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SpongeBob SquarePants (1999-) is an animated TV series, airing on Nickelodeon about the adventures and endeavors of the title character and his various friends in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom. It spawned three movies, followed by several short films, and video games.


  • Tom Kenny as SpongeBob, Medic, Narrator, Captain, Iron Eye, Clam, Fish Guy #1, Gary, Construction Fish #1, Skill Crane, Car Fish, Security System, Tank Fish, Howard Blandy, Museum Tape Operator, Robotic Voice, Electronic British Voice, King, Leech, Man Peasant, Chum-bot, Kelp-thing, Pearl Puller, Old Head, Male Fish #2, Skeleton Fish, Fish #1, Student Fish #1, Mailman, Salesman, Ghost, Radio DJ, Fish #1, The Tickler, Thug #1, Spat, Salesman, Fish #41, Male Fish #2, Male Fish #5, Customer, Band Member #2, Fish #3, Record Executive, Jellyfish, Dad SquarePants, Old Fish, Security Alarm, Cashier, Talent Agent, Male Fish #2, Robo
  • Rodger Bumpass as Squidward, Naval Buddy #1, Administrator, Juror Man #1, Construction Fish #2, Paramedic #2, Squidly, Man Peasant, SpongeBob Doppelganger, Audience Member, Doctor, Audience Fish #3, Mrs. Tentacles, Peanut, Bus Driver, Customer, Salesman, Fish #2, Deliery Fish, Filthy Phil, Customer #1, Therapist, Salesman, Fish #2, Delivery Fish, Band Member #3, Fish #4, Leprechaun, Kelpy G, Mr. Magic, Delivery Fish, Prospector, Customer #1, Hazmat #1, Male Fish #2, Stuck Fish
  • Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs, Courtroom Fish, King Krabs, Dungeon Master, Car Salesman, Customer #2, Male Fish #8, Usher, Movie Patron, Fish #1, Construction Worker
  • Mr. Lawrence as Plankton, Fish #4, Planktonamor, Narrator, Shady Shoals Resident, Larry the Lobster, Ralph, Motorcycle Ghost, Man Fish, Announcer, Male Fish #3, Car Washer, Dad, Fish #1, News Fish
  • Jill Talley as Karen, Girl Fish, Nurse, Fish Gal #1, Judge, Juror Man #2, Customer, Tammy, Woman Fish, Old Woman, Mother, Woman Patron, Queen, Audience Member, Woman Peasant, Female Fan, Teacher, Nurse, Judy, Clerk, Female Voice #1, Female Voice #2, Fish #2, Fish #5, Fish #8, Little Girl Fish, Mom Fish, Soap Actress, Girl Employee #2
  • Mark Fite as Fish, Old Man, Patty, Fish #3, Bailiff, Male Fish #1, Male Fish #3, Audience Fish #1, Clam #1, Fish #5, Fish #7
  • Bill Fagerbakke as Frat Fish #2, Patrick, Fish #1, Hunchback, Bingo Announcer, Male Voice, Old Man, Manly Voice, Male Fish #4, Fish #6, Fish #7, Patricia, Fish #6, Geezer #2, Male Fish #3
  • Tom Wilson as Mutton Chop
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Frat Fish #1, Lock Jaw, Torpedo Belly, Doctor #2, Cop, Guard Worm, Fish #2, Richard A. Bottomfeeder, Jury Foreman, Snail #1, Snail #3, Gary's Stomach, Fish #2, Salesman, Kid Fish, Construction Fish #3, Fish #1, Fish #2, Angry Resident, Accountant, Computer, Paramedic #1, Bystander, Doctor, Seahorse, Attendant, Knight, Squire, Guard, Fish #1, Bikini Bottom Citizen, Funeral Fish #1, Fan Club President, Mermaid Man Actor, Slate Operator, Timmy, Therapist, Alien #1, Gunther Fitz, Student Fish #2, Seahorse, Billy Fishkin, Cook, Doctor, Villain, Le Spatula, Telephone Fish, Shoe Fish, Perch Perkins, Ned, Band Member #1, Fish #1, Salesman, Fish #1, Mr. Seaweed, Officer, Clam, Sarge, Announcer, Charlie, Kid, Announcer, Cop, Judge, Soap Actor, Fish #68, Nerdy Fish, Fish #1, Fish #3, Geezer #1, Watch Dog, Customer #2, Hazmat #2, Reporter, Driver, Usher
  • Sirena Irwin as Woman, Mama Krabs, Alien Fish #2, Audience Fish #2, Lady Fish, Girl Fish, Old Lady, Girl Fish #2, Customer Lady, Wife Fish, Lipp, Woman, Grandma, Mom Fish, Woman Fish, Actress, Woman #1, Mom, Old Lady Fish, Mom SquarePants, Girl Fish, Girl Employee #1, Girl Employee #3, Female Fish
  • Veronica Alicino as Courtroom Woman Fish
  • Lori Alan as Female Fish, Pearl, Kid, Female Fish #1, Female Fish #2
  • Amy Poehler as Gramma
  • Carl Greenblatt as Carl
  • Carolyn Lawrence as Sandy, Ms. Jenkins
  • Paul Tibbitt as Nerd, Fish #2
  • Ernest Borgnine as Mermaid Man
  • Tim Conway as Barnacle Boy
  • Keith Dickens as Belcher
  • Mary Jo Catlett as Mrs. Puff
  • Robin Sachs as Sergeant Roderick
  • Christopher Ryan as Professor Percy
  • Brian Doyle Murray as The Flying Dutchman
  • Pat Morita as Master Udon
  • Vincent Waller as Fish #2, Clam #2, Fish #4, Underwear, Trucker

