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SpongeBob SquarePants (1999-) is an animated TV series, airing on Nickelodeon about the adventures and endeavors of the title character and his various friends in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom. It spawned three movies, followed by several short films, and video games.

Episode 1[edit]

Spongicus [6.1a][edit]

Plankton: Welcome one and all, to the first biannual big arena of annihilation! [everyone cheers]
Patrick: All right! [Patrick is about to eat a sausage, when the lionfish growls at him, Plankton laughs]
Plankton: That pink dimwit doesn't stand a chance with those sausages around his throat! As soon as the smell of sausage hits that ravenous lionfish's nostrils, he'll be all over Patrick like mold on a shower curtain!
Betsy Krabs: Boring! [throws a tomato at the ground] I want to see some body parts!
Plankton: This is ridiculous! I order a simple brutal mauling for my denizens, and I get a circus act!
Sadie: Ten dollars?! Why would I pay ten dollars, when I can go across the street and get a Krabby Patty for one dollar?
Plankton: Now, I've been waiting for 20 years to have the amount of customers Krabs sees everyday! And I won't let that be ruined because the show's "boring," or the food's "inedible."

Mr. Krabs: Ahem, perhaps you'd like to speak to our financial expert. ["financial expert" is the lionfish that was chasing Plankton, Scooter is scared, and gives Mr. Krabs $10]
Scooter: [muttering] Stupid inflation.
Mr. Krabs: Thanks for your business. [everyone laughs, they then stop and walk away, the lion then growls, and the episode ends]

Suction Cup Symphony [6.1b][edit]

Squidward: [looking at his essay with a triumphant but sleepless face] I've done it, I've finally finished it [kisses the essay and laughs] I did it, I did it! [runs out of his house in an ecstatic delirium]

Squidward: Patrick, what are you doing here?
Patrick: I don't know. [He smiles wanly] I'm funny.

Fish: [seeing an anchor dropped onto Patrick's leg] That's gonna leave a mark.

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Episode 2[edit]

House Fancy [6.2a][edit]

Patrick: Who's Nick? Sorry, Squidward. I couldn't wait any longer, I've gotta use your toilet. No questions! Thanks [Enters the bathroom he groans and flushes the bathroom] [after using Squidward's toilet] Uff! I wouldn't go in there for a couple days... or weeks.
Squidward: All right, first, I'm going to give you something so simple, a person without a brain could even get it done right.
SpongeBob: Phew, that's good, 'cause I lent my brain to Patrick for the weekend.
Squidward: Really?
SpongeBob: No, not really... He traded me these two chocolate bars for it.
Squidward: I don't care! Just use this paint to cover up that faded spot on the wall right there. Don't touch anything else!
SpongeBob: Okay.

Krabby Road [6.2b][edit]

Patrick: All right, I play a mean belly. [plays his belly as a drum; as he plays the William Tell Overture, it sounds as if he's playing a professional timpani drum]

SpongeBob: Hey, Plankton, can our first song go like this? [makes a loud bass sound] And then turn into one of those songs that goes… [emits a high pitched screech loud enough to shake the camera and temporarily incapacitate Plankton]

SpongeBob: [After spotting Plankton stealing the secret formula] Wait a minute… was this band just a front so you could steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula?
Plankton: What? No, I was in it for the music, man!

Episode 3[edit]

Penny Foolish [6.3a][edit]

Mr. Krabs: Hello, and welcome to a very important evening. Tonight's event is entitled: Pennies, for the penny-less. And before the following images are shown, I would ask each of you to look not look with your eyes, but with your heart. [Mr. Krabs shows some images] 3 dimes ($0.30), 2 nickels ($0.20), 1 quarter ($0.25), 0 pennies. And since I realize the images seen here tonight may be wretchedly hideous, I am going to tell you what you can do to end this travesty. You can donate one penny to me: Mr. Krabs. Also known as: Mr. Krabs, the man who doesn't have one. [Mr. Krabs starts laughing and SpongeBob is laughing too]

Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob, I just wanted that penny you found on the street yesterday. Oh, I'm sorry.
SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, that wasn't a penny. [laughs]
Mr. Krabs: It wasn't?
SpongeBob: No, that was just a dried up piece of gum for my collection. I think it's peppermint.
Mr. Krabs: Ah ha ha ha ha hooooooooo hoo. I feel so relieved. There was no penny after all! Well, I'll be going now, You can keep the metal detector, SpongeBob. See ya!
SpongeBob: Thanks, Mr. Krabs. Hear, Gary. You can play with it. [Gary sniffs it, then blows raspberry at it, then walks away, the gum then absorbs it] Hey, this isn't gum or a penny at all. [pulls it out, revealing that it is a $500 bill] It's just a dumb old $500 bill. This won't go with my chewed up gum collection. Ah well, good night, Gary.
Mr Krabs: [digging some holes] Penny, must have buried it around here somewhere. I'll just have to keep digging.

Nautical Novice [6.3b][edit]

SpongeBob: I assure you, I am well rested and ready to learn. Who knows, Mrs. Puff? Before the day is out you may have learned something yourself. [Mrs. Puff smells SpongeBob's odor and sprays "Shower in a Can" on him and he smells better] Hey, Mrs. Puff?
Mrs. Puff: Yes, SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: I made this for you.
Mrs. Puff: Made what?
SpongeBob: [holds out a model of a boat so small it is practically a dot on his hand] This- the H.M.S. Pinafore! At 1:8,427th scale of course.

Mrs. Puff: Good thing you studied.

Episode 4[edit]

Not Normal [6.4a][edit]

Customer 1: Ugh. That ain't right. I will never spend money here again!
Mr. Krabs: Never?
Customer 2: Come on, guys. These patties ain't worth the paper they're printed on!

Patrick: SpongeBob, the weird therapy is working. Your craters are coming back. We just have to keep pushing the boundaries. We've gotta get stranger. [Cuts to Jellyfish Fields where SpongeBob is riding on Patrick's back like a horse and catches a jellyfish in the net. Another crater comes back. Cuts to SpongeBob and Patrick licking the sand and as SpongeBob is licking, his nose grows back to normal size. Cuts to Patrick and SpongeBob standing on their hands] Talk backwards.
SpongeBob: Tap, erus uoy era? (Are you sure, Pat?) [SpongeBob's legs and arms are back to normal]

Squidward: [Patrick's rock begins to open] It's me, Squidward. I'm looking for SpongeBob. [Squidward is in a normal state] Hi, how are ya? [SpongeBob is so scared and shocked at how Squidward looks that he screams himself back into his regular self]
Patrick: SpongeBob, you're back to your square shape.
SpongeBob: Wow, I guess Squidward's normal looks scared me back to my original form. Thanks, buddy, you saved my life.
Normal Squidward: Wonderful weather we're having, hm?
SpongeBob: It sure is, buddy. It sure is. [he and Patrick laugh whilst the episode ends]

Gone [6.4b][edit]

Patrick: Yeah. Everyone needs at least one day away from... [laughs like SpongeBob imitating his face]

SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One [6.5][edit]

Mr. Krabs: Where are your shoes? You're not going section 8 on me, are you?
SpongeBob: It's so hot, my shoes... my shoes melted off.

J.K.L.: [repeated line] Just keep breathin'.

Episode 6[edit]

A Life in a Day [6.6a][edit]


Sun Bleached [6.6b][edit]

Patrick: [sprays dirt with a water hose then dips SpongeBob who is sun bleached and horribly dry, into a puddle of mud, wipes the mud away from his eyes, puts two slabs of jerky for SpongeBob's buck teeth, then rips out his own armpit hair] AAHHHH! AAH-AHH-AAAHH! [instantly turns calm, then places the armpit hair onto SpongeBob's head, then gives SpongeBob a mirror] See?
SpongeBob: [screams, horrified] I... look... [adoring voice] Amaaaziiing.
SpongeBob: No, Patrick I... [notices the people staring at him. He laughs nervously, then the caramel cracks, which reveals some light. All gasp, then the caramel breaks]
Frankie: So, bright!
Sally: Honey, look away! [Frankie's eyes melt. SpongeBob laughs nervously]
Fred: Nice Job!
Harold: [Australian accent] Your hideously white skin just ruined the party. I mean look at you! Do you hug your mother with that skin?

Episode 7[edit]

Giant Squidward [6.7a][edit]

Patrick: [about Squidward's kelp flowers, with a soft tone] They're preeeeeeettyyy! [Squidward shrieks]
Squidward: Patrick!
SpongeBob: And SpongeBob!
Squidward: What are you two doing here?
SpongeBob: Patrick is helping me to do good deeds today, like trimming your kelp garden! [points to Patrick, who takes a large bite out of the kelp, then burps]
Squidward: [Yells] STOP EATING MY KELP! [shoves Patrick and SpongeBob]
Patrick: Okay, okay, geez! I try to help a fellow out. I'll just have to eat this ice cream cone instead!
Squidward: Oh! Do you like to eat ice cream, Patrick?
Patrick: Hmmmmmm... yeah.
Squidward: Then have some more! [sprays the ice cream]
Patrick: [falls over when the ice cream gets bigger] Whoa! Oof!
Squidward: Ha, ha, ha! Still want that ice cream?
Patrick: Boy I do! Thanks, Squidward! Want some, SpongeBob? Last one to the cone is a rotten clam!

Squidward: [bonks SpongeBob on the head] HEY! Look what you did to me! If you don't fix my nose, you'll hear from my lawyer!
SpongeBob: Are you sure?
Patrick: Yeah! You'll be ugly again!

SpongeBob: Good deed accomplished! I ask for no reward.
Patrick: You're a saint, SpongeBob! A SAINT!
SpongeBob: I know, and it is a burden I must carry.

No Nose Knows [6.7b][edit]

Patrick: [with huge ears] I HEAR THAT!
Squidward: What are you doing with my cheese?
Patrick: It's rotten garbage now. [throws it in the garbage, then blasts it with a rocket launcher] That's better.
Squidward: That was my cheese. It's supposed to smell like that, kelp for brains!

Episode 8[edit]

Patty Caper [6.8a][edit]

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, isn't... that the stolen secret ingredient?
Mr. Krabs: Uh, what are you talking about, SpongeBob? I'm not holding any secret ingredient. [holds it out, then hides it]
Policeman: You might want to stand that you stole the item in question?
Mr. Krabs: Well, I wouldn't call it stealing.
Policeman: And you were going to let someone else take the fall for this little caper?
Mr. Krabs: I can explain!
Policeman: Please do.
Mr. Krabs: It's simple, $1.99 is a lot to pay for the secret ingredient every time I get a delivery, so I... s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s... took it... to avoid paying, you know.
Policeman: I think Judge Trout will be very interested to hear this little story. [handcuffs him]
Mr. Krabs: What, what'd I do? [cuts to the court house]
Judge: All rise. Eugene Krabs.
Mr. Krabs: Your honor...?
Judge: As punishment for committing the crime of grand theft, I sentence you to give away Krabby Patties for free... all day tommorow.
Mr. Krabs: Give away me Patties for free? Oh no, I couldn't bear the sight of that. [cuts to next day at the Krusty Krab, and Mr. Krabs is screaming]
SpongeBob: Step right up, and get your free Krabby Patties! [When SpongeBob gives away free Krabby Patties, the 2 policemen holds Mr. Krabs still while he is crying, then the policemen laugh.]

