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The Casagrandes is an American animated comedy television series created by Chris Savino and is a spinoff of The Loud House. The show features Ronnie Anne and Bobby Santiago living in Great Lakes City with their extended Casagrande family.

Pilot series[edit]

Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos[edit]

[Hector and Bobby run away from the cats]
Bobby: So, the gang has cats?
Hector: The gang is cats!

[Ronnie Anne goes to sleep in the bathtub, but spots Sergio the parrot inside]
Sergio: I'm naked!

Lincoln: I still don't get why I have to come along.
Lincoln: She is NOT my girlfriend!
Lori: Lincoln, we are literally crossing a bridge! Do you really want to get into an argument with me RIGHT NOW?!?

Ronnie Anne: What do you mean you didn't convince him?
Lori: He talked about the bodega for 40 minutes until the beef jerky guy showed up and at that point I had literally reached my limit.
Ronnie Anne: [sighs and thinks] We need to do something to get Bobby's attention.

Lincoln: [while being dragged by Lori] We're leaving? But Mrs. Casagrande's baking a cake!
Lori: [heartbroken] Lincoln, I literally just lost my boyfriend! [angrily] Do you really wanna argue with me right now?!
Bobby: [appearing] Babe, where are you going?
Lori: [furious] What do you care?! Why don't you just go back to your precious bodega?! YOU OBVIOUSLY CARE ABOUT IT MORE THAN YOU CARE ME! [starts sobbing]
Lincoln: I'm just gonna go help Mrs. Casagrande with the frosting. [chuckles and rushes back inside the apartment]
Ronnie Anne: Lincoln, what's happening out there?
Lincoln: I don't know. But it was too much drama for me.
Ronnie Anne: Wait a minute. They're hugging, and Lori's smiling. She must have finally convinced him! Yes! [runs over to Lori and hugs her, moments later] Thank you, thank you, thank you! I knew we could do this. I'll go pack up my stuff.
Lori: Uh, actually…
Ronnie Anne: What?
Lori: I know I came here to convince Bobby not to move, but after talking to him, I think he should stay.
Ronnie Anne: Well, that's great for you guys, but what about me?! Lincoln, come on! Help me out here!
Lincoln: I don't know, Ronnie Anne. I think your family's pretty awesome. I mean, who can make a cake like this?

City Slickers[edit]

[Lori reads a Yak.]
Lori: [sighs] Okay, Two stops to 45th St.
Subway announcer: This is an express train to 250th St.
Lori: Wait. What?! Ahh! [the train leaves]

Lori: [her city girl fantasy ends when she sees Vanzilla towed away] Hey! That's my van! Come back!
Bobby: Babe, watch out for horse butts!

Missed Connection[edit]

Lori: [sees a snake in her drawer] Why is a snake in my sock drawer?!
Lana: She needed a warm spot to lay her eggs.

Fireman: Aw, spoilers!

The Spies Who Loved Me[edit]

The Loudest Thanksgiving[edit]

Rita: [clinks her glass] I'd like to make a toast. Bobby, Lori. I just want to say how much it means to have you here with us. [tears up] I don't know if I can't get through this.
Lori: [touched] Oh, Mom.
Hector: [clinks his glass] Uh, excuse me if I might. I'm sure it means a lot to you, Rita, but with all respect, it means more to us.
Rita: Well, Hector, that seems really unlikely because nothing means more to us, 'kay?
Rosa: Oh, really?
Rita: Yeah.
Rosa: Is that so?
Rita: Yeah, that's right.
[Lori and Bobby look at their relatives worried and the mountain of food melts down.]
Hector: Forget the toast. I can say it so much better with music! [starts playing his guitar] We love Bobby and Lori more than... [Lynn Sr. elbows Luna and she dashes off] ...Anyone in the world.
Luna: [brings in her axe and starts playing, cutting Hector off] FAMILY!
[Her playing is then cut short when her axe gets unplugged, revealing that was Carl's doing and she glares at him]
Carl: Oopsie.
Lola: [viscously] How DARE YOU! [violently attacks Carl]
Frida: Control your children! It is not safe to have Thanksgiving in this house!
Rita: Well, if you don’t like it, YOU'RE WELCOME TO LEAVE! Not you, Bobby, you can stay.
Frida: That's what you want, isn't it? To steal our precious Roberto away from us?! [hugs Bobby tightly]
Lynn Sr.: [hugs Lori as well] Oh, oh, like you haven't been trying to steal Lori from us! Well guess what, BUCKO, it's not gonna happen!
Lori: [pleading] Guys, guys, please stop!
Louds and Casagrandes: STAY OUT OF THIS!!
Rosa: Why would anybody want to spend Thanksgiving here, gnawing on your "dry-bird?"
[Lynn Sr. breaks down, sobbing]
Rita: [comforting her husband as he sobs] The turgooseon is delicious, the only problem is, you're lumpy gravy!
Gravybot: [enters the dining room] Did someone say gravy? [squirts gravy on Rita as she shrieks]
Rosa: [bumps Gravybot aside] No. They don't deserve it.
[Gravybot smashes into the wall and gravy flies up and splatters on him, he then malfunctions out of control, squirting gravy everywhere, and all over on Frida's painting]
Frida: [gasps horrifyingly] My painting!

