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Family Guy is an animated television series created by Seth MacFarlane for FOX in 1999. The show was cancelled in 2002, but after extremely positive response to DVDs and reruns on Adult Swim, production of new episodes for FOX resumed in 2005.

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Pilling Them Softly[edit]

Brian: [referring to George R. R. Martin] God, he must be the coolest fat guy in a train conductor's cap in the world!

Quagmire: How do you think NBA players get all those chicks? They're all great cooks. Except Kobe Bryant. His secret is different.

Quagmire: [referencing an awful Korean Taco] Ugggh! This tastes like Ani DiFranco after a bike ride!

Stewie: [seductively to a little girl at nap time in school] Hey? You up? Guess where I have a crayon?

Papa Has a Rollin' Son[edit]

Bud: Thanks for the ride along. I liked it when you sentenced those two girls to kiss each other.
Peter: Yeah, all girls are lesbians when you point a gun at them.

Brian: Hey, what are you doing home so early?
Stewie: He's following me, Brian.
Brian: Who's following you?
Stewie: Tom Cruise. I spent one afternoon with the guy and it's like I signed an eight year contract to show up at events with him and let him fake-father a child.
Brian: Stewie, I would think Tom Cruise has better things to do than follow you around.
Stewie: Oh really, well explain that. [points at Tom Cruise outside]
Brian: You know, it's times like this where I think, if I didn't talk and you were a normal baby, we wouldn't have any of these problems.

Guy, Robot[edit]

Peter: We act like we don't take a lot from The Simpsons, but we take a lot from The Simpsons.

Peter: I like to eat a big bowl of berries before I go to sleep.

Peternormal Activity[edit]

Stewie: You are just horrible. You're even worse than those people who take dumps in the shower.
[cut to Meg taking a shower]
Meg: What? Why are you cutting to me? What did somebody say? Whatever they say I do, I don't do.

[the guys hear a scream and turn to Peter who is holding his smartphone]
Peter: Sorry, somebody e-mailed me a video of a sheep screaming.

Lois: Last night, you left your dirty dishes in the sink. It's disgusting. [Peter slowly starts to pull a knife out of its holder, slowly slides it back in, but starts to pull it back out as Lois continues] So I did half and I left the other half for you.

Brian: It's just when you've read as many books as I have [chuckles] it takes a toll, you know?
Stewie: Are you sure it's not from watching too much close-up porn on your phone?

Peter: What if God is a serial killer? He lowers the average lifespan of humans to 65 and three are many exceptions based on genetics and diet.
Cleveland: That's stupid. I ain't never heard of somebody live to 65.

Peter, Chris, & Brian[edit]

Peter: I'm very easily influenced by music.

[Brian and Chris return from biking]
Chris: Apologies for being so tardy.
Peter: Ah, Chris, you're not tardy. We tested you twice.

Peter's Sister[edit]

Peter: [demonic voice] I see the six stations of the Lord's order, and they will all burn!

Hot Pocket-Dial[edit]

Carter: I couldn't figure out how to use your oven, so I destroyed it in a blind rage.

Quagmire: Peter's a good friend. Not like Cleveland.

Peter: Or you can pull the hose out of the bucket and let the hose run free.

Peter: There are gaps in my knowledge. This is hardly news.

Lois: The secret to happiness is burying all your true feelings and living a life of bland compromise.

Brokeback Swanson[edit]

Brian: [trying to pick up Tori] You know, some people are okay with a drive-through car wash. Me, I'm a fan of the hand job.

[Stewie observes Brian on a leash held by a strange man]
Stewie: Brian? What are you doing on a leash? And who's that?
Brian: [quietly] Shhh, be cool. This is the guy whose wife I'm banging.
Stewie: Oh, what a romantic way to put it.
Brian: Yeah, it's great. I just pretend to be their dog, and then when he leaves for work, I get to go to the "pound" if you know what I mean.

A Shot in the Dark[edit]

Cleveland: You want the media to go away? Just mention black on black crime.

Brian: I'm just saying. It's no surprise that justice isn't colorblind.

Brian: I don't think it's lost on any of us that the laws are written on white paper.

Peter's Lawyer: Don't worry, Mr. Griffin. You're every bit as sympathetic as this chubby-cheeked coco angel.

Joe: Public opinion has shifted, and the boys upstairs said they can no longer ignore it.
Peter: Who the hell are the boys upstairs?