Plankton's Regular [6.8b][edit]

Mr. Krabs: ♪ Rolling, rolling, rolling! Money keeps on rolling along![playing bowling with money] 1 more time! [notices Plankton] No way, Plankton! You're not getting me formula this time or any time! [throws him on the counter, then gets a spoon, and crushes him]
Plankton: Don't bother. There's no need.
Mr. Krabs: What are you talking about?
Plankton: [slides out of the spoon] I'm just saying I no longer need to copy you, Krabs. I've got my own winning recipe now.
Mr. Krabs: [laughs] You're really funny man! You think you can compete with me? Look Plankton, look at all these loyal customers. Loyal to me, Plankton, not to you!
Nat: Hey, Plankton, can I get another one of your delicious Chum Sticks?
Plankton: But of course, loyal customer. [hops out of Mr. Krabs' hands, onto Nat's hand] I'll see you later, loser. Much later! [laughs]

Plankton: Nat, back all ready? That's the fifth time today. Not that I'm surprised. Karen, babe, fetch Nat another plate of that sweet chum.
Karen: Yes, Your Diminutiveness. [goes in the kitchen]
Plankton: Say, Nat, do you have any friends?
Nat': Nope.
Plankton: [sings a little, then laughs] Would you hurry up with that chum, Karen?!
SpongeBob: [imitating Karen] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep your tiny pants on, Plankton. Bleep, bloop. [throws a Krabby Patty] There's your chum, bleep blap blop.
Nat: Hey, this doesn't look like chum.
Plankton: And that doesn't look like Karen!
SpongeBob: [looks like Karen] Why, don't be ridiculous, my husband. Bleep, blap. Of course it's me.
Plankton: What have you done with Karen, you brute?!
[Karen is taped up in the kitchen]
Nat: How many times do I have to tell you? [throws the Krabby Patty away] I don't want to eat your trash! Plankton's chum is my favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I love chum, so forget it! I don't want to eat anything else!
SpongeBob: [returns to normal, and speaks in normal voice] So you're saying that you love chum? And all that you ever eat is chum?
Nat: Yeah! Th-that's right!
SpongeBob: Interesting.

Karen: Call it a computer's intuition, but I sense your regular approaching, with an unusually large wad of cash.
Mr. Krabs: Look at all that loot!
Plankton: That's right, Krabs, and you're going to have to keep looking when my customer comes in and pays me for my chum!
Mr. Krabs: D'oh, just put me out of me misery!
[Nat walks in, angered]
Plankton: Back for more of my delicious chum, I see!
Nat: Not this time!
Plankton and Mr. Krabs: Huh?
Nat: Not ever again! [throws all the money at Karen] The deal's off, computer! I can't eat another bite of that slop, no matter how much you pay me!
Plankton: Ha-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba… Huh?
Nat: I have eaten 10 of those things, and I've all ready had to go to the doctor... twice! [groans in pain] If you need me, I'll be getting my stomach pumped... again. [gets carried out]
Plankton: What's the deal, Karen?
Karen: "The deal" was that I paid Nat to eat your chum, so you'd quit your constant complaining.
Plankton: All this time, I never had 1 regular customer?
Karen: Duh.
Plankton: Should have known! Why would anyone ever eat my slop?
Karen: Uhh, there he goes again. Cut it out, Plankton!
Plankton: What? It's just obvious that I'm a complete failure, and wasted of a lower life form! Oh, woe is me! [cries]
SpongeBob: Quickly, now is the time to make a hasty retreat!
Mr. Krabs: What, and miss this? I've never enjoyed me self more! This irony is pretty good stuff. [laughs]

Episode 9[edit]

To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants [6.9a][edit]

Squid's Visit [6.9b][edit]

Episode 10[edit]

The Splinter [6.10a][edit]

Squidward: [same tone] The spatula... TIED TO YOUR NOSE!
SpongeBob: Ohhh, this! [explains quickly] Well, you see, this got stuck up there so I stacked stuff and I climbed up to reach it. I reached it and grabbed it. I got it but then I fell and I screamed! I was sure I was dead but then I wasn't but then I tripped and I got this splinter and...Squidward? Squidward, were you listening at all? I got this really bad splinter, you see? And I couldn't hold the spatula with my hand so I used my nose. Makes sense now, huh?
Squidward: [sarcastic] Oh, yeah, that makes perfect sense. You're a half-wit who injured himself at work being a nitwit.
SpongeBob: [laughs] Good one, Squiddy.
Squidward: [grumbles] Injury. Your brain is injured! [gets an idea] Wait a minute. Did you say that you got that splinter injury at work?

Slide Whistle Stooges [6.10b][edit]

SpongeBob: You see, Squidward! Slide whistling can add a little zest to the humdrum of everyday life.
Squidward: I don't need zest! I need you out of my lampshade! [Squidward jumps onto the table to get them out, but they're not there. SpongeBob appears with the slide whistle effect behind a plant] Get out of there! [SpongeBob floats through the air with the slide whistle noise and out the door. SpongeBob and Patrick are spinning around the circular windows] Just get out of there! [They land onto his paintings and become the shape of his head(s)] Okay, that's enough! You've had your fun.

SpongeBob: Wow Squidward, listen to you! You're getting better already! Here we'll help. [he and Patrick raise their slide whistles... they go around the hospital playing the slide whistle to CPR, a guy on a ventilator, and Gill Gilliam stitching Nat up]

Episode 11[edit]

Boating Buddies [6.11a][edit]

SpongeBob: Didn't you used to have one of those cucumber bicycles?
Squidward: Oh. [laughs] That was a recumbent bicycle, and I sold it.
SpongeBob: Why?
Squidward: So, I could get further away from you! [rushes off]
SpongeBob: Okay, I'll see you later then, Squidward.

The Krabby Kronicle [6.11b][edit]

Gym Teacher: Out, out, out!
Larry: Hey, what's the big idea?
Gym Teacher: This! [shows him the newspaper]
Larry: [reading] "Larry the Loser gets beaten up by pipsqueak"? [stops reading] But, but, but–
Gym Teacher: No "buts"! I can't have a wimp like you destroying my gym's reputation! You're banned forever! [throws him out, then SpongeBob walks up]
SpongeBob: Hello, Larry.
Larry: Not now, SpongeBob. Let me take in the fact that my life is ruined!
SpongeBob: "Ruined"? What are you talking about?
Larry: These lies someone wrote about me. [shows him the paper, and SpongeBob gasps]
[Scene cuts to the Krusty Krab.]
Mr. Krabs: Thanks for your business, and here's your paper. [hands fish the paper]

Plankton: Oh, Karen! I think this is it! The Chum Stick that's finally gonna drive Krabs out of business!
Health Inspector: I think not. I'm Health Inspector Yellowtail. I'm officially closing down your restaurant.
Plankton: Why? I haven't done anything.
Health Inspector: That's not what this says. [shows Plankton the paper]
Plankton: [reading] "Plankton's chum made of your chums! The Chum Bucket serves your friends in more ways than one!"? [stops reading] What?! [the health inspector locks down the Chum Bucket] Who's to blame for this? Who?!

Sandy: Sorry, fellars, this is a private treedome.
Dennis: I had no idea it talked. [to Sandy] Don't worry, we're from the Neptunian Science Committee, and we've come to confiscate all your science awards. Haven't you read today's headlines? [holds up newspaper]
Fish 2: It can't even read. Why are you...?
Sandy: Oh, give me that! [reading] "Sandy Cheeks or Sandy Chump? Bushy tailed braniac really a slow-witted squirrel, by... SpongeBob SquarePants"? [stops reading] That yellow sidewinder thinks he can do that to me!?
Dennis: Oh, boy. We better scram! The dumb ones are always the most violent!

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, I can't write these stories anymore.
Mr. Krabs: Come on, that's a bunch of hooey!
SpongeBob: I've seen people's lives ruined... with my own eyes!
Mr. Krabs: People want wild juicy stories! That's what sells! Now I want your little yellow noggin, to come up with the wildest story ever! One that'll top all the others!
SpongeBob: Gee Mr. Krabs, I've written about everybody in town. Any ideas, sir?
Mr. Krabs: Surprise me! Give me a shocker! [throws him in his chair] Good night, boy. I'll check on you tomorrow morning, and remember, the wildest story ever! [leaves]
SpongeBob: Oh, "the wildest story ever", huh? [starts writing/typing, then cuts to the next day where the paper's are being printed, and Mr. Krabs runs in]
Mr. Krabs: How's it going, lad?
SpongeBob: [turns around, and he is very tired]
SpongeBob: Ahh-ahh, it's a surprise.
Mr. Krabs: Excellent! We're gonna sell out in no time! We'll have to do another printing. [runs outside, and there is an angry mob] Huh?
Martha: Taskmaster!
Mr. Krabs: What's going on?
Martha: You should know! [shows him the newspaper]
Mr. Krabs: [reading] "Krabs overworks employees, reaps reward?! Krabby Kronicle mastermind behind bogus stories pays his tired, under-age reporter pennies while he rakes in the dough"?!
Martha: How could you do that to such an innocent child?! This is sick and inhumane!
Sandy: Not to mention the fact that he's written lies about us!
Plankton: I lost my restaurant because of you! And I thought I was evil.
Larry: All the kids in town wanna beat me up for lunch money! [cries]
Mrs. Puff: And I've had to go back to watching... [starts to cry] ...Daytime television!
Martha: Oh, that's it! We're taking our money back! [everyone runs in, and takes bags of money while leaving a trail of destruction]
Mr. Krabs: No! AAAAAAHHHHH! [starts to cry]
SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, are you okay?
Mr. Krabs: How can I be okay when me money's gone?! All gone! [cries then sighs] It just goes to show, trying to make an easy buck doesn't pay. [notices the printing press] Or does it? [puts a dollar in the printing press, and turns it on, which makes sheets of paper with just pictures of money] Get me some scissors, boy-o! It's time to use my imagination!
Patrick: [while wearing fancy clothes] Hey, guys. Could you fix me and the wife up a couple of Krabby Patties? [his "wife" is the pole as described in the newspaper earlier]

Episode 12[edit]

The Slumber Party [6.12a][edit]

SpongeBob: You wanna stay here... at my house... with MEEEEEEE?!?
Mr. Krabs: Whaddya say, boy? [SpongeBob rockets up in excitement]
SpongeBob: Yee-hee! Slumber party!
Mr. Krabs: Maybe I should just sleep under the highway. [Afterwards, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs get into some sleeping bags and lie down near the TV]
SpongeBob: We can stay up really, really late! And tell ghost stories and trade socks! [He shows Mr. Krabs his socks]
Mr. Krabs: Is that what girls do at slumber parties?
SpongeBob: No. They invite boys over and destroy the house!
Mr. Krabs: They what?!
SpongeBob: You know how girls are.
Mr. Krabs: Uh, SpongeBob, do you know anything about girls?
SpongeBob: [laughs] Do I know any...? No, but Gary does. [We see Gary reading a magazine, also holding the remote]
Gary: Meow. [flicks on TV]
TV Announcer: We now return to tonight’s scary movie: Slumber Party Zombie Attack! [In the movie, some girls are having a slumber party]
Girl Fish: Pillow fight! [Girls fight and giggle. A pillow is thrown into a vase and picture frame] Missed me!
Mr. Krabs: [Gasp] Look what they’re doing to that man’s house!
SpongeBob: But, Mr. Krabs, it’s only a mov-ieeeeeeeeee...