Lori: I'm sorry, Boo-Boo Bear, I know you were looking forward to having a real Thanksgiving this year.
Bobby: It's not all bad. [holds up some turkey jerky] I found this half-off turkey jerky.
[Suddenly, Vanzilla and the Mercado van pull up and both families run out and inside the gas station, trampling Flip]
Flip: Jumping jerky! Holy hot dogs! [gets up afterwards]
Bobby: Whoa, how did you guys find us?
Carlos and Lisa: Tracking devices. [both look at each other]
Lynn Sr.: You left before trying my twice-baked tart.
Rosa: [scoffs] They would prefer my flan.
Lynn Sr.: Flan, shman. [chanting] Tart, tart, tart–!
Bobby: Stop! Don't you guys see? This is why we left. We couldn't stand the fighting and competing.
Lori: We don't want to choose sides. So maybe from now on, we should just spend Thanksgiving by ourselves.
[Both the Louds and Casagrandes all now feel sadly guilty over how they've all been acting from earlier]
Rosa: Well, nobody wants that.
Lynn Sr.: We certainly don't.
Maria: Lori, Bobby, I'm sorry we've been acting so childishly.
Rita: We're sorry, too. It's just hard to let go of your kids. [to the Casagrandes] You know what? You should get Lori and Bobby for Thanksgiving.
Hector: Well, goodness knows we haven't done anything to deserve that. They should spend it with you.
Flip: Hey, I got an idea. Why don't you just rotate every year, huh? Much like the juicy hot dogs I'm selling at a mere 40% mark-up. Holiday discount.
Bobby: Works for us.
[They all agree and engage in a big group hug.]
LJ: I'm glad we figured out future years, but what about right now? I'm starving!
Bobby: Well, we've got hot dogs and sunflower seeds and 20 kinds of artisanal jerky. Maybe we could throw a dinner together here.
Lynn Sr.: I'm game.
Rosa: Me too.
Frida: We could make this place look festive. I think I have some leftover decorations in the car.
Rita: I'll help you.

Story Arc[edit]


Ronnie Anne: Morning, Bruno, I'll have the Great Lakes City special, one dog dragged through the garden.
Bruno: You want a hot dog with the works, at 9 AM?
Ronnie Anne: Yup.
Bruno: [sighs] You sure I can't interest you in a danish or something?
[Ronnie Anne is making a displeased expression while the screen pans back to the girl behind her]
Sid: Excuse me, can I get one Great Lakes City Special?
Ronnie Anne: [she gestures towards her] See? This girl gets it. [She gives her a thumbs up as well. She takes the hot dog from Bruno and rides away.] Later, dude!

Power Play[edit]

Room for Improvement[edit]

Roll Model[edit]

Carl: That was the greatest rescue I have ever seen.
Ronnie Anne: Pfft. It was no big deal.
Mr. Nakamura: [grunting] You saved my baby. Thank you so much, Ronnie Anne.
Ronnie Anne: No problemo.
Carl: [gasps] That's exactly what El Falcón said.

No Show[edit]

Frida: Hurry, hurry! "Adiós, Ana, Adiós" is on!
Carl: Whoo! Yes! Telenovela time!
Sergio: [squawks] Mystery! Drama! Romance!
Carlota: Don't forget style. Obsessed with Ana's outfits.
Bobby: I'm gonna have to watch it in the mercado. My shift's about to start.
Maria: It's okay, mi'jito. We'll shout out the window about the juicy parts.
Bobby: Yes!
Hector: [rushes in] Did I miss it? Whoa! [Slips on Lalo's drool and makes Ronnie Anne fall to the floor] Ooh, sorry, mija.
Rosa: I'm glad you could tear yourself away from your gossip long enough to be here, viejito.
Hector: Who was gossiping? I was dealing with Maybelle. And you know what a difficult customer she is.
[Ronnie Anne is almost coming out of the living room, but Frida calls her]
Frida: Are you sure you don't want to join us, mija? The novela is getting really good!
Ronnie Anne: [shakes her head] Mm.
Carlos: Come on. Just give it a chance. It's a family tradition.
CJ: You can sit by me.
Ronnie Anne: Guys, I told you already. I'm not into telenovelas. Call me when the soccer match is on.
Rosa: Shh! How can you say no to this? [TV shows Ana sitting on a stool sewing a hat with her grandparents] That's our hero, Ana Ronalda. She's an orphan raised by her grandparents.

Hector: The bad guys want money, but the family doesn't have any, so they're taking Ana Ronalda.
Frida: [hugs her kids together, crying] This is why I make you kids carry a whistle!
Ronnie Anne: You guys, this show is so cheesy. Sorry, but you wouldn’t catch me watching it in a billion years.

Ronnie Anne: [schocked] That's it?! I need to know what happens next!
Sergio: [squaking] Somebody's hooked.

Face the Music[edit]

Pranks for the Memories[edit]

Store Wars[edit]

Lucha Fever[edit]


  • Ronnie Anne
  • Bobby
  • Carlota
  • CJ
  • Carl
  • Carlitos


  • Maria
  • Rosa
  • Hector
  • Frida
  • Carlos
  • Sergio
  • Lalo
  • Sid


  • Becca
  • Stanley
  • Adelaide
  • Arturo
  • Lincoln Loud
  • Lori Loud
  • Vito Filliponio
  • Alexis
  • Casey
  • Nikki
  • Sameer
  • Laird




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