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Star Trek Timelines is a strategy role playing Star Trek game in which the player encounters and collects characters from through out the Star Trek televisions series, selected comics, and non-reboot films and uses them to complete tasks based on their skill set. Q, acts as a guide in helping the player navigate the various missions and events.


[Start screen dialogue while the game loads. These are each said randomly when you load the game.]
Q: Bonjour, mon capitaine.
Q: [Annoyed] Picard wouldn’t have kept me waiting.
Q: [Exasperated] Ugh… Here take it, I have to go lie down.
Q: I hope you enjoyed Risa or wherever you were.
Q: Did you miss me?
Q: [Annoyed] I’m glad you could make time for us.
Q: Everything is where you left it, mostly.
Q: All we need is a few good men. Oh look, here’s one now.

[Upon choosing your characters and entering the gauntlet.]
Q: No reason we shouldn’t have a little fun during this crisis; this is a marathon and I need you to keep in shape. Dare you come into my arena?

[Incognito Kirk at the close of the Dirty Rotten Holograms event May, 2019.]
James T. Kirk: I’ll pass on life advice from you, Mudd. And Colonial, I agree. It is nice to lose yourself in another time, place, or even another reality. Though it does feel strange to be using someone else’s life for our own entertainment. Maybe someday somebody will do the same with us.

[Jett Reno at the close of the Month of Hell event June, 2019.]
Jet Reno: ...The time we have is so short, not even the blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things. We're better off enjoying what we have than trying to recapture what's gone.

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