The Loud House (season 8)

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The Loud House (2016–present) is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic everyday life of an accident-prone boy named Lincoln Loud, who survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of 11 children.

Episode 1


Homeward Bound [8.1a]

Lincoln: [to the viewers] It's a big day in the Loud House. Lori's taking a gap year from college and moving back home while she decides if golf is really her future. Which is awesome because Lori's always kinda been the glue that holds us together. Even Mr. Grouse is psyched.

Lincoln: This is terrible!
Lynn: The worst!
Lana: It stinks!
Lincoln: We just got Lori back. We can't lose her again so fast. There has to be some way to get her to stay.
Lucy: We can lock in a coffin in the basement.
Lisa: Or use the numbing properties of jellyfish venom to incapacitate her. [accidentally drops the venom on her foot, causing her to fall on the floor and have an injury]

Pressure Cooker [8.1b]

Lincoln: [to the viewers] It's the monthly potluck at Sunset Canyon, which I love, because they always serve my favorite meal: One of everything!

Episode 2


Steeling Thunder [8.2a]


Be Careful What You Fish For [8.2b]

Lynn Sr.: [inhales deeply and sighs] Smell that beautiful lake air, son?
Lincoln: [inhales deeply, then gags] Ugh. It smells really… [gets hit by a swinging fish and lands on the dock with his back before Lynn Sr. helps him get back up] Fishy.
Lance & Shiloh: Louds!
Lincoln & Lynn Sr.: Louds!
[Shiloh happily tackles Lincoln and two adult brothers fist bump]
Leonard: Louds! I'm so excited to catch some fish and family bonding on this trip! [hugs his adult sons and grandsons tightly]
Lynn Sr.: Us too! [to Lincoln and Shiloh] You know, boys, when Lance and I were kiddos, Gramps was always out at sea, earning a living. We never went on fishing trips.
Leonard: But now I get to make up for lost time.

Episode 3


Only Mime Will Tell [8.3a]


The Winning Spirit [8.3b]


Episode 4


InTODDnito [8.4a]

Darcy: Hey, Lisa. I wanted to invite you to my birthday party on Saturday! You're my bestie, you have to come! [gives Lisa her birthday invitation]
Lisa: Of course, Darcy. That's what besties are for, at least according to the latest sociological studies.
Darcy: Yippee! Have you seen Petey? I want to invite him too.
Lisa: He's over there, recovering from his contribution to science.
Petey: [landed in a sandbox; groaning weakly as he sits up] I'm okay!
Darcy: [runs off] Thanks, bestie!
Lisa: [opens the invitation and gets her face covered in confetti] Mental note: Invent confetti defense shield.

Todd: [as Lisa digs around in her drawer in the closet] So, should I decline Darcy's invite and liquidate it?
Lisa: [sighs] No, I can't do that to my bestie. I don't want to hurt her feelings. Hmm. Maybe I can clone myself so I can be in both places at once. [gasps] Or cryogenically freeze Darcy so she doesn't age, thus eliminating the need for her birthday party. Now, where did I put my freeze ray? [looks at Todd, wearing her glasses and wig; gasps] Todd, that's an even better idea! You can disguise yourself as me and go to the party while I go live it up with Dr. B.
Todd: There is just one problem. I am way taller than you.
Lisa: Eh, a minor setback. I'll take care of that. [takes out a drill and a pair of safety goggles]
Todd: Gulp.
[After working all night, Lisa has reconstructed Todd down to her height and dresses him up as her]
Lisa: And we are finished! [gasps] It's like looking in a mirror.
Todd: Twinsies. [he and Lisa high-five but stumbles and the glasses almost fall off]
Lisa: You'd better not move around too much, we wouldn't want your disguise to fall off like that mid-party. [gasps and takes out her tablet] Ooh, I also cloned my voice, let me upload it to you now so you can give it a try.
Todd: Ahem. [talks in a slightly tone of Lisa's voice] Hi, I'm Lisa. I have a high IQ. I think I'm so much smarter than everyone.
Lisa: Eh, a tad sassy, but accurate. Just to be safe, I'll be monitoring you with a camera and speakers.

Weather or Not [8.4b]