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The Loud House (2016–present) is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic everyday life of an accident-prone boy named Lincoln Loud, who survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of 11 children.

A spin-off series, entitled The Casagrandes, features Ronnie Anne Santiago and her extended Casagrande family living in Great Lakes City.


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Lincoln: Dang it.


Bathroom Break!![edit]

Slice of Life[edit]

Deuces Wild[edit]

12 Days of Christmas[edit]

The Loud Family: On the first day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Lori: A phone plan for me and Bobby! Bobby: (ON THE PHONE) Feliz Navidad, babe. The Loud Family: On the second day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Leni: Two turtlenecks! Ew! EW! Lori: And a phone plan for me and Bobby! The Loud Family: On the third day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Luna: Three french horns! (TOOT, TOOT, TOOT!) ROCKINNNNNN! Leni: Two turtlenecks! Lori: And a phone plan for me and Bobby! The Loud Family: On the fourth day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Luan: Four awesome pranks! (One is putting a whoopee cushion on Lori's chair, A joy buzzer on Luna's hand, Squirting flowers in Leni's eyes and slamming pie on Lincoln's face.) Luna: Three french horns! Leni: Two turtlenecks! Lori: And a phone plan for me and Bobby! The Loud Family: On the fifth day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Lynn: Five goals to score!!!! (Lynn is throwing hockey pucks.) Luan: Four awesome pranks! Luna: Three french horns! Leni: Two turtlenecks! Lori: And a phone plan for me and Bobby! The Loud Family: On the sixth day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Lincoln: Six new Ace Savvy's! (Lincoln reads it in his undies.) Lynn: Five goals to score!!!! Luan: Four awesome pranks! Luna: Three french horns! Leni: Two turtlenecks! Lori: And a phone plan for me and Bobby! The Loud Family: On the seventh day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Lucy: Seven bats-a-flying. Lynn: Five goals to score!!!! Luan: Four awesome pranks! Luna: Three french horns! Leni: Two turtlenecks! Lori: And a phone plan for me and Bobby! The Loud Family: On the eighth day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Lana: Eight tasty mud pies! (Lana throws a mud pie in the camera) Lucy: Seven bats-a-flying. Lincoln: Six new Ace Savvy's. Lynn: Five goals to score!!!! Luan: Four awesome pranks! Luna: Three french horns! Leni: Two turtlenecks! Lori: And a phone plan for me and Bobby! The Loud Family: On the ninth day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Lola: Nine pageant sashes! Lana: Eight tasty mud pies! Lucy: Seven bats-a-flying. Lincoln: Six new Ace Savvy's. Lynn: Five goals to score!!!! Luan: Four awesome pranks! Luna: Three french horns! Leni: Two turtlenecks! Lori: And a phone plan for me and Bobby! The Loud Family: On the tenth day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Lisa: Ten beakers mixing! (EXPLODES) Lola: Nine pageant sashes! Lana: Eight tasty mud pies! Lucy: Seven bats-a-flying. Lincoln: Six new Ace Savvy's. Lynn: Five goals to score!!!! Luan: Four awesome pranks! Luna: Three french horns! Leni: Two turtlenecks! Lori: And a phone plan for me and Bobby! The Loud Family: On the eleventh day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Lynn Loud Sr: (gags and removes Lily's stinky diaper) Eleven smelly diapers! Ughhh! Lily: Poo-poo! Lisa: Ten beakers mixing! Lola: Nine pageant sashes! Lana: Eight tasty mud pies! Lucy: Seven bats-a-flying. Lincoln: Six new Ace Savvy's. Lynn: Five goals to score!!!! Luan: Four awesome pranks! Luna: Three french horns! Leni: Two turtlenecks! Lori: And a phone plan for me and Bobby! The Loud Family: On the twelveth day of christmas, The Loud House gave to me... Rita: Eleven Louds a lookin. Lynn Loud Sr: KIDS! (They put away everything and they we're back to normal) Lynn Loud Sr: Eleven smelly diapers! Lisa: Ten beakers mixing! Lola: Nine pageant sashes! Lana: Eight tasty mud pies! Lucy: Seven bats-a-flying. Lincoln: Six new Ace Savvy's. Lynn: Five goals to score!!!! Luan: Four awesome pranks! Luna: Three french horns! Leni: Two turtlenecks! Lori: And a phone plan for me and Bobby! Lori: Love you too Boo-Boo Bear! The Loud Family: Merry Christmas from The Loud House! (Luna strums her guitar)

