? It just makes me feel embarrassed. Like, watching it actually makes me cringe. I feel like I have to turn the volume down, face the TV toward the wall, and watch in a dark corner somewhere where nobody will ever know. It just leaves you with a bad, bad feeling. Like this movie should not exist.
The Nerd: Cowabunga. Cowa-fucking-piece-of-dog-shit! I'd rather watch crap oozing out of a buffalo's asshole. I'd rather fucking puke diarrhea up my dick. It fucking sucks so much fucking suck, it fucks. It fucking sucks so much cocksucker motherfucker bullfuck that... well, something must be done.
[The Nerd takes movie, looks at it, then sets on floor before taking out a katana. He braces it, aims it, then splits the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III" VHS tape in two. Then he switches to a hammer.]
The Nerd: It's Hammer Time!
[He smashes video until all of it is smashed to bits, and he sighs angrily. The camera pans to see the destruction of the VHS copy of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III," accompanied by the "Level complete" music, from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" for the NES, before the scene fades to black.]

Atari 5200[edit]

AVGN: Why don't many people remember this, and why did it die off so quick? (cut to the Nerd holding up the 5200, which obscures his body from the torso up) ...BECAUSE IT'S A PILE OF FUCKING SHIT! Why? Well, just look at it! Look at how huge this beast is, it's ginormous! And why is there a door on it? Is this a video game console, or a fucking closet? Even the AC Adapter weighs a million tons.

AVGN: This controller... is a piece of shit. What's the most important aspect about any fucking game? Well, being able to fucking play it. And what do you need to fucking play it? A fucking controller! So what do you do when the controller doesn't work? You're fucked! This is the reason the system failed. This. In the name of God, Heaven and Hell; everything in between, every creature on Earth; by the far reaches of the Galaxy; by the inner rings on the Universe and... every Megaverse and the Ultraverse, let it be known. Let the word be known. This controller... is fuckin' horrible!

AVGN: Then there's all these numeric buttons. Like, what the shit is this? Is this thing a phone? Like, what is all this for? Is it, like, talking to intergalactic space aliens, flying fuckernauts or astrobastards?

AVGN: [unable to play the Atari 5200 due to defective controllers] We don't have to stand for this shit! There exist alternatives. Did you know that you can plug a Sega Genesis controller into an Atari 2600 and it'll work? See, that's the interesting thing about Atari. You can find all kinds of stuff that's compatible. As for the 5200, there's third party controllers made for replacing the shitty controller that the system came with. So let's take a trip into the cyber world known as the internet and take a look. [Goes to his computer and the Ebay website. Finds a listing that says "ATARI 5200 CONTROLLER - Works fucking better!"] There we go. [clicks "Buy it now". Some time later, Paperboy comes and throws a box right in AVGN's face as he opens the door.]
AVGN: [opening the box to find the 5200 controller] Alright! Okay, let's play this bitch. [tries to plug in the controller only to realize that the plug is actually for the Atari 2600] FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!


AVGN: So, when we heard that a Ghostbusters game for Nintendo was coming out, we were so excited, we shit our pants! Literally! Shit came out our asses and we rocketed through the roof! It was two of our favorite things coming together. Should've been like bread and butter. But more like dead skunk and dog shit. You pop this piece of crap in, expecting Ghostbusters, and, what do you get? Well, Ghostbusters. You got the logo there. Looks promising enough. But, are you willing to bet that it's gonna get really bad once you start playing? Yeah, well, guess what? It gets bad as soon as you press the Start button. (pushes the start button, and the title screen plays a very low quality sound clip announcing "Ghostbusters!") the fuck was that!? ("Ghostbusters!" is heard again. AVGN imitates) Ghoshtbushters! (plays the voice clip once more) Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to criticize the game for its lack of voice clarity, but you hear how bad this sounds? Let this set the tone for the rest of the game.

AVGN: So here's the main screen. This is it. This is Ghostbusters on Nintendo. This is my wasted childhood you're looking at. I don't even need to comment! Just look at it! It shits for the birds! "Okay, we gotta come up with a game about Ghostbusters, what can we do? How about just have the Ghostbusters logo floating around playing tag with cute little yellow ghosts? So if you like Ghostbusters, it's right up your alley!" More like up your ass.

AVGN: After doing this for so long, you start to wonder: Who pays you to catch the ghosts, anyway? And why are the ghosts so generic, innocent, and cute-looking? They don't do anything to you, so why are you busting them? 'Cause busting makes you feel good? Well, don't the ghosts have a right to death? Obviously I'm thinking too deep about it, but that's what happens. That's what happens when you play such a boring-ass-shitty game. Your mind gets delirious! Right now I feel like I'm going fucking crazy!

AVGN: Eventually you see the "Enter Zuul Building" message again, but sometimes, you're not fucking ready because there's equipment that you still need to buy in order to get up the stairs. The offer to enter is only good for a short period of time. So by the time you catch enough ghosts, make enough money, and buy the gear you want, it's too late to enter the building. The only way to get that offer again is to go catch more ghosts and wait another hour, or however long it takes. The only sure way to be able to go in the first time is to trade your traps, the ghost vacuum, and whatever other equipment you don't need for the stairway stage. You can only hold four items at a time anyway. So you absolutely need to trade something in. But, by the time you get the message, drive to the store, trade your shit in, buy the stuff you need, and come back to the Zuul building, you're too fucking late! So what do you gotta do now? Catch more fucking ghosts! So, go back to the fucking store again, trade your regular stuff back, and FUCK! I hate this fucking game! What were they thinking?!

AVGN: (playing through the stairway segment with Game Genie-granted immunity to the ghosts) Well at least now I can't get killed by the ghosts. But that still means it takes all day to get up the fucking stairs! It just keeps going! Even if you did it with the control pad, it would be tedious. But the fact that you're supposed to tap the button the whole time and dodge ghosts? And I've counted: There's 22 floors! Do you think that's enough!? I mean what the fuck were they fucking thinking!? This is the worst game I've ever played in my life. It's worse than Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Well, maybe not that bad... (the Ghostbusters reach the top floor and run to the roof entrance) A-and then they run!? They move like slugs the whole fucking time, but as soon as they get to the top, they run like they got propellers in their asses!

AVGN: (on the final stage of the game) The little ghosts with their tongues sticking out look like kindergarten Halloween decorations, and neither Gozer nor the dogs move. Hey, I can even name the dogs. That's Vinz Clortho and Zuul. Zuul apparently bought the building that they're standing on. Now, you know what's really shocking about this part? You're moving around, dodging projectiles and shooting at things? Kinda like... A game. Surprising, right? I mean this is the closest moment that this piece of shit ever comes to possibly being decent.

Ghostbusters Followup[edit]

AVGN: [when he talks about Ghostbusters on NES] Ghostbusters on Nintendo sucks ass. But, if you’ve seen my review of it, you already know that! So, why am I reviewing it again? Because, it's such an inhumane pile of shit that it deserves it! Well, this time, I'm over the shock at how fucking horrible this game is, so, I'm going to be a little more constructive. Here are 5 things that should have been improved. Let's play teacher and grade this piece of shit. Since it's really short, let's say 10 points off for every error out of a possible 100. So okay, you ready? Here we go. Well, first of all, "Conglaturation !!!" is spelled wrong, but it's not even a simple typo. Two letters in two different places are wrong which probably means they really didn't know how to spell it. So that's 20 points off for that just because it's such an atrocious misspelling. But then why isn't it plural? You don't usually say "Congratulation.", you say "Congratulations". So technically it's got nothing to do with the spelling, it's a different error altogether. So that's another ten points for that. Then, "You have completed a great game."!? Well that's just simply wrong, 20 points for that statement. Even if it was a great game, it shouldn't have to announce it. So then you have a punctuation error, because the next sentence begins with "And". Then you got an extra O in "prooved". And proved what? "prooved the justice of our culture."? So it's saying that you proved that our culture has justice? I don't know. "Now go and rest our heroes !" Instead of "Now go and rest, comma, our heroes", it's telling you to go rest our heroes. Okay, well, sorry to say but we had to take off 90 points. But hey, a score of 10% means that there's still hope. But wait, is there any reason that there's one exclamation mark here (at Heroes !) and then there's three up there (after Conglaturation !!!)? That's another 10 points off for lack of consistency with a total score of zero. F-minus. It should have said...
You had the patience to sit through this awful game.
You proved your nerdiness.
Now go fuck yourself!

AVGN: (reviewing Ghostbusters on the Sega Master System, commenting on how the controllable logo leaves black dots on the streets it crosses) I don't exactly understand the idea of dropping poop everywhere you go. Thought the Ghostbusters are in a car, not a horse and buggy.

AVGN: (reading the game over screen) "Sorry but your mission has failed. The Keymaster and the Gatekeeper entered the Zuul" - so it's not the "Zuul building" anymore, it's just "the Zuul", - "and caused Gorza," - you mean Gozer? They should actually see the fucking movie before they make the damn game! - "the enemy boss to awaken and destroy the city. You could not even set foot inside the Zuul because you were unable to earn enough money to gain admittance." Oh, so it's like a museum or something? You just need to pay to get in? So all I need is enough money and I can go up a bunch of stairs to fight a Sumerian shape-shifting god. "Thus, the city was completely demolished by Gorza. The game is over. Try again from the start." Oh really? I thought I could try again from the middle. Well, Ghostbusters on Commodore and Atari, it was a nice little original game for the time. The NES version was a lame disappointment. And, the Sega version improved it a little. Tune in next time, and we're gonna fast forward to 1989-1990, and we're gonna look at one more Ghostbusters game on Nintendo, and one on Sega Genesis.

Ghostbusters Conclusion[edit]

AVGN: (Playing Ghostbusters 2 for NES, commenting on its level setup) And that's what I'm fucking talking about! Ghostbusters should be nothing more complicated than just running around, zapping ghosts! So it's a huge, HUGE improvement over the first game! ...But that's not saying much! It still sucks monkey fuck and pukes diarrhea up your fucking asshole! And that's interesting, because the movie Ghostbusters II is definitely inferior to the first one. So, I guess the formula works like this: A good movie equals... a shitty, fucking game. But, a not-so-good movie equals a game... that's not as shitty.

AVGN: As for Start and Select? They don't do donkey dick. Usually Start is "pause", but here, there's no fucking way to pause the damn game. I mean, if you've gotta go answer the phone, or take a shit? It's like, tough shit if you gotta take a shit! You gotta take a quick shit! You gotta have turbo turds! I'm trying to play the game, I got shit stains in my pants, and an answering message on my phone that says, "Sorry, I'm playing Ghostbusters 2 on Nintendo." What a selfish game! Bottom line, HAVE A FUCKING PAUSE BUTTON!!! GOD DAMN IT! (Throws an Ecto-1 toy to the ground)

AVGN: (reviewing Ghostbusters on Sega Genesis] This is what you call a game. I... like this. I like this? I can't believe what I'm saying! I think the world is coming to an end. Seriously, like fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes! Volcanoes! The dead rising from their graves! Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria! But don't worry, I'll find something about it that sucks.

AVGN: Guess what the toughest enemies in the game are? Coffee cups! You'd think they'd shatter after just one hit, but no! They take forever to break! I don't get it! Lots of the enemies are just annihilated after just one hit, but not those! Don't fuck with the coffee cups!


Kyle Justin as Spider-Man: (on Spider-Man on Atari 2600) THIS GAME SUCKS MY SPIDER-BALLS! IT'S HORRIBLE!

AVGN: (on Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six) The game's Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Shit.

AVGN: (on The Amazing Spider-Man on Game Boy) There's a suicide button in the game!
Spider-Man: What do you expect? You're fucking jumping while you're trying to hang on to a building.


Spider-Man: (while AVGN jokes about the pizza-delivering objectives early in Spider-Man 2 on Game Boy Advance) I'm a super hero. I shouldn't be known as a pizza delivery man.
AVGN: I wish Spider-Man would deliver my pizzas every day.
Spider-Man: (raises middle finger to AVGN) I'm gonna fucking shove a pizza up your fucking ass!

Kyle Justin: (singing to the tune of the Spider-Man theme song)
Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Takes a dump in a coffee can
Plays some games with a grudge
Gonna shit out some anal fudge
Look out, here comes some shitty games
Alcohol is his power source
Takes a piss like a drunken horse
Climbs a wall, then he falls
This game sucks his spider-balls
Oh no, he's playing the shitty games
When he plays his games
He feels so ashamed
He shoots web from his wrist
But now Spider-Man's fucking pissed
Angry Nerd, Angry Nerd,
Rather suck on a frozen turd
Or eat some crap from a moose
Gonna chug down some poopy juice
These games are such a great big fuck-up
They make you wanna throw up
All over Spider-Man

Sega CD[edit]

Kyle: (Singing the full theme song)
He's gonna take you back to the past.
To play the shitty games that suck ass.
He'd rather have a buffalo
Take a diarrhea dump in his ear.
He'd rather eat the rotten asshole
Of a roadkill skunk and down it with beer
He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard
He's the angry Nintendo Nerd
He's the angry Atari Sega Nerd
He's the Angry Video Game Nerd
When you turn on your TV
Make sure it's tuned to channel 3
He's got a nerdy shirt
And a pocket pouch
Although I've never seen him write anything down
He's got a Power Glove
And a filthy mouth
Armed with his Zapper, he will tear these games down
He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard
He's the angry Nintendo nerd
He's the angry Atari, Sega nerd
He's the Angry Video Game Nerd
He plays the worst games of all time
Horrible abominations of mankind
They make him so mad, he could spit
Or say "Cowabunga"
Kyle and AVGN: Cowa-fuckin' piece of dog shit!
They rip you off and don't care one bit
But this nerd, he doesn't forget it
Why can't a turtle swim?
Why can't I land a plane?
They've got a quick buck for this shitload of fuck
The characters names are wrong
Why's the password's so long?
Why don't the weapons do anything?
He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard
The games suck so bad, he makes up his own words
He's the angriest most pissed off gaming nerd
He's the angry Atari Amiga CD-i Colecovision Intellivision Sega Neo-Geo Turbo-Grafx 16 Odyssey 3DO Commodore Nintendo Nerd
He's the Angry Video Game Nerd

AVGN: Wow, it's like you get to play the games on a CD! Check out the graphics: Full-motion video opposed to video that isn't full motion! 64 simultaneous colors. 12.5 Megahertz Processor. Holy shit! This thing is TOTAL FUCKIN' GAR-BITCH! (said words appear on screen with AVGN) How would you like it if I conducted the rest of the video like this? (screen shrinks into a low-quality full-motion format mimicking that of the Sega CD's) "Full-motion video," my ass! I'd rather be full fuckin' screen!

AVGN: So you put the fucking game in, and oh, guess what? It runs off of its own power adapter. Yeah that's two. One for the Genesis and one for the Sega CD. If it can't run off the same power, why couldn't it just be its own independent system? Instead it's like a fucking parasite or something. Then there's this problem: The load time. Load of shit! You could go dump your ass in the time it takes!

AVGN: Willy Beamish. Okay, in this game, you're a kid in detention. First it's just like watching a cartoon for five minutes. Then an arrow appears and you're like "Oh my God, I get to do something?" So you just point and click at things.
Willy: Man, I'm so bored, I can't stand it.
AVGN: I know, I'm fucking bored. The teacher talks to you. You come up with answers. Should I say "Oh that was my frog Horny."? ...The frog's name is Horny?!

AVGN: Now we got Sol-Feace. More like Sol-Feces!

Sega 32X[edit]

AVGN: The Sega CD had its place in history. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a piece of shit, but it had a certain appeal. The 32X is the real deal. It sucks. Oh, God it sucks. You plop it on the top of the Genesis like they're mating. God, I mean, do you think that's enough add-ons? It doesn't even look aesthetically presentable. I mean, it's just like an ugly tumor. I mean did they really need all this bullshit leeching on the Genesis? That poor Genesis is just thinking, "Oh please God, take this shit off me." It's like getting gang raped. Both of its slots are getting fucked at the same time.

AVGN: So what does the 32X do? Well, it's compatible with all of your 16-bit Genesis games, but it also has its own library of 32-bit games. Oh, you gotta love this: no end labels on the cartridges. May I ask why? Here's the Genesis games; you can read them, you can see what they are. If I'm trying to pick out a game, I can just visually scan my eyeballs across them without have to do this. (Proceeds to pull out the 32X cartridges on the shelf) Oh, what's this, oh, oh, Virtua Fighter? What's this, Star Wars? What's this, Primal Rage? It's the same thing as Atari: labeled (2600), not labeled (5200). Labeled (Sega Genesis), not labeled (32X). Labeled (NES), labeled (SNES), and not labeled (Nintendo 64). Even Nintendo is guilty of the same thing. If you labeled the older games, why can't you do the same to the newer ones? Who came along and said, "Okay, we're gonna have better graphics, better games, and oh, those end labels gotta go."? When did this idea of simple convenience become obsolete?

AVGN: (plugging in the power adapters for the game consoles) Here goes the Genesis, the Sega CD, and... bullshit. What a load of fucking bullshit. How did they fuck this up so bad? I can't even turn it the other way because it doesn't fit. Why can I only plug in two power adapters? Why can't these go sideways? Or better yet, why the hell do they have these box things? Why can't it just be like this? (ends in a thin plug) Even the Atari 5200, with its huge-ass box - it still ends with a normal plug. You know, that really pisses me off. I-I even have a camera, which I just bought this year, and it has a box like that. We live in the year 2007, and they can't figure out that shit like that takes up too much room? These fucking things should be banned! Have these! (the plugs) Not these! (the boxes)

AVGN: (playing Primal Rage with only the background visible) Great title screen, huh? There isn't any title at all! What is this? W- wait a minute. Oh please God, tell me what's going on. Why can't I see the characters? I'm playing Invisible Primal Rage! Alright, let's try Virtua Fighter. (the characters aren't visible here either) What the FUCK?! Guess what, we left something out. There's another cable which connects the Genesis to the 32X. Isn't it enough that the damn thing onto the top of the Genesis? Why does it need another connector? Look at this. It's a fucking mess! And what a perfect visual analogy. Sega invented the 32X to increase the life span of the Genesis. And that's exactly what the friggin' thing looks like. It's on life support!

AVGN: And just to celebrate their failure, or just for shits and giggles, they released a few "CD 32X" games which require BOTH the 32X AND the Sega CD! So if you happen to own both this pile of vomit and this piece of shit, you can mix the two together!

AVGN: So you can clearly see that the 32X was just not worth it. The gamers were too smart to be suckered in, because they knew that this piece of junk would be abandoned shortly, because the Sega Saturn was on its way! Hell, it was already out in Japan, so nobody gave two fucks about this beast. It costed about 150 dollars when it first came out, and the only people who bought it had mechanical problems. And on top of that, there were rumors that it could damage your Genesis games. I don't even know if it was true or not. The Sega Saturn was released in the US about six months later. Only about 40 games or maybe less came out for the 32X before it bit the dust; I mean, what kind of marketing was that?! What were they thinking?! And on top of that, Sega had yet another console planned in between called the Neptune, which was scrapped pretty quickly. All it was going to be was a standalone 32X anyway, which is what it should have fucking been in the first place!

Silver Surfer[edit]

AVGN: All right, this is Silver Surfer... Silver SHIT! (observing the title screen drawing of Silver Surfer) HE LOOKS SO STUPID, I mean what the hell's wrong him, he's just like... like... (imitates Silver Surfer's pose)

AVGN: What did I say before? This game's "not bad"? Well, no, it isn't bad. IT'S FUCKING HORRIBLE!! And I dare you to play it!

AVGN: I can't take it anymore. You know, there's really no point of going on. It's not like there's a reward, like there's a pot of gold sitting on top of the TV. You know, if you beat the game, it probably just says "The End", and that's it. So, to keep playing it, you gotta be a fucking nerd. (continues playing)

AVGN: There's so many obstacles, it's unbeliv- (touches a red pot in the background and unexpectedly dies) I CAN'T TOUCH THAT RED POT?!?!

AVGN: I mean this game just pukes snot up my ass. It's like, you touch the top of the building, you die, you touch the ceiling, you die, you touch the floor, you die, too far to the right, you die, too far to the left, you die, you die, you die, you die, die die die die die die die die die die die die die DIE! Oh, God, I can't fucking stand it.

AVGN: This game is so hard, it would actually be easier to go outside in a thunderstorm and try to dodge rain. It would be easier to walk barefoot without your toes or heels touching the floor. It would be easier to pick fly shit out of pepper, while wearing boxing gloves! The fact that you can get hit only once pretty much means that you're weaker than every other enemy in the game. HOW DO YOU DIE FROM JUST TOUCHING A WALL!? I can understand if he's flying it like 200 miles per hour and he crashes into the wall! But the fact that he just touches the wall and dies is just ridiculous. I never read any of the comics, so I don't know what Silver Surfer's powers are, but isn't he supposed to be pretty strong? So why'd they make him into a wimp?! Why is he fucking up rubber ducks and weeping like a crybaby?! It's like some sort of fucking joke. Like, what if they had Bruce Lee tripping over his own shoelaces? It's a fucking insult! This game should have been classic! But instead, it's worthless! It's as worthless as this fucking LJN poster I have back here! MAN, I WOULD JUST PISS AND SHIT ALL OVER THIS FUCKING GAME!!! IN FACT, JUST THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE HAVING AN ANAL EVACUATION!!! (drinks beer) Fuck! (Takes the game out of the NES and throws it at the wall)

Die Hard[edit]

AVGN: All right, so you've got your life bar, which is self-explanatory. Then you got a "feet bar"... Yeah, your feet have power too, right? You can run by holding the B-button, but that drains your "foot power". Now, let me ask you a question: whats the difference between saving your foot power and using it to get your ass moving? Is it better to run and waste your foot power or just walk slow and waste your fucking time?

AVGN: Somewhere up here, there's a rope which, I don't know if it's important or not. You blow up this gym locker or whatever it is and he says, "I'd have to be desperate to tie that on and jump off! No, thanks!" Are you kidding me? Have you ever had a video game character talk back to you and say, "No, I'm not gonna do that!"? Going back to Mario again, what if Mario just said "You know, I'm really not feeling up to jumping over that platform. No thanks." This is ridiculous. I mean, he won't climb down with a rope, but he'll jump out a window and fucking kill himself?!

AVGN: "Take out the main computer"? I'm getting confused. So I'm going around, trying to kill people, and Officer Carl Winslow keeps talking to me. So, I'm just walking around, waiting for whatever random stuff to happen, then the police car blows up! I'm like, "What does this have to do with anything?" But then Steve Urkel comes on, I'm like, "What the fuck!?"

AVGN: I'd rather have a mountain lion dump its ass all over my face. I'd rather unclog a shitty toilet with my bare hands.

AVGN: There's guys around every corner, there's guys coming out of the elevator, there's guys coming out of your ass! It's crazy!

AVGN: Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker! (Throws the game behind him and it explodes)

Independence Day[edit]

AVGN: Oh God. ...Oh God! Let me ask a question. What do you get when you take a movie that's ASS, and you make it into a game? You get a piece of shit. Now if you get a piece of ass, that's a good thing, but if you get a piece of shit, you don't want that! This, of course, is Independence Day for the PlayStation. I don't even wanna talk about this; it's making me sick. Making me sick!

AVGN: I think it's a graphic flaw: Nothing appears until it's right up in your fucking face. What the ass is that all about? To describe this game's assness, all I can say is... it's very ass.

AVGN: The worst thing about this is that it's making me feel really guilty to be playing it. Like... I should be doing something better with my time. ...Like rolling dog turds in cement. Like, I gotta get away from this game. I gotta get out of this room! I gotta... I gotta go out and do something wild! Like get a tattoo on my face of a goat holding up a baby snorting cocaine off its penis. You know, I've played a lot of shit in my days, but this game is... fuck. The lack of music, the droning effect it has, it reminds me of something very similar... something from the past: Top Gun on NES. While I hated it and it drove me insane, I would rather play this than Independence Day. In fact, just thinking about is like a breath of fresh air. Makes me feel like a shitty log coming out of a buffalo's ass and landing in a bowl of M&Ms.

AVGN: Now, as always, I don't care if you agree on my opinions on games, but what I do care: you enjoy the video, you have a great Fourth of July, drink some beers, but be safe, and most important, celebrate your independence not to play shitty, fucking games!

The Simpsons[edit]

AVGN: Bringing back the horrible memories of these games can best be described like this: Imagine if you trapped a wet, smelly piece of dog shit inside an airtight container. Then, like twenty years later, you open that shit up, you take a good smell, and there you go. Welcome back.

AVGN: (playing Bart vs. the Space Mutants) It's strangely satisfying to jump on those aliens' heads. After all, don't you wish you could just go around killing aliens? Not making purple things not purple? Why not just fucking shit all over 'em and make everything brown?

AVGN: It's also really funny that people just casually walk by. If I was walking through the mall, and I saw giant bouncing donuts and killer marshmallows, walking shoes and spring-jumping shoes, moonwalking shoes, paper bags with legs, paper bags with scary fucking heads, and killer towels? I think I'd shit my pants. Shit would come out of my ass.

AVGN: Now, I don't have a problem with a challenge, but when the challenge is based on how fuckin' crippled the controls are, then fuck it! Eat my shorts-- eat 'em good... right after I took a shitty diarrhea dump.

AVGN: I just wanted to point out that for a game titled "Bart vs. the World", there really isn't a lot of "the world" in the game. No shit, right? Just Egypt, China, the North Pole, and Hollywood? Pretty fucking educational, right? When I was eleven years old, my whole world was video games, just locked in my room playing Bart vs. the Space Mutants and all this crap. And I wasted all my time on this shit! I want it back! It ruined my life! (drinks beer) Bart's my ass and Krusty's my balls! Fuck this shit. Now I'm gonna eat my own shorts. (the Nerd puts his beer down, rips out his boxers with his teeth, and devours it in a ravenous manner)

Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout[edit]

AVGN: Wow, how awesome could this be? Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout! Well, it was a blowout, all right... Blow out your ass!

AVGN: Yeah this game's really a no brainer. (drinks beer)
(Bugs Bunny appears in Nerd's room)
AVGN: (spits out beer) OH MY GOD!! IT'S BUGS BUNNY!!
Bugs Bunny: Nyeeah, (eats carrot) what's up, Doc?
AVGN: (Walks up to Bugs) I can't believe it, in my own house! It's Bugs Bunny! BUGS FUCKING BUNNY! (Punches Bugs in the stomach and again to the face)

AVGN: So you can already guess that all the bosses are Looney Tunes characters, like Wile E. Coyote, Sylvester, Foghorn Leghorn, Elmer fuckin' Fudd, and Pepe Le Shit.

AVGN: This game is garbage!
Bugs: Nyeeeeeeaaah-
AVGN: (grabs Bugs by the ears and pounds his head on the floor; the commas that follow mark the head pounding) I'D RATHER PUT MY BALLS, IN A CROCODILE'S MOUTH, WHILE SHOVING MY HEAD UP A, UNICORN'S, ASSHOLE!!!

Bugs Bunny: Nyeeeeah, ain't I a fuckin' stinker, motherfucker?!
AVGN: Ain't you a goddamn fucking piece of shit! (grabs Bugs, throws him out of the room, and kicks and stomps him on the head several times before going back to playing the game)

AVGN: (after finding out Bugs' friends were pulling pranks on him) I'LL SHOW YOU SOME FUNNY TRICKS! (headbutts Bugs and starts punching him)
Bugs: (while being pummeled) Nyeeeeeeaah, what's up, COCK?!
AVGN: (kicks him in the face) I'll show you what's up ya' fucking bunny piece of shit!

AVGN: You want some shit? (lowers his pants) Bombs away, Bugs Bitch! (Shits on Bugs' face)
Bugs: Nyeeeeaah- OH SHIT! OH SHIT! Nyeeah!
AVGN: (Shows fake butt) Don't worry folks, it's not real. (To Bugs) Fuck you, Bugs Bunny! (sticks middle finger through fake butt) Fuck you, Bugs Bunny! (Throws fake butt to the floor) ...There you go. Got your ass handed to you. (the scene transitions to the Nerd portraying Porky Pig bursting out of the drum) Th-th-th-th-that's all, fucks! (raises middle finger)

Atari Porn[edit]

AVGN: (playing Custer's Revenge) All you do is bang the chick, dodge the spears. Bang the chick, dodge the spears. You know, you gotta give this guy credit. He's under attack, and he still has the nerve to go over and screw this woman against a cactus. I think it's a cactus, with Atari you really can't tell.

AVGN: (playing Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em) You know, there's really something wrong with this whole scene. You gotta be a total fucking whore to stand naked at the bottom of a building, with your mouth wide open, to catch jizz from some guy jerking off, on top of a roof! What kind of sick bitches are these?! And what's the deal with this guy? Either he has a huge dick, or he's a dwarf! What the fuck kinda game is this?

AVGN: You know, that's really weird. Can you imagine if you're just sitting around, minding your own business, then all of a sudden, some naked chick breaks in and starts humping the crap out of you? (looks at his door for a moment) ...You know, that's really not fair. I get Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger and Spider-Man, Bugs Bunny... but no naked chick. Fuck this shit.

AVGN: Now we got Philly Flasher. Somebody please explain this one to me. "Philly Flasher"? Like Philadelphia? What's Philadelphia make you think of? Ben Franklin? The Liberty Bell? Rocky? Cheesesteaks? A witch shooting milk out her tits?

AVGN: This game really disturbs me. But I don't get it! Is this supposed to be erotic? I don't know about you, but I'm not at all turned on by some old wrinkly shitty witch titties! That's fucking nasty, man! What sick fuck came up with this!? What were they thinking?

AVGN: Well, what can you say? Atari and porn. Witches, door-to-door prostitutes, rooftop beaters, cowboy rapists... What more can ya ask for? Remember the commercials, "Have you played Atari today?" Well, fuck yeah I did! But you don't wanna know what I was playing.

Nintendo Power[edit]

AVGN: It's time to chill out. Nah, don't worry. I'm not going mellow on you or anything like that. And, next time, it's going to be a game review again. But for now, I just want to take you back to one of the most important parts of my childhood: Nintendo Power. You know, today, there's Internet. Anything you want to know about any game, you just look it up. But, back then, your only source of information was magazines, like Nintendo Power. If you had a subscription, you were the man! One of your friends would be breaking their balls trying to beat some game, and you'd be like, "Oh, I know how to beat that," or, "I know a code." That's because you had the power! Nintendo Power, motherfucker!

AVGN: One thing that used to piss me off was the NES Achievers section. It's just a bunch of nerds showing off their high scores. But how do you prove it? You gotta take a photo of your screen, and nobody really knew how to do that. I mean, remember, there were no digital cameras back then. So, you take the picture of your screen, you have no fucking clue what it looks like, and there could be like twenty other pictures on the roll, so you either have to like waste them all or wait until it gets finished. You get your mom or dad to take it to the store to get the picture developed. It comes back, and what does it look like? It looks like fucking shit!

AVGN: Remember that shitty movie The Wizard? And that fucking dumbass Super Mario Bros. movie? Man, I remember reading about that and being so excited, I couldn't wait to see that movie! But it was just like waiting for a buffalo to take a shit all over your face.

AVGN: As Nintendo Power progressed, the ads went from being weird to just being fucking disgusting. Why the hell is there a picture of a jar of toenail clippings in a video game magazine? What were they thinking? Now here's the worst one yet: It's some old creepy bitch holding a log of shit! God damn! One ad was so gross, I stapled the page shut. I'm actually not joking. And this one just shows a hurl bag. Yeah, that's great, that just sums up how I feel about the whole situation. Nintendo Power! Don't open unless you got a barf bag! (looks into Nintendo Power, then pretends to vomit into a bag)

AVGN: There's also a contest in every issue. Grand prizes would include a sneak showing to the Ninja Turtles movie, a chance to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, to win Bill & Ted's phone booth, to win a Street Fighter II arcade machine, to dig up dinosaurs, or to be an extra in The Mask II. The Mask II?! Oh, that's a great prize! That movie never got fucking made unless you count Son of Mask, but that wasn't until about ten years later. And did they give the winner a rain check for that? To be in a movie with a computer-generated baby or any of the other sequels to Jim Carrey movies that don't have Jim Carrey?

AVGN: (reading letters) "It is quite apparent what an active and important role marketing plays in the video game industry. I have to wonder what you are thinking when marketing the N64 to elementary school gamers. You risk alienating gamers 15 and up. You should target older gamers, because you'll also target younger ones, since the younger audience's perception of coolness depends on what the older, teenage audience thinks is cool". I agree. The response: "Your suggestion inspired us to target more teens with our marketing, so tune in to a very special episode of Friends this week to see...".. Okay, here's my letter: Dear Nintendo Power editor: What the fuck is your problem?

Fester's Quest[edit]

AVGN: (As Fester) You were expecting, uh, maybe uh, the Ninja Turtles? (a reference to the Nerd's review of the third Ninja Turtles movie)

AVGN: (As Wednesday) This game better stop sucking ass, or else I'm gonna have to give it the finger. The middle finger!

AVGN: (As Gomez) I think it's a shitload of fuck!
AVGN: (As Fester) Think you'd better shut your ass!

AVGN: (As Fester) That's the last guy. It's over.
AVGN: (As Wednesday) That's just the first boss.
AVGN: (As Fester) That's the last guy.
AVGN: (As Gomez) It's not.
AVGN: (As Fester) I know, but let's just say that it is, because that's all I can take.

Kyle Justin: (Singing to the Addams Family theme song)
It's crappy and it's kooky
A stupid piece of poopy
I'd rather eat my dooky
It makes me want to pee
Sucking some ass
AVGN: Fuck!
Sucking some balls
Sucking some balls, Sucking some balls, Sucking some ass
Makes me wanna see ya
Assload of diarrhea
It's worse than gonorrhea
I'm gonna take that pee

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre[edit]

Opening Crawl: In 1983, a shitty game based on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was released for the Atari 2600 by Wizard Video Games. It was a tragic failure and tried to aim for the adult market. Its pixelated violence was enough to get it banned from stores or hidden behind the counter, limiting its sales to obscurity. For them, an ideal hit movie-based game would become a nightmare. But had the game been well known, nobody would have expected nor they would wished to see as much of the mad and macabre doodoo diarrhea bullshit as they were to see in that sucky ass game. Close to 25 years later, it would be discovered by one of the most frustrated gaming geeks on the internet, The Angry Video Game Nerd.

[AVGN comes to a barn where a hillbilly playing a banjo is selling old video games]

AVGN: What have you got here?
Hillbilly: Bunch of shit.
AVGN: I see. Unfortunately this is kind of my thing. (Notices the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Atari 2600 cartridge) How much is this one right here?
Hillbilly: A hundred.
AVGN: A hundred? As in like a hundred dollars?
Hillbilly: No, shit-for-brains, a hundred centavos. Of course a hundred dollars! We are living in the US of A, ain't we?
AVGN: I - I'll take it for 50.
Hillbilly: ..It's a hundred.
AVGN: It's a piece of shit. Look at this! Look at this stock label! I mean, do you know what this is supposed to be? Can you tell me what this is?
Hillbilly: I have no idea what that is. I can tell you what it looks like: It looks like the shit stain in the bottom of my drawers right now!
AVGN: This is a shit stain on a shitty game! That perfectly just sums it all up.
Hillbilly: That, there, is a rare video game, Boy.
AVGN: Unfortunately I'm like - like flies on a piece of shit because I just can't stay away from this stuff.

AVGN: (Playing the game) Then there's hay and wheelchairs and animal skulls. What happened in this field before you got there? Was there somebody going around in a wheelchair gunning down bulls?

AVGN: So, when the game's over, the screen goes black, like a Mortal Kombat fatality. And the girl kicks you in the butt. How violent, she kicks you in the rear. Now I can take bodies getting slashed apart with the chainsaw, but a kick in the ass? That's fucking hardcore. Fuck this game. What a piece of shit.

AVGN: (after being attacked by Chop Top and Leatherface) You've gotta believe me, there's this guy coming after me!
Hillbilly: Hey, hey! Settle down.
AVGN: I'm not kidding! I'm really not kidding. He's-
Hillbilly: Calm down, little buddy. Be cool. Be calm. Be collected... hey, what's that over there? (knocks the Nerd out with his banjo) Batter-up, bitch boy! (starts dragging the Nerd away. As he does so, he sings) Hey there, motherfuckers... Don't tell me what I should do... 'Cause they be motherfuckers...

Chop Top: (while the Nerd is being tortured by being forced to play the game) How do you like that, Nerd? How do ya like!? How do ya like!? (cackles)
Hillbilly: Playing that game like he really don't like it? Ain't that a shame. Listen to him whimper like a little girl. HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH hee hee hee! Yeah, boy. (the Nerd summons enough rage to free himself from his bindings and make an escape) Oh, shit!


AVGN: Well it's Halloween, and, I have to go babysit. Yeah, of all things, I gotta go watch some little shitheads for the night. But, for the meantime, I'll show you a perfect example of a great movie turned into a real shit-bomb.

AVGN: All right, now, that's enough. Y'know, it's all coming back to me now. I remember, once long ago, I had this game in my possession. I just remember seeing this blank cartridge for a pale, emotionless game... with the dullest graphics... the most awful gameplay. I spent eight years trying to figure it out, and another seven trying to keep it locked in my closet because, I realized what was living behind that game... was simply... evil. (the Nerd then meets two kids one is dressed as Optimus Prime and the other is dressed in a Swamp Thing costume at his door)
Kids: Trick-or-treat!
AVGN: Oh, oh, you want some trick-or-treat? Okay, here's some trick-or-treat for ya! (grabs one of the bags and poops into it with his pants on and not wiping afterwards he then hands it back to kids)"
Kids: Ewwwwww!!
AVGN: There you go, you little fuckers! There's some chocolate for ya.
Kid in the Swamp Thing costume : That's not chocolate, that's poop.
AVGN: It's not chocolate nor is it poop. It's shit!

Kid: First you poo in my bag and now you don't give me any candy. You're a dope.

AVGN: (playing Haunted House on Atari 2600) I'm guessing that you're not really a pair of eyes, but it's just common fact that, in the dark, the only thing you can see are someone's eyes.

Kids: (when AVGN enters their house) Look, it's the poopyman!
AVGN: No, no - the "poopyman's" more like the Boogeyman. And he's gonna get ya If you don't turn off this game!

AVGN: (after Michael Myers flees from the kids' house, AVGN goes outside and calls out to a woman) Hey, call the police! Tell the sheriff he's on the loose!
Woman: Is this some kind of a joke? I've been trick-or-treating like shit tonight!
AVGN: ...You don't know what shit is.

Dragon's Lair[edit]

AVGN: Did I just die by walking into the fucking door!? Yeah. Everything kills you. Literally. Everything.

AVGN: Another problem is that the dragon doesn't come up high enough to be able to hit with the dagger, unless you are just squatting, but when you are squatting the dragon stays below the bridge. It literally reacts to your every move. So, what do you do? Do you stand? Do you duck? Either way, you're fucked. The decisions to make in this game are similar to if... say you're standing in a pool full of piss all the way up to your neck. Then somebody comes in with a bucket full of shit to dump on your head. Do you duck down under the piss? Or do you just stay up and take on the shit? This game is like a cruel joke that you play on your friends. It's like, "Hey, you wanna play a game? Here you go, you fuckers!"

AVGN: This game is notorious among gamers as being one of the most frustrating games in existence. At some time or another, it seems everyone takes a shot at it, and after this review, I'm sure many more people will suffer over it, which is unfortunate. But to quote Full Metal Jacket, "It's just one big shit sandwich and we all gotta take a bite."

AVGN: (upon being returned to the first screen after getting a Game Over on the second) Man... Man, fuck that shit. Man, you think I'm gonna put myself through that again?! GOD DAMMIT MAN! (imitates shooting off four of his fingers, leaving the middle one extended upward) Man, FUCK this game, man! Man - Jesus Christ, I'd rather fucking 69 a grizzly bear while shoving King Kong up my ass! I'd rather fucking stand in the middle of a ring of monkeys as they pelt me to death with their own anal waste! Man, fuck this game! Fuck it to hell! Fuck it to oblivion! Fuck it to DAMNATION OF MANKIND!

An Angry Nerd Christmas Carol Part One[edit]

AVGN: (receiving Home Alone 2 for the NES in a gift-wrapped box) Oh gee. Thanks for sending me this crappy game! Coal would've been nice! Or even better, a bag of poop! So thanks!

AVGN: So, you start the game trying to escape from this hotel because they found out that you used a stolen credit card. Now you don't wanna fuck with this hotel - they'll get everybody after ya. Not even just the people who work there, but bouncing old ladies with umbrellas, mops - yeah, crazy bloodthirsty mops will try to get ya. Vacuum cleaners? Yeah, those suck you up. Then there's suitcases! Even the fucking suitcases are trying to run you over!

AVGN: Here, get up the ladder! Get up the fucking ladder! There's birds shitting all over me! Get up the fucking ladder! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK! (yells in anger and takes the game out of his NES) Merry Christmas, you filthy animal! YOU MISERABLE FUCKING CUNT! PIECE OF SHIT! (hurls the game off-screen and walks up to his game cabinet) Shitty games all my life! Shitty fucking games! I hate shitty fucking games! And I hate shitty fucking Christmas because shitty fucking Christmas means more shitty fucking games! HUMBUG! BAH! FUCKING HUMBUG IT TO HELLLLLLLL!!!

An Angry Nerd Christmas Carol Part Two[edit]

Stuttering Craig as the Ghost of Christmas Past: Greetings, Nerd! Forgive this intrusion, for it is I, the Ghost of Christmas Past!
AVGN: (hits himself on the head) I ain't seeing this!
Ghost of Christmas Past: Why do you doubt your senses, Nerd?
AVGN: Because, I wasn't ready to go completely insane tonight.
Ghost of Christmas Past: But you already have! Drowning in your own misery and torment!
AVGN: (Extends his middle finger) You see this?
Ghost of Christmas Past: I do see it.
AVGN: ...But you're not looking at it.
Ghost of Christmas Past: But I see it.
AVGN: ...Look. Ghost. Why do you come to me?
Ghost of Christmas Past: Well, to take you back to the past!
AVGN: To play the shitty games that suck ass? No thanks.
Ghost of Christmas Past: This is your past, Nerd!

Handsome Tom as the Ghost of Christmas Present: You remember the excitement?
AVGN: Who are you?
Ghost of Christmas Present: I'm the Ghost of Christmas Present, bitch.
AVGN: Well what do you want?
Ghost of Christmas Present: I just wanted to remind you the fond memories you had of Super Nintendo. You remember Metroid? Zelda? Mario? You only choose to dwell on crap. You know what you're doing right now?
AVGN: Talking to you?
Ghost of Christmas Present: No, this is all out of body. Don't you get it? Right now you're looking back at reviewing one of the worst games on the Super Nintendo. (AVGN looks through a nearby door to see himself reviewing a game.)
Other AVGN: Shaq Fu. Just the name makes people cringe. Like, you don't even wanna go there.

Other AVGN: The title doesn't even sound good. Shaq Fu? It's like a joke. I mean just the fact that they can release a fighting game starring Shaquille O'Neal and call it Shaq Fu pretty much proves that you can put "Fu" at the end of anything. How about "Robin Williams Fu" or "U2Fu"? I mean, who came up with this shit!? What, were they smoking crack up their ass!?

Future AVGN: You remember the Nintendo Wii? Yeah, that's actually what they called it. But it was very revolutionary when it first came out. But looking at it now, it's like a baby's toy. Now, I got this bullshit fuck game called Far Cry Vengeance. Now you put the word "Vengeance" at the end of anything, and it's sure to suck.

Future AVGN: I'd rather drink diarrhea sauce!

AVGN: IT'S CHRISTMAS! WHAT A GLORIOUS CHRISTMAS DAY! (goes back to his games cabinet cackling with euphoria) Look at all these games! Look at all these games! I think I'm going to play Super Mario World! Fuck yeah! This game's awesome! In fact, I should just play good games from now on. (after a moment, the Nerd's expression turns sour, and he turns off the game and grabs the Virtual Boy) Man, fuck that! Let's play some shitty ones!

Chronologically Confused 2: The Legend of Zelda Timeline[edit]

AVGN: What you're about to see is an unreleased Nerd video from November 2006. Now, after I did my Chronologically Confused video about the bad movie and video game sequel titles, I thought it might be funny to do one on the Zelda timeline. Now, um, the Zelda timeline has been the subject of debate and GameTrailers already did their own retrospective on it, um, but what I wanted to do is, uh, do it my own style, go like, Angry Nerd on it. Um, but in the long run, it really didn't turn out that angry. Um, it was kind of hard to find things about Zelda to get mad about, you know without really forcing it, so I held off on releasing it for a while, and some new images were added in later, but now I think that the fans should see it. You want to see it, right? Yeah? So, just keep in mind, Phantom Hourglass wasn't out yet, Twilight Princess was brand new, the anger level's a little lacking in this one, and most important, just don't take it too seriously. Enjoy.

AVGN: Shigeru Miyamoto, the man responsible for all these great games did an interview with Nintendo Power sometime before the release of the Ocarina of Time and this is what he said. "Ocarina of Time is the first story, then the original Legend Of Zelda, then Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and finally A Link to the Past. It's not very clear where Link's Awakening fits in. It could be anytime after Ocarina of Time." Now whoa, I'm nobody to argue. Don't get me wrong about the man himself, but how is Link to the Past the last? I had a hard time accepting that any game would take place before it, but now it's the last? Then why is it called Link to the Past? If it was meant to be the end, why wouldn't it be called Link to the Future?

AVGN: So what right do I have to argue with Miyamoto? I don't. However, I can offer three explanations to why he says Link to the Past goes at the end. 1, He was being interviewed and he was caught on the spot, so it could've been a simple mistake. 2, Link to the Past was once a prequel, but its place in the timeline changed so his quote is somehow correct. 3, it's just a game so who gives a shit?

AVGN: Now a second Zelda game was for the Nintendo 64 was released, Majora's Mask. This one was a sequel to Ocarina of Time. But wait, not a sequel to the end where adult Link defeats Ganon, No! It's a sequel to young Link after he got sent back. So now any speculation of Nintendo ever making a sequel to Zelda II is deader than shit. They can't even make a sequel that follows in consecutive order. Instead, they just keep going back and then maybe taking a small step up again and then back again. We have a sequel to the original, a prequel to the original, a sequel to the prequel, a prequel to the prequel, and a sequel of the young Link of the prequel's prequel. WHAT THE FUCK?! At this point, if you want to try to make any sense out of this whole thing then go right ahead, but not me. At this point, I really didn't give a shit.


AVGN: Fuck. I gotta do this one now? Well, guess I might as well, 'cause there's a new Rambo movie coming out. Back in the 80's, Rambo was the shit. But the NES game was just plain shit. Well, it's based off Rambo: First Blood Part II rather than the first one. I guess making a game where you're going around killing cops... Probably wasn't their best interest.

AVGN: It begins with the colonel visiting Rambo in prison, and making him a deal: Go rescue prisoners in Vietnam and you're free. But, you have a choice: "I'm not afraid of death." or "I feel better in prison." Hmm, how about "I feel better in prison"? "But it's up to you. The game doesn't start until you say yes." Well what's the point of having an option, then? I'm saying "Leave me the fuck in prison", but then again I might as well not even put the game in if I'm gonna say no. That's like in the movie, if he would've said, "John, the movie can't continue 'til you say yes."

AVGN: When Rambo meets the girl for the second time in the game, you're given an option. Rather than conducting business, you can say, "What do you think about me?" The game doesn't advance until you stop asking this, so, what's the point? And how cocky can Rambo be to expect a compliment? She could have said, "What do I think of you? You look like a hairless gorilla, and when your mouth is open, you really freak me out."

AVGN: Why does the fucking password have to be so damn long? Is it really necessary to have both capital as well as lowercase letters and numbers, question marks and exclamation marks too? If you're writing this down, you're gonna get confused. S's look like 5's. Zeros looks like O's. Capital and lowercase letters can look identical, and lowercase L's can look like 1's and uppercase I's. That's something I have no tolerance for! The password system should be simple, straightforward and easy to use! As long as you know the password, you should be able to enter it and move on! It doesn't need to be a fucking project! Assholes!

AVGN: (discussing how in his first Chronologically Confused video, he sarcastically commented that the fourth Rambo movie would be called "John Rambo") And what do they do? That's what they called it! And I feel bad. I feel like I picked on a retard or something, like, "What're you, retarded? ...Oh, I'm sorry." But then what do they do? They change it again, to just "Rambo". Like, is this a sequel, or a remake? It couldn't get any more confusing!

AVGN: But then comes "Rambo". How do you follow "Rambo III" with just Rambo? That doesn't make any sense, it's like you're going backwards! So, now if someone says, "I'm watching Rambo," it's like, "Oh. Oh, what do you mean? Do you mean First Blood? Or do you mean Rambo: First Blood Part II? Or do you mean Rambo, the 4th movie?" "THAT'S WHAT IT IS! THE FOURTH FUCKING MOVIE!" WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE JUST CALLED IT RAMBO IV? I, II, III, IV! (Pretends to have head explosion, then goes nuts and collapses on the floor while he rips a poster off the wall.)

Season Three[edit]

Virtual Boy[edit]

AVGN: Virtual reality seemed like the way of the future. Just the idea of feeling like you were in the game was an awesome concept. But instead, it turned out to be the grand mother load of shit. The first problem was that it was marketed as a portable system. Yeah, "portable". My ass is portable! You could barely find a comfortable way to play this big red ugly piece of shit at home, let alone bring it somewhere. Like you couldn't play it in a car somewhere or something like that, and... come to think of it, you wouldn't want to play this thing in public anyway. You'd look like an asshole!

AVGN: Why isn't there a headstrap? Let's think about this. This has got to be one of the worst designs for any invention in history! It's basically a pair of goggles on a stand! To me, that translates to a pair of eyeballs on legs. The controller's really weird, too. It has two D-pads and the battery pack is attached to it. You can swap it with an AC adapter, but when you're playing on a table, it can come loose and shut off your game. The 3D effects are hard to focus and they strain your eyes. There was even a warning on the box that said it could cause headaches and seizures. That's great, right? That's like the cherry on a shit sundae. How would you like to play bad games and have a headache, too? But, before I say the games are bad, let's take an honest look. Unfortunately, the only way I can record these games is to zoom into the eyepiece, so, please excuse the guerilla-style videography.

