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SpongeBob SquarePants (1999-) is an animated TV series, airing on Nickelodeon about the adventures and endeavors of the title character and his various friends in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom. It spawned a movie, followed by several short films, and video games.

Episode 1[edit]

FarmerBob (1.1)[edit]

  • Aliens: Thank you kindly for inviting us, old timer. Well, we're off to destroy the universe. Yee-haw!
  • Old Man Jenkins: Y'all come back and invade any time.
  • SpongeBob: Annihilate safely.

Gary & Spot (1.2)[edit]

Episode 2[edit]

The Nitwitting (2.1)[edit]

Patrick: Okay, thanks, buddy. I'm going to my club meeting now.
SpongeBob: What's your club, hmm?
Patrick: Uh, it's the Empty Head Society. It's a place where guys like me can give their [reading off a card] "powerful intellects" a much-needed rest.

The Ballad of Filthy Muck (2.2)[edit]

  • Old Man Jenkins: Boo! I can't smell, but you two stink!

Episode 3[edit]

The Krusty Slammer (3.1)[edit]

Pineapple RV (3.2)[edit]

Squidward: SpongeBob, why is your house....[yelling] Driving on the road!

Patrick: Because we turned it into a RV.

SpongeBob: We don't want you to miss that flower blooming.

Episode 4[edit]

Gary's Got Legs (4.1)[edit]

King Plankton (4.2)[edit]

Episode 5[edit]

Plankton's Old Chum (5.1)[edit]

Stormy Weather (5.2)[edit]

Episode 6[edit]

Swamp Mates (6.1)[edit]

One Trick Sponge (6.2)[edit]

Episode 7[edit]

The Krusty Bucket (7.1)[edit]

Squid's on a Bus (7.2)[edit]

Episode 8[edit]

Sandy's Nutty Nieces (8.1)[edit]

SpongeBob: Story time! (He blows up an inflatable book and begins to read) "Goldyfish and the Three Sea Bears".
Macadamia: (pops the inflatable book) Don't waste your breath...
Hazelnut: And don't make a hassle...
Pistachio: Some kids like to read...
Macadamia, Hazelnut, and Pistachio: BUT WE'D RATHER WRASSLE!

Sandy: I tried to tell ya the first rule of babysitting my nieces.
SpongeBob: What's that?
Sandy: Don't babysit my nieces!

Insecurity Guards (8.2)[edit]

Episode 9[edit]

Broken Alarm (9.1)[edit]

Karen's Baby (9.2)[edit]

Episode 10[edit]

Shell Games (10.1)[edit]

Senior Discount (10.2)[edit]

Mr. Krabs: And he don't buy nothin' else neither. He just makes that disgustin' condiment soup and listens to his radio, all for free. [Old Man Jenkins bangs on the radio to turn it on and sips on his "condiment soup"] And anytime someone says somethin' to him, it's always the same response...
Frankie Billy: Excuse me, could you turn the volume down on your soup?
Old Man Jenkins: Respect your elders! [hits Frankie Billy on the head]
Frankie Billy: Yes, sir! Sorry, sir! [runs off crying]

Episode 11[edit]

Mind the Gap (11.1)[edit]

Dirty Bubble Returns (11.2)[edit]

Episode 12[edit]

Jolly Lodgers (12.1)[edit]

Biddy Sitting (12.2)[edit]

SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout (Episodes 13–14)[edit]

[The episode starts with Patchy the Pirate struggling to start his boat on someone's driveway.]
Patchy: Oh, hi, kids! Patchy Pirate here on a glorious day. I'm going to deliver this here very special present to SpongeBob on his birthday. That is, if I can get this blasted boat to start. [turns :the ignition with his key] And start! [chuckles]
[Patchy's boat wouldn't start and Potty comes out of the trunk.]
Potty: Maybe if you remembered to fill the tank with gas...
Patchy: Oh, Potty, you're full of gas! Get outta here!
Potty: [flies onto the hood] I see the problem! [bangs on the hood with the hammer]
[The hood sent Patchy flying backwards and smashing into the garage door via airbag.]
Patchy: [groaning] Walking is better than driving anyway. I've been meaning to work on me land legs. [pulls up his pants and reveals his wavy legs]
Potty: Squawk, squawk!
Patchy: [takes the present from the trunk and happily laughs] Now to see which way the wind is blowing. [sticks his finger in his mouth, holds out his hand with a sail on it and the with blows the other direction] This way! [the wind blows Patchy down the street] Whoa!
Potty: [follows Patchy while squawking] Hard to port!
[Meanwhile, at the brink of dawn, SpongeBob is sleeping in his bed. Gary is holding a birthday present for SpongeBob while sleeping. Moments later, the alarm clock goes off.]
SpongeBob's alarm clock: Wake up!
Gary: [meows "Happy Birthday"]
SpongeBob: What? Today? My birthday? Oh, Gary, you know I never pay attention to those sorts of things.
[SpongeBob hops out of his bed and streamers and confetti fly out. He blows the noise maker a couple times and laughs. He opens Gary's present, which reveals to be a jellyfish net made out of slime.]
SpongeBob: [gasps] Oh, wow, Gary! Did you make me this jellyfishing net yourself?
Gary: [gives SpongeBob a thumb's up with his slime] Meow!
[SpongeBob swings the slime jellyfish net around, but splashes slime all over his bedroom. Some slime flew out his window and landed in Squidward's coffee as he's getting the newspaper. Squidward sips some of his coffee, unaware of the slime being in it. SpongeBob swings the net until it is gone.]
SpongeBob: Best present ever! [hugs Gary and laughs]

Episode 15[edit]

SpongeBob in RandomLand (15.1)[edit]

SpongeBob's Bad Habit (15.2)[edit]

  • [customers in the Krusty Krab are eating slowly, and making noises while doing so, which gets Squidward more and more angry with each noise. A customer burps which pushes Squidward to his breaking point]

Episode 16[edit]

Handemonium (16.1)[edit]

Breakin' (16.2)[edit]

Episode 17[edit]

Boss for a Day (17.1)[edit]

The Goofy Newbie (17.2)[edit]

Episode 18[edit]

The Ghost of Plankton (18.1)[edit]

My Two Krabses (18.2)[edit]

Episode 19[edit]

Knock Knock, Who's There? (19.1)[edit]

Pat Hearts Squid (19.2)[edit]

Episode 20[edit]

Lighthouse Louie (20.1)[edit]

Hiccup Plague (20.2)[edit]

Episode 21[edit]

A Cabin in the Kelp (21.1)[edit]

The Hankering (21.2)[edit]

Episode 22[edit]

Who R Zoo? (22.1)[edit]

The Kwarantined Krab (22.2)[edit]

Episode 23[edit]

Plankton's Intern (23.1)[edit]

Patrick's Tantrum (23.2)[edit]

Episode 24[edit]

Bubble Bass' Tab (24.1)[edit]

Kooky Cooks (24.2)[edit]

Escape From Glove World (Episode 25)[edit]

Episode 26[edit]

Krusty Koncessionaires (26.1)[edit]

Dream Hoppers (26.2)[edit]

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