No End In Bite[edit]

Speaking Sibling[edit]

So Long, Sucker[edit]

Robot Sitcom[edit]

FriendBot 1000: I am so stoked about the Dream Boat finale.
Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms: Me too, FriendBot 1000.
Todd: [tries turning on the TV] Argh. The entertainment cube is nonfunctional.
FriendBot 1000: Should we call our landlady?
Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms: Lisa forbid us to bother her during her lab hours.
Todd: [hitting the TV, finds the plugging system unplugged] Never mind. It is just unplugged. Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms, I assume this was your doing.
Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms: [offended] Why are you always piling on me, Todd?!

The Maltese Bear[edit]

Put a Sock in It[edit]

10-Headed Beast[edit]

King of the Chair[edit]

Clyde's Two Dads[edit]

Wet, Lather, & Scrub[edit]

Muscle Fish[edit]

Right Where We Belong[edit]

Flippee Jingle[edit]

Trash Grab[edit]

[After the Loud pets lie down with full bellies from their victory dinner after locking Nacho up in a cage and putting him in the attic, Lana walks over to the door as it knocks and answers it, revealing Flip]
Flip: Muddy Loud, have you seen my raccoon compadre, Nacho? [hands Lana a missing poster of a photo of Flip hugging Nacho]
Lana: Oh, no… I'm sorry, Flip. I haven't seen him around!
Flip: [tearing up] He didn't come home tonight and I'm real worried. [sniffs sadly] He ain't never been away from the Food and Fuel this long. [hands her some of Nacho's favorite foods as the pets begin to feel guilty] I got a couple of two-day-old-taquitos, 10% real beef jerky, an extra-syrupy Flippee, and some… [sniffs] Nacho cheese if he turns up. They're his favorite.
Lana: Aw. Poor little guy. Don't worry, Flip. We'll find him. I'll help you look. [leaves with Flip as he continues to sob]
[Charles walks over to his friends with the missing poster, and they all feel guilty for locking Nacho up]

Lynn Sr.: Honey, Flip's in the backyard again!

A Crime to Dye For[edit]

Lola: Leni, quick! [enters the room; panting] French terry has dyed!
Leni: Oh, no, not French Terry! Wait, do I know French Terry? I know Terry from the mall, but--
Lola: [splashes water in her face] yourself together! Don't you understand? There has been a crime of fashion, and the culprit hit everyone in the house! [drags Leni downstairs to the living room and find the family's laundry has been dyed orange, grabs an orange dress] Look at this French terry gown from the Little Miss Spa Day Pageant!
Lynn: And my home jersey! Good thing I have an away game tonight!
Luan: We've got a dye-re situation on our hands, but I know who did it. [takes out a chores list and shows it to everyone]
[The list shows Lincoln's name on laundry duty and the family immediately turns to him]
Lincoln: AH! No! It wasn't me!
Lola: Says the fellow in the orange polo. TAKE HIM TO THE SLAMMER!
Lincoln: [as Lana drags him to cushion jail] I'm innocent! Leni, you're the clothing expert! You gotta help me!
Leni: [watching everything from the dining room; narrating] I don't know if I was getting soft, or if it was the look in that poor sap's eyes, but something about the situation smelled fishy.

[As Lincoln sits alone in cushion jail, Leni comes to visit him]
Lincoln: Leni, I couldn't have turned everyone's clothes orange! I never even took my shirt off today!
Leni: It ain't looking good for you, kid, but I've got a hunch it wasn't you who got zesty with the laundry. Now, walk me through your day.
Lincoln: It started out great! At breakfast, I cracked a joke so funny, milk shot out of Lana's nose. [flashback to breakfast] Baa-nana! [Lana snorts milk out of her nose, finding the joke hilarious; cut to him later rummaging through the fridge and takes out a meatball sub to eat; narrating] Around 11:00, I decided to grab myself a light snack from the fridge. [cut to him in the basement] Then at noon, I did the laundry. [empties the white load into the washer] After I threw in the white load, I got… distracted. [his gut rumbles and frantically rushes upstairs; end of flashback] Let's just say that the soggy meatball subs aren't as light as I thought.
Leni: [taking notes] Exactly how long were you upstairs?
Lincoln: Hmm… between 12:00 and 12:30.
Leni: Can you confirm your alibi?
Lincoln: Not sure. The house was kinda empty. The only people around were Lynn, Luan, and Mr. Coconuts.
Leni: Hmm…

