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Atlantis SquarePantis is the 92nd episode of the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. This episode is a made-for-television musical comedy special directed by Andrew Overtoom. It stars Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, Rodger Bumpass, Clancy Brown, Carolyn Lawrence, and Mr. Lawrence. Atlantis SquarePantis originally aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on November 12, 2007, following a 12-hour-marathon of SpongeBob SquarePants episodes. In the film, SpongeBob (voiced by Kenny) and Patrick (voiced by Fagerbakke) discover a half of an ancient medallion that helps them and their friends get to the lost city of Atlantis.







SpongeBob: [singing] The sun must set at the end of every day. [the sun sets and pops]
And the curtain must fall at the end of every play. [a curtain made of bubble soap drops down behind Patrick and pops. SpongeBob floats up on a bubble. He is surrounded by lots of other bubbles]
And every little bubble ever blown must someday pop. [all of the bubbles pop. SpongeBob falls]
Patrick: [singing] Like presents on Christmas Day.
It doesn't seem to stay. Or a cheese souffle.
It doesn't last all day.
SpongeBob: I will try again...
Backup Singers: Try again...
SpongeBob: ...To blow a bubble...
Backup Singers: To blow a bubble...
SpongeBob: ...That will last all daaaaay.
Backup Singers: To blow a bubble that will last...
Patrick: All day.

SpongeBob: Sing? Sing a song? A song of wanting to move along! [The van rises up and floats in mid-air. SpongeBob sings off-key] To a land where all our dre-e. [The van rises up and floats in mid-air. SpongeBob sings off-key] Whoops, sorry. To a land where all our dreeeeeams, can finally come true. [The van rises up high. It makes a hole in the roof]
A bubble I long for, that so eludes me, but soon enough I will seeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Mr. Krabs: [singing] Well that's just splendid boy!
A land where it rains money!
More than you can spend.
With 5s and 10s and fifties and I'll want to be your friend.
Plankton: [singing] Ha, ha ha. Such a valiant desire - hehehe.
The lost weapons of Atlantis - the most advanced of all time.
As soon as this dopey song is done I plan to make them miiiiine!
Sandy: Did you all hear something? [singing] I can hardly believe that there's a lost city where having smarts is more important-than being pretty! [Sandy makes a clone of herself]
With all their advanced science, and my painfully large mind!
Sandy Clone: [singing] I bet we can figure out how to make wondrous things, like melons with edible rinds! [they dig in on watermelon. Juice gets on the screen and transitions to Squidward playing piano]
Squidward: [singing] As a connoisseur of fine art, I'm proud to say!
I've always seen things in my own special way!
'Art'-lantis with their glorious aesthetics, I'll cop their style in a while- my art will be prophetic!
Patrick: I'm Patrick, I'm Patrick, Patrick-Patrick-Patrick!
And I like um, uuuuh... [stops singing]
I don't know what I like.

Sandy: [singing] Look out, germs.
The end is here, your days are numbered, 'cause Sandy's here!
I'll get these germs, and make 'em pay, with some good old fashioned ka-rah-tey.
If I borrow some elements from the periodic table I can mix up a brew that is sure to disable any virus, bug, or sniffle that steps into my path and make them feel my mi-cro-sco-pic wrath! Hi-yah!

Plankon: [singing] Oh, what a beautiful sight!
Weapons as far as the eye can see, but which one will be right for me?
How do I pick, which one will do the trick, which is best to guarantee eternal rest?
So many weapons, how do I choose?!
Look at this one with a beatiful fuse and with this one I couldn't lose.
That one will surely give them the blues...
and this one here matches my shoes! [serious tone] Come on, Plankton, just pick one and forget about your shoes!
Eeny, meeny, minie moe, I pick you, now let's go!

Squidward: [singing] Isn't this great, isn't this neat?
I'm a living work of art from my head to my feet!
From the very first drawings on walls in caves, art has been what the heart and soul craves!
So pick up a brush, a pencil or pen.
If you don't like this one, paint it again!
From now on, please call me "Sir Real".
I can wait for your impression to congeal.
Take it from an undersea renaissance man.
I'd even look great on the side of your van!
Any way you carve it, I am art and art is me.
Ask your mama or your dada to tell you about the uh, schism.
Between minimalism and cubism.
My personality may be of the cynical type, but I've finally found something that lives up to the hype.
I can say honestly and with great certainty, that Atlantis is where I want to spend... eterniiittttttt-tttyy.


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