Episode 1[edit]

"Fear of a Krabby Patty" (1.1)[edit]

Mr. Krabs: Day... [record scratch] anyone know how many days it's been? I've lost track.
Squidward: [Breathing heavily next to a pile of Krabby Patties] 43...! [Gasps, as the top of his head expands and shrinks.]

"Shell of a Man" (1.2)[edit]

Mr. Krabs: Noooooooo! [SpongeBob drops his Krabby Patty]
SpongeBob: [gasps] Mr. Krabs. [knocks once on Mr. Krabs door and it opens] Hello? Mr. Krabs? [Mr. Krabs is shown head down on his desk] You alright? Are you sleepy? [pokes Mr. Krabs body knocking it to the floor, revealing an empty shell] Mr. Krabs! [sniffs his arm] I don't smell his pulse. [in the background, a fleshy and pink Mr. Krabs rushes past SpongeBob] What's that? [figure is behind a barrel] Is somebody there?
Mr. Krabs: Don't look at me! Leave me be!
SpongeBob: [throws barrel away] You're alive! And naked...
Mr. Krabs: [crying] It's true. I've molted.
SpongeBob: What's molted?
Mr. Krabs: It's when a crab gets too fat- um, er, outgrows his shell. It falls off!
SpongeBob: Wow.

Episode 2[edit]

"The Lost Mattress" (2.1)[edit]

Argh, me back! Are you hurt, Mr. Krabs?


You blockheads woke the worm.

"Krabs vs. Plankton" (2.2)[edit]

"Have You Seen This Snail?" (Episode 3)[edit]

Don’t they know I’m busy spoiling myself?

Episode 4[edit]

"Skill Crane" (4.1)[edit]

Skill Crane: [distinct scratchy voice] Squid... ward. [crane swinging back and forth] Squid... ward.

"Good Neighbors" (4.2)[edit]

Squidward: [angrily twitches his eye. As SpongeBob continues wiggling his toes, he furiously turns red and opens the front door] Alright, you two! OUT! [SpongeBob and Patrick realizing that they are in trouble walk out] And don't even think about dragging your empty skulls around here for the rest of the day. Or tomorrow, or next week!
SpongeBob: Squidward, does that include...?
Squidward: [angrily screams] YES, IT DOES! [furiously slams door]
SpongeBob: Gee, Patrick, do you think Squidward was trying to tell us something?
Squidward: [busts head through the door, exploding and enraged] YES, I WAS!!! You call yourselves good neighbors?! You're the worst neighbors EVER! [deep breath] You don't deserve to wear those FEZZES! [takes SpongeBob and Patrick's fezzes off and stomps them into the ground]
SpongeBob: Gee, Pat, maybe President Squidward's right.
Patrick: Yeah, I guess we aren't good neighbors after all.
Squidward: [furiously pops his head out of the hole in the middle of the door and explodes again] NO, YOU AREN’T!!! You're horrible neighbors! [angrily hyperventilates] AND STOP CALLING ME PRESIDENT!

Episode 5[edit]

"Selling Out" (5.1)[edit]

Carl: What's our motto here at Krabby O'Mondays?
Squidward: [bored] "Sincere service with a smile."
Carl: Well yes, but with the Krabby O'Mondays sprit! Now, Squidward, you wouldn't wanna have to talk to human resources. [A big buff fish threatens to punch Squidward from behind the HR door] Would you? So, what's our motto again?
Squidward: [now nervous] Uh...uh. "S-sincere service..." [slaps himself and is now trying to look happy] "...with a smile!" [The HR fish slides back into his room]
Carl: Now you're getting it!

"Funny Pants" (5.2)[edit]

SpongeBob: Another day, another nickel.

