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Aqua Teen won't ever be cancelled!
Aqua Teen won't be dismantled!
Aqua Teen, we're gonna be together!
Aqua Teen, we're gonna be forever!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, (also known by various alternative titles), (2000–15) is an animated television series from the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block. The show follows the exploits of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, the milkshake; Frylock, the carton of French fries; and Meatwad, the aptly named wad of meat.

Brain Fairy[edit]

Meatwad: Frylock be sleeping late today.
Shake: Yeah, when is he gonna get up and make us breakfast? It's passed noon.
Meatwad: You don't think he's dead, do you?
Shake: Well, there's only one way to find out. (Airhorn blows) WAKE YOUR SORRY ASS UP!
Frylock: Ear hurty!
Shake: Yeah, that's right. And stomach growly, so get crackin'!

Frylock: (trying to cook breakfast) Ow, hot, hot, hot! Ow, hot, hot, hot!
Shake: Yes, you have reached a suitable temperature. Now cook the crepes!

Frylock: What the hell? You were just gonna let me drown, weren't you? Weren't you?
Shake: No. I mean, yeah, Chum. (Shake laughs)
Carl: What the hell? You were just gonna let me walk home from Crotch Town, weren't you?
'Meatwad: Hey, Carl, guess what? I got my driver's license!
Carl: Good for you. Where is my car?!
Meatwad: Oh, yeah. Some big black guy drove it and dumped it in the ocean. That's how they do.

The Hairy Bus[edit]

Hairy Bus: So you guys trying to "Murder" me?
Carl: Ah, you ain't alive. You're a bus.
Hairy Bus: I live just as "You", sir.

Frylock: Carl, why do you have a hacksaw?
Carl: We're Going to see "Texas Hacksaw Massacre". Don't Worry, it teaches kids lessons, like, you know, avoid Texas at all costs.

Carl: No, no, no, no, no! We ain't got room for you!
Master Shake: You have a hatch back here, right?
Carl: I've got a woofer in there. And when I crank it, it'll make you go doo doo all over my car, so...
Master Shake: Well then, where am I gonna sit?
Carl: Oh I don't know, you can sit, uh, on "This"... AND ROTATE!
Meatwad: Good one, Carl.
Master Shake: I hope the theater burns down, with you two in it, while you're holding hands! Great, now I gotta be here with you! Frickin' ladies' night!

Frylock: Okay, he said just look for a bus, like him, but shaved.
Carl: Or we could just play some slots and get a cheap hooker for a couple hours. I still have 20 dollars. You gotta be a real bargain hunter to find someone who'd do both of us.
Frylock: Carl, I can't just let it die. I signed the online Hippocratic oath.
Carl: Why do you gotta get a moral?

Frylock: Hey, how was the movie, Meatwad? And why are you covered in blood and chassis grease?
Meatwad: It was good, nothing.
Carl: Hey, how's that surgery class going? Are you like, uh, licensed yet? You know, how to do it now?
Frylock: Carl, what the hell, man?!

Carl: (about the Hairy Bus) Oh, man! Look! That's the Hairy Bus! The ultimate party vehicle. Ratt rented that when they toured Jersey for their "Round and Round and Round Yet Again" tour! It's got a DJ booth, a dance flor, a kegerator, a stripper pole, a hot tub, a two-story waterfall, and massage parlor.

Hairy Bus: Wha-What did you have frickin' Christmas while you were down there? It's about goddamn time.
Master Shake: Frylock! Could you see if I can get my $550 back?
Hairy Bus: Nah, should've put it on the card.
Master Shake: When I get out of here, I'm gonna sue this bus for not being fun, and then, I'm gonna bitch-slap all of you for not letting me go to the movies with you! And anyone left standing when I get out is gonna be hurtin'!
Frylock: Ride the bus to bus hell, you bus!
Hairy Bus: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, wrong hole!
Master Shake: Man, you gotta suck!