Leni: Thank you all for coming. After much investigating, I've figured out that Lincoln is innocent. It was Lynn! And Luan! And Mr. Coconuts!
Mr. Coconuts: [gasps] You can't prove nothing!
Leni: Of course I can! [flashback to Lincoln doing his laundry duty when his stomach rumbles and rushes upstairs, out of the basement] Lincoln left the laundry room between 12:00 and 12:30 while the whites were washing, and when he did, the trio made their move. [Lynn, Luan, and Mr. Coconuts enter the basement, smirking slyly] First, Luan tossed her yellow socks in the wash! But yellow socks alone couldn't dye the laundry orange. That's when Lynn threw in her red jersey! [Luan adds her yellow socks in the wash and Lynn adds her red jersey and presses "start" to turn on the wash; the whites dye orange as the clothes mix] And while all this was going on, Mr. C. was acting as a lookout.
[Back to present]
Mr. Coconuts: [not seeing the problem] That story don't make a lint of sense!
Leni: Sure it does, and I've got proof. [takes out coconut-scented detergent, and the family gasps] When I interviewed Luan, I caught a whiff of something sweet. At first, I thought it was her coconut pie until I interviewed Lynn, whose jersey smelled exactly the same. Once I found the detergent, [pours some in the cap, and smells it] it all made sense.
Lana: [sniffs Lynn's jersey and Luan's socks] She's right. They smell the same!
[The three cringe, realizing they're busted]
Lincoln: But why?! Why'd you do it?!
Luan: Oh, Lincoln, isn't it obvious? [flashback to breakfast; voice-over] At breakfast this morning, you totally snagged my gag! Hey, guys! What's a sheep's favorite fruit?
Lincoln: Baa-nana!
[Lana snorts milk out of her nose and onto Luan and Mr. Coconuts's faces, finding it so hilarious]
Mr. Coconuts: [voice-over] And I had a soak in it!
Lynn: [voice-over to when she entered the kitchen and finds Lincoln eating her meatball sub, much to her anger] And then later, you ate my spicy meatball sub, which I was saving for my pre-game protein boost!
Mr. Coconuts: [voice-over] You stung us real good, kid, so we came up with a plan for revenge.
[The three smirk deviously at each other and join hands for their plan to get back at Lincoln; back to present]
Luan: We're sorry. We just wanted to get back at Lincoln for framing him. It was a bad idea, but we'll replace everyone's clothes. Promise!
Lola: Enough with the sob story. Lana, take 'em to the slammer!
Rita: Or, instead, we put them on laundry duty for the next month.
Lynn Sr.: Works for me.
Lola: I'm on board with that.
Lynn: And we'll get Lincoln something, too. How's a limited edition David Steele comic sound? [playfully elbows him] Eh?

Robot Reboot[edit]

Super Switcheroo-niverse[edit]


Spin-off episodes[edit]

The Horror-Scope[edit]

Flee Market[edit]

Ronnie Anne: [takes out her phone] One guess who it is. [answers the call]
Bobby: Hey! I told you to stay away from those Chewy Chewies! There better be 97 when I get back!
Ronnie Anne: Huh?
Bobby: And you have a code purple! Maybelle is eating grapes!
Ronnie Anne: How do you know all of that?
Bobby: Uh... Mercado instinct! Hey, did you change my music? Bobby's Mercado Mix Number 7 was carefully selected to stimulate more shopping.
Ronnie Anne: [looks at a security camera in the piñata's eye] Mercado instinct, huh? More like you're spying on us with the security camera!
Bobby: Wait! I'm not spying! What... What are you doing?! [Carl covers the camera with gum, blacking it out, as the phone hangs up] They cut me off! [worriedly freaking out] What am I gonna do?