SpongeBob: Hi, Squidward.
Squidward: SpongeBob, this infernal crying has to stop.
SpongeBob: But Squidward, I...I broke my laugh box! [sprays a fountain of tears into Squidward's face. Squidward puts his tentacles over SpongeBob's eyes, stopping the tears]
Squidward: SpongeBob, there's no such thing as a laugh box! I made the whole thing up to get some peace from your insipid laughter!
SpongeBob: You mean...my laugh box isn't broken? And it was a cruel lie that sent me into spiraling depression?
Squidward: [taken aback by the revelation] Uhh, well it sounds pretty harsh when you put it that way, but yes.
SpongeBob: I could laugh the whole time?
Squidward: Yeah. [both laugh] You really fell for it.
SpongeBob: I guess I did!
Squidward: You even fell for the ol' thermometer in the boiling oil routine. [laughs]
SpongeBob: [stops laughing] It's really not that funny, Squidward.
Squidward: It's hilarious!
SpongeBob: See ya later, Squidward. [goes into his house]
Squidward: [still laughing] Break your laugh box! What a schlemiel. [his laughter turns to coughing as his sides started aching] yahhhh! [Squidward inhales deeply and lets out a long cough, (thus losing his laughter) and falls flat to the ground, the episode ends while two paramedics come take him to the hospital]

"Dunces and Dragons" (Episode 6)[edit]

SpongeBob: They sure do take their role-playing seriously around here. [explosion outside]
Patrick: What's that?
Squidly: ♪The evil wizard's dragon is here.
See the townsfolk scream with fear.
See the townsfolk try to run.
I can tell this won't be fun.
The dragon will torch everything.
Everything in the valley. Hospitals,
schools, retirement homes,
and even ye olde bowling alley.
Citizen: Not the bowling alley! [dragon zaps bowling alley into dust. Citizen bawling]
SpongeBob: Knights, jesters, dragons, medieval bowling alleys, 12th century? Don't you see, Patrick? We really are in medieval times!
Patrick: Oh no, I think I left the water running at home!

Guard: Right this way.
SpongeBob: Excuse me, but I believeth you meanteth to say, "Righteth this way-eth!"
Guard: [holds his spear up to his throat, gulps, then puts it down] Some day, but not today.

SpongeBob: [at the guillotine] Well, I guess this is it, Patrick.
Patrick: I guess so. I'm gonna miss you, SpongeBob! [crying]
SpongeBob: I'll miss you, too, buddy! [both sobbing as King Krabs crashes into the guillotine, breaking it. Dragon takes Princess Pearl away]
Princess Pearl: Daddy, help!
King Krabs: Pearl! [cries] Can no one stop this madness?! [sun shines on SpongeBob and Patrick] You two, my apologies. [kisses their feet] Most noble and valiant warriors.
Patrick: I guess this is what you call the royal treatment.

[SpongeBob is about to finish off the Dark Knight]
Dark Knight: You have bested me, yellow knight... Strike quick and true, noble sponge...
SpongeBob: I don't understand a word you just said! [laughs. Dark Knight turns into a real live action squirrel, but with the crosses for eyes] Uhh, Medieval Sandy, you don't look so good. Sandy? Sandy...? [screen turns black then water is thrown onto the Dark Knight] Patrick, it's working! Do it again. [Patrick gathers spit and spits it upon her]
Dark Knight: Thou hath spared me, kind and noble sponge. And to thee, I owe a debt of gratitude, for I will follow you on your quest to defeat Planktonamor and learn a trifle of that karate.
SpongeBob: Yeah, karate! [karate chops Squidly in half]
Squidly: Oweth.

Episode 7[edit]

"Enemy In-Law" (7.1)[edit]

Plankton: [everyone running around inside] Oh, good, the lunch rush. Now that my ChumBot has dropped you into my clutches, you'll be forced to eat at the Chum Bucket. [everyone stops in their tracks]
Nat: What, you mean you kidnapped us just to sell us your fast food?
Plankton: Come on, it's a standard marketing technique. [people leave]
Nat: You little twerp!
Plankton: Hey!
Karen: He's right, ya know.
Plankton: Karen, you think I'm a twerp?
Karen: Well, yes, but I was referring to the kidnapping.
Plankton: Everything I do is always wrong in your eyes.
Karen: Maybe it's because you are always wrong.
Plankton: Fine, I'm wrong and you're right.
Karen: You said it, not me. You know, you're lucky to have me.
Plankton: [walking away] Why did I ever install that nagging software?
Karen: "Nagging software"? I heard that! Come back and dust my screen!

Plankton: Why did I ever buy that computer wife? I need a real woman, not a girl in a cold-hearted shell. [hears Mama Krabs humming outside so he brings down his periscope on her] Such beauty. She's an angel, and no wires. I've never felt like this before. I don't even know her name and yet she's stolen my heart.
Karen: Plankton, you've fallen in love with another woman!? I'm your wife!
Plankton: You're a W.I.F.E. [pulls out a chart] Wired Integratred Female Electroencephalograph.
Karen: Oh, you always pull that one out! "You're not a real wife, you're just a computer!"
Plankton: [sighing] Why don't you have an "off" switch? [sees it and smiles]
Karen: Plankton, don't you dare... [turns off]
Plankton: And now to woo that beloved creature.

