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The Loud House Movie is a 2021 America animated musical comedy film based on the animated television series The Loud House. It premiered on Netflix on August 20, 2021.


Morag: [enraged] You fool! Blathering on to that feather-brained boy about becoming the Duke!
Angus: Oh, the people would love a new Duke.
Morag: [imitating] "Oh, the people would love a new Duke." I don't care a jot about those peasants.
Angus: They're not peasants, Morag. They're our neighbors, friends.
Morag: Enough with your twaddle! Thanks to you flapping your gob, I'm stuck with these hooligans! Crashing through the crowded halls, dodging girls like…
Angus: Ping-pong balls?
Morag: Just to reach the bathroom on time.
Angus: [chuckles] That's rather catchy.
Morag: [grabs Angus by the collar and points to him] Don't you get cheeky with me. My ancestors have cared for this castle in peace and quiet ever since they drove away the… [realizes] I mean, ever since the, you know, the first Louds sailed away forever. Oh, I deserve better than to be banished to your wretched hovel.
Angus: It's only for a week. And you'll have oodles of quietness here in my little castle.

Lana: Can we keep her can we keep her?
Lincoln: Ok, but I'm not changing her diaper.

Angus: Welcome to Loch Loud.

Lori: Why are you calling everyone Scott?
Leni: Uh, we're in Scotland duh.

Lucy: Morag, catch me if you can.
Lucille: Gotcha.
Lucy: I was almost a goner maybe next time.


Lucille: Lucy, what Morag said at the coronation is not true. My family did return to Loch Loud. On that fateful day, our hearts were as full as our sails. We longed to be home again.

Lincoln: Admit it, Clyde. I am always going to be stuck in my sisters shadows.

Lana: I knew it. Dragons are for reals.

Lincoln: Oh Lela, we can't thank you enough.

Lola: You do know we have our own bathrooms now.
[She and Lana laugh]

Luna: C'mon, feel the noise!
Morag: You should've sailed away when you have the chance well prepare yourselves to be Louds no more!
[The Louds and Angus scream in fright huddling together]
Morag: Fire!
Lincoln: No!
Morag: Stop!
[Lela's fire breath misses the Louds and Angus]
Lincoln: You want the crown so bad? Come and get it!

Morag: All I wanted was my peace and quiet. And I will have it! Give me the crown!

[Lela drops Morag at shore rock and flies back to Loch Loud]
Morag: [laughs] The joke's on you, you scaly putrid lummox, you gave me my peace and quiet. [turns to see a family of seals that resembles the Loud Family] What?! No. No! No! [cries in defeat]

Lola: That teeth whitening was worth it.
[Lisa accidentally slaps Lola]
Lisa: Oops, sorry.


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