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Scoob is an American computer-animated adventure comedy film produced by the Warner Animation Group and based on the Scooby-Doo franchise. It is a reboot of the Scooby-Doo film series. The plot follows as Scooby and the gang face their most challenging mystery ever: a plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus upon the world. As they race to stop this dogpocalypse, the gang discovers that Scooby has an epic destiny greater than anyone imagined. The films stars the voices of Zac Efron, Amanda Seyfried, Gina Rodriguez, Will Forte, and Frank Welker as Scooby.

Scoob! released to video on demand and theaters on May 15, 2020. It was initially set to play in theaters on the same date, but the theatrical release was canceled in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Directed by Tony Cervone. Written by Adam Sztykiel, Jack Donaldson, Derek Elliott and Matt Lieberman
Mystery Loves Company.  (taglines)


Shaggy: Dude, hang on. Do you realize where we are?
Scooby: No.
Shaggy: Look around, man. The clean modern aesthetic. The cool blue color palette. We're in…
Scooby: IKEA!
Shaggy: The Falcon Fury! Did you say "IKEA"?
Scooby: Nope. I said "Falcon Fury". Just like you.
[The doors open and Dee Dee Skyes comes to them]
Dee Dee: Gentlemen, welcome aboard. I'm Dee Dee Skyes, pilot of the Falcon Fury.
Shaggy: Well, we're Scoob—
Dee Dee: Scooby and Shaggy. We know. Follow me.
Scooby: Who sent those robots?
Dee Dee: It's this guy named Dick Dastardly. Shocker! He's a psychotic supervillain. He's trying to [mimics cut-throat] you.
Shaggy: Scoob, somebody thinks we're important enough to [mimics cut-throat].
Scooby: It's nice to be wanted.
Dee Dee: Mm, I hear that.
[They enter the control room as Shaggy and Scooby are amazed at it]
Dee Dee: Yes, I know it's super cool in here, and I would totally let you guys touch random buttons, but they told me we need to move. [The lights turn off] Seriously? We're doing this now?
Shaggy: Ooh, is it him? Is it him?
Dee Dee Yep. He likes to make an entrance.
Keith: [voice] Ladies and gentlemen, since the dawn of time, the falcon has been worshiped as a symbol of freedom and victory. Now, a new kind of falcon rules the sky. And he is one bad mamma jamma.
Shaggy and Scooby: Blue Falcon!
[All I Do is Win by DJ Khaled ft. Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain and Pitbull plays as Blue Falcon makes an awesome entrance.]
Blue Falcon: Welcome to the Falcon Fury. [poses; Shaggy and Scooby shudder excitedly] Hang on, hang on. Turn on the lights. [The lights turn back on] Where are my balloons, Dee Dee? When I say "Falcon Fury", that's supposed to cue the balloons. Keith, what is the deal up there, man?
Keith: [voice] I missed the cue.
Blue Falcon: Duh. You've got one job, pal. Anyway, welcome aboard, I'm Blue Falcon.
Scooby: No, you're not.
Blue Falcon Yes, I am.
Dee Dee: I told you I wasn't going to be the only one who noticed.
Shaggy: No, Blue Falcon's suit has a bigger red "F" on the chest, and it's way less, uh, scaly.
Blue Falcon: They're feathers, all right? And it's called an upgrade. This ain't your daddy's Blue Falcon.
Dynomutt: I think you mean this ain't your daddy's Blue Falcon. Allow me to introduce you to Blue Falcon's large adult son, Brian.
Shaggy and Scooby: Dynomutt!
Blue Falcon: Oh, him you recognize?
Shaggy: Well, sure, man. Dynomutt is the dog wonder. Blue Falcon doesn't go anywhere without him.
Dynomutt: And yet, here I am... without him.
[Scooby pinches Shaggy]
Shaggy: Ow! What was that for?!
Scooby: Making sure this isn't a dream.
Shaggy: You're supposed to pinch yourself.
