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The Simpsons (1989–present) is an American animated sitcom broadcast by the Fox Broadcasting Company created by Matt Groening. The series is a satirical depiction of American life, epitomized by the Simpson family.

Habeas Tortoise[edit]

Helen Lovejoy: I've noticed lately that people have been putting up quite a few little DIY free libraries all over town.
Homer [to Marge] What's DIY stands for?
Lisa: Do it yourself.
Homer: I'm trying to, but I can't.

One Angry Lisa[edit]

Homer: Mmm...jelly legs.

Lisa the Boy Scout[edit]

[Homer is mowing the lawn when Flanders opens his window]
Ned: I wouldn't mean to be unneighborly but would you know what happened to my old nostril skirt?
Homer: Mustache, you say? Hmm, let me think? Stroking this goatee I've always had... stroking stroking.
Ned: That's it!
[he throws a necklace with a cross on it out the window, angrily]
Ned: Boys, we're Jewish now.
Rodd: L'chaim!
Todd: To life!

The King of Nice[edit]

Not It[edit]

Krusty: I blame cancel culture.

Mrs. Gumble: [to Barney] Have fun playing in the gutter!

Barney Gumble: It's floating. It's still floating! This is fun to me. I love you, paper boat!

Krusto: I'm Krusto, the dino clown in the whole wide world.
Barney: Uh, people who have to tell you they're funny usually aren't can I get my boat back, sewer dino clown?.

Treehouse of Horror XXXIII[edit]

From Beer to Paternity[edit]

Step Brother from the Same Planet[edit]

Lisa: I'll sleep when I'm nine.

When Nelson Met Lisa[edit]

Nelson: Remember that principal we arrested for matricide?
Lisa: [gasps] Skinner killed his mother?
Nelson: No, mattress-cide. He ripped the tag off his mattress.

Ralph: The church is eating me.

Game Done Changed[edit]

Top Goon[edit]

Nelson: From up here the wads look like ants.
Moe: Hey, you wanna drop pickled eggs on 'em?
Nelson: Sure! [Moe hands Nelson a jar of pickled eggs to drop on people]
Moe: Yeah, Duff lets me use their blimp 'cause I buy up all the booze that the employees drown in.
Nelson: Pretty sweet for a couple of scuzzes.
Moe: Yeah, it's a big world down there, kid. And when its back is turned, you can steal anything you want from it. [Looks down as Nelson continues to drop the eggs] Ooh, that egg just hit a cop's horse. Floor it, Jimmy! Floor it!
[Jimmy revs the blimp and hightails it away from danger]

My Life as a Vlog[edit]

The Many Saints of Springfield[edit]

Rod, Todd: I found a pregnancy test. Yay!

Carl Carlson Rides Again[edit]

Carl: Don't talk about Moe's. Don't talk about Moe's.


[At home, Bart is scolded by Homer and Marge for defacing library books]
Marge: Thanks to your little prank, 25 library books were ruined. Haven't we told you that books are precious?
Homer: I'm afraid to count how many times I've said that.
Bart: No, you weren't even there. I was just trying to make it fun for the kid. You never take my side.
Homer: Side? Get a load of this kid with a side. [Scolding Bart] How dare you defend yourself? You are the destroyer!

Hostile Kirk Place[edit]

Pin Gal[edit]

Fan-ily Feud[edit]

Write Off This Episode[edit]

The Very Hungry Caterpillars[edit]

Clown V. Board of Education[edit]

Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass[edit]

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