AVGN: (playing Galactic Pinball) I feel like I'm taking an eye exam! And speaking of that, my eyes are starting to hurt already. If you play this game long enough and go blind, you can really become the Pinball Wizard.

AVGN: (playing Red Alarm) Next up: Red Alarm. Well, red is right. All of the games should've had "Red" in the title. It's basically a flying game like Star Fox. Remember what the graphics look like on Star Fox? Everything was a polygon. Well, imagine that in red and black, without any rendered shapes whatsoever. Everything is just a wireframe; it looks like a game that hasn't been finished. Worst of all, it's disorienting! If only there was some kind of texture, you would be able to see where the boundaries are. But without it, you're just flying around with a bunch of lines! Often, I think I'm flying into an opening, but then I find that I'm just butting against the wall! (Cuts to game footage of the plane butting against the wall) Look at this! Where am I supposed to go?!

AVGN: (playing Wario Land) But it's actually a good game. Damn good. But, only one problem: It's on Virtual Boy.

AVGN: Well, now we saved the worst for last. It's Waterworld. Now, let's just stop for a moment and take this in, okay? (breathes heavily) Waterworld... on Virtual Boy! It's like puking on a pile of shit!

AVGN: Waterworld is the only movie-based game on Virtual Boy, and doesn't it seem like a match made in Heaven? It's a perfect analogy! An over-budget, over-hyped movie turned into a game on a gimmicky over-priced anal atom bomb of a console exploding with diarrhea!

AVGN: (playing Jack Bros.) So, let's give it a look and make this whole episode complete. Jack Bros., here we go. It's in Japanese, and since this game's story-based, I'm not gonna be able to read any of the text. But the story doesn't concern us, we wanna know how it plays. You get a choice of three characters who look like Halloween mascots. Jack Frost, Jack Lantern, and a skeleton named Jack the Ripper. He's the coolest character, but his attack is just a sword, while the rest of the characters can shoot projectiles. That's real deceiving! It's almost like they planned it that way. Obviously you're gonna pick the fuckin' skeleton, but they give him the shittiest weapon! So, it plays like a typical overhead view, where you have to fight monsters, collect keys, and find an exit before time runs out. Instantly, it reminds me of Gauntlet. And that's not a bad thing. For such a rare game, it's not half-bad. But it doesn't utilize the Virtual Boy in any unique way. It goes 3D a little when you drop to a lower platform, but overall it just comes down to the same thing. This should've been on Game Boy. This has nothing to do with Virtual Reality. I don't feel like I'm there! They didn't even try to make it virtual! Instead, they were just jackin' off! And that takes care of the whole Virtual Boy catalogue.

AVGN: Now, to be fair, most of the games were okay, but they're the same kind of games you might as well be playing on your TV screen. I mean, they tried to take advantage of some 3D elements, but this wasn't called 3D Boy, it was called VIRTUAL BOY! They didn't even attempt - they didn't even attempt a virtual reality concept. What it needed was some first person shooter games. Like Doom - that would've been awesome! Now, it's been about ten years, the technology's gotten better, but nobody really gives a shit about virtual reality anymore. And maybe that's for the best. (Gives his middle finger to Virtual Boy as Virtual Boy explodes.)

The Wizard of Oz[edit]

AVGN: But now on with the game. Let's start off with the enemy rundown: We've got blood thirsty blue birds, frogs, chattering teeth, pink soldiers, some weird looking dude, flying elephants which are supposed to be monkeys, a blobby blue guy, and killer chairs. Is this Wizard of Oz or Pee-wee's Playhouse? Then there's all these buzzsaws. Kind of violent, don't you think? Everything imaginable wants you dead. Even water faucets coming out of trees. Even the hands of a clock can kill you. (holding an analog clock) OH GOD!! HERE IT IS!! WATCH OUT FOR THE CLOCK!!!! (imitates getting attacked by the clock)

AVGN: Remember the scene from the movie where Dorothy kicks the shit out of a giant crow wearing a vest?

Cowardly Lion: With a knuck! And a ruck! And a fuck! And a f-fuck!
AVGN: Hey man, did you just swear?!
Cowardly Lion: Uhh, huh huh huh! Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah! Fuck you! Fuck you! Dick! Dick! Dick! Hahahahahaha!
AVGN: (resumes explaining the game) Now the only problem with the lion is that after he dies only once -
Cowardly Lion: (gasps) Die!? (starts crying)
AVGN: - he never comes back!
Cowardly Lion: (runs out of the room and "dies" in an explosion effect) Oh, fuck!

Cowardly Lion: (as AVGN fights the Wicked Witch at the end of the game) Oh, is that the witch of the witch? [sic] She's a bitch, not a witch! Hahah!
AVGN: C'mon, c'mon, you fucking green bitch! Melt! Melt like diarrhea in the hot sun!
Cowardly Lion: Ahaha! Yeah, melt - shove a broom right up her ass! Fuck that bitch! Fuck that bitch! Fuck - wi - Wicked Witch of the East, Wicked Witch of the West, Wicked Witch of My Ass! Hahaha! Brruff! Hahaha!
AVGN: Now shortly after the witch you go in the Emerald City.
Cowardly Lion: Yeah, the Emerald Shitty Asshole.
AVGN: Yeah, and it's the last stage in the game.
Cowardly Lion: Thank fucking God!

AVGN: Now this is the last room in the game.
Cowardly Lion: About fucking time!
AVGN: All you gotta do is get the two keys in the top two corners.
Cowardly Lion: Get up there!
AVGN: Now, what the fuck? I mean, how am I supposed to get under this flame?
Cowardly Lion: Piss on it!
AVGN: (is unavoidably damaged by the flame) Oh, fuck it.

AVGN: There's no shitty game like this! I'm serious, like, it shouldn't have been made. Like it's almost half as bad as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And I know it's been like forty something reviews and I'm still talking about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. But I'm serious! It's really almost that bad! FUCK THIS GAME! WATCH IT GO!!! (AVGN throws the game, the same time the Cowardly Lion poops while doing a handstand making the game glued to the ceiling.) DAMN!!! You just plastered the game on my ceiling with your SHIT!
(Cowardly Lion laughs)


Cowardly Lion: Wicked Witch of the East, Wicked Witch of the West, Wicked Witch of my balls, Wicked Witch of my dick, Wi-- Wicked Witch of the ass. Wi-- Wicked Witch...
AVGN: [cracking up] Wicked Witch of the ass! [Laughs]

Double Vision Part One[edit]

AVGN: The Intellivision came from Mattel Electronics. Now, you know what else they made? The Power Glove. Now that's a bad sign right there. But it was a great game system for its time.

AVGN: The controls suck ass. And in this regard, the main problem is the controllers! Why a numeric keypad!? This is a video game controller, not a phone! Then there's two little buttons on each side which are usually the fire buttons. It's awkward to handle. And rather than a joystick or a control pad of some kind, you get this weird disc. Sometimes in the heat of the game, you can actually jam your fingernail on it. It also acts as a button, so in total, that's seventeen buttons! And for games this complex, you really need that many.

AVGN: And the games barely fit in the cartridge slot. It's like trying to stick your dick in a Cheerio.

AVGN: Here we have "Tron Deadly Discs." You just run around throwing shit at people. Seems like it would be a fun little game, but what ruins it for me is how ASS the controls are! Rather than having one simple fire button and aiming with the joypad or disc or whatever, the keypad determines which direction you shoot. (He plays game for a few seconds and dies.) Shit da fuck?!?

AVGN: Microsurgeon. (referring to the cartridge cover art) The picture reminds me of Slim Goodbody. I can't believe I'm making that kind of reference. But anyway, you control a barely visible dot on the screen moving around the human body. There's spiders and clouds floating around and, I doubt this thing's medically accurate. You just explore all the guts, technically making it the goriest game ever made. But it only goes so far. I guess the piss and shit zone just didn't do it.

AVGN: OK, now we gotta move on. But let me introduce the Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module. What the fuck is that!? Well, it makes your games talk. Yeah, now at the time, the idea of having voices in video games was a new thing. But unfortunately only a few games were compatible, like B-17 bomber. (puts the cartridge in the slot)
Intellivoice: Mattel Electronics presents... B-17 Bomber!
AVGN: (mimicking the intellivoice) BEE SEVENTEEN BAWMURR!!
Intellivoice: B-17 Bomber!
AVGN: All right, fuck the game. Let's try Bomb Squad.
Intellivoice: Mattel Electronics presents... Bomb Squad! (Buzzer buzzes.) THEY'LL NEVER DO IT IN TIME!! THE CODE! THE CODE! FIGURE OUT THE CODE!
AVGN: What? Guess I gotta defuse the bomb.
AVGN: OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH, GOD! (the Intellivision explodes.)

Double Vision Part Two[edit]

AVGN: (Also sprach Zarathustra from 2001: A Space Odyssey plays in the background) What's that? A metamorphic stone rising from the blackness of negative Earth? A towering behemoth of monstrosity brought down by extraterrestrial powers? Or, a giant monolith of death, hell bent on the annihilation of human kind, time, and all matter? No. It's the AC adapter for a Colecovision. (struggles to pick it up.) WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY THINKING?! Is this necessary!? Look! I can't fit this God-forsaken piece of shit in the electrical outlet, unless there's nothing next to it! What a fucking hog! That's what it is, a self indulgent glutton of a power hog!

AVGN: Next is Campaign '84. Yes, a game based on the presidential campaign. Probably the worst fucking concept for any game in history. First, you pick what you want to accomplish. You know, like what kind of serious issues are on the country? Like "ban all shoelaces"? That's my favorite, 'cause shoelaces are bullshit!

AVGN: "You were seen putting your shoes on before you put on your pants." Okay, well who the hell was watching me get dressed!? If I wanna put my shoes on first, that's my own goddamn business!

AVGN: Robin Hood! I guess you're Robin Hood and you're just shooting the fuck out of people with your arrows. Man, all this violence going on, but the sun is just smiling away.

AVGN: We can spend all day talking about these games and discussing them in-depth. But I only wanted to give you an introduction on two classic gaming consoles. Now I know we mainly focused on the shitty aspects, but let me tell you: That's the name of the game.

AVGN: But before I end it, let's take a look at the Colecovision Expansion Module. Yeah, what gaming system is complete without some kind of peripheral? You plug it in and now you can play Atari 2600 games. That's right, I'm playing Atari on Colecovision, its competitor. Okay, that would never happen today. That's like if Sony said, "Okay, we're gonna come out with this new expansion module for the Playstation 3. You're gonna be able to play X-Box games on it." ...There would be lawsuits up the ass! And there were more expansion modules. The second one's a steering wheel for the driving games, and the third one connects the fucker to an Adam computer. I wonder if the Addams Family had an Adam computer. Now the fourth expansion module connects it to a dishwasher. And then the fifth and final one... CONNECTS IT TO YOUR ASS!!

The Wizard and Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

[Fan versions of the "Angry Video Game Nerd" theme play. Afterwards, the title cards appear, accompanied by the "Super Mario Bros. 3" Hammer Bros. Fight Music.]
The Nerd: I'm gonna review a ​good game for once. Yeah. Now don't worry, I'll go back to torture myself with shitty ones, but for now, let's do somethin' awesome.
The Nerd: Super Mario Bros. 3 is often considered to be the greatest game on the NES, and for good reasons. It took everything that made the first Mario great and multiplied it several times over, adding new intricate levels of gameplay and challenges. Whether it's the top loader, or that classic gray box, the Nintendo Entertainment System was at the height of its popularity when this masterpiece came along to push it over the top and make an everlasting impression, the defining moment of our childhood pastime.
The Nerd: During the final years of the 8-bit era, many other games came along like McKids and Tiny Toon Adventures which tried to emulate its gameplay, its power-up system and overall design. It was one of the first games I remember to have a strategy guide. There was also a Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon series, even though there was no 2. That's the power that this game had. All you gotta do is say "Mario 3," and anyone will go, "Oh, yeah."
The Nerd: Now, all the hype began before the game was even released. Most of us first heard about Mario 3 in the 1989 movie, The Wizard, an innocent little family flick, but essentially a theatrical Nintendo commercial in disguise as a feature film.
The Nerd: The plot involves a boy named Jimmy suffering from a mental disorder after his sister died. They put him in an institution, his brother breaks him out, and they run away. On top of that, Jimmy is Hell-bent on going to California. [Jimmy says "California!" in multiple scenes] All just because he wants to leave photographs of his sister inside Dinny the Dinosaur, one of two dinosaur statues previously featured in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.
The Nerd: Along the way, they meet some girl who's also a runaway and they find out that Jimmy kicks ass at Nintendo games, so they enter a video game tournament called Video Armageddon. Throughout the course of all this, they're being chased by some asshole who finds lost kids for money. Meanwhile, he's competing with the father and older brother who are trying to find him first.
The Nerd: So, yeah, that's all great, but do you think any 9-year-old kid gave two fucking shits about the plot of this movie? I know I didn't. I saw it in the theater opening day, and here's a perfect re-enactment, all for you. "What the Hell is this shit? I don't care whet these people are talking about. Oh, look back there. What game is this? [reenacting to seeing Fred Savage on the screen] Who the hell are you? Go back to the freaking Wonder Years, you piece of shit! What game's that? Oh, you hear it? That's Zelda II. Oh, what games are they playing? Turn around. Come on, I want to see the damn games." That's what it was like, you'd see a few moments of a game, you'd get excited, and then it's back to the story.
Sam Woods: I got the Scroll Weapon, and I almost beat Mecha-Turtle at the end of Level 3!
The Nerd: While some game lingo was thrown in, the audience, the kids watching the movie, were the experts and would notice anything that was wrong. When Jimmy's playing Double Dragon, he starts mashing buttons before the game even begins. Then after his brother pulls him away, only to turn back, he says:
Corey Woods: 50,000? You got 50,000 on Double Dragon?
The Nerd: 50,000? How could you get 50,000 points in less than a minute, and why such a random number? Also note that it's not the arcade version of Double Dragon, it's the Nintendo version, which means that he's playing it on the PlayChoice-10, an arcade clone of games that were also on the NES. Obviously an endorsement from Nintendo. But the tabletop one in the diner, I've never seen that. Then, there's the Nintendo Power Tip line. That's right, people sitting around waiting to help you with any game problem you have.
Haley Brooks: Simon's Quest.
The Nerd: Just call that 900 number, and rack your parents' phone bill up the ass. Enter Lucas, the other villain, the opposing game expert of the film.
Lucas Barton: Pick any game you want. I'm good at all of them. I have 97 of them.
Haley Brooks: You know all 97 of them?
The Nerd: Today, there's about 800 Nintendo games, but for the time being, let's say, "Okay, Lucas ​is the master at Nintendo because he has all 97 games." You wanna be as badass as him, right? Well, you better get your parents to take out a loan, and get ya every Nintendo game.
The Nerd: And, of course, the biggest advertisement ever in a movie: the Power Glove. He proves his radicalness by playing Rad Rader. Rock music comes on, which doesn't belong from the game. You can chop out 20 seconds of this, repackage it, and air it on TV, and there you go, it's a commercial for the Power Glove.
Lucas Barton: I love the Power Glove. It's so bad.
The Nerd: The Wizard was a rare instance in product placement when the prime moviegoers were interested in the product rather than the movie itself. Again, much like in Pee-Wee, it ends with a big chase through a movie studio, this time the Universal backlot, from the Monster movie sets, to where King Kong attacks the trolley. Universal Theme Park was just about to open in Florida that following year. Another endorsement? Well, it's a Universal film, so of course.
The Nerd: The highlight is the game tournament, where the three finalists, Jimmy, Lucas, and some geeky bitch that nobody cares about [Mora Grissom], all compete in a game that nobody had even played yet! With the craziest host ever and the most epic introduction to anything in existence on the planet, this is when for the first time we set our eyes on ​Super Mario Bros. 3. Not only did it blow our minds to get a preview of this game on the big screen, but it also gave us a big tip. Who the fuck would know the first time playing to fly up over the ceiling and get the magic flute, and then to use it as a warp to get to World 4? After seeing The Wizard, we sure did.
Sam Woods: Jimmy! Watch the mushrooms!
The Nerd: Rather than it being a simple test of who makes it the farthest, they had some weird scoring system with knights running. How exactly do they keep score? But, who cares? This movie may be a mess, but it lives on in our hearts with a sentimental quality. Just the fact that they actually have Wizard reunions is a testament to that.
The Nerd: But now, let's talk about Mario 3. This is gonna be short, because there's not much you can say that already hasn't been said a million times, but I'll put it blunt and simple: This game kicks your ass 'til diarrhea comes out your dick. The only thing better than playing this game would be to have a magic leprechaun come and bring you beer.
The Nerd: There's 8 worlds, each with a different theme: desert, snow, sky, and my favorite is the one where everything's giant. Each of the worlds has a big map screen where you can select which level you play. At first, it's as simple as clearing each level and moving on, but later the paths become more complicated, whether it means going through pipes, breaking through boundaries, or sailing over water, but the actual levels are what it's all about. Slide through a bunch of bad guys, oh, that's so much fun.
The Nerd: The two-player game has a perfect balance. It's where you can either work together to complete the game or just compete for items and race each other to the end. Or you could die deliberately so that the other player will have to play the hard levels.
The Nerd: There's card games, puzzle games, and even a bonus stage where you can play the original Mario Bros. arcade. Again, this offers many possibilities to be an asshole toward the other player.
The Nerd: The power-ups are awesome. In the original Mario, there's the Mushroom and Fire Flower, but now. there's the Leaf that turns you into a Raccoon. You can break blocks with your tail, or if you get a good stretch of land to run, enough to get your P-bar up, you can fly for a short period of time. But if you get the P-wing, you can fly through the whole level. There's also the P-switch that turns blocks into coins. What does "P" stand for? And why is there so much "P" in this game? It's not full of shit, it's full of "P."
The Nerd: What about the power-ups? You also have a Frog Suit that swims a lot easier, you got a Hammer Suit which throws hammers, and a Tanooki Suit that turns into a statue. I dunno what that's about. I mean, I know you use it to protect yourself from enemies, but man, what kind of crack were they smoking? But the really cool thing is that you can save these power-ups and use them whenever you need them. Like, before the start of the level you might think, "Eh, it's time to break out the Frog suit."
The Nerd: The enemies in the game are out of control. You got these Goombas hopping around in wind-up boots. Then you got an angry sun, Big Bertha, and nuclear waffles. Not to mention you gotta fight all the Koopa Kids and beat Bowser at the end.
The Nerd: Alright, going through the pipes, oh, wait, oh-- BULLSHIT! What a bunch of fuckin' bullshit! Come on, you piece of shit. Come on, MOVE YOUR ASS!
The Nerd: Hey, how do I get this flower over here? I dunno, I'm just gonna try to... [groans] Come on! Yeah, alright. This game's tricky-dicky. It's pretty damn hard, too.
The Nerd: Then there's this part where the only way to reach the goal is to fly in the air, while holding a Koopa shell, and break all the blocks. Who'd even think to go up there?
The Nerd: Especially when you get to the last world, it can get real challenging. This part doesn't fuck around. It's like "You got to the end. You dare to play? Welcome to Hell!" That's what it looks like. All of this fire and skulls? Looks like Hell! There's sort of like a heart shape around it. Yeah, a heart around Hell. Does that mean that this game loves Hell? This game worships the devil! [looks at a cannon shaped like the cross] Oh, my God, of course it does. Why are there so many inverted crosses?
The Nerd: [reaches ice blocks shaped like an H] What's the H stand for? "Hell"? How 'bout the part with the tarot cards? The N? "Necronomicon?" The P must be "Possession". Or maybe "Pentagram." Well, of course, the pentagram makes an appearance everywhere. There's no doubt that the seven sons of Bowser represent the seven deadly sins.
The Nerd: You kneel before Satan on the block and after six seconds, you fall through. There's six arrows on the possession meter, (referring to one particular level) and to reach the goal, you go in the sixth door. That's 666! Everywhere you look it's the Number of the Beast! In The Wizard, the game's introduction is basically the gates of Hell opening.
Video Armaggedon host: Come up here, my little beauties!
Corey and Haley: 6! 6! 6!
The Nerd: Yeah! "Video Armaggedon." The Devil watches you through the whole game. The clouds have eyes, the hills have eyes. [chuckles] Yeah, literally, the hills have eyes. [referring to Toad's text "Oh, thank heavens!"] Thanks Heaven, and we know that there's no need to thank Heaven unless there's the presence of Hell. There's eight worlds. In the eighth world there's five spaces you can stand on where giant hands drag you down to your doom. There's twelve tanks you gotta jump on before the goal, and it takes me twelve jumps to get Bowser to fall down the hole. The eighth letter of the alphabet is H, five equals E, twelve equals L, what's that spell? HELL! And what's it sound like when you play the game backwards? [the Nerd reverses the video game footage, and whispering sounds play] This game's a product of the fucking Devil. And none of the other Mario games are like that, so I don't know why it's only this one. But, in conclusion, all I can say is that, other than being the total epitome of evil, Super Mario Bros. 3, it's a good game. So good it's a sin.
Possessed SMB3 Cartridge: Your mother!
[NES Toploader floats down to the floor]
The Nerd: Oh, my. [the controller is yanked off the Nerd's hands, and the Possessed SMB3 Cartridge chuckles evilly. He slaps the Nerd with the controller, knocking off his glasses, and the Possessed SMB3 Cartridge laughs evilly, while turning around] Oh, my God, it's a possessed NES!
Possessed SMB3 Cartridge: [burps and pukes onto the Nerd's face] Your mother sucks cocks in Hell!
The Nerd: [The Nerd gets angry and pulls the game out of the NES] What the fuck did you just say?
Possessed SMB3 Cartridge: I said, "Your mother sucks cocks in Hell."
The Nerd: [Exclaims in fear, and makes cross with his fingers.] Go back to Hell, you evil motherfucker!
Possessed SMB3 Cartridge: Shove it up your ass, you motherfucking cocksucker!
The Nerd: The power of Christ compels you!
Possessed SMB3 Cartridge: What an excellent fucking day for an exorcism!
The Nerd: The power of Christ compels you! [Possessed SMB3 Cartridge growls] The power of Christ compels you!
Possessed SMB3 Cartridge: [snarls] Fuck your mother!
The Nerd: The power of Super Mecha Death Christ compels you!
Super Mecha Death Christ: [enters the room] FUCKERS! FUCKERS! [shoots Super Mario Bros. 3]
Possessed SMB3 Cartridge: !sparts eseht odnu yldnik ,oS .liveD eht m'I
The Nerd: Yeah, Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. Version 4.0 BETA, BITCH!
Super Mecha Death Christ: [yells] FUCKERS! [uses heat vision on Super Mario Bros. 3 and keeps shooting at Super Mario Bros. 3] FUCKERS!! FUCKERS!! [shouting] FUCKERS! MOTHERFUCKER!
[the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartridge is destroyed]
The Nerd: Holy shit.
Super Mecha Death Christ: [shoots the Nerd, who yells the Wilhelm Scream] WATCH THAT FUCKIN' LANGUAGE!
[the cartridge demon appears]
Super Mecha Death Christ: [Screams] FUCKERS!
[Super Mecha Death Christ and the Demon have a showdown. Then, the Demon calls out his game consoles minions. The Nerd is on top of his air conditioner and wearing his NES Accessory Suit]
The Nerd: All right...who wants some?!
[The PlayStation and 2 NES consoles start attacking the Nerd, but the Nerd has time to react by shooting them with his Super Scope]
[The PlayStation shoots Memory Cards, the 1st NES shoots game cartridges, and the 2nd NES console shoots fire, all going to the Nerd, but the Nerd protects himself with his cape [NES Accessory: Power Pad]]
Super Mecha Death Christ: FUCKERS!
[NES controller wraps around the Nerd's leg but the Nerd shoots it with his Konami LaserScope. The N64 controller starts moving around and gets killed by the Nerd]
[The Nerd starts shooting at various game consoles, like the Coleco Vision, and Sega Saturn. The Virtual Boy starts coming towards the Nerd and shoots heat vision at the Nerd, but the Nerd protects himself with the Power Pad and blows up the Virtual Boy, and the Sega Genesis. The Book of the Dead starts laughing]
The Nerd: WHOA, NOT YOU!
[The Nerd shoots The Book of the Dead as Super Mecha Death Christ and the Demon still have a showdown. An SNES jumps to the Nerd, but the Nerd catches it and tears it apart. The Nerd withdraws his Super Scope and shoots the 1st NES and withdraws his left NES Zapper and shoots the Sega Master System and withdraws his right NES Zapper]
The Nerd: I'm the lord of the harvest!!! Bring it down, bring it down!!!
[The Nerd shoots rapidly with 2 Zappers and kills the TurboGrafx-16]
The Nerd: [yells wildly]
[The Nerd destroys the 3DO, and Sega Dreamcast with his Zappers. The Nerd shoots the 2nd NES and the PlayStation with his Konami Laser Scope, Zapper, and Super Scope. And it becomes the final showdown: The Nerd and Super Mecha Death Christ vs. the Demon. The Nerd and Super Mecha Death Christ shoot the Demon until the Demon explodes and dies.]
The Nerd: We annihilated 'em!
Super Mecha Death Christ: YES, WE DID! [notices the Nerd's NES Accessory suit] WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT?
The Nerd: Oh. All this shit? [nods] I'll tell you all about it.

NES Accessories[edit]

AVGN: [Reviewing the Miracle Piano] Other than having standard lessons, you also get a robot game. Play the song right or the robot dies! Then there's a duck game You gotta shoot the ducks. Oh, come on! (Begins tapping keys rapidly) Yeeaah, I'm shooting ducks with a piano!

AVGN: [reviewing the Power Pad and playing World Class Track Meet with it] It was meant to be a family game, but most kids I knew played it alone in their room. And that meant that if your room was upstairs, your parents would hear like all this thumping and shit. They hated it. Cats and dogs would piss and shit on it. In fact, just thinking about it makes me feel like having an anal evacuation.

AVGN: It's all about pressing buttons, which brings us to our next accessory. Probably the stupidest thing ever invented: The Speedboard. What is it? It's a piece of fucking plastic! You attach your controller - you get it? In case you don't wanna hold the controller with your hands? In case you enjoy playing on the floor, or behind a table? Then this is for you. It's embarrassing. What's the point? To "put the speed at your fingers?" Why in the ass would I need that!? If I'm playing a game that involves having to tap the buttons like crazy, I'm probably gonna get a turbo controller, like the NES Max, or NES Advantage. How could they even sell such a thing? Even though it's made by a third party company, it was actually licensed by Nintendo. It's like covering a turd in ice cream sprinkles.

AVGN: [Reviewing the voice-controlled Konami LaserScope] FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! It also has headphones, and it advertises on the box that you can use it for your Game Boy or Walkman. Just detach the scope module, yeah. Wow. Yeah, I would look so cool walking around listening to my iPod with this fucking thing on my head! It also advertises that "Parents will love what they don't hear." It says, "While the LaserScope surrounds the player with the sounds of exciting gameplay action, non players can listen to music, read a book, talk on the phone or have a conversation in the same room." Yeah, while you're saying "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!" Kinda defeats the purpose, right? FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Fuck! ...I didn't say "fire", I said "FUCK"! FUCK! FUCK-FIRE! FUCK! FUCK! ASS! You can say anything. SHIT! BITCH! CUNT! FUCK! FART! [shifts to Duck Hunt] FUCK! Wow, I just shot down a duck by saying "fuck."

AVGN: [Reviewing the Roll n' Rocker] It's another hunk of plastic! Who made this thing!? [sees it was produced by LJN] Son of a bitch.

AVGN: It doesn't work. It just doesn't work. I need a beer. [drinks Rolling Rock beer, then notices the coincidental title similarity] I'm drinking Rolling Rock on the Roll n' Rocker! Rolling Rock! Roll n' Rocker! Yeah-hah, Rolling Rock on the Roll n' Rocker!

AVGN: [Playing Super Mario Bros. with the U-Force] Get the mushroom, oh - OH! Now that's assy. Yeah, I know I use the word "ass" a lot. I guess you can say I'm an assoholic.

AVGN: [After reviewing U-Force] So, that covers the most of the dreaded NES Accessories, now I know that there's one in particular I didn't mention. [Shows ROB the Robot behind Nerd's shoulder] But, you know, can't do it all in one shot. We'll save it till later, I'll see ya next time, I think you'll know what's next.

Indiana Jones Trilogy[edit]

AVGN: (reviewing Raiders of the Lost Ark on Atari 2600) This is the whip. It's the same as the gun, just a shorter range! Why is it just a dot?! I know the graphics on the Atari are limited, but don't tell me you can't draw a line!

AVGN: If even a single pixel of your body comes in contact with any of these walls, it sends you back into the trap. But still, where do you go? You're supposed to touch this one spot on the wall which leads you to the next room. Well, after knowing that you can't touch anything else in the room, why the fuck would you even consider trying to go through the wall?! Is there ever such a thing as a door?!

AVGN: You'd expect Indiana Jones to use a whip to swing across, but not an hourglass that turns into a grappling hook!

AVGN: Wow. How complicated can it be for an Atari game? Let alone that this is one of the few Atari games that you can actually beat, whereas most of them are just about trying to get a high score. Now when I say it can be beat, that's hypothetical because honestly I think it'd be easier to find the real Lost Ark. Just the fact you have to feel around for secret passageways and stuff, it makes you feel like Indiana Jones. ...Well, they got me there.

AVGN: (Reviewing Temple of Doom for NES) What's up with Indiana Jones? He looks like a park ranger, and he walks like he just dumped ass.

AVGN: All through the game you keep finding swords and guns and stuff but the big question is What do you do with them? The start button brings up this screen which shows your supplies. But how do you select your weapons? You try every button and nothing works. So what's the point of this screen? Nothing. It's just for shits and giggles. Oh well, we're having fun with our whip in the meantime. Then you find that your whip is pretty useless. You can use it to swing around and kill small insects but any of the regular bad guys, it only make them jitter around and grunt.
Enemy: Huh! Huh!
AVGN: Huh! It should be a dance. (Pretends he's whipping) Huh! Huh! Whip it! Huh! Huh!

AVGN: Some call it a platformer game, some call it an adventure game. I classify it as a "Where the fuck do I go?" kind of game. Yeah, one of those.

AVGN: Who would want to play this!? I'd rather drink buffalo "shizz". It's a combination of shit and jizz. Yeah, that's foul, I apologize.

AVGN: (reviewing The Last Crusade on NES) How is Indiana Jones such a wimp that he can't set foot in water more shallow than a kiddie pool?

AVGN: What dumbasses made this game? I should've sent it to the Marx brothers.

AVGN: You'd think Indiana Jones would've been a great concept for a side-scroller game, but they just kept fucking it up! How'd they do this?! It's ass! But here's one which was actually pretty decent, so let's take a quick look. (inserts Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures into the SNES) Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures is exactly what you'd expect of a movie based game on Super Nintendo. You move from left to right killing a bunch of bad guys with your whip. It's more self-explanatory than most of the previous games, which makes it easy to pick up and play. And thank God it has a password system with only four characters, making it easy to continue where you left off. Best of all, the stages all follow scenes from the movies. That's right, from Raiders to Crusade. One thing I find funny is that the final boss is the skeleton, you know when Donovan drinks the wrong grail? Kinda reminds me of a Castlevania game. Overall, LucasArts gave the same care and attention to the franchise as they did with their Star Wars Trilogy, except here they're all rolled into one game. Same as me combining 3 reviews into one, but, hey, now I'm pushing 4, so let's end this thing.

Star Trek[edit]

AVGN: Games. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship NES. Its continuing mission: To explore strange, old consoles; To seek out bad games and review these humiliations; to boldly go where no Nerd has gone before.

AVGN: (Playing Star Trek: The Motion Picture for Vectrex] One thing that's incredibly annoying is this loud buzzing sound. It reacts to the graphics. It's caused by a lack of shielding between the ray tube and the speaker wire. It's penetrating my auditory nerves, I must deactivate this game's power supply.

AVGN: Next up, same game, same name, the name which just rolls off your tongue: Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator for ColecoVision and Adam Family Computer System.

AVGN: (Playing Star Trek 25th Anniversary for NES] To begin with, the music and the graphics are quite good, but my senses indicate a large deposit of bullshit.

AVGN: If you're a fan of Star Trek, you'll notice it's pretty loyal to the original series, and if you play it for a while, you might be able to get into it and adjust to its crap factor. Not to be confused with warp factor. But for me, most of the time, I just can't figure out where to go or what to do. I tried calling the game a piece of shit, I tried giving it the finger, but verbal and gestural persuasions proved ineffective.

AVGN: (about to destroy the game with a laser gun, but puts the gun down) No. I won't destroy it. Maybe the game designers did the best they could under the given circumstances. (to air) You hear? You'll have to get your entertainment someplace else! (a floating Metron appears in the Nerd's room.) You're a Metron.
Metron: Does my appearance surprise you, Nerd?
AVGN: Not really.
Metron: You surprise me.
AVGN: How?
Metron: By sparing the shitty game, you have demonstrated the advanced trait of mercy.
AVGN: Mercy this, motherfucker! (shoots his laser gun at the Metron's head)


AVGN: It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a shitty game! Superman for the Atari 2600. I'm playing it on the 7800 just for variety. But anyway, what could be said about Superman? He's one of the most famous superheros of all time. Even the word "super" is in his name. A word that implies excellence, outstanding quality and brilliant divine maginificence! (Gameplay of the Atari 2600 game is shown) Yeah, this sucks.

AVGN: (reviewing Superman on Atari 2600) The whole game is based around the clock - it's all about getting the fastest time, but the only thing that'll eventually happen is you'll throw the game out the window faster than a speeding bullet!

AVGN: (reviewing Superman on NES) You have a map screen which seems like it should be self-explanatory enough, but there's times when you have to use a subway train. "Oops! You can't ride the subway with no pass!" What, are you kidding me? He's Superman! He needs to buy a fuckin' ticket?!

AVGN: There's no reason to talk to anybody in this game. It's like in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. The whole game is full of people who tell you things that don't make any sense or have any relevance with the game. For example, this old woman tells you not to "look into the Death Star, or you will die". Well, the Death Star is nowhere in the game. Both of these games were released in 1988. Now that must have been the year of people talking and not making sense in video games. (talks to an NPC in Superman) "Haven't you seen the movie, Superman?" Yeah, I did, actually! It's nothing like this garbage!

AVGN: (discussing the stage intermission screen resembling a Daily Planet newspaper) What? "Daily Planets"? Isn't it just the Daily Planet? I don't know, I've had enough of this. Wait a minute. "Stock Market Panic! Stock prices fall!"? What, are we talking about stocks now? "Find out why stock prices have fallen". "You'll learn about stocks at the stock market." Okay, that's the goal here? To go to the stock market? Oh my god. Do you remember being a kid? Do you remember playing Nintendo? What kind of things were you interested in? Comic books? Video games? Uhhm... the stock market? Yeah, do you think any kid playing this game gives a shit about the fucking stock market?! Just, just, w-wh-why? W-wh-why make a game that has anything to do with stocks or taxes or politics? You just don't do that! It's like "What were they thinking!?" Stocks?! I just can't... I just... puh-(raspberry). Augh, God. I just... what a shitload of fuck. That's enough for me. This game is just so awful that it can't be explained. I can review it for another hour and it won't make a difference. It's an unreviewable game. Can not be done justice! If you want to play it and see for yourself, I dare you. But just one warning: You will not be happy. Oh wait, this guy here just gave me a password? What's that for? Like if I want to continue here where I left off? Well, that's completely useless. There's no way I would ever need this password and you wanna know why? Because I'm never fucking playing this game again in my life! (Tosses the game out the window)

AVGN: That's it, Superman is doomed! What is it about Superman that just spells, shit! It's like they couldn't make a good Superman game. But there's one in particular that everyone wants me to review. So here's a typical MySpace message. "and that game is... -drum roll- -dramatic silence- superman 64" "you should do a review on e.t. or superman64" "I have a special demand no, a BIG DEMAND. Do you think you can play more than four minutes of one of the worst N64 games ever? calling: SUPERMAN!" "I'd love to see you review "Superman" on the N64." "Could you review Superman for the Nintendo 64?" "dude u should comment on superman 64" "Ever heard of Superman 64..." "you should review...(gulps)..Superman 64" "I recall think you should consider either ET for the Atari or superman 64..." "play or make a video of Superman 64" "Can u do a review of Superman 64 on AVGN? So plz do a review of superman 64." "That's Right; SUPERMAN 64." "Do you need a copy of Superman 64?" "I'll donate Superman 64" "I think he should do Superman 64." "wanted to know if you ever played superman 64" "Superman for the N64" "superman on the N64." "Superman 64," "superman 64," "Superman 64," "Superman 64," "SUPERMAN64," "Superman 64," "Superman 64" "superman 64." "superman64" "superman 64"! (the Nerd is shocked) Well, damn! Well you want it? You got it! Next review is gonna be: Superman 64. (Crowd cheers and applauds for the Nerd. Wow, they really wanted it.)

Superman 64[edit]

AVGN: Okay the wait is finally over. This is the review that everybody wants to see. Here it is, Superman... on Commodore 64.

AVGN: Remember those early CD based consoles like the PlayStation and you'd always have to wait for everything to load? Well, it's nothing like that; this thing actually takes 2 minutes and 7 seconds. Yeah, I timed it. Then the title screen starts up with the music, and you're like, "WOW!" But wait, what the hell's this? Type in the character that appears in "column: 09 row:10"? Oh, come on! I gotta get the code card. Yeah, the code card. Match up the damn numbers and there you go, it's 5. WHY DO I GOTTA DO THAT!? So you pick your difficulty, and guess what? It's gotta load again! Fifty-four seconds this time. Not long, but seems like an eternity. So anyway, you get this comic book storyline thing, and then- [the "NOW LOADING" screen appears yet again] You son of a bitch. Probably two weeks later when you finally start playing the game, you'll be surprised that the graphics are quite decent and the gameplay is self-explanatory. You just fly around and shoot stuff. You don't have to be Clark Kent and find subway passes or any bullshit like that, so it's actually better than the Nintendo version. But that's not saying much. That's like saying the shit that I took last night was better than the shit I took the day before.

AVGN: The third level is a side scroller so it has some variety. But this is one of the most annoying stages in video game history. Whenever you get hit, you fly back! Fuck... fuck! FUCK! FUUUCCCKK!! That's enough of this shit! [Turns off the Commodore 64]

AVGN: But wait, this isn't what you want to see, is it? Nah, you want to see this, right? (holds up Superman 64 cartridge) Aw, come on, you really wanna make me play this? Well, I'm gonna do it just for you, 'cause I like ya a lot. Now don't take that too serious. Here it goes. (inserts Superman 64 cartridge into Nintendo 64) I'm turning on the power.

AVGN: First, you're greeted by a smiling cartoon fox. "Titus"? What the fuck is that?

AVGN: You all probably know better than I, and it goes without saying, but this game is horrendous! And you know what the most pathetic thing about it is? This game isn't even ten years old! Just barely. You think that by 1999 there would be some kind of quality standard. [Superman gets stuck] What? I'm stuck? How the hell am I stuck? I'm underneath the bridge! Looks like Superman's stroking his super dick.

AVGN: [Superman is flying upside down on the ground] Oh man, what is he doing? Exercises? This is so ridiculous. This game isn't just bad, it's really bad! I'm not even kidding around, IT'S FUCKING HORSESHIT!! [trying the ring segment again] Almost there, less than 10 seconds. Come on, I can just barely make it! Look, there's the last ring! [the time limit runs out] FUCK! ASS! BITCH! CUNT! FART! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! There was only one ring left!

AVGN: I can't believe I'm playing a Superman game where all you do is fly through rings! At first I thought this was the training mode. Yeah, you know, like to test your accuracy? Lots of games have that. Remember Star Fox for the Super Nintendo? There's a training mode where you have to fly through rings. But even then, you don't have to go through all the rings, it's about how many you can get through in a row. In the actual game, you're flying around shooting at enemies and dodging obstacles. So what the hell is this shit!? You should be fighting bad guys, not testing your flight skills with some of the worst control accuracy ever in a video game!

AVGN: And am I really doing this? Is this a Superman game? Flying through rings? Is that the best they could come up with? That's like if they made a Batman game where all he does is just play hopscotch.

AVGN: (after finishing the car-carrying stage 4) So I get to the goal, and guess what's next? Seriously, I want you to just take a guess what comes after this. More rings. Yeah. What kind of game is this!? Is this some sort of insanity test!? Well, I'm done. I'm sorry, but that's all I can do. This game doesn't even qualify as shit! It's like the equivalent of shit taking a shit! This is unspeakably, shockingly bad. It's sickeningly loathsome! It's a fucking suffering to the mind! It's a bunch of fuck and it doesn't belong on this planet! Somebody's gotta take care of it! This is a job for the fucking Nerd! (unbuttons his shirt to reveal a blue Superman shirt. Flies up to the sun and tosses the game into into it while a rock version of Superman Theme plays.)

Batman Part One[edit]

AVGN: (while he dresses up as Batman) All right, let's dig in to a big pile of bat shit. As you can see, I'm all ready, because in order to play bad Batman games, and do 'em justice, (in Batman voice) you gotta be Batman.

AVGN: (Reviewing Batman: The Caped Crusader for Commodore 64) The first enemies you encounter are what I think are toy airplanes and gargoyles or bats which take shits on you. Yeah, if you look close enough, you can see the little shit bombs dropping out of their asses.

AVGN: Well anyway, game sucks, gotta give it the Batman punishment! (holds the floppy disk close to his face and hisses) I'm Batman.

AVGN: [plays the last level of Batman on NES] Getting up to the Joker takes a lot of patience, and if you actually beat him, you deserve a medal. A good game for the NES library, but a hard son of a bitch!

AVGN: [After reviewing Batman Returns on Atari Lynx] Alright, well this one gets the official Bat stamp of shit! Onto the next game, but first, gotta tell it I'm Batman. I'm Batmannnnnnnnnnnnnn.

AVGN: Next up, Batman Forever for the Super Nintendo. Now we're in deep shit because this game is triceratops testicles.

AVGN: (Referring to how the controls in Batman Forever bear a resemblance to Mortal Kombat) I almost expect to see Batman rip someone's spinal cord out.

AVGN: Fuck! Shit! Get up there! THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT! You'd think to shoot up you just press up, but no! It jumps! Sometimes I get it to work by pure luck until I found out that, okay, this is how it works: To shoot up, you press select and up in a very specific way. You have to press select slightly before you press jump. If you do it correctly, it shoots the grappling hook straight up in the air. But if you press them both at the same time, you just jump! That's a good reason why the jump button SHOULD NOT BE UP!! WHY CAN'T IT BE ONE OF THE FUCKING BUTTONS?!! HAVING THE FUCKING UP BUTTON JUMP IS FUCKING FUCKED UP!!! If THIS (up) aims your grappling hook and THIS (B button) jumped, then it would be fine. But no! They gotta be the same button!

AVGN: So you just lumber all around trying to figure out where to go, and whenever you access a new part of the game, it says "Hold On". Hold on for what!? It has to FUCKING load!!? It's also interesting to note that you have the option of playing as Robin. But who would do that? I wanna be Batman!

AVGN: THIS IS FUCKED BEYOND BELIEF!!! It's like, the controls in this game are like something you do for a cheat code, not a basic move that you have to do in order to play the game! Why'd they program it in such an asinine, ball-brained, cockamamie, ridiculous fashion?! It's like, geez, there's four buttons right in the front of the controller! LIKE THAT'S NOT ENOUGH TO WORK WITH?!? Instead they have to, like, program it like all into, like, weird kinda crazy button combinations and shit!? It's like, what were they thinking?! It's like, up is jump!? Select for the grappling hook!? Select shouldn't even be part of the game, select should be like for the menus or something, I mean, geez! Like, were they trying to just ruin this game - just, flat out just fuck it up?! Well they did! Batman Forever, it sucked back then, and it sucks forever! [takes the game out of the Super Nintendo and stares at it.] I'm Batman. [drops the cartridge] That's it. That's all the shitty Batman games I can take. The review's over. [the Joker cackles behind the couch.]
Mike Matei as the Joker: Batman! Batman, you wanna play a really shitty Nintendo game, Batman? Well, how about Return of the Joker on Nintendo Entertainment System, Batman?
AVGN: Yeah, well, I'm not really Batman though.
Joker: You're not Batman? Batman, you're Batman, I'm Batman! [laughs] Come on, Batman, let's play! [AVGN punches the Joker then grabs the Joker]
AVGN: I'm not playing anymore shitty Batman games!
Joker: [cackles] Oh, yes, you are. [he squirts water in AVGN out of daisy while he laughs] Oh, Batman, let me give you a hand. [AVGN grabs the Joker's hand but gets shocked by a joy buzzer while the Joker cackles and puts the NES cartridge in the NES top loader and the text says "To Be Continued..."]
AVGN: Will the Batnerd escape the Joker? What bad games does he have up his sleeve? Tune in next episode! Same bat time, same bat channel!

Batman Part Two[edit]

The Joker: [cackles and puts Batman Return of the Joker on the NES TopLoader] Batty batty bat! Batty batty bat! [laughs]
AVGN: OK, so I guess because the Joker's in the title and I'm playing Batman: Return of the Joker on NES. It's a follow up to the first Batman game on the NES. They couldn't wait for the next movie to come out so they had to make an instant sequel.

AVGN: You can even make Batman dance to the music because when you press up, he turns his head. (Batman turns his head in time to the music)
The Joker: Ooh, the Bat Dance! Ooh hoo hoo! (begins dancing and laughing)
AVGN: I don't know what purpose that has. When you get to the boss, the music sounds incredibly familiar. (The boss music from "Return of the Joker" plays, followed by Crash Man's stage from "Megaman 2") Megaman 2? Yeah, it does sound like that, just a lot faster.

AVGN: You're slipping around on the ice, trying not to fall, and all these tornadoes keep flying at ya. Even after a lot of trial and error, it's still next to impossible trying not to get hit by these things. Come on, you fucking tornado piece of shit, I know you're there, just inching forward, I know you're there. FUCK!!

AVGN: Look at this pandemonium! There's a fucking ceiling waiting to come down and kill me, there's a guy throwing an oil drum, if I try to get out of the way I get hit by these rotating blades and shit. I take the guy down, and then I try to set off the ceiling trap, and... I'm dead.
The Joker: (cackles maniacally at his misfortune)
The Joker: (stops cackling and frowns) FUCK YOU, MOTHERFUCKER! (he cackles again)

AVGN: So, overall it's really not the worst Batman game, it's not really that bad of a game in general, it just has some things about it that suck...
The Joker: Oh! Would you like to play a bad game, Batman?
AVGN: Uh, no thanks...
The Joker: How about the Game Boy version of Return of the Joker! (cackles and hands the game and the Game Boy to the Nerd while the latter stares in shock) Have fun, motherfucker!

The Joker: It's like Jungle Hunt! Did you ever play Jungle Hunt? [he sings the Jungle Hunt music and laughs]

AVGN: (playing Batman: Return of the Joker on Game Boy) The controls are like trying to get a horse to wipe its ass on an eagle.

AVGN: I swear that these games were programmed by the Joker.

AVGN: (playing Batman: Revenge of the Joker on Sega Genesis) What's with the gargoyle statues? You shoot them and get nothing. What's the point? And why does it hurt you to touch them? BATMAN CAN'T EVEN TOUCH A FUCKING STATUE?!


AVGN: (After subduing the Joker) I'm gonna shove these fucking games up your ass! Batman: Revenge of the Joker! (Joker screams) Batman: Return of the Joker! (Joker screams) Batman Forever! (Joker screams) Batman: Return of the Joker on Game Boy! (Joker screams again) And last but not least, Batman on Commodore 64!! (Joker screams three times)

Deadly Towers[edit]

AVGN: This is a very special episode because I'm not gonna review the game, the fans are. Yeah. For the first time I asked the fans to recount their experiences with the game and send them to a specified email address. And as a result, this one inbox got over 6,000 messages. So, if you're one of the lucky ones, then I hope you enjoy hearing your words coming out of my mouth. But regardless, thanks for the submissions, thanks for supporting the show, this one's my little reward, to you. Enjoy.

AVGN: Deadly Towers on the NES. First of all, what's with the poorly drawn herculean viking guy on the cover of the game? What, was Fabio unavailable that weekend? And talk about false advertising, the in-game character doesn't even come close to looking like that. Some boy in a green spandex jumpsuit with horns. What the fuck? Outside of Japan the game was supposed to be called Hells Bells. I'm sure they changed it because they didn't want to associate this piece of assfudge with anything good like AC/DC. If you let it load it plays a backstory. No one would ever want to read this much text. And it scrolls way too fast! Hell, I don't even know if it tells you what you're supposed to do anyway. You have to collect seven bells and burn them in a sacred fire or some shit like that. When you start the game it doesn't tell you where to go or what to do, and watch out for what door you go in. It's a beginner's trap. You don't know where to go so you just walk into a room and, SHIT! THE ENEMIES GANGRAPE YOUR ASS! At first you might say, hey the game looks decent. You got a sword which you can shoot much like in Zelda. But the enemies at the start of the game don't die with one hit. No, you have to hit them repeatedly. And the worst, you can't stab the sword like in Zelda after you shoot. You have to wait till the sword leaves the screen until you can fire again. Come on. Oh, this must be why the attack is so slow. Our hero must pass the blades out of his cock! Hell, if broadswords shooting out of my cock was my only defense against purple inchworms and bats, I'd probably let them kill me. Since when are you supposed to just throw a sword, anyway? I mean, swinging it at your enemy would've worked nicely. But no! He throws it! And where the hell does he get all these swords? Even the manual says, "You have no confidence in this sword." What the fuck kind of advice is that? That's like saying "Buddy, if you play this game, YOU'RE GONNA GET FUCKED UP THE ASSHOLE WITH A PORCUPINE!! GOOD FUCKING LUCK DOUCHEBAG!" It's almost like the game just wants to fucking piss you off! Every screen in this game is just a clusterfuck of shitty bad guys to fight! Oh great, I'm being attacked by balls! Blue balls, no less! Oddly enough, they're the hardest to kill for some reason. They take like twenty damn hits! THEY'RE JUST FUCKING BALLS!