[They start to pinch each other until Dee Dee clears her throat as they stop]
Dee Dee: Finished?
Scooby: [pinches Shaggy one last time] Yes.
Shaggy: Wait, Brian...
Blue Falcon: Blue Falcon.
Shaggy: If you're Blue Falcon now...
Blue Falcon: I am.
Shaggy: Does that mean...?
Blue Falcon: Yes. Regretfully, my father has moved on to a better place. [kisses the air]
Shaggy: Oh, no!
Blue Falcon: What?! Oh, no, he's not dead, he retired to Palm Beach.
Dynomutt: We still miss him very, very, very, very, very...
Blue Falcon: Oh, no, he's glitching.
Dynomutt: No, I'm not. Let me finish. ...very, very, very much.

Dee Dee: To find the second skull, I'm searching every possible location with high fossil density.
Dynomutt: Brian, quit putting filters on your selfies and get in the game.
Blue Falcon: Woah, woah, what do you think I'm doing? I'm putting my social media feelers out there, Dynobutt.
Shaggy: [offscreen] Found it!
Blue Falcon: The second skull?
Shaggy: No, even better. [carrying a lot of food with Scooby]
Shaggy and Scooby: The Falcon Fridge!
Scooby: FYI, you are officially out of... everything. [they giggle]
Blue Falcon: Yes, I love these guys!
Dynomutt: I'm busting my tail to save the world for him, and he loves the guys who brought treats.
Shaggy: Prepare your taste buds for a Scoob-Shag specialty.
[They both put a lot of ice cream with a jalapeño pepper on top]
Blue Falcon: Woah, woah! You put jalapeño peppers on your ice cream?
Scooby: Heat and sweet.
Shaggy It's our signature dessert.
Dynomutt and Dee Dee: Heat signature!
Dee Dee: That's it! You guys are geniuses!
Scooby: [chuckles] We're geniuses.
Shaggy: Take that, Simon Cowell! [they fist bump]
Dynomutt: The supernatural energy in that skull would give about a specific heat signature.
Dee Dee: All we gotta do is locate that spot. [locates the location of the second Cerberus skull, which reveals to them] Boom! It's in the Gobi Desert.
Blue Falcon: [imitates buzzer] Incorrect. I just found out where the skull is, and it's not in the Gobi Desert. It's in Romania.
Shaggy: Like, how do you know?
Blue Falcon: A hero never reveals his secrets.
Dynomutt: I believe you're thinking of magicians.
Blue Falcon: I'm always thinking of magicians. But as you must know, I just got a DM from one of my fans who gave me the locayshe.
Dynomutt: Brian, those are a lot of words no one your age must be using.
Dee Dee: Sir, this could be a trap set by Dastardly.
Blue Falcon: If it was a trap, then why was Anonymous use his own name?
Dee Dee: Wait, do you think "Anonymous" is the name of a person?
Blue Falcon: Well, based on your tone of voice, I don't anymore.
Dee Dee: Sir, we should really go to the Gobi Desert.
Blue Falcon: I hear you. You make a valid point, but we're gonna do my thing, okay? To the Falcon Nest!
Dynomutt: Brian, last time you listened to someone on the Internet, you thought Tinder was an app that delivers firewood.

[They arrive in the abandoned amusement park, Funland, in Romania as Blue Falcon and Dynomutt step out of the Falcon Fury]
Blue Falcon: Hustle, you two, we haven't got all day!
Scooby: [whimpers] Second thoughts?
Shaggy: Honestly, buddy, I'm on my 4th or 5th thoughts.
[They follow Blue Falcon and Dynomutt and went into the amusement park to investigate and find the second skull of Cerberus]
Shaggy: Oh, man. This amusement park isn't very amusing.
Scooby: [whimpering]
Blue Falcon: According to Anonymous, the second skull should be right here.