Peter: Lois, I am an unelected vigilante and take my job very seriously.

Candy, Quahog Marshmallow[edit]

[the guys watch Quagmire's Korean soap opera]
Peter: Wow, that girl's hot.
Quagmire: That's a guy.
Peter: That other guy's handsome.
Quagmire: That's a girl.
Peter: That cat is cute.
Quagmire: That's a dog.

Quagmire: Wow, this is even more pussy than I can handle!
Cleveland: [thinking] Is he gonna say "giggity"? Should I say "giggity"? Are other people allowed to say "giggity"? [talking] Giggity.
Peter: What?
Cleveland: [mumbles] Nothing, it's stupid.

The Peanut Butter Kid[edit]

[Peter leads the family in prayer]
Peter: Dear God, it's the Griffins. Again, we're very sorry we cyber-bullied that girl to death, but we still want a snowmobile. Today though, please let there be money in our bank account. Amen.
Family: Amen.

Peter: Hey, Lois, check out what I found with my metal detector.
[empties a bag full of Purple Hearts]
Lois: Are those...are those Purple Hearts?
Peter: Yeah, some idiot buried like 100 of them in this big lawn underneath bone cages.
Lois: Peter! I think you desecrated a military graveyard!
Brian: Hey, guys, there are four jeeps outside our house.

Scammed Yankees[edit]

[Peter and Carter are having a boring time at the Griffin home]
Carter: Now what do you want to do?
Peter: Well, we could watch porn. Have you heard of porn? Is that something you're aware of?
Carter: [excited] You have postcards from France?

Carter: Tear it all down, now! Or I'm cancelling Kwanzaa.
Thug: What is "Kwanzaa"?
Carter: Ha! I knew it wasn't real.

An App a Day[edit]

[Quagmire is arguing with the other guys about the name of a song]
Cleveland: Guys, calm down. There's one way to solve this. I'll just use my phone.
[Cleveland samples the song]
Cleveland: It says ""Around the World", by Daft Punk."
Quagmire: Thank you! God, you idiots are exhausting.
Peter: Hey, Cleveland, how'd you do that with your phone?
Joe: I am not an idiot.
Cleveland: I used Shazam. It recognizes songs and tells you their names.
Peter: Yeah? Hey, what if I farted into it?
Cleveland: I don't know. Be my guest.
[Peter farts into it]
Peter: It says "Lana Del Rey."

Lois: What are you doing?
Peter: Well, I just found out about these things called Apps, so that's kind of all I do now.

Underage Peter[edit]

Tricia: Joyce, I'm standing here on the streets of Quahog, where citizens are feeling the effects of the city's new drinking law.
R.J.: I was going to bone my girlfriend, but she told me that if there wasn't vanilla vodka involved, there was no way.

Peter: [whistling after Brian] Come here, boy! Come on!
Brian: [happily wagging his tail] Hey, what's up? We going for a ride in the car?
Peter: No, I had question for ya.
Brian: Don't EVER fucking do that unless you have a car ride to offer...!

A Lot Going on Upstairs[edit]

Stewie: I want you to come inside me while I'm asleep.
Brian: No, don't. Don't say it like that.
Stewie: And once you're in my dream, your job is to stop these nightmares by finding that monster and killing him! This isn't a job for the meek, Brian. When you get in there, you've got to be hard.
Brian: Okay, but that felt intentional.

[inside Stewie's dream, Brian and Stewie happen upon a jumbo-sized Tom Tucker at Channel 5 News]
Tom: Adult stuff. Adult stuff. Adult stuff. The world is scary. Adult stuff. Adult stuff. Scary people yelling in another part of the world. Adult stuff.
Stewie: [screams] I wish Mom wouldn't watch the news in front of me!
[he and Brian flee]
Tom: Coming up, a map with a hurricane on it, and you don't know your states yet!

The Heartbreak Dog[edit]

[Peter discovers that Brian kissed Bonnie]
Peter: What?!
Brian: I know, I know. It was a huge mistake. Let's just do two or three high-fives and forget it ever happened.

Principal Shepherd: Good morning, children. It's that time of the year again to fullfill your community service requirements by signing up for volunteer work.
Meg: Do we get to choose our own jobs?
Principal Shepherd: No, no no no. The jobs will be assigned randomly, but the cooler and prettier students have the better jobs. For instance, blond chick on third row will wash my car this afternoon. While Little Miss Frumpkin with all the questions will work in an old folks home.
Meg: Is Frumpkin good?
Principal Shepherd: [chuckles] NO. No.

