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The Serfsons[edit]

[Marge cooks food for her family]
Homer: Aw, water soup again?
[Marge knocks out a three eyed crow and adds it to the soup]
Marge: Now, it's crow soup.
Homer: Ooh, I call an eye!
Lisa: Me too!
Bart: Me three!
Marge: And Maggie gets the break.
[Marge plucks the beak out and gives it to Maggie]
Maggie: Aaaeeey! Uh-Ah!
[Maggie uses the beak as a passy and sucks on it]

Lisa: Lousy nobles. We serfs are starving, while they're feasting and jousting and posing for tapestries, where they're friends with a unicorn. As if any unicorn would like them. Unicorns like nice people. I'm a nice person.

[Homer pokes his father's spider web, looking for his mother-in-law's]
Grandpa: Son, is that you?
Homer: No.

Springfield Splendor[edit]

Whistler's Father[edit]

Homer: Isn't this great, daddy baby alone time. Where's daddy? Peek-a-boo.
Marge: Well, what do you think of my late pick-up room?
Julius: It's wonderful, hard to believe it's the same room they found all those dead rats in.

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