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Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare is a 2010 direct-to-DVD animated comedy horror-mystery film based upon the Scooby-Doo Saturday morning cartoon, and was released on September 14, 2010.


Freddy: [the gang prepare to split up and seach for clues] Who's with me?
Jessica: I'll go. I'm a certified scuba instructor.
Daphne: [imitating Jessica] 'I'm a certified scuba instructor... '
[Velma giggles]
Freddy: What was that, Daph?
Daphne: Huh? Nothing. I'll go with you.

Shaggy: Burt, if you have any more campfire stories, I'd appreciate it if you keep them to yourself!

Freddy: Okay gang, here's the plan. An hour of canoeing, two hours of fishing, followed by a half hour of swimming!
Daphne: In... there?
[cut to Little Moose Lake, which is extremely dirty and disgusting like a swamp]
Freddy: Yep.
Luke: Hey, why don't we go up to Big Moose Lake? That lake is sweet.
Freddy: Oh no, not Big Moose Lake. We can't go up there.
Luke: Why not?
Freddy: Because Big Moose Lake is haunted.
Shaggy: [nervous] I'm out.
Velma: Wait a minute. How can a *lake* be haunted?
Freddy: Many years ago, there was a camper named Neil Fisher. The other kids picked on him all the time, so he spent most of his days swimming in Big Moose Lake. In fact, he spent so much time in the water he grew gills and fins. He became the Fishman. And he haunts Big Moose Lake to this day.
Shaggy: Is that true?
Velma: Of course not. He just doesn't want us to go to Big Moose Lake.
Freddy: Guys, we've got a perfectly good lake right here.
Daphne: [sternly] We're going to Big Moose.
Freddy: [defeated] We're going to Big Moose.

Deacon: I'm going to Camp Big Moose, where it's safe. Who's with me?
[Shaggy and Scooby raised their hands, Velma frowns and they dropped their hands and then, she smiled.]
Burt: Trudy! Luke! Maybe it's best if y'all go with Deacon.
Luke: Forget It! I'm a little mooser. I wanna help you guys catch whoever's messing with our camp.
Trudy: [removers her hood] Me too!
Velma: Are you sure?
Trudy: Yep! I wanna help solve the mystery!
Deacon: Oh. You're all nuts, you hear me? Nuts! I'm out of here! [storms off in anger]

[The police came to arrest Ranger Knudsen and Babyface Boretti.]
Fred: I can't believe Deacon was really Babyface Boretti.
Velma: After Babyface broke out of prison, he teamed up with Ranger Knudsen to find LaRue's treasure. Knudsen wore the Fishman costume as cover, to search the lake for the lost town, using the stolen sonar equipment. And he used the woodsman costume to scare everyone away from Camp Little Moose.
Daphne: But, with the solstice approaching and us showing up, they had to step up their game.
Velma: Exactly! Boretti posed as a camper named Deacon acting as an inside man. That's why Deacon kept trying to get us to leave. He wasn't afraid of the woodsman, they needed us gone, so they can blow the dam. But, when we found that RV, they realized we were getting close. So, Knudsen brought the Spectre to life, to try and scare us off for good.
[The Spectre came flying in, everyone bucked up.]
Shaggy: Like step on it!
[End flashback]
Shaggy: Like I got one question. How did Knudsen make the Spectre fly?
Trudy: Zipline!
Babyface Boretti: We would've gotten away with it too! If it weren't for you meddling kids!


  • Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo and Fred
  • Matthew Lillard as Shaggy
  • Mindy Cohn as Velma
  • Grey DeLisle as Daphne
  • Scott Menville as Luke
  • Tara Strong as Trudy
  • Stephen Root as Burt
  • Lauren Tom as Jessica
  • Mark Hamill as Deacon/Babyface Boretti and Store Owner
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Ranger Knudsen, Woodsman, Fishman, and Spectre
  • Phil LaMarr as Darrel

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