[They look up and see Dick Dastardly's Mean Machine arriving]
Blue Falcon: Hey, did Dastardly get the anonymous tip, too? [They glare at him]
Dastardly: [laughing as he comes out of the Mean Machine with the Rottens while holding a flying Rotten] You dim-witted do-gooders, I've already retrieved the second skull from the Gobi Desert!
Dee Dee Gobi Desert. Hmm. Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah, me! [Flies into the amusement park]
Dynomutt: [activating his missiles] Okay, Brian, we've had our differences, but this is the moment where we stand together, and—
Blue Falcon: RUN!!!!
Dynomutt: [sees Scooby, Shaggy and Blue Falcon running away; annoyingly] Classic Brian. [running from the Rottens] Dee Dee, you cover Shaggy and Scooby! I'll run interference.
[As Scooby and Shaggy continue running away, Dee Dee flies and fires some of the Rottens and parts of the Mean Machine as Dastardly lowers down and lands to the ground]
Dastardly: Stop right there, you filthy animal, and your dog, too!
Shaggy: This way!
[They run into an arcade and barricade the door with old video games, but as one Rotten's head pops out of a whack-a-mole game, they grab mallets and start hitting the Rotten's heads every time they show up, and thus winning points and tickets, then one Rotten shows in it's cute form. They are awed by it at first, but Shaggy hits it with his mallet.]
Shaggy: Ha ha! Weak link, my butt.
[Dastardly kicks the door open and aims his laser at them]
Shaggy: Woah, dude! What do you want with us?
Dastardly: [chuckles] I don't care about you. You're not remotely important. It's the dog I need. [fires his laser at Shaggy, which sends him flying]
Scooby: RAGGY!!!!
Dastardly: [charging to try to grab Scooby-Doo] Stay! Sit! Heel! [Scooby escapes] Did nobody train this thing?!
[Shaggy continues flying until he lands on the Ferris wheel where Blue Falcon is hiding]
Blue Falcon: Oh, hey. Look, I know it looks like I'm hiding, but this is actually a superior vantage point.
[Scooby-Doo runs away from the Rottens, but they corner him, and Scooby runs inside a house of mirrors, which Dastardly is inside and appears in many mirrors.]
Dastardly: Scooby-Dooby-Doo! Where are you? [Scooby gasps] Come on now. Don't be scared. I love dogs. I had a dog myself once. He was an ill-tempered brute with a ghastly underbite, who stunk and caused me endless headaches. He's lost now.
Scooby: Is he chipped?
Dastardly: Forget about him. It's all about you. You, my friend, are special. You see, within you lies a key.
Scooby: What... I don't have your key. No pockets.
Dastardly: No, you are the key. Join me, Scooby-Doo, and I will show you how to harness your destiny and become the most important dog in the world.
Scooby: No thanks, Dastardly.
Dastardly: Oh, please. My friends call me... [reveals himself] Dick.
Scooby: R'okay, Rick.
Dastardly: No, I'm not a Rick. I'm a Dick with a D.
Scooby: Rick with a D.
Dastardly: [grumbles] D-D-D-Dick.
Scooby: Ra-ra-ra Rick.
Dastardly: Dick, Dick, DICK! [Hears the sounds of a door closing and realizes that Scooby escaped using the exit door] Drat.
[The Rottens fire at the Ferris wheel]
Shaggy: Brian, do something!
Blue Falcon: Like what?!
Shaggy: Like drop some F-bombs!
Blue Falcon: Hey man, whoa, let's keep it PG!
Shaggy: No! Falcon bombs!
Blue Falcon: You know, my utility belt has so many pouches.
Shaggy: There right there!
Blue Falcon: Oh! [pulls out his falcon bomb] 12 trillion volts, brother. You wanna throw it?
Shaggy: Do I ever! [grabs the falcon bomb and lights it] F-bombs away!
[He throws the falcon bomb, but it hits an edge and lands back in, then they frantically play Hot Potato with the falcon bomb until Shaggy throws it down the controls, which explodes and lights up the Ferris wheel and it's bolt detaches, making the Ferris wheel roll with them still on it screaming]
Dastardly: [searching for Scooby-Doo] Here boy! Where are you?