Ronnie Anne: Bobby?
Bobby: That's right! [removes the gum off the camera] I don't appreciate being cut off! [shakes the gum off his hand] Yuck! From communication!
Ronnie Anne: Well, we didn't appreciate you spying on us. We've all helped out here and know what to do. Look around! Nothing went wrong.
Bobby: How can you say that?! The mangos smell like trout! The milk is facing the wrong way! This can is off by a centimeter!
Ronnie Anne: You're being so picky! That stuff doesn't matter!
Bobby: It matters to me! I don't need a bunch of kids coming in here and changing everything! You'll understand when you're older.
Ronnie Anne: Oh, ho, ho! I think we understand now! You're just like a Mercado run in a very specific way! [takes her apron off and gives it to her brother] So, run it yourself! [walks out]
Carl: Yeah, we quit!
CJ: We're done!
Carl: Later, jefe.

Bobby: Lori! Babe, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for tonight to turn out like this.
Lori: I can't believe you drove me all the way to the city just so you could work on our anniversary!
Bobby: That wasn't the plan. It was supposed to be a really special night. I left Ronnie Anne, Carl, and CJ in charge of the mercado, but they were messing things up! They changed the music to K-pop, and they out the mangoes by the fish.
Lori: That's it?! So they didn't upset any customers, burned the place down?
Bobby: No, but--
Lori: Bobby, everyone in your family cares about the mercado. No one would let anything truly bad happen to it.
Bobby: Right, but--
Lori: Maybe, they have their own way of doing things, and you just need to trust them.
Bobby: You're right. I'm sorry. I guess I do have a hard time giving up control of the mercado.
Lori: It's okay. You're just really passionate about what you do. And I love that about you. Also, you look cute in your pizza tux.
Bobby: Thanks, babe.


Bobby: [on video chat with Lori, showing her his injuries] These are scratches from the feral cats, and this is freezer burn from being trapped with the ice cream. Oh, and these are bruises from the pizza explosion. And I don’t know why there’s a fish in my pants! [pulls a fish out of his pants, shriveling and moaning, and tosses it aside]
Lori: Aw, my boo-boo bear is full of boo-boos. At least your adorable nose is still intact.

Ronnie Anne: Abuela, we can't just pack up and leave. Where would we even go?
Rosa: I'm sorry, mija, but we must leave ASAP.
Lori: Bobby, I'm already home for the weekend. You guys should stay with my family. Then I could literally see your Boo-Boo Bear face in person. [kisses the camera]
Bobby: You hear that, Abuela? Can we stay with the Louds? Please, please, please, please, please?
Rosa: Really, Lori? Are you sure that's OK with your family?
Lori: Oh, they'll be totally cool with it.
Rita and Lynn Sr.: We are totally not cool with it.
Lori: Come on, guys. They need our help.
Lynn Sr.: Kiddo, we'd never turn our backs on the Casagrandes, but-
Rita: There's so many of us, and so many of them, and so many of us! Maybe it would be best if we called them and- [Doorbell rings]
Lincoln: They're here, they're here, they're here! [rushes to the door]
Rita: Of course they are.
Ronnie Anne: [holding a tray of tamales as Lincoln opens the door] Hey, Lincoln!
Casagrandes: Hola, familia Loud!

