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What's New, Scooby-Doo? is an American animated children's television series part of the Scooby-Doo franchise.

Season 1


Roller Ghoster Ride

Chris: I'm very disappointed in you, Terry. I'm telling mom.

Toy Scary Boo

Harry: OK! I admit! I did it! I built a devices! 'Cause I would their a toys! It was me! All me!

Season 2


The Vampire Strikes Back

Fred: Okay, Velma, start singing.
Velma: Uh.

Shaggy: Ouch! Get off of me man?
Man: Bad bettle!

Large Dragon at Large

Velma: Jinkies! Its the Dragon! C'mon Shaggy, Scoob! Run!

Velma: Well... [sings "Love Follow Time Dragon Love" while plays the guitar]
Daphne: Velma, stop singing! The dragons coming again.

Homeward Hound

Skull: *Quiet!?* Boy why I hate dogs?!

Skull: The dogs are gone?!

Uncle Scooby and Antarctica

Hopper: (Look!) It's Dr. Zola, pulls the solid.

Season 3


Go West, Young Scoob

Fred: Whoa! HEY!!! [Grabs the tree]
Shaggy: Yippe-yi-ah! Whoa! Ah! [splashing, the Shaggy gets wet!]
Scooby: [gigglin']
Velma: [singing while playing the guitar]
Skull: [disembodied] Quiet! What's that noise?!
Scar: [disembodied] It's a wrestlin' for Gibby Norton. Uh, what was that sound?!
Skull: [disembodied] It's cows if lassoing for Daphne.
Scooby: Yo! Yo! Giddyap little dogs!
Skull: [disembodied] Boy why I hate dogs?!
Scooby: [giggles] Yeehaw!

Gibby: Darn?! Not that! Sorry! Defentily not that! Darn?!
Velma: Gibby Norton?!
Gibby: Hello, Velma?
Velma: What the heck is going on here?!

Fred: What happened?!

Fred: Of course, the King did it while holding a guitar.
Sheriff: [meddling kids tied up] Hee-haw!
Daphne: [gasps] Sheriff Lawman.

Fright House of a Lighthouse



A Terrifying Round with a Menacin' Metallic Clown

Velma: [sobbing and runs away]

Reef Grief



Gold Paw

D.I. Payne: [metal rattling with disembodied] Good work, sir?!?
Mr. B: Secret 6?!

Velma: [rattling metal] Jinkies!
General: [shocked] Oh, no! The monster turned Velma Dinkley to gold!
Daphne: Jeepers! Velma Dinkley is gold!
Fred: Solider help! Peels off!
General: [to Velma] Put army jail to the stockade.

General: What are you doing the secret development lab?!


Prof. Ostwald: Be careful out there.

Osomon: It's fun time.

Fred's virtual counterpart: Well, gang, I think we should look for clues.
Velma: Um, Fred, isn't there something missing from that plan?
Fred's virtual counterpart: I don't think so.
Velma: Splitting up! Ring a bell? You always wanna split up and look for clues.
Fred's virtual counterpart: Really? Well, I think it'd be a lot safer if we stuck together.
Velma: [confused] Okay...

Daphne's virtual counterpart: [after being tugged into the Mystery Machine from the flowing water and loses her shoe] Thanks, Scooby.
Fred's virtual counterpart: Oh, no, Daphne! You lost your shoe!
Daphne's virtual counterpart: That's okay, I always have a spare. [puts a green shoe that doesn't match her usual purple one]
Velma: Uh, Daphne, your shoes don't match.
Daphne's virtual counterpart: Oh, really? Ha, no big deal.
Velma: [bewildered] No big deal? But you-
Fred's virtual counterpart: Ah.... [notices the water flooding]

Velma: I sure would like to trap one of those Osomons, so I could get a better look at their wiring.
Daphne's virtual counterpart: Trap? That's kinda Fred's area, but I'll do my best.
Shaggy's virtual counterpart: Well, how about Scoob and I act as live bait? [Scooby nods in agreement] We can lead the Osomons in here.
Daphne's virtual counterpart: Perfect!
Velma: [shocked] Wait a second! You want to be live bait, without even asking for Scooby Snax?
Shaggy's virtual counterpart: Sure! C'mon, Scoob, old buddy.
Velma: What is going on here?

Shaggy's virtual counterpart: [One Osomon bites his arms] TOINKS!!! [Velma finally realizes that she's still in Prof. Ostwald's virtual reality game after witnessing the virtual gang's characterizations]
Velma: [surprised] "Toinks"? I've solved this mystery!
[everything freezes except Velma, reveling it to be part of the virtual reality game]
Prof. Ostwald: Bravo, Velma, bravo! You figured it out.
Velma: There never were any Osomons. This was all a game you created for me. I never even left your virtual mystery studio, did I?
Prof. Ostwald: No, you didn't. [turns the game off] But I have to know. How did you figure it out?
Velma: Well, you really created a great mystery. But you don't know my friends as well as I do. [flashbacks, contrasting the virtual gang's characterizations to the real gang's] First of all, Fred always wants to split up. And Daphne - she would never wear shoes that don't match. Shaggy and Scooby wouldn't volunteer to be live bait. And most importantly...
Shaggy's virtual counterpart: Like, TOINKS! [flashbacks end]
Velma:...Shaggy doesn't say "Toinks", he says, "Zoinks".
Prof. Ostwald: Looks like I still have some work to do.

[Velma meets up with the real gang after her game]
Shaggy: Hey! It's Velma. Want some game pops, or some game corn, or maybe some game nachos?
Velma: [chuckles] (No) thanks, I'm good.
Fred: You've been gone for a while.
Daphne: Yeah, where were you?
Velma: Oh, nowhere special. [notices the same zombies from the game; freaks out] Oh, no! The zombie kids! They're real! [screams, flees away, leaves the gang confused]
Shaggy: Like, what got into her?
Fred: Huh, beats me.
Daphne: Those aren't zombies, they've just played too many video games today. [the zombies are just real people who got headaches from playing videos games; Shaggy and Scooby play a game with their eyes going red]
Shaggy and Scooby: [in zombie voices] Scooby-Dooby-Doo....
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