Take a Letter[edit]

Peter: Before you read that, you need to know one thing. I'm the one who's been throwing out your beige bras. Guys don't like beige bras.

Peter: Gretchen? Wow. You look great.
Gretchen: Yeah. I didn't have kids, so...

Stewie: Hey, it's Stewie. All I know about cars is what my mom does.

Cleveland: Grab that letter opener over there. I'm going to show you why you should never mail cash.

Peter: Is that the one where they make him dress in little shorts and hats like the guy from AC/DC?
Brian: Yeah. Why does he wear that outfit?
Peter: 'Cuz he rocks!

Cleveland: I'd be happy to get you an interview. And as a white woman, you'd be the minority here. Unless you're an alcoholic.

The New Adventures of Old Tom[edit]

Shelby: I know I'm a nerd, but I have a thing for rich guys.

Stewie: I ate a dime once. It became a manhole cover for like three days, then pow!

Bonnie: I've never seen a bulge in the front of a man's pants before.

Lois: Did you see that sweet new piece of ass, Dallas Portland?
Bonnie: Oh, I don't know. Why don't you ask my index and middle finger?

Chris Griffin: You know, Brian, this wouldn't have happened if you were just honest with women and had an ounce of integrity!
Brian Griffin: Don't pull rank on me! You ate a ring, you worthless tub of crap!
Chris Griffin: Yeah? Well, who's gonna fish through a tub of crap soon, you unemployed butt-munch!
Stewie Griffin: Whoa, whoa! Let's calm down, guys!
Chris Griffin: SHUT UP, you unemployed butt-munch!
Stewie Griffin: Okay, he found a burn he likes.

Run, Chris, Run[edit]

Stewie: Oh my God. They just elected him out of pity, because they think he's mentally challenged.
Brian: Kind of like we did with George W. Bush, huh? Right?
Stewie: [loud sigh] I guess. I guess, Brian. I don't...I don't know. Let's just watch some commercials now.

Brian: They have security guards in the bathroom. We live in such a culture of fear now.

Stewie: Shut up, hat, that's my brother. They're not gonna mess with him. He's the man. He's got real Griffin beef in his trousers.

Peter: Cleveland, you didn't tell us you had plans with Jerome.
Cleveland: Some things are my business. You don't tell me when you play with yourself.
Peter: If you checked my Twitter feed, I wouldn't have to.

Quagmire: You know, this is great, guys. Drinking and eating garbage. I'm glad we all took a mental health day.

Neil: Well, Chris, looks like another day of nobody joining us for lunch.
Chris: Yeah, we never should have let that blind girl touch our faces.

Road to India[edit]

[Brian is talking about his broken to computer to Padma over the phone]
Padma: So, what seems to be the problem?
Brian: Well, one problem I have is that I have too much money.
Padma: Then why don't you just buy a new computer?
Brian: What? ... Uh, ... I ...
Padma: Oh, I am just bursting your balls.

Brian: People in love an overcome anything.
Stewie: I guess you're right. I mean look at Jeb Bush and his wife.
[cutaway to Jeb Bush and his wife]
Jeb: Honey, do you think I'll ever become president?
[screen pans out, revealing Consuela to be portraying the role of Columba]
Consuela: No ... no ... no.
[back to Brian and Stewie]
Brian: [angry] Stewie!
Stewie: What? It's just a joke.
Brian: Yeah, but come on!
Stewie: Look it up, man. Google her!
Brian: [admittedly] I know what she looks like.

Stewie: I can't believe we're really in India. Oh, look over there. Those cute little kids are playing Cowboys and Indians and Indians.
[three kids are seen pretending to be a cowboy, a Native American Indian, and an Indian]
Kid #1: I'm gonna shoot you with my six-gun.
Kid #2: I'm gonna shoot you with my bow and arrow.
Kid #3: I'm just going to stand here, wearing a shirt that appears to be a jacket.

[Brian and Padma meet in person for the first time]
Padma: Brian?
Brian: Padma!
Padma: Why are you here?
Brian: Because I was having technical difficulties with my heart.
Stewie: Ugh, 16 hours on a plane and that's what you came up with?

[Stewie makes a pun about New Delhi]
Stewie: Let's go get sandwiches at that "new deli" I keep hearing about. [Ganesha performs a rimshot] Thanks, Ganesha.

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