Plankton: Excuse me! I can't reach my silverware!
SpongeBob: Terribly sorry, sir. [pulls out a smaller chair and table, places it on the big table, and puts Plankton into it] Will there be anything else?
Plankton: Is my tie on straight?
SpongeBob: You... look FABULOUS!!

Plankton: [pulls rose away from his body] Hello, my dear. I must say you look ravishing tonight.
Betsy: [notices Plankton] Oh, my. You're a tiny thing, but awfully cute. [sits down in a chair that SpongeBob has brought to her] Tell me about yourself.
Plankton: Well, I'm in the food service business. I'm a bit of a restaurateur. I'm the founder and owner of the Chum Bucket.
Betsy: Never heard of it.
Plankton: [points to the Chum Bucket] It's across the street.
Betsy: Doesn't ring a bell.
Plankton [shows her the back of a phone book with a picture of him and the Chum Bucket] It's on the back of the phone book! Come on! I paid a lotta money for that ad! [puts the book away] Never mind, never mind. I'd like to hear about you.
Betsy: Well...
Eugene: Plankton!
Plankton: Krabs!
Betsy: Eugene!
Eugene: Mommy?
Plankton: "Mommy"?
SpongeBob: [jumps in the air] SpongeBob!
Eugene: SpongeBob...!
Plankton: This delectable creature is your mother?
Eugene: This no-good conniving chiseler is your date!?
SpongeBob: And this devilishly handsome sponge is your waiter.
Eugene: SpongeBob!

Eugene: Mommy? You!
Plankton: Eugene.
Eugene: I came to warn you, Plankton. Stay away from me mother. I know what you're really up to.

Plankton: I'm serious, Eugene. I've changed my ways. And all it took was the love of a beautiful woman.

Eugene: All you like is thieving and conniving. Now, stop trying to get the formula out of me mother.

Plankton: What are you talking about?

Eugene: I'm talking about the Krabby Patty formula!
Plankton: Your mother knows the Krabby Patty formula?
Eugene: Don't play stupid with me. Of course she does. It's an old Krabs family recipe, and you're not family! [Plankton frowns] I'm telling you for the last time - stay away from me mother. [walks out]
Plankton: Not family, eh? I can fix that.

"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture" (7.2)[edit]

Narrator: It's Mermaid Man! Savior of the deep! [in comes Barnacle Boy] And his young fit servant, Barnacle Boy.
Mermaid Man: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy... unite! [both put rings together, then jump down onto Kelp Thing's car] Kelp Thing, this is a posted, no-parking zone.
Kelp Thing: But I must do what I do. [jumps up in the air until he notices his car is being towed] Huh? [jumps down and then walks away]
Mermaid Man: Evil can't park here between the hours of 6 a.m. and 12 p.m.!

We can’t make a movie! Hey, little hero, this reminds me of episode.

Episode 8[edit]

"Patrick SmartPants" (8.1)[edit]

SpongeBob: Patrick! You're back!
Patrick: Patrick, you're back.
[They hug each other]

"SquidBob TentaclePants" (8.2)[edit]

Sandy: Whoo-wee, there you boys are. Looks like I'm just in time.
SpongeBob/Squidward: Sandy?
Sandy: One blast of this Molecular Separator Ray and you'll be separated for good.
[SpongeBob and Squidward try to tell Sandy not to blast them, but was too late, she blasts the ray at Squidward and SpongeBob and it separates them. Crowd gasps]
Squidward: [SpongeBob gives him back his clarinet] Hmph. [plays clarinet off-key making SpongeBob cheer for him, but the audience hates it as they block their ears, Old Man Jenkins faints off his chair]
Mary: I think I'm going to be sick.
[Squidward blows his clarinet at Billy which blows his skin off and shows his skeleton]
Billy: Ah, I'm out of here!
Squidward: Huh, no wait. Wait! [everyone leaves] Oh, my one moment of fame... gone. [grabs the Molecular Separator Ray] There's got to be some way to reverse this. [pushes the button over and over]
Sandy: No, Squidward! That's a very sensitive device!
SpongeBob: Squidward, I wouldn't...
[The Molecular Separator Ray blasts into the final scene]
Therapist: [talking to Squidward] So, what seems to be the problem, Mr. Tentacles?
Squidward: It all started... when I was born.
[The camera zooms out revealing SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Mrs. Puff, and Pearl, joined in Squidward's body as the episode ends]

Episode 9[edit]

"Krusty Towers" (9.1)[edit]

[Towards the end of the episode, Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward wind up in the hospital. Mr. Krabs is alarmed to see at how high their medical bill is]
Mr. Krabs: $15,000!?!
Squidward: You're not going to have a heart attack, are you?
Mr. Krabs: Not at these prices! Forget hotels, this hospital wreck's where the money is!
Patrick: This is a hospital?
Mr. Krabs: Pack your bags, boys, you're going to medical school!
Patrick and SpongeBob: Hooray!
Squidward: Oh, boy...