AVGN: You get an inventory screen. It's empty right now, but it seems pretty standard, tells you your life and everything. It also has this thing called "Ludder". Yeah, it says you have 50 ludder. I can only assume that that's currency so I Googled it to check what it meant, and according to an urban dictonary, "Ludder" means "Cheap-Ass Hoe." So, therefore, we're already starting out with fifty cheap-ass hoes so we're doing alright for ourselves. I wonder what the exchange rate is for the expensive whores? Maybe we'll find out later.

AVGN: Oh, and the music. The bubbly sound of ripping ass isn't even an adequate way to describe the music in this game. Imagine taking a phonograph machine, submerging it in diarrhea, and wiring it to a horse's ass to use it as a speaker! It makes nails on a chalkboard sound like fucking Mozart!

AVGN: And do people normally spin like that when they fall off of something? Reminds me of shit spinning down the fucking toilet!

AVGN: When they named this game Deadly Towers, they weren't kidding. The last time I saw towers this deadly is when they decided the horses needed more fiber in their diets. This game is so fucking hard, it's easier to lift an elephant with my ass while singing "Old MacDonald".


AVGN: This game is like a never-ending turd that bends around and goes into your mouth, thus creating an endless cycle of eating your own shit while it's taking a crap - and occasionally puking up the same - for all eternity! This is so bad, Satan wouldn't even accept it if you offered it with your soul! I'd rather suck the dry shit out of Chewbacca's ass fur! Fuck this game! No better yet, don't fuck this game. Don't let your friends fuck it. It's UNFUCKWORTHY! This game is just an orgy of ass!!! This game is a chicken-lickin'-finger-fucking-son-of-a-bitch! This game is ball-cider! The Assholians bow down to this piece of shit! In other words, the game sucks.


AVGN: (Kyle Justin sits on the couch next to the Nerd instead of hiding behind it like he usually does) Who the fuck are you?
Kyle Justin: I'm your guitar guy. I sing your theme song... from behind the couch...?
Kyle Justin: You know, that's not the welcome I really expected.
AVGN: Well look, you can't just sit here while I do the review.
Kyle Justin: Why can't I do the review with you?
Kyle Justin: (about to cry) I don't ever get to do anything! You don't even use my song that much anymore!
AVGN: Why are you always behind my damn couch anyway!?
Kyle Justin: There are no other couches to go behind!

AVGN: The intro shows three Toads: Rash, Pimple and Zitz. Why such disgusting names? How about: Herpes, Genital Warts, and Gonorrhea?

AVGN: And when you pause the game, you get this catchy beat. (pauses the game. The Nerd and Kyle rock out to the beat.) What's the point of that? When you pause the game, it should just be quiet.

AVGN: (after Kyle's battletoad died and both players got the game over screen, Level 3 restarts) What? You got to be fucking kidding me. YOU died, but we BOTH have to restart the level!
Kyle Justin: Sorry.
AVGN: THAT'S BULLSHIT!!! THAT'S TERRIBLE PROGRAMMING!!! How is it fair that when one player dies, they both have... and my lives aren't replenished! I still have just one extra life! That means I'm going to die next and then we're both going to have to start over again! Watch it! Watch it!
Kyle Justin: I know! I know! (Nerd's battletoad knocks off Kyle's battletoad into a pit) What the fuck!
AVGN: I swear I didn't mean to do that! I was trying to hit the guy!

AVGN: Fuck that! There's reason why the game should be programmed this way! AND WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO STAND FOR IT!!!
AVGN: Yeah, now you're talkin! All right!! So anyway, Battletoads...
AVGN: Yeah, you do that! Go bunker yourself from all these, like, shitty games! Yeah so, Battletoads is not a two player game. Having a second player is as convenient as having a Siamese bulldog attached to your anus. It's just, w - like, with one player it's hard! But with two, it's virtually unplayable!
Kyle Justin: (singing) He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard.
Kyle Justin: He's the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Dick Tracy[edit]

The Nerd: Remember when everybody was talking about Dick Tracy? 1990, the Warren Beatty film comes out. Everybody went from "Who's Dick Tracy?" to "WHOA! Dick Tracy's the SHIT!" It was like a contemporary film noir; stylish with colorful comic book-style visuals and an all-star cast: Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, fucking Madonna... It was all right, but its popularity was short-lived. I think it was just an excuse for the kids to say "Dick".
The Nerd: You know, Dick Van Dyke is in the movie. You think that's enough Dicks? Like seriously, when this movie came out, I never said "Dick" so much before in my life. Every kid was running around the block saying "Dick Tracy! Dick Tracy! Dick this and Dick that!" My dad said, "Can't you just call him Richard Tracy?" and I was like, you know, "How is Dick short for Richard?" That doesn't even make any sense. It's like Bill and William, Jim and James. But at least Bill and Will rhyme and Jim and James both start with a J, but Richard and Dick? Like nobody ever says "Dickard". But anyway, I'm gonna tell you all about the NES game, and boy, is it an experience! Now I'm just going to give you my impression of it and I'm not really going to go all out and like dress up as Dickard or anything like that. I already did that for Halloween when I was 10.
[Footage is shown of a young James D. Rolfe dressed up as Dick Tracy]
Young James: I got a rock. [ironically laughs]
The Nerd: Yeah, I got a rock, Just like Charlie Brown. That sums the whole thing up. I was laughing back then, but I'm not fucking laughing now. I was so obsessed with Dickard that when the game came out, I was like, "Oh boy, I gotta play that! Dick Tracy on Nintendo?! That's gotta be a treat! There's no way I could let that pass!" But it was just a big disappointment, like a rock landing in my trick-or-treat bag.

The Nerd: During the gameplay, there's no status screen where you can bring up the clues or anything. Why wouldn't a detective bring the notepad with him? Dumb Dick! When I play a game, all I want is the NES, a TV, and the controller. Also preferably a couch to sit on. But what I don't want is a pen and paper to write down fucking clues! (Gets killed by a sniper as he exclaims) The fucking snipers got me! (Game Over screen appears) Game over? Are you kidding me? Just one life? That's it? And no continues either?! No! Look at this! Where's my clue? I have to get it again?

The Nerd: So, my only way is to just slightly... (Grunts angrily) Your mother. Fuck. Fuck! FUCK! (Yells) FUUUUUUUUUCK!!! Could they have put this clue in a more unreachable spot?! (Dick collects the clue) What? I got it? I've been jumping at it for five minutes and then finally I get it?

The Nerd: [After seeing Dick Tracy's superior officer say "You need more evidence before you can arrest someone, Tracy! What's wrong with you?", which is apparently James D. Rolfe's real anger] You gotta be fucking kidding me! That's ridiculous! Like, what?! Like, you have to travel all around and go to five different buildings, four to get the clues, and then the last one to arrest Numbers, ALL WITHOUT DYING ONCE!!! THAT'S WHORESHIT!!!! And I didn't say "horseshit", I said whoreshit. LIKE A WHORE TAKING A SHIT!!! (drinks Rolling Rock) You know, remember when you were a little kid, it was fucking Friday, you did all your homework and you rented a game from the local video store. And this was it! This was your whole weekend, this one game. You didn't have anything else to do, so you had no choice but to keep playing that first part of the game over and over and over again! And it's like, "YOU KNOW WHAT? IT'S LIKE I WANT TO SEE THE REST OF THE GAME!" YOU CAN'T JUST LET THE GAME FUCKIN' WIN LIKE THAT! So, THAT'S why you don't give up!

The Nerd: I have another update. I've been informed countless times that the hearts are the power-ups. So, if the hearts are the power-ups, why don't they do anything? Well, here's how it works. You have to select the fucking thing. It's called a First Aid Kit. And then you use it by pressing B, right? No, it still doesn't do jack-shit. You have to hold down Select and press B at the same time. But that doesn't work either, because as soon as you press Select, it goes to the next item. The trick is that you have to select the item that comes before the First Aid, and then hold down Select, so now the First Aid should be selected while you're still holding Select. Then, you press B, and there you go. (Dick Tracy's health bar fully fills up) How the fuck was I supposed to know that?! Why couldn't you just push B like all the other items? What kind of stupid fucking dick-brained idiot programmed it like that?!
The Nerd: [furiously] THIS IS THE REASON WHY GAME GENIE WAS INVENTED. I'VE BEEN PLAYING THIS GAME FOR ALMOST 20 FUCKING YEARS, AND I STILL CAN'T GET PAST THE FIRST STAGE! So why am I still trying? I don't know, I'm just a sucker for Dick Tracy. ("Sucker for Dick"? That didn't sound good.) I'm gonna tell you right now that anybody would have given up on this game had it not been for the name. They made one of the most frustrating games of all time, they took the name "Dick Tracy", and slapped it on the cover just like slapping their own greedy dick! Well, if this game is dick, then we were the balls. And you know, I really wanted to give it a chance because I KIND OF LIKED the idea of finding clues and figuring out where to go, like it made you think like a detective. But one guy?! No continues?! Like, seriously. Give me a reason why there's no continues. Why are there no continues?! WHY ARE THERE NO FUCKING CONTINUES????!!!! WHY????????!!!!!!! [screams, drinks more Rolling Rock, does a Mortal Kombat scream into a pillow, and then goes totally insane] FUCK-FUCK-FUCKING-FUCKING-FUCKING-FUCK! FUCKING-FUCK! [roars] FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! [he then drinks more Rolling Rock, takes out a drill, drills a hole through the game cartridge, causing it to spin uncontrollably, and the screen cuts to black as The Nerd smashes the game with a hammer]


AVGN: (Playing The Count on the Commodore VIC-20, the Nerd types in "Eat pillow" when the game text asks him what he wants to do. The game responds "Yuck!") Okay, so I ate the pillow? I didn't expect that. "Get up." (Game responds "I'm in a bedroom. Closed window. Brass Bed. North.") Uhhh...okay. "Go north." (Game responds "OK. What shall I do now?") Okay, so I went north? What did that do? "Go east." (Game responds "OK. What shall I do now?") "Go east again." (Game responds "Use 1 or 2 words only!") Oh okay. I'll give you two words! "Fuck you!" (Game responds "Don't know how to "FUCK" something." The Nerd looks on in shock, and does a facepalm)

AVGN: (Playing the unreleased Drac's Night Out on NES, which features Reebok Pumps as a power-up) Your only real power-ups are the Reebok Pumps. They let you run faster and jump higher. You really need to get these shoes, because without them, you get your ass handed to you. That's what I call a powerup, and that's what I call a promotion. Reebok Pumps! You ain't shit without it! Pump it up and air it out!

AVGN: Even though it pisses me off, I can't really complain because this game was never released. It's like somebody took a shit and buried it and then someone else decided to dig it up. It's like "What do you expect?"

AVGN: (Upon finding the name of television producer Fred Fuchs in the credits for Bram Stoker's Dracula on SNES) Wait, who's this? Fred Fudge - Fred Fuchs?! ...FRED FUCHS?! ...Fred Fuchs! Oh my God, "Fred Fuchs"! Ohh, my God, it's Fred Fuchs! (Laughs awkwardly) Fred Fuchs.

AVGN: (Playing Bram Stoker's Dracula on Sega CD) I actually did manage to get to Dracula, at least in his first form, and he looks just as laughable as he did in the movie. But the most ridiculous part is when you die.
Keanu Reeves: (Growls)
AVGN: (Mocking Keanu) HRRRRRGGGGHHH! What the hell, is that clip even from the movie? I don't know, maybe it's from Bill & Ted.

AVGN: The game looks amazing for its time, but the control is what kills it. It's so awkward trying to jump. You fall through shit, and the attacks are so delayed. It's impossible to turn around and hit your enemies before they hit you, you just wish you had a whip or a sword or something, not your bare hands. All you get is this stupid little kick to kick the fuckin' rats. Yeah, that's all it is is just rats and bats. How many fucking games need to have bats? Like seriously, I know it's Dracula, but why does every game have every fucking bats?! Seriously. I! Fucking! Hate! Bats! (Bites and fights a bat as he throws a bat to the wall then he groans.) I'm sick of it all! Morning sun, VANQUISH ME!!! (Opens blinds as he cries out.)


AVGN: Alright, so tonight we'll do something a little different. Cause I haven't tortured myself enough with all these shitty games! So I created a monster to conduct the review for me. Behold, Franken-Nerd! I could really use another bolt of lightning! (lightning strikes and the Nerd pulls the switch) Yeah! It's alive! It's alive!

AVGN: This is the game. [Franken-Nerd growls] Mary Shelley's Frankenstein on Super Nintendo. Game, good.
Mike Matei as Franken-Nerd: Good.
AVGN: [chuckles] You bet your ass it's good. (The Nerd puts in the game) Here's the controller for you, hit start and knock yourself out. Have fun.

AVGN: (after shutting off Franken-Nerd, who was playing The Adventures of Dr. Franken for the Nerd up until then) The biggest mistake Dr. Frankenstein made. If you're gonna make a monster, you better be able to shut it down. ...But unfortunately, I can't shut off the game, for the monsters in my soul. It's my duty - (Chuckles) "doody" - to play it for myself and explain why this game sucks! 'Cause I created a monster, and there's no turning back.

AVGN: (Playing Frankenstein: The Monster Returns on the NES] Stage four is the final stage. Yeah they chose to keep the game as short as possible, yet as annoying as possible. This place is all fucked up. There's all these weird faces in the background. Like where are you supposed to be? Beside Satan's asshole?

AVGN: So now, just to try again I gotta type in the fucking password! It's so tedious! I mean it's not the longest password I've ever seen but it's still longer than necessary. But unlike most passwords if you move the d-pads to the sides, it doesn't move your cursor to the other side! So say your cursor's on the letter K and you need to move to J, in most games all you need to do is move your cursor left and it will show up on J. But here, you can't do that! You have to move the cursor all the way to the fucking J! A lot of effort considering J comes right before K. It's so fucked up. And, also, if you enter the password and it turns out that it's wrong, like if you messed up on one letter it erases the whole thing and you gotta type it in all over again! Why can't I just go back and fix the one letter? I really hate this password thing in general because, what's the point? You should have unlimited continues. Yeah, because the only reason you should have to put in a password is if you turn the game off and want to come back to it later. As long as you're still playing, you're gonna keep playing the same stages over and over and over again, so what's the point of sending you all the way back to the beginning? The earlier stages are the easiest, and those are the stages you end up playing the most. It's the later stages where you need the most practice! It's all about trial and error. Like imagine if in high school, you fail out of senior year. What happens? You do senior year again, right? You don't have to go back and do freshman year again! So, BOTTOM LINE, HAVE UNLIMITED CONTINUES! Goddammit!

AVGN: Anyway, I can't get past the vines so I'm going to cheat with Game Genie, the last resort. But check out these codes! "Almost unlimited energy", "Invincibility after losing first life - May cause the game to freeze", "Start with no continues", "Can not collect extra energy", and "One hit is fatal"! What kinds of codes are these!? Is there like some sick fuck who thinks the game isn't hard enough? Like somebody who wants to be tortured some more? Well, how about this? I got a code for you. How about a code that just starts you off dead? (Subtitle: "PHUCKEWE")

AVGN: At first the code works fine but then I found out if you collect energy it takes life away. Not that you would need to collect energy, but it's kinda silly, isn't it? And, guess what, once you get to the vines, you still die! Well, that would have been nice! Why couldn't the code say Invincibilty Except For The Vines? Even if you pass the vines the invinciblity goes away so you're left with your own wits to fight Frankenstein. So, fuck the Game Genie, and let me tell you when Game Genie doesn't help, you know you're fucked! (the Nerd throws the Game Genie.) So, you fight Frankenstein. His first form's pretty easy, but, then, he grows into a giant Super Frankenstein. Come on! Come on! Come on, you fucking Fuckinstein! (Lightning strikes the Franken-Nerd and he starts attacking the Nerd while he's fighting Super Frankenstein and a rock version of the Angry Video Game Nerd theme plays then the Nerd eventually beats Super Frankenstein) Yeah! (The NES Toploader electrocutes the TV as the TV explodes, an explosion kills the Franken-Nerd)

CD-i Part One[edit]

AVGN: Ohhhhh, boy, let’s talk about the Philips CD-i. Now, if you’re not familiar with the backstory, I’ll give you a quick little run-down. Nintendo was working in conjunction with Philips to produce a CD-based add-on for the Super NES, which never came through. Now Nintendo was also working with Sony on the same concept, and we all know what came of that: the PlayStation. (The Nerd holds up the PlayStation with both hands.) But as for Philips, they too made their own game console, however they had permission to utilize some of the Nintendo franchises. Now what came to that was a shitty Mario game, (Hotel Mario) and three shitty Zelda games: Link: The Faces of Evil, Zelda’s Adventure, and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. (The Nerd tries to open the awkward looking case for "Wand of Gamelon.") (awkwardly) Okay. These games are notorious for their legendary ass suckage, which is hard to believe! How can there exist a bad Zelda game, let alone three of them? And on a console that's not Nintendo? Well if you haven't heard of 'em, you might think you're living under a rock, but let me tell you, it's a rock worth living under.

AVGN: But before we get to the Zelda games, let's start off with Hotel Mario. The price on this one, I got to be honest, was zero because this one was a donation. Thanks, Casey! You might as well have sent me a turd wrapped in tinfoil.

AVGN: So, often, you find yourself having to hit up on the down arrow, and when you go down to the up arrow you press down. That's fucking confusing.

AVGN: The game is actually more reminiscent of arcade games from the early ‘80s like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. And for something like that, Hotel Mario actually isn’t too bad. It is challenging, I’ll give it that, but the fact is, this was not the early ‘80s; this was 1994, and it was a next-generation console. Originally, they planned to release a sequel to Super Mario World titled Super Mario's Wacky Worlds, but it was cancelled, and what we got was this. (Hotel Mario) End of story. Well, all the CD-i stuff is a shit sandwich that’s too big for one mouthful. So check in for Part 2, we’re gonna look at the Zelda games.

CD-i Part Two[edit]

Zelda: Link, go to Gamelon and find my father.
Link: GREAT! I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!
AVGN: God! Way more corny than the Link from the TV series! But these scenes are only the icing on the shit cake.

AVGN: (Playing Zelda: The Wand Of Gamelon) Let's talk about the ropes. You use them for climbing all those tough-to-reach platforms. But why you can only use a rope one time makes no sense! Why does Zelda have to carry around 20 fucking ropes? Why can't she use the same one?

AVGN: It's also strange to get people to talk, you stab them with your sword.
Hungry woman: I'd give anything for an Arpagos Egg!
George the Chef: My cakes will burn!
AVGN: Just to hear stupid shit like that.

AVGN: (discussing the boss battles) When you kill them, you get these amusing cutscenes.
Zelda: Good!
AVGN: (horrified face) "Good!" (laughs) "You killed me!" "Good!" (laughs insanely, then starts saying "FUCK!" in a very chicken-like voice while giving both middle fingers. Then he stops and picks up Rolling Rock) Gotta calm down. (drinks it, then resumes playing) Oh, man, I'm going completely insane. But I can't quit because I'm up to Ganon.
AVGN: He looks like a joke! He makes the Ganon from the cartoon series look badass!

Link: What happened?
Zelda: (Chuckles) Nothing, Link. We were just about to have a feast.
Link: Great! (They both laugh)
AVGN: They all yuk it up, and everything's fine. Well, in conclusion, some might say that there are redeeming factors to this game. The music's pretty cool, and the graphics are nice and colorful. Some might call it a mixed bag. ...But let me tell you what kind of mixed bag! It's a trash bag that's had a bad day. Like, say your mom cleans out the cat litter. Fresh and stale doody pebbles go right in the bottom of the bag. And then your sister throws out her used tampons, and where do they go? In the same bag! And then your brother comes home, piss-ass drunk, just upchucks - pukes right into the bag! Now, I'm not trying to be disgusting, but that is a realistic situation, and what it all comes down to: That's a nasty bag! But I'd rather take that shit out to the garbage than deal with this piece of fuck! FUCK THIS GAME! GET OUT OF MY FACE! And you know what the worst part about it is? ...I still have two left! (Text says "Stay Tuned for Part 3 - The Conclusion!")

CD-i Part Three[edit]

AVGN: (Playing Link: The Faces of Evil) And the jumping is still a big problem. Come on, why can't I get up there? (Link falls off platform) Oh, your mother! (Link jumps up and misses) Oh, you son of a bitch. Get up there! (Link jumps up and misses again, later falls off ledge) Ungh! (Link jumps up and misses once again) It's time to start droppin' some F-Bombs! (as literal F-Bombs drop out of his mouth) FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!

AVGN: The darkness is still a huge issue. Look, my lantern oil ran out, so I can't find my way back. So I'm really up Shit Creek without a paddle! And that means I'm paddling through the shit with my hands.

AVGN: Talking to people is still a strange ordeal. Why do you have to shove a sword up their ass? Right up their ass!

AVGN: Then you gotta wake Zelda. Come on! I'm here to rescue your royal ass. Get the hell up! Wake the fuck up! (swings the sword at the gong above Zelda) Oh, I get it.
Link: I just saved you from Ganon! I won!
AVGN: Nothing short of poetry.

AVGN: In other Zelda games, there’s secret passageways that transport you all around the dungeon. That makes sense. But here, when you’re just walking to the next screen, and suddenly appear some place different on the map, it’s like, "What the Hell happened to this game?" I don't believe this! Like, [Stammers] I seriously don't believe this! [drinks beer] That's it, that's all I can take. How could they fuck up Zelda this bad!? It's not a Zelda game, I wouldn't call it that. "Oh, but it is. It has Zelda in it, it has Link..." Yeah, you know what, that's a pointless argument right there. That's like if your dad said, "I fucked your mom." It's like: "I can't argue with that!" Playing these games is as worthwhile as melting a dog turd in a frying pan. Yeah, put some buffalo puke and some cat piss all over it, and you have a shit sandwich that is Zelda CD-i! This game FUCKING SUCKS! (hurls a game off-screen) FUCKING SUCKS! (hurls a second game off-screen) FUCKING SUCKS! (hurls a third game off-screen) Oh yeah, and the Mario game? That one sucks too! (hurls Hotel Mario off-screen) CD-i SUCKS!!! (as the screen fade to black, AVGN is heard seemingly hurling the CD-i console itself as well)

Bible Games II[edit]

AVGN: Welcome to another sacrilegious Christmas fuck-fest! Now, two years ago, I played a bunch of Bible games. Yeah, now would you believe there's actually more of them? (He holds more Bible games) Like, who makes video games based off the Bible? Why would you do that? These games suck ass! If I was God, I'd be pissed.

AVGN: (playing Exodus on the NES] So the exit appears, you take it and then you get a bunch of Bible questions such as "The king of Egypt told the Hebrew midwives to: Kill male babies; Kill all babies;" "Kill all babies"? I'm playing an NES game that says "Kill all babies"? And you know what? That's the wrong answer, so that obviously means that's something they made up. "Kill all babies"!

AVGN: All right, next up, let's try... Noah's Ark? Haven't we played this already? (croaky sound) Remember in Bible Adventures, which there were three games, and one of which was Noah's Ark, that stupid shit where you're picking up stacks of animals? Then, of course, there's this infamous Super Noah's Ark 3D the only unlicensed Super NES game which happens to be a clone of Wolfenstein where you're going around shooting goats. So now, we have yet another game based off Noah's ark. But there's something very different about this one. What's that? (Points at the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality from the cartridge) It was actually licensed by Nintendo! Who made this? (Title theme from Contra plays in the background as it was made by Konami. Lightning flashes) Okay. Now I'm really curious.

AVGN: (playing Menace Beach) But the most interesting thing about this game is that between each level, you see your girlfriend begging you to rescue her, and each time, her clothes gradually disappear. The first time playing this, I didn't even realize what was happening. She says "I've been here so long my clothes are starting to rot." Seriously, that's the only explanation. I think she would die of starvation before her clothes would rot! But the funny thing is that it's a strangely effective way to get you to play the game, because just for curiosity's sake, it makes you wonder, "How much of her clothes are going to come off?" It's like, "Hey, we got this horrible, shitty game, but there's a girl taking her clothes off, so you gotta keep playing!" How did this turn into a Bible game!?

AVGN: (playing Sunday Funday which is a clone of Menace Beach) Instead of trying to rescue your girl, you're not even going to believe this when I tell you, you're trying to get to Sunday school. Yeah. Now, as much as that's the dumbest idea I've ever heard for a game, what I don't understand is why that's so difficult! Who are these raging atheists that don't want you to go to church!? It's bad enough that the entire town is trying to stop you, but what's with the flying clowns, the old ladies coming out of boxes, and animals coming out of sewer holes? What's this guy's problem? Like why does everyone want him dead? I'd say he's having quite a day. And the funny thing is, he probably gets to church and doesn't even mention it, like: "Oh what did you do on this Sunday morning before church?" "Oh, well I flew on a balloon that I got from some clown, and then I went through the sewers and beat up a bunch of plumbers. I hopped on some frog and bounced around on a bunch of springs and shit, then I threw a bomb and blew some guy's fucking face off."

AVGN: The only other thing I've noticed that's been changed are some of the enemies. Ninjas are now kids, and these Elvis-looking guys are now plumbers. Maybe ninjas were too violent, and Elvis's devilish rock n' roll was too much for a religious game. But everything else fits perfectly fine.

AVGN: All right, well that's enough with that one. It's time to wrap things up. I've got something to blow the lid off the crap barrel. Time to flick the shit switch, turn up the diarrhea dial! IT'S BIBLE GAMES ON CD-I!! Yeah! We're living on the edge! More like living on a prayer!

AVGN: (playing Pyramid Pursuit on Moses: The Exodus for CD-i) The voices are the fuckest bologna shit you'll ever hear.
Anubis statue: (in monotone) I'm an idol worshiped by many. There's someone downstairs who worships me.
AVGN: What is it, a robot?

AVGN: Then there's this connect the dots bullshit. If you miss the dot, you get this irritating voice.
Child's voice: Whoops!
AVGN: If you get the dot, you get the irritating voice.
Child's voice: Yippie!
AVGN: And it never fucking stops!
Child's voice: Yippie! Yippie! Yippie! Whoops! Yippie! Yippie! Yippie! Whoops! Yippie!
AVGN: Is that really necessary!? Like, what, are they fucking crazy!?

AVGN: Alright, well I'm done. There's not really any more Bible games, or at least ones that actually qualify as games. There's one on Game Boy called The King James Bible. It's extremely rare, but all it is is literally the whole Bible on a Game Boy cartridge. So I'm gonna draw the line right there. So have a Happy Holidays and all that good shit. Merry Christmas to all, and all a good fucking night!

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker[edit]

AVGN: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. Right off the bat, you wanna laugh. I know you do. But think back to the 80's, when everybody was into Michael Jackson. Sure, now he's the subject of joke and ridicule, but you gotta remember, I think Dave Chapelle said it best: he made Thriller. (opens the LP sleeve) ...Thriller. Back then, there weren't too many video games when you can play as a celebrity, so that's why it was a big deal. It was based of the arcade game of the same name, which was based of the movie of the same name. It was one of the first games it attracted us to the new Sega Mega Drive, known as the Genesis in North America. NES players like myself looked on with envy when this sexy beast hit the scene. It was black, it was round, and it said "16-Bit" on the front, like, "In your face, bitch!" Moonwalker was one of the first Genesis games I ever played. At the time, I thought it was awesome. But other than the novelty of it being Michael Jackson, there wasn't really anything too special about it. (Michael Jackson hoots as AVGN takes out cartridge while the genesis version of "Bad" plays) The only question is: Are you bad? (Points at a cartridge) Are you bad?! Let's find out.
Michael Jackson: Who's bad?

AVGN: So, all you do is go around, kick fairy dust at people, and rescue kids. Yeah, you can't advance to the next level until you get all the kids. ...Now, I know what we're all thinking here, but really, that's all it is. You're just rescuing... the kids.

AVGN: There's a variety of special moves which are kind of cool. Michael can spin, throw his hat, grab his... crotch? (looks on in shock) Why? Why would they put that in the game!? How could they put that in the game!?

AVGN: You can make everybody dance, which takes everyone on the screen, but what's the point of doing that if it drains half of your energy? Still, it's worth it just for the amusement factor, and even the dogs dance. (We see the Nerd dancing and doing the Moonwalk while scenes of Michael dancing with the enemies appear)

AVGN: (after grabbing the invincibility-mode power-up) Oh man, he just changed from Michael Jackson to Mecha-Jackson, the King of Robo-Pop! It's enough that you're invisible for a brief moment, but you can fly, you can shoot lasers, and you can scatter bombs all over. This... is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen. Only problem: You can't rescue kids. I guess they don't respond too well to giant laser-shooting robots.

AVGN: Holy shit, there's so many zombies! So many zombies! Oh, my GOD! STOP! Oh, holy God, there's so many...OH, MY GOD! (Parodying the infamous "Panther Sequence" from the classic "Black or White" music video by Michael Jackson, the Nerd starts breaking and destroying everything, cracking what appears to be the fourth wall. First, he slams a Super Scope on the couch and eventually throws it. Then, he throws a ColecoVision Driving Wheel at an XBOX 360 box. Then, he throws a beer bottle at a wall with graffiti reading "CDI RULZ". Then, he throws another box at a Commodore 64 and the box explodes. After that, a Nintendo Power poster falls off the wall. While everything explodes, he rips his shirt, revealing a black shirt under it. And finally, he morphs into his cat, Boo. The camera then goes to Boo as he walks to the camera.)

Milon's Secret Castle[edit]

AVGN: The first thing that bugs me is the weapon. Why bubbles? Why not a sword, or magic lightning bolts, or fireballs, or a gun, or undefined pixelized pieces of shit? Fucking anything but bubbles! What, is this game for little girls?!

AVGN: The first door leads to a room that has nothing interesting. The only thing interesting thing here is an area with a bunch of money. But how the hell do you get over there? It's like the game is deliberately taunting you. "Hey, you want that money, don't you? You want that money. Yeah, you want that money - you want that money? Yeah well fuck you! You can't have it."

AVGN: How did they design a game where all you have are two doors that lead to rooms that lead back to the same door? It's a maze that has no end. So that's when you need the power. Nintendo Power! It's like "You wanna know how to beat the game? Well, you gotta buy our magazine you dumb little shits!" (reads) This is the Classified Information section. Usually this is all about cheats; "Golgo 13 - Stage Select", "Spy Hunter - Start with all weapons", "Wizards & Warriors - Bypass the Wizard", "Mario 2 - Shortcuts to Birdo", "Milon's Secret Castle - Getting Started"? ...That's not a cheat! That's just how to play the fucking game! The basic rules of the game needed Nintendo Power! That is some fuck!

AVGN: In this issue, there's a section in "Counselor's Corner" where gamers' questions are answered. Why "Counselor's Corner"? Because you're going to need counseling after you're done with this shit. Alright, so let's see what it has to say. (reads for a moment, then realizes that in his game his character's getting attacked by lightning bolts outside the castle) What the hell?! I was just standing outside the castle minding my own business when lightning bolts start coming down. Isn't this supposed to be the safe spot? Imagine if any other game had that; If you're like on the overworld or map screen, and then all of a sudden, shit starts attacking!

AVGN: Milon's Secret Castle: MORE LIKE MILON'S SHITTY ASSHOLE!!! Looks like it could have been a good game, but instead, they were just fucking jerking off!

AVGN: The whole game is based on secrets. But there is a difference between secret and just fucking impossible! FUCK THIS GAME!!!

Season Four[edit]

Atari Jaguar Part One[edit]

AVGN: Atari, ah yes. A name so dearly loved from the golden age of history. A magical time where there was no Internet, no cell phones; just electronic video games. ...Okay, it was the Dark Ages. But life was simple. Atari was the prime innovator of video arcades, home computers, and home video game consoles. The Atari 2600 revolutionized the game industry, and made popular the use of changeable cartridges and plug-in controllers. The games were primitive and choppy, but back in those days, they were fascinating. But then, there came competition. The Odyssey2, Intellivision, Colecovision, everyone was trying to take advantage of the video gaming craze. It wasn't like today, where you have a choice of only three consoles. Back then, there were so many fucking video game systems it made your head spin! Also, there was no way to know which games were good and which games were bad, so consumers were alienated by an overblown market. So Atari made another console, the 5200. It replaced the TV/game switch with an automatic switch box. It also tried to eliminate the use of wires by plugging in the AC adapter directly into the switch box. But that only made it more confusing. The controllers had a pause button, which was new at the time, but the joysticks were faulty and unreliable. What it all came down to, the 5200 was an oversized piece of shit. I made a whole video about it, that's how much that sucks.

AVGN: The debates amongst the fans and Sega's marketing campaign came down to one simple fact: The Genesis was 16-bit and the NES was only 8. This started a little trend I like to call the "Bit Wars." Nobody ever talked about bits before that and nobody ever talked about bits since. And what are bits, anyway? Nobody knew, they're just bits! Try explaining that to your parents. "Well I want a Super Nintendo for Christmas!" "Don't you already have a Nintendo?" "Yeah, but this one's 16 bit!" "What's that?" "...I dunno."

AVGN: But in 1993, one console would come along to remind us that bits aren't everything. It was the Atari Jaguar, and it was announced as the first 64-bit game system. We were like "Daaamn! Sixty-four!? That's like four times the bits!" Even the official advertising slogan said "Do the math."

AVGN: Let's try Checkered Flag. This showcases the graphic capabilities a little more, just the fact it puts you into a three-dimensional environment. But compare it to F-Zero on Super Nintendo: 48 bits less, but a million times more appealing to the eye.

AVGN: Well, we do know that Atari was originally planning a 32-bit system called the Panther, but decided to skip it and leap ahead. The Jaguar still used a 32-bit graphic processing unit, but through a combination of other processors, somehow added up to 64. It's technical and confusing. But the point is, the Jaguar was a rare species, not built like most game consoles. That made it harder to program games on it and as a result, many games didn't utilize its full capabilities, whatever they could've been. So I've given you a little of history on Atari and how it tried to win the Bit Wars. Now that we've got that out of the way, check in for part 2, we're actually play some Jaguar games. Or, if you wanna be cool, you say "play some Jag!" (Super Cool Version) Check in for Part 2 and we'll play some Jag!

Atari Jaguar Part Two[edit]

AVGN: (playing Attack of the Mutant Penguins) This is the weirdest game I've ever played. I mean, it's not bad if you're drunk or high or something, but how did they come up with this shit? I got it. I could come up with a game like this. How about, you're a shark? And you gotta shake palm trees 'til trains fall down. And you put the trains in an apple and then turkeys come and eat the apples, and then the turkeys go up waterfalls and to get them down, you have to collect monkey butts. So you drop the monkey butts on power lines and... (imitates his brain exploding)

AVGN: (playing Kasumi Ninja, referring to Angus MacGreggor's special move) The special moves are ridiculous. Like what is this!? He shoots fireballs out his dick!? Or maybe it's a gaping flame vagina? Who the fuck knows, somebody was not right in the head. This game is fucking horrible. But how do you wash down the bad taste of one shitty game? With another.

Skylar: (the green face from Cybermorph appears from behind AVGN's futon and chases him off) Where did you learn to fly? Where did you learn to fly? Where did you learn to fly?
AVGN: (shoots Skylar's image with the Super Scope) Where'd you learn to be an asshole?! Jaguar, I've had all I can take! You're the most fucking-- [the Jaguar cube growls] Did you just growl at me? [the Jaguar cube comes out TV, growls again] Oh, God! [he tries to destroy the cube with Super Scope, the Sega Menacer, and the machine gun from Atari 2600, but it's indestructible while the thrash version of the Angry Video Game Nerd theme plays] Oh, no. What do I do? Hey, death kitty, sic 'em! [Boo attacks the cube] Yeah, that's the real jaguar! [Boo meows as he attacks the cube and AVGN sits down] Well, okay, we played a few Jaguar games. We played a sports game, a side-scrolling game, a first-person shooter, a fighting game, a racing game, and a flying game. We played some good games, some bad games, and overall, eh. Makes me wanna puke. Like a cat. [he pretends to wretch and vomits like a cat] And then what do they do? They make a CD add on. Yeah, the fucking Jaguar CD. There's something about this that perplexes me. You have a game console, that not many people owned, so you make an add-on that requires owning the game console. What were they thinking?! It should've just been its own individual game system. Besides, the fucking thing has its own AC adapter. So, that's two. One for the Jaguar, and one for the Jaguar CD. And that's some cool looking design. It looks just like a toilet. Yeah! It's a fucking toilet! What a perfect analogy. I would review some games, but there's one problem: the fucking bastard doesn't work. Not even the cartridge slot, so I can't even play my regular Jaguar games while this thing is connected. I tried using different AC adapters, but nothing worked. It simply won't read the disc. So I sent this broken piece of shit to my friend Richard to see if he can fix it. He invented the Nintoaster; a fully functional NES made out of a toaster. He also made the Super Genintari, which plays NES, SNES, Genesis, and Atari 2600 games. So game mechanisms are his specialty. If he can't fix it, then it's fucked. Here's his diagnosis.
Richard DaLuz: Ah, yes. The Atari Jaguar CD. What a steaming pile of fucking shit that was. I want to make sure there's nothing wrong with the console itself first, just to rule it out. So I plug in a game, push the power button, the Jaguar logo comes careening towards me in the foreground, and after a particularly hilarious fucking startup sequence, I'm playing some Tempest 2000. WHOA. So now I know there's nothing wrong with the console itself. Time to move on to CD unit. So I plug it in, hook up the additional 47 cables that came with it, push the power button, the logo comes careening towards me in the foreground, snarls, and... the Red Screen of Death, indicating a connection problem. So, the first thing I did was deep-clean every single contact point on both the console and the CD unit. I turned it on, Red Screen. Then I went back and made physical adjustments to every contact point in both the console and CD unit so I'd make it more of a solid connection. Turned it on, Red Screen. Finally, I just said, "Fuck it!", and directly wired those two sons-of-bitches together, completely bypassing any and all cartridge ports, and ruling out the remote chance of there ever being any kind of connection issue between the two systems. I turned it on, and guess what? Red Screen! So at this point, I pretty much just gave up and and shipped everything back to ya, along with a Pong machine, which pretty much just says, "I'm sorry, man, this thing is just too shitty for me to work on." I think, between the flaming "Fuck you!" middle finger Red Screens and getting snarled at at the same time, this machine has become self-aware and does not want to be repaired. That is my diagnosis. Richard out.
AVGN: Well, thanks for trying. And thanks for the Pong console. Would you believe that a 30-year-old Pong console attached to a cell phone adapter would work, but a cutting-edge, snarling Jaguar doesn't? There's something wrong here. And you know what? I blew 250 bucks on this thing. So, you know what I did? Bought another one. Yeah, and guess what? It doesn't work, either! So, that's about $450 total I blew on two dead Jaguars. And these things are rare! So when the only two that I can manage to get my hands on just don't work, that leads me to believe that these things most definitely are self-aware. They don't wanna work! You can't make 'em! They just REFUSE to be reviewed! And I've never had that happen. So, the end; I gotta take a shit. (brings out a Jaguar CD, opens its lid to make it look like a toilet, and uses it as a toilet)

Metal Gear[edit]

AVGN: And his full name is Solid Snake? Might as well just be Erect Cock!

AVGN: (reviewing the NES version) It also has the fastest title screen in video game history. Watch how long it stays. (a second passes) Then it goes to the demo. Seriously, it's only up there for two seconds. I'll time it. (waits two seconds) There you go, two seconds. It's like the game's saying, "Oh well, you're not going to push start? Well fuck you then!"

AVGN: What!? You son of a bitch! The enemies respawn if you use the binoculars! You can't do anything! Is this a glitch? Or were the game designers deliberately trying to be FUCKING ASSHOLES!!? Seriously! And this whole jungle scene wasn't even in the original version. Like, "Hmm, let's see, what kind of stupid shit can we add? Let's take a great game and just dump an assload of diarrhea all over it."

AVGN: This game is the fucking crust between your balls. It's terrible! And yeah, I know it's a classic game, but when something's fucked up, it's fucked up. So if you wanna rip me a new asshole, that's fine. I'd like 12. Yeah, I've got a Charlie Brown ghost ass.

AVGN: And it's not just me. Hideo Kojima himself said "It slurped anal grease through a warthog's dickhole." Well, he didn't say it like that, he said it wasn't faithful to his original game.

AVGN: If the original Metal Gear was Kojima's baby, then the NES version is his deformed grandchild. Now, I know, it's still a classic, if you look past all its flaws. It's like digging for gold underneath a pile of horse shit. Or perhaps, it's a gleaming silver turd. It might not look like shit... but it sure smells like it.


AVGN: These are the games. Pretty elaborate, right? The titles are the best part. Like what are some of the games you grew up with? Maybe Wrecking Crew on the NES, or After Burner on the Sega Master System, or, how about, game number 1 on the Odyssey?

AVGN: Now let's try the skiing game. All you do is move the light through the slopes, and with these controllers, it's harder than it looks. The only goal is to stay in the line and see how fast you can get to the end. It's up to the other player to keep time. Now THAT is what you would call a desperate attempt at a video game.

AVGN: This one's called "Analogic". Yeah, that sounds fun: It's like the logic in your ass. It's supposed to take place in outer space. You each start on your own planet. I guess maybe Uranus and My-anus!

AVGN: (talking about the name-the-United-State game) I also love how the instructions tell you that Alaska and Hawaii aren't really down there (below the 48 consecutive states). Hey, Nerdy Turd, did you know that Hawaii isn't really south of Texas?
Nerdy Turd: (raspberry)

AVGN: So now, let's see what the Odyssey Gun looks like. (removes the peripheral, resembling an authentic rifle, out of its box) Well, the Odyssey doesn't fuck around. I mean, this is what you'd call a gun. I mean look at it! It's a gun! It's a fucking rifle! I mean, they could never get away with this nowadays! You could never, ever... it ju- it just blows my mind that there could exist a video game console that has a gun like this! (expresses happiness) Let's try it out! (hooks up the Odyssey gun and fires it, accidentally shooting a hole in his TV screen)


AVGN: I remember one time in school, I had an X-Men coloring book, and the teacher looked over and said, "Hmm. X-Men huh? There's women in there too, aren't there? That's kinda sexist." And I said, "Well, what's wrong with being sexy?" Nah, I didn't say that. But, I've always remembered that because it's a good point. I guess "X-People" just doesn't sound as good. Anyway, with a concept like X-Men, you'd expect a great game. Or at least, a fairly decent game. All the characters and powers and shit... How hard could it be? Well, we are doomed from the very start. Take a look: (holds up The Uncanny X-Men for NES) Somebody makes an X-Men game for Nintendo, why in the love of fuck does it have to be LJN? You take one look at that logo, and you just know: There is no gold at the end of that rainbow, because this, my friends, is the unholy stamp of death. And I'm about to do the unthinkable: (drinks alcohol) I'm about to stick this abomination in my Nintendo. Rather stick your dick in a piranha's mouth!

AVGN: How I can be frozen with a character that's called Iceman? I'd be better off with Iceman from Top Gun.

AVGN: Well, after that disgrace, I'm happy to say there's an alternative. Yup. Another X-Men game on Nintendo. (holds up Wolverine for NES) Just called Wolverine. They didn't call it X-Men 2 or anything like that, because I imagine trying to distance it as much as possible from that other piece of shit. Because the NES deserves one good X-Men game, and I bet this one's gonna be much better because after all... (Notices LJN logo on the game) What? Are you fucking kidding me? Both of them!? They made both of them!? (drinks alcohol) Oh my God. You'd think with a franchise like X-Men, they'd give somebody else a try. (drinks again) I don't wanna play this. I really don't wanna play this. But I might as well get it over with. It's like getting a needle. Might not be too pleasant, but it'll be over before you know it.

AVGN: For powerups, we have burgers. Yeah. What else could they be? They're fucking burgers. And we also have bottles which could be anything, but I'm gonna assume they're beer. That sounds about right. It's an X-Men barbecue; burgers and beer.

AVGN: The X-Men game I remember most fondly is the arcade by Konami. Some versions have six players and a double panoramic screen. It was extremely monotonous, but satisfying as all Hell.
Magneto: X-Men, welcome to die!
AVGN: Welcome to die? Okay. It was a classic style beat 'em up, and one of the best in that category. Only problem: it was never released on a home console. It suffered the same fate as Konami's Simpsons game. Some might say these games would have been butchered on their home counterparts, but if you look at how well Turtles in Time fared on the Super NES, it only raises the question: "Why the fuck not do the same to X-Men and Simpsons?"

AVGN: When it comes to X-Men games, that's how I recommended. But the two NES versions? Stay away. Stay away as far as possible. They suck. They suck balls! This one sucks my left ball, this one sucks my right ball! WELCOME TO DIE! (destroys the NES games with laser beams from his eyes)

The Terminator[edit]

AVGN: What a piece of fucking dog shit! Making a game based off the first Terminator movie had a lot of potential. The movie was like film noir, action, science fiction and time travel all thrown together into a blender. But the game was like taking that same blender to put cat piss, horse dump, and pig vomit. Yeah, now that's a shake you don't want. So if you've played this game, you're probably traumatized. But don't worry, because now is the time to purge those inner demons (takes off eye glasses) because the battle for the past (puts on sunglasses) is gonna be fought in the present, right here, right now. (Looks around a bit and takes off sunglasses) Man, that's too dark. Let's just start the game.

AVGN: (playing The Terminator on NES) The hit detection is also fucked. If you try to shoot something, it goes right through unless you're dead center! This game is like a cheating, spoiled rotten kid and you have to let it win.

AVGN: (demonstrating how a wrench can be clamped onto the NES controller to make the in-game character autofire and rack up points for extra lives, which have accumulated by the time he comes back into the room) Now look at that. I have six lives already. So I'm just going to go to bed and come back and it's going to be all maxed out. Now isn't that a good idea? Well guess what? I have an even better idea. How about, have some fucking continues!? Make me have to put a wrench on a controller? Is that what you wanna do with your life? That's senseless. But that's what happens, man.
(AVGN goes to bed, then comes back next morning)
AVGN: All right, I'm back. I'm all refreshed and ready to play some more Terminator with all new extra lives. All six of 'em. ...Six?! ONLY SIX!!? Okay, I gotta be honest. It's only one digit, I didn't expect more than nine. But why a random number like six!? That means that some fucked up masochist actually programmed it that way, made a decision, "Hmm, let's see. Anything more than six, that's too much." FUCKING ASSHOLE!

AVGN: And look at these platforms, could they be any smaller? Realizing before how hard it is to make your mark, imagine how insane it is to land dead center in a space that's more narrow than the character itself. If you land on your feet, it doesn't count. You have to land on the empty space between your feet. (The Nerd falls down a pit) Aw, fuck! Okay, zero lives, that means I have one more chance. Jump... Jump... JUMP...! (The Nerd falls off again and gets a game over) AWWWWWWWWWW!!! Fuck!! GRR!!! GDAH!!! THEY'RE TOO!!! FUCKIN' SMALL!!! TOO FUCKIN' SMALL!!! (The Nerd yells into a pillow and grabs the game and an NES Zapper) You're terminated. (The Nerd shoots the game)

AVGN: (playing The Terminator on SNES, referring to worm-like enemies on the ground) And what the fuck are these things anyway? Decepticon dildos?

AVGN: So you keep running this everlasting shitty marathon, shooting shit and getting shit shot at you.

AVGN: (after defeating a mini-boss that he thinks is the level boss) What? Are you kidding me? Holy mother and fucking God shit, holy mackerel, gosh damn, how is it not over yet?! How long could this first level possibly go? Unless maybe the whole game is like this. I just can't fucking believe it! So, I died, like anyone would. Game over, first level goes on forever, can't beat it, end of story. The game's impossible.

AVGN: From here on out, things can only get better. The second movie was even better than the first, so we can assume that's the same for the games. I believe there's a light at the end of this tunnel. We've made it through the storm, and at the end of the storm is a rainbow. A rai - oh no. (is horrified to see the rainbow logo of the company LJN on the Terminator 2 game cartridge.)

Terminator 2: Judgement Day[edit]

AVGN: Now for Terminator 2 on NES. (referring to the LJN logo) It's all about that little rainbow of death. I swear, I don't even plan this. It just so happens that LJN holds a monopoly on shitty games. (images of the LJN-produced games reviewed in previous AVGN episodes, Karate Kid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future, Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Uncanny X-Men flash by)

AVGN: You go around collecting bombs which look like, I dunno, a headless chicken holding a dead rat? What, you don't see it? Oh I dunno. You take all the bombs and deposit them into this thingamafucker...

AVGN: (About Terminator 2 on SNES) All I can say is, my God, the control is so bad. It's so stiff and you can't punch anyone when you're too close. But check out the jump! (The Terminator jumps) What is that good for? It's like he's a marionette or he's being hanged by an invisible rope! (The Terminator hops forward awkwardly) Like, holy Lord, that is some fuck right there! Look at him go! WHOO WHOO WHOO! Oh, God. I can't see the reasoning behind it. You can't make something that funny by accident. They took somebody as badass as the Terminator and made him into a mockery. It's a fucking joke! And I'm not just doing this to be funny, it's because of how slow he walks. The only way to go any faster is to hop around like a fucking idiot.


AVGN: Let me ask a question. What kind of format do you usually play video games on? Cartridges, CDs, cards, floppy disks... how about an audio cassette? Isn't that just a weird thought to play a game on a friggin' cassette tape? This is Transformers for the Commodore 64, the computer that is most definitely more than meets the eye.

AVGN: (reviewing Transformers on the Commodore 64) By the way, I'm at a farm with a dinosaur stepping on a space shuttle. I have no comment.