Grooming Gary [6.12b][edit]

SpongeBob: You were trying to tell me that all along Weren't you, Gary?
Gary: Meow, meow!
SpongeBob: Well, I won't let it happen again.
Judge: Well, I think we can all agree that this year’s groomers cup goes to... SpongeBob and his wonderful pet!
SpongeBob: Did you hear that, Gary? They're rewarding you for standing up and speaking out against injustice. Maybe these pageants aren't so superficial after all.
Judge: What are you talking about? The snail didn't win, I was referring to your other pet. He's so adorable. [Patrick...?]
Patrick: Woof, woof! [sticks his tongue out]

Truth or Square [6.13-14][edit]

[The televison film begins showing the three houses of Conch Street at night. The scene transitions to morning. The scene changes to the room, where a snail's shell shaking with a blanket on top of it. Next to the shell is an traditional alarm clock.]
Garold "Gary" Wilson Jr. The Snail: [In his shell] Meow. [The alarm clock goes off.] Meow. [Gary's head pops out of his shell.] Meow.
[A long line of alarm clocks go off, which leads from Gary, who is in the front of the bed to a normal alarm clock. It goes off and spits out more alarm clocks. A young, yellow sponge wakes up. He gets out of bed and turns the alarm clocks off.]
SpongeBob SquarePants: Good morning, Gary!
Gary: [Angrily] Meow.
SpongeBob: A little overboard? And take a chance at being late for the single most greatest day of my career. [The shot widens and a thought bubble appears. It shows the Krusty Krab, a restaurant.] The eleventy-seventh anniversary of the Krusty Krab. [SpongeBob leans near Gary and shakes his head.] Oh, oh, oh, I think not. [He returns to his previous position.] No self-respecting Krusty Krab employee would be late on this day.
[The scene changes to show the exterior of SpongeBob's pineapple, a pinapple house where SpongeBob's door open and a line of alarm clocks are leading to the inside of an Easter Island Head house. The scene follows the alarm clocks to the door and then moves up. a voice is heard muttering.]
Human Voice: What the?
[The scene returns to SpongeBob's room. He is yelling out of his window.]
SpongeBob: See you at the big event, Squidward! [SpongeBob gets hit with an alarm clock. This causes him to fly and land next to Gary. SpongeBob gets up.] Can you believe it's been eleventy seven years already?
[Gary meows angrily]
SpongeBob: [gasps] Watch the potty mouth, Gar! Today is a day for gentle reflection. Aw, I remember my first visit to the Krusty Krab.
[A flashback begins. It shows the exterior of the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob's Mom and Dad are walking to it. The scene shifts to show his parents front.]
Harold SquarePants: I don't know. This doesn't seem like a family restaurant.
Margaret SquarePants: Oh. [The scene widens to reveal that she is pregnant with SpongeBob] Well, what do you think, baby? Should we eat here? [The scene moves to show the inside of Margaret's womb. SpongeBob swims off-screen. The scene returns to show Margaret. She is moved inside to the front of the cash register boat.] Well, okay, then. [The scene returns to the womb and SpongeBob is next to Margaret's belly button which looks like a window. Margaret's voice is echoing.] What would you like?
SpongeBob: Krabby Patty! [The scene changes to show Margaret and Harold sitting at a table eating Krabby Patties. In the womb, SpongeBob is eating the Krabby Patties through the umbilical cord.] Yummy! [He takes the cord, rips it out, and sucks on the cord. The flashback ends and SpongeBob is shown laying on the ground being held up by his elbows.] Good times. [An alarm clock appears. SpongeBob jumps up and starts running in the air.] Oh, sorry, Gary, we can reminisce later. I gotta get ready.
[SpongeBob runs off-screen and Gary hisses at the alarm clock. The alarm clock "runs" away. The scene changes to show SpongeBob with a towel around his waist in the bathroom. He turns on the shower and takes the towel off. The scene shows SpongeBob showering]
SpongeBob: I never thought that I would have a chance like this, What dreams exist as big as this one? If happiness are patties frying on the grill, I'll have my fill, upon each fresh bun. Here's a day that couldn't get much better, It is the greatest that's ever been. It's so cool I ought'a wear a sweater, Just to hold on to that warm feeling. A miracle is something that you don't believe, You will receive, and then it happens. This is what I have to call a miracle, My heart is full and toes are tapping. Here's a day that couldn't get much better, It is the greatest that's ever been. It's so cool I ought'a wear a sweater, Just to hold on to that warm feeling. Sure I know it's gonna take a lot of work,But here's the perk, I think I must say. When you're doing something that you really love, And so proud of, then work is like play. Here's a day that couldn't get much better, It is the greatest that's ever been. It's so cool I ought'a wear a sweater, Just to hold on to that warm feeling.
[SpongeBob melts through the ice cube. He falls into the soda. He gets sucked up by a straw, which is being sucked up by SpongeBob. SpongeBob then jumps away.]

[The scene changes to shows the exterior of SpongeBob's pineapple. He opens the door and starts to jog to the Krusty Krab. A crash is heard off-screen. The scene moves to the origin of the crash. SpongeBob is laying down behind a line of fish.]
Harold: Hey, hey. Chill out, buddy. We all want to get into the Krusty Krab as much as you do.
[The scene shows that the line goes all of the way to the Krusty Krab. The scene returns to SpongeBob. He looks at his watch.]
SpongeBob: But I don't have time to wait in line. Sorry, but I can't be late today.
[SpongeBob steps on people's head's to get to the Krusty Krab.]
Harold: Oh!
Mable-Monica: Ah!
Isabelle Fish: Ooh!
Sadie: What the?
Frankie Billy: Hey!
Fred: Ah!
Tom: Eh!
Shubie: Uh!
SpongeBob: Sorry, everyone, but Mr. Krabs needs me. [More fish make annoyed noises. Once SpongeBob reaches the end, the scene changes to the interior of the Krusty Krab. The scene shows several fish waiting on the door. SpongeBob Squeezes himself through the cracked between the doors and the ground. He enters the Krusty Krab. He lands in the arms of a red greedy crab.] Reporting for duty, sir.
[SpongeBob salutes him. The crab puts SpongeBob down in a seat next to an turquoise octopus.]
Eugene Harold Krabs: Sit down, boy.
SpongeBob: Happy eleventy-seventh, Squidward.
Mr. Krabs: [Walking past the table] Today's a big a day for the Krusty Krab. [Mr. Krabs ends up at a button.] So I want yous to listen up. [He pushes the button. It causes a shield to go around the Krusty Krab.] It's a perfect opportunity for Plankton to try and steal the Krabby Patty formula.
[Mr. Krabs pulls a lever that looks like a handle on a table. It causes a panel to open. The table goes down the panel and is replaced by a hologram table. It turns on a hologram of the Krusty Krab.]
Squidward J. Q. Tentacles: Isn't that just the Krusty Krab?
Mr. Krabs: No. It's a holographic projection of the Krusty Krab. I want you two to watch all the entrances.
Squidward: You mean the front door and the back door?
[Mr. Krabs pushes a button on the hologram table.]
Mr. Krabs: Those are just the ones on the surface. [The hologram expands to show the duct work.] There is an entire network of tunnels and air ducts underground and I want all eyes on the look out!
SpongeBob: Aye, aye, Mr. Krabs.
[Eyes grow on SpongeBob, filling his holes.]
Mr. Krabs: Right. Study the map, stay extra vigilant. Don't fall asleep on the job. That means you, Squidward.
Squidward: What? I have never fallen asleep on duty.
Mr. Krabs: Don't make me have a flashback.
[A flashback begins. It shows Squidward sleeping at his station. Fred is on the other side of the Cash register. The scene changes to show SpongeBob opening the Krusty Krab broom closet to find Squidward sleeping. The scene changes to show a close shot of Frankie Billy about to eat a patty at the Krusty Krab. The shot widens to show Squidward sleeping on Frankie Billy's table. It also reveals that Frankie Billy is dining with Nancy. The scene changes to show a close shot of the sink in the Krusty Krab kitchen. Bubbles are coming out of the sink and Squidward's snoring is heard. The shot widens to show Squidward with his head in the sink. The scene changes to show SpongeBob on a Krusty Krab stall and reading a newspaper. Squidward's snores are heard. SpongeBob looks into the stall next to his and sees Squidward holding a newspaper and sleeping. The flashback ends.]
Squidward: All right, point taken.
[Mr. Krabs turns off the hologram.]
Mr. Krabs: And to help watch out for Plankton, I've hired some extra security.
[A dark figure is shown in the corner. He walks into the light. It is revealed to be a pink, tubby starfish. He has an angry look on his face. He smacks his fist into his palm.]
Squidward: [While he is walking to them] You hired Patrick?
Mr. Krabs: What, you expect me to spend money on a real security guard? You are my first line of defense, Patrick. So, look out for any suspiciorous characters.
Patrick Star]]: [No longer having an angry face. Saluting.] Yes, sir. [Patrick surveys the area. He sees Squidward and pushes him to the wall] Who are you, and who are you working for?!
Mr. Krabs:[laughing] Plankton doesn't stand a chance.