CJ: See? Who needs the bathroom?
Ronnie Anne: Yeah. We have the sink all to ourselves.
[Carl, Luna, Luan, and Lola show up brushing their teeth too]
CJ: I'm brushing here.
Lola: [as her toothbrush is bumped by Carl] My princess toothbrush! How dare you!
Ronnie Anne: On the bright side, we don't have to sleep on the floor. [later, laying in Lucy's bed, sandwiched between her grandparents] On second thought, I'd rather sleep on the floor.
Frida: [in a coffin with Carlitos] At least you're not in a coffin! [freaking out in horror]
[The Casagrandes are all revealed sleeping in Lynn and Lucy's room, most in coffins]
Lucy: Goodnight. May you all sleep like the dead. [closes the door, Frida freaks out again]
Carl: [groans] I want to go back home.
Carlos: I think it's kind of fun. We can pretend to be the mummies of the ancient Pharaohs!
Frida: [shrieks] You're not helping! [closes her coffin]
[Carlota, Maria, and Lalo are sharing Lynn's bed]
Carlota: Stop drooling on me! [takes the comforter from Maria]
Maria: Hey!
[Carlota and Maria both rip the comforter while fighting over it]
Carlota: [as Sergio comes over and cuddles with her] Ugh. Are you kidding me?!
Sergio: [squawks; scared] Need a snuggle.
Ronnie Anne: Guys, it's been a long day. Let's just try to get some sleep.
Bobby: There's something in the coffin with me! [gets a kiss on the cheek from Fangs as he emerges from the coffin and screams]
[The Casagrandes all scream in panic]
Ronnie Anne: Abuela, please. We can’t stay here. It's too many people!
Rosa: Mija, it might be hard, but at least we's not in Bad Luck City.
Ronnie Anne: [as Hector falls on her off of Lucy's bed, breaking a coffin] This is worse than bad luck.

Ronnie Anne: Ugh. We gotta find a way to end this nightmare.
Carl: I miss my choo-choo sheets.
Lola: I miss you not being here.

Ronnie Anne: The only way we're going to the woods is if Abuela drags us kicking and screaming.
[Outside the Loud House, Rosa is carrying her kids kicking and screaming like Ronnie Anne said]
Frida: Carlos, do something!
Carlos: Mama, be reasonable. [His mama gives him a dirty look] Oh, I hear the woods are lovely this time of year.
[Frida sighs]
Sergio: [squawks] Mama's boy.

[The Casagrandes are all at Flip's getting gas]
Ronnie Anne: As soon as that gas tank is full, our lives will be over.
Carlota: Think they have WiFi in the woods? [Carl, CJ, and Bobby roll their eyes; groans] Couldn't you let me live in hope?!
Ronnie Anne: May as well enjoy this last bit of civilization before we become forest people, I guess. I'm going to use a real bathroom while I still can.

An Udder Mess[edit]


Rosa: [gets up from the buried pile of dirty chonies and steams with fury] No more pranks in my house! [points to the door] Fuera!
[Ronnie Anne and Sid skedaddle through the door and out of the apartment building]

Ronnie Anne: I called this truce to say we're not sure this prank thing is working out.
Sid: Nice try, Ronnie Anne, pranking me into thinking it's over. Pssh! I see you.
Ronnie Anne: Sid, I'm serious. You have some great ideas, but you can't expect to be prank master in a day. It takes time and you're... kinda sorta...
Sergio: [squawks] Wrecking the Prankaversary!
Lincoln & Ronnie Anne: [aghast] Sergio!
Sid: No, he's right.
Lincoln: Maybe you can practice and join the next year.
Sid: Yeah, totally. I was sick of pranking anyway. I just didn't want to bail on you guys. But since you're cool, I think I'll head to the zoo. [takes her box of pranks and leaves]
Ronnie Anne: Think we were too harsh?
Lincoln: Couldn't have hurt worse than getting pummeled by mangoes.
Ronnie Anne: Good point. Well, guess it's back to the prank war.

Tee'd Off[edit]

[The Casagrandes are all cleaning the floors, windows, and furniture around the apartment]
Bobby: Good morning, Abuela. I got up super early to do my part for our big day of cleaning. I'm visiting Lori at her golf college today. It's a surprise! [squirts mustard on the table and wipes it]
Rosa: She'll be so happy to see you. [annoyed] And I'll be happy when you clean with soap instead of mustard.
Bobby: Huh? Aw, man. I'll go get the ketchup to get it out.