"Mrs. Puff, You're Fired" (9.2)[edit]

SpongeBob: [after he destroys every obstacle in the driving course] So, heh... how'd I do?
Roderick: How'd you do? [lifts up a broken fragment of a civilian obstacle SpongeBob destroyed] Why don't you ask the shattered remains of this "pedestrian" HOW YOU DID?!

Did I pass?

Episode 10[edit]

"Chimps Ahoy" (10.1)[edit]

Patrick: That's "Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick" to you.

"Ghost Host" (10.2)[edit]

Flying Dutchman: Actually, I have a confession, SpongeBob. My ship's been done for 3 months now. Well, it was nice roomin' with ya. [flies back up to his ship] Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I left you a little something something for all your trouble. Now, it's time for me to ruin more souls. [ships sails off. SpongeBob opens the package. A hand grabs the sponge and eats him and belches SpongeBob laughs]
SpongeBob: Hahaha! Good Ol' Dutchie!

Episode 11[edit]

"Whale of a Birthday" (11.1)[edit]

Pearl: [approaches Mr. Krabs] Tell me you've got something totally coral planned for my birthday party.
Mr. Krabs: Now, now, don't snap your mizzenmast. Everything is all set. Why, I've already got the party favors, bubble wrap! [pops the bubble wrap] This year's gonna be a blast!
Pearl: Daddy! You've ruined all my birthday parties, but you better not ruin this one. Now promise me you won't be cheap!

Mr. Krabs: [gulps] I promise.

Pearl: Good, because I made a list. [list rolls out of the Krusty Krab and down the road. Mr Krabs rolls it up] Now I want everything on this list at my party. [kisses her dad and runs out] Bye! I'll be at the mall with my friends.

Pearl: Wait, don't leave! My dad got Boys Who Cry to play! You did get Boys Who Cry, right? [Glaring crossed-arms at her dad]
Mr. Krabs: Oh, even better, sweetie. Hit it! [curtain unfolds as R & B Music begins to play with Squidward standing on the stage]
Squidward: Hello, ladies. [sings "It's all about you"] When my tear ducts get issue, I can't use just any tissue... I need 4-Ply, 4-Ply, 4-Ply, when I cry... Huh!
Friend #2: Hey, that is not Boys Who Cry!
Judy: Yeah! [Cut to Squidward shaking his rear end]
Friend #2: Boo!
Friend #1: What a rip-off!
Judy: This stinks!
Pearl: Daddy, how could you?! I... gave... you... a list?! [runs out crying]
Mr. Krabs: Pearl, come back! [crowd throws tomatoes, eggs and Pearl’s meat head at Squidward]
Pearl: You've ruined everything! You couldn't stop being cheap, even for me! [cries]
Mr. Krabs: I'll make it up to you somehow, Pearl.

Boys Who Cry: ("It's all about you") It's all about you, girl... on your 16th birthday!
Pay attention to you, girl, everyone has to do just what you say.
You get your very own spotlight tonight, cuz it's all about you!
Yeah, it's all about Pearl! [to Pearl] You're the birthday girl!

Episode 12[edit]

"All That Glitters" (12.1)[edit]

Mr Krabs: Well, we better get back to work.
Spongebob:Work? How can I go back to work without... without Spat?!
Mr Krabs: Use another spatular.
Spongebob: [close-up of his face, his eyes are hypno-like] WHAT?! There is only one spatula for me, and that is Spat. Spat, wait up! Spat! [runs off to the hospital] I'm coming, Spat! [scene cuts to the hospital where SpongeBob is by a spatula's bed] Oh, Spat, we've been through so much together.
[SpongeBob flashes back to all the good times he had with his spatula: flipping patties, laying in the sun with spatula, scratching his back with spatula, playing ping pong with his spatula, reaching under the chair for the remote with spatula, and playing pirates with spatula.]
Doctor: There’s no easy way to say this. SpongeBob, if I were you, I would give serious consideration to start thinking about a replacement spatula. [SpongeBob turns around and starts to cry, then turns back around] Go home. Get some rest. We'll try to do everything we can.
Spongebob: Thank you, Doctor.
Doctor: Oh, I'm not a doctor. I'm an actor who's searching for a role. Yes! Woohoo! I am so totally gonna get this part.