[The scene changes to show the exterior of the Chum Bucket, a unsuccessful restaurant. It has a banner on it that reads, "Celebrating 50 years of failure." The scene pans in. As it pans in, the doors open and an image of the dining area is shown and it pans into that. The scene fades to a wide shot of the lab. A computer is show in her form and a tiny jelly bean-shaped green creature with one eye is show at his desk.]
Sheldon J. Plankton: [As it is still panning in] It's a conspiracy, I tell you! A thousand and three times I've almost had that recipe, and a thousand and three times I've been launched by that Krabs! He celebrates eleventy-seven years of success, [The scene changes to show a medium shot of Plankton at his desk.] I'm left with four score and forty fortnights of failure! [The scene changes to show a closer shot of Plankton. He tears up.] I give up, Karen. Krabs has won!
Karen Plankon: [Off-Screen] Well, you'll never get the formula with that attitude. [On-Screen] Maybe a thousand and four will be your lucky number.
Plankton: Oh, yeah? You try getting launched.
Karen: Oh, right, the launchings. [Her face is replaced by a loading bar and the word "accessing" above it.] I've got them all on my hard drive.
[The scene shows, on Karen's monitor, Mr. Krabs in a baseball uniform, exiting the Krusty Krab. The scene shifts to show just the scene. Mr. Krabs pushes Plankton into the air. Mr. Krabs does this with a glove that he is wearing. Mr. Krabs spits and then throws Plankton. Plankton hits the Chum Bucket. The scene changes to show Mr. Krabs' claw putting down a golf tee. He puts Plankton on the tee. He is then shown in a golf outfit, holding a golf club. He then prepares to hit Plankton.]
Mr. Krabs: Fore!
[Mr. Krabs hits Plankton. Plankton hits the Chum Bucket.]
Plankton: Ow!
[The scene changes to show Mr. Krabs riding on a seahorse, wearing a polo uniform, and holding a polo stick. Plankton is shown running. away from the polo stick. Mr. Krabs hits Plankton. Plankton screams and hits the Chum Bucket. The scene changes to show Mr. Krabs holding a slingshot with Plankton on it. Mr. Krabs is holding the slingshot back. Mr. Krabs releases the slingshot. Plankton screams and hits the Chum Bucket. The scene changes to show Mr. Krabs in a hockey uniform holding a hockey stick. He is pushing Plankton on some ice that is outside of the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs hits Plankton. Plankton screams and hits the Chum Bucket. The scene changes to show Mr. Krabs with a curling stone that has Plankton on it. Mr. Krabs pushes the curling stone on the ice. SpongeBob takes a broom and sweeps and walks backwards until he reaches the Chum Bucket. Plankton screams until he hits the Chum Bucket doors. The scene changes to show Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob in football uniforms. SpongeBob is holding Plankton horizontally in front of Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs runs up and kicks Plankton. Plankton screams and hits the Chum Bucket. There is a goal post painted on the Chum Bucket. SpongeBob pops and puts both his arms horizontally in the air, signally that Mr. Krabs got the point. The scene changes to show Mr. Krabs holding Plankton, walking outside the Krusty Krab.]
Mr. Krabs: I'm tired today, Plankton. [He drops Plankton.] You're just gonna have to launch yourself.
[Mr. Krabs walks back inside. Plankton tears up. He walks to the Chum Bucket and hits his head on the door.]
Plankton: Splat.
[Plankton begins to cry. Karen's laughing is heard. The scene pans out to show the scene on Karen's monitor. The scene shifts to not-recording Plankton.]
Plankton: Karen?!
[The footage is removed and replaced with Karen]
Karen: I'm sorry. That last part always makes me laugh.
[Plankton jumps off his desk.]
Plankton: It's just no use!
Karen: [Off-Screen] Today's the [On-Screen] perfect day to steal the recipe. Krabs will be completely distracted by all the festivities. You can do this.
Plankton: You really think so?
Karen: Of course, I do. Now who's my big man?
Plankton: Oh, Karen.
Karen: Come on. Come on. Who's my big strong man?
Plankton: I am.
Karen: That's right. Now get out there and steal that recipe.
Plankton: [Saluting Karen] Yes, Ma'am!

[The scene changes to show fish outside of the Krusty Krab.]
Crowd: We want Krabby Patties! We want Krabby Patties!
[The scene changes to show a close up shot of the numbers on the Galley Grub menu.]
Mr. Krabs: [Off-Screen] Now to add some special anniversary deals to the menu. [Mr. Krabs' claw holding a pencil appears and he starts adding decimal points after the first zero in the prices and adding an extra zero at the end of the prices as he talks.] Krabby Patty... 20 bucks. 39 bucks. 30. [He chuckles. The scene changes to show Mr. Krabs on a ladder next to the Galley Grub.] Oh, number zero, how I love you so. [Squidward walks into frame and Mr. Krabs starts to walk down the ladder.] SpongeBob!
[The scene shifts to show a similar scene as before, but with the frame moved down. SpongeBob runs into the frame.]
SpongeBob: Yes, Sir?
[Mr. Krabs finishes climbing down the ladder.]
Mr. Krabs: I'm putting you in charge of decorations.
[Mr. Krabs scribbles something on his clipboard.]
SpongeBob: Oh, but Mr. Krabs.
Mr. Krabs: Yes boy?
SpongeBob: I thought you said that I would be in charge of decorations.
Mr. Krabs: What? But you are.
SpongeBob: I am? [SpongeBob flings his arms in the air] Yay! [SpongeBob runs around with his arms in the air.] Yeah! Yeah!
Mr. Krabs: Squidward! I had chores for you, but you won't do 'em anyway.
Squidward: It only took you eleventy-seven years for you to figure that out?
[The scene shows SpongeBob next to Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs takes out two quarters.]
Mr. Krabs: Here's your budget, boy. [He gives SpongeBob the quarters.] Decorate it any way you want.
SpongeBob: Wow! Fifty cents!
Squidward: You’re letting SpongeBob decorate? Remember all the other times SpongeBob decorated?
Squidward, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs: Hmm...
[A flashback begins. It shows the interior of the Krusty Krab with a western theme. Frankie Billy and Evelyn are shown at a table. On the table is the bone of a cow head. The floor looks like a desert. It has rocks and cacti on it. The lights have been replaced by a western-style chandelier. The metal wall has been replaced with a gray wood one. The doors have been replaced by saloon doors. The scene pans to show Squidward in the order boat. The boat has wagon wheel next to it. The order window looks like an old style window with red shutters. SpongeBob pops his head out of the window. He is wearing a cowboy hat and holding a tray of food.]
SpongeBob: Yee-haw!
[SpongeBob laughs. The scene changes to show the interior of the Krusty Krab with a 1970s theme. Frankie Billy and Evelyn are shown at a table. On the table is a lava lamp. The floor is a rug. The window has green wallpaper with a pattern on it. The metal wall has orange and red striped wall paper on it. The lights have been replaced by a disco ball. The boxes that are in the rafters have been pained with a blue pattern. The doors have been replaced by bead entrances. The scene pans to show Squidward in the order boat. The boat has carpet material around it. The order window has been painted to have a blue and red pattern. SpongeBob pops his head out of the window. He is wearing an Afro wig and holding a tray of food.]
SpongeBob: You come here often?
[SpongeBob laughs. The scene changes to show the interior of the Krusty Krab with a space theme. Frankie Billy and Evelyn are shown at a table. They are wearing space helmets. The tables have been replaced and the barrels have been replaced with moon craters which goes along with the moon floor. The window has space wallpaper on it. The lights have been replaced by images of Mars, a moon, and Saturn. The doors have been replaced by doors that have two sides and jagged edges and open up, instead of go outward. The scene pans to show Squidward in the order boat. The order boat looks similar to a moon rover. The metal wall has stars and a meteor. The order window looks similar to the doors. Squidward is wearing a space helmet. The order window opens and things and Squidward go through it. The scene then shows Squidward in space. He is screaming. He passes SpongeBob who is wearing his water helmet. He is cooking on his grill. He laughs. The flashback ends.]
Squidward, SpongeBob, and Mr. Krabs: Hmm...
[Mr. Krabs turns to Squidward.]
Mr. Krabs Well, you want want to do it, then?
Squidward: No.
Mr. Krabs: Then shut your porthole.
Squidward: Battening down the word hatches, sir.
[Squidward and Mr. Krabs walk away. SpongeBob looks at the two quarters. He smiles. He flies up into the air. The scene changes to show the inside of the bathroom. SpongeBob prances into the bathroom. He goes into a stall, takes out a pair of tongs and grabs the end of a pink toilet paper roll. The scene changes to the exterior of the bathroom. Squidward is walking by. SpongeBob runs out of the bathroom holding on to the tongs which are holding on to the toilet paper. Squidward stops. SpongeBob takes a piece of the toilet paper, twirls it around, and throws it up and swings on it. He swings around a pole, making the toilet paper look like a swirl on the pole. He lands on a table. The table spins around and ends up with bows on it. SpongeBob jumps in the air and lands between Patrick and Squidward. He twists the toilet paper around Patrick making him look muscular with a bow belt. Patrick flexes. SpongeBob twirls the toilet paper in the air and twists it around Squidward's head. He ends up with two bows on his head, which are connected to his mouth.]
Squidward: What? What are you...?
[SpongeBob pulls on one of the strings that is attached to the bow. It makes Squidward smile.]
SpongeBob: There we go.
[SpongeBob runs off twirling the toilet paper. He runs across the top and bottom of the main windows, giving them bows. He twirls the toilet paper and dances. The scene changes to show SpongeBob in the kitchen. He is stepping on a ketchup bottle and a mustard bottle. The scene shifts to show the back of SpongeBob. Above him, there is a banner that is written in ketchup and mustard. It reads, "Eleventy-Seventh Anniversary." The scene changes to show SpongeBob squeezing a mustard bottle. He is then show squeezing a mustard bottle. Part of either the bathroom or kitchen door is shown. It shows the mustard and the ketchup crossing over to look similar to a strand of DNA. The scene changes to show mustard going on a wall in a wave pattern. The scene changes to show a table. SpongeBob puts a design on the table. SpongeBob is then shown tip-toeing sideways while holding a bottle of mustard and ketchup. He then spins it around. The scene changes to show a Krabby Patty. SpongeBob puts a hose in the Krabby Patty. SpongeBob is then shown pushing a pressure handle. It inflates the Krabby Patty. The scene then shows Krabby Patties that are attached to string. They are on the ceiling. The last patty floats up. The scene pans out to show the decorated Krusty Krab. The banner is now in the dining area and the order boat has bows on it. The kitchen door is shown. He walks out. SpongeBob floats down to him on a Krabby Patty balloon. SpongeBob releases it and it floats away.]
SpongeBob: Your change, sir.
[SpongeBob gives Mr. Krabs the 2 quarters.]
Mr. Krabs: Good work boy. What, that's it?
[SpongeBob walks away. Mr. Krabs takes out his clipboard.]
Mr. Krabs: Decorations, check. Security?
[Patrick is shown standing outside the bathroom. Squidward leaves the bathroom. Patrick sees Squidward and pushes him to the wall. The scene returns to Mr. Krabs.]
Mr. Krabs: Check.
[The scene changes to show the exterior of the Krusty Krab. The crowd is chanting.]
Crowd: We want Krabby Patties! We want Krabby Patties! [The scene changes to show Mr. Krabs' arm. He has a watch with money on it. The hand moves.] [Off-screen] We want Krabby Patties!
Mr. Krabs: [As the crowd is still saying, "We want Krabby Patties!"] Okay, open your ears. These people have come from miles around because they love my patties. I want every employee on their best behavior.
[SpongeBob and Squidward are shown sitting at a table. Squidward has his head down. By this point, the crowd has stopped.]
Squidward: Are you getting any of this, SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: Every word, Squidward, every word.
Mr. Krabs: So, let's get out there and sell some Krabby Patties!
[SpongeBob is shown standing up]
SpongeBob: Yes! Yeah! Ooh, I almost forgot. Mr. Krabs, wait! There's one last decoration! [The scene changes to show the Kitchen, focused on the door. SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Patrick walk to the freezer. SpongeBob pulls a bar that is holding the shut.] I present to you... [SpongeBob tries to open the freezer door, but it is difficult.] [Straining] I present to you... [He yells and pulls the handle off. It hits Squidward in the face. He falls over and twitches his leg. The scene changes to show a white cloud. It fades away and the four are shown looking into the freezer. Mr. Krabs and Squidward gasp.] ... my ode to the Krabby Patty [the scene shows a giant ice sculpture of a Krabby Patty on a pedestal.] made entirely out of ice.
Mr. Krabs: Yessh, boy. [The four walk into the freezer. The scene pans out to show how big the sculpture is.] This thing's enormous.
Squidward: [Shivering] And cold.
[The scene shows Mr. Krabs' claw on the backside of the sculpture.]
Mr. Krabs: All right, let's get this thing out of here. Me customers are waiting.
[The scene shows Mr. Krabs, followed by Squidward and Patrick on the backside of the sculpture and SpongeBob on its front side.]
SpongeBob: Ready? Set? [SpongeBob pulls the sculpture while the other three push it. It does not move. Instead, SpongeBob goes flying. out the freezer. He bounces off the kitchen's front wall and enters the freezer again. The door closes after him. SpongeBob hits the sculpture's pedestal and slides to the floor. The other three stare at the freezer door. Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick scream.] Guys, I'm okay. No need to scream.
[Squidward and Mr. Krabs scream and run to the freezer door. When they do so, they trample SpongeBob and Patrick. Squidward and Mr. Krabs start pounding on the door.]
Mr. Krabs: The door!
[The exterior of the freezer is shown. The door is extruding as the two pound on it. The scene shows Patrick and SpongeBob on the floor.]
SpongeBob: Oh, no. Patrick, stand up! [The two stand up.] We're locked in! [SpongeBob pulls Patrick close.] This is gonna spoil the eleventy-seventh anniversary.

