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Family Guy is an animated television series created by Seth MacFarlane for FOX in 1999. The show was cancelled in 2002, but after extremely positive response to DVDs and reruns on Adult Swim, production of new episodes for FOX resumed in 2005.

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Emmy-Winning Episode[edit]

Peter: Family Guy has been around since 1999 and whenever it's time for the Emmys, they don't give us one. I'm sick of it.
Lois: Well, I'm not making another episode with The Simpsons. What did that give us? I'll tell you what it got us. More ink for The Simpsons.
Peter: Yeah. [reads newspapers] Simpsons plays down to competition, Simpsons step into the sewer, shame on you, Simpsons. [jealous] Those lucky bastards.

[Lois is reglected to the role of delivery person as Sofía Vergara takes her place in an attempt to win an Emmy]
Lois: [warning Peter as he shuts the door] Forget the freakin' Emmy. If you touch her ass, I'm...

[Stewie and Brian play the roles of Mitch and Cameron from Modern Family]
Stewie: I think gender reassignment surgery is very brave and the fat man should win some kind of award for it.
Brian: [correcting him] The fat woman.
Stewie: He hasn't chopped it off yet.
Brian: That doesn't matter. Peter already identifies as a woman.
Stewie: And on Karaoke night, I identify as George Michael. That doesn't mean it's true.

[Tricia plays the role of Lily Tucker-Pritchett from Modern Family]
Tricia: Daddies, I'm standing here, delivering my line with more emotion and less of a monotone than the actual Lily on Modern Family.

Peter: You guys aren't supporting my choice?
Quagmire: Well, what do you expect, Peter, I mean a sex change operation? Why are you doing this?
Peter: I'll tell you why I'm doing all of this. For me. M E. M E. I'm doing it for Emm-my.

Foxx in the Men House[edit]

[Peter goes to the bathrooms at the Chinese restaurant, but doesn't understand the themed gender labels]
Peter: Huh, samurai or geishas ... Which one am I? I'll just wait 'til somebody else goes in. [two Asian people with unidentifiable genders go into both bathrooms] Well, that wasn't helpful.

Anthropologie Store Owner: Sir, sir, there's nothing you can possibly imagine, that's strange or useless enough, that we don't have it here at Anthropologie.

[Peter watches two girls taking a dump, in the bathroom of a tennis club]
Peter: Deuce.

Nanny Goats[edit]

TV Announcer: We now return to The Last Man on Earth, plus these other 16 people, with more showing up every day.
Peter: Aw, no way they'll pull this off. A show with just one character and an unlimited number of other characters?

[Peter loudly plays a drum set]
Peter: FYI, my mom's not picking me up for a long time, because... [performs a drum roll] She's dead!

[Peter gets a message on his phone]
Peter: Oh, boy. Amber alert. Stewie was last seen with a goat in a 98 Toyota Tercel, heading north on I-95.
Carter: How do you turn those off, by the way?

Natalia: Next book, Everybody Poops... Blood.

Peter: Give me two of those round balls of butter and a bread stick. You'll see where I'm heading with this. Okay, look, look, look. [makes a phallic shape with the food] Here's what you want. [bites the bread stick in half] Here's what you got.

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