[Scooby slowly pops out of a bumper car where he's hiding and sighs in relief, thinking he lost him, but he turns, sees Dastardly right in front of him and screams]
Dastardly: You're mine, Scooby-Doo!
[Dynomutt kicks Dastardly]
Dynomutt: Sit! [Dastardly lands behind another bumper car] Good boy. You can start screaming... [activates his boosters]
[They escape on Scooby's bumper car as the Rottens get under Dastardly's bumper car]
Dick Dastardly: Follow that dog!
[They follow Scooby and Dynomutt in hot pursuit as the Ferris wheel continues to roll until it hits a roller coaster, sending Shaggy and Blue Falcon to a roller coaster car, which it rolls on the roller coaster]
Dynomutt: Brian!
Scooby: [gasps] Raggy!
[They follow Shaggy and Blue Falcon on the roller coaster car as Dastardly follows them on the roller coaster]
Shaggy: I hate the loops! [they went over the loop, which sends them falling off the roller coaster car and into Scooby's bumper car]
Dastardly: Give me that dog!
Scooby: Raggy!
Shaggy: Scooby!
Blue Falcon: Everybody say, "Hashtag foxy Falcon!"
Scooby, Shaggy and Dynomutt: Hashtag foxy Falcon!
[They ride off the track, sending them flying, but the tractor beam pulls them up into the Falcon Fury, leaving Dastardly falling with his bumper car]
Dastardly: DRAT!!!!!!!! [lands on the ground, leaving his impact silhouette on it]

Daphne: Who's Muttley?
Dick Dastardly: Muttley was my partner, my criminal co-conspirator, until... until...
[Flashback begins with a portal to the underworld opening]
Dick Dastardly [voice-over]: I opened a portal, a back door to the underworld, and through it, a glowing gold vision. [He and Muttley laugh and celebrate, then he throws Muttley to fetch gold for him] As I was about to enter, Muttley insisted on taking the risk himself.
Muttley: [grumbling] Rasm-Frasm. Ingrate. [He feels a forcefield in the portal]
Dick Dastardly [voice-over]: I pleaded to him, "Muttley, please don't do this." But no, the flatulent fleabag wouldn't listen to reason.
Muttley: [grumbles as he enters the underworld through the portal and takes the treasure] Ta-da!
Dick Dastardly: Good boy, Muttley. Bring it. Yes, yes, come on.
[Muttley is about to return to the ship with the treasure, but the forcefield blocks him from returning]
Dick Dastardly [voice-over]: But that ticket was a one-way trip.
Dick Dastardly: Muttley?
Dick Dastardly [voice-over]: Even if I'd opened a billion portals, he could never come back.
Muttley: [continues to struggle through the portal with the treasure, then he turns around and sees Cerberus, who is offscreen, coming towards him] Uh-oh.
Dick Dastardly: Muttley! Oh, no. No! Get out of there! [As the portal is getting destroyed, Muttley continues struggling through the portal, but Cerberus grabs Muttley, thus trapping him in the underworld forever] Muttley! [echoes] MUTTLEY!!!!!!
[The portal is now destroyed as the flashback ends]
Dick Dastardly: Because Muttley isn't the key.

[The Falcon Force arrive on Mystery Island and they step out the Falcon Fury to find the third skull of Cerberus]
Shaggy: Okay, Falcon Force, good luck! Bring back that skull! Scooby and I will stay on the ship. You know, where it's safe and secure.
Blue Falcon: Dude, I'm pretty sure Scooby is gonna be safest with us. We're literally superheroes.
Shaggy: [chuckles] No, you don't get it. We're chickens and we always stick together, so we're staying here. [sees Scooby about to leave the ship] Scoob?
Blue Falcon: Scoob's clearly important to whatever Dastardly's got planned. We need him.
Scooby: Yeah. I'm the key.
Shaggy: The key? You're not the key. You're my best friend. At least I thought you were until you whipped off your collar.