Bobby: [tiptoeing to Lori's golf cart, trying not to be seen, sprays perfume on himself] Lori's gonna be so surprised! [gets in Lori's bag and hides with red flowers]
Ewan: Nice form, Lori! Looking good! [gives her a thumbs up and winks]
Lori: [chuckles] Thanks to all the one-on-one time you've given me.
Bobby: [heartbroken; pops the flowers] One-on-one time?! [wobbles and falls off the golf cart, rolling down towards them] Hey, babe. [chuckles]
Lori: [gasps] Bobby?
Bobby: Yep. That's right, your… [stares fiercely at Ewan] boyfriend, Bobby. [back to Lori, normally] I came to surprise you. But enough about me. Who's this guy?
Lori: This is my classmate, Ewan.
Ewan: You must be the famous [slaps Bobby on the back] Poo Poo Bear I've heard so much about.
Bobby: It's "Boo Boo Bear."
Lori: Ewan's been helping me with my game. He's literally the best golfer here.
Bobby: Nice! Helping how exactly?
Lori: Oh. With techniques like this. [makes an impression of Ewan] "Grip the club tight, Lori. Widen your stands. You're doing great!" [chuckles] That's my impersonation of Ewan.
Ewan: That is so me, Lori! [he and Lori both laugh]
Lori: Right?
Bobby: [nervously chuckles] This is all so funny for me.
Ewan: Lori's amazing. You're a lucky guy.
Bobby: Thanks, Urine.
Ewan: "Ewan".
Bobby: Urine. Got it.
Lori: [hugs Bobby] I'm so excited you're here! [sees and points to Carl and Sergio laying on a hammock] Is that Carl and Sergio?
Carl: Hey, what up double L?
Bobby: They kind of invited themselves.
Lori: Ooh, I wanna show you how much better my drive's gotten. All thanks to Ewan.
Ewan: Oh stop, Lori. You’re making me blush.
Bobby: Great. [chuckles] Well, give me a sec to check on the boys. Gotta make sure they’re behaving themselves. [walks backwards to Carl and Sergio; whispering] Did you guys see all that?! I think that guy's into Lori. And she doesn't exactly seem to hate him, either!
Carl: You're right to worry. That dude is after your girl.
Sergio: [squawks] He's hot. And you’re… you.
Bobby: [groans] This is awful! What do I do?
Carl: Relax. You just have to make him look like a chump.
Bobby: You don't think that's kinda mean?
Carl: Huh. Suit yourself. But don’t come crying to me on their wedding day.
Bobby: [shocked] Wha…?! [fading into his thoughts, he stands outside the church window, watches Ewan putting a golf-ball style ring on Lori's finger and Lori and Ewan get married as they kiss, cries in despair and slowly slides down; back to reality, grabs Carl by the collar] I'll do whatever it takes!

Lori: Oh, Boo Boo Bear, there you are.
Bobby: Babe, I just had a fantastic idea. I was thinking Ewan and I should have a friendly little golf competition, huh? To get to know each other better.
Lori: [touched] Aw, that's so sweet. But you don't play golf, Boo Boo Bear. And Ewan's undefeated.
Ewan: Guilty as charged.
Bobby: Then he can give me some pointers as we play.
Ewan: Sure, I think I can swing that.
Lori: [snaps fingers] Ooh. [she and Ewan laugh]
Bobby: [laughs harder, unable to control his annoyed anger] Well, may the best man win. [he and Ewan shake hands]
Ewan: You mean lowest score.
Bobby: Right. See, I'm learning already.

Bobby: [to Lori] You and Ewan were getting so close, I was afraid I'd lose you. So I made Ewan look bad. I'm so sorry, Lori... and Ewan... and everyone.
Lori: Bobby, that's ridiculous. I love you so much, I would never leave you for Ewan. Or anyone.
Bobby: Really?
Lori: Of course, Boo Boo Bear.
[The crowd goes in awe as they kiss]
Ewan: So, I'm not awful at golf then? I still got it?
Coach Niblick: Of course, [chuckles] I knew it all along. I was just kidding before. [Sits up, begging] Please don't leave us, Ewan.
Ewan: Relax, Coach. I'm not going anywhere.

[Sunset at the Fairway University entrance, Bobby and Lori hug each other goodbye]
Bobby: I'll miss you so much, babe.
Lori: Oh, I'll miss you even more, Boo Boo Bear.
Bobby: [dials his phone after kissing with Lori] Hi, Abuela. We're just heading back.
Carl: [snatches his phone; feigning sadness] Abuela! We missed the whole day of cleaning. Oh, it's so sad!
Rosa: Cheer up, mijo. I saved your chores for you. Good luck getting out of it this time, muchachos.
Sergio: [squawks] I'm outta here!
Carl: [reaching out] Take me with you!