[The scene changes to show the crowd outside.]
Crowd: We want Krabby Patties! We want...
[The scene returns to the exterior of freezer where Squidward and Mr. Krabs are still screaming and pounding on the door.]
Mr. Krabs: Somebody...
[The scene returns to the interior of the freezer.]
Mr. Krabs and Squidward: Anybody, I don't care who!
[The two stop pounding on the door.]
SpongeBob: How do we get out?
Mr. Krabs: Everybody calm down. I spent a lifetime working in this restaurant, and I know there's only one way out of here.
Patrick: A high school diploma?
Mr. Krabs: No, [The scene pans up to an air duct on the ceiling. It is right above the Krabby Patty Sculpture] the air duct. [A ladder falls on the side of the sculpture. Mr. Krabs walks up the ladder, goes to the air duct and takes off the cover. The scene changes to show the interior of an air duct. Mr. Krabs pops his walks in.] This way boys. [SpongeBob follows him. Squidward pops his head into the duct. Patrick, pops his head in too, but when he does, his head pushes Squidward up to the top of the duct. The scene shows the center of the duct system with ducts in every direction.] All we gotta to do is head through this duct.
Squidward: Which one? There must be 20 ways to go.
SpongeBob: Not to worry, Squidward. I have the entire map memorized.
[SpongeBob turns around and grunts. His holes mash together and makes the map.]
Mr. Krabs: [While SpongeBob is still grunting] Uh, hmm, uh...
SpongeBob: [Stressed] Hurry up, guys, this kind of hurts.
Mr. Krabs: Well, according to the map, we just go straight, take a right between these three moldy tree stumps, then head towards that kidney-bean shaped puddle of gravy.
Squidward: That's not the map, you old barnacle. Those are [The scene zooms into SpongeBob's back, showing the three "stumps" and the "pile of gravy."] three moles and a birthmark.
Mr. Krabs: Oh. All right, [Mr. Krabs turns around and points to one of the vents] then, let's try this one.
[The scene changes to an area that shows the exterior of several vents. A bulge in the closest vent appears. The screaming of Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward is heard.]
Squidward: [Off-Screen] It's this way
[The bulge continues until it stops. The scream is heard again, but it is heard three times, each with an additional bulge to the vent.]
Patrick: Here it is.
[The bulge moves until it finds a vertical pipe, then falls quickly. The scene changes to show the interior of the vent. Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick fall past the scene, screaming. The scene changes to show the exterior of the pipes, except the one that the four are in is not the exterior. The four go through a few curves until they land in a large vent room. They way that they land is, Mr. Krabs on the right, then SpongeBob on top of Squidward, and Patrick lying on his belly on the left. Next to Mr. Krabs there is a yellow wrapper that says, "Krabby Patty" in blue and has a Krabby Patty.]
Mr. Krabs: Hey, what's this? [Mr. Krabs picks it up and the scene zooms in to show the wrapper clearly.] It's an old Krabby Patty wrapper. [The scene returns to the one before.] Aah, that takes me back to the good old days.
[The scene returns to the wrapper and fades to show a black and white scene. The animation is in the style of 1950s cartoons. The scene shows baby SpongeBob in front of a TV.]
TV Narrator (1950s): Now a word from our sponsor.
[SpongeBob leans towards the TV and screams in happiness. The scene shifts to the TV.]
Female Singers: [As the letters appear] ♪ K-R-A-B-B-Y [The letters go up and down. The letters in the next part are not shown.] P-A-T-T-Y ♪
[A Krabby Patty falls on top of the letters.]
Male Singers: ♪ Bud dum dum dum dum ♪
[A bell rings]
Female Singers: ♪ Krabby Patty [The scene widens to show the Krabby Patty on a plate, which is being held by a young Mr. Krabs] give 'em a try ♪
[The scene changes to show SpongeBob's face]
Mr. Krabs: [Off-Screen] ♪ Come on down and... ♪
Mr. Krabs and the Female Singers: ♪ ...buy, buy, buy. ♪
[The scene changes to show a Krabby Patty]
Female Singers: ♪ Not just one or [The patty becomes smaller and a second patty appears] two or [The two patties become small and a third patty appears] three, but [The Krabby Patties spin left, getting smaller, and three more patties join them.] enough for the whole, [6 fish appear next to each patty.] family. ♪
[The scene changes to show a container of fries with "K K" on it, a Krabby Patty, and a soda container with "K K" on it.]
TV Narrator (1950s): [Off-Screen] Yes, folks, nine out of ten doctors recommend eating at least one Krabby Patty a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a youthful, positive attitude.
[The scene changes to show Mr. Krabs in a doctor's office, wearing a doctor outfit.]
Doctor Krabs: [As the scene pans in] I'm a doctor... as far as you know, and I believe Krabby Patties add years to your life. [The panning stops] So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself a Krabby Patty. [The scene changes to show a sack with "K K" on it.] [Off-Screen] Or go out and buy a Sackful of Krabbies. [The scene changes to show a crate with "K K" on it. The crate is full of Krabby Patties.] Or better yet, go out and get yourself a case of the Krabbies. [The scene returns to "Dr. Krabs." He lifts up a Krabby Patty.] For your health.
[The scene changes to show SpongeBob. The scene changes to show "K."]
Female Singers: [As each letter goes on the screen individually] ♪ K-R-A-B-B-Y P-A-T-T-Y [The scene changes to show the Soda, Krabby Patty, and Fries from earlier.] Krabby Patty. ♪
[The scene changes to show SpongeBob walking to the Krusty Krab. The scene changes to show the order boat and Squidward. He presses a button on the cash register and it opens. Six Krabby Patties appear. The scene changes to show a counter. SpongeBob pops his head above the counter. Margaret and Harold SquarePants run into the scene. Squidward comes into the scene with a plate of three Krabby Patties. SpongeBob starts grabbing for them. The octopus gives SpongeBob a Krabby Patty. SpongeBob eats the Patty and then hearts form in his eyes. The hearts get bigger and cover the screen. There is an old TV turning off and the flashback ends. Mr. Krabs sighs.]
Mr. Krabs: Back then, Krabby Patties only cost a dime. [Mr. Krabs gets angry and crumples up the wrapper.] It was a dark and [He throws the wrapper on the floor.] evil time. [Mr. Krabs' eyes are shown with a dime in each, where his pupils should be. He starts sweating.] I still have nightmares.
Squidward: [Crying] We'll never get out of here.
SpongeBob: Don't worry Squidward. We'll find a way out and then we'll have the best eleventy-seventh anniversary ever. All we have to do is stick together.
[The scene changes to show Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick in a short vent. They are all close together. They are crawling along. The scene then shows a close shot of Patrick and Squidward. Patrick does some shallow breathing. Squidward gets angry. Squidward turns his head.]
Squidward: Stop breathing on my neck. Yuck.
[Patrick holds his breath. He strains more and more until he cannot take it anymore. He breaths and spit gets all over Squidward's face. The group stops. The scene shifts to show a medium shot of the group.]
Mr. Krabs: Hey, I think [He points ahead] I see the exit.
[The scene changes to show a red metal room. A circular door is shown. It starts turning. Mr. Krabs enters the room. A wider shot of the room is shown. It shows 11 TVs, a chair, and a control panel. One of the screens shows Conch Street. One of the screens shows the exterior of Patrick's rock. One of the screens shows the exterior of Mr. Krabs' anchor. One of the screens shows the exterior of the Chum Bucket. One of the screens shows the exterior of the Krusty Krab. One of the screens shows the exterior of a Treedome. One of the screens shows part of a bathroom. One of the screens shows part of downtown Bikini Bottom. One of the screens shows a lady screaming inside of the Barg'N-Mart. One of the screens shows Mr. Krabs' office. One of the screens shows the Krusty Krab kitchen.]
Mr. Krabs: Ah, barnacles. It's just the Surveillance Room.
[Mr. Krabs walks inside. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward enter.]
SpongeBob: Oh. My house is on TV.
Squidward: All of our houses are on TV.
[Mr. Krabs backs away until he is out of frame. A TV is shown. It shows SpongeBob's bedroom. Gary is jumping on SpongeBob's bed.]
Gary: Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow.
SpongeBob: [while Gary meows] Gary the Snail, you get down from that bed this instant.
Patrick: [pointing to another TV] Hey, there's my house.
[The screen shows the interior of Patrick's house, a rock. In it, there is a couch and a TV that has a Realistic Fish Head on it. The scene returns to the three boys.]
Squidward: You left your TV on.
Patrick: Well, duh. I don't want to miss my shows.
SpongeBob: [Pointing to a TV] Look, it's Sandy!
[The scene shows a TV that shows a land squirrel brushing her teeth in her bathroom.]
Squidward: Mr. Krabs, [He turns his head around] why do you have cameras watching us?
Mr. Krabs: Oh, uh... uh... uh... [He shrugs] I just want to make sure you all floss after every meal.
SpongeBob: Thank you, Mr. Krabs. Dental hygiene is very, very important.
Patrick: [pointing to a screen] Hey, who are those guys?
[The scene shows the back of the group looking at the screen of themselves. Mr. Krabs walks back into frame.]
SpongeBob: I think it's us, Patrick. [The four turn around] But, who are they? [The screen shows a side view of the room. The four are shown on one side of the room and a cameraman and boom microphone operator are shown on the other. The boom microphone operator drops the boom microphone. He then lifts the cameraman up a vent that is located above them. The cameraman then lifts up the boom microphone operator. They leave. The scene changes to show SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs in front of the TVs. The Krusty Krab TV that shows the exterior shows the crowd of fish outside.]
Crowd: [On TV] We want Krabby Patties!
[Mr. Krabs gasps.]
Mr. Krabs: [While the crowd says, "We want Krabby Patties!"] Me customers are getting antsy.
[The Scene shows the outside of the Krusty Krab]
Crowd: ...Patties! We want Krabby Patties! [A line is shown, it then pans down to show that Plankton is between the fishes' legs] Krabby Patties! We want Krabby Patties! We want Krabby Patties! [Plankton sneaks past the line] We want Krabby Patties!
[Plankton makes it to an exterior air vent. He squeezes in. He then sneaks inside an air vent. He sneaks into a hole and falls in. He screams. He hits parts of vents. The scene changes to show another vent.]
Mr. Krabs: [Off-screen] We're [On screen with the rest of the group] getting warm. I can feel it.
SpongeBob: That might just be my hand, Mr. Krabs.
[The scene shows a fork in the vents. The scene returns to the four.]
Mr. Krabs: Hmm, a crossroads. [Mr. Krabs points to the right] I'll go this way, and SpongeBob, [He points to the left] you lead them down that way.
[Mr. Krabs enters the right path]
SpongeBob: Lead them? I can finally [He takes off his Krusty Krab hat and takes out a a Tyrolean hat and puts it on.] use my leader hat... [The scene shows SpongeBob wearing sock garters.] and my lederhosen.
Patrick: Nice.
Squidward: Those are just sock garters, you idiot.
SpongeBob: Follow me!
[The three start moving.]
Squidward: This is not happening. It's just not happening.
[Mr. Krabs is shown going down the right path. The other three are shown going down the left path. Their path ends with a dead end. They try to move forward, but start struggling.]
SpongeBob: Guys, its a dead end.
[The vent breaks and the three start screaming. They fall.]