Scooby: My collar? You gave me the nod!
Shaggy: But I didn't think you'd really do it!
Scooby: Just come with us.
Shaggy: "Us"?! You're an "us" now?! Well, what happened to us-us?!
Scooby: Raggy...
Shaggy: You need to choose. Now, I'm staying on the ship. Are you staying with me, or going with them?
Scooby: That's not fair!
Shaggy: Choose! [Scooby scowls at him and leaves with the Falcon Force to find the skull] I never thought I'd say this, but Simon Cowell was right! You can't count on friendship!

[As Scooby and Blue Falcon continue to find the third Cerberus skull, they encounter Captain Caveman]
Captain Caveman: Hello! Your tiny little brains probably can't understand me, so I will speak slowly, so that you may process the welcoming tones of my voice.
Scooby: Uh, we understand you perfectly.
Captain Caveman: Oh, word? No disrespect. So, what brings you guys to Mystery Island?
Scooby: We're looking for a skull.
Blue Falcon: Yeah, it's about a yea high and full of sharp, pointy teeth.
Captain Caveman: You mean the slaghoople?
Scooby and Blue Falcon: Um, sure.
Captain Caveman: Why didn't you say so? Follow me. And mind the pterodactyl droppings.
[a pterodactyl poops as it flies by and the poop lands in front of them, much to Scooby and Blue Falcon's disgust]
Captain Caveman: But if you get some on you, rub it in. It's just like lotion.

Captain Caveman: As it turns out, I wasn't even a velociraptor's father. Any who, there it is, the slaghoople. [Reveals the last Cerberus skull to them in the arena]
Scooby: Brian, we found the last skull!
Blue Falcon: Mission accomplished! Now, if you would give us a hand carrying out, we'll take it back to our jet.
Captain Caveman: Uh-uh-uh. The only way to take the slaghoople is to defeat the protector in battle, and that's me.
Scooby: You?
Blue Falcon: Scooby, this is it. It's my hero moment. I could totally pound the crap out of this little guy.
Scooby: Doesn't sound heroic.
Blue Falcon: [to Captain Caveman] Hey, you're on. But I think you're gonna need a few friends.
Captain Caveman: Oh, I've got friends, and they do like a good show.
[He claps his hands twice, which closes the wooden gate, then a group of cavemen and cavewomen appear to watch the battle]
Captain Caveman: All right now, let's get our fight on!
[A caveman blows a turtle horn as the battle starts]
Blue Falcon: Come at me, little man!
[The caveman group gasp in shock]
Captain Caveman: Little?! Did you just call me little?!
Scooby: No, he said big.
Blue Falcon: I did call you little, pipsqueak.
Scooby: He said big squeak.
Captain Caveman: You can call me... [Activates his club, which opens to reveal a sledgehammered dinosaur, then jumps into the air] Captain CAAAAAVEMAAAAAAANNNN!!!!!
[He flies down and struck Blue Falcon with his club, leaving half of Blue Falcon's body in the ground]
Captain Caveman: I know I'm small. It's a pituitary thing. [He hits Blue Falcon, sending him flying to a wall] Are you not entertained?!
Dynomutt: [as he and Dee Dee witness the battle] Brian! Come on.
Blue Falcon: Dynomutt is right. [Falls off the wall, which a piece of it falls on him] I'm not my dad.
Cavewomen Cheerleaders: Ra ra, ra ra ra!
Blue Falcon: [gets up from underneath the piece of the wall] Scooby, help!
Scooby: What do I do?!
Blue Falcon: Use the suit thingies!
Captain Caveman: [lands on the piece of the wall] Who's your captain?!
Cavewomen Cheerleaders: Captain Caveman!
[Captain Caveman is about to face Scooby-Doo, when Scooby presses a button, which activates hover boards under his paws, which he moves foolishly, much to the cavemen's amusement, then Scooby moves the hover boards to face Captain Caveman as the crowd cheers]
Captain Caveman: Wow, you're doing great. [Scooby launches a claw at him, but he grabs the string] I almost hate to do this to you. [He pulls the string and spins Scooby] Spin it to win it!
