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The Loud House (2016–present) is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic everyday life of young Lincoln Loud, who survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of 11 children.

A spin-off series, entitled The Casagrandes, feature Ronnie Anne Santiago and her extended Casagrande family living in Great Lakes City.



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Spin-off episodes[edit]

The Horror-Scope[edit]

Flee Market[edit]


Bobby: [on video chat with Lori, showing her his injuries] These are scratches from the feral cats, and this is freezer burn from being trapped with the ice cream. Oh, and these are bruises from the pizza explosion. And I don’t know why there’s a fish in my pants! [pulls a fish out of his pants, shriveling and moaning, and tosses it aside]
Lori: Aw, my boo-boo bear is full of boo-boos. At least your adorable nose is still intact.

Ronnie Anne: Abuela, we can't just pack up and leave. Where would we even go?
Rosa: I'm sorry, mija, but we must leave ASAP.
Lori: Bobby, I'm already home for the weekend. You guys should stay with my family. Then I could literally see your Boo-Boo Bear face in person. [kisses the camera]
Bobby: You hear that, Abuela? Can we stay with the Louds? Please, please, please, please, please?
Rosa: Really, Lori? Are you sure that's OK with your family?
Lori: Oh, they'll be totally cool with it.
Rita and Lynn Sr.: We are totally not cool with it.
Lori: Come on, guys. They need our help.
Lynn Sr.: Kiddo, we'd never turn our backs on the Casagrandes, but-
Rita: There's so many of us, and so many of them, and so many of us! Maybe it would be best if we called them and- [Doorbell rings]
Lincoln: They're here, they're here, they're here! [rushes to the door]
Rita: Of course they are.
Ronnie Anne: [holding a tray of tamales as Lincoln opens the door] Hey, Lincoln!
Casagrandes: Hola, familia Loud!

CJ: See? Who needs the bathroom?
Ronnie Anne: Yeah. We have the sink all to ourselves.
[Luna, Luan, Carl, and Lola show up brushing their teeth too]
CJ: I’m brushing here.
Lola: [as her toothbrush is bumped by Carl] My princess toothbrush! How dare you!
Ronnie Anne: On the bright side, we don’t have to sleep on the floor. [later, laying on Lucy’s bed, sandwiched between her grandparents] On second thought, I’d rather sleep on the floor.
Frida: [in a coffin with Carlitos] At least you’re not in a coffin! [freaking out in horror]
[The Casagrandes are all revealed sleeping in Lynn and Lucy’s room, most in coffins]
Lucy: Goodnight. May you all sleep like the dead. [closes the door, Frida freaks out again]
Carl: [groans] I want to go back home.
Carlos: I think it’s kind of fun. We can pretend to be the mummies of the ancient Pharaohs!
Frida: [shrieks] You’re not helping! [closes her coffin]
[Carlota, Maria, and Lalo are sharing Lynn’s bed]
Carlota: Stop drooling on me! [takes the comforter from Maria]
Maria: Hey!
[Carlota and Maria both rip the comforter while fighting over it]
Carlota: [as Sergio comes over and cuddles with her] Ugh. Are you kidding me?!
Sergio: [squawks; scared] Need a snuggle.
Ronnie Anne: Guys, it’s been a long day. Let’s just try to get some sleep.
Bobby: There’s something in the coffin with me! [gets a kiss on the cheek from Fangs as he emerges from the coffin and screams]
[The Casagrandes all scream in panic]
Ronnie Anne: Abuela, please. We can’t stay here. It’s too many people!
Rosa: Mija, it might be hard, but at least we’re not in Bad Luck City.
Ronnie Anne: [as Hector falls on her off of Lucy’s bed, breaking a coffin] This is worse than bad luck.

Carl: I miss my choo-choo sheets.
Lola: I miss you not being here.

Ronnie Anne: The only way we're going to the woods is if Abuela drags us kicking and screaming.
[Outside the Loud House, Rosa is carrying her kids kicking and screaming like Ronnie Anne said]
Frida: Carlos, do something!
Carlos: Mama, be reasonable. [His mama gives him a dirty look] Oh, I hear the woods are lovely this time of year.
[Frida sighs]
Sergio: [squawks] Mama's boy.

[The Casagrandes are all at Flip’s getting gas]
Ronnie Anne: As soon as that gas tank is full, our lives will be over.
Carlota: Think they have WiFi in the woods? [Carl, CJ, and Bobby roll their eyes; groans] Couldn't you let me live in hope?!
Ronnie Anne: May as well enjoy this last bit of civilization before we become forest people, I guess. I'm going to use a real bathroom while I still can.

An Udder Mess[edit]


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