[The scene changes to show Plankton falling through the pipes. He falls through another vent grate into a vent.]
Plankton: Thank Neptune that's over. [SpongeBob is heard screaming of screen]
[SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward fall through the top of the vent and land on Plankton. Squidward and Patrick lift their heads up. Plankton manages to get out from under the three. He is dizzy. He recovers from being dizzy.]
Plankton: SpongeBob! Aggh! [Squidward, Patrick, and SpongeBob are shown. They are all sitting up. SpongeBob puts his work hat back on.] Why must you always ruin my plans?
SpongeBob: Plankton, [He lift Plankton up] you're trying to steal the Krabby Patty recipe again.
Plankton: Uh, I didn't, uh... Okay fine. You caught me. You happy now?
SpongeBob: You know, this reminds me of the time Mr. Krabs confided in me the Krabby Patty recipe. Oh, I don't want to bore you with my silly old stories.
Plankton: Oh, you couldn't possibly bore me.
SpongeBob: Well, okay. Mr. Krabs called me into his office.
[A flashback begins. Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob are shown in Mr. Krabs' office.]
Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob, you've been working here for a while now, so I think I can trust you. It's time I told you.
[SpongeBob screams and gasps.]
SpongeBob: You mean?
[Mr. Krabs' lips are shown.]
Mr. Krabs: Yes. The Krabby Patty formular. Follow me, son. [Mr. Krabs puts his arm around SpongeBob and they start walking.] We need to go where no one will ever hear us. [They walk out of the Krusty Krab. They are shown leaving Bikini Bottom. They are shown going through a jungle. They are wearing safari explorer clothing. They are shown going a desert. They are wearing desert clothing. They are shown on the seas in a storm. They are wearing rain coats and hats. They are shown crossing a bridge in the mountains. They are shown climbing up a mountain. They are wearing winter clothing. They are shown walking up to flat land. They are tired and dirty.] Ugh. We finally made it. [Mr. Krabs pushes SpongeBob ahead quickly until they reach the back of the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs opens the door.] Quick, into me office before anyone sees us.
[The door closes. The flashback ends. Plankton is shown in SpongeBob's hand.]
Plankton: What? You went in a circle. Why didn't you just stay in the Krusty Krab?
SpongeBob: We wanted to make sure we weren't followed. Then, Mr. Krabs leaned close and whispered the recipe.
Plankton: Yes? Go on.
[The flashback resumes. Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob are shown in the Krusty Krab. They are cleaned up.]
Mr. Krabs: Now, remember, you can never tell another living soul.
Plankton: [Off-Screen] Wait! [The scene expands it shows Mr. Krabs in a thought bubble connected to SpongeBob. Plankton has a pen.] Wait! Hold on!
Mr. Krabs: [Holding on to the edge of the bubble] What's that?
Plankton: My pen is out of ink. [Plankton tries to get the pen to work. Eventually, it works.] Okay, okay, go ahead.
Mr. Krabs: Plankton. [He grabs Plankton.] You'll never have get me formula. [He squishes Plankton up like a ball.] Not even in a flashback.
[Mr. Krabs laughs and throws Plankton through another grate. Plankton falls through the pipes again. The scene returns to SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward. Mr. Krabs has joined the group.]
Squidward: SpongeBob, if you had never come to Bikini Bottom, this wouldn't be happening-
[Squidward realizes something and smiles.]
Mr. Krabs: Squidward, what's with the creepy smile?
Squidward: I was just [he chuckles] remembering the world before SpongeBob.
[He laughs a flashback begins. Squidward is shown sleeping in his bed. He wakes up, takes a deep breath, yawns, and stretches out his arm tentacles. He jumps out of bed. He opens the window. He takes out a watering can and waters a plot of land that is where SpongeBob's house should be. Flowers with faces pop out of the ground.]
Flowers: Morning, Squidward.
[Squidward is shown in his doorway. There is a rainbow above his house and scallops are floating around the rainbow. Squidward sniffs and then sighs contently. He skips out of his house. He then twirls. Presents fall around him. One part opens like a door and Squidward rides his recumbent bicycle. He rides until he hits a rock. He flies out of the bicycle. His helmet also falls off revealing Squidward's Krusty Krab hat. He hits the door to the Krusty Krab. The door opens. He walks to his station while getting his balance back. He passes a line of customers. He listens into the Kitchen and then looks in. A brown fish is shown.]
Squidward: Good morning, Not SpongeBob.
[Squidward lifts up Not SpongeBob and kisses him on the forehead. He runs to the front of his station. He puts his arm tentacles on the top of the cash register and sighs. SpongeBob's laughing his heard, which makes Squidward cringe. The scene changes to show the group in modern day. SpongeBob is laughing. SpongeBob grabs Squidward's head and pulls it next to his.]
SpongeBob: But, Squidward, you're glad I moved in. Remember that day? [A flashback begins. SpongeBob is shown with Patty Rechid, a female lavender-colored fish. SpongeBob has his hand on his "chin." A shoe house is shown.] Uh-uh. [A castle in a fishbowl is shown.] Nah. [A toilet house is shown.] Ew.
[The scene moves upwards to the surface of the water. a boat is shown. The boat turns. The side of the boat is shown. A pineapple falls off the boat. It falls into the water. Patrick and Squidward's houses are shown next to a garden, where SpongeBob house should be. Squidward leaves his house and goes over to the garden. He takes a deep breath, sighs, and starts working. SpongeBob and Patty walk by. They are sad.]
Patty Rechid: Okay, well, that's every available house in Bikini Bottom.
[They look up to see the pineapple. Squidward stops working.]
Squidward: My secret garden is finally done.
[The pineapple falls on Squidward. He cuts out a hole so that he can leave. It is in the same place where SpongeBob's door should be. Squidward falls down.]
Patty Rechid: Oh yeah, I forgot about that one.
[The pineapple house is shown fully formed.]
SpongeBob: It's beautiful. [He gives Patty a large bag of money] I'll take it. [He walks forward. Patty is happy. Squidward gets up.] [As he is walking] Howdy, neighbor! [He stops walking.] I'm SpongeBob SquarePants. [He hugs Squidward.] And we're going to be bestest friends. [Patrick walks into the scene.] Hey, Patrick. Guess who just moved in right next door?
Patrick: Neighbor hug!
[Patrick hugs Squidward and SpongeBob. Squidward groans. The flashback ends to show the group, except Mr. Krabs, hugging. They are in a different part of the vent than before.]
Crowd: [Off-Screen] We want Krabby Patties! We Want [Mr. Krabs turns his head and gasps.] Krabby Patties!
Mr. Krabs: What's the sound? [Mr. Krabs looks through a hole in the ventilation wall. The scene shows a hole in the Krusty Krab with Mr. Krabs' eye behind it. He gasps.] Customers!
[The scene widens to show a large crowd of fish outside the Krusty Krab.]
Crowd: We want Krabby Patties! We want Krabby Patties! We want to spend money!
Harold: What do we want?
Crowd: Krabby Patties!
Harold: Why do want them?
Crowd: To spend money!
Mr. Krabs: Oh no. All that loose change out there [He takes out his wallet] is driving me wallet mad with money lost. [It barks and then pants.] Poor little guy's starving. [He then puts his wallet through the hole.] There you go, boy. You're free. Go towards the money boy. Towards the money!
[The wallet falls in front of the Krusty Krab doors. a fish walks by.]
Dave: Hey, a wallet! [He picks it up and opens it.] And there's 50 bucks in it. All right!
[Dave walks away, holding it in the air. The scene returns to the vents.]
Mr. Krabs: Hey! Oh no! [He starts crying.] What am I going to do? [He stops crying.] We gotta get out of here. Now!
SpongeBob: Oh. If only Sandy were here. She could help us.
Patrick: Oh! Hey, maybe we can use this. [He goes into his pants a takes out a walkie talkie.] I borrowed it from Sandy's treedome. It might be our way outta here. Shh! Everybody quiet! [Shouts] Hey, Sandy, I got your radio! If you want it back, come and get it! She'll come.
[Patrick pats the walkie talkie.]
Squidward: Oh, give me that. [He takes the Walkie Talkie. He tunes it.] Sandy, come in, Sandy.
Sandra "Sandy" Jennifer Olivia Cheeks: [Off-Screen] Sandy Cheeks here. [The scene changes to show the exterior of Sandy's Treedome.] So, it was [The scene changes to show Sandy] you who stole my other radio, Squidward!
[The scene returns to the vents.]
Squidward: What? No. I'm just-- I...
[Patrick screams.]
Patrick: Sandy's trapped in that box! [Patrick grabs the walkie talkie and throws it on the ground, breaking it.] Sandy?
[Squidward growls. SpongeBob sighs.]
SpongeBob: Remember the day Sandy and I got married?
[The other three gasp.]
Mr. Krabs: What?!
Squidward: No!
Patrick: I'm freaking out!
SpongeBob: Mm-hmm...
[A flashback starts. Mrs. Puff, a female pufferfish is shown playing the organ. Sandy is shown in a wedding dress. She starts to walk down the aisle. The scene changes to show SpongeBob at the end of the aisle with a wedding officiant. Patrick is near SpongeBob. One each side of the aisle there is a crowd of people, including Mr. Krabs and Pearl, a sperm whale. Sandy finishes walking down the aisle.]
Wedding officiant: Friends, we have gathered here today to join these two hearts [The crowd is shown] in the bonds of love. [Plankton is shown. He looks up. The scene widens to shown Karen in her mobile form. She looks at Plankton. The scene returns to SpongeBob, Sandy and the wedding officiant] SpongeBob, do you take Sandy as your lawfully wedded wife?
SpongeBob: I do.
Wedding officiant: And Sandy, do you take SpongeBob as your lawfully wedded husband?
Sandy: And how!
Wedding officiant: Well then, I now pronounce you sponge and squirrel. You may kiss the bride.
[The wedding officiant walks away backwards. SpongeBob sprays breath spray into his mouth. He straightens his bow tie. SpongeBob and Sandy lean in and SpongeBob kisses Sandy's helmet. SpongeBob and Sandy look at the crowd. A light breaks and falls down, nearly hitting SpongeBob and Sandy. The scene shows the crowd. They are all angry.]
Frank (red shirt): Boo! You stink!
Mr. Krabs: Worst play I've ever seen. [The scene changes to shows part of the exterior of the Recreation Center. There is a sign that reads, "Tonight" and below that "The Marriage of SpongeBob" and below that there is an image of SpongeBob's head with a bow tie. The audience starts to leave.] And a total rip-off!
Fish: What has happened to the theater?
[The scene then shows a wide shot of the Recreation Center. There is a sign that reads, "Tonight Only The Marriage of SpongeBob"]
Another Fish: Lousy costumes.
[The scene returns to the interior. SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and the wedding officiant remain.]
Wedding officiant: I didn't know this was a play.