Scooby: I want my Raggy!
[Captain Caveman spins Scooby like a ribbon until Scooby's super suit breaks, much to his embarrassment.]
Dee Dee: You make a break for the skull, I'll pick up Brian and Scooby.
Dynomutt: On it.
Dee Dee: [as Captain Caveman is about to finish Scooby off] Leave him alone! [activates her stick and fights Captain Caveman]
Captain Caveman: I love a challenge like I love dinosaur eggs, over-easy!
[The Mystery Machine, ridden by Fred and Shaggy rides into the stadium]
Dynomutt: Uh...
Shaggy: Look out!
[Fred moves the van around where the skull is and stops]
Captain Caveman: Dang, those are some dope wheels! [Dynomutt fires his missiles at him, sending him to a wall, leaving his impact silhouette on it] Whatever wheels are!
Shaggy: [gets out of the Mystery Machine] Scooby!
Scooby: Raggy? How'd you get here?
Shaggy: No, let me go first. Scoob-
Dynomutt: Where did that anachronistic van come from?
Shaggy: Fred brought it, but that's not important.
Dee Dee: How'd he get the van to a prehistoric world hidden miles beneath the North Pole? [Fred gets out of the Mystery Machine]
Shaggy: I don't know. Why don't you ask Fred...
Blue Falcon: Who's Fred?
Shaggy: [continued] ...because right now, I need to tell Scoob-
Dick Dastardly: [in his own voice as Fred; laughs] Not me!
[He shoves Shaggy to the ground with his foot, grabs Scooby with a snare pole and reveals he is Dastardly in disguise]
Shaggy, Blue Falcon, Dynomutt and Dee Dee: Dick Dastardly!
Dick Dastardly: That's right, and your foolish friend led me straight to you! [The Mean Machine arrives above the arena]
Shaggy: Oh, no!
[The flying Rottens come out of the Mean Machine and attack all of the cavemen as they retreat]
Dick Dastardly: If you will excuse me, I have a treasure to collect.
[The Mean Machine's grabbing claw grabs the last Cerberus skull as Dastardly get on the skull with Scooby]
Scooby: RAGGY!!!!
Shaggy: SCOOBY!!!
Dick Dastardly: Oh, and I almost forgot to take out the rubbish.
[The Rottens throw out Daphne, Velma and the real Fred out of the airship, but Dee Dee and Dynomutt catch Daphne and Velma]
Blue Falcon: Woah, nice catch. [Fred lands in his arms] What's up?
Dick Dastardly: Ta-ta! See you all in Athens. Oh, no you won't! Because the only way out is with a jet.
Blue Falcon: Well, good thing we have one!
Dick Dastardly: Oh, do you now? [laughs as he get on the Mean Machine with the skull and Scooby and the airship fly alway]
Blue Falcon: There's something about the way he said, "do you?" and then laughed that makes me think he did something to our ship.
[Scene switches to the Falcon Force and Mystery Inc. on the beach with the Falcon Fury now destroyed]
Blue Falcon: [groans and drops Fred] I hate it when I'm right.
Dynomutt: We're lucky it doesn't happen often.

[The three Mystery Incorporated members and the Falcon Force start fighting with each other.]
Shaggy: [Angrily breaks up the fight] Stop! Stop it, all of you! It's my fault. I'm to blame. I let my own jealousy break me and Scooby up. I was afraid that with his new suit and his new team, things were gonna change. [Sighs, then cheers up] And they did change. [Dynomutt, Blue Falcon, Dee Dee, Fred, Velma, and Daphne what does Shaggy meaning they did change] But, like, that's... that's okay. People can grow. But it doesn't mean that we're growing apart. [Stands on a rock] Because the one thing that will never change... is that Scooby-Doo is my best friend. Ten years ago, a little boy made a promise to a stray puppy that he'd never leave him no matter what. And I'm gonna keep that promise. Now, it's time we stop this mustachioed menace from opening the gates to the underpass...