AVGN: Wouldn't you think that a game based on the Transformers would have more emphasis on action rather than this strategic simulation thing? Well, guess what? There was a Transformers game that was a side-scroller. But only in Japan. Let me introduce the Nintendo Famicom. Simply put, this is the Japanese NES. Very different from that gray box, isn't it? This one's smaller and it's a top-loader. It has a nice dust tray. And the controller's attached to the console, which is efficient. But the wires are too short, and they're hardwired into the console, so you can never change them. The controllers are the same; Select, Start, B, A. But the second controller, instead of Select and Start, it has a microphone. Very few games utilized this. From what I understand, in The Legend of Zelda, you kill Pols Voice by making a loud noise into the mic. Of course that's only in the Japanese version, but the manual still says that Pols Voice hates loud noises, which only mystified players outside of Japan. There was also a disk system, but I need to get a cable for it, so maybe we'll get to that later. I'm getting off track here, let's play Transformers. The question is, "Why was this game never released outside of Japan?" With the library of games available, it seems most of them, no matter how shitty, would see an international release. So could it be that this one was just that bad? Let's find out. (he takes the controller and tries to move to his couch, but the console gets pulled along with it) Oh! (goes back to pick it up) Piece of shit. (decides to play on the floor)

AVGN: (reviewing Transformers: Convoy no Nazo) Everything's so small, so fast, and moves at such irregular patterns, hitting your mark is like trying to piss into a shot glass that's spinning on a record player that's strapped to a running cheetah's back while you're riding a unicycle on a tightrope blindfolded.

AVGN: Oh wow, that's real creative - having the Decepticon logo as a boss. That's like with the Ghostbusters game. That is so cheap. The logo belongs on the fucking cover!

(The Nerd is fighting the boss battle against Megatron in stage nine.)
AVGN: It's the end of the road, Megatron! Grrr!!! Huh! Huuh!! Come on, come on, die! Huuh! (defeats Megatron) BOOM! Yeeeaaaah!!! Now that's some intense shit right there. In conclusion, all I can say about this game--
(As the Nerd is talking, the level startup music plays and the stage theme begins playing again, this time for the tenth and final stage. The Nerd pauses the game in disbelief.)
AVGN: Stage ten? I fucking beat Megatron, who the hell could be next!? Fucking "stage ten", my ass! I'm guessing if Megatron's not the final boss, it's gotta be Galvatron or maybe Unicron or Fuckatron, who knows.

(The final boss of the game is Trypticon, who is in his form that makes him strongly resemble a famous movie character.)

AVGN: Oh. It's Mechagodzilla. Of course. I should've known.

AVGN: So now, is it any wonder why this game was never released outside of Japan? 'CAUSE NOBODY ELSE WANTS TO PLAY THIS FUCKING SHIT! Well I gotta do, what I gotta do. (points the Zapper at the Famicom) One shall stand, one shall shit... (the Famicom transforms into Optimus Prime.) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Who are you?
Optimus Prime: My name is Optimus Prime.
AVGN: Wh... You don't look anything like - (Optimus blasts AVGN with a laser)
Optimus Prime: I thought you were made of sterner stuff.

Mario Is Missing[edit]

AVGN: It's educational? I don't want to be educated! I want to rot my brain! This is Luigi's first game and this is what he gets?

AVGN: What's this say? "Koopas seem to have gotten clean away with King Kong."? Are you telling me you're supposed to return King Kong to the Empire State Building? This blows my mind on so many levels! First of all, how did the koopas capture King Kong? Second, why is New York City concerned that King Kong was stolen from the Empire State Building? Remember when the planes were trying to shoot him down? Isn't it pretty clear they want Kong off the building? Third, if this is supposed to be an educational game teaching us things that belong to New York City, WHY IN THE HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK DID THEY CHOOSE A GIANT APE THAT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST?! Fourth, the bag. Okay, King Kong is like 50 feet tall or something. But in this game, they made him out to be like 1500 feet. How big is he exactly? Well, if bigger than the Empire State Building isn't a good enough analogy, then let's just say, A LOT BIGGER THAN THAT FUCKING BAG!! And fifth, I can't grasp the concept that King Kong is in a Mario game. The same character that was a direct inspiration for Donkey Kong who also appeared in games with the Mario characters. Are we running into some kind of paradox here or what?

AVGN: There's sort of like a help desk where you're supposed to return the object or the landmark or whatever, but the lady at the window won't talk to you unless you call Yoshi to come and give you an extra boost. Okay, so are you telling me that the reason that stupid bitch won't talk to you at first is because Luigi is too short to reach the window? For fuck's sake! He can jump higher than the shittin' thing! How stupid do they think we are!? "Use Yoshi to reach the help desk", well how about use my greasy Italian plumber cock to whack you across the fucking face!?

AVGN: You know what? Educate me. Please educate me, because I'm going through sensory deprivation! I'm so fucking bored I'd rather go back to school than play this shit!

AVGN: Educational or not, these games are just horrible abominations of space and time that give insult to the very fabric of nature itself! In other words, they suck.

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties[edit]

AVGN: I remember in the early '90s seeing commercials for the 3DO. It was advertised as the most advanced game system and it forced itself right into your face, like: "If you don't get this thing, you're gonna get left in the dust." It even went out of its way to insult Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, saying that those are just baby toys. Well, everybody I knew had those "baby toys" and nobody--I repeat, NOBODY, I have ever met owned a 3DO. Probably because its price in the US was $700. I mean, FUCK. But you better buy it, because this is the real gaming console. That was its slogan, REAL, because it's a real piece of shit. This new interactive CD-ROM technology, it sort of blurred the line between games and movies. Was this the new future of gaming? Nobody knew, and nobody wanted to be the guinea pig. Usually, you get the chance to play the new hot gaming console over a friend's house, but nobody had it. So the 3DO came and went, and now, it's just a curious piece of history. There were many different models. This, right here, is the FZ-1 made by Panasonic. It only has one controller input. Wow. Now that's what you call an advanced system, isn't it? Instead of two controller inputs, let's just have one! Let's make it so you have to plug the second controller into the first controller and just daisy-chain them together. What were they fuckin' thinking?! Then, there's the FZ-10, which is a top loader. Still, there's only one input. And the last one I have is the GoldStar. How many inputs? (chuckles) Just one. You'd think if they made so many versions of the same game system, they'd eventually add another CONTROLLER PORT! The games are obviously on CDs, which come in jewel cases, but the jewel cases come in these rectangular boxes. This makes it hard to fit on your shelf. (Attempts to fit Captain Quazar into his shelf) What a waste of space! These are the most oversized game boxes I've ever seen. They're even bigger than the NeoGeo boxes, and NeoGeo games are huge cartridges, so they have a perfect reason to make a big box to hold a big game. But these are just CDs! It's completely unnecessary! Now, to be fair, there are some good games on the 3DO, including the definitive home port of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. A lot of the more gimmicky games show off the CD technology, and are more like watching a movie than playing a game at all. Some of them are pretty impressive for its time, like Wing Commander III, which features big name actors like Malcolm McDowell and Mark Hamill. I searched high and low to find the worst possible 3DO game in this category, and I believe I've found it. It’s called Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties. Judging from the box, I don't even know what to think of it. "An Interactive Romantic Comedy!" "A Plumber", "A Daddy's Girl", "Chickens", "Crazed Yuppies", "Evil Bosses", "Shower Scenes", "Race Cars", "Pandas", "A Nun"? What kind of game is this!? (notices upside-down text) What's this? "Get it?" NO! I don't get it!

AVGN: There's a code to remove the censor bars - or censor-face-with-a-nose - but that's only if you really wanna see John's hairy ass that much.

AVGN: Well, the game is called "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties", so I guess it makes sense. He's a plumber, and I don't see him wearing a tie. (The moment he says tie, John is shown wearing a tie.) What the fuck? You can't even trust the damn title!

Thresher: You know, perhaps something can be worked out after all. ... Take your clothes off, Jane.
AVGN: Oh, shit!
Thresher: You know, we get at least 200 qualified applicants for every position here. It's those people who do that little extra thing. They're the ones who get head-I mean get ahead.
AVGN: Oh, what a bad joke. It doesn't even have any relevance now. He just told her to take off her clothes. He might as well say straight out, "Suck my cock."
AVGN: What a pervert! And what's with all the filters? (wrong answer sound effect plays)
Narrator: Now see how your sick curiosity led Jane into this mess?
AVGN: Time for another decision. Either she refuses to take off her clothes, or she accepts. Now, wait a minute. The first decision says, "Our heroine declines the disgusting proposal!" But in the image, she seems to be taking off her clothes. While running away, but still. It doesn't make any sense. Did they swap the images by accident? So let's go with the more interesting choice. (Jane is now shown undressed, holding a whip and handcuffs) Damn! She just happened to have a whip and handcuffs?! (imitating Thresher) Wow, I'd no idea she'd actually do it! (Jane now has Thresher, in his underwear, on his knees in an S&M position. The Nerd is utterly shocked by this scene.) WHAT KIND OF FUCKED-UP GAME IS THIS!!? (wrong answer sound effect plays twice, a picture of the Narrator with inverted colors appears.) What's with the crazy filters?
Narrator: Oh, now you've done it! You've really done it! How could you make Jane into such a perverted young thing?! (An upside-down picture of the Narrator wearing a chicken mask appears. The Nerd is shocked and baffled.) I've guided a lot of people through this story, but I've never seen such a disgusting series of plot choices in my life!
AVGN: A fuckin' chicken mask! An upside-down fuckin' chicken mask!

Narrator: Well, sport, do you think you can make the right move without getting the lowest score in the history of this game?
AVGN: What, there's somebody else who played this shit?

AVGN: Now for the final choice. Either, "I want the Hollywood ending!" or "Gimme something different." Yeah, you know what? Give me something different. Give me a different fuckin' game! (tosses the game away) This is one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life. On the box, it says, "Plays like a game...but feels like a MOVIE!!!" Well that's horse shit. It does not play like a game, and it certainly does not feel like a movie. It's a slideshow that verges on being softcore porn. But it isn't that either! (video goes into different still photos of the Nerd with filters and crazy objects inserted.) It's like some kind of experimental art project. If I just made a bunch of shit and put all kinds of filters on it, that would be the same as this miserable pile of fuck. It would also be the same to go take a shit on a piece of toast on top of a roof while wearing a fish mask singing "I'm Too Sexy".

Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle[edit]

AVGN: Oh, fuckin' Coyote cunt, got my ass against the wall!

AVGN: All right. That's it. I'm done with this game. I'd rather press my face against a hippopotamus's butt while it muck spreads! That's when a hippo takes a shit; rather than allowing the shit to drop from its anus, it presses its tail against its ass crack, waving it back and forth, shredding the shit all over the place! That's as much fun as this game is, like putting a turd in a fan or a band saw. You just don't do it!

[after the Nerd plays the original Crazy Castle (and subsequently gets beat up by Bugs]
Bugs: Sorry, Doc, you ain't done yet! Looks like you've got another game! (hands him a Game Boy Advance SP)
The Nerd: Crazy Castle 2? There's a sequel? How could this be possible? I'm not playing this! (he gives the game back to Bugs)
Bugs: But ya wanna play it!
The Nerd: No, I don't wanna!
Bugs: Ya do wanna!
The Nerd: I don't wanna!
Bugs: Ya do wanna!
The Nerd: I don't wanna!
Bugs: (switching tactics) Ya don't wanna!
The Nerd: I do wanna!
Bugs Bunny: Ya don't wanna!
The Nerd: I do wanna!
Bugs Bunny: Ya don't wanna!
The Nerd: I do wanna, (grabs the GBA SP) and you're not going to stop me! (realizes he's been tricked)

AVGN: Done with this. I'd rather lick the shit skid off the inside of a toilet bowl!
(Bugs and the Nerd fight, ending with the Nerd getting thrown through the couch. Kyle Justin emerges in pain.)
Kyle Justin: You Nintendo dork, you broke my fuckin' couch!
AVGN: It was the fucking bunny? What is it, fuckin' Bugs Bunny Boot Camp? (gets grabbed by the shirt) Come on, I thought 'toons like to get beat up!
Bugs Bunny: We do, doc. But you know what we don't like? Getting shit on the FUCKIN' FACE!!
AVGN: That was two years ago!
Bugs Bunny: Well now it's your turn, doc! (subdues AVGN) Nyeah! (defecates onto his face in pellet form while Kyle looks on in disgust) Geronimo! Nyyyyyeeeeeaaaaah! Motherfuckin' Nerd! ...Nyeah, ain't I a stinker?
AVGN: Go away. Just leave me alone.
Bugs Bunny: Not yet, doc, you still got another game! (throws a Game Boy Advance SP at the Nerd)
AVGN: What?!? (gets hit in the face with the game, grabs it) Crazy Castle 3? Crazy? Castle? Three?!?! That's impossible.

Kyle Justin: Come on, get 'im, he's the one that broke the couch!
AVGN: Well, technically it was a futon.
Kyle Justin: I don't care what it is. GET 'IM! Boil those bunny balls!

AVGN: Now I think I understand the relevance of the title. It's crazy that there's so many sequels!

AVGN: Crazy Castle 4?!! How many of these fucking games could there possibly be?!?!
Bugs Bunny: You better play it, Doc, before I ram my rabbit fist up your motherfucking ass!

Bugs Bunny: Let me pull this game out of my ass, Doc!
AVGN: I've wondered where this shit comes from!
(the box for the next Crazy Castle game, released for the Game Boy Advance, is dropped at the Nerd's feet. He opens it, confused)
AVGN: Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5? This can't be real. ...Okay, first of all, how is it Crazy Castle 5 if it's not Bugs Bunny?

AVGN: I wonder why it's Woody Woodpecker. Now that I think about it, both Woody and Bugs were created by the same guy. Ben "Bugs" Hardaway. And the first cartoon to feature a precursor to Bugs Bunny was "Porky's Hare Hunt". It had Mel Blanc doing the bunny's voice, and he was the guy who was the original voice for Woody Woodpecker. So could it be, Woody and Bugs...they're the same?
Bugs Bunny: Nyeah, what's up doc?
(Bugs throws a pie in the Nerd's face and resumes mercilessly assaulting him)
Bugs Bunny: That feels good, doc? Yeah, just like good old times, doc! Like when I shoved Elmer Fudd's head up the Tasmanian Devil's fucking asshole! Nyeah, how does it feel to be a dying man, Nerd? You're a dead man! You're a dead man!
AVGN: Bull... SHIT!!! (attacks back)
(the fight continues, ending with the Nerd ripping Bugs' head off and tossing it across the room. The headless Bugs stands up, and Woody Woodpecker's head emerges from the hole.)
Woody Woodpecker: Guess who? (laughs)
AVGN: I knew it.
(Woody tries to kill the Nerd with a bomb, but AVGN grabs him and holds him down on the floor)
Woody Woodpecker: You're gonna die, nerd! (laughs)
AVGN: Oh, I don't give a fuck, I'm taking you with me! Oh, you like to play with bombs, huh? Well, bombs away, you woody bunny fucking pecker piece of shit!
(The bomb explodes, killing them both. The next shot shows both of them in Hell. The Nerd looks around and then holds up a sign that reads, "FUCK!")

Super Pitfall![edit]

AVGN: Let's play charades. Who am I? (imitates Pitfall Harry's walk and bizarre death animation) If you guessed Pitfall Harry, then you're right. Good ol' Harry got his start in Pitfall, the classic Atari game. But he didn't start acting like an asshole until the NES came along. Super Pitfall. One of the most deceptive uses of the word "super" in video game history. You wanna know why? You wanna know why this game super sucks? You wanna see how hard they cranked up the diarrhea dial? Just watch. (At the beginning of the game, Pitfall Harry climbs down the first ladder and dies) Nice. Fucking beautiful. The first ladder you see drops you into a pit where you get killed by a bird or a bat, whatever it is. And even if it wasn't there, I'd fall on the spikes. So it's basically death insurance. "Let's put every kind of obstacle we can possibly think of in the very beginning of the game." You know, I'm disappointed. Couldn't there have been lava on top of the spikes, with fire sharks swimming in it? Couldn't there be more spikes coming from the sides ready to close in and squash me while stabbing at the same time? How 'bout some laser cannons and upside down volcanoes? You want to be even more efficient? Why even have the ladder? Why not just start the game falling down the pit? Fucking assholes! [sighs] Talk about a beginner's trap. They sure nailed it.

AVGN: Playing this game is like driving an old, beat-up car. You're always afraid it's gonna break down.

AVGN: This game is unholy. It's fucking made in Hell, I swear. (commenting on surprise death) Oh shit! What the fuck was that?! That's fucking scary! You're just walking around, and a head run amok from Easter Island comes flying towards you.

AVGN: So we're jumping around in thin air, trying to find different suits, like spades, hearts and diamonds. What purpose does this have? I found the princess! Does he need to play Poker with her or something?

AVGN: There's no limit to how secretive this game is. There's actually a part where you have to warp by jumping... into a bird. (Pitfall Harry jumps into an enemy bird flying toward him and is warped elsewhere.) You saw that, right? I'm not making that up. There's a warp zone hidden in a bird! How would you ever figure something like that out!? Unless it's by complete accident! If you try touching the rest of the birds in this game, they kill you. So if you've learned anything from that, it's to avoid them! How stumped and bored would you need to be to start thinking "Hmm, I guess I'm gonna try jumping into birds." How the fuck is a kid in 1987 without internet supposed to figure out how to beat this game?

AVGN: (commenting on the ending screen and referencing that of Ghostbusters) Don't you love games that just end with a black screen with plain text? At least they spelled "Congratulations" right. The third line's a little off-center, but other than that, I don't see any errors. I guess that's why they kept it so short: They knew they'd fuck it up. But the last sentence mystifies me. Please try another world? ...What other world? As far as I know, there’s a second quest, but it’s the same exact game. The only difference is that the items are all in different spots. And after that, the game just keeps on repeating over and over again like a never-ending Easter egg hunt. But that’d be like if the Easter eggs were full of diarrhea, and the Easter bunny was shitting all over your face. But I've had enough of bunnies and shit lately, so I'm gonna end this right here. What kind of masochist would you have to be to beat this game more than once? If you did it one time, what would you have to prove to do it again!? You'd have to be some kind of fucking idiot! (resumes playing to begin the second quest)


AVGN: (failing to defeat Mechagodzilla] THAT FUCKING TIME LIMIT! THAT MOTHER-FUCKING-SHIT-SUCKING-TIME-LIMIT! It's not even like there's a counter! It's like the game just pulls the plug! Like: "Oh, you're gonna win? Well not anymore, ya ass-backed fecal-fucker shit-faced anus brain!" The game cheats. That's it. That's all there is to it. The game fucking cheats.

AVGN: (reviewing Godzilla 2 on NES) The music in this game is so horrible, they actually have an option to turn it off. But when you turn off the music, it turns off the sound effects too! So what's the point!? You might as well just mute the fucking TV!

AVGN: (reviewing Godzilla on Game Boy) Are you fucking joking? Godzilla looks like the dragons from Bubble Bobble! You're going around climbing vines, pushing rocks, and hitting monsters with a boxing glove that Godzilla spits from his mouth! How could they do this to the king of the monsters!? They might as well have Godzilla in a clown suit jumping on a pogo stick. I'm not even gonna waste my time with this shit. The best way to sum this up is to recite a very famous quote from William Shakespeare: "Fuck it."

AVGN: (reviewing Super Godzilla on SNES) So playing as Godzilla, you'd want to be destroying buildings, right? Well here, the buildings drain your health. That makes no sense! Godzilla destroys buildings all the time! That's what he's good at! That's like if Mike Tyson couldn't punch anybody without hurting his hand.

AVGN: Why is it so hard to have two monsters fighting without it being a fucking Einstein project?

AVGN: 15 years later, I'm still pissed. All I wanted was a good Godzilla game, but my childhood passed me by, and I never got it. [He drinks beer] But nowadays, there's plenty of Godzilla games: Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee, Godzilla: Save the Earth, and Godzilla: Unleashed. This is after my time. I don't know anything about this here PlayStation 2 and Xbox shit. But I'm gonna give it a try.

AVGN: (Comparing modern-day Godzilla games to the above titles) FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKK!!!!!! (throws a lot of SNES games out of the shelf) Why couldn't I have those games when I was a kid!? Goddammit, I was born too fucking early. [Sighs in frustration] Instead I had to grow up with these miserable pieces of shit-fucking anal jugs. These games suck Baragon's sweaty ball sack! I'd rather get an electric shock from sucking Mechagodzilla's mechanical wiener! These games are SHIT drizzling out of the Smog Monster's rancid putrid A-hole! And then being swallowed and barfed up by Angarus while I lay on spikes getting Gigan's buzzsaw up my ass WHILE DESATROYA DUMPS HIS DIABOLICAL DIARRHEA ALL OVER MY FACE! Man, it's just a bunch of fuck, it's a pile of cunt, fuck, shit, fuck...cunt...fuck..Goddammit! I just said "fuck" from the bottom of my heart and I said every curse that there is. There's nothing left, so you know what? Somebody's gotta invent a new curse word. I think I got it. This game, THESE FUCKING GAMES ARE...scunt! Oh yeah! It's that bad!

Wayne's World[edit]

AVGN: The movie's about two guys who run a show from their basement, and then a sponsor comes, tries to steal the show, and the rest is just a bunch of jokes. So how do you take that and make it into a game? Let's find out. (begins playing Wayne's World on NES) Okay, there it is. That's how you make a Wayne's World game. Just have Garth running around with a laser gun and shooting stuff. That's real creative.
Wayne: Not!

AVGN: The hell with this game! I can't say I expected it to be good, but this is just a maximum catastrophe of ass!

AVGN: (reviewing the SNES game) It starts with Wayne and Garth doing a top ten list of "Worst Video Games". The irony is stunning.

AVGN: Remember Wayne's annoying ex-girlfriend? Well, she makes an appearance in this game. Several. (she is displayed in two separate places on the screen at the same time) What, did she find a way to clone herself!?

Castlevania Part One[edit]

AVGN: Time for Halloween again. Now this time, I'm giving myself a break, and I'm going back to one of my favorite video game franchises: Castlevania. It never stops. The same way Dracula keeps getting resurrected. I keep finding these games just creeping into my subconscious. The same way the Belmont family has to keep putting evil back in its place. I'm cursed to keep doing game reviews, and constantly mentioning Castlevania. (scene shows footage from his old reviews mentioning "Castlevania") I talk about it all the fucking time. So, what the Hell, let me just get it all out. This is gonna be a big ass Castlevania marathon, with my own perspective. This is Castlevania, how I remember it. It's the Nintendo age. I'm sitting on my ass playing Super Mario Bros., when my cousin comes over and says: "You want to play Castlevania?" Instantly, it triggered images of Dracula in my mind and of all the frightening horrors that lurk in the dark. We pop that evil son of a bitch in the Nintendo and BAM!

AVGN: What can you say? It's side-scrolling 2D action at its finest. Now keep in mind. NES was in its early years, so I was still getting used to games that consisted of more than one screen. When I got to the giant bat, I thought it was Dracula, but no, just the first level boss. I still had a whole game ahead of me. Not only is it a culmination of our classic gaming sensibilities, but of all the horror clichés. We have mummies, hunchbacks, and the Frankenstein monsters straight out of the Universal movies. It also reminds me of the Hammer Horror Films with all of its gothic scenery, and it draws from Greek mythology too, like the Medusa. Even the Grim Reaper makes an appearance. Death himself takes orders from Dracula. (Happily) This game is simply a masterpiece. I love it

AVGN: If I were to whip a fucking candle, would hearts comes out? I'd like to know. (whips two candles near him, which start a fire) Oh shit!

AVGN: If you were Simon Belmont, would you eat an old pork chop you found in a wall? It must be fucking dirty! I do have to say, that would be convenient, if all I had to do is just whip the wall when I was hungry? This wall would break - if there's a fucking pork chop in it, I would so eat it!

AVGN: What in the unholy name of ass is this fuckness?! Oh wait, that's not a word? Well, it should be!

AVGN: (commenting on the end credits) Hmm. "Trans Fishers"? That reminds me of Terence Fisher, the director of many of the hammer horror films. That's a funny coincidence. Oh wait - "Vran Stoker"? Like Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula? Wha - "Christopher Bee"? ...Is it a joke? I don't get it! Are they saying Christopher Lee is like a bee? No, they can't mean that. This is probably just a series of strangely coincidental typos. "Belo Lugosi"? "Boris Karloffice"? They're just fucking around! "Love Chaney Jr."!? "Mix Schrecks"!? "Green Stranger"!? ...Is this supposed to be funny? Like, just to take a celebrity's name and change it around? That's like if I took the name Steven Spielberg and called him "Steven Gielberg". Like that's not funny! That's kindergarten level! No - Kindergarten students don't find that funny! Aliens don't find that funny! Well, anyway, that's Castlevania for you. Good game, but holy fuck, is it hard. Now, as promised, we're gonna plow through the rest of 'em, all the old-school Castlevania games. The ones that I grew up with. (A box that says "WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE A CURSE." covers the Nerd's head. The box disappears a few seconds later, and a day-to-night transition is shown. The music changes and the Nerd's room looks darker than before. The Nerd notices the "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.") Not that one. Next on our list, is Castlevania III, which in many ways is the true follow-up-- (Music plays again, and the cartridge is shown again) No, I already reviewed that game! So, anyway-- (Music and cartridge again) No. (Music and cartridge again) Stop. (Music and cartridge again) Stop. (Music and cartridge again) Stop! (Music and cartridge again)

Castlevania Part Two[edit]

AVGN: (about Castlevania II: Simon's Quest) This game is the unholy fuckness. You probably remember it as my first game review. That was five years ago, before I took on the regular duty of playing shitty doody. Back then, I wasn't as hardcore; I used a code, and I skipped over a lot of the game. So now is my second chance, 'cause I'm gonna do it for real this time. I only scraped the surface off this smelly turd, and after that, it really starts to stink.

AVGN: So I found this one clue. It reads, "A SYMBOL OF EVIL WILL APPAER WHEN YOU STRIKE THE STAKE." Gee, that really helps. Couldn't it at least mention like where you're suppo - appe-app-appaer!? "Appaer"!? Does anybody proofread this shit!? It only goes to show how much effort they spent on the game when they can't even get the fucking text right!

AVGN: (Playing Castlevania III on NES) There's a stage where the screen keeps moving up. If you're caught at the bottom, you die. What kind of logic is that? In Trevor Belmont's world, what killed him? The TV screen?!

AVGN: But how in the holy goddamn mother-shit-fucking Christ of cunt-fuck am I supposed to attack the enemy when the fucking floor is falling down!?

AVGN: If there's any game to put you in a bad mood, it's Castlevania III. Y'know? Like, if you want a game that'll piss you off, putting this game in your Nintendo is like running open-armed out into a rainstorm of piss! You wanna go balls-to-the-wall? Well, there's one way to put your balls to the wall, and that's to stick your dick in an electric outlet. You wanna play shit tennis with an orangutan, while having your head up a hyena's asshole?! Well, good luck. Well, that finishes off the Castlevania trilogy, but there's more memories to be shared. 'Cause Dracula never dies, Halloween is going overtime, it's a Castlevania-thon! AWOO! AWOOOO!

Castlevania Part Three[edit]

AVGN: When the 1980s came to an end, the Castlevania trilogy was already etched into my mind as classic. It was the archetype of both the action and horror genres and a masterpiece in side-scrolling gaming. Roughly at the turn of the decade came the 16-bit era, I had no idea that it could actually get better. In 1991, Castlevania made its transition to the new Super Nintendo. But this wasn't just Castlevania IV, oh, no, this was Super Castlevania IV and well worthy of that title. The graphics and sound just blew my fucking balls off. The haunting and chilling atmosphere of the old games was now like a walk through the park with the Care Bears. This time, I was really getting scared. At the time, this must have been the greatest opening to any video game yet, the fog keeps rolling until it envelops the shattered gravestone and almost seems creeping into the room itself. And then, of course, we have the game.

AVGN: That's it, the perfect Castlevania game. But what would come next? We had a sequel, a prequel and a remake. Which direction could the series go after this? At this point my expectation was soaring into heavens, and I couldn't wait for Castlevania V. This is where the disappointment began, and forever kept rolling downhill, like a ball of dog dookie down a muddy slope. I opened up the pages of Nintendo Power, and there it was Castlevania: Dracula X. I said it out loud to myself. "Castlevania: Dracula X". I wondered, "why not just call it Castlevania 5"? Well that's what I thought back then, but if only I knew the original Japanese title, Devil's Castle Dracula X: Rondo of Blood. ...Just rolls right off your tongue.

AVGN: The final battle with Dracula is impossible. Im-Fucking-Possible! It's bad enough Dracula turns into a devil wearing a speedo? But on top of that, you have to hop across platforms?

AVGN: (Playing Castlevania 64) In this stage, you have to pull levers to open gates. So when you get to a lever, it says "Operate the mechanism? Yes or No". Why does it bother asking me this? Obviously I want to pull the lever. What's my other option, to just stare at the fucking background?!

AVGN: (Dealing with the Nitro/Mandragora sequence) Then I found these statues that talk to you. At first, I thought they were just giving you hints, letting you know what to do with the Nitro and Mandragora, but since I can't seem to place the stuff on the ground, I figure I have to talk to these statues in order to even use the items at all! Even though that makes no sense, that's like talking to a fire hydrant so you can use dynamite to demolish a building!

Castlevania Part Four[edit]

AVGN: (playing Castlevania: Bloodlines) Well supposedly, John Morris is the son of Quincy Morris from Dracula, the Bram Stoker novel! That just blew my mind. It's like, now we're bringing the novel into it? So the whole canon of the games is now with the canon of the book and it's like taking two cannons and putting them together! (two cannons shoot in different directions)

AVGN: (playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night] The graphics and sound are superb. But there is some pretty cheesy voice acting.
Richter Belmont: Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!
Dracula: What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk, have at you!

AVGN: What, are these skeletons shooting lasers out their cocks?! The one thing I truely hate about this game is that whenever you die, you go back to the main menu. In the other games you get a continue screen. That's all you need, right? But here, you gotta wait for the screen to melt...(screen melts) then you gotta stare at the Game Over screen.
Announcer: Game... over.
AVGN: (Groans) Come on. (Announcer laughs evilly as AVGN drinks beer.) This takes forever. And then, it's back to the title screen. Hit start...then select the file...wait for the screen load...and then pick your saved game. Analbag, that's me. Then you gotta wait for the game to load. Come on! And finally you continue from your last save point. That is fucking atrocious.

AVGN: In Castlevania IV, all you had was your own wit. You don't rely on tricks, it's just you and the game, and the only way to beat it is to beat it with your mind and your reflexes. And that to me is what Castlevania is all about. And once you've beaten the game in the wee hours of the morning and watch the castle crumble, you reflect on all that time you just spent. The credits sequence shows little replays from each level. It's like watching old memories. And that's what the Castlevania games are for me: Memories that will last forever.

Little Red Hood[edit]

AVGN: Anyway, what do you expect of a game based off of Little Red Riding Hood? You're familiar with the story, right? It goes something like this: Once upon a time, there was a girl named Little Red Riding Hood. She liked to jump in the air and whistle out her vagina. She kicked at trees until Big Bird's ball sack would appear. What? That's not the story? Oh, well excuse me, 'cause this isn't Little Red Riding Hood, this is "Little Red Hood!" Yeah! Not to be confused. I don't know. Really, t-the real reason why it's called "Little Red Hood", instead of "Little Red Riding Hood", is... because I have no fucking idea.

AVGN: Now you'd expect her to use a slingshot to shoot rocks or something, right? But no! She throws the fuckin' thing! Yeah, check this out! "Look! I'm gonna hit you with this slingshot!" (imitates about to shoot a slingshot at something off-screen, but then tosses it in that direction.) I suppose if the game programmers put a gun in the game, you'd be throwing that as well! Does that make any sense? (drinks Rolling Rock) No!

AVGN: It's just so random... You know, how many times have I used the word "Random" and "Appear"? But that's exactly what's happening! Stuff appears or doesn't appear or randomly does something else... I feel like a guinea pig in an experiment where they're testing the effects of negative reinforcement. Let's see what happens if we take the key away... It's twenty years late, but whoever you are, and if you wanna know what the effect is, I'll tell you the effect: IT'S FUCKING PISSING ME OFF!!!

AVGN: Nothing is consistent about this twisted piece of shit-covered anal fuck!

AVGN: (referring to Stage 8) And guess what? In this stage, the key doesn't appear, until you buy an invincibility potion and three slingshots! (stunned silence) How would anybody know to do that!!? You go through the whole game, all of a sudden they throw you a curve ball and change the fucking rules!! Imagine if in Super Mario Bros., if in one level, you can't jump on the flagpole at the end, unless first you've collected exactly 29 coins, stomped 3 Goombas, and get a Fire Flower. You wanna know how I feel now?! I'M FUCKING ENRAGED!! YOU DON'T JUST CHANGE THE RULES LIKE THAT! THIS IS SHIT SAUCE!! THIS IS DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE STANDARDS! And I'm still playing it. I don't even know why, I guess I can't resist being able to say "I beat Little Red Hood." And you know what? I don't expect a good ending, either. Why work hard on creating an elaborate ending when you've made the game so hard to figure out that there's not a chance in hell anyone would get that far!? In fact, I expect a shitty ending! A FUCKING LOATHSOME, ASS-SUCKING SHIT HEAP OF A ENDING!!! (reaches the ending screen and reads its text) "Oh! My dear Little Red Hood! Thank you for your coming!" (drops the controller and picks up the Rolling Rock) You did not disappoint.

Winter Games[edit]

AVGN: It's winter. It's fucking cold. We're playing some Winter Games. But anyway, let me get the greeting outta the way. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, happy... everybody! Happy holidays. And if you have a problem with "Happy Holidays", then happy shut-the-fuck-up. But there ain't nothing happy about this shit.

AVGN: The name entry screen is a disaster. You can't move the cursor up or down, it only goes left and right. ...Isn't that fun? Not to mention, they only let you spell four letter words, which, I can think of plenty, but how many names would have less than four letters? If you try to add a fifth letter, it goes back and replaces the first letter, then you gotta figure out how to start over. When it reaches the last letter, why couldn't it just stop? The simplest thing to do is to type in all "A"'s, then go left once to get to the enter button. Because why put in a name anyways? It's not like the game's going to save it. But if it did, I guarantee most of the high scores would belong to "AAAA". The point is, how hard is it to program something as simple as a name entry screen? If they can't even get that right, then whoa. Wait 'til you see the game.

AVGN: (playing the ski-jump event that is labeled in-game as "Hot Dog Aerials") What people could be sadistic enough to design a game with such a dysfunctional control scheme!? The only people in the world who would call the ski-jump "Hot Dog Aerials"! (tries a different event) Next is "Speed Skating". I'm surprised it's not called "Cat Tit Bingo".

AVGN: How do you like that music? Listen: (Plays some of the background music) Exquisite. (commenting on the music at the end of the Speed Skating event) Isn't that the most beautiful, radiant sound that has ever been blessed upon your soul? Its exuberant tonality harmoniously blends the dying squeals of electronic goats with the melodic rapture of diarrhea bubbling from a coyote's crap-hole.

AVGN: (playing the Figure Skating event) I'm not even kidding, but if I were to give out an award, a big shit-dripping trophy for the worst controls ever in a video game, I think it would go to this! I mean look at it! I've never seen anything this unresponsive! I'm hitting every button combination possible! You know, all it needs to be said about Winter Games is that you push buttons. That's all it is. How's Winter Games? You ever play Winter Games? Yeah, you push buttons. That's it. Go like this! You're playing Winter Games! You ever watch a movie where someone's pretending to play a video game but you tell that they're just acting? They're just going like this? They're playing Winter Games. Yeah. Who programmed this thing? Maybe it was Fred Fucks.

AVGN: THIS IS A BLIZZARD OF BALLS!!! I can't believe humanity was capable of degrading itself so low as to produce such insulting catastrophe of ass!! (reads caution label at the back of the cartridge) "Do not store in extreme temperatures. Do not immerse in water. Do not clean with Benzene, Thinner Alcohol or other such solvents. Do not hit or drop cartridge. Do not attempt to dissassemble". (proceeds to do to the cartridge each one of the things the caution label advises against) Like that? (places the remains of the cartridge into the crackling fireplace, where it catches fire and starts to melt) BURN, MOTHERFUCKER, BURRRN!!!

Street Fighter 2010[edit]

AVGN: Wanna play some games? Wanna play some shitty games? ...Well hang on just a second, I gotta go get my mail. (The Nerd steps out of his house to find it and the rest of the scenery in the scene is swarming with graphics from Street Fighter 2010.) What the hell is all this shit!? There's metallic sea sponges everywhere! There's titanium rocket jockstraps! Headless parrots with bottle caps! Floating eyeballs entrapped in glass lids! How is this all happening? OH, ah-of course! It's the year 2010! Holy shit! This was all foreseen in the game Street Fighter 2010!

AVGN: Remember how futuristic the year 2000 seemed? My whole childhood, it seemed like every movie, every video game - it was always "2000". It sounded so high-tech and so far away. But now, fuck that! It's the ten-year anniversary of the year 2000. (referring to Back to the Future Part II's depiction of the year 2015) In five years, we're gonna have flying cars and hoverboards and self-lacing shoes... It better happen. Otherwise they should have made it the year 3000. Even if they made it 2100, we'd all be dead; it wouldn't make a difference anyway! Better to be a mystery than to be wrong!

AVGN: Who would've thought that Street Fighter's past lied in the future, which is now the present? Let's take a look at this. I can only imagine, we're gonna be Tiger Uppercutting through space and time, we're gonna be throwing Sonic Booms on the moon, Hadoukens up Uranus! Fuck Street Fighter IV, this is Street Fighter 2010!

AVGN: What the hell is this poop-plastered, shit-smothered piece of fuck? And what does it have to do with Street Fighter?

AVGN: (commenting on the cover illustration of Fighting Street, showing Ryu in front of Mt. Rushmore] To be even more elusive, they changed the fucking title to Fighting Street! That doesn't make any sense! But at least you get to play as classic characters such as Ryu, George Washington, and Abe Lincoln.

AVGN: The final boss looks like a big, blistering ball sack that swallowed Grimace. His only weak spot is the face. The ideal strategy is to climb on the wall and keep shooting, but your beam doesn't reach. Not without full powerups. You can try jumping off and shooting, but that takes too long. You don't have time. When you're plowing through the stage, you gotta stop and get all the powerups. But that wastes time too! But you gotta do it! You gotta somehow make it all happen! You can't beat one boss flawlessly but then fuck up a little on the next one. You gotta: 1) Beat all the bosses without getting hurt too much, 2) Get all the power-ups, and 3) Do it fast as shit. All in one perfect run. But once you do it, man, you're on the fucking top of the world. Yeah, boom, BOOM! [Imitates explosions as he beats the game] And that, my friends, is Street Fighter 2010. That's all I have to say. So happy new year, happy new decade... am I forgetting anything? ... Yeah. Forgot my fucking mail. [He walks then the screen zooms that says "THE END."]


AVGN: Ugh, Hydlide! Just saying the name gives you a gag reflex like you're about to puke! HYDLIDE! Sounds so wretched and foul!

AVGN: Picking up a game like this, in itself, is like embarking on an adventure. You can stick to the familiar NES classics, or you can be a brave explorer and search the unknown. You might uncover a gem, or a turd covered in vomit. And this is a turd covered in vomit.

AVGN: There's no skill involved. You'll never know whether or not you're hitting the monster or the monster's hitting you. It's just as random as rolling the dice or playing the lottery; sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. But I guess it's better than using drugs or alcohol because with drugs and alcohol, especially drugs, you always lose.

AVGN: Anyway, I got the Lantern. Now I'm going back to that dark cave to figure out what the fuck was killing me...I don't see anything! So that only concludes there was nothing. That's a cheat if I ever saw one. The game kills you with NOTHING!!

AVGN: That's what you get for reaching into the dark depths of the NES library. You might as well be reaching into a dog's asshole, 'cause all you're going to find is shit.

Ninja Gaiden[edit]

AVGN: The story follows a ninja named Ryu who travels to America to avenge his father's death. It seemed everyone always assumed that it was the same Ryu from Street Fighter, but I'm pretty sure there's no relation. To further perpetuate this alleged tie-in, they had to name Ryu's father Ken. Okay, "Ryu" and "Ken"? How could you not think Street Fighter?

AVGN: Throughout the series, Ryu would say, "What the...", "What the..." "What the..." What was he going to say? "What the fuck?"

AVGN: Look at all this shit! There's a million flying enemies! And they all respawn quicker than I can attack!
Ninja: You're playing with anger! Anger does not exist! Pain does not exist! Defeat does not exist! (the Nerd tries to get through the infamous Stage 6-2, but falls into a pit) Before you leap, you must look.
AVGN: (trying but failing again) I looked! I looked!
Ninja: Before you look, you must think. (AVGN fails again) Before you think, you must FEEL!! (once more the Nerd fails) Before you feel, you must...
AVGN: I've had enough!

Ninja: (evaluating AVGN's thumb motions) You are as slow as sloth taking shit! Come! We will develop speed!

AVGN: Then you get another shot at the boss, but they don't even have the fucking courtesy of refilling your life bar! That is sadistic! Whoever programmed this thing, I want to rip their fucking heart out of their ass and show it to them so they can see how cold and black it is before they die!

AVGN: I give up.
Ninja: You must not give up. No game over.
AVGN: Game's over now. You try. (hands controller to ninja)
Ninja: (plays and fails at the game) Fuck. (fails a second time) Nunchuck-fuck! (once again fails) BAAAAAAAALLS! (throws the controller and curls up into a ball)
AVGN: You know, the whole fucking trilogy is impossible. The first game sends you back, the second has the stage hazards, and the third one has game overs. So it's like "Pick your poison!" Well I got my poison right here. (drinks Rolling Rock along with the dispirited ninja)


The Nerd: (commenting on Atari's promotion of the "SwordQuest" series via $150,000 worth of ornately crafted and decorated fantasy items, which players back in the day could win by playing the games, finding and deciphering in-game clues, and sending them to Atari) Not since the medieval times have I heard of a treasure quest of this magnitude! It gets you really excited to play the games, so that's what I call a promotion: You'd be wearing your SwordQuest T-shirt, with your comic books and posters, drinking out of your gold chalice with your crown, philosopher's stone, and sword, and not to mention your SwordQuest video gaming cartridges exclusive from Atari.

The Nerd: (playing the "Earthworld" installment) Every time you go to the next room, it sounds like an explosion. That's what's so great about Atari: Something as simple as going through a door is an event.

The Nerd: Now, what can that mean? Hmm... 16-4... The comic book. (Picks up the book and opens up the page) Page 16, Panel 4. I don't see anything... What-- [Reveals a hidden word] Wow. (He writes down the word and continues playing and finding more clues) There's 10 hidden words, and they're supposed to make a sentence. But five of them are bogus. The only way to figure out which are the right words is to find a subliminal hint on the first page. The words prime and number are a different color than the rest, so this means you only use the clues that are prime numbers. Lemme tell you, in 1982, people had a lot of time on their hands and a lot of creativity to figure this out. Out of 5,000 entries, only 8 gamers got the right sentence. The winner was 20-year old Steven Bell. Good work, man!

The Nerd: (playing the "Fireworld" installment) What are we doing here, hitting birds with a pole? Throwing knives? Now you're actually steering the knives into a, uh, turkey club sandwich. This part, you're like a black eagle shooting bullets at snakes! All with glorious Atari sound effects.

The Nerd: (referring to general suspicions that the remaining three un-awarded treasures of the "SwordQuest" contest, including the planned grand prize, a gold-and-jewel-encrusted sword, is in possession of Jack Tramiel, who had bought Atari after the infamous video game crash of 1983) Somebody's gotta find out. The real SwordQuest is the quest for that sword and the other treasures. They belong in the hands of gamers who earn them. You know, everybody who put those games in their Ataris had a chance of winning. It was something to dream about. But that dream's been thrown about the toilet. It's 30 years later, but I say the contest must go on. Finish the last game! You can't have earth, fire, and water without air! The balance of the cosmos must be restored, the true bearer of that sword must be found! The Kingdom of Nerd-Dom depends on it!

Pong Consoles[edit]

AVGN: You could call this the "Wooden Age" of video games, when everything was made of wood, and two people playing tennis looked like two glow sticks batting a square ball back and forth. Yeah, this is before circles were invented.

AVGN: I thought it was fun. Apparently, people thought so too back then. So that's why they made a home pong console so you can play it at home, and then, there was another one, and another one, and another one, AND ANOTHER ONE, AND ANOTHER ONE, AND ANOTHER ONE!!!! There was like nine million fuckin' pong consoles!

AVGN: This might be a good time to bring up that most of these old consoles have a connector that looks like this. You have to plug them into a box, and screw the box into your TV. But I say get yourself one of these, plug it into the coaxial unit on your TV, plug the game in, and tell that box to go fuck itself.

AVGN: (Reviewing the RCA Studio II, which has one wire serve as both the video wire and electricity wire) So, technically speaking, the video signal is travelling up this wire, and then, the electricity coming from the wall socket is coming back, through the same wire. I don't even understand how that works! The only other system I know that does that is the Atari 5200, and we all know how much ass that thing sucks!

AVGN: Man, if there was an RCA Studio I, I'd hate to see it.

AVGN: Next, the Radio Shack TV Scoreboard. Looks like a remote for a TV, with a Siamese twin. You pull this off, give it to your friend, say "Fuck you, this is all you get! Look at me, I got all this shit! I'm in control, motherfucker!"

AVGN: The Sears Super Pong Telegame. Simple enough, two little knobs for controllers, works alright, basic Pong, you got four different kinds of Pong, like... what the hell is this? "Reverse Pong"? Okay, now what's this!? "Asshole Pong"? That's not fair!

AVGN: At last we have the Coleco Telstar Arcade. Look at this mess! A steering wheel?! A gun?! What madman came up with this? Believe it or not, it actually uses cartridges. Have you ever seen a cartridge like this? A silver triangle that snaps onto the top of the console?

Season Five[edit]

Action 52[edit]

AVGN: It's a Nintoaster. And yes, it works. (AVGN intro begins)

AVGN: Are you ready for some action? Some Action 52? I suppose so, because I get requests for this game all the time. Like this one right here: (reading a fan email) "Action 52. Fuck this game, please do a review on it. You asshole. Thanks." Wow. I guess I gotta do it now!

AVGN: Not only is this game crap, but it's crap that comes with the price. $199. That's a lotta money. But, there's 52 games! So let me calculate this. (brings out a calculator from his chest pocket) $199 divided by 52...equals, uhh... (The calculator shows 3.826923.) ...well, you gotta pay tax too, so let's just say $4 a game. Wow. What a deal! Fifty-two action-packed games bundled into one cartridge, all for an efficient price? It was every kid's dream. More games! More games! YEAH! (while the game starts up) 52. Aaaawwwwwwwww! Wait, where'd they get the music? (realizing that it's just a loop of It Takes Two without the vocals) Okay, um, the significance...It Takes Two...Action 52? (shrugs)

AVGN: Number 5, "Ooze." Oh, wow, a title screen? Really? (starts the game, then sees several green pickle-shaped objects in the background) Oh my god, it''s... (the objects each turn into a Shit Pickle)
Shit Pickles: Shitpickleshitpickleshitpickleshit...
AVGN: Whoaaa! Ohh-
Shit Pickles: Pickle! Shi-i-i-i-i-
AVGN: Narlalalala!
Shit Pickles: Shit pickle!
AVGN: Alllrighty, then. Well, this is the first game that uses the "B" button. For jumping! Any gamer who grew up with Super Mario Bros. expects "A" to jump.

AVGN: (playing the 7th game, Crytical Bypass) "Crytical Bypass". It's critical that you bypass this game!

AVGN: (playing the 9th game, Alfred n' the Fettuc, which crashes each time he attempts to start) Well, there's no game here! What happened?! Did the programmers pass out? Or did they just figure, "Nobody would check all 52 games"? Well, that's four dollars wasted. But I guess I can't say I'm really too excited over playing a game called "Alfredo", also known as "Alfred n' the Fettuc".

AVGN: (playing the 20th game, Space Dreams, then learning that safety pins are the enemy) Oh, my, what's this gonna be? Why of course! Another space shooter! This time, you're a pacifier shooting at weird dolls, rabbits, and safety pins. Safety pins as enemies in a video game...Where'd they come up with this stuff?! (playing one of the game programmers) Gee, what kind of enemy could I have for this game? I have 32 games left I have to program, so I have to hurry up. (he picks up a safety pin where it lays on a table) Ahhh, safety pin! That'll be perfect! (he puts the safety pin down and types in his computer) Next game.

AVGN: (playing the 22nd game, Spread Fire) These kind of games must have been the easiest to design. Take a black background, cover it in dots, and call it space. You know what? It's getting old.

AVGN: (after playing 25 of the games) ...Wow. Twenty-five shitty games, and still going. This is an endurance, man. I've never played such a huge compilation of crap in my life. Was the whole idea to make so many shitty games that there'd be no more shitty games left to make!? Out of all of these, there's gotta be at least one that's...tolerable!

AVGN: (playing the 29th game) Uh, "Slashers"? I thought it'd be like a horror game. Instead it's a poor man's version of Double Dragon. Saying that is being extremely generous.
AVGN: And what are these, hookers?! I guess this guy doesn't understand the concept of a hooker. You're supposed to fuck her, not fuck her up!!

AVGN: (playing the 31st game, Fuzz Power) Whoever came up with this is an asshole! (cuts to a fictionalized version of the episode that would be shown on public TV with profanity bleeped out) Whoever came up with this is an ass(bleep)! Ass...hole? Ass(bleep)...Television makes a lotta sense.

AVGN: (after playing 35 of the 52 games) I've lost all hope. 52 games, they all probably suck. I can think of some pretty bad games. Like Little Red Hood - that's a horrible game. But at least it's one horrible game! Not 52! You know what's more fun than Action 52? 52 Card Pickup. You know how you play that? (drops a deck of 52 playing cards on the floor) Pick up the cards!

AVGN: Number 36, "Storm over the Desert." Ooh, another title screen! So, you're an army tank, shooting at other army tanks... which happen to be pink. Also, there's no way to die. Anything you touch will explode. Those pink tanks are fuckin' pussies. (a giant Saddam Hussein runs across the screen) What the hell?! A giant Saddam Hussein? How'd they fuck up the scale this bad? The soldiers aren't giant, so why's Saddam?

AVGN: Number 39, "Lazer League". Well, I'm glad they spelled "Laser" with a "Z", because, that's how you say it. You don't say "lay-ser." (actually playing Lazer League) By the way, horizontal 2D space shooter. Next.

AVGN: Number 45, "Boss". Who would think "Boss" means a frog running around with a gun getting ambushed by falling bombs?