[The scene changes to show the crowd of fish outside of the Krusty Krab.]
Crowd: We want Krabby Patties! We want Krabby Patties!
[The scene shows SpongeBob in the vent.]
SpongeBob: And we didn't even get to celebrate the Krusty Krab's eleventy-seventh anniversary. We missed what could have been the greatest party ever!
Patrick: Hmm. You guys ready to give up?
Mr. Krabs: Yes.
Squidward: Yes.
Patrick: And I'll just write my... myself down here for... for giving up too. Right, SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: No, Patrick! I don't wanna give up.
Patrick: Ooh, I know. Uh, let's just say are tearful farewells and solemn last words.
Mr. Krabs: I didn't make any money.[crying]
Squidward: I never made anyone sick with envy. [crying]
Patrick: I didn't get to sleep in [He sobs.] this morning!
SpongeBob: Guys, we can't give up now! We got into this mess together, and we'll get out of it the same way.
Patrick: Through the freezer?
SpongeBob: No, by using our heads.
Mr. Krabs: To concoct an elaborate escape plan?
[SpongeBob gasps.]
SpongeBob: No! [He snaps his fingers.] As a battering ram. [SpongeBob takes some ventilation and puts it around Mr. Krabs. He tips Mr. Krabs over. He does the same thing with the other two. He puts them together to make a battering ram. He lifts them up.] Hup.
[He Charges at the door. The exterior of the pipe is shown. It is in the dining area.]
Patrick: [Off-Screen] Owie!
Squidward: [Off-Screen] Ow!
Mr. Krabs: [Off-Screen] Ow!
[SpongeBob rams again]
Patrick: [Off-Screen] Owie!
Squidward: [Off-Screen] Ow!
Mr. Krabs: [Off-Screen] Ow!
[SpongeBob rams again]
Patrick: [Off-Screen] Owie!
Squidward: [Off-Screen] Ow!
Mr. Krabs: [Off-Screen] Ow!
SpongeBob: [Off-Screen] Okay. This is the one. Feel very good about this. Okay. Ready?
[SpongeBob rams again and they scream as they all fall out.]
Mr. Krabs: Oh boy, we made it out! [He jumps in the air.] Woo-hoo! [He runs out of frame] Money! Money! Money! Money! [Mr. Krabs is opens one of the doors.] Come on in folks. [The scene shows that no one is at the Krusty Krab.] No need to shove. Plenty of room for all your money! and i-... Gasp! Where are all me customers? [Mr. Krabs walks outside.] They left...? With all their money?!
[He wails. SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick walk to the door. Squidward joins Mr. Krabs outside.]
Squidward: We went through all that for nothing?!
[SpongeBob and Patrick join Mr. Krabs and Squidward outside.]
SpongeBob: Oh, it was not for nothing, Squidward. I spent the whole day with my best friends. [He hugs Squidward.] You, Squidward. [He points to Patrick] And you, Patrick.
Patrick: What now?
[SpongeBob runs over to Mr. Krabs, who is still crying]
SpongeBob: And let's not forget the man who made it all possible. Mr. Krabs. What could be better?
Mr. Krabs: [sobs slowly before stopping] Money?
SpongeBob: ♪ Oh! ♪
Squidward: Oh, no. He's not going to sing.
SpongeBob: ♪ Oh Krusty Krab, oh Krusty Krab. Oh, how I love you, Krusty Krab. Your Krabby Patties from the grill. [He walks forward.] The smell of grease gives me a thrill. [He walks to the Krusty Krab sign] Oh Krusty Krab, oh Krusty Krab. Oh, how I love you, Krusty Krab. [The scene with Mr. Krabs changing the prices, from earlier is shown.] With prices high [The scene changes to show a Krabby Patty under a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass is removed and it is shown in SpongeBob's hand. It is as small as his fingers.] and your portions small. [The scene changes to show SpongeBob next to a mustard stain on a Krusty Krab wall. He licks it.] The stains of mustard on the wall. [The scene returns to SpongeBob, who is outside. The scene shows an angle that has the Krusty Krab sign be close in the shot and SpongeBob further away.] Oh Krusty Krab, oh Krusty Krab. Oh, how I love you, [He starts to bow.] Krusty Krab. [A bus stop is shown. Nat, Dale, Frankie Billy, and an anchovy are shown. They hear the song and walk to the Krusty Krab. Harold and Thaddeus are shown at the scene of an accident between their two boats. They are arguing with each other.] Oh Krusty Krab, oh Krusty Krab. [They stop disliking each other and walk to the Krusty Krab.] Oh, how I love ya, [Officer John is chasing a robber near the First Nautical Bank.] Krusty Krab. [Officer John catches the robber.] Oh Krusty Krab, [They hear the singing and stop.] oh [They start to become friends and skip to the Krusty Krab.] Krusty Krab. [The scene changes to show Nancy at her house with Timmy who is crying and won't eat the food she is trying to feed him.] Oh, how I [She hears the song and leaves. Blue Fred walks in as Timmy knocks over the bowl.] love you, Krusty Krab. ♪
[SpongeBob hums as more fish approach the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs sobs a bit]
Squidward: Mr. Krabs, look.
Mr. Krabs: Me customers? They're coming back?! SpongeBob's dopey little song is bringing 'em back!
[He laughs. The customers join in on the humming. ]
SpongeBob: Oh, Krusty Krab, you've always been there for me. When I'm tired and hungry, I just reach out my hand, and there you are with a Krabby Patty that's all so hot and juicy. Are you with me, people?!
Crowd: Yeah!
SpongeBob: I said, are you with me, people?!
Crowd: Yeah!
SpongeBob: In that case, let's get some Krabby Patties!
[Inside the Krusty Krab, Plankton opens the kitchen door.]
Plankton: There's no one here. The Krusty Krab is empty. I've won! [He runs off screen and comes back with the secret formula.] The Krabby formula is mine. [He runs with it.] It took eleventy-seven years, but I got it! [He stops.] Oh no. [SpongeBob, followed by the customers, runs in.] No! [He is kicked, causing him to fly away. He screams. He hits a table then the wall, then the cash register boat, then one of the pillars, he roles until Dale kicks him, causing him to fly up and hit a pillar. Another customer kicks him into the pillar. Nancy kicks him into the pillar. Another customer kicks him into the pillar. He starts rolling] Oh, nuts.
SpongeBob: [While walking with a plate of Krabby Patties] Did somebody order a Krabby...? [SpongeBob starts slipping on the bottle.] Whoa! [SpongeBob screams. He tries to keep his balance he rolls off frame and all around the Krusty Krab until he reaches the table again.] Look out. Oh. Oh, coming through. Whoa. Ooh. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
[SpongeBob regains his balance, the bottle goes rolling, and the plate lands on the table with the patties in tact.]
Martha, Frankie Billy, and Bill: Hooray!
Mr. Krabs: Ah, 'tis a beautiful sight. It warms me heart. [The bottle rolls into the scene. Mr. Krabs gasps.] Me Krabby Patty recipe! What's it [Mr. Krabs picks it up.] doin' out here? Whoa-ho! Shoulda known! Plankton.
Plankton: Hey Krabs. uh, happy eleventy-seventh?
[Mr. Krabs peels Plankton off the bottle.]
Mr. Krabs: It's launchin' time.
[Mr. Krabs take Plankton outside.]
Plankton: Please, Krabs, no! I can't take it anymore! No more launching, please?!
Mr. Krabs: Oh, all right. Since I'm such in a good mood, I'll go easy on you this time. [Mr. Krabs stretches Plankton. Plankton screams. Mr. Krabs blows Plankton up like a balloon. He then ties a string on him.] There. [He lets go of Plankton. He floats.] Happy landings, Plankton!
Plankton: You know, this isn't so bad. Everyone looks like little ants from up here! [He starts laughing evilly three times.] Wait. Help!
[The scene returns to Mr. Krabs]
Mr. Krabs: Stay away from the high-tension wires! [Dave walks by.] Allow me to open the door for a valued customer.
Dave: Gee, thanks, mister. Today must be my lucky day. I found a wallet with 50 bucks in it.
Mr. Krabs: Wow, that's some coincidence 'cause I just lost one earlier today with 50 bu...! Hey! Wait a minute! Come back with me wallet, ya thieving bilge rat!
[SpongeBob is shown flipping patties.]
SpongeBob: Happy anniversary, Krusty Krab.
[He continues to work. The Krusty Krab is shown with cars in the parking lot. SpongeBob laughs.]

Episode 15[edit]

Porous Pockets [6.15a][edit]

SpongeBob: Good idea coming here, Patrick!
Patrick: That’s my specialty.
SpongeBob: Having good ideas?
Patrick: No, being called Patrick.

Choir Boys [6.15b][edit]

[Squidward doesn't use the toilet, making it sad]
Toilet Paper: Don't feel bad. He didn't use me yesterday either.

SpongeBob: Squidward? Where are you going, all dressed up?
Squidward: None of your business!
SpongeBob: Can I come?
Squidward: And no, You Can't.
SpongeBob: Are you going to a fancy store?
Squidward: No.
SpongeBob: A fancy party?
Squidward: No!
SpongeBob: A hot fancy pants date?
Squidward: NO!
SpongeBob: Can I come, can I come, can I come, can I come, can I come, can I come, can I come, can I come, can I come, can I come, can I come, can I come?
Squidward: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! Does that answer your questions?
SpongeBob: All except for that last one.

Episode 16[edit]

Krusty Krushers [6.16a][edit]

Mr. Krabs: Like we're really gonna turn all this money for-
SpongeBob and Patrick: Wrestle Camp! Wrestle Camp, Wrestle Camp, Wrestle Camp!
Perch Perkins: Wrestle Camp it is. [The janitor vacuums up all the money and Mr. Krabs falls apart, then the janitor walks away]
SpongeBob: See you at Wrestle Camp, Mr. Krabs! [He drops a wrestle camp hat on Mr. Krabs and the episode ends.]

The Card [6.16b][edit]

SpongeBob: [gasps] THE SUPER RARE AND PRICELESS MERMAIDMAN AND BARNACLEBOY TRADING CARD! Patrick, Where is It, Where is it? Damn, Neptune, You Did Not Put That In Your Pocket, Did You?

Episode 17[edit]

Dear Vikings [6.17a][edit]

Ditchin' [6.17b][edit]

Episode 18[edit]

Pineapple Fever [6.18a][edit]

Chum Caverns [6.18b][edit]

Episode 19[edit]

Grandpappy the Pirate [6.19a][edit]

Cephalopod Lodge [6.19b][edit]

Episode 20[edit]

Shuffleboarding [6.20a][edit]

[a man is shown chewing his gum; gum bubble pops]
Patrick: You're chewing too loud!
[Patrick throws him in jail; a man with untied shoes is shown]
SpongeBob: Shoes untied!
[SpongeBob throws him in jail; an old woman is shown]
Patrick: You're too old!
[Patrick throws her in jail, which has lots of people]
[The jail explodes. People land everywhere and some of them say “My leg!”]