SpongeBob: [back in the kitchen] One Krabby Patty, coming up lickety split. [tries to use Le Spatula, but every time he tries to flip the patty, the spatula goes another direction] Spat, is there something wrong, pal?
Le Spatula: I would not dare touch such slop as this, how you say, Krabby Patty. I am designed for the up most interesting cuisine. No less!
Spongebob: But, but, I thought we were friends?
Le Spatula: Friends with you?! Ha! We are not even in the same social class! [jumps out of SpongeBob's arms and extends it legs to land on the floor] Have a nice life of mediocrity, fry cook! [runs out laughing]
SpongeBob: Le Spatula, wait! I gave up everything for you! We had something! [Le Spatula punches SpongeBob in the face]
Le Spatula: How's that for something? Au revoir, peasants! Have fun laboring in your greasy spoon! [spits and runs out]
Mr Krabs: What happened?
SpongeBob: Le Spatula is gone, Mr. Krabs!
Mr Krabs: Well, how are you gonna make Krabby Patties without a spatular?!
SpongeBob: I had a spatula once. A real spatula. One that stood by me through thick and thin, through grease and gristle, and I betrayed his loyalty, like a fool!
Mr. Krabs: I always did like your old spatular. It got the job done every time.
SpongeBob: You're right, Mr. Krabs. The true measure of a good spatula is by his actions. Not by some fancy chrome and buttons. I gotta find my old spatula.
Mr. Krabs:Go to em. Go now, boy. Go before I lose all me customers! [starts to cry]
[At the hospital, the spatula's hospital bed from the start of the episode, with the pulse meter slowing, then becomes a flat line]
SpongeBob: Spatula?? It can't be true! It's too late! [cries]
Doctor: SpongeBob, I-I hate to tell you this...
SpongeBob: I know. He's moved on to the big kitchen drawer in the sky. Hes gone! [sobs]
Doctor: Actually, it's not that. I didn't get the acting part.
SpongeBob: Oh, I'm so sorry.
[SpongeBob cries some more]
Doctor: Oh, by the way, that's not your spatula. Your buddy's all patched up in the infirmary.
[The scene pans over to the Infirmary where Spat is in a wheelchair]
SpongeBob: [gasps] Spatula!
[SpongeBob runs into the infirmary]
SpongeBob: Oh, buddy! Oh, I'm so glad you're better!
[Spat turns around and ignores SpongeBob]
SpongeBob: Spatula, what's wrong?
[Spat shakes its head]
SpongeBob: But I didn't mean to betray you. Mr Krabs needed a replacement. Krabby Patties don't flip themselves, you know. It was a moment of weakness. I'm sorry! Oh, what have I done?! What have I done?!
[SpongeBob begins crying and rolls. As he is doing this, another SpongeBob comes up into the scene]
SpongeBob #2: [while the real SpongeBob is sobbing on the floor] All that glitters is not gold.
[SpongeBob is still crying, spatula wheels itself away]
SpongeBob: Good-bye, best friend.
[SpongeBob crawls crying all the way to the Krusty Krab kitchen]
SpongeBob: I'll never find another spatula like him again.
[SpongeBob notices a spatula flipping patties by itself]
SpongeBob: Spatula? You're back!
[SpongeBob jumps for spatula in slow motion, The camera cuts to outer space]
SpongeBob: Oh, spatula, now that we're together again, nothing will ever separate us.
[Back at the Krusty Krab]
Squidward: One monster Krabby Patty.
[The same real set of hands put a bunch of meat on the grill as before]
SpongeBob: Okay, buddy, we can do this. Ready? One, two, three. [SpongeBob's arms come off] D'oh!
[SpongeBob laughs at the audience]

"Wishing You Well" (12.2)[edit]

Mr. Krabs: [upon learning about wishing wells] You mean suckers throw money down a well for fun? That's the greatest scam ever!
Harold: Can we have our quarter back now?

Squidward: [shoves Patrick] Stop pushing me Patrick.
Patrick: You mean like this? [shoves Squidward]
Squidward: No like this! [shoves Patrick]
SpongeBob: [both Patrick and Squidward are fighting] You shouldn't fight in here. This is a magical place. [scene zooms to outside the well]
Squidward: Patrick, get off of me! [scene zooms back into the well where Patrick is sitting on Squidward] I told you I am claustrophobic!
Patrick: Nice try, Squidward, but there's no Santa Claus here.
Squidward: [yelling] PATRICK!!!!!