AVGN: (playing the 48th game, Time Warp Tickers) You're a pair of fingers in checkerboard-land with upside-down doors. What kind of drugs were they on? Was this game even made by a human being? "Time?"? When you kill things, it says "Time?"? What does that mean? Time to play another fuckin' game?!

AVGN: (after playing 51 of the 52 games) I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY SOLD THIS SHITFEST FOR 199 DOLLARS!!! That's about how much it costs for a video game console, pretty much. You can take 199 dollars, stand on a bridge and just throw it all away! You'd rather do anything than spend it on a broken-down dysfunctional disaster of video game programming! With games that crash, hideous jumping control, random characters, microscopic sprites, a marathon of mediocre space shooters, dying in midair, problems with proportion, misleading titles, misleading powerups, embarrassing weapons, seizure-inducing backgrounds, lack of enemies, games you can't win, games you can't lose, games that make no sense whatsoever, shitty graphics, shitty music, shitty menus, and a fuckton of other things! It should've been illegal for them to sell this rotten shitload of putrid fuck for any price! I feel humiliated to live on the same planet as someone who designed an electronic abomination of this magnitude! Couldn't they have tried making one good game, as opposed to 52 horrible games? Quality over quantity. That's our lesson here. (drinks Rolling Rock) Well, there's only one game left so it has one last chance to redeem itself. Could this be the one that all the effort went into? Could there be a cherry on top of the shit-sundae? We can only hope. (starts playing Cheetahmen as the credits roll)


AVGN: They must have put all their focus into this one game, so this one's gotta be good...right? (shot of the gameplay from Cheetahmen; the player sprite touches the edge of a pool of water with the top of his head, and instantly dies) IT SUCKS!! MONKEY!! BUTTS!! LIKE ALL!! THE FUCKIN'!! REST!!! (drinks Rolling Rock) Okay. Let's go.

AVGN: What's this, a crotch burglar? Yeah, it burgles your crotch. The enemies in this game are so inspired".

AVGN: (playing Cheetahmen on the Action 52 cartridge, jumping over the giant Saddam Hussein from Storm Over the Desert) Dude, think about it: A giant cheetah jumping over Saddam Hussein, whoa! I never thought I'd see that!

AVGN: It's like the only way to beat this game is to cheat! Guess that's why it's called "Cheetahmen".

AVGN: Wow. The fucknuggets who made this game thought they're gonna make action figures and it's gonna be the next best thing to "Ninja Turtles"? Well that's the end of Action 52, but...they made a Cheetahmen sequel. Oh yeah. You know how with a bad game, sometimes you wonder how could it have even made it into stores? Well, this is a case in which the horror was so unspeakable, the game...was never released. The cartridges were taken to a warehouse where they remained for years to come. It was never meant to be played. Then, in the late nineties, a massive break-in took place; the cartridges were discovered, and became valuable collector's items. That's a true story. Except that the real story was probably a little less dramatic than that. Only 1500 of these games are known to exist and they command outrageous prices on eBay. I don't know if I should consider myself lucky or...not, it is. (the Nerd reveals the game cartridge in his hand) The unholy grail of gaming. Would you believe that this game is so bad it doesn't even get its own cartridge? They recycled the same plastic casing from Action 52, and put a Cheetahmen II sticker on the back. (The cartridge's sticker actually reads "Cheetamen" instead of "Cheetahmen".) Let's pop this golden turd in and give it a go.

AVGN: (after defeating the boss in Cheetahmen II, but the game fails to start the next level) Well, I beat the game. At least I got as far as I can possibly go before it fucks out! Well, this is where I'd end things... (drinks Rolling Rock) ...but, there's yet another Cheetahmen game. (produces a copy of the Sega Genesis port of Action 52) Yeah. Action 52 on the Genesis. They just couldn't leave it alone, could they?

AVGN: (talking about SKATER from the Genesis Action 52) You're some kid on rollerskates jumping fifty feet in the air, of course. And most of the obstacles are dead cats! At least, I'm pretty sure they're dead. Why else would a cat be laying in the road? Tell me. If you're programming a video game and you have a choice of all the things that could be on the road like mufflers, puddles of oil, traffic cones, hubcaps, fallen trash cans, open manholes, of all the things you can put there, why does your imagination go straight to dead cats!?

AVGN: Not gonna let that thing kill me this time. Oh, there's a bat! Agh, you mother of an ass! Look at this situation! (Cheetah kills a snake) Yes! (Cheetah screams) Nooo! I can't even beat the first level and I'm trying as hard as I can. (A snake approaches) Oh, my God. Oh, my God! No no NOOO!!! (The snake kills the cheetah.)

AVGN: (after playing Cheetahmen from the Genesis Action 52) I don't believe it. I just can't believe it that - this is even less playable than the NES version! You think by now, they'd come back down to Earth and un-fuck themselves! But you know what the really good news is? I'm done with Action 52! (puts on a party hat and blows on a party horn while fireworks go off)

Game Glitches[edit]

AVGN: Don't you just hate it when that happens? You'll be playin' a game, and then all of a sudden, it starts glitching up! (inserts Metal Gear into his Nintoaster) Oh, come on. Metal Gear's fuckin' up now? You blow the game, jiggle it around, use different consoles, but it still doesn't work. You know, when this happens, that means that there's something inside your game. Something that wants to reduce the graphics into a pixelated mishmash of garbage. You're dealing with...a Game Graphic Glitch Gremlin.
Glitch Gremlin: [Cackling] Good day to you, Nerd, how are you? Good day, sir! As you know, I am the Glitch Gremlin! And, I've got glitches in me britches for ya, Nerd! I've got (gibberish).
AVGN: I'm gonna lay the fuck smack on you! You think I can't still play?

[ Mike Tyson's portrait from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! is displayed, but the entire graphical display glitches up, eliciting a shocked reaction from the Nerd]
Glitch Gremlin: And here we have Punch-Out!! with "Iron Mike" Tyson. I just ironed out his face! How do you like that? We'll call him Shit-Face Mike Tyson!
AVGN: You little fuck-nugget, get out of my game!

Glitch Gremlin: (regarding Punch-Out!!) I shit all over it with me glitches.

AVGN: [After describing his victory over the boss Big Pets in Mega Man 5 while having been hindered by a glitch] And that was a great moment in Nerd history.
Glitch Gremlin: That's not possible! I've never seen anything like it!
AVGN: I should get a gold medal.

(The Nerd plays the 2002 Rocky game on PlayStation 2, but the audience is severely glitching around, and the two boxers supposed to be in the ring are nowhere to be seen.)
Glitch Gremlin: Well, you sure packed quite a crowd tonight, Nerd! You sure did, standing room only...a full house of glitches! Ding ding ding! In this corner, we have weighing in at zero pounds and zero ounces, nothing! In this corner, we've got much of the same! Nothing!
AVGN: No...
Glitch Gremlin: (As the in-game announcer repeats "Next up is a fight...")Do you hear that? What's that sound? Huh? Hm? Sounds of glitch. Your glitch. Enjoy it. (The Nerd resets his PS2, and the in-game combatants show up this time.) Nope. No use resetting. Not gonna do a thing.
AVGN: Eh, fuck you. It's working now. (Spider Rico suddenly sinks into the floor.) What was that!?
Glitch Gremlin: I pulled him through the floor! That's a good one! Good one, Glitch Gremlin! (The Nerd looks on in shock as the fighters continuously sink to the floor. The Glitch Gremlin dances.) Oh yeah! I'm glitching! Get down, you bad self! Get down! Get down! Get down! Wooo!
AVGN: Wow, I've never seen a game this fucked up. (He takes out the Rocky disc to clean it.)
Glitch Gremlin: (his reflection appears in the disc) Not gonna work, not gonna work. What time is it? Not-gonna-work o'clock. (The Nerd plays the game again, but now the in-game boxers have warped facial features.) In this corner, we have Bug-Eyed Balboa!
AVGN: What happened to his mouth!?
Glitch Gremlin: His eyes are buggin' out! And in that corner, we've got Spider Rico, with no jaw! (He sinks into the floor, again.)
AVGN: They're like zombies! What is this, "Rocky: The Undead Edition"? You are really one sick fuck, you know that? I'm gonna try Clubber Lang.
Glitch Gremlin: Oh, Clubber Lang, that could be a good one. Let's see what else I've got up my sleeves - oh, I'm not wearing any, but for my final show-stopper, FEAST YER EYES ON THIS! (The in-game model of Clubber Lang appears horrifically deformed and mis-assembled, heavily resembling a straight log of solid fecal matter. His left leg flashes between being visible and invisible, while his right leg does not appear at all. A baffled Nerd drops his controller while the Gremlin laughs gleefully.)
AVGN: It's a Clubber-fuck!

AVGN: (After breaking the Rocky disc, he sighs in relief) I need a beer.
Glitch Gremlin: Oh ya want to play dirty, do ya? Ping! (The Glitch Gremlin turns his beer bottle into pixels.) How do you like that? Sip on a nice cool bottle of glitch. Ping! (The Glitch Gremlin turns the Nerd's couch into a bunch of nonsense words.) A nice comfy couch of pixelated glitch! Glitch! Glitch! Ping! (turns his ceiling into a wave-like movement) Ping! (turns his arcade toys into pixelated letters and symbols) Glitch! (makes the DK toy's eyes big) Glitch! (makes the head of the Mario toy huge with multiples coming out) Glitch glitch glitch! Ping. Ping! (makes his TV fall down and his NES collection disappear) Ping! Ping! Glitch! Glitch! Glitch! Glitch! (turns his door into an eye, his room into one big glitch, and his face into a bunch of mis-aligned tiles of his facial features.)

Zelda II[edit]

AVGN: (commenting on the odd names for enemies in the original The Legend of Zelda) What do you call that? A rabbit's head? (buzzer sound) Wrong. A "Pols Voice". What's that, a mummy? (buzzer sound) "Gibdo". What's that, a ghost? (buzzer sound) "Ghini". What's that? Well, it's kinda (triple-ding sound) What?! It's called a "Like Like"?! Yeah, I'm not makin' this up, this is all comin' straight from the manual. What do you call that? A snake? (buzzer sound) Wrong, it's called "Rope". Yeah, really! If you can't tell the difference between a snake and a rope, you're in trouble. What's that, a bat? (buzzer sound) No, it's "Keese". What do you call the keys then, "Bats"? What's that, a knight? (buzzer sound) A "Darknut". Well then, what's that? Uh, a, uh, Geiger counselman? (buzzer sound) Oh, a "Rock". What's that, a spider? (buzzer sound) A "Tektite". Now what the fuck is a Tektite!? Is that even a real word? I'll look it up...yeah, it is. (reads off a dictionary) "Tektite. Any of several kinds of small glassy bodies, in various forms, occurring in Australia and elsewhere, now believed to have been produced by the impact of meteorites on the earth's surface." Yeah. Or, a spider. Well, fuck. Let's move onto Zelda II.

AVGN: In each town, there's a woman that restores your health. She invites Link inside, and you never see what's happening in there. Is she giving him a potion? Is she performing a magic spell? No. We all know what's really happening. Link is like, you know, getting a little of the ol' in-out in-out. I mean, this isn't little boy Link anymore, he's grown up now. He learns all these special moves like the down-thrust and the up-thrust, and there, he learns the cunt-thrust. Yeah, that should be the name of a band. But really, Link deserves to get some because of all this hell he goes through. He's not gonna get any from Zelda... Well, then again, she's in a sleeping spell. What was Link doing there in the first place? Oh, no, Link's a poon hound.

AVGN: [upon discovering a glitch] Wait, that's not supposed to happen. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. [Link suddenly appears in the middle of the game world's ocean due to a glitch, unable to move] What the hell!?
Glitch Gremlin: Mmm! Glitches! You like 'em?
AVGN: Nooooo.

AVGN: (repeatedly failing to defeat the final boss, Dark Link) Well, it's impossible. I have better luck trying to fight my own shadow! (imitates trying to punch his own shadow on the wall and hurting his hand against the wall) You motherfucker! C'mon! God damn! (cuts back to the Nerd on his couch) You can't beat your own shadow, and that's what this game is. It's your dark alter ego that knows more about you than you know about yourself. I don't know how you could win, unless you're really hardcore. Some gamers are so hardcore with the first game, they've actually made it to Ganon without the sword. That's insane! But, people like a good challenge. You want a good challenge? Try beating Zelda II with the Power Glove, yeah. That's a laugh. In conclusion, it's still a great game. But many consider it the black sheep of the Zelda franchise. And understandably, it's very different from the first game but obviously Nintendo didn't want to just rehash the same game over again so they tried something new. Some people were confused and admittedly it had some mixed results. But it had a legacy of its own. It was the first Zelda game that had towns to visit and to have a magic meter and many games copied its style such as Battle of the Olympus and even Rambo. Bottom line, it's a good game, but a very frustrating one. I'll never beat it as long as I live. Nope. (turns off TV, walks away, but then runs back to the TV to turn it back on. The ending message appears on the TV saying "You saved Hyrule and you are a real hero!" Then, he looks at the Power Glove in shock and disbelief. Then the curtain lowers and then Zelda and Link supposedly kiss with the curtain covering it up and the words "The End" appear.)

Back To The Future Trilogy[edit]

AVGN: It's time to go back, to the past, again. Remember when I was the Angry Nintendo Nerd, reliving the frustrating games from my youth?
AVGN: (from his Top Gun Review) AAAAASSS!!! FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!
AVGN: Well, not much has changed. But I was never really satisfied with my older videos. I've always wanted to go back and complete them the way I originally intended. The McKids video, for example. I felt like there should have been a dancing scene with Ronald McDonald, Grimace, and the Hamburglar. And Dracula. And Skeletor. I'd also like to go back to the original negatives, clean them up, make them look good as shit, and give them some new enhancements. (Going back to the "Top Gun" review, the Nerd fires a Sonic Boom at the TV, destroying it. After that, the same thing, but Praxis effect rings come from the explosion.) In the Friday the 13th video, I shot Jason Voorhees in the head. That made me look like a cold-blooded killer. I always felt Jason should have shot first. (Same thing, but Jason fires a laser gun at the Nerd, but he dodges and, shoots Jason in the head) I'm just kidding. I have no intentions of changing my older videos like that. But, with all seriousness, some of the games I've done, I could have covered them a little better. Mainly the Back to the Future games, but first, let's take a look at some of the other games that I could have done better justice. For example, Top Gun. (The Nerd says "gun" like the picture in the old title card) Even the title card could have used some extra work. Look how shitty that is. (better-looking title card with a drawing of the Nerd hanging onto a parachute) Oh, OK. Well, that's way better. I only played through half the game and considering how short it is, I really wish I would have shown the ending. The final target is a space shuttle. That didn't even happen in the movie! Why are we destroying the space shuttle? Can't let those fuckers go to space. (blows up the space shuttle, and he is forced to land the plane one last time) Oh, come on. Do I really have to land the plane one more time? Couldn't the game just end right there? I accomplished the goal, who cares if I crash the plane? We'll just say it's a suicide mission. A lot of people questioned why I had so much difficulty trying to land the plane. So, let me explain it better: Pushing down makes you go up, and up makes you go down. For flying games, that's standard. But the on-screen instructions don't make it clear what they're telling you to do. Does up mean push up? Or push down to fly up? Speed up? OK, now it's saying up, up? So, is it still telling me to speed up or fly up? Or no, I'm a fucking dipshit. It says right there, the altitude and speed. So, just follow the numbers. Don't pay attention to the flashing instructions. You can tell that thing to go fuck its face. I'm gonna land this thing. Oh yeah. I'm finally gonna land the plane. This time, I'm gonna land it for real. Oh, I got it. I got it. I got the speed right, but the altitude's off! (watches the numbers) Oh, I'm going too fast! (watches the screen) (the plane somehow flies out of the TV with the Nerd looking surprised and breaks through a window) Hey, if, uh...anybody sees that plane, can you let me know?

(While playing Who Framed Roger Rabbit on NES, AVGN calls the 1-800 number listed in the game)
Voiceover: No credit card? Try collect call back. Dial 1-215-SEX-TALK and we'll call you right back. Connecting you to hot live talk with horny students, housewives and working girls. That's 1-215-SEX...
AVGN: [In shock] Wow! Um... the number has definitely changed. ...And we now have a Nintendo game that gives a phone number to a sex hotline. That is fuckin' awesome.

AVGN: Now, of course, everybody's gotta understand. Just because I'm going back to some of the games I've already done, that doesn't mean I'm running out of games. Just look back there. (lots of games are shown) Look at all these fucking games, I've got plenty to work with. But now, it's time for the main event.

AVGN: It's time to go back to the past, to go back to Back to the Future. I revisited this miserable shit-turd from my childhood, and now, it's time to revisit my revisiting of it. I wasn't satisfied with my incomplete review of it, and my lack of intention to the sequels. I guess you could say, I was a slacker.

AVGN: [Plays Back to the Future on NES] One thing I didn't elaborate on before is how Marty has some serious problem with his legs where he can't stop walking. You'd think this is a goddamn flying game because you can't stop! Imagine the problems Marty must go through on a daily basis, being cursed to walk for all eternity. Imagine trying to order at a fast food restaurant, or any restaurant. Imagine going to work or trying to use the bathroom or fly on a plane. He can only stand still when he's behind a counter at a cafe throwing milkshakes.

AVGN: [Playing the last level of Back to the Future NES] And finally, the DeLorean. Yes, the DeLorean makes an appearance, after all. This is supposed to be the scene where Marty is trying to get back to the future. The streets of Hill Valley are getting slammed with repeated lightning strikes! All you have to do here is dodge the lightning. That's all. Why are you dodging lightning anyway? Isn't Marty trying to get the lightning to hit the DeLorean to generate the 1.21 gigawatts and send him back to 1985? Isn't that the whole fucking idea of the movie? Anyway, that's Back to the Future NES. No special ending, nothing. [The music from the game continues playing] Fuck that music.

AVGN: Well, now that we have seen the whole game, we can conclude that it has... uh... some relation to the movie. But it doesn't have any of the familiar music cues. And don't tell me it was some kind of licensing issue. Like they were able to license the movie, but not the music that belongs with that movie that we all recognize. No Back to the Future theme, no "Power of Love", no "Back in Time", no "Johnny B. Goode". [subtitle "SORT OF"] Well, FUCK THIS!

AVGN: Why did LJN have to make every NES movie adaptation? Couldn't they have given somebody else a try? No, they wanted to incorporate the entire spectrum of awfulness: Purple for putrid game play, blue for bad musical abominations, green for graphical farts and garlic, yellow for piss poor lack of loyalty to source material, orange for "orange you a fucking idiot," and red for high-stress, anger-inducing masochism. Put that all together, you got all the colors of the shit rainbow. Hooray LJN.

AVGN: [Playing Back to the Future III on the Sega Genesis] Ugh, you fucking processing, stop being so BLAST! It's really hard to distinguish which objects are hazards and which are just there for decoration, like this underwear. This is a perfect example of a game that starts out way too hard. It's only the first level and I can't beat it! ...From what I understand, there's only four levels. For a Sega Genesis game, that's pathetic. I guess they were too lazy to design a longer game so they just made it more difficult so it'd take longer to beat, that's all! [the stage's theme music keeps on playing] Oh, that fucking song. I am so sick of hearing that. Next time I hear "Ghost Riders in the Sky", I'm gonna think about going a hundred miles per hour on a horse, jumping crates, and getting shot at and shit! (followed by a quick montage of Doc Brown dying) Fuck-fuck-fuck-ungh-UNGH-fuck-fuck-ungh-UNGH-UNGH-FUCK-fuck-ungh-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-FUCCCCCCK! FUCK!!! [Throws a pillow, takes the game out, tries to break it and screams] DAMN!!! [Yells while he strangles the controller and throws a pillow to the floor.]

AVGN: [after playing Super Back to the Future II on Super Famicom] A good Back to the Future game? Somebody made a good Back to the Future game, and it was only in Japan? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS FUCKING WORLD?! We get THESE shitty games but not THAT one? Like, what the hell? Why would you do that? It's good, I mean it's not great but it's the best goddamn Back to the Future game I've ever played. It's actually a game! Why bury the gem and dig up the turd? Innocent people have suffered through these fucking fuck heaps! People developed fuckatitis from this shit! People have gone on to live horrible lives, kicking babies in the balls! If you would've went back in time and said to people, "Hey, hey, there's a good Back to the Future game. Put this shit down and go to Japan!" They would've looked at you like you're telling them to go teabag a goat on the surface of Mars. Well, thank you for taking a fucking shit on us all!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Re-Revisited[edit]

[The episode begins with a black-and-white clip; the first few seconds from the original "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" review from 2004. The Nerd's voice can be heard over this.]
The Nerd: In May of 2004, I gave a warning about a game called Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I made it perfectly clear: DO NOT PLAY this game. But, from what I understand... people have played it. They didn't listen. But, it wasn't their fault, I only showed about one minute of footage from the game, and even though I talked about it at great length, it didn't do any good. [The Nerd drinks some Rolling Rock.] I called it a piece of shit. I called it an awful pile of steaming goat shit...but, that was honoring it. I could have said anything, it wouldn't have mattered. I could have taken a shit on it, but my own shit would have been offended to lay on this loathsome piece of FILTH. Just the thought of covering this thing in doo-doo is like encasing it in gold. I curse the day I ever laid eyes on it. I curse the plastic that holds this abomination. My words are insufficient in describing the total insult to humanity that this "game" has provided. Everything that I've ever said, and anything that anybody else has ever said, is not enough. It must be shown.
[He drinks more Rolling Rock. Then, he takes the fake toast piece out of the Nintoaster and starts to insert the "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" cartridge into the console, but he stops.]
The Nerd: What's up with the guy on the cover, anyway? He looks more like Two-Face. (Shows the front of the NES cartridge.) You know, I wonder where this guy is today. Did he even realize the magnitude of what he's taken part in? He's the one who made me wanna play this game. [Zoom in on the person on the cartridge.] He meets your eyes with this hypnotic gaze, luring you in, thinking that you're gonna play something cool. But really, you've just been fooled. Like biting into chocolate-covered shit.
[he resumes putting in the game, but stops again.]
The Nerd: You know this game was made by Toho? The same company that made the Godzilla films? No wonder Godzilla's been extra pissed off lately.
[The Nerd pulls back from putting in the cart again.]
The Nerd: You know that the proper pronunciation is JEE-kyll? That's what the author of the novel insisted, Robert Louis Stevenson. But only the first sound movie got it right, which was the one starring Fredric March. And every movie since then said JEH-kyll, and nowadays that's kinda-- I know. I'm only delaying the inevitable. [sighs]
[pulls the cart back yet again.]
The Nerd: You know, puppy dogs in France in 1951 had a-- [grunts with frustration] All right. Goddamn, let's do this.
[The Nerd is reluctant at first, but, with shaky hands, he finally puts the game in, as thunder crashes and lightning flashes. He turns the game on, thunder crashing and lightning flashing ominously. He drinks more Rolling Rock, but changes his mind. The Nerd switches to a large glass decanter filled with tequila. He considers using a shot glass, but then tosses it over his shoulder, downing it straight from the bottle. The hand reaches up to the "Start" option, and the Nerd is about to press Start, but then he stops and notices the music]
The Nerd: Wait a minute. That music. [a clip from "Rygar" is shown] Okay, you ever play Rygar? You know, that action-adventure game? Well, listen to this. [a clip of the music from "Rygar" plays and it sounds very similar to "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."] Sounds familiar, right? Yeah, all right. Let's play some Jekyll and Hyde. Oh, God.
[He plays the game, turns from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde, gets struck by lightning, drops dead in his tracks, and gets "Game Over." The Nerd is horrified and speechless as he sinks down onto the ground from the futon. He drinks more of the tequila from the decanter.]
The Nerd: [voiceover] Here's the deal. If you die as Jekyll, you turn into Hyde. Die as Hyde, the game's over. There's two ways to die as Hyde. Number 1: The traditional way: Getting hit too many times. Number 2: Getting as far as Jekyll. Yeah, you know whenever lightning strikes and you drop dead in your tracks for no apparent reason? Well, that's the reason. You got too far.
The Nerd: You see, when you're playing as Hyde, you're actually playing the same stage that you played as Jekyll, but in reverse. So, if you reach the same spot where you died as Jekyll... as Hyde, then... you die as Hyde. Wrap your head around that. [He drinks more tequila.]
The Nerd: The whole idea is to turn back into Jekyll. You do this by killing certain creatures which relieve your Stress Meter. [a yellow arrow points to the Stress Meter.] You get the meter back down, and you go back to being Jekyll. [Hyde turns back into Jekyll.]
The Nerd: This is no town like in a Zelda game. [Shows a clip from "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link".] These people don't want to talk to you, oh, no. They simply want you dead. For what reason, I can not imagine.
The Nerd: Your only weapon is a cane, but it does nothing! When I first played this, I thought I was doing something wrong. I mean, there's gotta be some explanation, right? But no. There is none. The cane has no purpose whatsoever. Why would you put a weapon in a game that you can't even use? When you're Hyde, it's like playing an entirely different game.
The Nerd: Ah! Help! Help! I can't walk backward! I'm getting scrolled! Even when the steps come, you're forced to jump. Even though the enemies here look far more threatening, you can actually fight back, by shooting crazy projectiles that the game calls the Psycho-Wave. Very creative. It certainly travels in a wave-like path, and yes, I call it psychotic too. With a pattern like that, you have to be lucky to hit anything. Oh, and guess how you pull off the move: by pressing Up and B. Yeah, Up and B. Not too cryptic, but not too obvious either. [Hyde punches] B punches, but why would you want to punch when you can shoot? It's not like you could run out of ammunition either, so the punch is worthless.
The Nerd: The irony here is that when you're Jekyll, it's unplayable. But, when you're Hyde, it actually starts to feel kinda like a fucking game. But you're not supposed to let yourself become Hyde, as if bad is more fun than being good. That's the idea, right? Jekyll's good, Hyde is bad. So why do the townspeople hate Jekyll? Shouldn't it be Hyde they're fighting against? When you're Hyde, you're just defending yourself from evil monsters. You should be going around the town beating people up, walking into bars, starting fights, getting drunk, raping women, and causing a ruckus. That's Mr. Hyde. No, instead you're shooting fireballs at ghosts, demonic babies, and brains with legs.
The Nerd: Now, I'm sure the same thing is on everybody's mind: "Does any of that shit that happens in the game happen in the book?" Well, I have read the book, and no... it doesn't. Although I can say the game is very true to the original title of the book, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, because this game is certainly a very strange case indeed!
The Nerd: Supposedly, the Japanese version has more levels, while the U.S. version replaced them with some of the same levels, repeated. So, I guess the Japanese version is... better? Kinda like eating a skunk versus eating a skunk with a little salt on it.
The Nerd: All you do is walk to the right. Don't stop for anything. It's not like you can attack, anyway. Just keep walking, and walking, and walking, and occasionally jumping or waiting for a spider to move. [sighs] I'm actually out of breath from looking at this. Why do you walk so slow? You know what? It's not that you walk slow, you walk normal, like a real-life human being. But everybody else comes flying at you with all piss and vinegar!
The Nerd: What did the good doctor do to make everybody so upset? I can see the townspeople sitting at the local pub, talking about him all day: "Yeah, I see Jekyll. You see him? You see him walking. And he just keeps fucking walking. I don't like 'im! He-he's an asshole! He wears his underwear backwards! He has eyeballs for testicles!"
The Nerd: Well, according to the manual, Jekyll's on his way to his wedding, and the kid with the slingshot, named Billy Pones, has a crush on Dr. Jekyll's fiancée. Wow. I'm impressed. I didn't think there'd be a reason. But it doesn't explain all this other shit! Who's this jackass with the bomb? Don't you just hate it when you're walking down the street, minding your own business, and somebody puts a fucking bomb in front of you? This is the worst part of the game. If you get hit by the bomb, it takes half your life, and sometimes all of it. [A yellow arrow points to Jekyll's health meter as it falls all the way down, causing his death.] And the range of these bomb blasts is truly remarkable. You could be a mile away and it still hits you. [Jekyll tries to walk away from a bomb, but it explodes and hurts him.] And each level has about a thousand of them! Why can't the bomb kill anyone else? Is the rest of the town immune to bomb explosions? Even the spiders don't die. [bomb explodes, but the spider survives]
The Nerd: Ugh, these bees! Go away! [Jekyll's otherwise useless cane attack kills a bee] What happened? I killed... a bee? I KILLED SOMETHING! The only thing you can kill in the whole game, and it's a little, tiny, stupid, FUCKING BEE! [angrily drinks some more tequila.]
The Nerd: There's a grave digger throwing dirt in your face, there's a hunter shooting ducks out of the sky that conveniently drop on your head, and there's a singing lady who hurts you with her musical notes. Honestly, that's the explanation that they use in the manual: "Her singing is so bad, it hurts you." Not at all like the music we hear the whole fucking game! [horrible music from the game hurts Jekyll]
The Nerd: Agh, I'm getting pwned by Billy Pones! I'm getting charged by women in pink dresses! I'm getting mutilated by rabid dogs and pissed-off cats!
The Nerd: [grunts] Watch out for the bird shit! The [stammering] W-W-W-What?! [notices birds defecating in-game] It's definitely shit in a Nintendo game. And are the birds shitting dog turds? Yeah, look at it: They shit half their own size. That's not right. Birds shit little white splatter pellets, not big, brown, coiled-up poop mounds. And they never stop!
The Nerd: Geez, wouldn't this be a good reason to call off the wedding? I mean, he has had quite a day. Wonder how the bride's been doing? She's probably worried about, I dunno, her dress or the color of the, the fucking flowers or some shit. Next thing, the groom shows up covered in bomb ashes and bird shit: "Sorry, honey, I'm late. I had quite a day. The whole, all living creatures in the whole fucking town tried to kill me, that's all!"
[drinks more tequilla]
The Nerd: What makes him think the church is gonna be any better? Is the priest gonna throw candles at him? Is Jesus gonna climb off the fucking cross and start hittin' him with it?
[the Nerd notices a urinating statue]
The Nerd: Is that statue taking a piss? It's taking a piss! [sees birds defecating] Oh, great. Now there's birds shitting into the piss fountain. This is perfect. Look at this picture. [camera freeze-frames and zooms in on the brown bird feces falling into the urinating statue fountain] This sums up the whole game. When Robert Louis Stevenson wrote his story about a doctor who makes a potion that exposes his inner evil, he didn't realize that the potion would become a reality. Not in the form of chemistry, but through a late 20th century interactive electronic apparatus. Awful music, dreadful graphics, unspeakable gameplay, deceptive enemies, unavoidable hazards, useless weaponry, all mixed together and calculated just right, that is a horrible concoction.
The Nerd: Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! FUCK!! [yells] FUCK!!! [screams in anger] [He keels over draining the last of the tequila. The Hyde to Jekyll transformation music from the game plays as the Nerd starts turning into Hyde. His face is darker, he growls and looks menacingly about him taking a jump off the edge of the futon. The Nerd goes into his closet, takes a cape and top hat, and brandishes a cane. The Nerd takes the game out and tries to hit it with the cane, but he misses just like in the game. The Nerd yells in anger and yells to the ceiling.]
The Nerd: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON! YOU RUINED MY LIFE! [Walks up the stairs and out of the room, angrily. The next scene fades to The Nerd digging up a skeleton from Robert Louis Stevenson's grave and chokes the skeleton, but the skeleton laughs in a monstrous voice, and begins to choke the Nerd in response. Intimidated, the Nerd throws the skeleton away.]
Skeleton: [gives the Nerd the middle finger] Fuck you! [The Nerd tries to hit the skeleton with the cane, but misses, and the skeleton laughs, completely unharmed.] I am the devil! [evilly laughs] Now go play some Dr. Jekyll and Mr. [bellows] HYDE!!
The Nerd: No....!
Skeleton: [bellows] HYDE!!
The Nerd: No.
[The scene fades to black and fades back in a blur. The Jekyll to Hyde transformation music from the game plays as the Nerd wakes up, back in his room, where he first transformed. He resumes playing the game, and has an epiphany.]
The Nerd: I think I get it. Why, it's the best game ever made. It's more than a game! It exposes the dual nature of the human spirit.
The Nerd: The only way to win the game is to be Jekyll, but you wanna be Hyde so you can shoot shit! You see, it's a constant battle between good and evil, and Jekyll must stay farther along his path than Hyde. If Hyde gains the lead, then evil will triumph over good, and that's the true conflict of the human soul.
The Nerd: And to deny the evil completely would only force it into the subconscious mind, like a city broken into different social classes: people don't wanna step outside their own boundaries, like Jekyll wandering into the wrong section of town, he's unwelcome. Nevertheless, he must abide by his own good nature. No wonder the cane doesn't work. The game does not reward you for acting upon your malevolent intentions. It's a proposed guideline for a set of morality rules to be programmed into real life. It uses the Victorian Era as a fundamental depiction of outward respectability and inward lust, it's a metaphor for social and geographical fragmentation. It alludes the Freud theory of repression in which unacceptable desires or impulses are excluded from the conscious mind and left to operate on their own in the unconscious.
The Nerd: Or, you could just say, "THE GAME FUCKIN' SUCKS."

Lester the Unlikely[edit]

AVGN: (sighs) What's the point? It's all gonna be dust one day. [He decides to play Lester the Unlikely] Lester the Unlikely. It's unlikely that this is gonna be a good game. (Inserts the game in and turns the Super Nintendo on as Lester yells like Tarzan.) Okay, title screen. Guy swinging on a vine. Like every other jungle adventure game. Then comes the story. You're Lester, a comic book geek who wanders onto a dock, and then... (Groans) OK, I have no faith in this character already if he's gonna go to sleep on a piece of cargo that's being loaded onto a ship. He becomes an involuntary stowaway, the ship's raided by pirates, and Lester swims to a nearby tropical island. That's where the game begins.

AVGN: Half the time Lester does things against your own will. [Lester automatically runs away from a crab] I didn't do that! The game did! Have you ever had a game character disobey? [Lester runs away from a large turtle on the ground] Go near the damn turtle! Why does he keep running!? What's so threatening about a fucking turtle!? [Lester runs away from another turtle] Run, Lester, run! Get away from that turtle! That turtle might charge really fast!

AVGN: This is a penis-shaped piss stain on the face of gaming. I'd rather fuck the Wicked Witch of the West! I'd rather play a CD-i game! Yeah! Like The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe. [plays it, but after a while of just looking at still images of flowers] ...No, I wouldn't.

AVGN: Just let him die. Who wants to play as a weak, pathetic character like this? Wouldn't you rather be a tough guy? Isn't that the whole point of playing a game? To feel empowered? To be someone you're not? I mean, I get it - he's supposed to be a nerd. Well, this "nerd" makes me look like Charles Bronson! Steve Urkel could beat the shit out of this guy! I think this whole thing was an experiment: To create the world's worst video game character.

AVGN: No wonder why he didn't get his own sequels. I can imagine what "Lester the Unlikely 2" would've been like: The game would start and you couldn't even move. All that happens is Lester pulls down his pants, sucks his thumb and takes a shit. The third game, you couldn't even get past the title screen. All that happens, you push start and Lester falls down and farts. The fourth game doesn't even work at all. You just put it in your Super Nintendo... [Puts the cartridge in his console and then it explodes]...And it explodes! The fifth game isn't even game, it's just a bag of shit that says "Lester the Unlikely 5" on it. [holds up the bag which has shit dripping out and holds his nose] And there's a new one coming on the PS4 using the latest state of the art technology... [Holds up a PS2 disc]... of constructing the disc out of Orangutan diarrhea. Just turned out that was the only way and it really gives Blu-ray a run for its money. And the original Lester will always be a classic that's improved like wine. Wine that's made from fermented rat piss with the fine aroma of the dead, fly-swarmed carcass of a three-day-old deer, with the delicate, crisp flavor of skunk farts with highlights of ass sweat. The palette is rich with hints of residual dried poop-crust from a truck-stop bathroom. Goes down with the long lasting finish of fly-covered summer harbor trash. Fuck this game! And you know what? Fuck all games! Gonna watch some TV. [The Nerd turns on his TV and turns both channel switches several times, but the screen only displays white noise.] Man... TV nowadays sucks!

How The Nerd Stole Christmas[edit]

AVGN: Wall Street Kid is a game about cash and stocks. Might as well fill my Christmas socks with trash and severed cat cocks!

AVGN: Killing Time on 3DO doesn't give you enough ammo! Your parents paying fifty bucks for a game where you shoot the fuck out of ducks really sucks! I'd rather eat deceased skunk yeast than play inferior arcade ports like Altered Beast. Altered Beast is a nut-kicking feast I can't stand in the least!

AVGN: S.C.A.T. stands for Special Cybernetic Attack Team, but "the droppings of carnivorous mammals" is what the word "scat" really means. It's as close as you can get to a Nintendo game called "Shit".

AVGN: We'll see how they like Circus Caper, it's as fun as inhaling Chewbacca's anal vapor!

AVGN: [Playing Fist of the North Star on NES] Finding the right door is such a chore. C'mon, where do I go!? What a bore! Finally, when you do find the right door, how you go in? Wanna know the way? Not up, not down: By pressing Right, B, and A!!! How much were they drinking!? Why is it so stinking!? I'm staring unblinking, "What were they thinking!?"

Bear McCreary: [singing to the tune of You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch]
You're a mean one, Mr. Nerd.
You really are a jerk!
You're shameless as a shitmop,
You got mischief in your smirk, Mr. Nerd.
I wouldn't blame you when you're playing Atari Berzerk!
You're a vile one, Mr. Nerd.
You've got demons in your soul!
You're wacky and you're wicked,
Your crap is full of coal, Mr. Nerd.
You're as charming and fun as a grizzly bear with a gun!
You're a foul one, Mr. Nerd.
You're a dreadful drunken schmuck!
Your mouth is full of cusses,
your mind is full of yuck, Mr. Nerd.
The three words that best describe you are, and I quote:
Fick, Fack, Fuck!

Day Dreamin' Davey[edit]

AVGN: Oh, no. Time to play a shitty game for the 98th fucking time. Day Dreamin' Davey. Should I even care who the hell Davey is? Oh no, it's HAL. Don't trust anything called HAL. Actually, the same company created Kirby, and developed Super Smash Bros. Maybe this won't be so bad then.
Davey: Awesome!
AVGN: Oh, no. I just jinxed the whole thing. Well, as you probably guessed from the title, this is all about a kid who daydreams. Starts out, Davey's in school, and a bully steals his pencil. ...So he's gotta get the pencil back? Man, that's some epic storyline right there. So, Davey falls asleep in class and dreams he's in the Middle Ages. It's like your typical Zelda-esque adventure, but instead of trying to save a princess and save the lives of everyone in the land from evil forces, it's all about getting... a pencil.

AVGN: Why does he care so much about a fucking pencil? Was he planning to take it home after school and shove it up his ass or something?

AVGN: This is the one guy you're supposed to touch. If you kill him, the shield dies with him. Makes a lotta sense.

AVGN: Then you get a sword, but it's a dream, so when he wakes up it's a ruler he's holding. Why is he so excited about a ruler? Does he wanna measure his turds? Then the teacher says, "What are you doing? You are going to see the principal for this." Um, for what? For measuring his turds in class?

AVGN: What's this? A hooker? She asks if I need some "help"? Really! There's a Nintendo game where a hooker tries to sell herself to a kid. Now this whole thing is worth it.

AVGN: [after defeating the Medusa] Finally when you kill her, you grab her head off the ground. You know what would be really awesome? If Davey woke up here, and had the teacher's decapitated head in his hands. [appears an image of Davey happily holding the teacher's blood dripping head] Yeah.

AVGN: [after Davey got a trophy in his dream, and he wakes up in front of the principal with the trophy actually in his possession] So Davey wakes up and the Principal's like, "Where'd you get that trophy?" So, now Davey's actually bringing back objects from his dreams? Does this make any sense? You know what would be cool? If Freddy Krueger came out and clawed his fucking face off!

AVGN: Well, that's it! Basically, that's Day Dreamin' Davey. That's the whole game. Mediocre... That's what it is. So, until next time... Gotta dream... something... better...

Star Wars[edit]

AVGN: I have a bad feeling about this. We're gonna play a bunch of Star Wars games.The movies were a prime target for video game adaptations. They were full of all kinds of action setpieces with battles taking place in space and on land, lightsaber duels, speederbike chases. They had lovable characters, great storylines, and a classic mythology that was bright for expanding upon in the world of gaming. So, how could they fuck that up? Let's find out. Our journey begins, innocently enough, with the Atari 2600. (Plays Star Wars for the Atari 2600) This is the first Star Wars game, or at least the first Atari version based on the first movie. It follows the same format as the arcade version which came out before. It focuses on only one scene from the movie: the climactic rebel attack on the Death Star. It's unimpressive to say the least, but for the time, it was ambitious to try and create a 3D perspective. And besides, the Atari 2600 is well known for not being able to live up to the arcade standards of quality.

AVGN: [Playing the Japanese Famicom Star Wars, the Nerd fights Darth Vader inside the sandcrawler level, and is shocked when Vader transforms into a scorpion.] Did that happen in the movie? Did that happen in... any of the movies?! Did Darth Vader say to Luke, "I am your father, and I am also, a fucking scorpion!" No! It's not true! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! WHY DOES DARTH VADER TURN INTO A FUCKING SCORPION!!? That doesn't even happen in the Special Editions! There is no version of Star Wars, in this universe or timeline, or any other (I'm...sure of it.) where Darth Vader turns into...[Takes his glasses off, cleans them, rubs his eyes, and puts them back on]...a fucking scorpion.

AVGN: It also happens to be one of those "Where the fuck do I go?" kind of games. If you haven't played the game before, you can spend hours searching for the right place.

AVGN: OK, so I guess he's going into the Mos Eisley bar. That's the famous scene in the movie where Luke meets Han Solo. But one thing I didn't know was that they allow Landspeeders in the bar. What, does Luke just crash his way in? (a car-crashing sound effect and a Chewbacca roar are imposed on Luke riding the landspeeder straight into the bar) It's quite interesting, actually. In this version, Luke gets to the bar so fast, I bet Han and Greedo were still talking at, at the table, and you know, who shot first, Han or Greedo, whatever. But actually, neither one of them did! Luke kills Greedo with his Landspeeder, right after Han says "Over my dead body!" BOOM! All of a sudden, Luke comes through, crashing with the fucking Landspeeder!!! I wanna see that in the next Special Edition.

AVGN: [Gets Game Over] Game Over, is that Darth Vader's breathing, or is that the sounds of the ocean?

AVGN: [Talking about the NES Star Wars game] The NES got a different Star Wars game. Hold on. No LJN? It's a movie based game, it's on Nintendo, and it wasn't made by LJN? Then it might have a chance.

AVGN: Man, the only way to beat an outrageously difficult game like this is to cheat! Like, I hear a lot of people use emulators or save-states. You know, that would be pretty handy, I guess, but you know what'd be better? How about just a button you press that makes the game beat? And that's why I invented the Beat-A-Game Button! Yeah! All you do, if you're playing a really hard game, you just push the button, and the game's beat! Let's try it out. Ninja Gaiden II. Ooh, that's a hard game. Oh, man. Oh, shit. I'm getting my ass kicked. [He gets an idea as he presses the Beat-A-Game Button then beats Ninja Gaiden II] Legend of Zelda! [Presses the button as he beats Legend of Zelda] Beat it. Mega Man! [Presses the button for the third time as he beats Mega Man for the NES] Beat it. You'd never thought you could beat the game. Not without the Beat-A-Game Button! [Stands up and walks to his NES library] All right, all you games. Consider your ass beat! [He holds the button in triumph while the NES version of Imperial March plays as he wouldn't use the button to beat the game] All right, back to Star Wars.

AVGN: [Playing The Empire Strikes Back on the NES, finding an "easter egg" that shows a pixelated photograph of program engineer Ken Grant] And what's this? The program engineer shows his face? I wish it was Fred Fuchs!

AVGN: And that's where I reach my limit because the game's too hard. There was no Return of the Jedi game, not on NES. I guess they knew when to stop.

AVGN: Of course we had to stop somewhere because there's a whole galaxy of Star Wars-related games so this could've gone on and on. With Star Wars Rebel Assult, Dark Forces, Jedi Academy, Rogue Squadron, Battlefront, Star Wars Chess, Lego Star Wars, Star Wars Puzzle Blaster, Star Wars Pod Racer, (He then starts making them up as he goes along.) Jar Jar Binks Bingo, Death Star Builder 3.0, Chewie Wookie Cookie Cooking, Stormtrooper Tennis, Jabba's Farts Unleashed - that was a good one - Wedge's Wedgie Attack, Fishing For Ackbars, Super Sith Shit-Toss Tournament Edition, Boba Fett's Name Game - find his name in the fuckin' movies - Govenor Tarkin VS Count Dookie-- (A cutout buffalo walks past and sharts through the Nerd's window, breaking it and startling the Nerd.) OH, MY GOD!!! OH, MY GOD! WHAT THE--?! THAT FUCKING BUFFALO JUST TOOK A FUCKING SHIT THROUGH MY FUCKING WINDOW!!! OH, MY FUCKING GOD, THERE'S SHIT AND FUCKING GLASS ALL OVER THE PLACE! WHERE IN THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM?! OH, MY GOD!! NOW I GOTTA CLEAN ALL THIS SHIT UP! WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?!

R.O.B. The Robot[edit]

AVGN: What's the difference? All these games suck. ...All these games suck too! ...I'm surrounded by filth. I might as well just cover my walls in shit! I'm living in shit! Fucking video games. We wasted so many hours of human life with this vile crap. We failed in our existence when we were cursed with the technology to invent such horrible mind-rotting catastrophes. We were better in the fucking medieval times. I wish we were just sitting on the riverbank playing with fucking rocks!

AVGN: Well, what are we gonna play this time? [takes a pen out of his shirt pocket, tosses it backwards, then pulls a game off the shelf (even though it's not anywhere close to what he hit)] Gyromite? That was one of the original NES launch titles. Yeah, like Excitebike, Duck Hunt, and Super Mario Bros.! All the inital classics! Let's try it out. [puts the game in his Nintoaster, then reads title screen] "Robot Gyro"? Well, that's a good sign, when the title of the game isn't the same as on the fucking cover.
After a few minutes of not being able to play because he can't play without the second controller plugged in, the Nerd retrieves the second controller and plugs it into the input on the top of the Nintoaster.
AVGN: Okay, I get it, this is some kind of two player, co-op mode. Well, I was pretty sure I picked one player. [resets] I did! The one-player mode is a two player game!

AVGN: Okay, so I need a second player? Who the hell am I gonna get to play this shit with me?
[R.O.B. the Robot emerges from behind the couch]
R.O.B.: I will play, I am ROB, Robotic Operating Buddy.
AVGN: Okay, cool, a robot. Here ya go. [hands R.O.B. the controller]
R.O.B.: Error, does not compute, requires adaptive device.
AVGN: It's a controller! You play it!
R.O.B.: I do not have thumbs, you moron. Requires adaptive device, location, bottom drawer, 3.6 centimeters depth bottom right corner, 9.1 centimeters-
AVGN: Alright! [gets out the controls R.O.B. needs to play with] This thing?
R.O.B.: Correct, place controller into tray, align actuators with buttons.
AVGN: Okay, I get it, you push these little things and they activate the buttons...that's a little excessive, but whatever. [places the actuators in front of R.O.B.] All right, R.O.B., you got all your stuff? You're all set? Let's play.
R.O.B.: Insufficient. Must have gyros.
AVGN: ...You want a fucking gyro now!? (He goes into the kitchen, makes a gyro sandwich, and returns to R.O.B.) All right, here's your damn gyro.
R.O.B.: You idiot. That is not a gyro.
AVGN: I know, I tried! What, do you want me to go to fuckin' Greece?
R.O.B.: Bottom drawer.

AVGN: [commenting on the R.O.B.'s setup for Gyromite] Now this whole setup is like something Doc Brown or Pee-Wee Herman would use. ...You ready now, R.O.B.? You happy? You got enough shit to work with!?
R.O.B: Affirmative.
AVGN: Affirmative YOUR ASS! Let's play.

AVGN: [on Stack-Up] Why do I have to control a professor in a game to control the robot? Why can't I just control the robot myself? That'd be a lot easier, right? Yeah! A remote-control robot! Kids would like that! You'd see 'em sittin' on the sidewalks playing with their remote-control R.O.B.s. Just need to bring a TV set outside just to use him, that's all.

AVGN: [having had enough of playing with R.O.B.] You know what? You be the first player! Yeah, let's see how you like it! [gives the controller to R.O.B.; starts mocking R.O.B's movements open mouthed, picking up and dropping two gyros] Yeah, ain't that fun! How do you like that?! Robo fuckazoid piece of shit!! [throws a gyro at R.O.B. knocking him over then picks up the controller] To Hell with R.O.B., I'm playing by myself! Man. All because he needs two controllers. You know what? I'll just play it with my feet. [presses his feet on the red and blue buttons] Yeah, that works pretty good. Or, wait, better yet. [he takes two NES controllers, and puts them together so that Player 1's controller has the D-pad, Select, and Start, and Player 2's controller has A and B.] Yeah, you like my new invention? I call it the "Gyromite controller". Plays Gyromite. Wait a minute, I got a better idea. How about play a DIFFERENT FUCKING GAME?!

AVGN: What have you done?
R.O.B.: [after turning every game in the room into Gyromite and Stack-Up, the only two games R.O.B. can play] Prime objective: Eliminate all games that don't meet criteria. Criteria equals Gyromite and Stack-Up. Prime objective complete. No more inferior games. No more long passwords. No more annoying music. No more despicable controls. No more barf-inducing graphics. No more useless weapons. Like before, in 1983, the video game market was oversaturated with inferior games. All the product of human imperfection. The video game crash left many companies bankrupt. A prophecy was told that a hero would rise from the ashes. A robot warrior, that is I.
AVGN: Oh fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Nintendo made video games awesome again, for the most part. But I don't think Nintendo's success had anything to do with you!
R.O.B.: Be quiet. You are a biological unit with insufficient intellective and depth determination.
AVGN: You're no hero! [grabs a Mario doll] This is MY hero!