Dee Dee: Underworld.
Shaggy: ...and letting loose the fearsome sippy-cup.
Dynomutt: Cerberus.
Shaggy: So what do you say we get out of Middle-earth...
Blue Falcon: Copyright infringement.
Shaggy: ...and go get my always-snacking, never-lacking, often-napping dog back? Who's with me?
Fred, Daphne, Velma, Blue Falcon, Dee Dee, and Dynomutt: [In unison] We are!
Shaggy: Let's do this!

[after Fred, Daphne Velma and Shaggy and Falcon Force crash the Mystery Machine in Athens]
Scooby: No! NO!
Dick Dastardly: I told you, you were the most important dog in the world. Now, let me show you why! [begins moving Scooby, forcing him to place his paw on the gate to the underworld, in which he does] And the slipper fits! [The gate to the underworld activates] It's happening! It's finally happening!
[As the gate to the underworld opens, a gigantic monstrous three-headed dog, Cerberus, comes out; Dick gasps while Scooby is shocked before Cerberus howls fearsomely, snarling threateningly]
Dick Dastardly: Uh, oh! Little more than I bargained for! [Cerberus growls again; intimidated, to Scooby] If I were you, I'd RUUUUUUUUUUN!
[Everyone starts to panic, scream and run away from the giant Cerberus; while Scooby runs with the other civilians away from Cerberus, Dick runs to hide by the gate to the underworld]

[when Scooby, Shaggy, Mystery Inc. and Falcon Force defeat Cerberus by using the Rottens as bowling balls to make it slip and fall back into the realm of the Underworld]
Shaggy: Man, looks like we just spared the world!
Scooby: [chuckles] Bowling puns!
Shaggy: [he and Scooby fistbump] This is so us!
[Fred, Daphne, Velma and Falcon Force then help shut the gate to the underworld, trapping Cerberus]
Shaggy: Okay, so how do we lock that puppy up? [Velma, Daphne and Fred look at each other, then at Scooby and Shaggy, worriedly] What?
Velma: One of you has to hold the gates shut here...
Daphne: ...while one of you locks them from...inside the Underworld.
Shaggy: [distraught] What? No! There has to be another way. Right, Velma?
Velma: Alexander the Great built these gates to be locked only by him...and his dog Peritas. As the last descendant of Peritas... Scooby has to do it.
Daphne: But the prophecy says he needs his best friend to help him.
Fred: That's you, Shaggy.
[Shaggy and Scooby look at each other, before the latter looks towards the gate with the rotating lock with a handprint and pawprint on two different sides. Scooby then looks on in determination and courage]
Scooby: There's no other way. I'm the key. ...I'll go.
Shaggy: No! [Scooby then makes his way to the gate, with Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Blue Falcon, Dee-Dee and Dynomutt looking at him gloomily; he then stops by the lock, as he prepares to place his paw on it, but all of a sudden, Shaggy slaps the two-sided lock, flipping it to the handprint side] It says one of us had to be on the inside, but it doesn't say which one.
Scooby: [worried] No!
[Scooby flips the lock back to the pawprint side, making Shaggy gasp; both Shaggy and Scooby then flip the lock to either the handprint or pawprint sides of the lock, before Shaggy stood in front of it when it was turned to the handprint side, which Scooby accidentally slaps him multiple times to prevent him from touching the lock]
Shaggy: [grabbing Scooby's paw and calming him down] Buddy, back when we were kids, you saved me. Now it's my turn. [then places his hand on the lock's handprint side, activating the gate in which Shaggy then disappears]
Scooby: [horrified] No! Don't! Raggy, wait! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! [Scooby gasps, after the gate to the underworld then locks, before Shaggy appears on the lock from the other side of the gate, then saddened] Raggy...
Shaggy:'re the best friend I could ever ask for... [sighs] ...and you always will be.