Episode 13[edit]

"New Leaf" (13.1)[edit]

[Mr Krabs walking into the Chumporium. Plankton is dusting off his knickknacks]
Plankton: Ah. A clean snow globe is a happy snow globe. [laughs]
Mr. Krabs: Plankton! You may have fooled everyone else, you might have even fooled yourself, but you ain't fooling me.
Plankton: Oh, I get it. You caught me red-handed. [laughs then sighs] Those were the days, huh, Eugene?
Mr. Krabs: Grr...
Plankton: But I found there more to life than just trying to steal your formula. And I found it all right here in novelty items.
Mr. Krabs: Bubkes.
Plankton: Ah, Eugene. Stuck in your old ways.
Mr. Krabs: Bubkes! If there's one thing certain in this world, it's that you can't resist me formula. [takes out the formula] You know you want it.
Plankton: Thanks… but no.
Mr. Krabs: A-ha, I knew it. [chuckles] It was all a trick to get me to hand over... Wait, did you say no?
Plankton: Well, if you don't believe me, that's your problem not mine.
Mr. Krabs: Problem?! I don't have a problem! You're the one with the problem! Look at this. It means nothing. It's all a facade, a hoax, a con, a front... [throws a shelf down; Plankton gasps] ...A sham, a snow job... [throwing the snow globes onto the ground and breaking them] ...Bologna with a side of flimflam and an order of Jive! See?! Who's the one with the problem?!
Plankton: Look what you've done. This is my livelihood.
Mr. Krabs: Sure it is. And this isn't the formula that you don't want. Come on, eh? Eh? Oop, too slow. [chuckles tauntingly]
Plankton: [very angry, screaming] GEEEEEEET OOUUUUUUUT!!!
Mr. Krabs: [gasps] Oh, I get it. Stick to your guns, and eventually we'll all believe it. Soften us up and when our backs are turned, you'll make your move. [drops the formula] Oops.
Plankton: What's this? [groans] Hey, Krabs!
Mr. Krabs: I knew you'd come back.
Plankton: You forgot something. [throws the formula back at Mr. Krabs] Can't you understand I've wasted so much time chasing after you? And now I have something that's mine. And it makes me happy.
[Plankton walks back into the Chumporium leaving Mr. Krabs upset realizing that Plankton was telling the truth]
Mr. Krabs: I never thought I'd see the day. What happened to the invertebrate I used to know? I don't... [cries loudly, he runs across the road and falls down crying some more]

"Once Bitten" (13.2)[edit]

Mr. Krabs: It's... for his own good, SpongeBob.
SpongeBob: No! I won't let you touch Gary!
Harold: Stop the madness, man! The mad snail disease ends now... SEIZE THE SNAIL!

Episode 14[edit]

"Bummer Vacation" (14.1)[edit]

Patrick: [puts his finger in his head] Huh, I didn't even know I had an ear.

Episode 15[edit]

"Squidtastic Voyage" (15.1)[edit]

Sandy: [Over the speaker] Good work, guys. Mission accomplished. [The scene returns to her.] Now all you have to do is... [Squidward pushes Sandy out of the way]
Squidward: Get out of my body! Go!
Patrick: Grow? [He presses the grow button. The alarm starts up. The scene becomes a split screen. The left has Sandy, the Middle has Squidward, and the right has SpongeBob.]
Sandy, Squidward, and SpongeBob: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

"That's No Lady" (15.2)[edit]

Business fish: Hey! [Patrick looks around confused] Hey, you there!
Patrick: Who, me?
Business fish: Yes, you! GET OUTTA TOOOOWWN! [Patrick, shocked, runs away screaming; the business fish stands confused before another fish comes by] Get outta town... and take a vacation to beautiful Sunny Seashores Resort! Here ya go, sir. [Shows a flier for a vacation]

SpongeBob: Wait, stop! What about all our plans?! 8:00am - Wake up Patrick, 9:00am - Eat kelpo with Patrick, 10:00am - Brush teeth with Patrick, 1:00pm - Stare at Patrick! Who's gonna do all that with me?!

Business fish: Ahoy, waitress, aren't you gonna take my order?
Patrick (as Patricia): I'll be right there, sir.
SpongeBob: What's the matter, Patrick?
Patrick (as Patricia): That's the guy with the briefcase. The guy who's trying to run me out of town.
SpongeBob: [gasps] The paid assassin!
Patrick (as Patricia): [he and SpongeBob walk up to the customer nervously] What can I get you, sir?
Business fish: Say, don't I know you from somewhere?
Patrick (as Patricia): No!
Business fish: Hmmm... that's it! Get outta town!
Patrick (as Patricia): He's onto us!
SpongeBob: I won't let you do it. You'll have to do something horrible to me before I let you throw Patrick out of town.
Squidward & Mr. Krabs: PATRICK!?!?
Business fish: You forgot your flyer. [hands them one of his flyers]
SpongeBob: [reading flyer] "Get outta town! And take a vacation to beautiful Sunny Seashores Resort." Patrick, this guy wasn't trying to run you out of town, he just wanted to sell you a luxury vacation at a modest price.
Patrick (as Patricia): Well, I guess I don't need this disguise anymore. [rips off his disguise. Everyone gasps while Squidward's eyes shrink in horror]
Squidward: Umm, I think I need to take a shower.
Mr. Krabs: So, let me get this straight, uh, you're not a woman?
Patrick: No.
Mr. Krabs: Well then, you're fired. Uhh, if anybody needs me, I'll be in my office for, I dunno, the next 20 years or so.
SpongeBob: Hey, buddy, what do you say we go home and get started on this list? [Patrick and SpongeBob look at list and gasp at what is on it]
SpongeBob and Patrick: Yaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhoooooooo!