AVGN: [thinking] No more shitty games... No more... Karate Kid...? No more... Top Gun? ...No more Ghostbusters? No more Fester's Quest? ...No more Virtual Boy? No more Dick Tracy! ...No more Little Red Hood? No more... Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? ...I won't fucking HAVE IT!! [the Nerd wakes up in anger, takes his accessories, touches the TV, flies to R.O.B., then gives him the middle finger as R.O.B. shoots Nerd and the Nerd groans] So you want it? That's the way you're gonna get it! (Shoots R.O.B. as he grunts in anger) Motherfucker! (R.O.B. falls down as the Nerd destroys R.O.B.) YEAH!!! (The games turn back into what they were before, as the ending theme of "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest" begins to play. Games seen include "Street Fighter 2010," "Batman: Return of the Joker," "Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle," "Back to the Future II and III," "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," "Fester's Quest," for the NES, "The Wizard of Oz," "Wayne's World" for the SNES, and "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest" for the NES. The Nerd re-enters his house, in normal form, and looks at his game collection. He then grabs a stack of video games and hugs them, indicating he is happy to have his games back where they should be. The episode ends with the camera panning into the game cover of "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest", which was the first game review the Nerd did, before the screen fades to black and the credits roll.)

Spielberg Games[edit]

AVGN: You wanna know a recipe for shit? Take a movie, put it on NES, n' you got yourself some shit. But let's go even more extreme. Let's take one of the best movies ever made, Jaws, by one of the best directors, Steven Spielberg! And then, let's give it to the game company that has made more fucking shitty games than anybody else! You see that little rainbow, right there? LJN. ...Now we're talking shit. Ahh, LJN. What we're dealing with here is a shitty-game-making-machine. It's really a miracle of electronic evolution. All this machine does is joke, and cheat, and make shitty games, and that's all.

AVGN: We're gonna need a bigger ass... to shit out this fucking turd! [Removes the game from the Nintoaster] Never playing this game again. I would just throw it into the sea, but I hear that in 2015, there's an antique store opening up, in Hill Valley. They might take it. (Picks up a box) Well, right here, I got a box of games, based on movies by Steven Spielberg. Let's see what we got. (he pulls out E.T. the Extra Terrestrial for the Atari 2600. The Nerd gasps in horror, throws the box away, and the camera zooms in on the E.T. game) Ugh!

AVGN: Super Schindler's List 3D!? Nah, I'm just kiddin'. It's Jurassic Park.

AVGN: It's one of those "Where the fuck do I go?" kind of games. You run around like an idiot collecting eggs. So, yes, it's like a big Easter egg hunt with Smokey Bear and dinosaurs.

AVGN: Looky looky, I got Hooky.

AVGN: It's amazing how many games in the NES library tried to be side-scrollers and failed. The weapon is puny, the controls suck, and it's nothing like the movie. It's a miserable experience that assaults your eyes and ears with horrible graphics and music. What about your nose? If it was possible, I'm sure the game cartridge would come with an air duct that pervades the room with the rancid odor of a skunk that's died up a horse's ass! Ugh! You know what kind of games I like? Good ones?

AVGN: [Playing Jurassic Park: Interactive on the 3DO] Oh, look at this! You're a tiny microscopic speck flying around in circuit-chip land shooting three-and-a-half-inch floppy disks. What does this have to do with Jurassic Park!? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!? Wait a minute. What does it say on the floppy disks? "Dump"? It says "Dump"? How appropriate. This game is a bunch of anal dump.

AVGN: Jurassic Park on 3DO is a complete mockery, man. Does it suck? You bet "JUR ASS IC" sucks! In the words of Ian Malcom, "That is one big pile of shit."

AVGN: Now even though this says E.T. Go Come on the cover it is not the E.T. game. Oh no. Now I gotta make something perfectly clear. I play shitty games so that innocent gamers don't have to. But there's one game I never play. [picks up E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari, opens the box, shows a cartridge then throws it in disgust while the choir sings in background] Ugh! [looks away, then looks back just as the camera slowly zooms in on the game with texts appear saying "To Be Continued in Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie"]

Season Six[edit]

The Making of an Angry Video Game Nerd episode/Barbie[edit]

AVGN: No degeneracy is low enough to satisfy the shit-seeking gamer who decides to play Barbie on NES. Whoo. We know that most games on NES are targeted towards young boys. So, here's one for the girls. As an adult male, why would I ever want to play this? Because I'm pathetic, and I'm asking for hell!

AVGN: So the game is actually her dream, in case you ever wanted to know what Barbie dreams about. She dreams about a nursery that's been overtaken by a poltergeist! Tennis rackets are hitting balls all over the place, there's clothing flying around, she has to fight the invisible woman, there's a puppy dog that's helping her attack evil stockings or something, Toucan Sam gives her a lift... I wonder if there's any psychological meaning behind these dreams. Barbie's really fucked up in the head. Even the craziest psychopaths on Earth don't dream this shit!

AVGN: The wallpaper's covered in roses, teddy bears, and baseballs. I guess you can say this game is balls to the wall. I can't help but notice how many balls are in the game. They're everywhere! Perhaps the meaning behind this is because she's obsessed with Ken's balls.

AVGN: I just got my ass handed to me by a Barbie game. This game was made for little girls and I can't even get past the first few stages. Fuck this game! Fucking Barbie! Plastic pink mall-shopping, bimbo, ball-craving, bird-riding, ghost-fighting, fish-flopping, psycho-dreaming, HAIR BRAIN PIECE OF SHIT! GO TO HELL! (begins to drink beer).

Kid Kool[edit]

AVGN: Kid Kool is a game that's so bad, you wouldn't want to go wipe your ass on it. Your worst fucking enemies don't deserve to play this accursed, foul piece of garbage! Satan doesn't even have any games in Hell that are as wretched as this putrid shitload of fuck!

AVGN: There's parts where you have to get over water and the only way to do this is to master the fragile art of skipping across on your butt. Think it looks easy? It's not.

AVGN: What is the deal with this? Did the programmers have any clue how to make a video game? You're not supposed to have the game stop in mid-jump to reorient the screen! That is so irritating! How are you supposed to make a jump when the screen keeps jolting up and down!? How are you supposed to stomp on enemies!? Look at this! Look at this! We'll call it "air suspension shit-lift".

AVGN: So that's Kid Kool for you. It seems to deliberately follow the guidelines for making an unholy disaster of a game. It has one-way bullshit, two-gear diarrhea, it's heavy on the jump-fuckness, with loads of topside aquatic ass, it has frequent air suspension shit-lifts, a ton of inviso-bitches, and some free-falling fuckballs for good measure. How did they make the game this bad!? It's clearly untested and rushed beyond belief. There couldn't have been that big a demand for Kid Kool. What was the hurry? In order to do something good, it takes time.

AVGN: I went through all that torture just to be given the middle-finger salute!? This is a perfect example of a game that's been ruined by control. Control! And that's the hardest part to explain because unless you've played the game, you don't really understand. I mean, maybe you've played other games with horrible control like Karate Champ, or Dr. Claw's Dump n' Pump, but those don't compare. Playing this is like trying to thread a needle while it's spinning on a record player. It's like trying to drive a car blindfolded. You would NOT want to try that, nor would you want to try this game! Kid Kool is not cool! [the Nerd blindly throws the game over his shoulder, and by chance it lands into a garbage bin, to his astonishment.]

Nintendo World Championships[edit]

AVGN: [on the phone with Pat the NES Punk, discussing the authentic copy of the game in Pat's possession] Tell you what, uh, if you come on over? I'll help, uhm, authenticate it for you. I'll give it the Nerd seal of approval.
Pat the NES Punk: The "Nerd seal of approval"? What is that? Like, you'll take a dump on it?
AVGN: No, that would be the Nerd seal of disapproval. Come over, I'll take a look at it.

AVGN: [trying to convince Pat to give him the rarer gold NWC cart] The gold one's a piece of crap! I mean, you don't want that. I mean, you know how they made those! They just cut out the logo with cheap paper, and they glued it on! With glue!
Pat the NES Punk: Yeah! Elmer's glue!
AVGN: Yeah-yeah, I bet Mr. Elmer himself glued it on from his own goat. [imitates goat bleating]

Pat the NES Punk: [while getting ready to play NWC] Where's your Nintendo?
AVGN: Oh, the Nintendo? Right there, the Nintoaster.
Pat the NES Punk: The what? Are you playing video games or making breakfast? I'm not turning these expensive games into a goddamn English muffin!

AVGN: [while playing the Rad Racer portion of NWC] Just think, the NWC cartridges are so expensive, you could actually use that money and buy a real car!

Pat the NES Punk: [while playing the Tetris portion of NWC] You think you deserve these games? You changed your name from the Angry Nintendo Nerd to the Video Game Nerd! I'm the NES Punk, I deserve these games!
AVGN: I know a lot of people who own Tetris. And they actually have the whole game!
Pat the NES Punk: That's it, that's your score. I am going to annihilate it. [Takes the NES controller from AVGN] Thank you very much. [Gets 50 coins from Super Mario Bros.] Okay, I just beat you on Super Mario Brothers. Now, it's rad; it's rad!
AVGN: Yeah, well, you got two more games!
Pat the NES Punk: Yeah, I know I do. I can count!
AVGN: Well, just think. We're playing on a reproduction cart, but if we were playing one of those other ones, it would be the same thing. So what's the point? Just to play on an overly priced game cartridge?
Pat the NES Punk: What's the point? The point is, those games are part of Nintendo and video game history! There are part of our culture! Those games represent the point where Nintendo dominated our, our society! (car in "Rad Racer" crashes then exclaims) Tetris is next! I'm not gonna let you taunt me outta this one, I'm gonna win!
AVGN: No, I'm serious. This game is a piece of shit.
Pat the NES Punk: Come on, Pat. Come on. Yeah! Triple-line score! (Pants) Double-line score! (AVGN gets the hammer from the drawer) I'm gonna win. The games are mine!
AVGN: Nintendo World Championships is poop on a pedestal. It's an over-glorified holy shit-grail! Fuck it to hell, fuck it to high heaven, purgatory, and all existence!
Pat the NES Punk: (Mutters then cheers) Yes! Yes! I won! I won! (AVGN whacks the two cartridges as he grunts angrily and smashes them into pieces as Pat looks at the broken pieces of NWC cartridges then AVGN removes the reproduction cartridge.)
AVGN: Here you go. You can have this one. (Pat the NES Punk takes it for a moment, and then it slips out of his hands in his own disbelief. Pat the NES Punk then starts laughing, and The Nerd starts laughing as well.) Oh, man. (Laughs then gets attacked by Pat the NES Punk as he yells and credits roll while the metal version of the Angry Video Game Nerd theme plays; before the ScrewAttack and GameTrailers logos, the smashed cartridges are shown to be props and two hands show ​real copies of the gold and grey "Nintendo World Championships" cartridges. After the ScrewAttack and GameTrailers logos, the Nerd is shown holding the grey cartridge in his left hand, and Pat the NES Punk is shown holding the gold cartridge in his right hand)

Dark Castle[edit]

AVGN: This is gonna get scary. Okay, I play a lot of 8-bit shit; you know, NES. Why is there so many crappy games on NES? I mean - you know, they have lots of great, classic games as well. But its precious library was being used by all these half-ass game companies as a dumping ground for all their foul shit.

AVGN: [on the game's attacking controls] Why couldn’t this just operate like any normal game? Whoever came up with this idea is nuttier than squirrel poop.

AVGN: As you notice, you can duck, it's done by pressing Down and B. But it only ducks for like a second. To stay ducking, you have to press up and B. Yup, pressing Up to duck is pretty fucked up!

AVGN: On top of everything, it’s one of those maze-like, mindfuck games, where you never know where to go. Can I go here? Nope. Can I go there? Nope. What about here? Nope. Three spots on the same screen, all dead ends. Well, if it’s a dead end, WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A DEAD END?! PUT A WALL THERE OR SOMETHING! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO LOOK LIKE A WIDE OPEN PASSAGEWAY?!

AVGN: I happen to find a key, but I can’t figure out what it does. I tried every spot I can think of, but this key is as useless as boobs on a bull. Anything you do, you're fucked! Try this, you're fucked. Try that, you're fucked. You're fucked, you're fucked, you're fucked, you're fucked, you're fucked, you're fucked, you're fucked!

AVGN: This is beyond any doubt, the worst Sega Genesis game I have ever played. There’s gotta be something I’m doing wrong. Let me see; maybe it’s on a really high difficulty setting - yeah, let me see what I can do here. Umm… EASY!? It was on easy!? That’s their idea of fucking easy!? Are they out of their minds!? Alright, let’s flick that shit-switch and crank up that diarrhea-dial; I got Dark Castle on C! D! I!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [roaring while flames engulf the room]

AVGN: I can barely even fucking move! The control is impossible! You can’t control it. You have more control over the weather than you do in the character in this game!

AVGN: The Genesis version was bad, but this one fucks you harder than life itself! It’s like mixing shit with turds! It’s the most heinously anus thing ever conceived by humankind! It’s a curse to the soul, and it must suffer the tortures of the damned!

Bible Games III[edit]

AVGN: In the beginning, the game company called Wisdom Tree began producing unlicensed games for the NES. Wisdom Tree said, "Let there be shit." And there was shit. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about: Bible games, like Bible Buffet, where you're blowing off a snowman's head (which has nothing to do with the Bible), Super Noah's Ark 3D, where you're slingshottin' pissed off animals, Sunday Funday, where you're killing random people on your way to church, and all those ridiculous CD-i games.
Child's voice: Yippie! Yippie! Whoops! Yippie!
AVGN: I've already talked about these games in my previous Bible Games episodes. So what's the point of going on? Because Part 3 is never as good. But, you know, there's a few more bible games left, so I might as well finish what I started.

AVGN: [playing a Hangman-style game in King James Bible on Game Boy] Alright, what's the word? "Goodliest"? Who the fuck uses a word like that? "Blessedness"? Of course. They're all ancient words that nobody says anymore in common speech. Well, that's all there is to that. I marvel at this game's shitliness.

AVGN: The other thing you can do is search for words in the Bible. For example, we can search, I dunno, how about the word "Ass"? [many results appear] Okay, I had no idea there'd be this many results. "Then they rent their clothes and laded every man his ass", "loose his ox or his ass", "whose ass have I taken?", "deliver unto his neighbour an ass", "Which of you shall have an ass", "he had found a young ass", "the dumb ass" - [laughs] it says "dumb ass" in the Bible - "saddled his ass", "opened his sack to give his ass", "the lion had not eaten the carcase, nor torn the ass", "riding upon his ass"? [chuckles] Oh, I'm going to Hell.

AVGN: [playing the Genesis version of Bible Adventures] Man, Noah has some balls to be rescuing snakes. Indiana Jones wouldn't do that. No, he thinks Noah is a snake-saving shit-sucker. Pee-wee Herman once saved snakes, but he fainted. That's right, in order of manliness, Indiana Jones, then Pee-wee, and then fucking Noah.

AVGN: The monkeys, I hate them. They're so fucking hard to catch! I'm gonna get ya, you stupid monkey. Yeah! Whatever it takes fuckface. You're slime... you're filth... I'm gonna rip you apart.

AVGN: The graphics are dull. There's so much brown. The Ark is brown, the trees are brown. Why's everything gotta be the color of shit? It might as well be shit. Yeah! Those trees in the background are like logs of shit coming out of God's ass. It's HOLY shit.

AVGN: Well, that's Bible Adventures, that takes care of all the Bible games on Genesis. I could end things now, but I really don't want there to ever be a Bible Games 4, so there's one little bit of unfinished business: an NES game called King of Kings. I already reviewed this as part of my first Bible Games episode. It has 3 games in it. Jesus and the Temple, which is that Mario 2 (Super Mario Bros. 2) ripoff where you're hopping across logs. Then there's The Wise Men, where you're travelling to Baby Jesus. That means it's the only Christmas game. Isn't that the whole reason I did this in December? Why did I do all these other Bible games? I guess when it comes to bad games, I go above and beyond.

AVGN: [replaying Flight To Egypt] Every pixel in this game is a sin. First of all, I don't get the title. "Flight to Egypt"? You're not flying, you're riding on a donkey, or an ass, if you prefer. What airline is this? "Ass Express"? ...And yes, I know the word "Flight" doesn't necessarily mean aviation, but, hey, it's a fucking joke. Your only attack is this embarrassing, dinky little kick which can't harm anything, unless it's right up in your ass. Or I should say, your ass's ass, not your ass that's sitting upon the ass.

AVGN: And... that's it? Did anything else happen? Did the angel say anything? Did the sight of the angel make Joseph sick in his stomach? Did the donkey stalk them in their sleep? What happened? I assumed that I pressed the button by mistake and actually cancelled out the rest of the ending, but no, I've actually beaten the game multiple times just to try and solve this mystery and the same thing happens! It just stays on this screen until you press something, and then it returns you to the main menu. But I'm aware that the last screen is supposed to be playing text that says "Give your heart to Jesus," but I'm not seeing it so I'm assuming that I'm supposed to beat all 3 games to see the true ending, and I'm not going through all that trouble, although I will give my heart to Jesus. (The Nerd physically rips out his heart and holds it out.) OH JESUS!

Season Seven[edit]

Schwarzenegger Games[edit]

AVGN: I'm back. And so is Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Expendables 2. I can't wait to see that.

AVGN: (holding up the Total Recall game) Take this game for example, Total Recall. I remember my first time playing it as a kid. It was a Friday night, my homework was all done, my mom took me to the video store, I rented this game, I took it home and I played it, and it just FUCKING PISSED ME OFF, AND RUINED MY WHOLE GODDAMN WEEKEND!!!

AVGN: I've already talked about the Terminator games and they suffered the same fate. The first Terminator had some of the worst controls in existence. The only way to fire the gun is to crouch into this gun mode and jumping around requires extreme accuracy. The second game was a monotonous button masher where enemies take a thousand punches. And there were platforms you can't jump on, like some kind of prank!

AVGN: It uses cutscenes with images taken from the movie, but they look like garbage. The contrast is so intense you can't even tell what you're looking at. What is this? A dead fish? A porcupine's back? Oh, it's the top of some guy's head. Damn, it looks like the NES just vomited all over your TV screen. How does it look this bad? I know this is only 8-bit, but I've seen much better. Even with Total Recall! Arnold's face on the title screen actually looks like him. Hell, even the E.T. game on Atari 2600 actually looks like E.T. On the title screen at least, but, God, [stutters] I can't talk about that game.

AVGN: Who'd wanna play it anyway? I'd rather have a sasquatch sit its ass on my face and shoot diarrhea down my throat! I'm dead fucking serious. What a shitload of fuck. What were they thinking? (He drinks Rolling Rock) And you know what the worst part about it is? I don't think it's really supposed to be based off the Conan the Barbarian movie. Just the character. So it's not really a Schwarzenegger game, and I just wasted my fucking time.

AVGN: All right, one last game, one last chance for the Schwarzenegger NES library to redeem itself: Predator. How could this be bad? It's fucking Predator. You look at the cover and think "Yeah! This game's gonna be awesome!" This is a real man's game. This game will turn you into a sexual tyrannosaur. Like me. [puts the game in the Nintoaster as the screen shows the game that Arnold wears pink] Is he wearing pink? Why'd they put him in pink?! Did they see the movie?! He doesn't wear pink in the movie! That's not an appropriate army color! I don't know. Maybe he's in pink to stand out from the dull graphics. The graphics are as ugly and dirty as this game's mom. This game sucks so bad the enemy soldiers commit suicide. In addition to the enemy soldiers, you must also face scorpions which you can stand on and they take you for a ride. But only the green scorpions. What, you thought you could ride on a red scorpion? What are you, crazy?

AVGN: If you pick Start, your game is forever lost, and you have to go all the way back to the beginning. And sooner or later when you keep playing this long enough, you're gonna make a mistake. It doesn't help that they put the cursor on Start by default. And you can't select by pressing the D-Pad, you have to use the Select button which is right next to the Start button increasing your risk of fucking it up. That is some sadistic bullshit.

AVGN: This game blows ass, sucks duck cunt, fucking shit munchin' bunch of pile of... poop.

AVGN: [after getting a game over in the Predator game, he accidentally hits start] Oops. I hit Start? I hit Start?! I gotta go all the way back to the beginning! [The Nerd shakes his controller and screams in rage] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! -FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK- SHIIIIIIIIIIT!! [chokes himself with the controller] FUUUUUUCK!! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!! AAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS! YOUR MOTHER! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! (Drinks Rolling Rock) That's it. I'm seeing red. I'm gonna beat this fucker right now!

AVGN: [while he plays Predator on NES, he is growling in rage] Oh, my God, I'm so fucking mad I could take a chainsaw to a fucking baby's neck right now, and kick a baby pony! Out of my way, I'm gonna fuck you up. Fucking game, I'm gonna fucking kill it! [Grunts] Your mother! Your father! Your uncle! Your uncle! [growling] Yeah! Yeah, I'm at the final boss! And it's a big Predator head that looks like Casey Jones from the Ninja Turtles.

AVGN: [after he beats Predator] I did it! I did it, I won! I beat Predator! Oh, man. Hoo, boy. (Exhales, then reads text.) Congratulations. You have survived. (Deep sigh) Barely! (Throws the NES controller.)

Ghosts 'n Goblins[edit]

The Nerd: Happy Halloween. And guess what I have here? I was doing an autograph signing not too long ago, and one of my fans hands me this piece of paper. It's a petition to review Ghosts 'n Goblins. Yeah, he went through the line and got everybody to sign it. Now, what's there to say about Ghosts 'n Goblins? Well, it's not a bad game. It's made by Capcom so how could it? But, it's one of the most difficult games in the NES library. This game is harder than fossilized triceratops turds! I'm talking Mega Man combined with Castlevania, that kind of hard. Games this ruthless and unforgiving should be illegal. And I never got a petition to review any other game. That's a true testament to the game's legacy and the internal frustration that scarred us all since childhood. I remember my first time playing it: I got it for my birthday, the same day I got my NES.
Young James: You wanna see me play Ghosts 'n Goblins?
Young April: Yeah, I do!
Young James: Look!
Young April: I do!
The Nerd: Of course I had the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combo cartridge, but the first game I attempted was Ghosts N' Goblins. That's right, this is the first NES game I ever played. And that's one Hell of a game to start with.
Young April: Go on, shoot 'em, shoot 'em!
Young James: I don't know how!
The Nerd: Naturally, I got my ass kicked. This is what it would've looked like my first time playing the game. I sucked balls. This new console was way different than the Atari 2600 I was accustomed to. In the 80s, these were the kind of brutal-ass games that kicked us into shape and heightened our senses. Made us into fuckin' tigers. And now, 25 years later, I'm gonna put my gaming skills to the ultimate test, and see if I can finally beat this fucker. Because, it's Halloween. There's no excuse. I can feel in the air. The time is right to play some Ghosts 'n Goblins.
[The Nerd inserts the game and thunder claps and lightning flashes]

The Nerd: It begins with one of the most shocking intros in video game history: A couple just got done having sex in a cemetery. I'm not even kidding! What else does it look like? He's not even wearing clothes! Next thing, Satan shows up as if saying "Yeah, I want to get in on some of that!" and takes her away. That's the plot. Is that the greatest opening to an NES game or what?

The Nerd: [after getting killed by Satan] And now you're stuck with that shitty shield. Don't even try. You can't kill the Unicorn with the shield. It doesn't work. If someone else wants to try it, go ahead. You need the knife. So now, you gotta go ghostbusting. Kill those fucking ghosts until one of them drops a knife. Again, it's at pure random. So, expect to run the timer out a few times. And by this point, those annoying squeals the ghosts make will nearly drive you to break the fucking TV screen. [ghosts make squealing noises and the Nerd mimics it] OH, SHUT UP!!!
The Nerd: Finally, when you get the knife back, you can try the level again. [The Nerd is fighting Satan] C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! I'm gonna do it! [dies and exclaims with frustration] FUCK! [to the Jack O' Lantern] WHAT'RE YOU LAUGHIN' AT?!
The Nerd: You know that feeling you get when you almost beat the level, and you want another shot right away? You have that adrenaline going, and you want to start again immediately? Well, you can't. You gotta go wait for the fucking knife to come back. So, you'll never get two tries in a row. You know what? I'm sick of it! I've been playing this fucking game since the 80's. I gotta beat it! I need closure on this. I need to end this chapter on my life. This chapter of...not beating Ghosts 'N Goblins. [he barely beats two Satans as he gasps in joy] I did it! I beat two Satans! In my underwear!
The Nerd: Final boss: The Devil! Notice how I'm walking backwards. So, it's now in one-on-one fighting mode. Kinda like a certain other Capcom game. [gets hit and exclaims] Come on! My mother throws bigger fireballs than that.
[The Nerd defeats the Devil and is shocked but relieved]
The Nerd: You know what? I don't try to be cocky or anything but... who's the man? I just beat one of the hardest games of all time! I bet you didn't think I could really do it, but I got this, man. I GOT THIS BY THE ASS! [notices text on the screen] "This room is an illusion and is a trap devisut by Satan. Go ahead dauntlessly! Make rapid progres!"?
[starting again from the beginning of the game]
The Nerd: You have to beat the game twice? [chuckles sarcastically] You have to beat the game twice in a row. That's just great because this time I'm TWICE AS FUCKING PISSED OFF!! Beat the game twice. I'll show you twice. After all that hard work, who would want to do that shit again? It's like building a house and when you're finished, you tear it down just to build it one more time. "Oh, yeah, we could've made 12 stages, but instead, let's just make six and make people have to play the game twice."
The Nerd: All right. I'm gonna get the good ending this time. It better be good, whatever it is. It better be something awesome for goin' through the game twice. All right. All right! [beats the game again] YEAH! I did it! [reads the ending screen] "Contraturation. This story is happy end. Thank you. Being the wise and courageour knight that you are you feel strongth welling in your body. Return to starting point. Challenge again!"?
[The Nerd is angrily speechless, and rage builds up inside him, and tries yelling "Fuck!", but can't.]
The Nerd: Curse! Curse! Goddammit! [grunts] I used up all my "Fuck" points during the last 107 episodes. [sighs] I don't have anything new. I gotta rely on the old tricks.
[The Nerd starts fighting the Ghosts 'N Goblins cartridge Final-Fantasy style]
The Nerd: All right. Let's try the cluster F-Bombs. Fuck this fucking piece of shit fucking shit fucker game!
[Ghosts 'n Goblins attacks the Nerd]
The Nerd: [grunts] Uh, gotta go for the Precision F-Strike. [sarcastically] Oh, how this game lures you in with its appealing gameplay, and charming atmosphere, and then [angrily] BENDS YOU OVER AND FUCKS YOU TO HELL!!
[Ghosts 'n Goblins attacks with diarrhea blast]
The Nerd: [exclaims] All right, how about some Wordplay? Alliteration. Feast on some fried fuck-farts! Assonance. What's up, you dumb fuck-tuple mother-humpin' muppet-fucker's uncle?! Uh, Rhymes! Suck on this muck, you run amuck fucked-up, uh, mandarin duck.
[The Nerd misses and Ghosts 'n Goblins attacks with blizzard of balls]
The Nerd: [groans] Alright, when all else fails, it's time for the Atomic F-Bomb!
[The Nerd roars and the 8-bit word flies toward the screen]
The Nerd: [bellowing] FUCK!!!!
[Loud explosion kills Ghosts 'n Goblins]

Atari Sports[edit]

AVGN: Most of the video games I talk about are... action games, sidescrollers, games that are in the realms of fantasy. But... There's a huge, huge following for games based on sports! And I get a lot of requests for that.. And... I'm not really a big fan! Because.. I don't know, I... I guess I like fantasy games more because it's something that you couldn't do in real life, whereas a sports game you could... go outside and play sports. It's possible. Not for me, 'cause... I don't know anything about sports. I'm a fucking nerd!

AVGN': Football! Don't even get me started! And I'm not talking about the kind of football where they actually use their foot. I mean the kind where they slam into each other, like a bunch of barbarians! [He pounds his fist into his hand as he grunts] What I don't understand is why everything is always "bowl". What, like a toilet bowl? Okay, I know at least what the Super Bowl is. It's the most anticipated football game in the season. And with so much testosterone and high energy going around, why is the halftime show always some pussy pop group? GET METALLICA IN THERE OR SOMETHING! It doesn't make any sense!

AVGN: Back to football video games! Madden, Madden, Madden. Madden '91! Madden '92, Madden '93, Madden '94, Madden '95, Madden '96, Madden '97, Madden '98, Madden '99, Madden 2000, Madden 2001, Madden 2002, Madden 2003! Who the fuck is John Madden anyway?! He doesn't even look like an athlete! What is it with football? Everywhere you go football! Go there football! Football, football football. Like, what the fuck?! Sunday night football! Monday night football! Thursday night football! Football on Thanksgiving! Football on Christmas, and out of all sports, it's the one everyone goes fucking ape-shit over! Makes them act like fucking maniacs! (screams and crushes rolling rock can with his head)

AVGN: [Sighs in relief] Man... I gotta calm down. All right. If I'm gonna play some sports games, I gotta start with the Atari 2600. Yeah! This is when sports games were fucking sports games. Look at these titles! Baseball, Basketball, Football, not this "Madden" shit. Just plain-ass, normal, everyday, no question about it, no NFL, no year, not named after a player, not named after a coach, not named after the referee's pet goldfish, no quarterback, dimeback, Nickelback, simple, ordinary, unembellished, unmistakable, crystal clear, as frank as Frankenstein, as blunt as an atom BOMB, one compound word, it's motherfucking, goddamn, sons-of-bitching, fuck, fuck, FUCKING FOOTBALL! [Slams the cartridge into Atari 2600] And it's one of the worst games I've ever played in my life. Are these football players, or are they stormtroopers? Are they wearing helmets, or are these microwaves on their heads? Is it team white versus team... naked? Is that a crowd noise, or is it the sounds of the ocean? Is that the entire field? Yeah, it is. And it's surrounded by... water, it looks like. Yeah, it's like an island. It's Football Island. [Chuckles] In other words, Hell. Gonna make it. I'm gonna make it! Yeah! Yeah! (scores a touchdown) TOUCHDOWN! [He screams then tackles the camera] To be fair, football games had to start somewhere. In "RealSports Football" and "Super Challenge Football" the players look more like people, and the screen scrolls. In "Super Football", there's a 3D perspective. Pretty ambitious for the Atari 2600. I'd say play this one. Or the latest "Madden".

Ikari Warriors[edit]

AVGN: Two guys, tugging at their crotches, march up to the title, fire their guns around at nothing, and then you pick one or two players. Well, I'm not getting anybody to play this shit with me. So, I'm going solo like usual.

AVGN: An average game of Ikari Warriors lasts about five minutes. But you're in luck, there's a code. A-B-B-A. It brings you back to life. [dies] Oop. I'm dead again. A-B-B-A. [dies again] ABBA. Get used to that, you're going to be doing that a lot. [dies a third time] A-B-B-A.

AVGN [commenting on the slow nature of the gameplay]: It's not horrible, it's just tedious as fuck and with one player, this is gonna take all night. I need a second player.
[The Nerd looks over to the end of the couch, behind which is a skeleton wearing a fedora and a guitar. He nods to the camera, then gets up and walks over to the skeleton.]
[The skeleton slowly comes back to life, in the form of Kyle Justin. Kyle sees The Nerd and groans in disgust.]
Kyle Justin: Ugh. I guess somebody needs a favor.
AVGN: Yeah. I need your help, to beat a game.
Kyle Justin: Let me-- let me guess. A shitty game?
AVGN: Yeah, a shitty game. Ikari Warriors.
Kyle Justin: Yeah, I know that game.
AVGN: Oh yeah?
Kyle Justin: Yeah, I know what you could do with that game too.
AVGN: Uh huh.
Kyle Justin: Yeah, yeah. You take the game, and you take your ass cheeks as well, and you just open them up really wide, and you grease up the game and just shove it up your ass! I'm not helping you. Besides, you never play my theme song anymore.
AVGN: Yeah, the theme song. And I thought people were getting tired of that.
Kyle Justin: You thought wrong.
AVGN: Yeah, [to camera] I know. Alright, so if we do the theme song, will you play the game with me?
Kyle Justin: Fine.
AVGN: Alright. Let's do this. Play the song. [Kyle cracks his knuckles and sings random notes] Play the song. [Kyle clears his throat] Play the fucking song! [Kyle sings the theme song]

AVGN: Okay, Ikari Warriors. You know what "Ikari" means?
Kyle Justin: What?
AVGN: Anger.
Kyle Justin: Do you know what "Warrior" means?
AVGN: "Warrior"? No.
Kyle Justin: Brave soldier or fighter?
AVGN: Brave soldier or fighter.

Kyle Justin: So who is this guy? Rambo?
AVGN: Well, if that's Rambo, who's the other guy?
Kyle Justin: Arnold Schwarzenegger?
AVGN: Which movie?
Kyle Justin: Commando.
AVGN: That'd be a fucking awesome movie! John Matrix and John Rambo, together at last! Of course it'd be "Rambo and Commando'". Say that three times fast.
AVGN and Kyle Justin: Rambo Commando Rambo Commando Rambo Commando!

AVGN: Yeah, made it to Level 3. And finally it looks different! But the music's still the same. Anyway, it looks so different it's like you stepped out of the jungle and into The Twilight Zone. Look at all the white chocolate bars and scrotum guns.
Kyle Justin: [singing] White chocolate bars and scrotum guns. [stops singing] Wait, I don't remember the episode with the scrotum guns, but the one with the gremlin on the wing was pretty good.

Kyle Justin: [singing] It's the game of life.
A, B, B, A.
It will bring you back today if you want it to.
[The Nerd has died again and is frantically trying to punch the code in.]
AVGN: A-B-B-A! A-B-B-A! Fuck!
Kyle Justin: [singing] It will save you today...
AVGN: It didn't save me now!
Kyle Justin: [singing] and bring you back to life...
AVGN: Apparently near the end of Level 3, A-B-B-A stops working.
Kyle Justin: ...didn't save him today...
AVGN: Okay, so here's what we're gonna do. First, we're gonna use Game Genie to get infinite lives. [puts the NES Game Genie with the cartridge attached into the Nintoaster] Then we're gonna use a stage select code; that way we can go back to Level 3 and continue our fucking game. You can find the code in the classic book How to Win at Nintendo. Nowcheck out this code: "right before the title screen, press: up, down, A, A, B, left, right, A ,B, up, A, down, right, right, left, B, up, left, A, right, B, left, right, A, left, up, A, down, A, right, left, B, select." [pauses incredulously] WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?! Why's the code have to be so fucking long?

AVGN: (after he tries to enter the code) So, I'm faster than greased lightning now. I can pull off the whole code before the title screen comes up, but turns out the book was wrong. To really find how to do the code you check out the VHS tape, "Secret Video Game Tricks, Codes, and Strategies". Yeah, I used to rent this fucker from the video store all the time. But anyway, the real way to do the code is during the title screen, not before it. Let's try again. (enters the code during the title screen)
Kyle Justin: (singing) Up, down, A, A, B, left, right, A, B, up, A, down, right, right, left, B, up, left, A, right, B, left, right, A, left, up, A, down, A, right, left, B and start.
AVGN: So here we are, back in level 3.

AVGN: Anyway, the last stage is as hard as fuck. I hate these guys that swim under water. You cant shoot them when they're submerged, and they're too fast to outrun. What are these, human beings or fucking torpedoes?
Kyle Justin: (singing) Throw milk at them, just try it, might work.

AVGN: Now let's see how bad this ending sucks.
Kyle Justin: [singing to the tune of the AVGN theme song]
You have accomplished
the mission.
You are the very prevailer
that protect right
and justice.
I would express my sincere.
Thanks to you.
Take good rest!
General Kawasaki
AVGN: Get back behind the couch.
Kyle Justin: [still singing] He's the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Toxic Crusaders[edit]

AVGN: Why's it always gotta be bats?
Lloyd Kaufman: Bats... Th-These aren't bats, Nerd! These are cats with wings. When... When I was a teenager at Tijuana, I had some pussy with wings [AVGN smiles and snickers before covering his face with his hands] And and... Th-That's what it's all about, man! [AVGN laughs offscreen]
AVGN: Yeah. How do you like this? World 2-4, World 2-5, and we're still going. And it's a portable console! You can beat Super Mario Land at a time--
Lloyd Kaufman: [Interrupts the Nerd] Wh-What are you talking about?! You want something to, uh, take a long time to beat?! Would take me a long time to beat off to Justin Beiber, man! And uh...
AVGN: [nods in agreement] Takes a long time.
Lloyd Kaufman: LONG?! My PENIS is pretty damn long right now! [AVGN snickers offscreen] And I'm... I'm not even flacid.
AVGN: Look at all the "Z"s on the fence. That's exactly how I feel when I play this game. [Lloyd Kaufman yawns as he falls asleep with the controller in his mouth] ...Like going to sleep. [AVGN glances at him and nods] Alright, alright. Okay, okay. Okay, okay!
Lloyd Kaufman: [suddenly wakes up and hallucinates] Ah! Where am I?! [whimpers as he twiddles with the SNES controller]
AVGN: Alright.

AVGN: Well, as you can see, you can tell it's another beat'em up game. So what do you think of that chopper? Why's it have so many colors?
Lloyd Kaufman: Well, uh, the chopper is made out of a tie, man. And it's tie dye. That's why it is those many colors. [AVGN shakes his head before he and Lloyd Kaufman struggle over the controller] Give me that! Give me that! I want that!

AVGN: What 'bout the music? Couldn't they have something more upbeat and action-packed? [volume of background music from Toxic Crusaders for Sega Gensis increases]
Lloyd Kaufman: I love it. I love it. I...It makes me want to strip, Nerd. [actually removes his coat along the music while AVGN quickly glances and shakes his head] I wanna take my clothes off.
AVGN: Okay, okay, okay!
Lloyd Kaufman: Ah, I love this music.

Lloyd Kaufman: [having such difficulty playing] Fuck! Jumpin' Jesus on a... fuckin' pogo stick! Fuck! Dick! Quack! Weewee! Doodle! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuhh!
AVGN: And that's what happens when we go from the movie, to the show, to the game - it's like putting a golden egg on a mountain of shit, and then you roll it down and it gets shittier and shittier and shittier. By the time it gets to the bottom, it ain't the same. (to Lloyd) And look; that's your name on it! That's your name on this game!
Lloyd Kaufman: I spit on my name! [makes spitting noises]
AVGN: What you created that's great got transformed into a mutated anomaly that'd make the Pope weep. They made a mockery of your shit, man! What're you gonna do about it?
Lloyd Kaufman: What am I gonna do about it? What am I gonna do about it? I'm gonna shit on this! I'm gonna take a huge dump! Here I go! And I had baked beans for dinner! (removes the cartridge from the Nintoaster, and puts it on the floor) You want shit, you shitty fuckin' game? Well, here it comes, here it comes! (drops his pants and lets loose shit as the Nerd watches in horror) You shitty shit game, how'd ya like that?
AVGN: OHH! UGH, IT'S NASTY, OH, GOD! OH! W- (A nasty gurgle rises from the pit of his stomach, and he pukes on the pile of shit as Lloyd laughs insanely.)
Lloyd Kaufman: Eh, that'll teach you, you fucking game!

Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure[edit]

AVGN: What happens when you take an 80s comedy film like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and turn it into an NES game? Two guys are struggling to pass their history course, so they go back in time in a phone booth to get the aid of famous historical figures. It's dumb, but it's great entertainment, and a video game adapation seemed like a good idea. It had fun characters, time travel, and adventure. So how could you fuck it up? You wanna know? (Metal rock music plays as the Nerd reveals the LJN logo.) That's how.

AVGN: Who are these "time rebels," and why do they want to do this? Well, guess what. They're never referred to again. Yeah, they're just for your imagination. (a thought bubble with the time rebels appear)
Blue-Haired Rebel: Man, wouldn't it be funny if we put Thomas Edison in Ancient Egypt? (chuckles)
Green-Haired Rebel: How about Galileo in the Jurassic period? (they both chuckle) We're assholes.

AVGN: So where is Rembrandt? You can explore this whole land, but you won't find him anywhere. That's because you need to lure him out, with bait. What is he, a fucking fish? The bait can be any random object. There's four of them hidden on each stage; one of them will make Rembrandt appear in one of the random houses. How do you find this bait? You wanna know? Guess what? By jumping into things! (AVGN jumps into a tree, and falls) This game treats you like an idiot. Like, "Hey kids, you wanna play a Bill & Ted game? Well, here you go! Go jumping around into fucking bushes and fences! That'll keep you busy! Have fun!"

AVGN: Fuck the townspeople, fuck not knowing where to go, I'm gonna get the power. Nintendo Power! [He searches for a Nintendo Power magazine as he jumps and falls] Wasn't there. (Jumps and falls again then finds a Nintendo Power magazine)

AVGN: The correct item is supposed to be something that would belong to this historical figure, and here is where the game could've been somewhat educational. But instead, it's a joke. For example, for Julius Caesar, you're supposed to give him salad dressing. Hur hur hur! For Thomas Edison, you're supposed to give him a compact disc. Yeah. Let's not change history, by the way. For Cleopatra, a credit card. For Elvis, a gravestone. Here you go, Elvis! Here's your fucking gravestone! You're gonna die! For King Arthur, the Holy Grail. Yeah. Entire stories have been written about finding the Holy Grail; you're going to find it by casually slamming into a bush or fence. Just a little side quest. For Jesse James, an Uzi. You're going to give Jesse James a fucking Uzi? You're going to give a notorious outlaw a more contemporary weapon! Yeah, just help him out! Might as well give, I don't know, Vlad Tepes an atom bomb? Anyway, I give Rembrandt the Paint Roller, and he says, "Let's party." That's exactly what he'd say. He also mentions that he'll pay for the call. "Of course, here's some coins for your phone booth time machine from the future." And now, we have to go through the damn time circuits again. [A phone booth time machine runs into a pink skull then AVGN runs out of coins] My coins ran out. Didn't that motherfucker say he was gonna pay? [Stage restarts] Aw, great! I have to roam around this fucking stage again, looking for coins? I've had enough!

AVGN: I'm losing my faith in the NES library! Was there any quality control here? You know, that seal of quality, did that mean anything?! Did anyone look at these games before they dumped them in the back of every KB's and Toys R Us? How many of these games are worthless?! All the LJN ones, I can tell you that! But there are good games here, there are! Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Contra, Castlevania, Mega Man... but then, A BIG FUCKING SHITSTORM HIT IT! A SHITSTORM, OF HORRIBLE GAMES! And in the middle of it all, a rainbow! A rainbow of shit! LJN! And Bill and Ted might even be, the worst LJN game on the NES. It doesn't just have some "flaws," there's no good and bad, this game is all bad. Like, I'm impressed! How did they do it? How did they make it so bad? Bad doesn't even describe it! It's disgraceful! It's putrid! In fact, I even looked up the word "putrid" in the dictionary. There's no definition. It's just a picture of Bill and Ted on the NES! Curse this fucking game! Curse the plastic that encases this dung heap! Literally! It's a plastic shell filled with shit! IT'S FUCKING SHIT! It's... it's ass... it's gar-bitch... and that's it. Good night.
(walks off screen for a few seconds, before coming back)
AVGN: Oh wait, and I forgot to mention, as a matter of fact, it also sucks monkey fuck and it's a worthless pitiful pile of snot-dripping, pus-bubbling, wet-steaming mountain of buffalo butt dump, and mere descriptions can't even describe the inane lack of common sense that even a child would possess when making a game with chalk on a sidewalk! I can't even come up with a description that's foul and disgusting enough to even come close to this rancid abomination! Can't describe it. I'm done. For real this time.
(walks off screen for a longer time, before running back on screen)

Tiger Electronic Games[edit]

AVGN: Remember when I first warned you about the horrors of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde on NES? Well, there were a few other games I mentioned there.
[Cut to a clip of AVGN episode 2, where the Nerd originally discussed the game]
AVGN: They're just, you know, rare obscure games like "M.C. Kids or Taxman or whatever...
[Cut back to the Nerd room]
AVGN: What the hell is Taxman? I didn't know what I was talking about! I had too much to drink. What I meant to say was Wall $treet Kid, a game about the stock market. Who would ever want to play a game like that? But it just so happens, by some fucking coincidence, there actually is a game called Taxman for the Apple II computer. (Pulls out a copy of the game and the large floppy disk it comes on) I've heard that there's nothing much to this game, that it's just a Pac-Man clone; I figured that probably means that it's a game that's very similar to Pac-Man. (Shows some gameplay footage) I was wrong. By "clone", they meant an exact copy; it's Pac-Man. Have you played Pac-Man? Then you played Taxman without even knowing it! But that's not what I'm here to talk about...I'm here to talk about something I feared since the beginning.
[Cut to another AVGN episode 2 clip]
AVGN: Those little Tiger Electronic wrist games, like, those are better than Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.
[Cut back to the Nerd room]
AVGN: Have we gotten to that point now? Is it time to scrape the bottom of the toilet bowl of the whole video game industry? Yeah. It's time to talk about Tiger games!

AVGN: Tiger, on the other hand, continued well into the 90s. In fact, I remember these things being more common in the 90s than ever. They kept pouring obsolete games into stores, and we were still buying them. They wouldn't die off! They were like cockroaches! By giving people a cheap alternative, they managed to coexist with the Game Boy. Yeah, this Tiger definitely rose up to the challenge of its rival, had the guts, got the glory, went the distance, now it's not going to stop! It's literally a Survivor!

AVGN: Tiger games were so outdated they were never in-dated! They were a fad, like Pogs! If they were an experiment in the 70's and they only made a few of them, then I could accept that. But no, they milked these things for all that they're worth! You thought LJN was the grand champion, the almighty shitty game factory? Tiger put LJN to shame! Sure, LJN laid down turd after turd after turd, but Tiger was like a machine gun ass shitting out turdturdturdturdturdturdturdturdturdturdturd! These are the worst games I've had the honor of playing, if you can even count them as video games! People have discussions like "Are video games art?" or something like that. Well, I have a better one: are Tiger games video games? These are a caveman's version of video games! These were a step back in human evolution! These are the most desperate attempt at entertainment! You could save up for a Game Boy, or just go [mimics playing a game with the sound effects]. Yeah, well [mimics game sounds to motions of jerking off and flipping the bird]! Just what the hell? How did they waste so much plastic to make these things?! It brought the game industry down as low as it could go! It's proof that Jesus died in vain and legally changed his middle name to Fucking! The only thing I can think of to use these things for is to wipe your ass with it! You might as well save that toilet paper. It's worth a whole lot more.

AVGN: [playing a Double Dragon wrist game] What. The. Ass. Talk about desperate. I'd have more fun setting the time on a digital watch. This is shits for the birds! Now check this out: Batman Returns, the wrist game. Oh boy. [struggles to open it] Wait, I can't get it open. Good. God, I hate this shit! You know what's bullshit?
[As he continues to try to open it, the Bullshit Man from the Cinemassacre series "You Know What's Bull Shit" enters the room with a pair of scissors.]
Bullshit Man: You know what's BUUUUUUULLSHIT?! Packaging that you need scissors to open. Even with the scissors, it's still a pain in the ass! Why is this plastic so fucking strong? This stuff is bulletproof! Nobody wants this shit, so why do they do it? They use it on everything! This packaging should be outlawed! Why does it exist? I especially love it when you buy scissors and you need scissors to open the scissors. What fucking idiots think this is a good idea? They don't care. By the time you're having this problem, you already bought it. Packaging like this is bullshit! [Leaves]
AVGN: Thanks, Bullshit Man!

AVGN: [playing the Batman Returns wrist game] Wow, look at how badass this game is. Yeah, this is the hot shit right here. You'd be so cool going around wearing this thing. Yeah, you'd be walking around school with this thing on, and everybody else is talking about what the new hot video game system is going to be. Nintendo 64? The Bit Wars? 64 bits. 32 bits. 16 bits. 8 bits. 4 bits! 2 bits! 1 BIT! HALF-BIT! QUARTER-BIT! THE WRIST GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!! And you thought that was it for Tiger, huh? Handheld games, wrist games, Tiger (computerized voice) Pokémon Walkie Talkies?! Yeah! That's not enough? Well, how about a whole fucking Tiger game console?! In 1997, this was Tiger's belated answer to the Game Boy. You'd think it was called the Game-Dot-Com, but it's actually the bootup voice: GAME.COM ACTIVE.
AVGN: This thing tried to be hip and cutting edge. It had a stylus pen, making it the first touch-screen game console; and PDA features, like a phone book, a calendar, a calculator, and a built-in Solitaire game. You could even connect a dial-up modem to it to access the internet; Text-only. I don't believe it myself. Imagine reading your e-mail on this thing. And you'd have to hook it up to a modem, so you couldn't leave your house anyway. WHY NOT JUST USE A COMPUTER?!

AVGN: So, that was the Needless to say, it flopped, especially with Nintendo dominating the handheld market. So, hey, why not just follow whatever Nintendo's doing? That mentality is what brought us what I think, so far, is the worst video game console I have ever played: the R-Zone. This is basically a shitty version of the Virtual Boy. Yes, I said that, as if the Virtual Boy wasn't shitty enough. Just look at it! What planet did this thing come from?

AVGN: Just when you thought the most sorry, pathetic excuse for a video game was the Tiger wrist games, oh no. [points to wrist game] Imagine playing one of these, up close to your eye in red-and-black. [shot of the gameplay from the R-Zone's Batman Forever game] GOOD LORD! You thought I was kidding. But it's true. This actually happened. Unlike the Virtual Boy, which causes eyestrain and headaches within minutes, this thing does it immediately! Having it over one eye meant having to go cross-eyed to look at it, or cover the other eye. By the way, the game itself sucks just as much as the other Tiger games. (tries turning around) Thought you could turn around? Yeah, right. I love how the advertisements always show a kid playing it. Look at his expression! He's horrified, and in the commercial, the kid's screaming in agony!
Rodger Parsons: You'd better not blink. [Kid screams] "Indy 500" roars into the R-Zone!

