Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost

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Scooby-Doo! and the Witch's Ghost (in 87 minutes release) is a 1999 film about Scooby-Doo and the gang, who visit Oakhaven, Massachusetts to seek strange goings on involving a mysterious horror novelist and his ancestor who is rumored be a witch.

Directed by Jim Stenstrum. Written by Glenn Leopold.
Mysteries as old as mankind.  (taglines)


Sarah Ravencroft: Thank Thee, Thou canst not know what my bondage hath been like ("Who art thou?")
Sarah Ravencroft: Modern, not much seems to have changed.
Sarah Ravencroft: The same pathetic peasants, graveling for their puny lives.
Sarah Ravencroft: (Laughing evilly) Thinkest Thou art a Wiccan, only a virtuous soul can imprison me. (Laughing evilly)
Sarah Ravencroft: Thou shall pay for thine impudence.
Sarah Ravencroft: Thine mockery shall be thy last.
Sarah Ravencroft: (Laughing evilly)
Sarah Ravencroft: Bring me the book.
Sarah Ravencroft: (Laughing evilly)
Sarah Ravencroft: The book is useless to a mere mortal.
Sarah Ravencroft: Nay, I'll stop thee myself.
Sarah Ravencroft: No, not again.
Sarah Ravencroft: I won't go back alone.
Sarah Ravencroft: I serve no one, leastwise a worm-like thee.
Sarah Ravencroft: (Laughing evilly)
Sarah Ravencroft: Thou, Jest
Sarah Ravencroft: Aye Thou has free me, so now I can punish the world for my long imprisonment.(Sarah uses her evil magic vapor to make all things decay and turn to ash) I shall create an era of darkness over this land!(laughing evilly)
Ben "Benjamin" Ravencroft: This isn't what I envisioned. We were supposed to rule the world together, not destroy it!
Sarah Ravencroft: I care not for thy whims. Cross my path and I shall destroy thee along with thy world!

Sarah Ravencroft: Do my bidding bird, get them.
[She enlarges a turkey and sends it after Shaggy and Scooby]
Shaggy Rogers: A turkey? (laughs) Even we're not scared of that- (They see the turkey) Like, now we are!
[They run off, as the giant turkey gives the chase. They enter the house, but the turkey is too big. Then Shaggy and Scooby run away but miss him.]
Giant turkey: Uh-oh.
[The door slams into the turkey, making it dizzy as the turkey then sees Shaggy and Scooby with the stuffing.]
Shaggy Rogers: Like, got the stuffing, Scoob?
Scooby-Doo: Reah.
Shaggy Rogers: Time to baste this bird.
[The turkey screams and sends itself fly.]
Shaggy Rogers: (laughs) I guess he didn't have the right stuff, ol' buddy!

[Shaggy throws a bucket of water at Sarah Ravencroft]

Sarah Ravencroft: What...was that?
Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers: You're not melting! Like, it worked in The Wizard of Oz!
Sarah Ravencroft: Fool, I shall destroy thee!

Velma Dinkley: You won't get away with this, Ben Ravencroft!
Ben "Benjamin" Ravencroft: Why? Because of you meddling kids?
Fred "Frederick" Jones: Hey, we're not kids!

Ben: (surprised to see Mayor Corey and Mr. McKnight outside his study) Mayor?
Mayor Corey: We've been ringing your doorbell for some time and...
Ben: (approaching them) Oh, sorry about that. I've been meaning to fix that thing for years. What's up, Mayor?
Mayor Corey: Well, Ben. I feel really bad about everything and I want to apologize for using your ancestor in our little publicity stunt.
Mr. McKnight: Yeah, the tourist trade was so slow, we were desperate.
Mayor Corey: Right and you once told me that supernatural phenomenon always attracts people.
Mr. McKnight: It was just natural to use Sarah in all this...we accidentally dug up her grave.
Ben: (astounded) What grave?!
Mayor Corey: I'm sorry, Ben. But you see, I lied to you when you asked me if we found anything of Sarah's while we were building the Puritan village.
Mr. McKnight: We did; it was her grave marker.

Velma: Ben, that doesn't seem to be a journal at all.
Ben: (reveals his true colors) Because it isn't, Velma. It's a spellbook!
Velma: (gasps)
Ben: You see, Sarah wasn't a Wiccan. She was indeed a witch!
Thorn, Luna, and Dusk: (Playing the Guitar And Singing) Hex Girls I'm gonna be spell on you.
Mayor Corey and Mr. McKnight: (gasps)
Thorn, Luna, and Dusk: (gasps)
Thorn: A real witch?
Dusk: Heavy.
Ben: And since Sarah's blood runs in my veins, I guess that makes me... a warlock!
Shaggy: (whimpers)
Scooby: Warlock?
Ben: The Wiccans imprisoned Sarah in her own spellbook, and you helped me find it.
Velma: You lied to me, Ben!
Ben: Well, gee. I had to. I've been searching for years, then I read about your exploits. (in a flashback) I knew if anyone could help me find the book, it was you and your friends. I orchestrated the whole mummy scheme, paying off the archaeologists (Perkins and Griswald) and the security guards just to lure you to the museum so we could meet. (back in the present) (chuckles evilly) Yes, Velma. I tricked you into helping me, and it worked.
Fred: (to Mayor Corey and Mr. McKnight) And you were in on Ben's plan, too!
Mayor Corey: Huh? No! We're surprised as you are, uh, honest!
Ben: For once, he's telling the truth. That stupid fake ghost was the town's idea, but it did work to my advantage.
Daphne: Why go through this elaborate scheme? Why not just ask us to find the book?
Velma: I know why. Because if we knew what that book was, we would never have helped him!
Ben: But even you can't imagine the real power of this book. No mere mortal can.
Fred: You've been reading too many of your own horror stories, Ravencroft.
Ben: A typical mortal response, but I am descended from a superior breed. I shall unlock the power of the imprisoned Sarah Ravencroft!
Shaggy: Like, I don't like the sound of this!
Scooby: Me either!
Ben: Now where was I? dreadful darkness, hear my cry bring back one who cannot die let the witch who perished here live again and reappear.
Ben: Let the evil from the past, breathe again with fiery blast Let the dark wind quiff the night to blow away the force of light now I summon ancient power this is evil's finest hour.
Ben: In my world's wildest dreams I have never have imagined such an imposing creature.
Ben : Sarah, I want to become more powerful, like you.
Ben : But it was I who released you, you should serve me.
Ben: But I have the book and I will return you back into the book, ancient evil get thee hence all that's good.
Ben: Ben Ravencroft your descendant from the modern world.
Scooby: Hound where.

Velma Dinkley (Plays the Guitar and Singing): Five little pumpkins sittin' on the gate--
Thorn: Hey that's not fair? Don't touch the guitar? Get off!
Ben: Why are you touch the guitar, Velma?

Velma Dinkley: Ben Ravencroft's last book is one the world will never buy.
Daphne Blake: Thank goodness.
Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers: Like, that would've been a "hot" bestseller.

Mayor Corey: I think we need a "bigger" attraction.
Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers: Uh, mayor? (points to the giant turkey)



  • Mysteries as old as mankind.
  • Witchcraft.
  • Ghosts.
  • Talking dogs.

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