State terrorism and the United States

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Several scholars have accused the United States of conducting state terrorism. They have written about the liberal democracies and their use of state terrorism, particularly in relation to the Cold War. According to them, state terrorism was used to protect the interest of capitalist elites, and the U.S. organized a neo-colonial system of client states, co-operating with local elites to rule through terror. However, little of this work has been recognized by other scholars of terroism or even of state terrorism.

  • “One has to ask whether there was transparency in the invasion of Iraq. The world knows President Bush lied openly about Iraq having chemical weapons, They keep on bombing cities, killing children, they have become a terrorist state.” — Hugo Chávez


  • “Actually, who is the terrorist, who is against human rights? The answer is the United States because they attacked Iraq. Moreover, it is the terrorist king, waging war.” — :w:Hamzah Haz


  • “The C.I.A. taught us everything -- everything...They taught us explosives, how to kill, bomb, trained us in acts of sabotage. When the Cubans were working for the C.I.A. they were called patriots...Now they call it terrorism.” — :w:Luis Posada Carriles


  • “Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it.” — Noam Chomsky



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