Alien 3[edit]

AVGN: It's the Halloween season again, and I can't miss the occasion to celebrate by torturing myself with another assanine game! Alien³ on NES, based on the movie. The first movie, Alien, was like a slasher film set in outer space; the second movie, Aliens, brought the action genre into the mix and gave it a wider mass appeal. It made a huge impact on not only film, but video games. The concept of shooting down hostile aliens, fighting for survival, was perfect for video game adaptations. It's no wonder why so many games like Contra and Metroid were influenced by the Alien movies' art style and their feelings of solitude, confinement and claustrophobia. Can you even count how many games blatantly ripped these movies off? The first two Alien movies were masterpieces, but the one we got on NES was the bastard sequel, the unholy 3 that had mixed reactions: some people like it, some people don't. It's not a terrible movie, but it's not great either. But, you know, I'm not gonna get all into right now. Monster Madness. So let's take a look at the game. Is this good enough for Halloween? I mean Alien³ is a horror movie. Is this scary enough? (He notices the LJN logo on the cartridge. The lights dim to a flickering red as the film's signature Nostromo self-destruct sirens blare.) Okay, now it just got fuckin' scary!

AVGN: Quality ass? QUALITY ASS? That sums up the whole thing. There is no quality assurance with this shitload of fuck. This game is as much fun as a witch's cunt. It's a shame that there was never a good Alien game on NES. Oh, wait. Actually, I take it back. There were some good Alien games on NES. They're called Contra and Metroid! Yeah. You know, it's not the worst LJN game, I have to say, nor is it even that bad of an NES game. It's playable, as much as the movie is watchable. Huh. Maybe that's what they were going for. In that sense, they got it right. It may not be a pile of goat puke-smothered buffalo diarrhea, it's just a pile of goat puke; hold the buffalo diarrhea. I don't even know if buffaloes get diarrhea. But it pains me to know that there's still more LJN games out there, and I just can't take it. I can't fuckin' take it anymore! (He leaves. Cut to the ending scene where he jumps off the platform and falls into the lava pits below. He cries out in agony as the Cinemassacre logo bursts through his chest.)

AVGN Games[edit]

AVGN: You know, there's been many games based on the Angry Video Game Nerd... which is me. Yeah, all these years while I've been busy playing shitty games, people've been making games about myself. There's been so many games about me, I can't even keep up. Unlike the majority of games I've ripped apart, these ones were made by independent game developers, usually singlehandedly, all by their selves, and hopefully they will have growing careers and aspire to make better games than a whole company of Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts ever could. (He's referring to LJN.) Another thing that makes these games different from the games I usually play, is that I have to play them on a computer. (The Nerd looks at the Commodore 64.) Hmm... (He shrugs his shoulders.) Well, anyway, the first AVGN game I'm gonna look at is: The Angry Video Game by Eric Ruth. This was the first AVGN game that ever came to my attention back in 2008. You might be wondering: what took me so long to get around to it? Well, the answer is simple: That's how long it took to load it on my Commodore 64!

AVGN: The second stage, I'm in the water, where every random thing is trying to kill me: like a submarine/shark. And I can't beat the shark. I just can't. It may look like I'm suckin' ass at it, but what do you expect? I'm playin' on a keyboard. And the controls are the complete opposite of what's on a regular controller. Jump/attack is on the left, and moving is on the right. So, I have to switch my hands around and get carpal tunnel. The weapon is the worst thing of all. The beers fly in an arc, so, you have to get in the right spot to calculate the trajectory, and everything blocks your aim. Fuck, fuck! I can't hit this fuckin' fish! Fuck! [He screams in depression] These beers are like the rock in Friday the 13th, and I already told you how bad that is. Oh, no. Is that why the game was designed this way? All the random enemies and all those things, it's because those are the kind of things I complained about. This game is all my fault. [Groans]

AVGN: Well, let's play some more AVGN games.
Board James: [Appearing next to AVGN] Hey Nerd! Since you've been playing some AVGN games, how about an AVGN board game!
AVGN: Board James?! What is this? Why does everyone always drop in uninvited?
Board James: Come on, this is a great game. Check it out! Angry Video Game Nerd Monopoly by Matthew Nielsen. Everybody knows how to play Monopoly. It's the same thing, but all the properties are games that you reviewed Nerd like Superman 64, Deadly Towers and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, ooh! Instead of trains for the transit system, how about traveling around in the tornado from Simon's Quest? There's Glitch Cards and Used Game Shop Cards. Some of my favorites are, "You break your TV out of rage from playing Wayne's World and have to pay $150 for a new one." And how about "You achieve the highest score ever in The Terminator and get paid $150."
"Cheating fine for using Game Genie." Or check out this one, "You revisit Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest. You're revisiting it so you're going backwards and not past the Press Start panel." Very elaborate way of saying go back. Or, "You accidentally use an Atari Jaguar as a toilet and the shopkeeper charges you $50 for damages. Where does he get his prices from?"
AVGN: Yeah! Jaguar CD's are way more expensive than that!
Board James: But isn't that awesome? Someone made a Monopoly game about you! Everybody's got to have a Monopoly game! Even AC/DC has a Monopoly game!
AVGN: Yeah, that's cool. But, how did you get here? Aren't you supposed to be in jail?
Board James: Well, I used a Get out of jail free card!
AVGN: Yeah, but didn't you kill your friends or something?
AVGN: Okay, you know that guy looks familiar.

AVGN: And, at last, we have the recent Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, also produced by ScrewAttack, developed by FreakZone Games, and officially endorsed by me. Which means, I better check it out, make sure they didn't fuck it up.

AVGN: Look at this: LOOK AT ALL THESE DEATH BLOCKS! I hate 'em. I hate 'em as much as the fucking Medusa heads in Castlevania, or the grass in Bill & Ted. Every game has its thing, and this one's thing IS TO PISS ME OFF! It was made to PISS ME OFF. And at the heart of it all, the final boss, my arch-nemesis. It's...IT'S...Fred Fuchs. (Spelled "Fred Fucks" in-game.) It's the programmer, motherfucking Fred Fuchs. Finally, I get to kick his ass! Yeah, fuck you, Fred Fuchs! [Growls] FUCKS YOU, FRED FUCH! [Screams then beats Fred Fuchs as he grunts] Got him! [Sighs of relief] I feel like I played every bad game I ever played, all at once. And now others are playing it, because of me. It's like I shared all my horrible experiences. It's all my fault! FUCK THIS GAME!
(The Nerd imagines the past abuse he inflicted on previous shitty games. He moves in to strangle the Commodore 64, but stops once he realizes he can't destroy the game like that. Instead, The Nerd types a deletion code on the keyboard and deletes the game once and for all, with a heavy, satisfying mash of the Enter key. The Commodore's screen reads FILE DELETED.)
AVGN: Take that, game.

AVGN Wish List (Part 1)[edit]

AVGN: Back in the 80's, our parents didn't order our Christmas presents online, because the Internet didn't exist yet. Back then, it was all about catalogs. Every major department store, like Sears and JC Penney, would put out these holiday wish books. So, every year, it was a tradition to browse through these books and circle all the things that you wanted Santa to bring you. Hm. (Christmas music plays as various images of catalogued items are shown) Everything you could possibly imagine was in these books. There were video games, of course. You see all kinds of crap like the Roll 'n Rocker, and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, for $39.87?! That's criminal. Speaking of prices, it's funny that at some point, the NES and the Atari 7800 were both the same price. For the 7800, it says it has "super responsive joysticks" because they knew the Atari 5200 controllers were pieces of shit. Yeah, having a responsive controller is kind of a necessity, wouldn't you say?
Also, Super 8 cameras and VHS cameras coexisted. A new VHS camera could cost a thousand bucks. Yeah. Being able to record yourself with actual footage was a luxury. My family always had to rent one. There were action figures, you had Ninja Turtles, Inhumanoids, The Real Ghostbusters, as well as the other Ghostbusters that nobody gave a shit about. There was the giant G. I. Joe aircraft carrier, all kinds of toys, everything. You can tell that the people who photographed these action figures didn't know anything about them. Like, why is Lion-O and Mumm-Ra riding together in the Thundertank? And why is "laser" spelled with quotes? Did Dr. Evil write this? I can't do these books justice. I highly recommend that if you can find one of them, take a look through. It's really a trip. When I say everything was in these books, I mean, literally, everything. Science stuff, horses, jewelry, lingerie, you turn from a page with kiddy stuff to see tobacco. These books were mostly for kids to tell their parents what they want, and there were even coloring pages in there. But then, there were things like knives and guns! That's terrible that a kid would be flipping through and see that! You'd go from a page that has all kinds of kiddy sleeping bags, and right on the other side of the page is a gun cabinet. Right underneath the Mario sleeping bag is an assortment of guns! And there were lots of them!
Back to the video games. A lot of times, the descriptions were questionable. For Zelda, it said, "Gather crystals to stop warlords." That's the worst description to Zelda I've ever heard. Karate Kid on the NES had the wrong screenshot. Where'd they get that from? That's not The Karate Kid. For Ghostbusters on Sega Master System, it says, "Scare up some fun". Oh, you bet. And it retains the typo Gorza instead of Gozer. Then we get to the Tiger games...oh, my. "You're at the wheel for all the high-speed thrills of real racing!" "Full of exciting action," "True-to-life graphics and sound effects." Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

AVGN: (on Where's Waldo) It's as if the pages of the book have been chewed up, digested, and shat out an 8-bit ass! How can you find Waldo in this?! WHERE THE FUCK IS WALDO?! He doesn't even know where he is!

AVGN Wish List (Part 2)[edit]

AVGN: The Three Stooges. This has always been a huge request. I've dreaded this moment for a long time. [powers on the game, which displays the title screen for Ghostbusters II] What?! Ghostbusters II?
[The Three Stooges walk onto the title screen, and stop in front of the Ghostbusters logo]
Curly: Hey, fellas, we're in the wrong game!
Larry: This looks like a kid's game.
Moe: You imbeciles!
AVGN: Now, that's funny! I've always been a big fan of The Three Stooges, but the game's charm ends right after the title screen.

AVGN: [reviews Home Improvement How do you take a family sitcom and turn it into a video game? Well, the plot starts out with Tim "The Toolman" Taylor on the set of his show, Tool Time. Remember the show within the show? So, his tools go missing, and he has to go onto the sets of other shows to find them.
AVGN: I'd give this game a better chance if I could read the instructions. The instructions might help, right? Yeah, guess what, there is none. Technically not! The manual opens up to a fake sticker printed over the pages that says "REAL MEAN DON'T NEED INSTRUCTIONS"! Very funny.

AVGN: (playing Pit Fighter on SNES) As a kid, I never made it past the second guy. Even as a rental, it only made for about fifteen minutes of playability, if that, before ya turn it off and take it back to the video store. And I know it has to give you your health back at some point, but I've just made it to the fourth opponent, and still, they don't give you any health back. This is the worst Super NES game I've ever played! Worse than Super Noah's Ark 3D, worse than Shaq-Fu, worse than Wizard of Oz, worse than Lester the Unlikely! I am dead fucking serious! Even B-mode Double Dragon was better than this, and that was on NES. Sure, it gets monotonous, and awkward at times, and you can only play as the same characters fighting themselves, but, it has much more fluid control and is way more fun than Pit Fighter.

AVGN: [after he plays Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet for the PlayStation] Most of the games I own are junk. I'm hoarding junk! I SURROUNDED MYSELF WITH FUCKING GARBAGE! [sighs] All right, one more game, and then it's Happy Holidays and good fucking night. Let's end with Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage, on Super Nintendo. Everyone says I should play this one, as if I haven't already played enough Spider-Man games, they're all terrible! But, maybe this one's okay. After all, I'm not sure how I missed it, because it's one of the only Super NES games that's red. Anyway, let's give it a try. Well, the comic book cutscenes are, quite nice. The gameplay? Well, it's a beat-em-up game. Monotonous, but fun. The controls are responsive, and the hit detection works fine. The sound effects are good, the punches and grunts you hear all lend themselves to the fun, stress-relieving nature of these kind of games. It just feels good when you hit things. You can climb up on buildings, which offers some variety and breaks up the monotony. It can be a little frustrating, but not too bad. And the music is upbeat and energizing. ("The Mob Rules" by Black Sabbath plays) And what do I hear? It's The Mob Rules, by Black Sabbath! I don't mean it just sounds similar, it's the same song! Just a 16-bit rendition. It even does the solo! (16-bit rendition of Black Sabbath's "The Mob Rules" solo playing) I think it was just a rip-off, and that they never got Black Sabbath's permission, but it's still welcome to hear and adds to this games' enjoyability. That's right. I found a good Spider-Man game. Better late than never. It's no masterpiece or anything like that, but it would have definitely been worth a rental at the very least. Who made this game?

AVGN: [after commenting that Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage is a good game, and learning that LJN published it] Oh, my God. OH, MY GOD! THEY DID IT! THEY PULLED THROUGH! OH MY GOD!!! THEY MADE A GAME... THAT'S NOT A STEAMING PILE OF FUCKIN' SHIT!! OH MY GOOOOD!!! THEY DIIID IIIIT! THEY MADE A GAME... THAT'S NOOOOT SHIIIIT! I found a gold, at the end of the rainbow! Ohh, maybe it's not gold, maybe it's bronze or something, BUT THEY MADE A GAME... THAT'S NOT SHIIIT! IT'S NOOOOOOT SHIIIIIIIIIIT!

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing[edit]

AVGN: This time, we're not gonna go too far back into the past. Only to 2003 with a PC game called Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. I usually stick to consoles, and I don't usually do games from the current millennium, but this is a huge request. I've been told countless times that it's one of the worst, if not the worst game ever made, but I'm sure that's an exaggeration. It just looks like a generic mediocre racing game with trucks. And it's from the new millennium, well after the pioneering days of gaming, after the ETs and Jekyll and Hydes, after the advent of quality control, so how bad could it be? Let's find out.

AVGN: [upon first experiencing the games lack of collision detection and physics] Soooo...what are the complaints here? This is awesome!
AVGN: "Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing". "Over the road" is right! It's my way or the highway, and the highway ain't got shit. Oh my god...

AVGN: I'm not trying to find glitches! It just so happens that the whole game is a glitch! Look at this picture here; the hill turned into nothing, the tail lights are flying off the truck and this bridge is hovering over thin air! The support beams are so close to touching the ground, but don't. (His truck is pushed up through a bridge and he sees his opponent standing still) The fuck was that? Oh, by the way, that's the computer opponent who's still at the start line. Never moved. I'm literally running circles around him. Y'know, I kinda forgot I was in a race here. That is the purpose of the game. It doesn't matter which stage you're playing. The opponent always stalls at the start line and never moves an inch. You can spend the whole time driving through buildings, over mountains, and under bridges, and still win the race. What kind of challenge is that? Have you ever heard of a video game where you can't lose? How did the programmers forget to make the trucks move? Let's see if I can merge the trucks into one. (He tries to line his truck up with the opponent) Here we go. Eh, eh... (He succeeds) Yeah! That's some fine work. (He drives off and makes a whoosh sound)

AVGN: This is the most unstable game I've ever played in my life. And would you believe, that the copy I own is a more recent version of the game? Yeah. The version that most people have played is commonly found on the internet, and is even less functional! In this version, one of the stages doesn't even work. If you try to pick this stage, it crashes the whole game. Not that it's any loss. It looks the same as any other stage. The truck you're racing against doesn't do anything different. It still sits there, waits for you to lap it and cross the finish line. Here we go. (He crosses the finish line, and the game text reads: "YOU'RE WINNER!" He looks at it in shock and snorts, and begins snickering.) Oh, no. No. (laughing uneasily) Oh, no! No! (continues laughing) "You're Winner" is the kind of stuff that turns horrible games into legend. It's the cherry on top the diarrhea shake. It's already been a popular internet meme for many years, but in the packaged version of the game that I own, it's been corrected to "You win." Disappointing, I know.

AVGN: But there's at least one other version of this game, a newer one - version 3 as far as my knowledge goes - but anyway this one has a major advancement. Really big. Check this out; the other truck moves. Wow. No shit. It's like we're actually having a race here. I'm gonna let him win just to see what happens. I hope it says "You're a lose" or something like that. Here we go. [Crosses the finish line, "You win" screen pops up. The Nerd looks in confusion] What happened?! How did I win?! Apparently, the other truck driver just decided to stop a little short. In other words; you can't lose! Why did they bother to release a new version if they didn't even fix the most basic thing?! But hey, the truck moves! So maybe this improvement pushes the game into the... pre-alpha stage. At best!

AVGN: These monumental blunders distract from all the regular flaws which would already be enough to fill any shitty game; most of the stages look similar, there's little variety, there are no sound effects other than the engine of the truck, the tail lights are fixated on the back of the trailer doors and they look like someone made them in Photoshop with a basic brush tool! Want me to prove it? [Creates tail lights exactly like the ones in Big Rigs in Photoshop] There you go. The street is always breaking up like the Glitch Gremlin paved over it, certain light posts are given strange colours that stick out from the rest of the game, the Arc de Triomphe appears twice in a row in a geographically inaccurate area, the trucks are referred to as "cars", the "Ultranav" points you get from crossing checkpoints don't always go in order - what the fuck is "Ultranav" anyway? The timer goes outside the box and on top of all that the box that the game comes in is a complete lie! Never do the police chase after you. Maybe if that was just the front artwork, that would be excusable, but the back says, "You'll be hauling loads and trying to stay one step ahead of the law." "Deliver your load to its destination."

AVGN: What are they talking about? That never happens! Oh, no, no, I stand corrected. This game "delivers a load" all right - load of fucking shit! I'll deliver a load all over this fucking game! It's not even a game. It doesn't count as a game. If it were a game, you could lose. But you can't! It's nothing but win! "You're winner!" It's like the game feels sorry for you! [He drinks Rolling Rock]

AVGN: This is not even close to a finished game - if you can call it a game. It's the worst game ever made! And I've played a lot, what is this, episode 118? So that is a big statement, but I'm DEAD FUCKING SERIOUS. It isn't as frustrating as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, no no, it's not as bad of an experience as that, but in terms of functionality, this is an all time low.

AVGN: You can't release something that's not finished! Who looked at this? I mean, who looked at THIS and thought, "Yeah, that's OK. Put that out."? There's credits, which suggest that actual human beings were behind this. More than one. What were they thinking? Why would anyone want their name on this thing, and did any single one of them look at this and think "Maybe there's still some work left to do?"

AVGN: By the year 2003, wouldn't there have been some kind of quality control? Even the worst games from the 70's had some playability. I would have assumed that Big Rigs was just some test game. Some kind of demo that a college student made, not an actual game that got sold in stores. It-it couldn't have been sold in stores. But, apparently, it did. This is the box. It came in a box! And it was rated by the ESRB! Someone from the ESRB looked at this game and gave it a rating! I know it's not their job to judge the quality of the game, but somebody looked at this and thought "Wow. This is shit. But, E." Imagine buying this game, thinking it's gonna be a cool racing game, then you bring it home and play it and you get this. It's like a cruel prank. They should've recalled this game and gave out refunds. Imagine advertising this sort of thing. Imagine putting a commercial on TV for this shitload of fuck. I wonder what it would've been like. Hmm. (He imagines a TV commercial for "Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.")

[Mock advertisement, featuring gameplay footage, over the top production and a heavily tattooed James Rolfe wearing sunglasses, acting as a trucker]
Trucker: Hey, kids! Strap yourself in for some action packed racing!
Voice over: It's Big Rigs!
Trucker: Eighteen wheels of thunder, and we've got trucks! Yeah... trucks!
Voice over: Big Rigs!
Trucker: Off-road traction! More power for non-stop driving action!
Voice over: Big Rigs!
Trucker: Over the Road Racing! Under the road, over the road, who knows?
Voice over: Big Rigs!
Trucker: Never lose a race again, You're always winner!
Voice over: With Big Rigs!
Trucker: Engines equipped with quantum phasing molecular mechanics to pass through solid objects so as to not interrupt the racing experience! Nothing stands in your way!
Voice over: When you're Big Rigs!
Trucker: Rear spinning tires with warp-drive velocity for interdimensional exploring! Leave the game behind and exceed the boundaries of existence!
Voice over: Big motherFUCKin' Riiiiiiggs!
Trucker: Drivin' around in fuckin' trucks!

AVGN: Well, there's one last thing left to find out. How fast can you go in reverse? Let's push the limits. (He drives in reverse, gaining speed quickly) The truck's fucking the ground. (The Nerd feels like he's traveling the speed of light, and the truck's engine noise becomes high pitched. He covers his ears) That noise. That noise, how high can it go? Light speed. Ludicrous speed. We've gone to plaid. (Screams wildly) I can't take it anymore! We gotta stop! (Releases the reverse key as the chair flies back, crashes into the video room)

Desert Bus[edit]

AVGN: There was a game that was said to be even worse than Big Rigs. It was also a driving game and it's called Desert Bus. It was so unspeakably dreadful that it was cancelled before it was ever released. It was one of 6 games included in Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors for the Sega CD. That's right. Penn & Teller were behind this. And if you haven't heard of them, well... How do I sum it up? Basically, they're two of the greatest entertainers of our time. They mix magic and comedy, they perform it live, they defy physics, they're funny as hell, they attack Bullshit and they've been doing it for nearly 40 years. So their first attempt at a video game in 1995 was a very interesting one, and something that only they could have made.
Penn: [Speaks to Teller] See? See-see-see-see-see? You gotta be careful, those thermographics!
AVGN: Smoke and Mirrors is like the anti-video game. It's made up of 6 mini-games that exist for no other reason than to play jokes on your friends. Explaining them all in detail would be a diservice for anyone wanting to try them out for themselves. Of course the game was never released, but prior to its cancellation, it appeared in Sega Visions magazine and even made the front cover. The true reason it was cancelled was because the company, Absolute, went out of business, but like anything, the game found its way onto the internet and has been circulated, people have played it, and it's become sort of a cult hit. It's one of the strangest collections of games you might ever play. There's a traditional side-scroller where you actually play as Penn & Teller themselves. It's insanely frustrating to figure out what you're supposed to do, but it's hilarious just for the idea that they made their in-game characters so useless. There's a part where an enemy magician is throwing straightjackets at you, and you have to bounce them back using an umbrella. Trying to hit this guy is just as much of a trick as anything Penn & Teller have pulled off themselves. The straight-jackets always bounce in the wrong direction. (The Nerd finally gets the straight-jacket to bounce onto the magician, but it goes right through) Oh, come on! That didn't count? Overall, the whole game is worth it just for the abundance of Penn & Teller clips. Watching these guys, you can't go wrong.
Penn: [Shouts to Teller who plays with two action figures in a deathmatch] Death move! Death move! Death move! Death move! Death move! Death move! (The action figures begin to pour blood) Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!
AVGN: But then, there's Desert Bus. How bad could it be? Let's find out.

AVGN: What? What? What the fuck?! (tries to continue driving the bus, but is unable to) It's stuck! The bus is stuck in the sand. (The Nerd looks at the screen at in disbelief and takes a deep sigh.) They made the bus veer to the right on purpose. [Groans] They thought of everything. Goddamn you, Penn & Teller! You have to sit here and drive the bus, just like in real life, and real life fucking sucks. (Tow truck noises are heard) Now I'm getting towed. Oh, boy. The towing is in real time also. So if you've driven 7 hours, does it take 7 hours for the game to start over? This is the most sadistic thing ever! There's no fun factor whatsoever, this makes Big Rigs look like a fucking party. Big Rigs isn't even a game, it has no challenge whatsoever, but here, the challenge comes from trying to stay awake from boredom. For the past 10 years, I've been on a mission to warn the world of shitty games, and in all those years, this one takes the cake. I think I've finally hit the bottom of the barrel! (The Nerd swats away the air freshener) The fact that a game like this could come into existence and that people have played it and suffered through it and even adapted it into an Atari 2600 game means that I failed. I've done everything I can. It's time to retire.

AVGN: (after playing Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Redaction) I've wanted to see that clue ever since I first played this. Did uh... Did... my complaints... ring a bell? Did... Has the word of the Nerd been heard? Have I contributed how we look back at bad games? (Epic music plays) I've done it. It's not in vain! There is no retirement! The show must go on! I must continue reviewing games because that's what the world needs! But where do I go from here? (montage of Nerd's epic adventures) I had so many adventures within these four walls. I need to go do something bigger! Something to top already everything that I've already done! (Sighs deeply) But how do I do that? (Thinks then nods, hinting The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie)

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial[edit]

AVGN: [after he beats the game] Phew! So, is it really the worst game of all time? Um... I don't think so. It's frustrating, it's challenging and it's a brainteaser, but that's what makes it so addicting and considering it was made in such a short period of time, it's more sophisticated than anything of its era. Raiders of the Lost Ark was just as strange and cryptic and that game was met with glowing praise. Both of these games came with instruction manuals. Now I can understand kids just wanting to pick up a game and enjoy it without having to read anything, but if you could understand Raiders, you could understand E.T. So what was it that gave this game such a reputation? I can't answer that. It's just something that happened, it's something we needed. Is there something mystical about the game? (The Nerd nods) There is. It's a floor plan to Area 51 as well as an access key and every cartridge contained a piece of the alien ship. Sure, but, forget about all of that. The mystical thing about all these old craptastic games is that they somehow hold a place in our hearts and bring us back to that special time when we were kids, and that's the power of the classics and the not-so classics that we love to hate.


AVGN: Beetlejuice. You know, great classic Tim Burton movie from the 80's starring Michael Keaton? At the time, it was probably one of the darkest and quirkiest comedies to get mainstream attention. It was a big deal, it had a cartoon show, and, of course, a video game on the good old NES. With a movie that employs such a wide scope of imagination where anything can happen, that gives a lot of possibilities for a game. So, I bet this could be great. Unless... (he reveals on the box that it was published by...LJN.) OH, COME ON! WHY, WHY, WHYYYY?! WHY?! NO-NO-NO-- [Yells in depression] Of course. It was made by LJN. "Made by LJN." You know, that's something everyone is always trying to correct me about. LJN was not a game developer, they were a publisher that contracted other companies to develop the games. I know that, but that doesn't change the fact that every time this logo appears on a game, it's guaranteed to be ass! If LJN published it, they still made it; it's an LJN game. So technically, this one was developed by Rare, meaning it's a Rare fuckin' day when LJN makes a game that's not a 12-foot tall mountain of dog shit! Rare was the same company that made Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct. So maybe we can have high hopes that this will be okay... but on the other hand, Rare also developed other LJN "classics" such as Roger Rabbit, Nightmare on Elm Street, and made Battletoads which is one of the worst two-player games of all time. So, how does Beetlejuice hold up? Let's turn on the juice and see what shakes loose.

AVGN: I think the game has more to do with the star than the movie; I mean the star in the sky, the real Betelgeuse. It's a red supergiant that's going to explode one day. Does that not accurately describe the feeling you get from playing this pieceashit? This particular star is always pulsating; it's so inconsistent that it's sometimes called the ninth brightest star in the sky, but usually the tenth. These fluctuations in inconsistencies are exactly what they were going for with the unpredictable nature of this game. When you're flying all over the place like a spring-loaded turd in a pinball machine, that's just like the star itself, how it's been speculated to have changed course at one time or another, possibly because a nearby stellar explosion, or in this case, a fuckin' bug. I mean, here we have a game where what exists outside the edge in the screen could take effect or not; the absence of visibility will result in death, whereas the existence of something harmful but not visible will still be in effect! Is it any coincidence that a game with no definable boundaries would have such a distinct relation to a star with optical emissions that vary, making it hard to define the photosphere? Or what about how the star is surrounded by a circumstellar envelope made up of matter that's been ejected from the star, kinda like a mass of bees coming out of a beehive, and making an outer field around the hive? Betelgeuse is part of the constellation of Orion. That's what the ancient Greeks viewed it as but of course today we all know that's actually a skeleton shooting a fireball. Why would Betelgeuse be on the shoulder? Well, quite simply, anyone who's played this game as a kid has a chip on their shoulder whenever you bring up the name! And at last the game was released in May. That's the same month when Betelgeuse can be seen over the western horizon after sunset for only a brief period of time. Likewise, it was Western US gamers who played this right after sunset when their homework was done, and it was only for a brief period before they threw it to the ground, beneath the horizon. So yes, I'm convinced the game was based on the star, and not the movie... or you could just say they fucked it up, and took too much liberty with the source material.

AVGN: In conclusion, I can say the game is ass, it's a steaming pile of goat shit, horrible abomination. But the perfect way to sum it up is it's an LJN game. It doesn't actually matter who developed it, they were hired by LJN. The welcome letter probably said something like this...
"Welcome to our team of Laughing Joking Numbnuts. Here at LJN, we strive in creating the world's largest shitfests and providing to our customers the greatest raping of all their favorite films. We value your addition in helping us continue to grow the black plague of today's generation of gaming."
"Enclosed you will find our handbook of policies and developing of games with
Bouncing Bullshit
Perpendicular Dick Ploys
Bitch Barriers
Inanimate Anal Assassinations
Fruitless Farts
Diahhretic Diversions
Freeform Fuckery
Pinpoint Piss Taking
Rat Trap Crap Shoot
Bad Music"
"We are proud to have you onboard."

The Twelve Days of Shitsmas[edit]

1. Tagin' Dragon[edit]

AVGN: Well, it's Christmas time, again, already, and that means... more shitty games for me. And I have a pretty big pile here, thanks to all you. All requests, a despicable dozen, and we are going to savor these juicy turds one day at a time. Because this is the 8th Christmas since I first started doing these Christmas specials, so we're going to do something a little different, a little excessive. 12 Days...of Shitsmas.

2. ALF[edit]

AVGN: [After he opens a present] Oh no, it's ALF on the Sega Master System. Of course, it's based on the TV sitcom from the '80s. I used to love that show, just for the fact that the star character was a puppet. Ah yes, the loveable Alien Life Form "ALF" or Gordon Shumway who crash lands on Earth and lives with the Tanner family, not the Tanners from Full House. The goal is to collect special items to get his spaceship working so he can leave Earth and go home, along the way, having to avoid FBI agents who are out to get him. This is all strangely reminiscent of E.T. on Atari 2600. (Zoom in on an FBI agent) These guys are creepy, they look like pedophiles, perverts, child molesters. The way they're dressed in stereotypical trenchcoats and grabbing at the air, as if saying "Come on ALF, I got some candy. I don't wanna hurt you, I just wanna... grope your little alien ass." (The FBI agent follows ALF into the kitchen) GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN YOU FUCKING SICKO!

3. CrazyBus[edit]

AVGN: There's no goal unless you can see how high you can rack up the score. In other words, how long can you hold the D-Pad for! You like that game? You don't even need the game, just the controller and a timer! It would be more fun to stare at the wall! I have a whole new appreciation for Desert Bus! Big Rigs is more exciting than this shit! This broke the shit scale. This is a whole new higher level. First there's poop, then there's shit and then there's...DEFACATION!!

4. Ren and Stimpy: Fire Dogs[edit]

5. Rocky and Bullwinkle[edit]


AVGN: Well there you have it, Rocky and Bullwinkle. Shitty game, shitty graphics, shitty music, shitty everything! Fucking big, clumsy moose! Bullwinkle, (Does a Bullwinkle impression) I'm Bullwinkle! MORE LIKE BULL FUCKING SHIT!

6. Mary-Kate and Ashley: Get A Clue[edit]

7. V.I.P with Pamela Anderson[edit]

AVGN: This is a scumbag's idea of a game. "Let's get some slutty girls and give 'em guns, huh huh!"

8. Lethal Weapon[edit]

AVGN: Let me give you some advice. Never play a movie based game. You know why? Okay, okay. They FUCK you with the movie games! They FUCK you, they FUCK you! They know that you're going to buy the game and by the time you play the game and realize that you got fucked, it's too late. They don't care! And after fucking you, they fuck you some more. Who got fucked? The ones who bought the game. The ones who rented it were the lucky ones. They fuck you with the graphics, fuck you with the music, fuck you with the gameplay, they FUCK you, they FUCK you, they FUCK you! Walk off screen to select the character. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. That would be if I just walked off screen right now and somebody else came in.
[AVGN leaves the room and Mike Matei comes in the room to take his place]
Mike Matei: I'm getting too old for this shit. [starts playing]

9. Porky's[edit]

AVGN: What an experience Pee-Wee had. Can you imagine the story he has to tell? "I was walking down the street. Narrowly avoiding a speedboat, a submarine on wheels, a parade of naked Dr. Seuss characters, a rabbit pig and dudes in cars. I fell down into a pond where I swung around on a pole and build a ladder up into a girls locker room shower with this weird blobby ghost tried to grab my dick. I DROPPED A BUNCH OF PYRO EQUIPMENT DOWN THE SAME HOLE THAT LEADS TO THE POND BUT SOMEHOW ENDED UP ON TOP A BUNCH OF SCAFFOLDING WHERE I WENT UP AND FINISHED IT ALL UP WITH A BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!" And that's why you gotta love Atari.

10. HyperScan[edit]

AVGN: Looks like we're in for a treat today. The HyperScan by Mattel, the same company that made the Intellivision, and the Power Glove. They also made every toy from He-Man to Barbie. LJN made toys. Hmm...let's see how this piece of shit holds up. It was released in 2006. It's hard to believe a specimen like this would exist at the time when Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii were the current gaming consoles. (Inserts X-Men CD into the Hyperscan) Nobody ever talked about this. Let's find out why. The instructions are blinking. That's annoying. (The Nerd tries to read the blinking instructions) Player 1...scan your...character card. You have to scan cards to make the game go? Having a disc isn't enough? How about a character select screen? That would've been fine. (The Nerd tries to scan the Wolverine card) Scan....Scan you bastard! (The instruction tells the Nerd to scan a mod card as well) Scan a mod card now?! What's with all these cards? Just start the fucking game! Goddamn! (The screen loads and there's a timer at the bottom of the screen to show how long it takes. During this time, the Nerd continues talking.) The cards were sold separately, so the idea was to combine card collecting with video gaming. Yeah, how about fucking Pogs too? The fact that you always need to scan cards now means you have to keep the game console on your lap calling back to the Atari 2600 days where all the switches were on the console. (The game is still loading) It's still loading. Hyperscan...yeah, it's really hyper!

11. Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure[edit]

AVGN: Universal Theme Park Adventure on Gamecube. A game based on a theme park, that was based on movies by Universal Studios, the giant movie making machine that made some of the greatest films of all time. From the classic monster movies of the 30's and 40's to the Spielberg masterpieces like Jaws, E.T. and Jurassic Park. Over the years, Universal Studios has celebrated its movie legacy by slowly converting its Hollywood studio location into a big amusement park for the public and destroying film history. You know the opera house set from the classic Phantom of the Opera that stood on Stage 28 for 90 years? Destroyed. The oldest surviving movie set in history gone over night to make way for a Harry Potter ride. But hey, Universal Theme Park was still a lot of fun. You know in the Back to the Future DeLorean and then there's volcanos and shit and then you're riding the bike with E.T. and then the...the truck comes and almost hit you and then you're on the waterfall and...then the T-Rex comes out and then...and then fucking Jaws is jumping out of the water and King Kong shaking the tram and then there's earthquakes and then there's those other movies that you don't even know what the fuck they are, nobody cares! It was awesome! By the 90's, this whole theme park idea was so huge, they opened up a new one in Florida. This is when Nintendo helped advertised it in the movie, The Wizard and then in 2001, Nintendo start promoting it again with this game (the Nerd inserts the disk into the Gamecube and turns the Gamecube on) which I think, sounds awesome. What a great idea to take all these movies and put them into one using the theme park as a way to tie them altogether and on a new advanced console. How could you go wrong?
AVGN: Well, only one present left. [Looks at the left present] Wanna take a peek? Yeah, let's take a peek. [Picks the last present then reveals the LJN logo as he feels shocked.] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

12. LJN Video Art System[edit]

AVGN: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It can't be! (Opens a present then reveals LJN Video Art) LJN made a video game console. It's already bad enough they already monopolized the genre of shitty disfunctional video games, but now, to make a whole fucking console. The biggest turd LJN ever shat. Let's take a look.

AVGN: Ooh, no, oh, no, oh, NO! Oh, I hate these. These things come from Hell! These are the devil's pitchforks that you have to screw on the back of your TV!

[Upon turning on the video game system, the game just blares white noise]

AVGN: Well, you have to admit, this sure has a killer soundtrack. Yeah, next time you're having a conversation about best video game soundtracks; Mega Man, Castlevania, no, tell them about LJN Video Art. I can see it right now like, "Uh, how does that one go? I don't remember that." "Oh, it goes like: (Imitates white noise sounds)”

AVGN: So, this concludes this marathon of crap, 12 shitty relics from the ass of the past. Hope you enjoyed it. Enjoyed in a strange way, I guess. You know, why do we focus on the bad memories? Why are we sentimental over the crappy past? I don't know, but I do know that the things of yesterday that were worthless, you all found some way to give them worth. You've done this, I've done this, we've all found ways to just make the best of things I guess. Maybe you're having a good holiday season, or a bad one, or an indifferent one, whatever the case I just want to bring you some joy. I hope you got a laugh, or even just a chuckle, uh, because it's that time of year, where everybody... make happy. Be a comedian. With all sincerity, have a Merry Christmas, happy holidays in general, and I'll see ya in 2015. Get ready for those self-lacing shoes, hover boards and flying cars!

Season Eight[edit]

Hong Kong 97[edit]

AVGN: I've been called upon to take care of business once again. Apparently, there is a game worse than Big Rigs. WORSE than Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. WORSE than CrazyBus or Desert Bus. It is known as Hong Kong 97 and I've been getting requests for it up the ass. The requests are so far up the ass, it's time to shit 'em out. The game was made for the Super Famicom in Japan, but never saw its way to the rest of the world. This is one title that we definitely didn't get on the Super Nintendo. It was made by HappySoft. HappySoft was most famous for making... Hong Kong 97, their one and only "masterpiece." (scene switches to an animated scene of HappySoft, rising from a fiery pit, shitting out Hong Kong 97) On this one occasion, they rose from the depths of Hell, excreted this unholy turd onto the Earth, and then descended back to where they came. (scene cuts back to real life) Supposedly, the game was so horrible, it barely even came out on the Super Famicom at all. Stores rejected it and its release status is a mystery. It's so rare, that to this day, not a single cartridge or physical copy has shown up at all. I can't even find a picture of one. So the only way I can experience this game... is the same way as the rest of the internet.

AVGN: (upon seeing the word "fuckin'" in the game's intro story) This can't be real. No. No. Somebody's pulling my leg! "A herd of fucking ugly reds"? Was 'a herd of ugly reds' too weak? Did they really need the F word to FUCKIN' drive home the FUCKIN' point? This was before cursing in games was common. I remember how shocked I was when I first played Rambo on NES and saw the word "hell", but here, they dropped the F-bomb! They did it! A game made for the Super Famicom! It's the closest you'd ever get to a Super Nintendo game that says "FUCK."

AVGN: (reading game text) "Chin is a killer machine." That's Chin? (chuckling) It's Jackie Chan playing Bruce Lee's relative, Chin! Oh, Chin! What a name! Could it be any more common? Oh! "Wipe out all 1.2 billion of the red communists!" (laughs) Stop! I can't - I can't take it anymore! I haven't even seen the game yet! Oh-ho-ho-ho! Aw! "Wipe out 1.2 billion people!" (laughs) And if I'm not mistaken, in 1995, that would've been the entire population of China! Bruce Lee's relative is so powerful, he's the equivalent of a thousand nukes! He's gonna murder the entire population of China by breaking their necks! Even when Bruce Lee would take down twenty people, it took him a little bit of time. But now comes Chin! You don't FUCK with Chin! (continues reading) However, in mainland China there was a secret project in progress! A project to tra- tra- to transform the deceased Tong Shau Ping into an ultimate...! (laughs uncontrollably) It's killing me! So apparently, for the character of Tong Shau Ping, they used an actual image of a real Chinese leader, Deng Xiaoping! Spelled differently, but pronounced very similar.

AVGN: That'd be like if I made a game called New York 2017:
Motherfuckin' demons from the planet Jupiter have arrived through the Manhattan Portal.
The leader of. United States calls upon Master Joe,.
John Wayne's half cousin's step-son to annihilate the 2.5 OctoDecillion alien scum of the universe.
However, on Jupiter's secret moon, a master plan is conceived to resurrect thu
astro-demonoid Dill Clyntin into a mecha-doomsday machine.

AVGN: One hit, and the game's over. Why would I expect anything more? [Sees the game over screen, a picture of what appears to be a real corpse, accompanied by the text "Chin IS DEAD!!"] No... oh, please! I hope that's not a real dead body. No, there's no way they'd have such bad taste! That's gotta be an actor. Or... we're looking at some guy who died on that date and time in 1992. Oh, this game couldn't get the Nintendo endorsement? I'm so shocked that this game didn't come out on the Super Nintendo!

AVGN: The strange thing is that Deng Xiaoping actually died in 1997. The game...predicted the future. In fact, 1997 was the year the United Kingdom returned the rule of Hong Kong back to China. The movie, from '94, forecast this in the tagline: "99 years of British rule are about to come to an end. Hong Kong will never be the same." The movie stars Robert Patrick, the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and Judgment day takes 1997. Part of Deng Xiaoping's ear is sort of cut off, like when Mike Tyson bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear in 1997. The car, I'm willing to bet, is a Mercedes-Benz, in which Princess Diana died in '97. And what was the year Coca-Cola launched Surge? '97. And it's no coincidence all my surge protectors were made in China. Rebooting the entire game after you die? Just like Symphony of the Night. '97. Jackie Chan, uh, Rumble in the Bronx, uh, the Bronx, New York City, the Big Apple... [gasps] The year Steve Jobs returned to Apple in '97. The unstoppable, unrelenting song is called I love Beijing Tienanmen, also known as I love Peking Tienanmen. Peking Duck is a famous duck dish from Beijing. [gasps] And Scrooge McDuck had his 50th Anniversary in '97! The game was such a titanic failure. [gasps] Titanic, the movie from '97! Why was this game's sole purpose to direct us to the number 97? Huh. Like the NGC-97 galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda, the princess Andromeda who was chained naked to a rock to be sacrificed to a monster. Like Princess Leia and Jabba in Return of the Jedi. [gasps] The Special Edition of Star Wars in '97! Ah, fuck, we're back again. Man, I'm just trying to get a final answer here, but I went full circle. Like the song that keeps looping. A game that keeps repeating. Maybe it's all about a cycle. An endless cycle. Old, shitty games that become new again! The past becomes the future, birth and death, on and on, it's the cycle of life! The game is the meaning of life! And the thing that keeps life going: reproduction...and food...which becomes shit. The game is fuckin' shit. There.

Darkwing Duck[edit]

AVGN: [Searching for a game to review that would supposedly give enough material] I've got it! Mad Max! It was made by Mindscape, proving that not every NES movie-based game was made by LJN. See, LJN was like a cat, and the NES Library was its litter box. When the litter box gets too shitty, the cat shits somewhere else.

AVGN: [Reviewing the aforementioned game] Well, you drive around, and you run around shooting people. You drive, shoot, drive, shoot, buy stuff, drive and shoot. I wish it were LJN because they would have given me more to talk about!

AVGN: [Now getting to the game] I'm familiar with the show, but I'm not overly familiar with it, which is a fair spot to be in. I have no high expectations or low expectations. By now, I've played some of the most horrible games that are humanly possible to make. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, Big Rigs, Hong Kong 97, I think I've set the bar too high, or too low, depending which way you look at it. So now, let's get into some more sensible territory, let's get serious. Or should I say, let's get dangerous.

AVGN: Great. The game just began and they tease you with an item that you can't get. There's gotta be a way. Oh, I see, you bounce on the skateboarding penguin's heads. How could I be so casual when I say, "skateboarding penguins?"

AVGN: It's not like I have to get the D. I don't even know what it does. But it pisses me off; I feel like an ass! I can't let that go! I feel like I've been fooled. It's like a test from the game programmers - a challenge, like "you put that D there, and I'm gonna figure out how you intend I get to it!" ... I give up. There's a whole game ahead of me. Fuck the D. The D can suck my dick.

AVGN: I've been playing on normal mode. I'm changing it to easy. Hah, "easy and normal." Should be called, "hard" and "fucking bullshit!"

AVGN: Don't you think there'd be a reason why the window is broken? Doesn't it look like I could hop down there? How about hanging on the power lines? Darkwing is actually reaching up as if he could grab on, but it never happens. It messes with your mind. It's a psychological suckerfront. A façade. It's the equivalent of an open door that you can't go in.

AVGN: So much shit coming at me! So much shit! [in game, falls through the floor, dying shortly after] What the fuck just happened? It's like, you make one wrong step, you go to the dungeon, bitch!

AVGN: You can't duck and shoot. Great. Well, at least you can duck. You are a duck. I don't know what kind of fucked up duck can't fucking duck.

AVGN: [in game, gets crushed by a safe while attempting to time a jump] FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU - UUUUUUUUUUUU - UUUUUUUU - UUUUU - [the Nerd breaks down with multiple jump cuts and explodes] If you stand still for too long, a safe drops on you! Like the game is saying, fuck you! Might as well be a giant middle finger, and it should be the only part of the game in 3-D. "PUT ON YOUR 3D GLASSES! GET READY! SET! FUCK YOU, KIDS!"

AVGN: This could've been a decent game. Darkwing Duck is not one of those concepts that's doomed from the start. The show had elements of action, crime solving and humor. It's been done well before. There was an NES version which was basically like Mega Man, but with a duck. It was made by Capcom, who of course made the Mega Man games and DuckTales. Those all turned out great. So what happened here? The control isn't just bad, it's uniquely bad. In an indescribable way. Every game with bad control has its own feel, its own identity, making bad games is an artform, it's a delicate recipe. Some are worse than others, it might be a massive truck load of elephant shit, or a pellet of bird poop. To explain exactly how bad it is, I've invented "The Shit Scale." It begins with "Games That are Debatably Bad." Somewhat good games with serious flaws. Not part of the turd crust but well within smell range. Then you get to the "High Level of Shit Contamination." Games that are possible to play, but nobody in their right mind would. Then you get to the "Very High Category" which encompasses the majority of LJN games. This is where you could still survive, but you'd come out traumatized... for life. Next is the "Severe Zone." This is for masochists only. These are games that could kill a person. STAY AWAY. Don't even think about it. Then we have "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." Enough said. Finally, at the EXTREME end of the scale, "Major Code Red," we have games that don't even qualify as games at all. They shouldn't even be on the scale, but they are. And that's so you know to beware. NEVER play them, NEVER talk about them. So where does Darkwing Duck fall on the scale? I'd say somewhere around... here. (Very High Category) Of course that means there are games that are worse, but so far, from what I have seen, Darkwing Duck, is the WORST game on the TurboGrafx-16. Being the worst at something is quite an achievement. I'm The Fuckin' Nerd, I'll see you next time. (The Nerd throws the game)


AVGN: Finally! It's time to play some thing on the Dreamcast, the final console from Sega. The fact that I never before reviewed a Dreamcast game is a testament to the greatness of the console. There just weren't that many shitty games that I'm aware of. It was a good piece of hardware for Sega to go out with, after many ups and downs.

AVGN: So, what brings the occasion? Well, fans have fished out this... gem... for me, 'cause that's what y'all do, is feed me with game requests to keep me going. And they say that this is one of the strangest games ever made... and happens to be called... Semen (Seaman). No. I'm not going there.

AVGN: So what do you do in this game? Well, the instructions say: "You are free to enjoy Seaman-" AUUUGH, NO NO NO NOOOOOOO! (Slaps the instruction booklet against his forehead) It's SEA-MAN. SEA! MAN! Not semen... As in "jizz!" "Splooge!" "MAN BAZOOKA JUICE!" (Puts disc in the Dreamcast and shuts it)

AVGN: The manual says "Go to". The website no longer exists, but I heard it was once a porn site. But I just heard, that's all. A Dreamcast game that sends you to porn... more like "Wet Dreamcast". (Clumsily handles controller due to the wire coming out the bottom rather than the top)

Leonard Nimoy: You'll witness before you a phenomenon like no other. My name is Leonard Nimoy, and I will be your guide.
AVGN: No. No way. Leonard Nimoy? Spock himself is the voice of the Seaman game on Sega Dreamcast?

Leonard Nimoy: You visit often. If one didn't know better, one might assume you're quite obsessed. Or you have nothing better to do.
AVGN: Oh, I have better things to do!

[Cut to the Nerd outside playing with dog poop]

AVGN: [trying to pass the time by playing Explosive Fighter Patton on the Famicom Disk System, and getting shocked upon seeing "FUCKING" on the screen] No. No way! It's an official Famicom disk game that says the F-word! And this was in the 80s; this was before Hong Kong 97! It's an officially released game on a Nintendo console that says "FUCK!" Oh my God, my life is complete! It says "FUCK!" IT SAYS FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- [a whole day passes] -UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- Oh, oh, I forgot about Seaman! [turns Dreamcast back on]
Leonard Nimoy: I regret to inform you, but Seaman has passed away.
AVGN: [groans] So it's game over? I gotta start all over again? Aw! Man, I was too busy saying it said fuck, I gotta... can I go back a day? Hmm. Why not?

AVGN: That's right: people will all become mindless slaves to the Internet! Remember the Sega Channel? Sega was one of the first to offer downloadable gaming - by attaching this device to your Genesis, you were plugged into their network. We're all caught in the spider's web, and the final part in the grand scheme was the evolution of the Dreamcast with Seaman. Sega... Sentient Electronic Global Annihilator. It's Hell-bent on world domination! Why else would the SEGA have tried to overtake such big corporations as Nintendo with their "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" campaign? Why were the systems named after planets? The Saturn, the cancelled Neptune? The SEGA was trying to consume the whole galaxy, eventually the universe! And why does Seaman wanna know so much about your family?
Seaman: [scoffs] My knowledge of you and your family grows ever more complete.
AVGN: The SEGA is trying to consume your identity! To learn all about you so it can become you! THE PODFISH ARE COMING! THEY'RE HERE ALREADY! YOU'RE NEXT! YOU'RE NEXT! I must destroy it! I'm gonna move the clock so far forward, you're gonna be ancient history again! (And he does. Dust accumulates on the futon, buildings fall, cities rise... 2066... 2199... 2481... 3001... the Nerd is reduced to a skeleton surrounded by cobwebs.)
Leonard Nimoy: It is not necessary for you to lavish quite so much attention on Seaman. I hope that Seaman is not disturbing your everyday routine. (Time resets itself to Christmas 1982. Clips of the Nerd's history play under:)
AVGN: As with life itself, change only occurs over time and even then, slowly... feed me with game requests to keep me going... Change is only evident through the accumulation of experience over time...
Seaman: And because I can see you and hear you and, uh, smell you. You exist as part of my consciousness. See ya. [Tank light switches off]

Dedicated to Leonard Nimoy

The Crow[edit]

Angry Video Game Nerd: Look at this ugly, murky mess. I'm sure they were going for a dark, moody atmosphere and all that, but don't you think it's a little too dark? It's almost just a black screen with yellow and red pools of light. Looks like somebody bled and pissed all over the place, after smearing the camera lens with their shit after taking a bunch of Pepto Bismol.