Kick Some Bot[edit]

Adelaide: Mom, Sid. Mom. Guess what? My unicorn princess outfit won first place for Cutest Cosplay! [holds up a 1st place ribbon]
Becca: Honey, that is the most amazing news I've ever heard. I'm so proud of you!
Adelaide: Thanks. I deserved it. Look at me! [pulls a string on her party horn, shooting out confetti and lands on Sid]
Becca: I'll add this ribbon to the Adelaide Wall of Fame.
Sid: Keep some shelf space open for me. I finished a whole slice of pizza in one bite. It took a lot of courage in mouth space, but I didn't give up. [stretches her mouth open wide]
Becca: Wow, a whole slice.

Sid: [while braiding Ronnie Anne's hair] My mom was giving Adelaide all the attention, and I was sitting there like, "Hello? I'm your daughter too."
Ronnie Anne: Ugh. Sounds rough. I'm impressed with your pizza eating abilities.
Sid: Thanks, but I feel like I have to do something big to make her proud of me. Ooh! I know! Maybe I'll eat two slices of pizza in one bite! Hit me, Breakfast Bot! [stretches her mouth wide open and Breakfast Bot stuffs the two pizza slices into her mouth] Pretty impressive, right?
Ronnie Anne: Uh, that's cool, but you're also awesome with robots.
Breakfast Bot: You know it, girl.
Ronnie Anne: [holding up her phone] And look! There's a Robotics Competition coming up right here in Great Lakes City!
Sid: Winning that would definitely impress my mom! [burps]
Ronnie Anne: [groans from the smell] Too bad there isn't a Strongest Pepperoni Burp Competition.

Sid: From the looks of things, I could actually win this.
Lisa: [showing up; clears throat] Maybe you need your vision checked because your competition just got stiffer.
Sid: Lisa Loud?! I subscribed to your monthly newsletter! You're competing too?
Lisa: Yep. [presses her wrist watch] Todd, initiate grand entrance. [Todd emerges from the smoke cloud and zooms off with his name written in cloud form, as Sid watches in shock with her jaw dropped] May the best bot win.

[Maybelle and MangoBot get eliminated from the competition after Mangobot failed to show off his cleaning skill]
Maybelle: We'll get 'em next time, MangoBot.
MangoBot: [sadly] Mango.

[Vito and Robbie are eliminated from the competition after Robbie failed to make a dunk in the basketball hoop]
Vito: Let's get you some ice cream.
Robbie: Rocky Road always cheers me up.

Breakfast Bot: [presenting his plate of a stacked pancakes to the judges during the semifinal challenge] I make this look and taste good.
Judge #1: [amazed] Ah, looks delicious!
Judge #3: Wow!

Sid: Todd even outdid us at breakfast, and you're Breakfast Bot! This is gonna be harder than we thought.
Breakfast Bot: This isn't your best pep talk.

Lisa: Todd, initiate guitar riff.
[Todd wheels up on stage and makes an incredible riffing on his keyboard guitar]
Sid: Those are some sweet riffs. But we can beat that, Breakfast Bot.
Lisa: Todd, initiate drums.
[Todd takes out an electric drum set and plays both his instruments]
Sid: All right, he can do both at the same time. But we're still not done for.
Lisa: Todd, initiate rap.
Todd: [rapping] ♪ T-O-Double D / Can't you see I'm on a mission? / Coming in hot about to win this competition / Did I say something wrong? / 'Cause you look kind of annoyed / Well, I guess that's what you get / When you try to beat an android ♪
Sid: Ugh, why's it got to be so catchy?! [turns to Breakfast Bot, who's jamming out to the electronic music, snaps him out of it] Stop it! We got to focus. We haven't even picked your talent yet.
Lisa: Initiate mic-drop finale.

Breakfast Bot: [putting on a Lucha wrestling mask] Activate Lucha Fight Mode!
Sid: Oh, no! I didn't realize I put the lucha disc in there! It's programmed to wrestle all the other robots!