Episode 16[edit]

"The Thing" (16.1)[edit]

SpongeBob: Well, Smelly, here you are. Your new home. Oh, Smelly, this is going to be great. We'll be one big happy family. Let me show you around. Here's your bed, Smelly. [muffled whimpering from Smelly] Here's your food bowl.
Patrick: And some kibble. [pours in some food]
SpongeBob: You can live here forever and ever. [Smelly cries] Oh, look, Pat. He's crying tears of joy. Well, Smelly, there's one more family member you haven't met. [retrieves Gary] Smelly meet Gary. [Gary sticks to Smelly] Aww, look at that Smelly, Gary likes you. [Gary screeches like a cat and attacks Smelly] Gary, no! [gets Gary off of Smelly] Gary. [Gary hisses]
Patrick: I don't think Gary likes Smelly.
SpongeBob: Yeah, Gary's never attacked anyone like that except Squidward. I guess Smelly can't live here.
Patrick: Ah! He can come home with me.
SpongeBob: That's a great idea, Patrick. You always wanted a pet. [Smelly tries to escape through the door but keeps falling down] Isn't that cute? Look how excited he is to get to your house. [opens door] Bye, Smelly, have fun at Patrick's. [Smelly tries to get into Squidward's house]
Patrick: No, no, Smelly. Squidward doesn't like pets.

"Hocus Pocus" (16.2)[edit]

Patrick: Hi, SpongeBob, whatcha doing?
SpongeBob: I have turned poor Squidward into a frozen dessert!
Patrick: That's awful, how tragic, poor Squidward.
SpongeBob: This is all my fault!
Patrick: Did you say frozen dessert? [takes the white ice cream cone out of the freezer]
SpongeBob: Yeah, I turned him into a tasty soft-serve with a waffle cone. [cries]
Patrick: Oh, soft serve. [licks ice cream cone]
SpongeBob: Patrick, stop eating Squidward!

Episode 17[edit]

"Driven to Tears" (17.1)[edit]

Announcer: Congratulations. You are the one millionth person to pass the test.
Patrick: Does this mean I win a free keychain?

The horn still works.

Patrick! You just ran 3 red lights!

"Rule of Dumb" (17.2)[edit]

[Cut to Krusty Krab where SpongeBob enters with medieval clothes on]
SpongeBob: Good townspeople, let us rejoice in welcoming our new king.
[Patrick enters, wearing his crown and a royal cloak]
Patrick: King needs food badly.
Mr. Krabs: What's this all ab...? [gasps. Sees Patrick's crown and dollar signs appear in his eyes] Well, well, well. What can I do for you, Patrick?
SpongeBob: The king would like...
Mr. Krabs: Zip it, SquarePants... I'm talking to the rich guy.
Patrick: I'll have ten Krabby Patties, a Krabby milkshake, large fries...
Mr. Krabs: I've got a better idea.


Patrick, what’s happened to you?

Episode 18[edit]

"Born to be Wild" (18.1)[edit]

Mr. Krabs: Wait! Don't you wanna spend your money?
Old man: Don't you wanna kiss the seat of my pants?

"Best Frenemies" (18.2)[edit]

Hi, there. Uh, could get one kelpshake? Sure, that’ll be $1.

Episode 19[edit]

"Squid Wood" (19.1)[edit]

SpongeBob: How about Duck, Duck, Hermit Krab? Hopscotch? Squidward Says? Steal The Bacon? Sleeping Sea Lions? Sharks and Minnows? Sink the Submarine? Kings and Queens? Mahjong? [Squidward is beginning to fume so he picks up SpongeBob and shakes him] Whoa, I've never played this game before. What's it called?
Squidward: It's called, "I will never play with you... EVER!!" [throws SpongeBob in a hole and moves the refrigerator over it]

Episode 20[edit]

"Best Day Ever" (20.1)[edit]

SpongeBob: NO, IT'S NOT OKAY! [his yelling makes Mr. Krabs and Patrick flinch] This was gonna be my best day ever, starting with doing the best job in the world, working at the Krusty Krab!

Squidward: How long do we have to keep this up?
Mr. Krabs: Just till his little heart gives out, Squidward. Just till his little heart gives out.

"The Gift of Gum" (20.2)[edit]

Robo 2.1: Greetings. I am Robo 2.1, your personal robot servant. I am proficient in providing over 250,000 creature comforts. Would you care for a pastry?
[shoots a pastry into Patrick's mouth]
Patrick: Yum. Sweet, hot, and juicy. SpongeBob, this is a great gift.