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero[edit]

AVGN: Well, Christmas is almost here again.. already. The cold weather's kicking in, the snowfall, the ice, it's gonna get below freezing, maybe even.. sub-zero, which reminds me. (The Nerd looks through his collection of Nintendo 64 games complete with end labels) Ah, yes, Nintendo 64 end labels, the greatest invention ever. When Nintendo drops the ball, the fans pick it up. Here it is: Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. This is one Mortal Kombat game that I have never played before, but how could that be? It was one of my favorite video game franchises.

AVGN: If only you knew, if only you were the one holding the controller right now, you know what exactly what I mean. (He holds a Nintendo 64 controller to the camera) Yeah, take it. Yeah, I know it. You would if you could. But trust me, don't. If I was jumping off a bridge, would you do it, too? Nah. This is jumping off a bridge. And I'm not happy. Afterwards, you get a cutscene. This is where I should mention that the game was also on PlayStation. It's very similar, but the most noteworthy difference is that on the N64, the cutscenes are still images and text, but with the PlayStation version, since it was a CD-based console, it was able to have full motion video and audio.
Scorpion: I'm Scorpion, you killed me in cold blood.
AVGN: Um... Just stuck to Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

AVGN: Also, it's one of those "Where the fuck do I go?" type of games. Yeah, you know kind of make you say, "Where the fuck do I go?" How about down here

AVGN: I hate this! Where do I jump? Where do I jump...! I can't kick this guy... I can't jump kick... the jump kick does... the, the jump kick never fails like this! (Screams) FUCK! SHIT! FUCK! [Gasps] I didn't know there's a Transformer in the game! It's Blaster! (He groans while he tries to beat Blaster but Sub-Zero dies then he yells) FUCK! (He stands up and picks up the cartridge from the N64) No wonder I haven't played this one before! THIS IS ANAL SAUCE! (He throws the cartridge and freezes it)
Mortal Kombat Announcer: Finish him! (The Nerd destroys the cartridge into blood and guts while he grunts) Fatality!

[after the episode ends]
James D. Rolfe: Hope you enjoyed that episode. I have something to tell you for fans of physical media who want to own the first 100 Nerd episodes in your collection, we now have Angry Video Game Nerd, Volume X out, on a Blu-Ray. So you can see what we did there. We had volumes 1 through 8, now it's X, like Mega Man. Uh, this is the same stuff just so you know, all these episodes were previously released on DVD, so there's nothing new here. The reason you would get this is if, A., you don't already own them, or B., if you wanna watch the first 100 episodes in marathon, which would be about 19 hours. You could do that; it's possible. Um, so, it's 100 episodes on 1 disc, about 19 hours, and in addition to that, there's a second disc that comes with it, that's about 7 hours of bonus material. These are the bonus material, uh, bonus content from the previous DVDs that goes up to 100. It stops at episode 100. They're in standard definition, because they were shot in standard definition, and the reason they're on a Blu-Ray is to be able to fit so many of 'em. Uh, Blu-Ray discs are a lot more expensive to manufacture than DVDs, but I think by cramming so many into 'em, it's a lot more cost effective. So, this would be if you wanna own the episodes on fewer discs. Uh, it's on right now. You can get the link in the description below, and all the details there, um, and, uh, for those who don't own Blu-Ray players, we are planning to get the old DVDs back in stock; there could still be AVGN Volume 9, that's still possible if you want it, and, uh, we are gonna put the newer episodes out. Uh, the ones that were shot in HD will be on Blu-Rays in the future. So, we have a lot of work to do. Uh, the focus lately has been on getting all these videos done, uh, which we just did. You can see there's been a lot of videos on the site recently, and on YouTube. So, I hope you enjoyed all them, uh, what we had this year, and, uh, look out for all-new stuff in 2016, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.

Mega Man Games[edit]

The Nerd: [first lines] It's been 10 years since I first began broadcasting to you through the miracle of YouTube technology. And since then, I've been trying to keep up with the times. I've just finished upgrading my vinyl record collection to cassettes. And I got a new cell phone... [he holds up an old-style Motorola mobile phone] (Check it out.) [Nokia fanfare plays] ...and I finally got one of those new rectangular TVs. I've been reorganizing all my game consoles, new video switchers, working out all the bugs, new shelves, I can now get behind my game consoles to reach all the wires, and of course, the ability to play games in HD clarity. Yeah, hi-def. Yeah. Now let's play some 8-bits.

The Nerd: BLAM! Shootin' shit, running around in your blue underwear! It doesn't get any better than this. It ain't Superman or Ultraman, it's Capcom's Mega Man, a robot hero built by Dr. Light to battle against the Evil Dr. Wily and his never-ending supply of robot villains in the year 2...whatever. The 2D gameplay is as classic as they come with a little bit of Contra, a little Metroid, but still stands in its own right with its stage select system and the ability to steal each of the boss character's weapons. Oh, we can't forget about those disappearing blocks! One of the many rules of gaming: Never trust what's under your feet. Mega Man II is favored by many. It's considered to be one of the supreme examples of these types of side-scrolling action games. It's the one everybody knows. Just like another Capcom game, Street Fighter II, which revolutionized the tournament fighter genre. I guess you can say Capcom made the best number II's.

The Nerd: I remember when Mega Man was a trilogy, but then it became a motherfucking hexology. 6 classic 8-bit games on the NES! With each installment, there were upgrades. 3 added the slide, 4 added the mega buster, and of course, each time they had to come up with more robot villain names; Snake Man, Needle Man, Hard Man, Dust Man, Charge Man, Tomahawk Man, Kimmy Gibbler Turd Salad Man, it wouldn't stop! The series was impressively consistent. There was a point where it seemed like the team behind making these games were not human. They were machines themselves, pounding out each sequel in an assembly line. Sure, by the time 6 came along, it got a little stale, but it was rejuvenated with the Mega Man X series on Super Nintendo, featuring a new Mega Man robot called X. Man, oh, man, if the franchise's foot wasn't already so far up your ass from kicking it, now, you were about to have your balls blown off 'til they orbit Uranus!
The Nerd: X3 had a lot of cutscenes and dialogue boxes. But that's cool. X4 is when they moved to the PlayStation consoles, and now the cutscenes were getting a bit out of hand. But with every new-generation console, they wanna show off the technical capabilities. I get it, that's okay. But the dialogue... [groans] But I can see how they're trying to keep the story and intriguing part of the experience to keep it fresh and interesting. With X5, it starts right up with text. You know, uh... Yeah. After a long introduction, the game starts, or... or... [A box of texts interrupts the Nerd, who tries mashing buttons in order to skip it] Okay, alright. We're off now. And things are starting-- [Another box of text interrupts him] Oh, my God! It's no joke! Every 5 seconds, there's more dialogue! "Can you see a red rope ahead of you?" I don't know! Can I move? CAN I PLAY... THE FUCKING GAME?! I was just starting to have fun, and it goes to SHIT!!! FUCK! Now everything's exploding! I just started playing the game! Have freaking mercy! Every screen, there's a bomb you have to defuse, but they don't give you enough time to reach it! Explosions! Dialogue! EXPLOSIONS AND DIALOGUE, AT THE SAME TIME! [Shouting] OH, MY GOD!!!
[Explosions occur in the Nerd's room with some dialogue saying "This is Hunter Base. Do you read me? Are you all right? Any damage?" interrupting for a brief moment then explosions resume while the Nerd yells]
The Nerd: This is fucking horseshit. I've had enough shitty games! I've dedicated myself to this for too long! I've had it! I quit.
[The Nerd proceeds to put away his controllers, take down his collection and take it to the dump, before unbuttoning his over shirt and heading off in a manner similar to "Mega Man 2." Suddenly, The Nerd travels through time. The aspect ratio shrinks to 4:3 as the Nerd travels back to 2007 where the Independence Day episode was being filmed.]
2007 Nerd: Like, I gotta get away from this game. I gotta get out of this room. I gotta go out somewhere and do something wild: Like get a tattoo on my face of a goat holding up a baby snorting cocaine off its penis. [The 2016 Nerd steps into the 2007 Nerd's room] ...and most important, celebrate your independence, not to play shitty, fucking, games. [The 2007 Nerd tosses the game disc and hits the 2016 Nerd's face.] [Exclaims in shock] My God. Who are you?
2016 Nerd: I'm you.
2007 Nerd: I can see that: How did you get here?
2016 Nerd: I don't know. But... [looks around the 2007 Nerd's room] I remember this. Yeah. I don't know how else to say this, but, I'm from the future. There, I said it.
2007 Nerd: Really? Do I get the goat tattoo?
2016 Nerd: Obviously, not on your face. Look at this old setup. You know with the original NES model, you can't play European games. You gotta get your RF shit modded into composite. Still blowing in your cartridges, you gotta get your-- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. [points at R.O.B.] Why is that there?
2007 Nerd: I don't know, it just sits there.
2016 Nerd: Get rid of it.
2007 Nerd: Why?
2016 Nerd: You'll know by Episode 100.
2007 Nerd: Uh, Episode -- [stutters] What?!
2016 Nerd: Oh, yeah. Trust me. Just quit right now.
2007 Nerd: Why? It's my d... It's our duty to review bad games and warn people from playing this shit.
2016 Nerd: What's this here? There's a Mega Man PC game on DOS? MEGA MAN ON DOS!! This is something that'll make ya wanna quit.
2007 Nerd: Okay, I'll give it a try.

2016 Nerd: For some reason, they decided to make the stages as confusing as possible. Typically in the Mega Man games, the challenge is in your platform jumping, your combat strategy and knowing when to use your special items, but this is all about navigating a maze. If you want a good "Where the fuck do I go?" kind of game, try Mega Man 3 DOS.
[Mega Man dies and 2006 Nerd groans]
2016 Nerd: See? This shit is a waste of life! Don't believe me? Play some of those awful Simpsons games.
2007 Nerd: I think I will. And you know what, Nerd? [2016 Nerd disappears] You should play more of those bad Mega Man games. Nerd?
[the Nerd travels to 2006 during the Nightmare on Elm Street review]
2006 Nerd: Who's gonna wanna play this piece of shit? I'm lucky if I can get one other person. I have a better chance of cloning myself!
[Four Nerds play the game together, yelling things such as "This is fucking shit!", "It's diarrhea shit!", "This game is horrible!", and "What a piece of fucking shit."]
2006 Nerd: Hey, wait. Wait, wait! I'm in a dream, I can do whatever I want, so why don't we all just stop playing this fucking game?
Left Nerd: Yeah!
2006 Nerd: So, the Hell with that shit!
Right Nerd: Yeah! The Hell with that... damn shit.
Middle Nerd: The Hell with that damn... fucking shit.
Left Nerd: THE HELL WITH--
[The other Nerds are surprised by the 2016 Nerd and react to him]
2006 Nerd: [stutters] What?
Middle Nerd: Nobody tells me what's going on here!
Left Nerd: Who is this?!
Middle Nerd: Who invited this asshole?!
The Nerd: Look, I know this sounds weird, but I've sorta been time-traveling around through AVGN history.
2006 Nerd: Yeah. That's weird. We've never seen anything weird before.
Middle Nerd: What's AVGN?
Right Nerd: [with an idiotic smile] Audio Video Graphic Network!
2006 Nerd: [sarcastically] A vagina.
[2016 Nerd just facepalms in annoyance.]
Middle Nerd: So what time did you come from?
2016 Nerd: From ten years into the future.
Middle Nerd: That's nice. Could you have picked a more confusing time to show up?
Left Nerd: [sarcastically] Not confusing at all. Time-traveling back into a dream, that happens all the time! MAKES PERFECT FUCKING SENSE!
Middle Nerd: Relax.
2016 Nerd: All right, now look, I could tell you that Freddy's around the corner and he's waiting to kill all you, [Freddy's shadow gives the middle finger, and walks away] but I'm gonna show you how much worse things could get. [shows the PlayStation Disc] Here is Mega Man Legends, on PlayStation.
Middle Nerd: PlayStation? We're the Angry Nintendo Nerd!
2016 Nerd: THEN CHANGE THE FUCKING NAME! It's about time!
2006 Nerd: How about Angry Nintendo Commentator?
[2016 Nerd facepalms]
Right Nerd: How about Retro Nostalgic Video Gaming Shit Seeker?
Right Nerd: How about Nostalgia Critic?
2016 Nerd: [in disagreement, as if saying, "That's not gonna happen."] Now that's fucking stupid.
Left Nerd: How about "Angry Video Game Nerd"?
[The Nerds agree on the name]
Right Nerd: Yeah, that's good.
Middle Nerd: I agree with that.
The Nerd: Mega Man Legends was when the series made the jump to three dimensions. In the late 90's, it was almost like a law. Every 2D franchise must try 3D. So the game begins, and--
Roll Caskett: Wait a second!
The Nerd: [groans] That explains it all.
Roll Caskett: Watch out! There's something right in front of you!
The Nerd: Don't you think I can see?
Roll Caskett: Hold it! Don't move!
The Nerd: Don't worry. I can't move. Every time I try, it's another text box!
Roll Caskett: Turn right there. Do you see a door?
The Nerd: Oh, what? That thing in front of me?
Roll Caskett: It's not far from your current position.
The Nerd: Not far from my current position? "Use the circle button"? Really? I would've never thought of that. That's not at all what I was just about to do.

The Nerd: The game was later released on the Nintendo 64, calling it, what else? Mega Man 64.

The Nerd: [while collecting zenny in-game] Hey. Link wants his rupees back. [cut to Mega Man opening a treasure chest] Treasures? What is this? Mega-Man Legends of Zelda wannabe? Some people say this game is good, in the same way some people say that anchovies on pizza is good. You could do much worse.

The Nerd: "Go to the shopping area?" [chuckles] Imagine Mega Man walking into Staples. But wait. That's not far off. Here, Mega Man is walking into a clothing store, a bakery, a toy store! [the Nerd tries to contain his laughter] Mega Man shopping! [laughs] He's walking into a CD store. Really? What kind of music would Mega Man buy? Does this place have all popular crap, or any of the obscure good stuff? Like Witchfinder General. Look! He doesn't have a reflection in the mirror! Mega Man's a vampire! He can't even walk right. How is everybody so casual? Try that sometimes. Walk into a department store, turn around in circles and see if anyone looks at you funny.
[Mega Man walks toward a magazine rack]
The Nerd: "There're some dirty magazines on the racks..."?
[The Nerds have shocked looks on their faces, and they start laughing]
The Nerd: "It might be fun to look at them."
[The Nerds all exclaim things such as "WHAT?!" and "OH, MAN!" and "OH, MY GOD!" and having various looks on their faces, ranging from disgusted to laughing.]
Middle Nerd: My life is complete!
Right Nerd: [laughing] Mega Man X. more like Mega Man XXX.
2016 Nerd: Well, anyway, this guy's gotta take a shit, so take out that Nightmare on Elm Street cartridge and empty your ass all over it.
2006 Nerd: [in embarrassment] I wish you would've said that earlier.
[The other Nerds smell, gag and hold their nose after knowing Back Nerd shit his pants.]
Left Nerd: [Groans] You diarrhea fiend!
Right Nerd: It's nasty!
Middle Nerd: [moans] Oh, God!
[2016 Nerd disappears]
Middle Nerd: [moans] Oh, [stutters] your shit's so nasty, it just-- it reminded Future Nerd of the shitty Back to the Future games, and sent him back to the future... or I just overthought it.
Freddy Krueger: Overthink this, bitch! DIE!!
[Freddy goes on to kill the Nerd clones as he did in the past. Meanwhile, 2016 Nerd is sent even further back in time to 2004, during his original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde review]
2004 Nerd: You'd rather super glue your asshole shut than play that game. You'd rather drown in gasoline. You'd rather-- You know-- The-the thing is-- [takes a swig of Rolling Rock.] You'd think I'm jokin', like I'm trying to be funny or somethin'. But, no, the fact that that game exists is a horrible abomination of mankind. That game is so fucking horrible, and I am not kidding. I am dead fuckin' serious. [He leans forward and talks to a teddy bear and an extreme close-up of the 2004 Nerd's face is shown.] Dead...fucking...serious.
2016 Nerd: Yes, you are.
2004 Nerd: I must be drinking too much. I ain't seeing this, man.
2016 Nerd: Drinking too much? Yeah. [he holds up an empty Rolling Rock bottle and lowers it.] But you are seeing this. I'm you, from the future.
2004 Nerd: Right.
2016 Nerd: And I need your help.
2004 Nerd: Does this have anything to do with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
2016 Nerd: No, but it concerns shitty games.
2004 Nerd: Good. Anything but Jekyll and Hyde. So tell me, how far into the future do you come from? A month? A year?
2016 Nerd: About 12 years, almost.
2004 Nerd: What, are you fucking kidding me? And you're still playing shitty ga-- You didn't play Jekyll and Hyde again, did you?
2016 Nerd: [shakes his head] No, never. Mm-mm. [He notices Mega Man X7 and picks it up] What's this? Mega Man X7 for PlayStation 2?
2004 Nerd: Yeah, that just came out...last fall.
2016 Nerd: [shocked] Oh, man. I'm retro.
The Nerd: Mega Man X7. The first thing to note is that you don't even play as Mega Man X, at least not until much later in the game. Instead, you switch between Zero, and a new character named Axl. Now, think about that name, and go back to Mega Man X5. I noticed Izzy, Duff, Adler, and Slash! Beyond any coincidence, they've been naming the characters after members of Guns N' Roses! That is awesome!

Axl: Phew! Somebody please tell me I'm through with the worst of it.
2004 Nerd: I've seen the worst. I just got done playing Jekyll and Hyde.

[after 2004 Nerd turns off the TV.]
2016 Nerd: So, there ya go: Proof that it sucked...back then.
2004 Nerd: Yeah, and I know by your time, they're probably up to Mega Man X20.
2016 Nerd: No, Mega Man kinda stopped. [Picks up a Rolling Rock and peeks inside before he turns the bottle upside down] The franchise has been dormant lately.
2004 Nerd: Well, that's good. You never rush out anything just to meet consumer demand, otherwise, you end up putting out shit. Some franchises get done to death. You can't keep beating the same thing into the ground.
2016 Nerd: Yeah. But, I do miss the Mega Man series. People want it. Hmm. If you had a series, what would you do?
2004 Nerd: I couldn't imagine. I wish I had something like that. [The Angry Video Game Nerd Theme plays in the background] If people wanted it, that'd be a great thing. You can't do the same thing all the time or else it gets old, but every now and then, it's good to bring it back.
2016 Nerd: [smiles] Thanks.
[The 2004 Nerd watches as the 2016 Nerd leaves and picks up a shoe box full of NES games. He almost picks up "The Karate Kid" cartridge and begins to rub his chin in contemplation and does his trademark frown. The 2016 Nerd arrives back to his own timeline and finds, to his shock, that Bugs Bunny (portrayed by Mike Matei), dressed in the Nerd's clothing, is hosting his series and playing "The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout" while sitting on the futon.]
Bugs Bunny: This game fucking sucks. Nyah, what a shitload of fuck. What were they thinking?
The Nerd: Hey. What's going on here?
Bugs Bunny: Nyah. I got you covered, Nerd. You quit. You said, "So long, screwy. See you in St. Louis." It's all good. You never have to play a bad game ever again. You're off the hook.
[The Nerd nods and walks away, seeming to think about something. He walks back over to Bugs Bunny and pats him on the shoulder.]
The Nerd: [falsely happy] Hey. You know what? Thanks. Thanks. I appreciate it. [The Nerd punches Bugs in the stomach and begins to fight him while he does various things such as strangling him with an N64 controller and throwing his head through the ceiling. Bugs then slaps the Nerd, surprising him.]
Bugs Bunny: Nyaah, now cut that out!
The Nerd: [mocking Bugs] Nyaah, FUCK YOU! [The Nerd punches Bugs in the face, sending him flying back into a shelf of games which fall. He punches him two more times, sending him through the wall. The Nerd then puts back on his Angry Video Game Nerd shirt and sits on the futon.] I'm back. It's yours truly, the fucking Nerd! Here to play some more shitty games. Let's pop this fucker in here-- [The Nerd picks up an SNES cartridge and is shocked to see it is Mega Man Soccer. He puts the game in the SNES, turns it on, plays it and shudders in shock at the game play.] [stutters] WHAT! WERE! THEY! [Screaming] THINKING?!? [He runs, hurls himself out the window and screams.]
Kyle Justin: [singing] ♪ He's the Angry...Video Game...Nerd. ♪


AVGN: How hard would it actually be to throw a newspaper into a mailbox? Only one way to find out. (The Nerd is then shown outside on a bike trying to throw a newspaper into a mailbox, numerous times but fails.) Yep, what I thought. It's more fun to break the windows anyway so fuck it. (The paperboy begins to break windows all over the street.) Extra! Extra! Paperboy goes mad! Here's some assifies! Here you go daily douchebag! 10% off your next purchase of "FUCK YOU"! Cloudy with a chance of ass kicking! Dear Abby, make 'em eat shit! Crosswords, can you spell cunt? Horoscopes, you will achieve greatness, in hell!

AVGN: Then there's a tire that randomly comes rolling out from behind the house. Who's back there rolling tires? Get a life.

AVGN: The Grim Reaper is in town... That's a problem.

Beavis and Butthead[edit]

The Nerd: (belches) Yeah, that's how you critique it, you just say this sucks... yeah... uh... you know when you eat rump roast - are you like, eating a cow's butt? (burps) You know the word "this" is like "shit" spelled backwards? Or uh... maybe it isn't. Maybe I should like, uh... play another game, or something?

The Nerd: FUCK! (He drinks 4 Rolling Rocks at once while he yells, and then he becomes "The Great Cornholio" like Beavis did in the show.) I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO! I NEED T.P. FOR MY BUNG-HOLE!

The Bernstain Bears[edit]

Sega Activator and Aura Interactor[edit]

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers[edit]

[Morphin' Time sequence from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers]
The Nerd: Angry Nintendo Nerd! Atari Nerd! Sega Nerd! PlayStation Nerd! Tiger Electronic Wristwatch Game Nerd! Form Angry Video Game Nerd!
Julian Spillane: [singing to the tune of the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" theme song] ♪ Go go Angry Game Nerd ♪
♪ Go go Angry Game Nerd ♪
♪ Go go Angry Game Nerd ♪
♪ You very Angry Video Game Nerd ♪
♪ Go go Angry Game Nerd ♪
♪ Go go Angry Game Nerd ♪
♪ Go go Angry Game Nerd ♪
♪ You very Angry Video Game Nerd ♪
The Nerd: What do you get when you take Godzilla, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Voltron, Saved By the Bell, and put 'em all together? You get Power Rangers. It was like an extended toy commercial, with action figures being staged in epic shots. It was martial arts: It was comedy: It was giant Japanese rubber suit monsters: It was mechanical dinosaurs: It was robots coming together to make bigger robots. A turtle with a traffic light on its head! Monsters that would make wisecracks and rap. And right around all these Japanese action scenes was an American teenage sitcom.
The Nerd: Power Rangers uses stock footage from the long-running Japanese show Super Sentai, a tradition which still continues to this very day, with two separate franchises both going on at the same time. Adapting a show that's crazy to begin with, and then making an American-Japanese hodgepodge, taking the insanity of both cultures and putting them together may seem like overkill, but no, it went over big. In fact, in its prime, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was so popular it was like the successor to Ninja Turtles, and of course that meant video games: Video games up the ass. It's so far up the ass it would be impossible for me to play every one of them, so here's just a sampling of some of the Power Rangers games, and I'm counting on at least one of them to get my blood boiling. Let's start at the beginning. I have a couple of Super Sentai games on the Famicom, keeping in mind this is the show that spawned Power Rangers. The first game, released in 1991, [places "Super Sentai: Jetman" into the Famicom.] is Super Sentai: Jetman. This is based on the 15th season of Super Sentai, basically before Power Rangers came into existence. You pick your character, and then have to beat 5 stages in any order you like.
The Nerd: It's a simple mediocre sidescroller. The controls are smooth enough, and there's nothing too dumb here, except the pause button is Select instead of Start, which I'm used to. Start is the special move. Every time I try to pause the game I end up wasting the special move.
The Nerd: Two of the characters use a sword, two of them use a gun, and the other does something different. It's like they tried giving all the characters unique attacks but got only halfway before they ran out of time. And why wouldn't you pick the character with the long-range attack anyway? When one of them dies, you lose that character, sorta like Ninja Turtles on NES, but the levels are so short and easy. You're more likely to die on the boss, and in that case you start the stage over anyway.
The Nerd: The boss battles are the most awkward, frustrating parts to the game. It's like two toasters boxing. You just mash buttons, then block, then mash more buttons, hoping to land some hits. It does look cool, I'll give it that, but what's up with the jump-punch? I am not a fan of jump-punching. How do you expect to hit something like that? And why does one of the legs shrink, like matching a frog's leg with an elephant's leg? Huh. Every now and then you can charge up for a special move and that's where it's at. [Shoots the boss.] Yeah. [Imitates explosion twice.]
The Nerd: [Places "Super Sentai: Zyuranger" into the Famicom.] The next game, released in '92, was based on Zyuranger, which was Super Sentai's 16th season, and the one which became the basis for the first season of Power Rangers. And listen here; It has the Zyuranger theme song. [singing "Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger" theme song in fluent Japanese] ♪ Jūrenjā! Jūrenjā! Densetsu no senshi-tachi yo! Jūrenjā! ♪ [Translation: "Zyuranger! Zyuranger! The legendary warriors! Zyuranger!"]
The Nerd: This game is more linear. You go through the stages in a set order. Each stage, you're a different Ranger. Once again, it's pretty self-explanatory. You just run to the right and fight off enemies with a gun. Halfway through you get a new weapon, but what kind of attack is that? You're just blindly swinging a knife around, like Michael Myers at the end of Halloween II. The 1981 version of Halloween II. What the Hell? I have to say, I barely got through the first stage, with this platform jumping, spikes, and lousy short-range weapon, I almost gave up. Now, I'm at the boss, and I almost got it.
[Defeats the boss and the scene with the Rangers' weapons combined appears.]
The Nerd: All right! Yeah, sometimes it takes a while to succeed, but if you keep tryin'--
[scene changes to a Pong-like mini-game featuring Megazord and Dragonzord. Megazord loses and "Game Over" appears. The Nerd is stunned.]
The Nerd: What just happened? No. No, tha-that wasn't real. So I beat the first stage, again, and sure enough, it drastically switches, as if you're playing a different game, a game called "Megazord and Dragonzord Play Ping-Pong"! It's Megazord and Dragonzord playing ping-pong! Oh, my God. Imagine if the new Godzilla vs. King Kong movie comes out, if it's just them playing ping-pong. [Scene changes to them doing just that.] Yeah! King Kong plays ping pong, [Forrest Gump, played by Tom Hanks, appears.] and then fuckin' Forrest Gump shows up! Would you be disappointed, or would it be the most historically amazing thing you've ever witnessed?
The Nerd: As you progress through the game you take control of different Ranger characters and surprisingly, it gets much easier, probably because the other weapons are so much better. I can't think of any other game where all the difficulty is in the first stage and then it goes downhill. [sees the Blue Ranger] Is that the Blue Ranger or Mega Man?
The Nerd: In between each stage there's these weird mini-games like ping-pong as I mentioned. Also there's a bomb toss game which is basically Hot Potato except its Hot Bomb blows up in your face.
The Nerd: Then there's a trivia game. Unfortunately, I can't read Japanese, so I'll just pretend I got it right. But anyway the password system is perhaps one of the strangest I've ever seen. It's three images of a ranger, each with three selectable poses. So it's not really a password, it's more like a pass-pose. And if you try different combinations, you have a good chance of guessing.
The Nerd: Unlike the show, there was no American adaptation of this game for the NES. There was an unofficial cartridge that changed the title to Power Rangers, but the only difference is the label and the title screen, which glitches like crazy. [Title screen glitches.] But could you imagine, if there was a Power Rangers NES game that took stages from a Japanese game and added American stages just like they did with the show? To simulate this experience, just play something else like Family Feud, and then switch it to Super Sentai: Zyuranger. Yeah, it's pretty amazing how much mileage you can get from stock footage. You know what? To get through this video, I might as well use stock clips from past Nerd episodes.
[dies in-game, cuts to footage from the Top Gun episode]
The Nerd: AAAAASS!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!! [dies in-game again and a sound clip also from the Top Gun episode plays] DIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!
[cuts to a stock clip of The Nerd from the Dick Tracy episode guzzling down Rolling Rock, and doing a Mortal Kombat scream into a pillow]
The Nerd: The Famicom games are mediocre but not terrible. So let's step into 16-bit territory. [Places Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into the SNES, and turns it on.] Next up, Power Rangers on Super Nintendo. [16-Bit rendition of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song plays] Well hot damn, it has the theme song and it sounds pretty good. It even has vocals!
16-Bit Voice on game: [singing] ♪ Go, go, Power Rangers! ♪
The Nerd: You can select anybody from the initial Ranger lineup. Each one of them has their own fighting style, their own special moves, which actually makes it fun to try out all the different characters. It's just an average beat-'em-up game. All you do is run around and punch people, and it can get monotonous. But for the time period, it's good! Like Robin Hood. You start out in your regular clothes, then you power up in your Ranger suit. The only thing they slacked on was the Rangers all have the same exact body type, which is surreal to see Trini for example, turn from thin to muscular. Each Ranger has their unique weapon and a grand sweeping power move that wipes out everybody on screen. [Blue and Yellow Ranger power moves.] Yeah! But the game fights you back on it eventually with a giant laser that comes out of nowhere.
[Laser sound effect knocks out the Red Ranger and some Putties.]
The Nerd: Ugh. It's just like a giant middle finger saying, "Fuck youuuuu!" I hate this thing. [Laser knocks out Putties.] Oh, wait. It kills enemies too? Now I like it. And you power up your health with chicken legs. Save some for Simon Belmont.
The Nerd: It ends with a Megazord battle which is clunky and only a slight improvement over the battles in the Famicom game, but it looks great. For the time, this was very satisfactory. It was just like playing an episode of the show. Nothing much to get angry about here.
The Nerd: There's [Places "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" into the SNES.] another one on Super Nintendo, Power Rangers: The Movie, the game, featuring Ivan Ooze. Remember that, because otherwise it has nothing to do with the movie. It's another beat-em-up, but there's this weird jumping thing you do to alternate between the background and foreground plane, like you have two separate two-dimensional planes that you walk on. Could they just take a hint from all the other beat-em-up games? But the big problem with this? It's way too hard. I had no problem finishing the other game, so why here can't I get through the first stage?
The Nerd: Let's check out Power Rangers on Sega Genesis. [Places Power Rangers into the Genesis.] Okay, so it's a Street Fighter style game, a shitty one that only uses two of the buttons. Yoga Fire! The problem here, once again, is the difficulty. The game just punishes you over and over again. It forces you into using cheap moves. Yeah, I'll just keep spinning around. How do you like that?
The Nerd: There's not much to say here. Back in the day, if you had nothing better to do, this wouldn't be so bad. Now, it's just like finding an old dried turd on a playground. Just forget about it. It no longer smells, it's not hurting anybody, it doesn't need to be tended to. Just walk away.
The Nerd: Then there's the Sega CD game. [Places Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into the Sega CD add-on.] Well, if you felt like watching the show in shit quality with a bunch of button commands on-screen, then this is the game for you. It's trying to be like the Dragon's Lair arcade or one of those types of games, but in Dragon's Lair, if you fail to press the button at the right time, you see a different outcome. A different video is loaded to show the character dying or whatever. Here, no matter what you do, the episode continues to play normally.
The Nerd: You think if you missed a button, the Power Rangers would get hit or something. They actually do get hit sometimes, but that happens either way. Whether or not it syncs up with what you're doing, is pure coincidence. All they did was take the show, and put a little button game on top of it. This is the cheapest way possible to turn a show into a game. That would be like watching an episode of Green Acres with button commands. [Scene from Green Acres with "A" and "right arrow" buttons and a power bar] What sense does that make? Wanna play Power Rangers on Sega CD? Just watch the show while playing Simon Says. At least it's not Simon's Quest.
The Nerd: All right, let's crank up that diarrhea dial. [Places "Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue" into the Nintendo 64.] Here's Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue on Nintendo 64.
Female voice: 3-2-1. Go!
[Character lifts up a leg and shoots a projectile from between the legs, and the Nerd stifles laughter.]
The Nerd: Okay, first of all, I'm not trying to be vulgar...but what does that look like? You shoot laser projectiles out your vagina! Yeah, I had to double-check that it was the Yellow Ranger because it looks more like the Mustard Shit-Stained Ranger.
The Nerd: The objective is to clean up green slime. Nice. That's appealing. I thought that Superman had it bad having to go around flying through rings all day. The Power Rangers have to clean up nasty mucus. At least there's enemies to fight, but even that is boring. All you do is run and shoot. Most of the buttons do nothing. There's no jump, no crouch, no side-step, nothing like that. This is a game that was designed to be played on an Atari controller. You can even run through enemies. Yeah! Mow 'em down!
[enemy in-game grunts]
The Nerd: Oh, look. They're coming out of the walls. It's like the Twilight Zone. And when you run behind the buildings, they vanish from reality, but not completely. They become a shadow of their former existence. Yeah. Ever had that happen? Happens to my house all the time.
The Nerd: It's a very spacious game. There's no hallways or boundaries to guide you around. If you run in any direction, it'll be minutes before something eventually blocks your path. How far do these boundaries go? I just keep running, and running, and running, and running--
[Dr. Seuss characters appear, surprising the Nerd]
The Nerd: And for whatever reason they didn't know how to loop the music, so instead it abruptly stops and starts up again. [Music ends, pauses, and starts up again.] It's a very jarring shift in tone. Not to mention, it's the same music the entire game. Oh, except the title screen, which is repeated for the cut scenes and all that. So only two music tracks total. After that, you get this awkward driving stage where you rescue people.
Voice in game: [exclaims] Over here! All right!
The Nerd: [sarcastically] "Love" hearin' those voices over and over again.
Voice in game: Over here! All right! Over here! All right!
The Nerd: "Over here!" "All right!" "Over here!" "All right!" "Over here!" "All right!" "OVER HERE!!!" [yells] "ALL RIGHT!"
The Nerd: Next there's an awkward Megazord fight where you battle against a semi-invisible monster. It's all in first-person view; except when you manage to get close, it switches to third-person. But it's hard to stay close, so it switches back and forth. [Game switches to first-person] [groans] It's Morphine Time. I need some morphine.
The Nerd: Then you get these flying stages. Again the goal is to rescue people. Not much to say.
[Runs out of time and "MISSION FAILED" appears.]
Audience Voice: Awww!
The Nerd: So overall there's only 4 types of stages, at least from what I've seen, and the problem with this game is that it's too simple. N64 was capable of a lot more. [sighs] It's bad, but in a boring way. I've seen worse. See, my standards are much lower. It's not making obnoxious screeching sounds, you don't die in one hit and have to start the whole thing over, it doesn't glitch so bad you can't play it, you don't have to drive a bus for 8 hours, it's not bright red and you have to hold it up to your eyes, it's actually like a game, just a real boring one. So, I don't know, I'm not really feeling the anger too much with this one. I wasn't going to stoop this low, but let's try out the Game Boy versions. So here's Power Rangers on Game Boy. [Places Power Rangers into Super Game Boy]
The Nerd: Well, it's basically the same thing as the Super Nintendo version, so I'm not really going to pick it apart. And what's the point? Of course it's going to be worse on Game Boy. And don't get me wrong. There's lots of great exclusive games on Game Boy, like Link's Awakening, for example. The keyword here is "exclusive." I need to find something that isn't trying to be like the Super Nintendo version. [The screen changes to the Game Over screen] Something different. [Power Ranger punches "NO" button] But, okay. That's weird. That's the most confusing continue screen I've ever seen.
The Nerd: So, I punched the word "NO" away so tha-that mean I picked "Yes" because "No" got punched away, or does that mean the word I punched is the word I p--? [title screen appears] Yeah, yeah. I picked "No". Fuck.
The Nerd: Okay, [Places "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" into the Super Game Boy.] so let's try out Power Rangers: The Movie, the Game Boy game. All right, this one is different. An exclusive game, but is it exclusively bad? Well, let me ask: If this follows the movie, the Yellow Ranger would be Aisha, not Trini, which means they got the skin color wrong. But it is Game Boy, and the reason I even know it's the Yellow Ranger is because these games were optimized for the Super Game Boy with their own color design and border graphics. Otherwise, take a look at the Rangers. Which one's your favorite? The Dark Green, Dark Green, Dark Green, Dark Green, Dark Green, or Dark Green Ranger? Mine's the Dark Green Ranger.
The Nerd: The gameplay is pretty much the same as most of the other side-scrolling Ranger games. You choose a Ranger, choose a stage, take out enemies, move to the right, get in the Ranger suit, fight a boss, and so on. But the shit-factor skyrockets when you get an assful of bad hit detection, unresponsive jumping, awkward jump-punching, cheap boss battles, and randomly changing rules.
The Nerd: Let me explain here. There's a stage where you get in a mine cart, or stand on top of it. Classic. Imagine this Ranger doing his grocery shopping. [cut to a scene inside a grocery store with the Ranger standing on the shopping cart.] Does he stand on the shopping cart? Let me know if you've seen anybody doing that.
The Nerd: Anyway, when you're standing on the cart, the D-pad controls the cart's movement from left to right. But as soon as another cart shows up, it changes. Now the D-pad makes you [Blue Ranger falls off the cart and dies.] walk off the cart, which results instantly in death. I fell 2 feet from the ground. How do you die? Couldn't it just take a little bit of health away? Why does it have to kill you?
The Nerd: You're supposed to jump to the second cart, which requires precision, timing, and distance. Naturally, you're going to push right while you're jumping, but pushing right will make you walk off the cart and die. Your sudden instincts make you want to control the cart to get to the correct distance, you're so used to controlling the cart, it comes unexpected when all of a sudden you walk off and die. If you're still touching the D-pad when that second cart shows up, you die. If you let the carts touch, you die. Jump too soon, you die. Jump too late, you die, you fucking die, and now you know the type of anger I'm talking about.
The Nerd: Hey. Name one game where the punch and kick alternates back and forth automatically. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie on Game Boy. When you hit the button, it's a punch. Hit it again, it's a kick. Then it's a punch, a kick, a punch, a kick. You try to attack, but you end up doing the wrong move. You'll never know if it's going to be a punch or a kick unless you keep track the whole time.
The Nerd: This problem escalates when you get to the sand. Oh, God, the sand. Let me tell you about this. You have to punch and kick all this sand out of the way, and it's a race against time because there's a machine following close behind you. If it touches you, it's a one-hit death. You have to get rid of that sand as fast as humanly possible. You can't afford any wasted hits, which means you have to master the science behind this punch-kick phenomenon.
The Nerd: The top square can only be taken out with the punch. The middle with a kick or a ducking punch. The bottom, only with a ducking kick. So not only do you have to know when it's going to be a punch or a kick, but you also have to know when to be standing or ducking. The only successful pattern I found is duck-stand-stand, duck-duck-stand. I can't even do it without saying it out loud. Duck-stand-stand, duck-duck-stand. Duck-stand-stand, duck-duck-stand. Fuck-shit-shit, fuck-fuck-shit! Fuck-shit-shit, fuck-fuck-shit! FUCK-SHIT-SHIT, FUCK-FUCK-SHIT! [Ranger dies] [screams angrily] FUUUUCK!!! [takes Mighty "Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" out of the Super Game Boy, to the tune of the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" theme song.] [angrily] Oooh! Now I'm angry. Now that's what I'm talkin' about, you fuckin' game! Is that the way you like it? That's the way you're gonna get it.
[puts "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" for Game Boy on ground]
The Nerd: [poses] Power Glove Power! [Power Glove explodes out of a volcano] Power Pad Power! [Power Pad flies out of a snowy mountainside] LaserScope Power! [The Konami LaserScope rises out of a desert] U-Force Power! [U-Force explodes out of a volcano] Roll 'n Rocker Power! [The Roll 'n Rocker flies out of the treetops]
[The Power Glove, Power Pad, U-Force, and LaserScope fly toward the Nerd and attach. The Superscope flies toward the Nerd, who grabs it out of the air. The Roll 'n Rocker flies toward the Nerd, which he steps on and moves angrily to the game. The Nerd swings the SuperScope at the game, and the scene changes back to the room with a light smash breaking the game.]
The Nerd: fuckin' game. [Trips over the Roll 'n Rocker and falls over.]

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006[edit]

Planet of the Apes[edit]

The Nerd: Well, it's one of those "where the fuck do you go?" kind of games...


Gameboy Accessories[edit]

The Nerd: This one, called the 'Handy Boy' was released by...STD? STD?! WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD NAME THEIR GAME COMPANY STD?!

[The Nerd is in the middle of mentioning various Gameboy accessories]

The Nerd: *sighs* But then, to top it off, the grand finale. I'm not even emotionally ready to tell you about this, so just sit back, here it is. The Pedisedate. This thing was intended for hospitals, to help children relax when they're about to be put under for surgery or a medical procedure. Essentially, it's a pair of headphones that you plug into the Gameboy. You could probably plug it into any portable gaming console, but more importantly, it has a cup that goes over the child's mouth, and releases the sleep gas, or laughing gas, or whatever it is they need. So, it's the only gaming peripheral I know of that gasses you! Imagine being sedated while playing fucking Dr. Mario! What would that be like? Oh, my God! I was gonna make up a bunch of fake shit at the end, like the Gameboy Dog Turd Collector. But nothing I can make up can top this! And this thing was rea-I mean, it didn't get released, but it was invented and patented. The Gameboy must have been the most multi-purposed thing in existence! Astronauts actually took it into space! It could withstand bomb blasts, you could take photos, print, sew, find fish, get sedated! I wanna be sedated with a Gameboy!! I WANNA BE SEDATED WITH A GAAAMEBOOOY!!! BAM BAM BAMBAM BAMBAM BAM B-B- I WANNA BE SEDATED WITH A GAAAAAMEBOOOOOY!!!!!

Treasure Master[edit]

Wrestling Games[edit]

The Nerd: Wow. And how about the most annoying character select screen possible? I don't know who the fuck most of these guys are, and they have no names! Who are these people?? They just shout random slogans at me and move at about two frames per second. Whatever, I'll pick Ric Flair. And of course it controls like ass. The punches take almost a full-second delay! And seriously, why does everyone walk around like there's shit caked up their ass??? Fuck this piece of shit! I'm done! (Takes the game out of the Super Nintendo]
The Nerd: Let me tell you something, brother! This game is the worst there is, the worst there was, and the worst there ever will be! Woo! It's a limousine-fucking, jet plane-sucking, diarrhea-drinking, asshole-stinking Hell-on-Earth in a cartridge, and I'm gonna open up a whole can of whoop-ass on it! And that's the bottom line because the fucking Nerd said so!

The Nerd: Seriously, why couldn't they give all the WWF games to Capcom instead of giving six of them to one of the worst video game companies in existence? Oh, and did I mention the toyline? LJN made the toys, too, and those fucking sucked also! Ugh! What were they thinking? Man, if LJN stood for Laughing Joking Numbnuts, then WWF must have stood for... Wisecracking Wiener Fuckfarts! [gets knocked down by SNES cartridge with a steel chair and the audience boos while the cartridge celebrates as if saying "Fuck off!"]


The Nerd: On the Internet, anybody can say anything without any basis of fact. The Internet is made up of 90% prime-cut, free-range, Grade-B bullshit. In fact, when a bull takes a shit, it decomposes into digital matter which evaporates into cyber airwaves and becomes internet. Now you know.

[after the Nerd tries to escape]

The Nerd: The only way it'll let me go is if I show the game! [crying] I had to... I had no choice. I can't stand this anymore. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry just... [sobs] Just don't look. Don't look, turn the video off right now! Once you see it, it's in you forever.

[The camera pans to floor as the Nerd walks toward the Polybius console and looks up at the screen, which shows a 3-D-looking square tunnel and then a Tempest-like screen with other shapes. Then the screen flashes shapes randomly before the YouTube Video Unavailable screen appears. The face quickly changes into the Nerd's face before the screen becomes static.]

Todd Tuckey: What's going on? Hello? Well, the camera's here. [picks up camera] Well, there's the game. [static] Aah! [static] Aaaaaaaah!

Robocop NES Games[edit]

Sonic 2006 Part 2[edit]

The Nerd: Seriously, the last thing I want to do after beating Sonic '06 is play more fuckin' Sonic '06! I'd rather rip every individual pube out of my scrotum with salad tongs than play this anymore.

Charlie’s Angels (GameCube)[edit]

[The Nerd is shocked]

The Nerd: It's finally happened. For years I've been calling games ass. But here is a game, THAT'S LITERALLY ASS!

Charlie: I'm really sorry Nerd. I thought you would've loved a game that was ass.
The Nerd: And why would I love that?
Charlie:'re a piece of shit!

Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi (PS1)[edit]

[The Nerd is looking through a 'Star Wars' encyclopedia]

The Nerd: What? JIZZ!? 'A popular style of freeform, wailing music' Jizz! Yeah, there is 'jizz' in this book. [He then flips to another page] Jizz-wailer!? 'A musician who plays a fast, contemporary, and upbeat style of music.' Jizz-wailer! It's in Star Wars!

Lightspan Adventures (PS1)[edit]

The Nerd: Let's learn some motherfucking math! On the move!

Season Nine[edit]


(on the game's oversized box)
The Nerd: Your MOM has an oversized box!

(Following the montage of interruptions by the Photo Guy)

Mr. Rigs: That's right, Nerd! Don't take shit from nobody! Only give shits and while you're at it, get some clothes that fit.
The Nerd's Shit: Yes, it's a little on the baggy side.
The Nerd: Hey! I don't need any advice from you or the shit talking shit.

Dirty Harry[edit]


Secret Scout (Lost Episode)[edit]

Angry Video Game Nerd: Secret Scout is another one of those shitty fuck stories from color dreams. You want to see what I'm talking about? Well let's take a look.
Angry Video Game Nerd: Augh! Oh my God... Look at the background. LOOK. AT. THE BACKGROUND. That is fucking despicable! There's two colors: puke green and diarrhea-ish brown. Look at this! This is the ugliest graphics I've seen in awhile.
Angry Video Game Nerd: And the control, oh yeah, you got to have bad control too. It plays like shit. The hit detection is awful, you have to be right next to the guy to him, and everybody takes like a million hits before they die.
Angry Video Game Nerd: And what's all that shit at the top of the screen? BDX? What? I don't even know what I'm looking at...
Angry Video Game Nerd: Oh I just got some scroll or something. Wait, what is that? It looks just... You know what? It does. It looks like a fucking turd. That's what it is. It looks like a turd.
Angry Video Game Nerd: You want to know how to use the item? By holding SELECT and using the D-pad! Then you have to press UP, which brings you to a map screen and then you hit the button to leave it. That is one shitty way to select the turd.
Angry Video Game Nerd: Oh God, this is slippery. This control is so fucked. Augh, Jesus! No no! Get up there! Get up there! Oh-OH! Fuck!
Angry Video Game Nerd: Get away from me! Get away from me! Mmm! Fucking piece of dogshit, oh there's a heart! And the hearts beating-that's hilarious. Oh my...God..
Angry Video Game Nerd: Fuck nuts... Oh hahaha... Oh no... The asshole factor is high here! They're all assholes and they bully up on you! Look at this! Look how many guys are com-oh shit!
Angry Video Game Nerd: Have mercy, I'm trying to jump on these slippery platforms. How am I supposed to fight this guy when there's a Flying Nun coming after me? Augh! Look they're still coming after me! Look at how many there are!
Angry Video Game Nerd: Back against the wall method! Back against the wall! You're not going to knock me back! You're not going to knock me-AUGGGH!
Angry Video Game Nerd: Die you sons of bitches! Grrr! I killed it! Oh and I killed myself too...
Angry Video Game Nerd: You know I thought this would be a simple platformer, you just run to the right and keep on going but no. It's also one of those "where the fuck do I go" kind of games.
Angry Video Game Nerd: I'm stuck in a room here. What do I do? Guess I'll try throwing the dynamite at the door. Oh... Look! It got me up onto the platform! I could only reach that with the dynamite... Wow, that's really easy to figure out...
Angry Video Game Nerd: All the enemies in this game look like rejects from "Sunday FunDay". Oh and this right here, is the unholiest of all enemies. It's like a floating vagina or something that traps you. You can't move. It holds you and just lets everybody else beat you and fuck you to shreds!
Angry Video Game Nerd: Get away from me damn thing! Get away from me! Get away from me, your not going to trap me! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no theres balls flying around! Balls and vaginas yeah...
Angry Video Game Nerd: Jesus this is just really classy. Oh no! No... hahaha. Oh god.
Angry Video Game Nerd: Oh my god. Bombs? Really? Come on you think there's enough things flying around the screen?
Angry Video Game Nerd: Look a skeleton. I like the animation when he flies back like that. Ah! AH! what is he a naked Skeletor? Well I guess all skeletons could be a naked Skeletor.
Angry Video Game Nerd: Ah look, that sums up everything perfectly. A green face puking! Huurgh!
Angry Video Game Nerd: Look at this walking on lasers! I'm walking on lasers damn it!
Angry Video Game Nerd: Oh, now here comes a big guy in underwear. And a visor like he just came off the golf course or something. Nice shorts fuckwad!
Angry Video Game Nerd: Hmm I don't know where to go... I guess down that ladder right? Looks like you could go down there. I'd THINK you could go down a ladder...Nope! Dead.
Angry Video Game Nerd: Damn! And you know what? I'm really not kidding when I say everything in the game looks like a turd. It really does. It's like you're walking through shit and that's exactly what you're playing. Secret scout: it's no secret this game is made of shit.

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