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Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island is a 1998 film about the gang reuniting to find true supernatural phenomena.

Directed by Jim Stenstrum. Written by Glenn Leopold.
This time, the monsters are real!  (taglines)

Simone Lenoir[edit]

  • [about Scooby] Who brought this... this... dog?!
  • Get this beast off of me!
  • [revealing her true nature] Very clever, Velma, but it's too late. [chuckles evilly]
  • These wax dolls do come in handy. [chuckles sinisterly]
  • I've been getting away with it for 200 years. [chuckles evilly]
  • [explaining her true plot] Ah, it's simple. Every harvest moon, I must drain the life force from victims lured to my island to preserve my immortality.
  • [last words] I've had enough of that!

Lena Dupree[edit]

  • My name is Lena. Lena Dupree.
  • [gasps, referring to Scooby] I didn't know you had a dog.
  • [revealing her true nature] Sorry, Fred. I really do like you.
  • [to Fred about Scooby & Shaggy] I heard that, Fred! Those two simpletons? We didn't even bother making wax dolls of them! Ha! A waste of time and magic wax!
  • [referring to Scooby and Shaggy] Sounds like Jacques has found your frightened friends.
  • I've had years of practice.
  • [last words] Jacques is in trouble!


  • I'm happy to see y'all. [chuckles evilly]
  • Oh, quit yer grovelin', Snakebite.
  • [last words] Going somewhere? What's the matter, cat got your tongue? [growling]


[Velma unmasked the moat Monster, revealing it to be none other than...]
Shaggy: [gasps] Like, it’s Mr. Beeman, the real estate agent.
Scooby: Mr. Beeman?
Velma: Yeah! He was printing millions of counterfeit dollars in the basement with his printing press. What we originally thought was Moldova, was really green ink. [Velma removed the gloves, revealing it to be green ink] See.
Mr. Beeman: And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for that big dog and you meddling kids!

Daphne Blake: I need a real, live ghost.
Velma Dinkley: That's an oxymoron, Daph.

Fred: My! Lena wasn't kidding. This place is crawling with cats.
Scooby: Rats? Rats!

Daphne: Fred, are you...
Lena: ...Alright?
Fred: Yeah, thanks.

Daphne: Wow, a real case of levitation. This just gets better and better.
Velma: Maybe from where you're standing.

Daphne: Freddie, what on Earth are you doing?
Fred: Uh, Scooby and Shaggy...
Shaggy: ...Saw another ghost. [opens the door] In here.
Daphne: I don't see anything.
Shaggy: Like, in the mirror. It's some civil war guy.

Daphne: Where are we?
Velma: Looks to me like a place for voodoo rituals. [suspiciously] But why don't we just ask... Lena?
Fred: What are you talking about?
Velma: Her story about Simone getting dragged by zombies wasn't true. I saw the footprints of Simone's heels. She wasn't dragged; she walked down that tunnel!
[The roof grate opens, and Simone steps out]
Simone: Very clever, Velma... but it's too late.

Simone: The harvest moon will soon reach the midnight point on this moondial, and then the ceremony will begin.
Fred: What ceremony?
Daphne: [grunts] You won't get away with this!
Simone: I've been getting away with it for 200 years.
[Simone snickers and gains werecat features; the captives gasp.]
Fred: At least, Scoob and Shaggy are still free... maybe.
Lena: [also has werecat features] I heard that, Fred! Those two simpletons? We didn't even bother making wax dolls of them! Ha! A waste of time and magic wax!
Fred: Just what are you planning to do to us?
Simone: Ah, it's simple: Every harvest moon, I must drain the life force from victims lured to my island, to preserve my immortality.
Daphne: This is more haunted stuff than I really wanted.

Velma: If you're as old as you say you are, then I'll bet you're the one who found Morgan Moonscar's treasure.
Simone: Morgan Moonscar! [Flashback starts] He was the cause of all this. I was one of a group of settlers who made this island our home. We looked to our Cat God for a bountiful harvest. Until that night, when he came ashore. [the settlers all party, dance, and eat when Morgan and his pirate men came out of the shadows and start attacking] He drove the islanders into the bayou. All except for Lena and myself. [Flashback Simone and Lena watch in horror as the pirates drove the settlers into the bayou and get eaten alive by the alligators] We uttered a curse on the pirates to destroy them as they had destroyed our island. Our wish was granted. We became cat creatures and destroyed the pirates. [Morgan screams; flashback fades] Only afterwards, did we discover that invoking the Cat God's power had cursed us as well.
[Flashback resumes]
Lena: Over the years, boats continue to come to our island. One was full of spice traders who started a pepper plantation. The plantation flourished---
Simone: At least, until the Harvest Moon. [A man screams; flashback fades] Sometimes, it became necessary for Lena to lure outsiders back to the island.
Fred: [realizing] Just like you lured us.
Lena: I've had years of practice.
Daphne: And those zombies are just the poor souls you drained. They were just trying to warn us so we wouldn't suffer the same fate they did.
Simone: Pretty smart for a television reporter.
[Snarling is heard from above]
Lena: Sounds like Jacques has found your frightened friends.
Fred: Jacques?
Simone: We needed a ferry driver. The old man wanted immortality, so we gave it to him.


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