Phantom Freakout[edit]

Maria: [entering the living room with Rosa; impressed with her daughter and Sid's dancing] That was great, girls. Your hard work practicing these dances all week has really paid off.
Rosa: Even I know the moves now. Hip, hip, double heart fingers.
Sid: No one can resist a 12 is Midnight bop. It's a fact.
Ronnie Anne: And now we've got every one of 12 is Midnight's signature moves down. [she and Sid hold each other and jump while squealing] I still can't believe you won us the chance to be extras in their next music video! Talk about luck.
Sid: Luck and about 300 boxes of 12 is Midnight After Dark Cocoa Cereal.

Ronnie Anne: Yeesh. You sure about this place?
Sid: Yup, it's the old Great Lakes City Concert Hall.
Ronnie Anne: Well, it's definitely old.
Sid: Let's call it character. [the doors creak open by themselves] So much character. And not spooky at all. Come on!

Director: We're on a tight schedule today. There's no room for mistakes. [Ronnie Anne and Sid bump into her] Oof! You must be the fan club contest winners. Let me guess, you ate a lot of cereal.
Sid: You got that right. [burps out some marshmallows]

Sid: This is not going the way I planned, but I did get to smell Yoon Kwan just now, so it's kind of going how I planned.
[Everyone jump screams as someone's phone starts ringing]
Ronnie Anne: [takes her phone out her pocket, getting a call from Lincoln; answers the call, revealing Lincoln and Clyde in a car] Hey, Linc. Hey, Clyde. What's up?
Lincoln: Hey, Ronnie Anne. Clyde and I are in Great Lakes City with his dads. Want to hang out later?
Ronnie Anne: Can't make it, Linc. Sid and I are at the Great Lakes City Concert Hall. We're gonna be extras in a 12 is Midnight music video.
Clyde: Oh! I love their smooth tunes!
Lincoln: Cool. How's it going so far?
Ronnie Anne: Well, we haven't gotten to film anything yet because weird things keep happening on the set.
Lincoln and Clyde: What kind of weird things?
Ronnie Anne: The lights keep flashing.
Sid: There's mysterious piano sounds. Also, some stuff is floating.
Ronnie Anne: Wait, when was that?
Sid: Oh, right now.
[Everyone runs out of the concert hall, screaming]
Clyde: These are all the classics signs of a haunting.
Lincoln: We'll be right over.
Clyde: [to his dads] Dads, change of plans. GLC Concert Hall, stat! Please and thank you.

Director: Uh, [scoffs] you're the ghost hunting professionals? How old are you?
Lincoln: Old enough to know you've got a category-three poltergeist. Go ahead and do your thing, and we'll do ours.
Director: Okay. Come on, people. Art stops for nothing. Tie down some of those lights. We're gonna make this work! Action!

Yoon Kwan: AH! MY HAIR! That's it! I'm finding this ghost and giving it a piece of my mind!
Sid: Well, this one was more our fault, but I like where you're going with this, Yoonie. Let's get this ghost.
12 is Midnight: Yeah!
[They see the ghost's lights shining through the storage room door again]
Ronnie Anne: It's in the storage room again. Let's go!
Woo-Yeon: Uh, guys, I'm still in the hole.

Sid: [as Woo-Yeon is turned into a French horn] NO! Woo-Yeon! [tearfully] He was so young, but now he's a French horn-- although a handsome French horn.
Ronnie Anne: Everyone, run! Before we're all turned into instruments!

Yoon Kwan: [jumps and holds onto Jun-Soo's legs as the ghost picks him up] Don't you dare! We need Jun-Soo, or else our dance formation will be totally off!
Jun-Soo: Excuse me?
Yoon Kwan: And because we love Jun-Soo, and he's irreplaceable.

Ronnie Anne: Listen. We're all going to be turned into instruments if we don't do something. We have to figure out who this ghost is and what it wants.
Lincoln: Well, we know this ghost likes the color blue.
Sid: And he was playing music earlier. Maybe that's a clue.
Yoon Kwan: Wasn't the director filming rehearsal? We could check playback.
Sid: [dreamily] Gorgeous and brilliant.
Ronnie Anne: We'll have to get back to the stage though.

Ronnie Anne: [reading the plaque on the wall] "Born in Mexico in 1801, Narciso Grillo was the first renowned composer of the Great Lakes City Music Hall, where he wrote all of his favorite symphonies."
Yoon Kwan: That's it? It doesn't tell us how to stop him from turning us into instruments? Agh. Dumb plaque.

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