[as the gate completely locks, Scooby whimpers as he watches the lock's reflection of Shaggy dissipate, turning into a glowing green lock of the pawprint; Scooby then saddenly places his paw on the pawprint, which makes the entire gate as well as the entire ancient temple to vanish back into the temple's present state; Scooby then whimpers and then starts sobbing, howling and mourning the loss of his friend. The gang comes over to him and gives him a comforting hug as themselves and the Falcon Force grieved about Shaggy as well.]
Scooby: [sobs] Raggy... [Daphne, Velma and Scooby sobbing]
Velma: Are we missing something? "A pair whose friendship forever grows." [wipes her eyes] Does it mean something else?
Daphne: [looks Scooby in the eyes] I think it means that Scoob and Shaggy's friendship will live on... whether they're together or not. [hugs Scooby]
Velma: But...why would Alexander make a gate that would separate him from his best friend forever?
Fred: He must have built a way out.
Daphne: [looking behind Velma] Uh, guys?
[A statue of Alexander the Great and Peritas magically appear in front of the gang]
Velma: It's Alexander the Great. Look at this inscription. It's a message from him. "Our bond will never break or bend..."
Dynomutt: ", my friend, it's time to return to your home."
Velma: Maybe Scooby should give it a try.
[Scooby walks up to the statue and sadly looks at it]
Scooby: promised you'd never leave. Come home.
[A door magically unlocks and opens to reveal Shaggy]
Scooby: Raggy?
[Cerberus flicks Shaggy out and closes the door and the statue disappears]
Shaggy: Zoinks! I guess friendship really did save the day.
Scooby: [relieved] Raggy! [laughs in joy]
Shaggy: Scooby-Doo!
[Scooby runs up to Shaggy and hugs him as do the gang]
Daphne: I love you guys!
Dee Dee: [laughs]
Daphne: You gave us quite a scare, Shaggy.
[Shaggy takes Scooby's collar out of his pocket and puts it back on Scooby and Scooby smiles]
Shaggy: Well, it takes more than a 3-headed monster to keep me away from my best bud.
Velma: Tank, empath, brain. I finally figured out what you guys are. You're the heart of Mystery, Inc.
[Scooby licks Shaggy as the Falcon Force look happily at them and Dynomutt licks Blue Falcon, which he exclaims in pain]
Dynomutt: Sorry. Metal tongue. Shoulda thought that through.
Dick Dastardly: [Angrily] Put me down, you traitorous tin cans!
[Two flying Rottens, who had captured Dastardly and Muttley, lower them in front on Mystery Inc. and the Falcon Force]
Muttley: Rasm-Frasm. Stupid robots.
Blue Falcon: Time to pay for your crimes, Dick Dastardly.
Shaggy: Or is it?
[He pulls off Dastardly's mask to reveal he is...]
Mystery Inc. and Falcon Force: Simon Cowell?!
[Muttley growls at him]
Daphne: Wow, that is a solid impersonation.
Simon Cowell: Thank you. I also played Rum Tum Tugger in my secondary school's production of Cats.
Velma: This makes no sense. How could he have time to judge the world's greatest talent shows and build a giant airship?
[She pulls off his mask to reveal he is really...]
Mystery Inc. and Falcon Force: Dick Dastardly?!
Dick Dastardly: Drat. No one ever goes for the double unmasking.
Muttley: [snickers]
Blue Falcon: You are coming with us.
[The Falcon Force carry Dick Dastardly and Muttley away to custody]
Dick Dastardly: I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for you mismatched meddling miscreants!
Fred: Congratulations, you two. You just saved the world.
Daphne: How do you feel?
Scooby and Shaggy: Hungry.
[The gang laugh]


  • His Epic Tail Begins.
  • Mystery Loves Company.


  • Gina Rodriguez as Velma Dinkley
    • Ariana Greenblatt as young Velma Dinkley
  • Don Messick as the Space Kook & Muttley (archive sound)

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