Professor Squidward [6.20b][edit]

Music Headmistress: The real Squiliam as we all know has a large bushy unibrow just at the base of his forehead.
Squidward: But... [A police officer rips off Squidward's Wig]
Police Officer: No unibrow. Squidward Q. Tentacles, i'm placing you under arrest for impersonating a genius.

Episode 21[edit]

Pet or Pests [6.21a][edit]

[Mrs. Wormley and Gary are growling each other again.]
Patrick: It looks like they're still not getting used to each other.
SpongeBob: Well, these things take time.
[Gary and Mrs. Wormsley start fighting again. SpongeBob and Patrick see the fight and they run and hide in SpongeBob's bed]
SpongeBob and Patrick: Duck and Cover!
[the fighting still continues outside of conch street]
Patrick: This town is getting too rough for me.
SpongeBob: He's chased her away! Now, who will care for her abandoned newborn infants?
Patrick: Maybe you could take care of them.
SpongeBob: Oh, no way Patrick. I've never seen Gary that upset.

Komputer Overload [6.21b][edit]

Episode 22[edit]

Gullible Pants [6.22a][edit]

Overbooked [6.22b][edit]

Episode 23[edit]

No Hat for Pat [6.23a][edit]

Frankie Billy: That guy still flopping?
Frank: Yeah! Amazing, isn't it?
Frankie Billy: Doesn't that get old?
Harold: He's got a point.
Frank: Yeah. You've seen enough?
Harold: Yeah, let's get out of here. [He, Frank, and another customer throw their food on the floor and leave]
Frankie Billy: Me, too. I'm out. [He throws his food on the floor and leaves like everybody else]
Mr. Krabs: What? Wait! Don't go! Why ya leaving?
Harold: This guy's act is stale! We crave excitement! [all the other customers argue]
Mr. Krabs: Okay, Okay! You want excitement? What if I added a box? [puts Patrick on a box as he falls from it] Huh? Huh?
Frankie Billy: Sort of the same, really.
Frank: Yeah.
Mr. Krabs: Oh, okay, so what if he flopped from two boxes...? [adds another box, but the customers are still bored] ...into a cream pie? [puts a cream pie in place]
Patrick: I like pie.
Frankie Billy: Say now.
Frank: That, I'd pay to see!

Toy Store of Doom [6.23b][edit]

The Clash of Triton [6.24][edit]

Sadie: Did you hear that? Neptune said it was all because of that guy! [citizens with torches, pitchforks, splinters, and other weapons form a mob with the damaged city in the background]
Policeman: He did, did he?
Patrick: Uh... SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: Yes, Patrick?
Patrick: Do you think now's a good time to get those Triple Gooberry Sundays you were talking about?
SpongeBob: I think now would be an excellent time, yes. [the episode ends with he and Patrick screaming whilst getting chased by the angry mob]

Episode 25[edit]

Sand Castles in the Sand [6.25a][edit]

SpongeBob: [Floating gently down] All is fair in love and war my friend slash enemy, or should I say, my friend-enemy!? [presses a sand button where a jet fighter resembling an F-16 hovers in midair until SpongeBob lands in the cockpit. It then starts chasing Patrick's robot head] Let's have some real fun! [Presses a button that launches two missiles that fly towards Patrick. Patrick screams as he turns his robot head away from the missiles]

Shell Shocked [6.25b][edit]

[after SpongeBob has destroyed all of Angry Jack's Shell Emporium]
SpongeBob: Well, look on the bright side. I reduced your inventory for you.
Angry Jack: Reduced?! You destroyed everything! And now, you're gonna have to pay!
SpongeBob: Are you really angry, or ya just trying to sound louder?
Commercial Voice: Blistering fury!

Episode 26[edit]

Chum Bucket Supreme [6.26a][edit]

Mini Brain Patrick 1: Forget about what that word means! There's a fire breaking out in the language lobes!
Mini Brain Patrick 2: We need to get outta here! [Mini Brain Patrick 3 pushes on a door with signs saying "PULL TO OPEN"]
Mini Brain Patrick 3: The door's jammed!
Mini Brain Patrick 2: Push harder! [all Mini Brain Patricks start moaning and coughing]

Karen: Don't look now, but I think your catchy slogan days are numbered.
Nat: [barfs on floor] Something's not right.
Pilar: Yeah, I know, I keep sayin' "Chum is Fum" but it's...ehh...it's just not working.
Nat: I'm outta here. [throws chumstick on the floor and leaves]
Pilar: [also throws chumstick on the floor and leaves]
Plankton: [To Patrick who is sleeping] Patrick!
Patrick: [Wakes up] Huh?
Plankton: We're having a board meeting here! We need ideas!
Patrick: [Examining a line graph whose line ends in a toilet] Hmmmm...mmmhmmm...uh-huh. I think I see the problem. Your potty has a shocky thing in it!
Plankton: [Annoyed] NO! That's not it you FOOL! We need a new slogan! You need to come up with a new genius catchphrase like Chum is Fum! But different.
Patrick: Oh gotcha. Hmmmm. [Cut to Chum Bucket, whose slogan has been switched to "Fum is Chum!"]
Nat: I'm so happy that they changed that old tired slogan "Chum is Fum"!
Pilar: Yeah that new slogan, "Fum is Chum" is way cooler!
Nat: Way cooler!
Patrick: Excuse me, sir. [hands resignation slip] My resignation. [shows picture of himself in a fighter plane shooting bullets]

Single Cell Anniversary [6.26b][edit]

Plankton: [singing]
Oh, my Karen. Oh, my Karen.
Oh, my computer wife, Karen.
Put down those punch cards,
Put down those punch cards,
And listen to my ode.
Oh, my Karen. Oh, my Karen.
Oh, my computer wife, Karen.
What compares to,
What compares to...
Ehhhh, um, eeh... AH-HA!
Your beautiful diodes?
[Instrumental break]
Oh, my Karen. Oh, my Karen.'
Oh, my computer wife, Karen.
I was blinded, yes, I was blinded,
I was blinded by the light of your cathode ray.
Oh, I built you, yes, I built you,
I built you in the - ehhh... erm...
In the shape of a cube!
Oh, my Karen. Oh, my Karen.
You'll never know how much I love your vacuum tubes!


  • Tom Kenny as SpongeBob, Toilet, Guard #2, Narrator, Gary, DJ, Fish #1, Male Fish #3, Fish #40, Fish #3, Maestro, Announcer Fish, Fish #42, Fish #184, Fish #107, Fish #24, Announcer, Cop #1, Fish #37a, Motorcycle Fish, Pale Fish, Don, Fish #152, Fish #45, Villager, Surgeon, Judge B. Trout, Cowboy Student #2, Mailman, Fish #3, Pipsqueak, Girly Teengirl, Fish #4, Fish #1, Surfer Fish #41, Tower, Fish #155, Chip, Fish #40, Bert, Jeeves, Jellyfish, Fish #60, Champ #1, Robber, Card, TV Announcer, Cop, Trash Fish, Olaf #9, Ship Salesman, Crew Leader, Roger, Fire Fish, Customer #3, Customer #6, Show Announcer, Muisc Lover, Fish #37, Cop, Worm, Baby Worm, Garbage Fish, Sauce/T-199a, Reporter, Fish #41, Fish #40, Bell, Worm, Fish #40, Fish #1, Construction Fish, Worm, Passenger #2, Volleyball Fish, Architect, Bull, Gargoyle, Announcer, Fish, Fish #41, Hockey Fish, Announcer, Dad, Angry Fish, 50's Narrator, Theater Fish #1, Grocery Store Owner, Customer #1, Phorkys, Customer, Fish #1, Spectator, Passenger
  • Bill Fagerbakke as Patrick, Rock House, Cop #1, Male Fish #1, Fish #42, Fish #4, Worker #2, Fish #41, Trucker, Fish #42, Sarcastic Fish, Farmer, Customer, Fish #24, Fish #2, Fish #27, Fish #106, Ex-Convict, Fish #107, Fish #158, Customer #5, Fish #106, Fish #41, Sandwich Fish, Male Streaker, Fish #3
  • Rodger Bumpass as Squidward, Mailman, Worker #1, Squidward's Mother, Doctor, Troop Leader, Cop, Jogger Student #7, Officer, Charles, Hat Salesman, Customer #2, Fish #83, Delivery Fish, Fish #105, Fish #83, Fish #106, Angel Fish, Bus Driver
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Squilliam, Billy, Newscaster, Construction Fish, Fish #2, Bus Driver, Sailor, Video Narrator, Fish #81, Fish #15, Fish #68, Cop #1, Dog, Kid Fish #67, Seahorse, Monster, Fish #41, Husband, Sandals, Australian Fish, Craig, Fish #155, Fish #41, Fish #152, Nat, Officer Franklin, Giant Thug Student #5, Scientist, Fish #1, Gonzalez, Health Inspector, TV Announcer, Boy in Movie #1, Old Geezer, Newscaster, Fish #17, Judge, Surfer Fish #37a, Awesome Eddie, The Big One, Fish #40, Clam, Appraiser, Bill, Fish #41, Perch Perkins, Exercise Girl, Referee, Quincy, Teller, Comic Fish, Fish #37a, Dale, Fish #40, King, Olaf #1, Olaf #4, Teacher, Monster, Leader, Eel, Cuttlefish, Phone, Prison Guard, Billy, Reporter, Employee Steve, Boy Fish, Guard, Wallet, Wallet Fish, Theater Fish #2, Kids, Captain, Stan, Weather Reporter, Billy, Baby Triton, Kid Triton
  • Alton Brown as Nicholas Withers
  • Mr. Lawrence as Plankton, Cop #1, Male Fish #2, Larry the Lobster, Driver, Fish #41, Fish #1, Fish #105, Fish #107, Fish #1, Citizen, Fish #106, Fish #107, Passenger #1, Lifeguard, Dude, Chum Customer #2
  • Jill Talley as Karen, Female Fish #1, Female Fish #2, Woman Fish #1, Woman Fish #2, Woman Fish #1, Woman Fish #2, Little Girl Fish, Kid Fish #4, Wife, Woman #2, Fish #2, Mom Fish, Hideous Hair Fish, Fish #151, Dodo, Student #3, Student #8, Ice Cream Fish, Fish #49, Customer #4, Mabel, Fish #115, Pa Fish, Baby Fish, Bus Driver, Mom Fish, Mother-in-law
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  • Dean Kovanda as Fish #2
  • Lori Alan as Pearl, Girlfriend #10, Girl in Movie
  • Brian Doyle Murray as Flying Dutchman
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  • Davy Jones as Davy Jones
  • Johnny Depp as Jack Kahuna Laguna
  • Randy Brenner as Soprano
  • Ernest Borgnine as Mermaid Man
  • Bob Jules as Man Ray, Cop #2, Painty the Pirate
  • Tim Conway as Barnacle Boy
  • Ian McShane as Gordon
  • Dennis Quaid as Grandpa RedBeard
  • Dee Snider as Angry Jack
  • Harrison Fahn as Kid Singer #1
  • Elan Garfias as Kid Singer #2
  • Caryn Johnson as Kid Singer #3
  • John Cleese as Plankton
  • Sebastian Bach as Triton
  • Victoria Beckham as Amphitrite
  • John O'Hurley as King Neptune

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