Sweet C[edit]

Carl: So you shrink me down, and then when I watch TV it's like a big screen at, like, At the Metalheads or something, right? Yeah!
Frylock: That's right man, let's do it!
Carl: Uh, wait. Hold on, now.
Frylock: Oops, sorry. Did you say something?
Carl: I mean, you know, I wanted to think about it for a second. I mean...
Frylock: Oh, shoot. You know what, I...I kinda already did it.
Carl: But, I've got an idea here. You make me normal sized again, and then you make my TV "Huge"!
Frylock: Come on, Carl. That's not realistic. I Mean, Where would you put it?
Carl: What do you mean? You can put in the backyard, right next to the pool. Let's do that, this don't work for me. This remote's hard to do now.
Frylock: No, man, this works good. See, you just gotta jump up and down the buttons a couple of times, you'll get it.

Carl: There's only one queen I listen to, and they are the champions, my friend. Not her.

Carl: Now you listen to me, and I'mma tell you where to tell her where to go. You gotta give her the business. The Bees-ness!

Carl: Bees, unite on my brain. Give me a mighty bumble mullet. Because I cannot afford plugs, even on their financing plan.
Frylock: Stop right there!
Carl: Buzz off, Fryman, and leave us "bee"!

Rabbit, Not Rabbot[edit]

Dr. Zord: Randy!
Randy: Alright, I'm coming.
Dr. Zord: We have a non-believer in our midst.
Randy: A non-believer, huh? Well, what do you say we just pee in the fountain?
Dr. Zord: That's what we're doing, Randy! That's what we're doing!
Shake: I'm not a rabbit.
Meatwad: You are a rabbit.
Shake: No, I'm not.
Meatwad: Yes, you are.
Shake: I'm not a Sucking rabbit!
Carl: It's been six months. Anyone who wants a tarantula for Christmas, I don't wanna be with
Meatwad: I don't know why y'all complaining. These pellets are delicious.

The Greatest Story Ever Told[edit]

Meatwad: What we gonna do today?
Master Shake: Not “today”, Meatwad. It’s the first day of eternity, because I just found out... that I’m Done immortal!
Meatwad: Well, congratu-damn-lations!
Master Shake: Thank you.
Meatwad: That’s a big deal.
Master Shake: Yea-heah!
Meatwad: Question: am I immortal?
Master Shake: I hope not, but you could be! You know, he loves the poor and the gross and slimy and worthless and... look at you! You’re all those things!
Meatwad: Who you talking about? Who love me?
Master Shake: [taps chest] The guy in here, man. And the guy in here. The Bible.
Meatwad: ...this says “The Bibble.”
Meatwad: No! I would never-
Master Shake: [kneels] You’d better kneel down and pray to Jimmy with me RIGHT FREAKING NOW!

Meatwad: Why can’t Frylock be immortal?
Master Shake: He’ll never enter the kingdom with us.
Meatwad: What kingdom?
Master Shake: Kingdom...of...Kong! It’s in the book.
Frylock: The Bibble, Jimmy and Kingdom Kong.
Master Shake: It’s up in the clouds with Lando, and didn’t I tell you to suck it?! And I don’t hear any gluck, gluck, gluck, gluck!
Frylock: You know this book is self-published?
Master Shake: Yes, like many ancient texts.
Frylock: On the back of a bunch of pharmacy labels?
Master Shake: Do not blaspheme the book of Clozapine! Come on, Meatwad. Follow me down the righteous path. Begone, ye Fryman!
Frylock: I live here. You’re the one who’s leaving.
Master Shake: And leaving we are!

Frylock: Least they're still trying to electrocute Carl. How many days he's gonna do this?
[Carl in the electric chair, gets shocked]
Carl: That felt good!
[Carl gets electrocuted again]
Carl: How b-b-bout you crank it up b-b-bitch?!

[last lines of the series; Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad have been watching the final episode the whole time on TV, and are utterly disappointed]
Master Shake: Come on, really?
Carl: So that's it. That's how they end this series?
Frylock: Yeah, I guess so.
Meatwad: We still got a few seconds left. Let's do a joke. Let's do like, a joke or something.

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